The tenth day living as a Saint Saver & The new Pirate

As a Saint Saver I have been given rewards for doing my duties. I got the last reward today.
If you don’t know what the Saint Saver event is, click here.

I purified more than 500 monsters and I got a stamp in my Attendance Book.

 If you get a stamp each day, starting from the 3rd day then you get a reward.
The last reward you can get is the Saint Saver Earring.

+3 to STR, DEX, INT and LUK
+200 MaxHP and MaxMP
+80 Magic Defense
+100 Accuracy and Avoidability
+10 Speed
+10 Jump
Number of upgrades available: 7

It is an untradeable item but it is possible to make it tradeable to your other characters with the new cash item ‘Share Name Tag‘.
The Share Name Tag has yet to be released, but it is sort of a Scissor of Karma.
It can only make items tradeable if the item says it can through the Share Name Tag.
So far you can only use it on the Saint Saver earring. Knowing Nexon’s interest in money, they will probably make a lot of use from this cash item.

Equip the Saint Saver earring and your Craft, Charisma, Insight, Will, Sense and Magic experience will increase by +40.
Finally my Sense leveled up to 2. Hahaha~

Yesterday, the test server has been updated with a new Adventurer Pirate class, the Cannon Shooter.
I only tried some skills at level 10 because I experienced lag yesterday.
While I was searching topics about the Cannon Shooter on insoya, I came across this topic that said something about the artwork of the Pirate class.

Ever since this piece of artwork was released since the release of the Pirate class in 2007, I always thought that the Infighter on the right side, was wearing a bag.
My thought about that bag has now changed with the appearance of the Cannon Shooter class.

I think what’s inside the bag is the hand cannon.
I guess Nexon had the idea of using a cannon for a new Pirate class in mind since 2007…?

Also, PvP is disabled in the test server. An NPC says that it is coming soon.

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121 Responses to The tenth day living as a Saint Saver & The new Pirate

  1. Takebacker says:

    Yeah i saw that on SP yesterday. I guess that explains why these skills feel so fine tuned and it’s actually balanced, since it’s been “in the works” for years.
    I doubt they’ll tweak the class too drastically either, which is explained by the data of “achievement” things that jump classes got, but for pirates/thieves.

    I hope you’ll do a good job telling us (and by us i mean me :3) everything that needs to be explained about bucc updates. :D

  2. dLeet says:

    ooh nice can’t w8 for the new pirate haha

  3. greennov1 says:

    is overpowered.
    did i see an ultimate that’s spammable in your vid?

    • Spadow says:

      The Nautilus ship skill has a cooldown.

    • shadowkun says:

      If your talking about the job itself,your wrong it is very balanced.Anyways im not usualy a person to be like ZOMFG W3N 1T C0M1N T0 GMS!!!,but this job is amazing,i absolutly love it and plan to make it my main when it comes to GMS in winter.

  4. jaycee says:

    lol true dat

  5. s0meb0dy says:

    Cool Earrings, I like the stats :)
    By the way, is the monkey in the picture the Job’s summon or NX, that’s cute.

  6. NovaNuvaMS says:

    LOL I’m surprised that the Infighter’s bag is a cannon. TY Spadow once again! 1 Question Spadow why does Valarie in the picture have a sword?

  7. Majutsukai says:

    Resemblance to a cannon notwithstanding, I still think that actually is a bag. Look at it, it’s got stitches and zippers and everything.

    • NovaNuvaMS says:

      LOL true ^

    • Spadow says:

      You’re right. After taking another look, I think the hand cannon is actually inside that bag.

    • shadowkun says:

      But think about it, what would a bucc have thats that big and in that shape hmmm?.
      No homo,no perv stuff like that

    • HDex says:

      If you take what Spadow said into consideration you can be imaginative with it. The hand cannon being in a small suit case (that is the exact shape of it not to mention) could mean that they are choosing to reveal a new weapon later on down the road. The makers of MapleStory are creative thinkers, give them credit for that. Nexon America does not make MapleStory, they only distribute it to its current fan base surrounding the Americas. So don’t mix up their geniuses for our idiots.

    • Charles says:

      Yea i agree with Majutsukai. It looks a lot like a bag. and i think that Nexon didnt think really think it would be of any use until the pirates needed an upgrade and they have a class in everything except adventurer but the archer is coming out (cant w8) so they used the idea that the bad would be a cannon

    • Random Guy says:

      Seriously, I personally think its a casing for cannons

  8. Edatron says:

    Interesting indeed.

