The return of Spadow?


Could it be…? Maybe…

Hello everyone.

It’s been a long time, right? Looking at my blog, my adventure ended on the 8th of June in 2011.
That’s a looooong time! How have you been? In my absence MapleStory has gone through different updates either good or bad. Actually, the last update was bad. It made a lot of players in Korea upset.
I’m sure by now you know about the Unlimited update? An update that lifts the damage cap, level cap , raises the stats of boss monsters and the drop rate.

Nexon has lost players. But it seems the company is convinced the players will come back when the Summer update is released. Details about that will be revealed on May 19.
Why the sudden return? First of all, I’m not entirely sure if I will come back because I have lost a great amount of interest in MapleStory. I do play every day but the amount of time I spend is so little.
In my last post I said that I would continue posting updates through Twitter and YouTube and that’s what I did if you kept track.

If I come back to my blog I will maybe do it a bit differently on managing my blog. Though, would you care for my return?
I really love to blog and just spread my information to you so that everyone is aware of what’s going on in MapleStory and in the gaming world.
For the last 22 months I’ve checked my blog every now and then. If you worked so hard for your blog you just cannot delete it. It is a disservice to me and my visitors.

There you go. I might return to my blog and post updates like I used to about my adventures.

About Spadow
It's not who I am underneath... but what I do... that defines me.

69 Responses to The return of Spadow?

  1. hobokun says:

    >Though, would you care for my return?

    YES! :D

  2. Ribbonpig says:

    I’ve checked your blog weekly, hoping someday you’d come back. It’d be nice if you came back. :)

    • LOL says:

      I viewed and still viewing both of your blogs :D
      return Spadow for another source of information :D

    • lol says:

      Wow, Ribbonpig is praising Spadow?! I must be dreaming….
      *AHEM* It’s so awesome that ur back! I knew one day you would return.

  3. mithi9 says:

    i dont think anyone can say they dont want you back :)

  4. Poe says:

    We’ve missed you.

  5. Kevin Kuo says:

    Would you kindly return Spadow? I cannot suppress my cravings for your blog any longer, I’m going to kill someone…

  6. Fluer says:

    Glad you’re -sort of- back!

  7. mdaebak says:

    yes Yes YES we’ve been waiting :)

  8. Kaleidoscope says:


    i missed u :(

  9. J says:


    time to stalk spadows blog every day

  10. Els says:

    Yesss please come back ! :)

  11. Heero Kyuu says:

    I would come back just to see what your adventures in maple are.
    Content/Patch notes would be optional, it’s just nice to have an active player viewpoint :)

  12. Kelvin says:

    Of course I would see you back.. No one has ever done a better job than you =) Your updates were the only interest and hope I cling onto while playing MapleSEA..

  13. Darkstar says:

    please come back, i love your maple info on your blog :)

  14. Harms says:

    I used to follow your blog all the time. I currently quit MapleStory due to a lot of things.. Anyways might be back due the “historical update”. However I wish you would come back, I really love your blog and the way you set it up.

  15. Jian Ming says:

    amzing,finally u b~~~~

  16. Sam says:


  17. Snowy says:

    Wow ! It has been so long for waiting you back again to your blog spadow :)
    Hope you can continues your blog. :D

  18. NovaNuvaMS says:

    Yay! thumbs up (y) !! Hope you come back Spadow!

  19. Shneeble Doo says:

    If i say please will you?? How about if I add a cherry? No really though, we would LOVE to have you back. Especially since Shakar left, Max could use some back up if this new update is as big as they’re saying it is gonna be! Besides, you are active in the maple community right now and itd be nice for you to have an HQ for us to reach you and get information directly from you!

  20. Arrol says:

    Nice to hear of your probable return.

  21. StevenJW says:

    Looking forward to your upcoming posts =)

  22. G-Meister says:

    You’re finally back… We’ve waited for years!!! =’D

  23. Donut says:

    WTF. Welcome Back :)

  24. K nim says:

    Hurray for “Spadow Returns” instead of “Cygnus Returns”. Nexon didn’t just lose players, they lost most of worldwide maplers with crazy Unlimited updates. However, between you and Max, one should be updating on the latest updates and the other have to do something different yet interesting to note/read on. Thanks for reading.

