The “Nexon Hype”

The 3rd content update of MapleStory RED named “Critias” was released yesterday. I’m not entirely sure now if it is the last patch because there is content missing. That bit of content is Boss Arena (boss monster PvP). It might be the case where Nexon will add a surprise update à la Legend update. Nexon surprised players with an extra content update in the Legend update.

But, I don’t want to talk about the content update of yesterday. What I want to discuss with you is what I would like to call the “Nexon Hype“. What exactly is hype? gives me the following answer:
hype 1  (hp) Slang

1. Excessive publicity and the ensuing commotion: the hype surrounding the murder trial.
2. Exaggerated or extravagant claims made especially in advertising or promotional material: “It is pure hype, a gigantic PR job” (Saturday Review).
3. An advertising or promotional ploy: “Some restaurant owners in town are cooking up a $75,000 hype to promote New York as ‘Restaurant City, U.S.A.'” (New York).
4. Something deliberately misleading; a deception: “[He] says that there isn’t any energy crisis at all, that it’s all a hype, to maintain outrageous profits for the oil companies” (Joel Oppenheimer).

In this blog entry, I will be giving my honest opinion on the RED update.

Choo choo~ The Nexon Hype Train is coming through!

I’d like to introduce you to the Nexon Hype Train starring Oh Han Byul, Go Se Jun and Owen Mahoney. Oh, and I forgot, the rest of the people who are all aboard on the hype train are Maplers.
Oh Han Byul and Go Se Jun are with the team of Nexon Korea while Owen Mahoney is from the North American team. I chose for Owen Mahoney because someone needs to be the scapegoat. And if you pronounce Mahoney really quick and weird, you actually hear money. *gasp*

Let’s get straight to the point. When Nexon first announced the Big Bang update, everyone was ecstatic. This was the beginning of a new MapleStory with revamps to existing classes, three new classes and an overhaul of the game. After Big Bang, the second major update was Chaos. This update refined the skills of the Hero characters, added the Profession Skills system, PvP and a new ultimate boss in a new area. Ultimately, the PvP failed to live up to our expectations.

After Chaos came Jump, but Jump wasn’t really considered a major update. Big Bang and Chaos were really great additions to the game and Nexon did a good job promoting these updates.
They didn’t fail to deliver their promises and the game was still enjoyable. However, after that there was the Legends update. This update was considered a major update only for the fact that there were at least three new classes to be released. Nexon added a surprise update which released Cross Hunter (Silent Crusade in other versions).  I’d say the only content I thoroughly enjoyed was Cross Hunter.

Then Justice came around the corner in 2011. This update was terribly hyped by Nexon in my opinion. The first patch of Justice added a complete revamp of the Pirate and Thief classes. However, they teased the players with saying that with the changes made to these classes, you’d not even remember them. Oh, yes I did. The revamp could’ve turned out better and especially the Pirate class.
Furthermore, a new Hero character was released, the Phantom class which was a really great addition to the game. It had a great story line and the character was fun to play. And then there was Aswan. A new area with a new boss of the Black Mage’s army.

In 2012, Nexon really made a mistake with their hype. Why? Because the summer update was Tempest and it was the biggest update ever according to Nexon.
You bunch of fools. This update reminded me a bit of Legends. In Tempest, the Luminous, Angelic Buster and Kaiser classes were added. One great change about Tempest was the requirement change of 3rd and 4th Job, indicating that a possible 5th Job might be around the corner. The latter was confirmed in an interview during the RED promotion.
I wouldn’t call the “biggest update ever” a bunch of new classes and their hometowns. At this point I just got sick of all the new classes. It was more like ClassStory to me.

Don’t get me even started on Unlimited… “The winter of 2012 will be beyond your limitation”. This update was dubbed “the first historical update“. Nexon, wasn’t that Big Bang? You’re too late…
Sigh, another two classes added to the game. Nexon did a bad job with this update because it made them lose a lot of players.
This update was TERRIBLE just because of the boss changes which created a bigger gap between funded and unfunded players. What is the solution of a playerbase you’re losing but wanting to come back? That’s right, a major update!

That’s where the RED update come in. Now that I have experienced all three updates of the game, I can tell you with confidence that Nexon has, once again, hyped this update too much.
Of course I fell for it, because some of the things they’ve said were really appealing to me and made me come back to the game.

