The 1st Impact

The first update of RED, “1st Impact” has finally hit the public server yesterday.

[ Official MapleStory RED Opening ]

This will be a quick update because I’m busy leveling characters hehe.

First thing I noticed is the change to the equipment inventory UI. It is much more cleaner and simpler to use.
It was a smart idea to divide equipment in different tabs. The first tab is your normal equipment, second is cash, third is pet and last is android. If you have a Mechanic or Evan character, you will see the robot/dragon tab. But finally I can look at the stats of my equipment without unequipping my cash items.

We’ve also gotten a new character stat UI. This window will tell you new valuable information such as:

– Stat damage
– Critical Rate in %
– Minimum Critical Damage in %
– Maximum Critical Damage in %
– Boss Damage & Ignore Defense in %
– Resistance to statuses and elements & Stance in %

The rest are the usual stats like accuracy and avoidability etcetera.

Another UI change is the one that has been made to the item inventory. If you click on the hammer icon at the bottom of your inventory, a new window will open. This new window is where you can upgrade and enhance your equipment. In the image above I my Elinel Wings on the left side and the appropriate scroll for it on the right side. Underneath it will tell you what the effect of the scroll is. In this case it can upgrade all stats by 1 with a 100% success rate.
Elinel is a new theme dungeon for players who are Lv. 30 or above and it is gives you pretty good EXP through quests.

These changes to the user interface are very welcome, but I hope there is more coming soon. When I logged on my Viper yesterday I found out my SP was reset because of the revamp. Do you know how painful it is to distribute a lot of SP from 1st Job to 4th Job? Global, Japanese, Taiwanese and Chinese players have gotten the Spark UI and thus have received the revamped skill inventory. I want it because with this skill inventory from the Spark UI, you can assign multiple skill points at once to individual skills.

I discovered new veins and herbs. They are amazing! I forgot, you can now learn Mining and Gathering simultaneously! And a pickaxe or a shovel is no longer required.
Why are these new veins and herbs so good? Because if you look in the image above you can see that I got THAT from one vein.

It drops Superior Item Crystals, ores, Dream PieceTime Piece, crystals and so forth. You never get one besides the Dream Piece and Time Piece. When I picked up that Superior Item Crystal I got 6 pieces from it. The same thing happened to me when I picked up the Lidium ore. I got more than one even though you only see one on the floor.

There are new events that come with the revamp to the Adventurer classes (Dual Blade and Cannon Shooter are now considered Adventurers).
I have decided to raise a new character. If you get to Lv. 70 on a new Adventurer class, you will acquire an Adventure Critical Ring which gives you +200 MaxHP&MP, +3 Weapon&Magic Attack, 12% extra Critical Rate and an increase of 1% Minimum Critical Damage. This ring is untradeable and one-of-a-kind.


If you manage to progress your character to Lv. 130, you will acquire the Adventure Dark Critical Ring which gives you: +3 AllStats, +300 MaxHP&MP, +3 Weapon&Magic Attack, 15% extra Critical Rate and an increase of 5% Minimum Critical Damage. This ring, however, IS account shareable, but once! You cannot wear both Adventurer Rings. So this ring is tempting for me because I think I will make a Zero class and make it my main character.

The reason I am busy is because I want to level up a Xenon and Demon Avenger (I’m trying…) to Lv. 70 for the link skills in preparation for Zero.
I think I’ll level this Adventurer to 70 for the character card effect. Right now the Maple Administrator gives you two x2 EXP Coupons every day. That is x2 EXP for an hour. If you have to level up multiple characters to 70 then this comes in handy.

That’s it for today. There will be a test server patch soon for Zero. I can’t wait for this character class. I like it already from the looks of it and the unique dual-character system it has.
Once I get my hands on that class I’ll make sure to let you know. By the way, can you guess what Adventurer I am currently raising from looking at the last three images?


There is a new TV commercial for MapleStory’s RED update. What is your opinion on it? I think it is just a really weird commercial…

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22 Responses to The 1st Impact

  1. MonarchVV says:

    You didn’t show the new Adventurer Opening…I was excited lol
    And that ring… Looks like I’ll be making a new adventurer in the future.

  2. Demo says:

    I rather like the commercial, myself.

  3. andrew says:

    ARGH, what is that song in that video?
    Does anybody know?

    • andrew says:

      Oh, and thanks for the info. I wish I was able to play KMS.
      Also, odd commercial, but that song is really good.

  4. derpbag says:

    the commercial has so much to do with RED
    because red paint has been thrown on people

  5. Devon says:

    Loving the two new videos! Great songs!

  6. MrUnknown89 says:

    Dark knight is raising!

  7. TimeFromSEA says:

    “The reason I am ‘buy’ is because I want to level up a Xenon and Demon Avenger…” spadow do you mean busy? XD
    F/p look cool after revamp, I hope msea will rush patch haha… cause I wanna create one as my 1st explorer class!!

  8. Straten says:

    I had a total fangirl moment when Dual Blade jumped out of nowhere to help Night Lord. So badass when they fought :) Hope DB’s get revamped soon…

  9. Aspadowfan:) says:

    Dbs are op enough as they are (no hate intended) the db part of the video was nice though ^.^

  10. Straten says:

    @above- Yea i completely understand what you mean. I just wan a revamp to see some new skills and events of DB. Maybe they’ll bring back the cash shop set :) or give us new hair like the one shown in the vid

  11. MrUnknown89 says:

    Hei Mr Spadow~ since u playing dark knight~ any dark knight videos? xD

  12. H20 says:

    Geeze.. if 5th job isnt going to bring some closecombat to Buccaneer they just can delete the job from the pirate list and make an own energy based race or something.. A brawling pirate doesnt shoot freaking lasers or use a energy based dude that attacks for you and stuff.

  13. Alex says:

    Loved both videos. :D

  14. V e n says:

    Can you post the new skills revamped and their description?

  15. Nexon says:

    Yo (Max) (Spadow) The song is nice =) it would have been better if they made an anime =)

  16. abrahamsx2 says:

    is this new adventurer ring, stackable with the old adventurer rings?

  17. Nyan Cat says:

    Guys, If anyone was following my info on my GMS blog before, I’m officially back (from a long hiatus) kinda like Spadow, but yes I’m once again blogging so check it out.

  18. Nisrockk says:

    Dayum. Now I’m not going to train my Paladin until this patch. Them rings look fantastic.

  19. CommanderKS says:

    Guys, I was wondering what will happen to the current Ultimate Adventurers in the RED patch.. :/

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