From Zero to 160

Exactly one week ago, the Child of God content update was released in the test server. This content contains the new playable character Zero, the new world Mirror World and new systems.
I have played in the test server and in the public server. So far I have gotten my Zero to Lv. 140. I will let you know my impressions on this content later in this post, including a Q&A.
If you are interested in playing a Zero in the future, you might want to read this.

But first, I want to tell you that I have finally achieved Lv. 160 on my Evan since yesterday! If you didn’t know, Evan gets their last advancement or mastery at this level.
I think I will take a short break and wait until Critias is released in the test server, which should happen very soon.

Since last week I have played a lot in the test server, because I was very excited to try Zero. Zero is MapleStory’s first dual-character class. This means that you have two characters to control with both characters having different skills.
Zero starts out in the Mirror World, which is a fake world that reflects the real world (Maple World) created by the Black Mage using Rhinne’s power. Even though it is said to be a reflection of Maple World, only a few villages and towns exist in Mirror World. The Mirror World offers premium hunting.
Premium hunting means that you can enter instanced dungeons anytime you want without being bothered by other players. You can play solo or in a party. The monsters in the Mirror World dungeons offer high EXP and even Monster Carnival-like potions that help you heal you and your party members.

The dungeons in Mirror World have different stages. The deeper you go, the more dangerous monsters you’ll encounter. The last stage is where you will find the boss monster.
Whenever you clear a dungeon in Mirror World, you’ll acquire bonus EXP for just clearing it and WP. WP stands for Weapon Point. You can acquire WP from clearing Mirror World dungeons and by killing normal monsters and boss monsters. If you accidentally die in one of the dungeons in Mirror World, you won’t lose EXP. But, there is a limit on how many times you can die. There is a death count in every dungeons.

Weapon Points are required for the special enhancement system of Zero. Because Zero consists of two different characters Alpha and Beta, it uses two different weapons.
Alpha uses the Long Sword while Beta uses the Great Sword. These weapons are Elemental Weapons.

Zero uses an unique enhancement system featuring Lapis and Lazuli, the spirits of the elemental weapons.
You can simultaneously enhance both of your weapons with just one consumable item that you can use on your weapons. This can be a CubeStamp or simply Scrolls.
Scrolling your elemental weapons cost nothing except your scroll, of course. So far I got my elemental weapons to Epic tier from using this option.
The potential effect will be the same on both weapons if you use a cube.

But there is more.

You can give Additional Options to your elemental weapons or change Potential. You’re not shocked, are you? This is ONLY possible on Zero.
However, there is a price. You need meso and WP (Weapon Points) to use these two options. For the “Give Additional Options” option, you need to pay 50,000 meso & 500 WP.
While for the “Change Potential” option it charges you 100,000 meso and 600 WP. I have to add that Nexon decreased the cost of these two options last week in a new update.
It is relatively easy to gain WP. This enhancement system only applies to Zero’s weapons. If you want to enhance your other equipment, you can do that the normal way.


The last option of Zero’s enhancement system offers you the ability to upgrade your elemental weapons. Zero cannot unequip their elemental weapons. They are stuck with their weapons forever. But because of the upgrade, your elemental weapons can become really good. There are seven types of upgrades that make your weapon stronger and change aesthetically. You can upgrade your weapon at Lv. 110, 120, 130, 140, 150, 160 and finally 170.

There is a lot of dialogue with the release of Zero. And by a lot, I mean seriously A LOT. The upgraded quest system specifically for Zero offers various NPC illustrations, a bigger font and a better user interface. The story line for Zero is great and there are funny moments with Alpha and Beta. It is possibly the best story line in MapleStory so far. I don’t know everything yet and I don’t want to spoil it either.

You can always return to Zero’s Temple using the special beginner skill from anywhere you are. You can either choose to teleport to a town or village in the Mirror World or choose to visit Maple World. However, the latter has restrictions. If you want to know why, you’ll have to read that in the Q&A later in this post.


Zero has a variety of skills that remind me of the Hayato class from Japan and the Dual Blader class. I am sure you agree with me on this one if you have seen any video.
Zero-Alpha has his own skill tree and Zero-Beta has her own skill tree. Alpha is considered a character that attacks fast while Beta is the slow, but heavy character that deals great damage with her great sword.  Upon every level up, you receive 3 SP in each skill tree. Zero is different because you have to level up to acquire new skills.
You acquire new skills on Alpha earlier than Beta’s skills because the skills in each skill tree have different level requirements.