  9. shadowkun says:

    Spadow, could you give us more info on the quests and skills, even at level 10.For example is it starting to look like DB with a story line even being an adventurer, and i would like to see the skills even at level 10,so when i start i will know how to use the skills,and do you have to do a quest that involves the monkey to get the monkey before level 10?,and does the monkey stay for ever like Evans dragon? and does it do anything other then sit on barrels and cheer you on.

    • Spadow says:

      You advance to the next job through a placeholder NPC.
      So actually there aren’t any quests for the Cannon Shooter yet.

      • Luxeraph says:

        Spadow is the beginner for the Cannon Shooter that exact same as for the other adventurers (meaning that aside from going to a different NPC to get 1st job is just like any other adventurer) or is it like the DB (even though they have the same skills for beginner once you choose it at the class selection screen theres no turning back)?

        • PurpleMustachio says:

          since theres a seperate button to choose to create one im guessing it would be like the dual blade

  10. tori says:

    Hmm thats a very interesting idea about the cannon on the back, i always wondered why the infighter had a cannon, but now that i look at it more carefully i have the question, why is the gunner holding 2 guns? and if they do have the idea of fallowing the picture like they made it, then this could possibly be a hint as to what kind of a Pirate Legend we will see.

    I know everyone already thinks that there will be a gunner who uses 2 guns, but this picture and the release of the recent “cannon wielder” class just pushes the idea more forward and giving it more possibility in my mind at-least.

    • Mike says:

      yeah i was thinking the same thing. if the Brawler has a bag and that’s the cannon. then will there be a dual gunner? maybe as the legend. either way, i’m waiting on the bow legend so that way i can see if i want to keep going with my bowman as my main or switch to Bowman legend when it comes out.

  11. HDex says:

    Awesome foresight!!

  12. Ragoss says:

    Thanks for your last 2 amazing updates, and personally thanks for answering my skillbook question about archer books during jump. Keep up the great work!!!

  13. Volt says:

    Dammit kyo, you got all 10 days on your attendance already? ㅡ,ㅡ
    i’m still on day 6…Really want the adv enhance and special potential ㅠㅠ

  14. BattleHydrax says:

    Spadow, good job on this update! I really love your blog and reading it became one of my hobbies when im in the computer xD

  15. Killmeplsok says:

    That’s one nice earring.
    So… it says that you can make it tradeable ONE TIME using the Share Name Tag when it’s not released yet?

  16. Anthony says:

    This may be me, but in the pirate picture, the female is holding 2 guns, can we be seeing the new pirate legend? THE DUAL GUN?

    i wouldnt put it past nexon

  17. Tiger279 says:

    So you are saying that the infighter on the poster is a double jobber? And Spadow, remember me? The maplestory comic info guy? Sry it’s been a long time. Anyways, cannon shooter looks awesome! And while I’m at it, I’ll give more comic info:
    Valerie is Kairin/Kyrin in the comic, and she’s the only character in the comic with five fingers (yes, everyone else has four).
    Horntail turns into human!
    Arwen (the Ellinia fairy) used to be evil and she worked for Zakum.
    Apparently, Combo Attack: Coma can rip through walls and blow the user back with recoil and destroy everything… While in the game it stuns monsters…
    The Bowman (her name is Bow, or 바우) and she actually used a Bazooka before the pirates were even released!
    The thief (Aruru, or 아루루) can pretty much take on an undersea army ( In the Aquarium, Aruru is the price of the Aquarium, but when he gets there it’s ruled by an evil fish army)
    Thats all!

    • xPainkillerx says:

      Valerie is not Kyrin in the comic and thats some friggin old news your telling us from maple comics especially the combo attack which happened 5 years ago

  18. Araste says:

    ugh…….i personally think that the DB and cannon shooter should be changed to legends and also the bowman legend………that makes the most sense in my mind but i guess nexon has a plan?

  19. iOakLeaf says:

    I think Nexon should take it one step at a time. I’m happy they made another Pirate class.Because the other classes were getting pretty boring. Every other class has at least 3 or 4 revisions of it through Resistance or Cygnus. So, I think they need to buff Assassins first. (They are extremly in need of a buff) Pirates, can recieve a little buff.

