The Maple Auction in RED

The second content update of RED, “Child of God” was released on the 18th. It added a new playable character class Zero, a new world Mirror World and the Maple Auction. Nowadays, you can expect an animated video with the launch of a new class. In case you haven’t seen it yet, here are two animated videos that are used in Zero’s tutorial:

That Day

Nine meets the Girl

Enable the English subtitle by pressing the CC button. In the tutorial you play as Nine. He named himself Zero after his past has been continuing for 9 times and wanted to start over. Therefore he is now known as Zero. The handsome grey-haired person with a book in his hands is Will, a new commander of the evil Black Mage. Critias is coming closer to launch in the test server. In Critias, you will see the appearance of the commanders. I’m curious, but we’ll have to wait a bit.

But let’s discuss the new Maple Auction system!

To access the Maple Auction, you need to visit the Free Market in channel 19 and talk to Eggrich.

The Maple Auction window will appear. It consists of four tabs: Search, Sell, Bid, Completed.



You can search for almost any item, if it is available in the Maple Auction. You have Quick Search and Advanced Search. With Quick Search, you can enter the first characters of an item and you will automatically get a drop down list of similar items.
There are specific tabs in the left menu: Armor, Weapon, Consumable Items, Cash Items and Other Items. You can specifically search for a type (e.g. 1-handed, dual bow) and what type of tier (e.g. Rare, Epic, Unique, Legendary).

The Maple Auction in MapleStory is limited. Because there is a limit on how many times you can search every day.
Regular users have a limit of 5 search counts while Internet Cafe users have unlimited search counts.


Once you have used up one search count, you can get another one in 10 minutes. You get one search result every 10 minutes, but you can only get up to 5 additional search counts for free every 24 hours. So, you can either wait 50 minutes to search 5 times immediately or wait 10 minutes to search for an item and wait for another 10 minutes.


Selling an item in the Maple Auction is simple. You go to the Sell tab and drag & drop an item to the right side of the window.

After that, you can set up a starting price for bidders and a price to buy the item immediately. You can decide if you want the auction to last 6, 12, 24 or 48 hours.

Users have a limited amount of slots of items they can buy and sell. For regular users, that is 3 slots to sell items (3 items) and 5 slots to buy items (5 items). Internet Cafe users have an advantage and have bonus slots.


The Bid tab will allow you to see a list of items you are bidding on.

Completed Transactions


If your item has been sold, you can visit the Completed tab to see what has been sold. In the image above, you can see that I sold my Strange Cubes for 1,000,000 meso each.
You can also see if your transaction has failed or even get a refund.

That’s my simple explanation of the Maple Auction system. Maybe one day I will explain it specifically. I was very excited for Maple Auction, but I don’t know if many people use it, since I don’t see a lot of items that I want for sale. I hope Nexon continues to improve it.

In other news, the first season of RED Hot Time was held yesterday and there were some amazing rewards! Everyone who participated got a free permanent RED T-Shirt and a RED Paint Bucket.
This reminds me of the RED TV commercial. Oh, right… A new TV commercial has been released with the release of the Child of God content update! Check it out below:

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10 Responses to The Maple Auction in RED

  1. JustFezXD says:

    I can’t wait to see the PvP revamp >_<

  2. Relikz says:

    Lol at that advertisement

  3. My2ndAngelic says:

    I love it

  4. Ivangold says:

    is this count per day or per week?to sell and buy itens

  5. Donut says:

    Weird advertisement ._.
    Can’t wait for the auction system, would be very convenient

  6. Dark Evan says:

    Hey Spadow, as a fellow Evan player, and since you play KMS, could you be the voice of all the non-Korean Evans, and inform Nexon Korea that the R.E.D. Revamp has dealt Evans a crippling blow to their Mana Reserves? While the Adventurer Mages make up for the loss in the 1 mp for every 10 int on level with a passive increase to mp gained on level added to MP Boost, Luminouses have had such a passive boost to mp/level from the start, Battle Mages have no need for a 50k mp pool, and Blaze Wizards will probably get an MP/level buff with their revamp,

    Evan’s have no such buff, thusly, the MP pools of newer Evans will be significantly lower than older ones, and the higher the level they got to before RED, the higher the MP pool they possess compared to newer characters, and the MP pools of new Evans will also be significantly lower than that of their fellow mages.

    I have one of two simple solutions to suggest: We could have MP Boost’s new effect applied to Dragon Soul as well, or we could have dragon soul’s and Magic Missile’s master levels lowered to 15 each and give Evan’s MP Boost (Master level: 10) Works identically to the adventurer buff at max level.

    I would like to humbly request you start a petition on nexon korea’s site about this issue, to make KMS aware of the issue. Evan’s shouldn’t be stuck without any extra mp padding his pool, while all the other Magic Guard Mages sit comfortably with a 20-30% advantage over the Evan community. They spend less on mp potions than us now, which cost more than hp potions, their magic guard is undispellable, while we have to rely on our above average hp to tank a hit against low-medium threat level attacks while with high ranking boss’s attacks we’re fresh out of luck if we get dispelled.

    It would be a victory for all the Evan’s living outside of korea, who do not have as much of a voice, because they do not affect the profits of the host version.

  7. Howard Peng says:

    great :D

  8. Great updates and I love the videos and thank you for adding subtitles

  9. Specimen #1 says:

    Can’t wait for RED to come to all the other servers… Thanks for the video and subs!

  10. I enjoy what you guys are usually up too. Such clever work and reporting!
    Keep up the great works guys I’ve added you guys to blogroll.

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