The dual-character system of Zero has two unique styles of attacking enemies. You can choose for Tag or Assist.
Tag means you alternate between Alpha and Beta. If your character is Beta, but you want to switch to Alpha, you can tag by using one of Alpha’s skills. After that, you will become Alpha and continue attacking as him if you want. It’s vice versa for Beta.

Assist is when both Alpha and Beta attack in combat. Let me elaborate on this style. The skills from each skill tree are assisting skills or combination skills. Combination skills are different skills that you use consecutively to create the ”combo effect”. Assisting skills will change your style of attacking to Assist. If your character is Alpha and you use an assisting skill of Beta, you will change to Beta. You will attack as Beta, but meanwhile Alpha attacks automatically. Assist happens after when you use Tag.
Zero does not use MP, but Time Force (TF). Time Force regenerates very quickly, but can regenerate twice as fast when you’re tagging.

My impression of Zero:  I like this character a lot. It has high mobility and has different styles of attacking. Zero’s attacks remind me of Hayato and Dual Blade, like I said earlier.
It has an interesting story line and lots of quests. I found myself to be very strong with average equipment, it’s a great class for unfunded players. The unique enhancement system for Zero is another plus.

The restriction of being in Mirror World for a long time is something I personally don’t like. This restriction does encourages players to complete quests. Quests are actually very appreciated if you’re playing a Zero, because it gives tons of EXP and lots of Timic Coins. The latter is also dropped by monsters in Mirror World dungeons. These coins can be used to spend on special scrolls, items or equipment for Zero. Switching to Alpha and/or Beta can be fun because each character has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Zero is a character that you at least have to try. I’m excited, but I won’t be playing a Zero character. I will definitely create one, but I will stick to my Evan character.
If you are interested in gameplay of Zero, please check out the following videos:

Zero tutorial
– Lv. 175 Zero hunting at Temple of Time in Mirror World
– Lv. 141 Zero hunting at Edelstein in Mirror World
– Lv. 193 Zero hunting at Armory 1 in Knight Stronghold
– Lv. 201 Zero vs Zakum aka The Punching Bag

Since I have received a lot of questions about Zero, you can find a Q&A below with common asked questions.

Question & Answer

Q: Does Zero start at Lv. 100?
A: This is true. Zero starts as Lv. 100 in the Mirror World.

Q: What is Zero’s character card effect?
A: Bonus EXP increase from 4% up to 10%.
Lv. 110 = 4% bonus EXP
Lv. 130 = 6% bonus EXP
Lv. 160 = 8% bonus EXP
Lv. 200 = 10% bonus EXP

Q: Does Zero have a Link Skill?
A: Yes, Zero’s Link Skill is called Rhinne’s Blessing. It decreases damage taken from monsters by a percentage and allows you to ignore a percentage of a monster’s defense.
Zero’s Link Skill has 5 levels. You can raise the level by finding Tears of the Goddess which can be found in Zero’s story line.

At level 5, Rhinne’s Blessing decreases damage taken from monsters by 15% and allows you to ignore 10% of a monster’s defense.

Q: Is Zero a limited class?
A: Yes, for Korea it is only available during the summer of 2013. Whether Nexon will re-release it after the summer is up to them.

Q: What weapon does Zero use?
A: Alpha uses the Long Sword and Beta uses the Great Sword. These are entirely new type of weapons, but  they count as two-handed.

Q: What is Zero’s main stat?
A: Zero is a warrior. The primary stat of a warrior is STR.

Q: Does Zero have hyper skills?
A: No, but Zero has ”Transcendent Skills”. Since Zero is an offspring of Rhinne and the new Transcendent of Time, it can utilize the power of time through these special skills. Transcendent skills are acquired at level 100, 110, 120, 140, 170 and 200.

Q: How do you recover TF?
A: TF is regenerated automatically very fast. If you are using Tag as your attacking style, you regenerate it twice as fast. Basically, you don’t need to worry about running out of TF.

Q: What kind of equipment can Zero wear?
A: Zero can only wear unisex equipment. Male or female equipment cannot be worn.
Regarding cash items, Zero can wear unisex cash items on Alpha and Beta. Male and female cash items can only be worn by Alpha and Beta respectively.

Q: Which one is the male and which one is the female?
A: Alpha is the male and Beta is the female.