  20. Ricky says:

    I love the cannon master’s vertical Flash Jump. I want that on my shad!

  21. Nightcodex says:

    Here are my toughts. Nexon had the idea of a gunnslinger, brawler and a cannon shooter ever since they started developing the pirat job. On one of the final stages they realised that having 3 jobs for 1 race being released is just to much. So they decided to kill 1 job. That job is the Cannon Shooter. In 2010 they had the plan of releasing it after the Resistance, but the community said they didn’t liked all those new jobs getting released so fast, so they decided to skip 1 year of job releasing. This resulted in the Cannon Shooter being released in 2011. The reason wy it’s a gaiden class and not a add-on to the adventurer pirate is because Nexon realised that would make people realise they had this job for a long time and then the community would be pissed. So they decided to make it a gaiden class, to make it seem like it’s a new job that they just came up with. They changed some skill, deleted some old, and added some new to make it fit with the bb-chaos-jump updates, and BOOM, they have a new job.

  22. frank says:

    That monkey!…..IT….IT..IT HAS THE ELVIS HAIR………….kinda

    • Maplefreak12 says:

      I might get bad dreams from the monkey cuz i just watched disaster movie and michael jackson is playing with a monkey…….

  23. Erik says:

    I think it’s very intresting that the 2007 picture is relating to the job.
    But honestly, I don’t think Nexon came up with cannoneers all back then.
    Maybe the picture of the infighter gave inspiration to the new job.

    • shadowkun says:

      The other reason some people think it was made a long time ago is cause valire or whatever is part of the job and this class is very balenced for a new class.

  24. SharkyMikey says:

    C’mon…I don’t like this one bit! They are kinda LAME according to me -_-” . Their skills look very very dum…..

  25. whoevercares says:

    well she has a sword, and 2 guns
    dose that apply?

  26. knighteo says:

    wow Kyo!
    Who you do the Saint Saver So fast?
    I just finished day 8 o.o

  27. new cut items?
    Well this is going to be insanity but then again I would come to expect new money making methods

    Gratz on the Saint saver items

  28. Xoxo says:

    Kinda curious. What are the job advancement titles? Or does it just stay the same name through each advancement.

  29. John says:

    Spadow what is the name of the cannon shooter instructor?

  30. Strike says:

    Spadow can u teach me how to read korean

  31. ninjablack99 says:

    Where did that player get a pet flying monkey o.o?

  32. Forad says:

    Did this job for 2nd job advancement require 20 dex or somthing?

  33. Linfintie says:

    Spadow can you make a UA cannon shooter?

  34. Wilzies says:

    When do you guys suppose it will come for GMS? I think between Late winter and early spring

  35. Cheesie says:

    Hey spadow do think u can show us some skill of this new pirate class like 1 or 2nd job xD
    im rlly exited for this new irate to come out xD

  36. Zenon says:

    MapleSEA just got big bang, not even the third patch yet, and KMS have this cannon shooter -.-
    Why is mapleSEA so damn slow???

    • hee4ever says:

      It’s not slow, KMS did the Big bang update in 3 months, GMS in 1 month, and MSEA in 2-3 weeks…

    • MapleBlock says:

      MapleEurope has just got DualBlade. First BigBang will be summer.
      EMS is slow. o3o

      • Gakihenshin says:

        I heard Brazillian Maplestory only recently got fourth job… That would mean none of you have the right to complain.

  37. bob says:

    Do we get more character slots for the cannoneer?

  38. Eric says:

    i say they should have made the hero with 2 swords or something… i feel like ive seen the cannon shooter before, kinda like sair and mech together : / kinda bummed about it doesn’t look that great to me

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  40. MichaelEdits says:

    Sometimes I click on a link from the WordPress list of links just because I have no idea from the title what the blog entry is talking about.

  41. DejaVu says:

    I wonder what the story will be like…

    • Person says:

      If you could vote up and down posts, I would vote up this one. Although, I’m glad you cannot. Makes the power hungry think they are powerful for being able to push down a button.

  42. XD says:

    in my dream i was thinking about maple with cannon few years ago .. and now the dream comes true…

  43. Eric says:

    “Knowing Nexon’s interest in money”

    You aren’t aware of the crap we put up with in GMS, are you?

    Anyway, thanks Spadow.

    • shadowkun says:

      What crap?,are you aware you’re getting to play this game for free?.

