KMST V384 ~ New Adventurer Pirate: Cannon Shooter

Last week, I reported about new job IDs being added to the quest data which indicated that Nexon KR will release three new classes in the future.
Today the first new class has been revealed. I actually kind of knew what was coming from the new Adventurer Pirate class because there is a script attached to the NPC Valerie which says ”cannon_forewarning”.

The new Adventurer Pirate class is the Cannon Shooter. Do you notice that even though it’s an Adventurer, it’s still separated from the original Adventurers. Maybe it will be a limited class like Dual Blade.

The skill effects of the Cannon Shooter looks awesome. They use a new weapon; the Hand Cannon. The Hand Cannon reminds me of pillar that the Karok character uses in Mabinogi Heroes.
Monkeys aid the Cannon Shooter in combat. The Cannon Shooter has this awesome ‘ultimate’ skill. It can summon the Nautilus ship and everything turns dark just like Evan’s Dark Fog skill. Check the video around 0:55~

Unfortunately, I cannot play the game at the moment because I’m experiencing a delay/lag which makes the gameplay unbearable for me. T_T
This also happens in the public server and I hope it will go away soon because I really want to try this class.

However, I uploaded a video on my YouTube channel of a 4th job Cannon Master.
Video courtesy of 피부 from

[Alternative Link]

Everything looks almost ready for the implementation in the public server.
From reading the events in the game, it looks like this class will be released to the public server within two weeks. Probably next week already.
There is no restructuring for the Thief and Pirate planned yet which makes me sad because they both really need one. Sigh… -o-

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  1. 93john1 says:

    Wow, that’s insane. I can’t wait to see the new Resistance Warrior and Archer Hero(ine). Great job as usual, Spadow~

    • Ricardo says:

      Resistance Warrior? What are you talking about, bro?

      • kimicatdemon says:

        there was some data in the update last week that hints at a resistance warrior.

      • A. Person says:

        I’m confused as to how you managed to read the comment, because you’re obviously illiterate and/or of sub-moronic intelligence. If you had managed to pay attention to Spadow’s last post, you would know that there was Quest ID data for a resistance hero, as well as this new cannon shooter, and an archer hero.
        Honestly, you must have gotten a text-to-audio program to read that comment to you.

        • Scott says:

          Well mabye this could be his first time reading his blog, or just missed that post.

        • Its you says:

          You sound like the biggest douchebag atheist basement dweller.

          • A. Person says:

            Thank you.

          • Jordan says:

            And what wrong with being atheist, YOU are probably the biggest douchebag christian basement dweller.

          • CapslockAbuser says:

            If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all.

          • HeyPros says:

            Seriously I agree with Jordan, anything wrong with any of us being an atheist?

          • Access says:

            I’m a little off about atheists. But what happens when an atheist dies? Do you believe in the afterlife or something? Or do you believe that when you die, you disappear from the world?

          • A. Person says:

            @Access: I personally believe that simply nothing happens. You die and that’s it.
            And you don’t even know.
            You just disappear. I don’t know what others believe.

    • Ghost says:

      Nexon was better off making a Brawler that used it’s feet/legs as a primary weapon. I can’t blame Nexon for making a Cannon Shooter look like a Mechanic/Gunslinger hybrid, but it should of been obvious that Cannon Shooters would have that outcome. A foot fighter could be a short distance melee player with skills that allow movement (like the dual blade) so it’s attack range could be longer. Using a monkey as it’s representative is quite odd. Perhaps we may see the next warrior class be associated with a Gorilla.

      • A. Person says:

        The kicking brawler could be Pirate hero.
        Also, no gorilla. I’d lean towards some wild cat. DB’s have owls, and Canoneers have monkeys. Or a bear. Actually, a bear would make a lot of sense. Maybe a snake for archers? And something like a Chupracabra for mages.

        • intellagent says:

          not pirate hero …. pirate heros a gunner if oneb looks at the pic from aron one sees next to aron someone holding duel guns thus pirate hero could be a duel gunner

          • Nion says:

            He didn’t say that was the pirate hero. He’s just predicting what the pirate hero would have.

