Arch Mage, RISE & MapleStory Spark

”This severely cold wind will put you asleep!”

What a treat! Another entry from the Secret Diary of Inkwell! It seems they have a liking for the word ‘rise’. Because now the Arch Mage will arise again! 
It is obvious. The adventurer overhaul is coming very soon. Are you excited? Even though I returned to my blog I haven’t really played MapleStory. Just the casual log on and log off.
I’m waiting for the RED update to arrive and I’m really curious what they’re going to do about the Viper (Buccaneer) class because Viper was my main character class.

In other news, MapleStory in Japan will get a big update coming this summer!

I already have heard rumors of a MapleStory version getting the Spark update instead of Unlimited. It’s Japan! I have heard this update might hit in China as well.
So what is Spark? Not much is known actually. Only three things:

  • A new character class
  • High-leveled content
  • User Interface (UI) changes

A new character class might mean Xenon or Demon Avenger because they’re not in Japan, however it could also mean an exclusive Sengoku class like Hayato and Kanna.
In the Hayato and Kanna story line, these two characters are referred as the Children of the Five Stars. In the tutorial of Hayato and Kanna you see an old Japanese temple with five gates.
The RED update in Korea will at least release one new character class, but due to data mining it seems there will be two: Zero and Ether. Their names in the quests are Alpha and Beta. They are the Children of God and created from the tears of the Goddess of Time, Rhinne.

High-leveled content is welcome. The Japanese version already has the maximum level cap of 250 and high-leveled content wouldn’t certainly hurt players who are past level 200. I hope the RED update in Korea will deliver some great fantastic high-leveled content.
Finally, the UI will receive refinements. I don’t know what exactly will be changed.

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20 Responses to Arch Mage, RISE & MapleStory Spark

  1. JessNib says:

    I hope the new JMS job is another Sengoku character so GMS can copy and paste it~

  2. CJ says:

    I/L skill looks pretty nice

  3. Anonpixels says:

    That “Spark” seems to be Xenon, rather expectable.

  4. Pit says:

    Woohoo. Yes! if they start with the ice lightning (my class), I would be so happy!

  5. Goates says:

    If they go for dragon based skills for I/L, I will give my body and soul to play the class.

  6. omgitzsam says:

    Oh yess!
    Can’t wait to see the IL changes!

  7. DehBest says:

    HD graphics lol.

  8. Max's Zora says:

    bucs/vipers ( i like the name viper more) are losing there time skill…. wat was it callled again? anyway you know what I am talking about. My reasoning is that because we’re getting 2 new classes of the time goddess so why would u put time in some other class, since that would make those 2 new classes not as unique as nexon would want it to be. O and there is only one new class, Zero and Either r either boy or girl, reasoning is because we saw a boy and a girl…….. also it seems GMS gets mostly everything from JMS and KMS so it is highly likely if the new class for JMS is actually a Sengoku class, reasoning is because why would JMS just release a class from KMS and not release and exclusive class from JMS itself :P. I mean JMS trys harder than GMS…… the jett class was a total copy of Dragon Warrior from CMS. Though we don’t know who copied who, but it is most likely GMS copied CMS

  9. Ike says:

    Heres to hoping that all the adventurers get revamped at once and they aren’t spread out over 5 different patches :l

  10. rakahs says:

    It’s funny because Japan, China and in a way North America are all treating Unlimited like a bastard child, kind of ignoring it and changing a lot of things. Japan and China aren’t even releasing it as their big summer update and implenting some parts of it with some smaller updates in the off-season, like the 250 level cap. GMS will not have Aditional Stats, or whatever it’s called and has already released Monster Life (which is suprisingly enjoyable) during a off-season patch. It seems like all GMS will be getting from Unlimited is DA, Xenon and the level cap increase… which, now that I think of it…. is a pretty lame summer update… Heck, it’s even a pretty lame patch if it would all be included into 1 single patch, but I am sure it will be spread out into 3 different patches…

    • Bob says:

      Only time will tell. Don’t worry too much about it. And isnt all the patches somewhat boring? The first few days: HOLY CRAP !!! I MUST GET THAT CAPE, HAT, etc., etc., etc.
      One week later: This patch sucks.

    • Bob says:

      And, I forgot to mention, IT IS SUMMER!!, many little children ~ are going to play and have fun . it is usually the best time for most gaming companies since children can play more meaning more money for them. If you own a company, you need to think about things like this.

      Not saying i own one but ya… you get my point.

      • rakahs says:

        Well this is kind of where you are wrong. Summer patches just like Winter patchs are all done in the holiday season, when kids have no school and thus time to game a lot…. unless you meant that… but looking at the summer patch being just 2 new classes and level cap increase it seems like a really empty update..

    • MOM says:

      BUT DA/Xenon is part of anniversary

  11. me says:

    wait, japan ms did not increase meso cap and damage cap?

    • ShiKage08 says:

      The damage cap was increased to 50,000,000, as well as the HP/MP limits to 50k, but the meso cap was not increased.

  12. Bro says:

    What about EMS cuz it seems like the lvl cap has already been raised to 250(not sure) and they are getting the robot guy on 22th of may(guessing). Actually i haven’t played EMS long so I don’t know whats happening. But it looks like they almost caught up whit GMS.

    Missing a lot of minor stuff tho…

    • coveral says:

      The level cap hasn’t been increased yet. Their max level now is lvl220. You can get to lvl220 only by having a lvl200 character in the Supreme world. 10 character levels in the Supreme server = 1 level on a char in the normal servers.
      Also EMS already got a part of Unlimited. They just got a patch with all the stuff from the patches between Tempest and Unlimited + the first part of Unlimited (with not Additional Options). Xenon (if that’s where you were talking about) is probably gonna be released on the 11th of June if I recall correctly.

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