MapleStory: RED due for summer 2013

The official livestream for MapleStory’s 1st festival has just ended. I would like to thank everyone who went to see my livestream on Twitch.TV.
I hope you enjoyed the festival even though you probably couldn’t understand much. A sweet event that happened: a girl came on stage and explained how she met her boyfriend on MapleStory. Next thing you know, you see her boyfriend proposing for marriage. Isn’t that just brave?

After many words have been exchanged, the update preview has finally been shown to everyone in the audience. As you might notice, the summer update for 2013 will be called RED. It stands for Revolution, Evolution and Delight.

What does the RED update mean for MapleStory? Remember that this is just an update preview. More information will be revealed in June.



Balancing. The Nova, Resistance, Heroes and the Knights of Cygnus will be equally balanced with each having their own flavor. You’re probably thinking… no Adventurer balancing?!  Nope. The Adventurers will be completely overhauled. This gives me a bit of hope for my Viper (Buccaneer) character. They have shown the new illustrations of the Adventurers that replaces the old.
The Dual Blader & Cannon Shooter being the special adventurers will also receive special treatment and become more powerful.

Next up is the Free Advancement system. It’s a preview so these teasers are not explained in great detail. So far, I don’t know what this system means but I believe you can advance to another class freely without restrictions. Furthermore Adventurers will now have an actual story line just like all the other classes. Combined with these changes, the real Adventurer is coming your way!
There will be enforced security, such as a faster recovery system for if you have been hacked, a Happy Recovery system (compensation for the affected users), improvements to the report feature and reinforced security in general.


There will be equal fun for users who play the game for free and users who used cash. Meaning free users can have fun without spending cash.
Great rewards will be given when you progress your character in Maple.

The next feature in Evolution is the Auction House where you can trade items with users! This is in the good direction. I think the user survey where users could submit their feedback helped them to shape this update. Next up is the Mobile Link. You can now link MapleStory to your cell phone. However, I don’t know what features you can link other than Monster Life.  

DELIGHT (즐거움):

Delight is the variety of  fun and fast progression. From Delight we can expect a new continent, new hunting grounds and content. It is not revealed what the new continent is but I expect it to be Masteria. Why? Because it has been revealed in KMS that Masteria is a new continent where demons come from. Damien is the little brother of Demon Slayer/Avenger and he became the new commander of the Black Mage’s army. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Next up in Delight is that all the characters from all the worlds can be in one place! World merge area. Characters from all worlds can now meet other characters in one specific place.
Soon we can engage in battle with the invasion of the Black Mage’s commanders in real-time.

You thought Magnus or any of the Chaos Root Abyss boss monsters were easy? How about a 1:100 boss fight with a giant boss monster? That’s right. It mentions a giant so it makes me wonder if this is maybe Colossus. Click here to see the tour of a recent new area in Leafre. Do you see the giant in the background? Maybe it’s it.
PvP will receive a tiny bit of love too because there will be a new mode. A mode where you can be a boss monster and fight a regular player. Wait! I’m not done yet.
The rewards from bosses will be improved!

With all these revamps to the game systems wouldn’t you think we need a revamp of the guild skills and the Family system? Am I right? Too bad it’s not coming in RED but there will be a complete revamp to the professions system which will include creation of scrolls!

After this the screen fades out and we see animated movie. There are a few images that you can see above. The last image says: MapleStory: Child of God.
The Child of God? In the video you can see Rhinne, the Goddess of Time and a few of the Black Mage’s commanders in a discussion. I have no idea who the person with the glasses is but we’ll find out soon.
Before the festival I posted a blog post about what is coming soon. I discovered that in the Tespia patch of 1.2.477 new job IDs were added to the quest data. There are already a lot of quests about this new class and it is definitely related to Rhinne and the Child of God.
The animated video has not been uploaded yet to any media site. Once it is available I will upload it on my YouTube channel with English sub! ^^

This is what was shown at the 1st festival of MapleStory. Or not…

And next…?

V  (5) – Could it be…?

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74 Responses to MapleStory: RED due for summer 2013

  1. mdaebak says:


    • Emmanuel says:

      Oh EM GEE!

      Spadow Updated his blog for the first time since of 2 years ago…it’s good to get an update from you man.