          • A. Person says:

            Also, that picture is complete BS…
            Southperry has agreed for a while that that picture is Aran and a bunch of randoms, and has no real significance. There is no information what any of the new classes will be. Everything as of now is pure speculation and guesswork, some of it based upon VERY shaky information or guesses.

          • Araste says:

            also if u look in the picture u will see the aran(of course) but close by there is another warrior with asword and shield.

          • ShiunYean says:

            I think the one at the back is actually the monkey.

          • XxArchxX says:


            This ‘duel-gunner’ is most likely mercedes (the archer hero).

        • HDex says:

          A monkey isn’t farfetched. I believe a parrot will be next. Also, please cool it with the offensive comments.

        • ^.^ says:

          LOL CHUPACABRA!!!!

        • it’s an actually class only it’s a dual bowsman watch this video that kmst put out!!

        • AronisspellingAran says:

          aron is a pokemon…

      • darklime says:

        “Perhaps we may see the next warrior class be associated with a Gorilla.” That gave me a laugh. I wouldn’t have no doubt of this seeing as how Nexon is.

        • A. Person says:

          I mean, it sounds like a tanking warrior.
          You see what I’m getting at?

      • frank says:

        imagine that…

    • intellagent says:

      *wants to get KMS now… even if he can’t read korean*

      >o< _

  2. Vapor-X says:

    Its ok but no bucc updates -.-
    i guess passing level 101 will be hard
    also this is sort of meh job they slow but thier dmg covers it yet seems not fun i saw insoya videos

  3. LynjanDakari says:


  4. Joel says:

    Awesome!!!! Gj spadow

  5. Random Person says:


  6. ChosenFruit says:

    =O oh my! so cool!

    Though, a bit sad about there not being a thief or pirate restructuring coming up yet =/

  7. SlayerGhost says:

    They get twin monkey summons. I automatically want to make this class no matter how crappy it is compared to most new classes. It is pretty balanced, though. Not OP at all according to those masterminds at SP.

  8. Elecher says:

    Copy of mechanic skills + new weapon

    • SlayerGhost says:

      …The only thing they have that is even close to a mechanic’s skills is the laser in 4th job. You could say the monkey summons are the same as the satellites, but all summons work that way, so they don’t really count.

      But you probably have absolutely no idea of what you’re talking about, so it’s cool.

      • darklime says:

        Perhaps you have no Idea what he’s talking about. It looks like a Corsair and Mech fused together. Looks really stupid, like a mech.

        They summon monkeys, like satellites.
        They have a lazer, like mech.
        They have that super mech jump
        they have the corsair backfire jump skill.
        They shoot cannons like that mechs skill.

        It’s practically same same carbon copy. I’m not surprised. Nexon keeps making the same class with different animations.

        • A. Person says:

          Monkeys=/= satellites at all. more like Beholder for Dark Knights
          Okay, a laser. Woo hoo.
          Super mech jump. Kinda. ofc, they have Gigantic Backstep, which is better mobility and damage. Also, Rocket Jump is a 2nd job skill, whereas Cannon Jump is 3rd job. They won’t use it anyhow.
          They’re incredibly slow, they’ll be a ranged tank class. The Backfire Step “copy” sucks in game, and has a half second cooldown (along with CJ). I don’t see BfS having that. It can’t be used as an FJ-like skill, and doesn’t go that far. They also don’t have a dash skill, so they move like a snail with a brain injury.
          Also, they use the monkeys much more than the cannons, from what I’ve seen.
          This guy is wrong.
          They aren’t even close to a mech copy.
          They are, like most classes, an amalgam of different ideas and classes.

        • SlayerGhost says:

          They summon monkeys, which indeed are like satelites. Unfortunately for you, Mechs aren’t even CLOSE to being the fisr class with a summoning skill.

          They have a laser. So do mechs. Wow. They don’t even look alike. So I guess you think Dual Blades are carbon copies of Arans because they both have a skill that knocks monsters into the air?