RED stands for Revolution, Evolution and Delight. These are the keywords for the RED update.
Revolution: balancing updates to all classes and a complete overhaul to the Adventurer classes + Free Advancement system + better security and customer support
Evolution: equal fun for non-paying users and paying users (basically you can have fun if you don’t have cash) + Auction House + Mobile Link (application for mobile phone)
Delight: variety of fun and fast progression in the game + new continent and hunting grounds + a giant boss that requires 100 people to defeat + better rewards from boss monsters + Commander Invasion + Professions revamp

THE 1ST IMPACT (1st update)

Finally, Adventurers got what they wanted and got a complete overhaul of their classes. But I was ultimately flabbergasted at what Nexon did to the Thief and Pirate classes.
I’m not playing my Viper anymore. Balancing is still an issue. Balancing is and will always be part of a game’s life cycle. What do you think what’s going to happen when 5th Job is going to be released? Balancing.
Cannon Shooter and Dual Blade got the “special treatment” they got and are now considered Adventurers.

The Free Advancement system. I have no idea why Nexon wasted their development time on this system. In my opinion it is useless. You will probably use it maybe once or twice just out of curiosity.
I doubt many people even make use of this system. One thing Nexon said during their RED press conference was: no more skill books and mastery books for Adventurers.
Well, Nexon didn’t do that. It was only skill books even though they clearly said mastery books as well. However, you can now buy any 20 and 30 mastery book for 7 mil and 10 mil meso respectively.

Professions revamp. According to Nexon’s hype, it was going to be a complete revamp. WRONG. All they did was add two new levels, a bunch of new Meister equipment to craft and the ability to craft cubes, scrolls and flames of reincarnation. If you’re going to expect that this is going to be easy, you’re dead wrong. The materials are a pain in the ass to collect. Besides that, you get a special effect (from JMS’ personality trait effects) when you achieve the new levels. Did I tell you that you need to keep crafting items every day to maintain your level.
If you don’t, you lose your new level and your special effect. So yeah, this is the great revamp for the professions system.

When info on RED was released, many users thought Mileage was going to be free cash. Nope. Do you honestly think Nexon is THAT generous to give free cash? They’re a corporation aiming to make revenue out of the wallets of the players. Mileage is just a Cash Shop currency that gives you 30% discount on cash items. However, if you want the discount to apply, you need to have enough cash to buy the item without the discount. e.g: You want to buy a 9000 cash Shadow Trail effect. If you have only 8500 cash, you cannot use Mileage. You need to already have 9000 cash for the 30% discount to work.
Therefore Mileage is just an advantage only to users who have Nexon Cash. 

CHILD OF GOD (2nd update)

ASDFGH, this was the holy grail of RED. I mean…. A new playable character consisting of the dual character system (THAT’S DOUBLE THE FUN, YO!) that starts at Lv. 100, a new world (ONLY for Zero. Hooray for no ksing anymore?), amazing story line and a BUGGED auction house. What else can you wish for?

Auction House was bugged in the beginning because people’s items mysteriously disappeared. It’s all cool now. Nexon has recovered the lost items and made Duey do all the hard work. I expected more of the Auction House. It’s limited and not many people even use it compared to other online games in Korea. I see more hired merchant shops than items in Auction House.

Seriously, this is the only update I enjoyed very much. My Zero character is now my main character class and I love everything about it.
I am positive that you will also enjoy this particular update.

CRITIAS (3rd update)

When Nexon said they would be releasing a high-leveled content for high-leveled players, I was thinking of something like +180 and one that is particularly useful for users beyond level 200.
Nexon has even said they acknowledge the lack of high-leveled content and are working on it. Ladies and gentlemen, they were working on Critias.
When it was first released in the test server, the EXP of the monsters were high, but they nerfed it. Armory 2 in Stronghold is still the place to go if you want to level up quickly.
For your information: KMS does not have party play in Twilight Perion. 

Critias, a shitty but beautiful area with lots of pain-in-the-ass quests that requires you to collect 150 of that, go kill 200 of that, obtain 300 of that bla bla bla.
Boss rewards were supposed to become better. NOPE. Still crap from most bosses. Then there is this giant Hekaton Lagton boss monster. Lagton is a new boss monster that introduces new mechanics and is fun for low-leveled and high-leveled players.

