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Hello everyone. I want to thank the people who visited my Twitch channel to see the livestream. I apologize for the random buffering but I hope you enjoyed the show.
Yesterday there was a press conference by Nexon to showcase the RED (Revolution, Evolution, Delight) update. I have seen it and I have to say that most of the information is already known and was released at the 1st Festival event. The RED update is split in three separate updates.

I’ll begin to say that nothing of the 5th Job Advancement was said. In late May, Nexon had announced in an interview that they were working on the development of 5th Job. However, because of the large amount of work and detail that has to be spent on the skills it will take some time. My take on it is that we will probably see something around winter.

Anyway, I don’t want to keep you waiting! Some interesting information has been announced yesterday, so read below the cut for more.

I highly recommend you to watch the above video first. This video is the official video that was shown at the press conference.

July 4 – 1st Impact

On July 4, the first update “1st Impact” will go live in the public server. The biggest revamp to Adventurers will then be released
13 classes will be revamped and around 120 skills will be refined and changed. The Dual Blade & Cannon Shooter classes are joining the team of the existing Adventurer, classifying them now as official Adventurers.

Compared to other new classes the Adventurer was lacking a story line. That’s about to change. In 1st Impact a story line for the Adventurer will be added.
The Free Advancement system will be added exclusively for Adventurers. The Free Advancement system allows you to change to a different 4th Job class. However there are restrictions.

First of all, you can only swap classes within the same class branch. An example: a Dark Knight cannot swap to a Bishop, but it can swap to a Paladin. To swap classes, you must speak to the respective 4th Job NPCs in Leafre. To swap classes you need either Free Advancement Coins or Meso.
Skill books are no longer required for Adventurers.


Professions will be changed in this update. A craftsman/artisan system will be added. New powerful Meister equipment will be added.
Meister weapons are level 145 and are equal to Fafnir weapons. And… with the revamp comes the ability to craft Scrolls, Cubes and Flames of Reincarnation!

Last but not least, the Mileage system will be added. What is the Milage system? 
Earning Mileage is possible by clearing game content such as party quests and bosses. With Mileage you will be able to purchase cash items with a special discount. It is like airmiles.
As a token of appreciation Nexon will give everyone up to 50,000 Mileage through an event.

July 18 – Child of God, the Mirror World

Child of Godthe Mirror World will be released on July 18! This second update of RED will include a new classnew worldnew systems and the Maple Auction!

zero_skill2 zero_skill3 zero_skill4

Zero is the name of the new and first dual character in MapleStory! Zero is a Warrior-type class. I knew it was a Warrior because in May Nexon added the job codes for Zero.
This is the first class that will also start at level 100 upon character creation. Zero will start in the Mirror World.

It has been clearly said that Zero will only be available this summer.

The Mirror World is a reflection of the Maple World created by the Black Mage. It is a new world that looks like Maple World but it is somehow different.
The following areas are in Mirror World: Temple of Time, Leafre, Edelstein, Henesys, Ariant, Ludibrium, Magatia, Critias, Shadow Village and the Temple of Zero.
You can move to all the areas through the Temple of Zero.

The Mirror World offers you premium hunting which can give you great experience and rewards in your own instanced maps.

The dual character system is implemented in Zero. Zero consist of Alpha and Beta. Alpha (male) and Beta (female) have their own separate skill trees.
There are two methods to battle against monsters as Zero. You can go for the Tagging route or for the Assisting route.
Tagging allows you alternate between Alpha or Beta. Both have a different style of attacking. Or you can choose for assist which means that after a period of time Alpha and Beta will combine their strength that allows you to deal very high damage.

Zero does not use MP but rather TF which stands for Time Force. I mean.. they are created from the Goddess of Time so it makes sense.
Time Force refills very fast allowing you to use many attacks. If you are in tag mode, it refills Time Force twice as fast.
Alpha and Beta uses their own weapon and even their own HP and ability gauge are separate. Cash items will be equipped on both characters.

It is possible on Zero to use a variety of effects by using the Transcendent Skill. This allows him to control time and manipulate buff and debuff times, resurrect himself and become invincible.

Through the spirits Lapis and Lazuli you are able to enhance the weapons of Alpha and Beta simultaneously.

