Level 200 !

A quick and short update this time: I finally accomplished level 200 on my Zero character! It took me a few weeks to level it from 100 to 200.
I like Zero so much that I switched my Evan character for it. Upon reaching level 200, you unlock your final Transcendent Skill which is Intensive Time.
This Transcendent Skill is basically Hero’s Echo. However, with Zero’s Time Holding skill, you can reset its cooldown time of 2 hours every 2 minutes and 55 seconds.

Time Holding is another Transcendent Skill that you unlock upon reaching level 120. Time Holding resets the cooldown time of all your skills and makes you invisible to enemy’s attacks for a short period of time.
At level 200 and beyond, your character card of Zero gets an upgrade to +10% bonus EXP. Besides that and the Intensive Time skill, you do not get anything else. Not even a medal. But, you get the Child of God medal (+2 W.ATK/M.ATK) at level 180.

This is the level where you reach the end of Zero’s story line and break free from Mirror World. What’s there to do after level 200? Nothing… yet. It would be a smart move of Nexon to simultaneously release a new high leveled area with the 5th job advancement. Like Leafre and the 4th job advancement release.

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14 Responses to Level 200 !

  1. Savi says:

    Zero OP kewl

  2. Doid says:


  3. LucasKaw says:

    Congratzzz! Now I wanna see you getting level 250 :P

  4. TechnoWriter says:

    how many time did it take you to reach 180?

  5. Smoothiie says:

    gratsz spadow

  6. JackPot says:

    Congratz dude

  7. ExHail says:

    Hey, can you give us a general idea of your funds on your Zero, cause u seem to be hitting pretty nice dmg. If you can, please include ur range and amount of % stat/weapon attack total and things like that. Much appreciated. And GZ on 200.

  8. Donut says:

    Grats on 200 :P
    By any chance do you know the weapon multiplier for Tachi and GreatSword respectively?

  9. Alphabetss says:

    I have a question, after Red, will (every class) won’t need mastery books?

  10. lol says:

    Any Lvl 250 yet? in KMS

  11. bb says:

    does zero have high crit rate

  12. Xi ninja says:

    do you think maplestory red is ever going to come to america? ive been watching the videos for so long…..

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