Oh, don’t get me started on Lagton. It is a challenge. 1 vs 100 (users from all servers can participate). However, you cannot use potions, use your android or auto hp/mp from pets. A REAL CHALLENGE. OH YEAH. I participated in a Lagton battle and I died many times. What happened when I died? It brought me to this map where tons of players are waiting and those idiots are spamming their ultimate skills. My PC is custom made and is beyond good when it comes to gaming, but my MapleStory client still crashed. That is something…

I think Nexon is suffering from dementia lately. They said they would deliver Boss Arena (boss PvP) in the 3rd update. It was even described on the webpage of Critias, but they’ve removed it now.

The last bit of content that was added in the last update is Bamon League. Okay, this was fun. It reminds me of Pokemon. But WHERE THE HELL IS MY MONSTER BOOK, NEXON?!
Bamon League is fun in the beginning, but it gets really repetitive and eventually it became a waste of my time.

I won a battle. It says I won, yet I lose points while my defeated opponent gets MY deserved points. Yeah, this makes a lot of sense Nexon.
Bamon League works like this: you get a capture skill in your beginner skillbook. It has 3 levels. You have to kill monsters and the more you kill, the level will increase. Level 3 means the probability is very high to capture a monster. If you use the capture skill, the monster receives a mark above its head. This mark means it can be captured. To capture it you need to kill it.

But, you cannot just capture a strong boss monster because monsters are grouped in tiers. There is tier 1 till 8. You can advance to the next tier by winning 100 ladder points. But you can also lose ladder points and from what I’ve heard down rank to the previous tier. I’m not entirely sure about this. For every tier you can get 1% allstat. So that is 8% allstats in total.

I just want Monster Book back with no restrictions like this stupid Bamon League. Korea has shown they can improve content, because they have done that to JMS’ Soul Weapon system. The Korean Soul Weapon system is far better than the Japanese version.

A very accurate graph created by iamflip

My point is that Nexon likes to hype their shit. When you see an exciting update, please control your excitement level as you might become disappointed later on.
This very accurate graph created by iamflip represents my thoughts and impressions on the RED update. Thank you very much for creating this, you’ve done a really good job.

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44 Responses to The “Nexon Hype”

  1. Savi says:

    I agree with everything except the part about Tempest… Didnt we get Hypers, Evolving System and secondary equips for all classes as well? I though that patch + events was pretty good personaly, but I get your point

  2. Ivangold says:

    you’re kind right ;/ also bammon league should be like WOW that you control and use the monster skill not like, you just choose who to fight T-T, they should revamp the crusader codex also, because it’s kind bad have over 30 sets with only 8 stat, i like to collect cards but they should improve it, they’re already trying to get more sets to uptate it but they would do like every 100 points in the codex is 1 all so it would be awsome or like each 200 but still better

  3. Ivangold says:

    also PQ’s….they should do like how it was, people just do the good ones and some nobody do because you can’t compare to the good ones, HPQ was like lv10 so ppls used to go at noob level if they want, also the rewards, PQ’s or stuff don’t give nothing, ok it used to be harder but it’s more to buy in fm or see in bosses the good stuff not in PQ’s, i think, KPQ was a pq that gived goo stuffs, also for LPQ and others,ok all of em are easyer so see one that nobody do, make it harder and make it give rewards, CWKPQ used to be hard so good itens but now they removed it so we can’t have a chance to get it from a PQ

  4. XxArchxX says:

    Knowing Nexon, they will do somewhat of the same thing again, and ‘hype’ their next update. Eventually people will become so used to it, they might just start to quit even more. I agree with you about the Child Of God update, Zero is the only thing I’m looking forward to in RED. I must hope Nexon America does not stray, and change the Child of God update…

  5. Ivangold says:

    also marvel machine in GMS, it’s really easyer to get fafnir and tyrant then in the game so that’s not so cool, well bosses don’t drop lv150 RA itens (CRA) but magnus we can’t kill, ;/ at least normal should be fixed

  6. Pie says:

    The problem with f2p becomming the future of mmo’s is that it’s shit, because they need money and the only way for most people to spend is if it will benefit them. Then in the long run you have to spend more than a standard 15$ a month and that money goes less towards a good gm service and features but instead towards developing more ways to make you need to spend money. I wish that WoW didn’t become casual or I’d still be all over that -.-

