Amazing 10! Hot Time!

Today is May 4, 2013. Five days ago MapleStory turned 10 years old! However, the Anniversary update has already been released earlier.
There are tons of new events, Anniversary equipment and content. I will not be covering most of the events and content anymore. I have to look what is ahead of me, right?

Today there was a Hot Time event. Exactly at 2:30 PM everyone who is logged on in the game will receive a special Hot Time box.

Yay~ An Amazing 10 Hot Time Box! I couldn’t open the box right away because there is a time restriction. You can open it when the clock reaches 3 PM.

In most Hot Time events there are prizes that you can 100% collect and prizes that will be randomly given away to a few players per world.
What everyone got was:

– Fifteen Anniversary Coins
– One 10th Anniversary Black Weapon Box
– One 10th Anniversary Black Maple Ring
– One Amazing Weapon for Attack 100% scroll

In addition, everyone has the chance to collect one of the following prizes:

– One Inkwell Coin (10 per world)
– One Cassandra Coin (20 per world)
– One Tyrant Boots Coupon (5 per world)
– One Tyrant Cloak Coupon (5 per world)
– One Tyrant Belt Coupon (5 per world)
– One Maple 10 Years of Miracles medal (5 per world)
– One Frilly Black Bean Hat + Frilly Black Bean Suit (5 per world)

Pretty nice, eh? The Inkwell and Cassandra coins are the type of coins you can sell to an NPC for meso. Inkwell is the most profitable coin.
Tyrant equipment is always welcome. Oh and the Maple 10 Years of Miracles medal is a permanent medal that gives you +10 to all stats, maxHP&MP and a whopping +10 to weapon and magic attack!

Unfortunately I was an unlucky player and did not receive any of the additional prizes. However, everyone including me did receive an Amazing Weapon for Attack 100% scroll.
This is a very special scroll because it gives your weapon (or item in my case, but I’ll tell you this later!) +10 weapon or magic attack and +3 to all stats at 100% probability.
My staff is currently on hold for any upgrades, but my Beryl Heart is not. I have to add that the Beryl Heart item is also a special item because it is a permanent heart that will be given to everyone who participates during the Xenon Hot Time event. In KMS there were two parts of this Hot Time event with each part giving everyone a Beryl android and a Beryl Heart.

I experience a lot of great events in KMS. Happy Time is an event where players have to log in between 2 PM ~ 11 PM on the website to obtain a gift box.
There has been a Happy Time event where you had to log on in the game instead of the website. In January there was a Happy Time event where everyone could get 3 Weapon for Attack 70% & 2 Weapon for Attack 90% scrolls. Both of these scrolls add +9 weapon or magic attack and +3 to all stats at a probability of 70% and 90% respectively.

I used them on my Beryl Heart. So, today I used the 100% scroll on Beryl Heart and it now gives me +15 to all stats and +46 magic attack.


Everyone got a 10th Anniversary Black Maple Ring. This ring gives you +7 to all stats and +3 to weapon and magic attack.
Now in the Anniversary update there are two different 10th Anniversary equipment: White and Black.

The Maple Black Set is a great set because it offers you great options:

3 set effect: +500 MaxHP&MP and +3 weapon and magic attack
4 set effect: +7 to all stats, +8 weapon and magic attack and +300 accuracy&avoidability
5 set effect: +20% MaxHP&MP, +14 weapon and magic attack and +9% total damage
6 set effect: +8 to all stats, +20 weapon and magic atack and whenever you attack a monster, you ignore 30% of its defense

There is a catch. Black is harder to get than White. From the 10th Anniversary Boxes that monsters can drop, you have a chance to get a 10th Anniversary White Weapon/Armor Gift Box. There is no Black edition that you can get from the box.
You can purchase Black weapons from Inkwell’s shop for a high amount of coins. You can also buy the hat, face accessory, overall and pendant from Inkwell. The pendant is a pricey though… 500 coins for it. One Anniversary Coin equals to 100 10th Anniversary Maple Leaves. Ouch!
But hey, that is at least five Black equipment that you can score with only coins. With today’s hot time you get the Black Ring. The Black Cape is obtainable when you reach 1000 Friend Points. Friend Points can be acquired if you right-click a character and choose to exchange points. The other character can accept or decline your request. The Black Belt can be acquired if you are invited to MapleStory’s 1st festival on the 19th of May.

After today’s Hot Time I went to search for the other selves of Murmur. This creature is part of the Soul Weapon system.

What is Soul Weapon?
Basically it is a piece of content from JMS but positively changed.  If you want your weapon to have soul, you need to use an enchanter first to be able to do that. Once your enchant is successful, you are ready to add a Soul of a boss monster to your weapon.
There are currently a few souls of boss monsters: Pink Bean, Horntail, Zakum, Empress Cygnus, Rex, Dragon Rider, Xerxes, Ani, Van Leon, Mu Gong and Rock Spirit.
Each of these bosses drop their respective Piece of Soul. If you have 10 pieces you can create it into a Soul. You can also get these souls from using Gacha-like cash items.

