Do you crave for more RED information?

Hey everyone! I haven’t posted in a while but I wanted to let you know that the Thief and Pirate revamp are already released in the test server.
Head over to my YouTube channel to see my recent uploads. OrangeMushroom or also known as Max has it covered it on his blog, so you can check it out on there.

Since we are on the subject of MapleStory RED, I want to let you know something. If you are not familiar yet with the RED update, please click here.
Nexon needs to release the RED logo so I can put it on the right side of my blog for an easier navigation.

Next week on the 26th there will be a major announcement. In my RED update post I told you the following: “What does the RED update mean for MapleStory? Remember that this is just an update preview. More information will be revealed in June.
That’s right! More information about RED will be revealed next week. I tried searching for news articles about a press conference from Nexon but I found none so far.
This makes me think that Nexon will take the same route like they did with Tempest: a press conference in the form of a video.

Check back soon for more exciting details!

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15 Responses to Do you crave for more RED information?

  1. DatKanna says:


  2. Potato says:

    5th job please

  3. mithi9 says:

    Before doing anything big, please fix the mess that is viper, nexon….. :(

  4. Gus says:

    Ooh exciting

  5. Ribbonpig says:

    Here Spadow. Whichever you’d like. This or This

  6. Smoothiie says:

    Spadow ;D , I’m a big fan ^^

  7. natur says:

    I know aloooot of work will go into the 5th job skills,
    but does someone have and estimate on when the 5th job would be done?
    also when will nexon continue with the KOC updates?

    love your blog spadow ;P

    • Spadow says:

      I don’t have an ETA but only Nexon does and they aren’t ready yet to reveal it. Maybe in a few days when more information about RED will be revealed.
      The revamps for the Knights of Cygnus characters will definitely proceed most likely after RED.

  8. Oblivious says:

    Spadow can you please stream because the video is only watchable from within Korea.

  9. bestanon says:

    What was the thing about all the bosses and the castle coming down from the sky? o_O

    • Colton Brown says:

      That is the continent of Criatas, where the Black Mage has been hiding, and I’d assume that castle is his fortress. That big guy with the evil grin is Hecaton who is rumored to be the 1v100 boss, and then they have some new Boss PvP mode which is what they were referencing with the other ones.

  10. fixviperplox says:

    As a viper myself, I was quite disappointed with the viper changes, I believe you are too eh?

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