      • anonymoose says:

        V…could it be? *GASP* V FOR VENDETTA!!! (LOL not)
        btw welcome back, love your comments n intake

  2. Alexyon says:

    FIRST !
    Welcome back Spadow ! xD
    Excited for the new patch !

    • says:

      You aren’t first. Shut up. How could you not see the comment before you? It was posted seven minutes before you -.-

  3. ILUVU says:

    Thanks for the quick update spadow!

  4. Goates says:

    I’m very interested in the child of god portion of this update. Same for the V thing. Guess we’ll see it all soon enough.

  5. JessNib says:

    Class… balancing? Oh my god I never thought I’d read that coming from Nexon. T__T <3

  6. Table says:

    Thanks Spadow!

    Ah, i’m so glad you’re back!!

  7. Kname/Knim says:

    I think it’s difficult to imagine child of goddess in an innocent way when you see images of Rhine and black mage commanders and somehow 2 “embryo” formed into a pair of child. I’d leave it to Nexon to change my view on this :P

    Another round of skill set changes for adventurers!

  8. Togameon says:

    Guy with glasses = Nienheart maybe? idr much about Cygnus-related story so my guess could be way off.

    • Magic0loc0 says:

      From what I know, Neinhart has a monocle, but not a pair of glasses. Would be interesting if the story would change in this direction. Oh I can’t wait for the update!

  9. CJ says:

    This is sht. Seriously. Stop changing the jobs OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN. I can’t choose which one to play cause they keep changing everything. STOP IT ALREADY.

    • JohnTheBaptist says:

      Well, the community wanted an explorer revamp and now they’re getting one. I’m sorry that this revamp won’t please you, but from a company or developer’s standpoint, it’s better to make sure the community is happy rather than just one player.

  10. Hayden says:

    SPADOOOOW, I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!
    i didnt notice “V” could mean 5! hopefully this will mean 5th job so excited!

  11. freek says:

    So…, just like you spadow i hope buccs (viper) will get the revamp they deserve as weakest job of maplestory, im also curious what the V (5) means i realy hope its 5th job since you get only 3 new skills (hyper) between lv 100-250.. So i can’t wait for it =D

    • Bob says:

      Well, it isnt that bad. those attacks are decently strong. It is nothing compared to NLs and BMs. I really hope this patch will really balance things out. Every time Nexon makes a revamp for a certain job they always end up weaker than all the other jobs…

  12. Arterie says:

    finally 5th Job

  13. Flooy says:

    V = 5
    (roman numeral)

    5th JOB??????? OMG!!

  14. dude says:

    this update looks fascinating. way better than many new good features.
    really liked the idea of auction house and the real time fighting with the black mage army.
    also the merge to one world it either ruin the game or make it way better.i hope they will add the ability to make the whole world a mini dungeon so you will be able to play solo and alone

  15. TimeFromSEA says:

    something… Vista~

  16. mithi9 says:

    Aaaaaaaaaaaand I’m excited.

  17. mithi9 says:

    I think 5 stands for 5th job :/

  18. Obsidianism says:

    This is the first major update in Maplestory that I am genuinely looking forward to in a long time.
    I hope Nexon Korea can set things right and get the game moving forward again.

  19. Viet Nam' MapleStory says:

    Yay for Bowmaster and 5th job

  20. Guy says:

    How about Dark Knights?Show them some lurve

  21. Soul says:

    Being able to change jobs on your character whenever!?!?!? :DD



  22. Josh says:

    Welcome back Spadow. I’ll be sure to bookmark your page again like how we all did back then.

    I honestly believe this may just be the revival to Maplestory. If they play their cards right and don’t screw us over again, then this might very well be the start of a good age of Maple? I sure hope so.

  23. Farenchizel says:

    V… A VAMPIRE CLASS?!???????!!??!
    I wonder what level (5th job?) could be

    • Fluk says:

      JUST NO!
      Classes with “wings” got boring.
      Demon Slayer, Demon Avenger, Kaiser, Angelic Burster is enough.

  24. Koncept says:

    Welcome back spadow <3
    Is there any way we can see the video with subtitles?