So, for example you have Pink Bean’s Soul added to your weapon. What now? Now you need to hunt monsters and accumulate and charge your Soul Gauge to 1,000. Each time you hit a monster you gain a point and that is added to your Soul Gauge. Each soul of a boss monster has its own unique ability. Pink Bean, Rock Spirit and Empress Cygnus are summoning-type souls. This means that they follow you for a duration of time and attack monsters similar to the Familiar system. Other souls of boss monsters provide only one strong attack and then you have to wait till the cooldown is finished.

If you are a player like me who possibly will never encounter Empress Cygnus then there is an alternative option: the other self of Murmur.
The real Murmur has spread his other selves in many locations in Maple World. This creature drops a bag.

In Murmur’s Bag you can find useless potions, potions that enhance your traits, a normal enchanter (70% and special enchanter (100%) and… Pieces of Souls! So far I have 2 Pieces of Soul of Empress Cygnus and 4 of Xerxes. If I have Empress Cygnus’ Soul I’ll let you know ASAP.

I will be concluding this blog post with two videos that you have to see.
Two new areas have been released in the Anniversary update and I have footage of it.

This video above is me going through Crimsonwood Castle. This is KMS’s ”Crimsonwood Keep”. Except this version does not have the party quest (yet) and this is a theme dungeon for players above Lv. 130.
Crimsonwood Castle lies in Masteria. Through quests it has been revealed that this is where demons come from. Read the description on YouTube for more information.
I can tell you that more of Masteria in KMS is expected. This has been confirmed through quests and there is a portal I cannot access because of a ”strong barrier”.  Stay tuned for that!

The second area is Colossus located in Leafre. Again, please read the description on YouTube for more information.
Both Crimsonwood Castle and Colossus have something to do with demons. I can give you a hint who is behind this: Root Abyss.

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  1. Gavotte says:


  2. kidkood says:

    Nice! I’m really excited and I can’t wait for the MapleStory 1st Festival at May 19!

    Also, thanks for coming back! You’re awesome! :)

  3. A FAN says:

    YAY! Although you don’t cover the events anymore, it’s still fun reading your adventures XD

    • Spadow says:

      Thanks everyone!

      I will cover events, but not the ones that are currently in progress in the anniversary update. Don’t worry!

  4. LucasKaw says:

    Nice!!! I wonder if Damien will soon be released as a Boss… o.O

  5. Xcod says:

    This is great! Thanks Spadow!

  6. BryanSt says:

    Welcome back! You’re a legend!

  7. mithi9 says:

    Gah, can’t wait for the summer update :/

  8. Yinoku says:

    Awesome =D

  9. Brian says:

    You’re back! Good to see you again!

  10. Donut says:

    Welcome back :)
    The hots times in KMS really give lots of awesome items $_$


    Do you think Crimsonwood Castle/Keep is a sort of copy of Castlevania?
    It did mention demons after all.

    • cocothemofo says:

      Meh, i dont think so, in any case, nowadays its very difficult to make something completely original, but i really like the new dungeons and the new high leveled content though

  12. Kevin Kuo says:

    Let the Spadow blog cravings COMMENCE!!! WELCOME BACK SPADOW…to your own blog?
    Anyways, it’s great to have you back!!!

  13. G-Meister says:

    Welcome back Spadow!

    I guess you’ll be covering more of your personal adventures this time round, as compared to event information like Max (aka orangemushroom)?

  14. Aethernai says:

    These scrolls are so broken. I would just make fifty mule accounts to farm the scrolls.

  15. CJ says:

    If only we had those 9atk scrolls in gms…

  16. 3436 says:

    god dammit , who going to read Orange mushroom blogs now?
    <3 your blog spadow

  17. Light says:

    Woah…. Your blog made orangemushroom looks kinda “meh”. Welcome back man.

  18. Niernen says:

    Great post, i see you went into great detail as always, thanks!. Do you still play your Viper, or have you moved on to Evan now? I noticed you have the lv150 hat, which i think is pretty rare.

    • Spadow says:

      Thank you!
      I have moved on to my Evan as my main character. I was enthusiastic about the Pirate revamp, but that enthusiasm is all gone now.

      Korean players have managed to defeat Chaos Root Abyss bosses, including Vellum. The price varies because of additional options, but it isn’t that expensive. My whole set minus the weapon was around 900mil. :)

  19. kamui says:

    is this the real life? is this just fantasy? spadow’s back! i quitted ms long time ago but i love your entries :D

  20. mithi9 says:

    3 days to go :/

  21. takashiii says:

    Yay Spadow’s back! :D

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