  7. Pit says:

    I agree with mostly everything but like someone said. tempest was more than just the advancements being at lower levels. I enjoyed the luminous class -its fun. Also the hyper skill were something nice. It added more skills but then came unlimited to make everything worse. Now for RED all I’m excited about is the adventurer revamp. At least it gives us stats close to those new classes that came after unlimited with better damage for the stronger monsters. I’m not really excited for Zero though. While it seems fun, it’s gonna be like every other new class that comes. Everyone will use it and it is also easy to upgrade. I’m not saying that’s bad but why only them get those kind of upgrades. You’ll see them being better than any other class making the other classes useless and not fun to play with and also there is the auction house which is too limited. Overall for me RED was good. the “high level” content auction house and “fun without paying” were disappointing.

  8. Pit says:

    Hmm Spadow, what do you know about recovering your items and customer support improvements?

  9. ANonymous says:

    You do realize writing a review requires full explanation of flaws of the Nexon “HYPE” train, do you? For example, why would you classify Unlimited update as “TERRIBLE”, instead of “bad” or ” disappointing”? What’s the reason? Is there some deep meaning to it? Or is it just some childish bias rant from a kid… again?

    • ANonymous says:

      The only thing I enjoy reading was the RED update as it’s fucking true. Whatever Nexon says doesn’t always come true. Nexon should really halt it’s “Hype”, and think through why MapleStory was pitched again? What was the hook? And what’s the fun factor that brought several players 9 years ago into this game?

    • Spadow says:

      The terrible aspect from the Unlimited update were the changes to boss monsters. They buffed them making it harder for funded players. Sure, you can make your items better, if you have the cash. The info posted in this blog entry are my opinions and yeah, it’s also a rant.

      By the way, I’m not a kid.

  10. WitcheryTV says:

    Yup, RED was kind of a huge disappointment for me.. I honestly didn’t enjoy Zero as much as I should have. I got bored on the 3rd day of playing, and now just use him for farming those RED coins. Oh well, maybe they will fix it. :\

  11. GIJoey says:

    Idk why Nexon NA went on with unlimited even though it lost alot of players from KMS. Why repeat the same thing!? Geez, their game is in a bind and im not sure if i should quit either.

    BTW, If you plan to not update us about maple anymore (because i could tell you re-started this cuz you thought RED was gonna revive your feelings about maple and it didn’t), dont leave us. We missed you ;~;

    Perhaps do another game to blog about. Like Dungeon Striker. :)

  12. Nekochan says:

    Personally in my opinion RED was incredibly mediocre, for updates now a days that is. Big Bang and Chaos were big and impactful, but after that these big updates are just … small and becoming incredibly mediocre;or in some cases:crap. The adventurer revamp was cheap, there could of been so much that could of been added and improved, this game needs to get back to the roots:Adventurers. They should of did what they’re doing for every dam new class, giving them a special system to play with. Kaisers gets that transfiguration thing, AB gets the recharge system (sucks though), DA gets exceed, and Xenon gets energy supply. Though they’re also pretty cheap of a system, though exceed is kinda good I guess, they could of definitely added some good systems for adventurers besides these crappy special skills. Child of God, it looks flashy, mobile, I’ll probably enjoy playing it, but it’s definitely something I can live without. Instead of introducing another character that adds absolutely nothing to the game, besides giving us another character to train;which isn’t good content, they should of gave us something good for the game. Like a friggin dungeon system, mix monster park and PQs. Add the puzzles of PQs and the monster stages of Monster park, something like that.Monster park was a good idea, but horribly done, like all the other crap these drop dead retards implement to further butcher the game. Hecaton, honestly it was not the grand skill of a boss battle I expected. I expected some old school Zakum action, lots of people just throwing their skills at a boss while being supported by their team mates. Simple, but that was good enough, especially considering this is a 2-D side scroller. All this orb crap and going on vehicle crap, that’s boring. Orbs are just a stupid gimmick to hasten death, not a challenge additive.

    This update, completely not up to the height, especially the revamp;especially for thieves and pirates. Each update seems to be getting more and more hyped now, yet more and more disappointing.

  13. Fynn says:

    lol hype generally has GOOD connotations. It’s a stilted expression.

