Yesterday’s test server patch

Yesterday test client version 1.2.478 has been released. This update contains part one of the adventurer overhaul!
In this update only the adventurer warrior and magicians are being changed. Currently the adventurer bowman, thief and pirate classes are on hold and cannot be created.  Right now in the public server nobody can create any adventurer.

The reason I am saying this is part one is because I believe the adventurer overhaul will be split in separate parts similar to the Jump! update. The world selection screen shows the two new illustrations of the warrior and magician. Most likely the update will be split in parts because development is still ongoing. There has been occasions where other MapleStory versions released all the changes in one patch. This is possible because many months have passed and the development on the adventurer overhaul is done.

The Auction House is being prepared. User interface has been added and the NPC where you can access it from has been added to the game. But it’s not done yet. I hope I can try it out soon!

Let’s continue!

It was revealed from the RED announcement that adventurers are getting an overhaul but also a new look. So all of their illustrations are renewed. Hmm…
The illustration of the warrior is familiar. I have seen it before, it’s shape…

Remember how after so many classes Nexon has finally made the move to allow players to use both genders? In this update you can now create a male or female adventurer regardless of the identity of your account. In Korea players sign up with their social security number. The social security number contains personal information, including the gender of the owner. If the social security number was from a female, you could only create a female class back then in MapleStory.

The basic appearance of adventurers are updated. Two new faces have been added and one hairstyle for both genders.
You don’t want to slay any snails with a white t-shirt? No problem. The basic equipment has also been updated. Watch out for the new colorful scarves!

Max’s blog has covered the news about the skill changes. There are some great changes in there and I think some of you will be very pleased with this overhaul.

The video above demonstrates the new skills and skill refinements of the Hero and Dark Knight class.
I’m really tempted to create a Dark Knight after this update hits the public server. But I will wait for the other classes, especially the Viper class!

Remember this silhouette? This was a teaser when the promotional page for MapleStory’s 1st festival went up. Ever since it has been uploaded on the internet everybody have been speculating what this could be. A new warrior? 5th job advancement? An overhaul of existing classes? We didn’t know. However…

It is revealed to be the new illustration of the warrior! So it was hinting towards an overhaul of the adventurer class.
Speaking of a new class. I have mentioned on my blog that there are new classes coming soon related to the Goddess of Time, Rhinne.
I don’t have a lot of information yet because there hasn’t been any about the new classes but there are really two coming: Zero and Ether.

Preparations for Zero are already being made because I have discovered new maps related to Zero.


The first one is the entrance to the Shadow Temple where probably the Shadow Knights are . The rest I don’t know. I do see a sand glass in the temple.
Background music in the temple is called ”BeBornZero” but the BGM has not been added to the data yet.
I have tried to simulate the maps to see how they look like but they’re pitch black. Because the map objects, backgrounds and tiles are not in the data of the current test server version yet.
Zero will adventure through Mu Lung and Herb Town because there are quests in these towns where you have to finish to complete the story line.

If you view the RED announcement video on my YouTube channel you see a short animated video. In the animated video you see Rhinne crying and her tears are forming two children. These are the Children of God. Their names are Alpha and Beta in the quests, but that does not mean their official names are Alpha and Beta. It might be codename in the story line.

I’m closely watching the development of adventurers. Hopefully I can get to restart my adventure soon in MapleStory with new and exciting monsters and towns to visit.
For now I’ll be playing Dungeon Striker. A game where I can show off my sexy butt.

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17 Responses to Yesterday’s test server patch

  1. Scream says:

    I love you Spadow!

  2. PonPon says:

    Do Want Pally Revamp!

  3. AustinHolocaustin says:


  4. ShiKage08 says:

    Sexy butt, Spadow.

  5. Alex says:

    I actually laughed out loud at the last part x)

  6. JustFezXD says:

    Nice to see you and max supporting each other.

  7. Alo Pandez says:

    hmmmm interesting…

  8. I’m extremely excited for these updates. I keep up with both yours and Max’s blogs! Keep it up ~

  9. Smoothiie says:

    Yay Adventurer update :D

  10. Donut says:

    I am quite pleased with my DK’s revamp ^^ hopefully they will reveal the “V” ( hopefully 5th job ) soon

  11. Shneeble Doo says:

    very cool! Cant wit for new infor about Zero and Ether but focusing on what’s already out: Do you know anything about the new paladin’s blast attack? on max’s blog it shows only one animation and its all firey. Are there light lightning and ice versions of the skill animation or is that it?

  12. Chuck says:

    According to southperry, the 1st job magician skill MP Boost does the following
    Level 1 Max MP: +1%, MP Per Level: +25
    Level 10 Max MP: +10%, MP Per Level: +70
    Level 20 Max MP: +20%, MP Per Level: +120

    Are we going to have to max it first, like we did in the old days (to capitalize our MP gain?) or will it take into account our current level and give us 120 per level regardless?

  13. freek says:

    all the new skills effects from i/l,f/p,bishop,pally,drk,hero are on orangemushroom (max’s blog)

  14. Tim says:

    Why is the FP Dmg so low?… Even for a lvl 100 in KMST

  15. YC says:

    @ adventurer can change by ua?

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