      • Alilatias says:

        Crap in comparison to KMS. For future reference:

        – All of KMS’ cash shop clothes are permanent
        – So are their pets and their equips
        – All of KMS’ cash shop items are fully tradeable. This makes up for their lack of MTS. (Some would argue that this is even better than the MTS, as this eliminates the need to buy NX from other people, and is nowhere near as prone to exploits.)
        – Did you know that Evan’s cash shop books were free skills in KMS? GMS is the only version who turned some of Evan’s skills into cash shop required skills, actually.

        • Volt says:

          Incorrect. Not ALL cash shop clothes are permanent.
          Pets are not permanent either. KMS does not have pet equips, but instead pet skills.
          Not all items are tradeable.

      • Alilatias says:

        Forgot something.

        “as this eliminates the need to buy NX from other people”

        And thus making it just about impossible to get scammed, from the looks of it.

        • shadowkun says:

          So, basicaly its just about the cash shop and you dont have to buy anything from the cash shop,so it doesent realy mater.

          • Alilatias says:

            Kinda. You know why KMS doesn’t have nearly as many problems as GMS when it comes to hackers duping equips? Because they don’t have the freaking MTS, that’s why.

            The system KMS has now has just about all of the benefits of the MTS with none of the drawbacks. You get to directly trade meso for NX equips that other people bought. This is instead of throwing stuff in the MTS for NX, or buying NX/paying someone to gift something to you and praying to god that you’re not dealing with a scammer.

            That’s not even mentioning that the economy would in theory still be geared towards meso, instead of accumulating as much NX as you can through the MTS (which is what GMS has more or less turned into).

  44. johnny says:

    The slinger has a sword…

  45. Hunter says:

    does he use cannonballs? i mean like bullets for gunslingers in the use inventory

  46. IronMan says:

    spadow u have any information about that “share name tag”? currently i want to know is “mark of narricane” and “reverse equips” can be traded? thank you

    • shadowkun says:

      I dont think KMS has MoNs cause you get them from cwkpq.

    • Volt says:

      Reverse equips cannot be traded with share name tag, nor can MoN.
      Only new equips that SAY “This item can be traded with share name tag” on them

  47. ~dougall~ says:

    I wish the pirate used like a rifle or something instead of a cannon. First off, it makes more sense seeing as it would be basically impossible to lug around a cannon, and rifles are cool. And for close range skills they could switch to a sword? That would be way cooler I think.

  48. Ghost says:

    Why bother with a Share Name Tag Nexon? It’s function is no different that the SoK or PSoK. I have a feeling that Nexon is running out of NX ideas….

    As for PvP, they’re probably just making the adjustments needed to make the Cannon Shooter compatible with it. Although it would be tricky to put it in PvP with equal standards of everyone else.

  49. darklyo says:

    warrior need a lot of improvement besides jump patch.

  50. Chocolatey says:

    and im back wow a lot of this new material thingy i see

  51. Anonymous says:

    WOW! This is AMAZING! Thanks for the heads up!

  52. Oryptic says:

    Cool! I can’t wait till this comes to GMS!

    Visit my blog for the newest GMS content? :D

  53. Chocolatey says:

    i love maple! here’s a artwork of maplestory link to

  54. LluisxD says:

    heyyyy spadow!!! remember that in ur post “What’s coming after Jump!?” u said that there was a new hero class comming, i think that it may be a 2° job for arans, cause remember in the artwork of those characters. at the beginning, the aran lady had white eagle, mybe it will be a future update, but its just a guess

  55. saomeone says:

    wow nice vido

  56. jeric says:

    dude so muc hene oe in bell spachle WINTER105 shes bitch

  57. Chocolatey says:

    at first i thought it would be the archer hero since i had made a art of a ranger in my blog i guess this turns out to be the cannon shooter mm.

  58. Lawliet says:

    Will there be an update for thieves?

  59. Ko says:

    Loool cooool. This chat box thing got renewed!

    ON TOPIC: What do you think of the cannon spadow? Do you think they’re op?

  60. Cozytw says:

    The bag… is a cannon. :D It was a cannon saved up by the Infighter to give it to the Cannon shooter when he arises :D

  61. John says:

    Cannan shooter = BEST!

  62. axelhansson says:

    Cannon Shooter became too sluggish for me to enjoy fully sadly.

    P.S. I miss yer blog :C

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