Q: For the new Zero class, let’s say you are using Zero Alpha while tagging/assisting with Zero Beta and somehow Beta dies, does Alpha get affected in any way?
A: If you die on Alpha or Beta, you’ll die. The other character is not affected, but you are.

Q: Is it true that Zero cannot acquire EXP from Maple World monsters before Lv. 180?
A: Sadly, this is true. It is mandatory to complete all eight chapters of Zero’s story line if you want to acquire EXP from Maple World monsters. This includes additional content such as party quests and Monster Park.

Q: If Zero cannot acquire EXP from Maple World monsters, how does he earn EXP?
A: You earn EXP from monsters in Mirror World, the clear EXP from clearing a Mirror World dungeon and from quests. I encourage you to start and complete all the quests. They give very good EXP and sometimes additional rewards.

Q: How much EXP does the average Zero quest line give, like % wise?
A: The amount of EXP you can get from quests can vary.
From early on, you can get about 900,000 up to 1 or 2 million EXP. After you progress and clear more chapters, the amount of EXP increases.

Q: Do cubes drop from Mirror World monsters?
A: Only boss monsters drop Strange Cubes. So, yes, boss monsters in any Mirror World dungeon has a chance to drop a Strange Cube.

Q: Can non-Zero characters enter Mirror World?
A: Yes and no. Only Zero can enter the Mirror World. However, you can invite and summon your friends to the dungeon you are in.

Q: Are the Mirror World dungeons party play?
A: Unfortunately, no. Though, this can change since the Child of God content is not released in the public server yet.

Q: Are there any other advantages that you can receive from playing in the Mirror World dungeons?
A: Sometimes an hourglass appears in your map. If you click on the hourglass, you receive a buff. There are different buffs that you randomly can get:

– An increase of 15% EXP inside the dungeon for 2 minutes.
– An increase of x2 drop rate inside thedungeon for 2 minutes.
– An increase of +20 Movement Speed and +10 AllStats inside the dungeon for 2 minutes.
– An increase of 50% chance to find an Epic tiered item for 2 minutes.

Q: I have seen some Zero videos and I noticed the red damage with the white outline. Why is it different?
A: The darker red damage indicates that the damage is done by the other Zero character who automatically attacks. This can only be seen when you’re using Assist.

Q: Does Zero need Mastery Books?
A: Yes, for the Advanced-type skills. These skills are an upgrade from an existing skill.
You can buy any Mastery Book 20 of your choice for 7 million meso or any Mastery Book 30 for 10 million meso. This new change does not only apply to Zero, but to all classes.

Q: Is Zero more OP than other classes? Do you think they’ll get nerfed? 
A: Zero was buffed in the recent patch which made them more appealing and stronger. Zero is a strong class, but I don’t know if it is OP nor do I care.
Balancing is part of a game’s life. Can you count how many times MapleStory received a balancing update? This will only continue. Balancing will never stop.

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30 Responses to From Zero to 160

  1. blazingrunaway says:

    Does Zero fall under a class category (E.g. Explorers, Resistance, Cygnus Knights, etc) or is the class completely unique on its own? If it is unique, does the character card bonus (E.g. Having 3 adventurers gives off extra stats) for classes not work in bonus sets?

    • Spadow says:

      Zero is completely unique on its own. I am not sure about your second question. I’ll have to wait until Zero is released in KMS, which is in just 2 days.

      • Dark Evan says:

        Yay! You’re going to stay an Evan! I was afraid the Viper’s buff would actually be GOOD, and in being so, drive you away from Evan, but I should’ve known better, Nexon can’t miss an oppurtunity to screw pirates/kinda thieves over, especially pirates, especially Vipers, so I should’ve known that it’d be a noob revamp. Then I was afraid Zero would take you from us. That doesn’t seem like much of an issue anymore, either. From one Evan to another, Dark Evan, the Lord Tempest.

  2. Henry says:

    Another limited time class no way!

    • Someone says:

      Zero is one of the most powerful classes to date(other than it not possesing 1v1 skills)
      I don’t see why it shouldn’t be restricted.

  3. Haejeok says:

    This is kinda confusing…

  4. Cock Block says:

    um with equipment does it include cash shop equips? for example if u tag and change to beta zero can u buy/trade cash equips which are gender specific? since in gms atm if ur a female char or male char and u try buy an equip which is gender specific opposite to urs u cant buy it

    • Spadow says:

      Sorry, I edited the question and added cash items.