Story telling in MapleStory will be improved in the second update. The quest system will be upgraded with a new user interface, bigger font size and NPC illustrations.
I hope they will change the old ones but I believe this is only for Zero quests for now. I am not sure but I will find out on July 18!
fostering simulation will be added. No idea what this is but it sounds fun.

Finally, MapleStory is getting something useful. The auction house or also known as Maple Auction will be coming in this update.
I am so looking forward to this update. It will be so much easier to search for items, purchase and sell them and all for free.

Critias – August 1

The continent of Critias has been discovered! Rumors are that the Black Mage had hidden away this kingdom, but it has finally come to the surface.
Revealing to be a continent experienced only for the high-leveled players. More powerful monsters and an exciting story line are awaiting you.

What is the Black Mage up to? He hid this kingdom of Black Magic away in the space of time. Terrifying monsters and bosses are in that kingdom.
Critias is the first area in MapleStory where everybody from all worlds can join the maps in Critias and play with other Maplers.

In this third update a real-time invasion of the commanders of the Black Mage will be implemented. You can fight with them in real-time and your duty is to stop their invasion.
If you manage to stop their invasion there will be great rewards.

gigantic boss monster will be released in Critias where up to 100 players can join. Players will have to cooperate with each other to defeat this gigantic-sized boss.

A different PvP system is coming in this update. In this system you can become a boss monster and challenge a Mapler. Instead of the good guy, become the bad guy!

Finally, Battle Monster League will be added to this update. Capture monsters to become your Battle Monsters, level them up, assign them to your Battle Monster deck and challenge other users!

This piece of content will also come to GMS and JMS. Sooner to GMS than we all think.

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48 Responses to MapleStory – RED

  1. Emmanuel says:

    Spadow….you still got it.

  2. ChosenFruit says:

    This update seems very exciting =3
    I’m super interested in the Battle Monster’s League, that seems right up my alley~

  3. Pandah says:

    Whoa where did u find that last picture….Spark…..We aren’t even half way through Unleashed.

    • Kusariku says:

      Spark is what unleashed/unlimited was called in cms and jms, which would mean that image is talking about THIS patch. Also spadow said he found in the game files after last week’s patch…

  4. sirius16 says:

    I guess then, that’s it. But I really hope not. I want a mage version of Zero. *sobs* But maybe, like in Tempest they will reveal that there is more although I’m kind of doubtful at this point

    • Algenator says:

      Well, I recall something being said about a Zero AND a Ether class coming during the R.E.D update. Since Zero is the Warrior pair with it having Alpha and Beta, Ether may be the Magician pair with it having another pair of names. It would make since the word Ether could either mean a substance that fills Space or a substance with magical properties. We have a pair of Sword-toting Time controlling Warriors now, but we might get a pair of Staff-twirling Space controlling Magicians in the near future. It would almost be like how the Sengoku characters got a Warrior first before they got a Magician.

  5. nightcodex says:

    How do you know this Pokemon rip-off Monster League will be comming to GMS? Where did you get the source Spadow. Southperry…. Leafre… Game Data? Haven’t heard it anywhere else than here…

  6. Jc says:

    “Skill books and Mastery Books are no longer necessary for Adventurers and thus removed.”
    Anyone knows if this applies to Dual Blades as well since they’re now normal adventurers?
    This is great, nevertheless.

  7. Loc says:

    Oh I get it now! Now thief and pirate can switch between 3 classes! Ex: Thief can change between DB, Assassin, and Bandit. Right?

  8. Ivangold says:

    how much mesos it will cost ?D:

  9. wtf lol says:

    lol maplestory add pokemon system

  10. what says:

    where is the change for db and cannon, aren’t they get special buff? spadow do you have any inform about it

  11. Mitsunebewbs says:

    Reblogged this on GamerBewbs Blog and commented:
    Wow! I’m just gonna reblog this for those of you, who don’t follow Spadow. Which is crazy, haha. Who doesn’t have a chunk of gMS/kMS bloggers they follow?

  12. Arterie says:

    dual character so interesting :D

    • Mitsunebewbs says:

      Very indeed. Feels like it may be very much like Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance. Where you could drop/switch between Rikku and Sora, haha. Fun game btw [8

  13. fakking says:

    i thought you quit blogging

  14. Dana says:

    Do you know how to get the Free Advancement coins yet?