  25. ThatRandomKid says:

    If you do come back, can you make this blog not just for MS, but for other games as like, E.g. Dungeon Striker (hint hint cause that game is amazing and I think people would love to learn more about that game, esp. the skill succession system)

  26. Jigglin Titties says:

    Spadow, I think you and I and Bob and Sally and Jill and Max and Jim and Steve and Mary and Rob and Johnny and Dave and Ray and Scott and Mike and Simon and Wally and Tiffany and Brock and Susie and Howard and Hailey and Lenard and Kevin and Daniel and Justin and David and everyone else in the whole world would care for your return =)

    Keep in mind though If your interest really is dwindling for maplestory, then reconsider coming back or not, because if you keep doing something that you dont love, eventually it will die out for you again. (I dont mean to offend/insult, just my thoughts)

    • Jigglin Titties says:

      Oh and 1 more thing; On your youtube video about the crimson castle, you mentioned in the description: “Maybe, just maybe we will be able to fight Damien as a boss in Masteria” ….But isnt Damien the Demon Avenger Class? So how would Demon Avengers fight against Damien…? Unless I seriously read the maplestory lore wrong and got everything mixed up @_@

  27. Abu Naser Al Farabi says:

    i realy want u to come back and u got like 2 million visitors u can probably make money out of your blog ??????

  28. fynnii says:


  29. SEXYYYYspadoww says:

    FUKC YEA, I WANT YOU BABY !!!!!!!!!!

  30. Guest says:


  31. Thrill says:


  32. Chris says:

    “Nexon has lost players.”

    That’s actually great news, I have left the game myself for GMS…hopefully when we get the Unlimited update, they won’t nerf the exp….one can only hope.

    That’s just terrible marketing strategy, make bosses harder (x100 times harder?), increase cap (yet nerf the exp alot), of course people would leave….who wants to grind days/weeks to no end?

    Glad you are back Spadow. < XD

  33. Karkain says:

    I think the world wants you back, Spadow. You’re a hero to use blog-followers.

  34. Solar says:

    Been a frequent follower of this blog for so many years :) Since you’ve closed your blog I’ve followed your tumblr and youtube updates. I’d love to see you back here, maybe even covering more than MapleStory (though the Summer updates look interesting to learn about), maybe you can even cover Dungeon Striker (looks like a great game :D)

  35. Spadow says:

    Thank you for all the great comments. It is certainly motivating me to come back!
    I’m thinking of posting a new blog entry very soon. :)

  36. A FAN says:

    I LOVE YOU!!! <3 <3 <3
    Looking forward!!! :D Saranghae~<3

  37. dude says:

    yay im so happy
    oh by the way,can i please know your name origin?

    • Dark Evan says:

      I too would like to know where Spadow originates from. Plus, omg, you’re actually coming back! P.S. Is that an Evan I see? Is it yours?

  38. gun says:

    sounds like a good plan. we missed you long enough.

  39. The King has returned says:

    I even wrote you a song, It’s called I want you back. :P

  40. wildarceus says:

    this website is my homepage <3 come back bro

  41. NEXON says:

    以前的楓之谷是多麼的美好,最近的改版只有Root Abyss令人滿意呢!
    目前還是觀望5/19 NEXON所帶來的驚喜。希望能夠挽回大批的玩家。

  42. Ambimunch says:

    Since you left almost 2 years ago, I checked you’re blog every few weeks or so in hope of your return. Since you posted new videos on your youtube channel, I had my suspicion that you’d be back one day~ So great to have you back! If you got more time after this 2 year break on your hands, it would be cool to see you resume this blog <3

  43. CJ says:

    You’re finally back!

  44. ILUVU says:


  45. omgitzsam says:

    Woo, would love for you to come back Spadow!

  46. zmon says:


  47. vinyx says:

    YES .. definitely I care .. have missed your blog for a long time .. please come back soon

  48. Kite says:

    This makes me super stoked!!! Been checking every now and again… I heard a rumor and now I’m excited to see your return… More excited them for most updates of this game… sadly… LMAO

  49. larmie says:

    glad to see you back spadow!
    although your english certainly hasn’t improved :p

  50. Your Nigga says:

    Return nigga you know we want you!

  51. Yatekko says:

    Oh… my god…. SPADOW!!! *dramatic run through field ending in glomp*

    Would we care for your return? Spadow, you have influenced me to reach where I am in Maple currently. Having you back is definitely nothing but good!!

  52. Good to see you back c:

  53. Alex says:

    Please come back, Spadow! We miss you <3

  54. Aweryn says:

    Welcome back indeed ^^!!

  55. Dweeday says:


  56. Waru says:

    Welcome back, Spadow! :)

  57. solatoralead says:

    Dont get me wrong. I loved this back in the day (Aran, Evan release days how I miss them).

    But why come back during arguably maples worst time? I mean this is just my personal opinion as an old Maple vet (2005, woot?), but anything good left the game long ago.
    You should’ve stayed ‘gone’. Not cause I dont like you, but because you shouldnt bother.

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