  14. Tim says:


  15. John says:

    Nexon just has crappy commitment issues. They make promises and never fix them. They say they will revamp the cygnus knights, then they stop in the middle of it, and then work on a new update. Nexon really needs to step up their game. Seriously. They’re being ridiculous increasing the damage crap and doing all this stuff. Look back at maple 2 years ago. And look at it now. Look at how much it’s changed. In another 2 years, I bet you, maple is going to close down. There’s only so much you can do for a 2D game.

    • Eli says:

      Totally agree dude! Its like they can’t think of better words to form ‘R.E.D’ and used some crappy meaningless words to form it. -.- They fkin stopped at the Dawn Warrior overhaul (Which is the closest thing to the word ‘REVAMP’) and slap us in the face with this shitty update!

    • Ivangold says:

      calm down, people just want the KOC revamp, but look they did in the middle of the summers, they can’t do all at once, because peoples want just new stuff so they need bring new stuff like every month, since summers have that big uptates they do like KOC revamps in the middle to peoples stay playing or don’t feel so boring.

  16. spa says:

    You said Twilight Perion doesn’t have bonus party in KMS, Well in GMS it does as you stated (20% per member), but It’s still better exp training ALONE! What the fuck Nexon? better boss rewards also? ._. after seeing these bunch of idiots and Owen Mahoney (the fuck with that name), it gave me a feel of selling my 300b worth of items in GMS and leave this forever.

  17. thejman250 says:

    – So basically, the auction house isn’t even used? That’s incredibly disappointing.

  18. TrashXec says:

    Zero is a unique class of KMS? Or others will come to Maples?

  19. Marksman says:

    Yes there should be pqs from lv 1 to level 250. Each with like a 10 to 15 level range. Spread them out Nexon!

  20. OsamaBeenLagging says:

    I don’t remember there being a ‘JUMP’ update in GMS… Did I miss something? Also, I agree with what Spadow says. Especially where nexon is simply increasing the gap between funded and unfunded players. Take Empress Cygnus, for example; originally possible to kill by unfunded players — now changed to impossible. But because nexon’s focusing on the game and not the players, adding more classes, challenges, and nerfs, that is the main point to why people are leaving: it gets impossible to play, and becomes BORING. Then there’s the other side, where people are too successful, but by paying a huge price…. They even ruined the original top 5 in the ranking board, by adding a Lv. 250 cap. Those players surely don’t mean ANYTHING now….OR DO THEY?

  21. mithi9 says:

    i havent played maple in like 2 months…. just cuz of how boring it is.

  22. jesuslover442 says:

    This post pretty much made me quit maple, for now atleast.

  23. HR says:

    Sounds like a bunch of crying tbh. In the end you’ll still go back playing.
    And not to brag, but I don’t lag during Hekaton and I doubt my laptop is considered high-end. Just saying.

  24. Cloud says:

    Why you shouldn’t take Maple too seriously. I take it as a time-killer. ( Timekiller. After playing I’m equally as bored. )

    And I’ll continue playing my phantom and hope to get a piece of the cake off the RED update. If it doesn’t help least I get a day of fun off spamming all the new adventurer skills. ( Phantoms are underpowered. But I don’t care too much about it. )

  25. Croodle says:

    I honestly cannot tell whether or not these commenters are just blindly following whatever the blogger says.

  26. kitlao says:

    I dont think child of god is that great mainly because its jesus… its fucking jesus, it has godlike powers, and is grouped with a bunch of regular people…How op can this thing get???

  27. Emmanuel says:

    Do they even care about pirates, i mean we are supposed to be a fighter class with combos like hayato. What they did to us is a disgrace. By the way things are, i may quit my viper too in america :(

  28. k nim says:

    Simply can’t bring myself to log in after Kritias update. Exactly like iamflip graph.

    Adventurers revamp – slight hurray.
    Bamon – ok but bugged, new thing.
    Zero – so-so but dungeon is not the way to go for my style.
    Kritias – yeah right Nexon, f**k it lol. So is Boss Arena.

  29. Chicka POW says:

    Y’all a bunch of scrubs

  30. BOOOOOLSHET says:

    LMFAO ^

  31. Xanafer says:

    We just got Zero here in GMS. Wasn’t the Auction House supposed to come with it? What happened?

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