  25. Jakway2 says:

    Maybe the switching between classes freely means no using SoK’s? <3

    • Hollogen says:

      No he means the character you play on can change classes freely. You still probably have to use a SoK to move items from one character to the next

  26. zm0n says:

    Thanks for the information! =D

  27. Ghost says:

    V, the number 5 in roman numerals? Where could they be going with that?
    And I’m kind of curious about what happened to the remainder of Cygnus Return patches, are they going to just abandon it? Seems pretty unfair to the Night Walkers and Blaze Wizards.

  28. JustFezXD says:

    Welcome back Spadow. I saw the PvP revamp coming when Battle Mages received that revamp.

  29. Jegudiel says:

    Welcome back, Spadow.

    I’m expecting a lot from the story portion of this update. Hopefully high-level adventurers can still do theirs with some degree of challenge.

  30. omgitzsam says:

    I’m extremely excited to see what’s to come in this ‘revolution’.
    l really just hope the entire overhaul of explorer’s doesn’t ruin them like they have with many other classes…

  31. wildarceus says:

    Spadow returns and maplestory gets a huge update hmmmm is Spadow more godly then we think he is?

  32. Bob Parker says:

    >.> I tear child thing is Maha, Aran’s Polearm Spirit, you can tell if you look at the hair and color of the sprite. The other spirit could be for the new job IDs

  33. rakahs says:

    Could it be….. 5th job ?! =D

  34. Budder McBudder says:

    Hmmm,the auction house makes me think something like the MTS,except with mesos instead of nx. If the auction house feature is across all of the worlds,i think the economy of the game would either crumble or benefit greatly from this.

  35. Karkain says:

    So much win for Adventurers. Looks like I may have to dust off the ole’ ranting skill I left on the shelf for when we see what exactly we are getting. Perhaps DK’s will get some love and Heroes will be fun…

  36. chucho says:

    the guy with glass i think is neithear

  37. Cloud 9 says:

    haha 1:100 boss battle.
    How many of those 100 are going to d/c?
    Well played!

  38. Kevin says:

    I wanna see what will change in evans and NL also i want to know the last thing about the goddess :D

  39. iceyfireboy says:

    ahhh I really cant wait for the Nightwalker revamp! hope its soon

  40. walkerboy says:

    “The Dual Blader & Cannon Shooter being the special adventurers will also receive special treatment and become more powerful.” Why they are special !? they also adventurers no fair !!! They already imba !!!

  41. Kemeko says:

    OMG, Spadow’s back. I can die in piece, I don’t even care anymore. No wait ! I need to see the red update, THEN I can die in piece ^^

  42. Ambimunch says:

    I hope we get 5th job finally!! Nexon would be such trolls if V stands for something else >:(

  43. Pieguy says:

    I really hope this means some kind of way to obtain cash shop cubes in game, even if its like 1 from a boss drop that you can only fight 1 or 2 times a day and is pretty hard. I really think maple needs better balancing for the :”pay to win” crap. I have spent at least 100$ in nx and none on cubes, pets are something totally fair that nexon can make plenty of money on.

  44. Woopsie says:

    Oh i thought the “V” was for Lord Voldemort … been watching too many Harry Potter movies lately :(

  45. omgbro says:

    when release in maplesea?

  46. Seoxis says:

    What do they say about the inventory at 1:40?

  47. Donut says:

    Wow I am quite excited about this, hope it does not dissapoint me >:D

  48. TamerX says:

    the man with glasses its neinheart

  49. Amaranth says:

    I will not play if they still did that stupid idiot battle Mage revamp..aking Battle mage like a clown..removing our mains kill and change to fugleh skill that’s not even a mage. They really messed up battle mage..and it means i quit for good.

    i am not really exciting with this update. Why the fk they have to change all about battle age? Are they have nothing to do or just run out the they just ruin the resistance class.

    they need a good game programmer and art graphic game…should get them from Sweden (BF3, Minescraft, etc)instead of Korea!

  50. Mr. DerpyKnowitAll says:

    V probably stands for the five Maplestory heroes or something like that :/

    • John says:

      Uh, probably not, why would they make something like that?

      “And Next… V!” I bet my @ss it’s something about everything but MS Heroes.

  51. pagalavan says:

    V means 5th job.

  52. Oh Yee Peng says:

    Wanted to ask Battle Mage Hyper skill bkb was removed?

  53. why says:

    I don’t about pvp balancing, I just want to be able to create my own room or be able to challenge people directly so balancing isn’t an issue. The whole team death match is a joke it will never be balanced.

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