          The “super mech jumps” are nothing alike. Mechs can go almost infinitely into the air and cause damage when they land, while cannoneers go up a set distance and can maneuver diagonally mid jump.

          I agree. They do have the Corsair’s backfire jump skill. Just like Dual Blades have Flash Jump. seriously, it’s just a mobility skill.

          They… shoot cannons? I’m sorry, but what? Cannons are their main weapon, and you’re saying they’re… ALL the same as ONE skill Mechanics have? And considering the skill you’re talking about isn’t even slightly similar to ANY of the Cannon Shooters skills… I’m gonna have to call you an idiot.

          • darklime says:

            @ A.Basement dweller who thinks everyone’s read all of Spadow’s posts: My point is, that it’s a summon. IDC bout that part, really.

            So, what you’re saying is, if a class has a skill that has a different name and does the same purpose as other classes with a different animation, it’s not a copy?

            The only true difference I can see in this class from a Mech + Corsair combined is that they are slower look different and use different animations, and possibly, weaker.

            @ SlayerGhost: I never said Mechs were the FIRST to have summoning skills, I said it’s pretty much the same shit. ALL summons are pretty much the same.

            Lazer doesn’t look alike? So what, it’s the same thing. IT’S JUST A DIFFERENT ANIMATION AND HITS. Look at Dark Impale and DB’s new shadow 1v1 move (whatever it’s called) YOU wouldn’t say those two are practically the same? Seriously, look closely at them.

            Arans and DBs DO have one similar skill just like Mechs and Canon Shooters do. Just that SKILL is a carbon copy, not the class. However, the class just looks like it borrowed most of it’s skills from a Corsair and a Mech, that’s what I’m saying and that’s why Nexon is unoriginal.

            Wow, they maneuver diagonally. It still looks the same, just a little movement. And excuse me for not including Mech’s extra damage that no one gives a shit about for when they land on the floor.

            Yes, they use different weapons. I’m not talking about ONE skills. I’m talking about several. Mechanic shoots a lazer, so does this. Mechanic jumps, so does this. Corsair backfires, so does this. Mechanic shoots like torpedoes and crap, this shoots cannons (as do corsairs). Knocks-back like many classes too.

            In my opinion, the SKILLS are the SAME, but ANIMATIONS are DIFFERENT. If you don’t agree, then IDK what to tell you.

        • HDex says:

          It’s pointless, they’ll never give up. No doubt Genesis and Dark Genesis are light years apart for them as well. They fail to understand the reasoning that the core make-up of the classes are similar; Same fighting styles etc. but Nexon has been piecing classes together for a while so it shouldn’t surprise anyone. There hasn’t been much original content in any of these classes since Arans.

          • A. Person says:

            I mean, most new classes are combinations of other classes within their superclass, and sometimes just stealing skills from other classes.
            Cygnus Knights

    • HeyPros says:

      Guys, STFU ABOUT IT BEING A COPY OF MECHANIC. SERIOUSLY, your all talking about mechanic because you think its so freaking awesome, once a new job comes and if it has similarities, then you say OH A COPY.

      • A. Person says:

        I intensely dislike mechanics.
        Also, @darklime:
        You could draw that conclusion to any expansion of a class. I could say that Dual Blades are a ripoff of Shadowers. I could say that Arans are ripoffs of Pallies and Dragon Knights. I could say that EVERY SINGLE CLASS IS A RIPOFF OF ANOTHER.
        Also, this is an extreme support class, if you haven’t noticed. Something like a total of +50 attack (passively) from skills, as well as 1250 additional HP, 25% max HP, +20% crit rate and +10% crit damage (another SE copy, anyone?), a 36% counter-attack rate (with 160% dmg), 60 all stats (not including MW), perma 40% damage increase, 80% chance to get full stance, a rushing advanced puppet, and additional 50% weapon mastery.
        And: “Mechanic jumps and so does this.” …and so does every other class……………..
        Really, you have no brain.
        “the SKILLS are the SAME, but ANIMATIONS are DIFFERENT”
        Lets see…..
        Chains of Hell was shamelessly copied for the entire basis of Battle Mages
        Thorns is a copy of Sharp Eyes
        The Monkey Power bomb is a ripoff of Soul Driver
        Monkey Magic and Hyper Monkey Spell are combinations of MW and Bless.
        Almost every single Cygnus skill is an exact copy of the adventurers’ skills.
        I could go on.