  15. Greg says:

    heyy spadow.. glad to have u back. I was curious on your thoughts about the pirate/ thief revamp. Im really hoping someone out there is voicing all of our disapproval. I main a bucc, and have stuck with him for years. This revamp is just horrible right now. Time to move on? lol

    • Spadow says:

      I don’t have any high leveled thief character so I couldn’t give my opinion on that. However, I can say that I am really disappointed with the Pirate revamp.

      I told myself if the revamp is good, I’d return to my Viper, but no thanks.
      I’m going to wait for Zero and check that out once it is in the test server and perhaps change it from Evan to Zero as main character.

      • Greg says:

        yeah, i feel the same way. I’m just stubborn though. To scroll a new weapon… psok’s… cubing.. enhancing!

        I dont understand how they consider this even. Octo is hitting 270% x 9.. no 8 on single target while most new jobs dont even have a 1v1 move, yet have higher % damage moves that are faster and hit more mobs.

        Im thankful we finally got mobility but, couldnt we have a tripple jump like jett or ab?

        Bucc blast has nice % dmg but… its sooo slow. Shouldn’t the class that rocks SPEED INFUSION be among the fastest in the game? lol. They need to make up their mind… fast low % atks character (phantom, kaiser, dual blader ect. ) or slow high % atk character ( AB ). Or just make us op and have both like xenon lol.

        Why do they even bother with dragon strike anymore unless they bring it up to par. So many useless skills atm.

        I hope they fix this… i was waiting so long for some good news, big build up for a huge let down. Maybe this will fall on the right persons ears. Pull some rank Spadow… i know they listen to you XD. Any other buccs out there agree? disagree?

        Sorry for the rant XD

        • deadlyrang says:

          this is late, but i agree. i’ve been holding out on false hope, but on this day of 7/11/14, i’m starting to lose faith.
          btw, i’ve played maplestory for years and made a bucc as soon as they came out, just for reference.

      • Joong Ki says:

        @Spadow how to play KMS if you are not Korean?

  16. Gin-Zu says:

    Hey Spadow can you tell me how i can see that world selection screen data in GMS that you said was in the new v.137 patch

  17. Chathur says:

    Hey spadow do DB’s still need skill books and Mastery books since now they are adventurers? And how do you get free advancement coins cause i want to change my shad into a Db.Anyways Max said that You can buy DB skill books in another DB place. Can u plz tell me the price , cuz i hope they are no too costly. And what are the materials required to make the unique cube? because the legendary one requires 30 superior crystals :(.Plz helppp

  18. mayandra says:

    spadow do you know what type of gear Zero will wear (F) or (M). or special gear.
    preparing now would help in gms :3

  19. Colton Brown says:

    I thought that maybe this would be the Winter update for GMS, but you said it is coming sooner than we all think. Now you have me wondering :S

  20. Gear says:

    Thank you for taking your time to give us updates on what’s happening! Again, thanks a lot! (:

  21. Soooo….. I’ve literally had a dream about something like this for the past year ever since my Bishop got Hypers. SO AWESOME

  22. Brian says:

    Freakin love it especially the mileage hope that dosent hurt maplestory in the long run
    Also love the expoler revamp magician skills are kinda disappointing

  23. DomoLord says:

    Spadow why you no reply to so many people?

  24. mike says:

    whens this update come out

  25. Mark says:

    when dose R.E.D comes to GMS?

  26. hans says:

    cuando sale en GMS RED????

  27. Isaak says:

    OOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGG gotta love this update. I know the update is in the summer but do you know the exact date?

  28. Charith says:

    Has it come to KMS yet?

  29. viaan says:

    I left temple of zero, and I don’t know how I can go back… anyone knows how I can go back to Temple of Zero so I can get to Mirror World?

    • Candy says:

      theres a skill to recall to the temple. idk if youll have problem at first I tried and I didn’t recall then it worked after

  30. Josh says:

    When will Zero be out on MapleSEA

  31. Kotriaba says:

    Hmm…so no chance of Zero and Beast Master coming back to GMS? It was a one time thing?

  32. 86Ann says:

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