      Zero can only wear unisex equipment that you can acquire from monsters, shops etc. You can buy cash equipment for Zero but if it gender specific, it will be worn by the gender it requires.
      There are unisex cash equipment as well which you can wear on Alpha and Beta or separately. That is up to you.

  5. Xcod says:

    Do you think the fact that Zero can’t acquire exp from MapleWorld till lvl 180 is cliché?
    ‘Cause I think if that happen, there’s really no meaning of going to the real Maple World while you already have a good spot to train, so how new players can add buddies and invite them to the specialized dungeon like Nexon said? (personally I think this restriction will only benefit experienced players since they can invite their guildmate, their buddy, etc…)

    • Spadow says:

      There is no if, it’s a fact that Zero has to complete almost all of his story quests to acquire EXP outside Mirror World. Why? I don’t know, maybe it is part of the story line and Nexon wants to make Mirror World a unique world. There are boss monsters that are only available in Maple World such as Zakum, Cygnus, Magnus etc. Once you’re Lv. 180, I’m sure you would want to defeat these bosses for the rewards.

      I have to disagree with you that the restriction will benefit experienced players.
      Players can killsteal each other in Maple World and that can be frustrating. In Mirror World, however, new players don’t have to be scared of that because it doesn’t exist in this world.
      New players can always visit Maple World and socialize and make friends. I’m sure there will be a lot of people present in the towns of Mirror World. Making friends in a game is easy.

    • Fynn says:

      I don’t think that’s cliched, because cliche’s denotation is similar to that of something overused.

  6. shamar says:

    Is there going to be a fanfir wep for them

    • habibi says:

      Zero weapon cannot be unequipped….forever the same long n great sword…

    • Dark Evan says:

      There is TECHNICALLY is no Fafnir Weapon for Zero, however, he can get special scrolls called Lucky Item Scrolls, which will allow Zero’s weapons to count as a piece of the corresponding set. Before you ask NO, the scrolls DO NOT work on other class’s weapons, that would be unfair, as Zero cannot unequip his weapon, he cannot get weapons for sets ANY OTHER way, and if anyone else could CHOOSE what set his weapon counts for, it wouldn’t be fair, since Zero has NO OTHER WAY of filling in the weapon slot.

      If you’ve noticed, all of the Lucky Item Scrolls avaliable from the Timic shop AREN’T for sets obtained from boss monsters (Except for the Marx Von Leon set’s lucky item scroll, which I believe is the one that’s in the shop because it’s less powerful than the Victor Von Leon set, and therefore, should be the one that’s easier to obtain)

      Based on this information, I’m going to assume that Lionheart, Victor Von Leon, Loveless, and Fafnir Lucky Item Scrolls will drop from Dark Cygnus, Von Leon, Chaos Pink Bean, and Chaos Vellum, respectively. Of course, I’m not 100% sure this is true, as I’m merely making an educated guess.

  7. jelleb123 says:

    Does the time limit mean that you can’t create a zero after summer, or that you can’t play zero anymore at all after summer?

  8. Howard Peng says:

    Good :D

  9. Zelik says:

    what’s OP?

  10. dolphin2 says:

    I’m going to wonder if those Level 1-XXX (XXX being a triple-digit level) means I have to spend more than half of the day to grind.

  11. Edson says:

    How can Zero be a limited time class? Can’t he use the time to stay at the character selection screen forever?

  12. WinstonZero says:

    Hi spadow. The skills are chainable right? If so, is it possible to chain 3 stronger skills (strongest to the weakest in the chainable skills like upper strike (not sure of the name)) then switch to the 3 strongest chainable skill of the other characther and so On with the other skills. If it is possible, wouldn’t it be easier to put the skills from 1 to 0 on the keyboard to make so we only have to press the keys in chain to do a non-stop combo?

  13. Joe says:

    Hey, just wanted to ask a few questions about Zero’s gear. Well you need a male and female set? and the weps are they scroll-able or able to potential?

  14. Hey Spadow wondering if i could use empress/tyrant/fafnir gear on Zero or will he have his own special set ?

  15. says:

    Hey, can Zero share cs items with other characters?

  16. kate says:

    can zero marry both females and males?

  17. justsomoene says:

    I’m stuck in the real maple world…how do I go back to the mirror world?

  18. hope says:

    any1 know what the ans for the mir quest?

  19. Chrissaidsomething says:

    Apox. How long would it take you to get to Lv 180 with a Zero in the Mirror Worled because of its EXP? I don’t see the fun in playing by yourself.

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