        • Espeo says:

          i just wanna say chains of hell is way different from battle mages… (going into darksight, pulling monsters up close, can’t move for like 2 seconds(during skill)

          thorns is +30% minimum dmg, whereas se is +30% max dmg ; tho same crit rate %.

          how are arans like pallies 0.o

        • darklime says:

          Only thing I can agree with you is about how I dislike mechanics.
          Look, I’m not even talking about party buffs. All I’m saying is that Yes, Cygnus is a ripoff of Adventurers. Yes, it’s a support class, but if you showed those two classes to a person who doesn’t know MS, it looks practically the same.

          Chains of hell is a completely different skill from BaMs and DBs came before BaMs O_o.
          Thorns WAS a copy, they changed it.
          IDK what monkey mumbo jumbo you’re talking about.
          I’m just saying attacking-wise, it looks practically the same. A lot of people have the same opinion as me.

          I don’t want to argue, just want to say that it looks like a mech + corsair that had a baby. >.>

        • darklime says:

          I read the skills and discussion and I would like to say this:

          Extreme support class?….the only exclusive support skill that I read that supports the entire party that they have is “Monkey Magic.” The other skills seemed like support only for themselves. When you say “support class” I think of something like a bishop, unless you meant self-support.

          DBs aren’t a ripoff of Shadowers; most of their skills are completely different.

          Arans swing their pole arms really fast, pallies don’t even use pole arms and DKs don’t swing theirs…

          I’m saying by the LOOKS of it, this class jumps high, LIKE mechs. No, not every class jumps are high as these two.

          I wasn’t talking about buffs. Lots of classes have FJ-like skills now. Everyone knows this.

          Basically I was saying, from a FIRST GLANCE at looking at the video, the class looks like a mech because of the laser and when it shoots those three cannons, it looks like what the mechs were shooting out.

          I do have a brain, it’s called an opinion at a first glance. I know some skills are different, but they LOOK the same. >.>

          Taken from the first two pages of the discussion:

          “That was boring. These skills sound boring. . . .”

          “omg, it looks like mech OPness all over again.

          Summon looks alright though. ”

          “the 120 Cannon looks like a friggin lazer ;O.
          But wow. These look like they could be fun. ”

          “Mechanic v2 anyone?”

          Look, I’m not going to argue anymore. IDC about what you think about my opinion. It’s just what I think. YES, this class is different, but I want to STRESS THAT FROM THAT VIDEO AT FIRST GLANCE, it LOOKED like a RIPOFF of a MECH. Like a NW ripoff of a NL. Jeez. >.>

          • A. Person says:

            It’s just incredibly slow, which is a huge difference from Mechs. I’m saying that it isn’t a copy. It has no spammable skills at all, everything has a cooldown of about .9 seconds, which is a lot if you actually think about it.
            SI will be in demand for these guys…

  9. Ko says:

    Im guessing there is going to be a chain of
    “Limited time only special Adventurers”

    So excited, Pirates are my favorite class!

    • Random Person says:

      Pirates are tha SHITZ. Best class around. I stick with my fav tho, Vipers. I just cant wait to see the day when they enhance, the one thing they really need.

  10. Randomizm says:

    So no Pirate or Thief Boosts? Thats BS =(
    there my favorite class and my 2 highest

  11. Sai says:

    This is cool but I saw this a few hours ago. Whatever… I will probably make one and get it to level 50-60 before quitting for a long long time.

