Many people have been speculating what the V at the end of the RED update announcement could possibly mean.
Today in an interview with Inven with Nexon it has been confirmed that this is indeed the 5th job advancement. 
It is said that it is hard to give an ETA on 5th job advancement due to the large amount of work into skills of the 5th job advancement alone.

MapleStory has a lot classes and all those classes will be able to advance to 5th job. It’s a lot of work because of the so many classes out there, but also the 5th job skills have to be in very great 2D detail according to Nexon.
Chances are that it is possible this will get delayed. In response to high-leveled content: they acknowledge there is a lack of high-leveled content and they are working on it. A new continent will be discovered soon in Maple World. A new mysterious commander of the Black Mage has appeared and others are invading soon…

Get ready for it.
What is your reaction to this news? I would say this is a good blog post to end the month of May with.

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41 Responses to V

  1. Jim Joe says:

    And they all Looked up to the skies and Cried “thank you spadow for all of your hardwork”

  2. mithi9 says:

    I am so excited !
    And I will be even more if nexon adds party play areas to lower levels all the way to the end. I hate training alone.

  3. Haejeok says:

    Oh God, Nexon is just being amazing right now: first they revamp adventurers then 5th job. I’m loving it! And ty Spadow for bringing us the news!

  4. Pieguy says:

    yes, this is like the ultimate balancing, funded “pros” already hit cap, so this only benefits the nubs and reg players :D

    • Dark Evan says:

      No it doesn’t only benefit pros. You’re forgetting about the Damage cap raise in unlimited. People can’t seem to get it out of their heads that the number of hits will NOT matter by the time these revamps come. Forgetting that the damage cap is nigh-unreachable, people continue to QQ about having their hits in a revamp, In fact, if the class has a hyper skill that increases the number of hits that a skill does, less hits means MORE damage post unlimited, not less, because chain lightning right NOW does 200%x6 for a total of 1200%, while post revamp it does 276% x 4 for a total of 1104% It’s way weaker right? WRONG! With hypers, it does 1 more hit, so for now it does 200%x(6+1=7) for a total of 1400%, but in the future, it does 276%x5(4+1=5) for a total of 1380%, meaning its only 20% less, and that’s not even INCLUDING the boost to the weapon multiplier of mages, lets say it became 25%, after factoring in that, it will now do 1725% (1380%x1.25%), vs 1400% (1400%x1.0) it’ll be much stronger, this is because adding 1 hit to a four hit skill increases its damage by 25%, while adding 1 hit to a 6-hit skill only increases it by around 16%, and is as a result weaker than the 4hit skill. Now, if your skill winds up doing the same % total, having less hits would be no doubt better provided you have a hyper that boosts the number of hits it has. You should feel LUCKY that your hitcount is decreased, since your Chain Lightning is WAY more powerful after, and won’t be able to cap once this comes anyways.

  5. Reliikz says:

    Awesome!!! 5th job adveancement!!!! I will probably never get to a level high enough for that though. My main characters has been in level 128 for like a year since I only login now when new stuff come out and only get like 5% exp and then leave to wait until the next new thing :P

  6. Ivangold says:

    @@@@@@ D: 5 job@@

  7. Pablo Bowl of Milk says:

    The maple gods have answered our prayers ._.

  8. Winternorn says:

    Well, having 5th job is no fun without the content so that we can train/play.

    I would rather they release high level content BEFORE 5th job.

  9. Two words; Fuck Yes.

  10. Donut says:

    Yeah >:D 5th Job Skills :D

  11. Sietse says:

    Awesome, I have been waiting for this for a long time!

  12. anon says:

    interesting… I wonder what the new 5th job Bishop name will be.

    • Herp says:

      It wont be Pope f3- Probably something along the lines of Saint, like in Dragon Nest.

      • Colton Brown says:

        Another reason for not being Pope is because the Pope himself IS a Bishop and confers with the other Bishops with the term “Venerable Brother” instead of them calling him “Father”.

  13. Arterie says:

    just waiting…

  14. Merlos says:

    Neinheart cut his ponytail hair?

    I found this image on maplestory wikia:

    But no glasses… =/

    Im excited about that Mirror World. Maybe is the high leveled content.

    • Spadow says:

      The person with glasses is not Neinheart. Neinheart has a monocle by the way.

      • Erious says:

        Think about it, Neinheart might be a double agent which sides with Black Mage. He just sit there in Ereve to gain infos and shits. Cygnus trusted him so much that no one suspects him! Same thing happened in Fairy Tail with the Archbishop of Zentopia and the Lapoint. O:
        Scumbag Neinheart. haha
        This is just an opinion.

    • anonymoose says:

      actually this is quest data from the mihile tutorial when neinheart was younger

  15. derpbag says:

    oh bby

  16. Karkain says:

    Is someone going to get that phone?

    Because I totally called it!

  17. DarKnight says:

    i would like to know if max can answer me, have you played the dark knight in tespia server? .how good is the new damage% with the max HP% on it thanks n_n and good post im waiting for this

  18. Lord says:

    Hopefully MM get new mobbing skills.

  19. Kevin says:

    Only bad thing most of the people can’t even get to lvl 160 or beyond so they will all be wishing for 5th job it will be like the first years of maple before the first big patch (big bang i have played since its first years) in that time being 3rd job was awesome and being 4th job was incredibly hard i had a lvl 56 assasin and all i wished for was able to reach lvl 70 so if we think this as for 5th job it will be the people of lvl 160 being a lvl 50 and all they are wanting is to be 5th job but it will be so hard because it is hard to lvl up my highest lvl is a 163 bishop and its hard for me to lvl so 5th job will be a dream for me. Cause if 5th job will be from lvl 200 to 250 only an amount will achieve 5th job plus lvling up from 201 to 202 its like billions of exp in kms see videos theres like a double of exp from 200-201-202

    • Herp says:

      Considering the fact that most jobs have over 50 points left over by the time they reach 200, the level to advance Fifth job will be most likely around 170-180. Also, don’t expect the exp curve from 200~250 to remain the same, it’ll probably be reduced to match a normal growth. Not like that monstrosity from 239-240.

  20. Ivangold says:

    probably they will change the exp

  21. 5th jobs…oh wow…..
    Also wow on that video

  22. Xcod says:

    So finally 5th job, it will slow down the speed of releasing new jobs of Nexon a bit.
    If we have 20th anniversary of MS, then we will already have hyper skills version of 5th job and 6th jobs, haha can’t wait to see :D

  23. bolara says:

    I think that they should fuse hyper skills and some new creative skills into fifth job which should begin either at level 160 or 200. Hyper skills have some many level requirements anyway, and I think that they would become useless when Nexon releases fifth job.

  24. gjutnygfjkyg says:

    maybe they’ll remove mastery books from 4th job and shove it into 5th job

  25. Arctic says:

    Wow, I’m really excited what kind of new 5th job Viper/Buccaneer skills we’d get. I’m hoping something like our old Barrage but instead some sort of spammable air palms.

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