  12. FireWitch786 says:

    14th! I think they made this new pirate class to balance out the complaining ppl had against mechs. A lot of people said mechs were way too OP and were nothing like pirates. Also, my F/P did no where near the much dmg at 120 so im not very excited :(

  13. Jim says:

    This is like equivalent to the warriors thing

    Corsairs—>Heros (Damage Dealers)
    Buccaneers—>Paladins (Tanks)
    Cannoneers—>Dark Knights (Support/Mob/Secondary attackers)

    mirrors everything lol….

    • asdffdsa says:

      i don’t really think so…
      I’m not so sure about buccs, but we can’t even say for sure if this is a support class. DrKs aren’t even a support class, other than HB, which is just one skill.

      • Jim says:

        Buccs are more defensive cuz of iframes while dealing considerable damage. Darks I consider a 2nd attacker or support because it can deal sufficient damage but not at the level of the other classes

  14. LostCon says:

    when it edventually comes out for GMS they might make it perm like they did with the Dual blades

  15. masscreed says:

    Wow, thats the most Bad ASS class ive seen in maplestory, ever. other than db’s.

    although they look slow. but that’s only logical since there lugging around a giant canon, it looks like it should be mounted on a battleship. anyways, im excited to play them.

  16. Zhen says:

    hey spadow do they need nx mastery books for some skills like evan and dual blade?

  17. Luxeraph says:

    I wonder if they added the Cannon Shooter before restructuring the pirate class so they can look at all three at the same time when restructuring them.

  18. joey says:

    seems nice but its not for me :3

  19. Patrick says:

    Hmm cant you make anymore db now?

  20. Aminie says:

    OMG! So making one when it comes to gMS, in 2050!

  21. Nero says:

    wow no theif buffs at all? o.o wow well im glad they dident nerf us but…i mean, make summining rocks eazyer to get at LEAST -_- (im a lvl 123 shadower…and i think ninja ambush should be buffed too…)

  22. Battlehydrax says:

    Spadow, does this class uses nexon skills? I mean buying from cashshop… Overall this job was awesome but i kinda feel bad for the mechs :S

  23. Devin says:

    They remind me of a mobile mech

  24. hello says:

    should have named it canoneer or something…

  25. mune0106 says:

    wow… Cannon Shooter have combo counts now? Like aran?
    And that ultimate is epic!
    Hopefully they’ll balance it…or it’s already balanced out? Btw, does it have any strong 1vs1 skill?

  26. fxnofx says:

    wow they will release this crap but no revamp for sairs and buccs?

  27. Tokentaker says:

    Where are the Dual Bladers?

    • darklime says:

      Why the **** does everyone keep talking about DBs? That’s way old news…

      • Araste says:

        wow……not thinking about older classes much………the poor old adventurers

        • darklime says:

          I AM an adventurer…DBs aren’t true adventurers. I meant that why the hell is everyone talking about a DB in a Canon Shooter thread? I just realized after I read all the comments that you can’t make a DB in KMS at certain times. Thank God.

          • A. Person says:

            People are talking about DB’s in this thread because the Canoneer takes their slot in the Character Select screen. Also, this class will be limited too, which is a good thing if they’re as OP’d and mech-like as you say they are.

  28. Z says:

    This seems like a big ripoff of sairs and mechs. Honestly, even recoil shot and triple fire?!?
    Nexon would be better of hiring me to help them with their creativity…

  29. Fan says:

    Yawn, looks like a boring class.

    • Hanabira.Kage says:

      Yeah. It’s a little too slow for my tastes. The fact that it’s a ranged attacker (mid-range, though) is its only saving grace; I’ll probably be ripping my hair out while playing it otherwise.

  30. Snowboy8 says:

    i was waiting for this, looks awesome. there are 5 pirate classes now! i guess ill be saving my last charecter slot for this. wonder when it will come out in GMS.

    • Snowboy8 says:

      and that is the coolest ultimate i have ever seen. could you possibly put what skills they have when you have the time? that would be great. looks like they have triple fire, recoil shot, lazors, and some barrel KB move

    • A. Person says:

      If you count TB’s as pirates…
      I count them as extensions of Buccs.
      Probably 1 year or more.
      Monkey buffs, and is basis of a lot of attacks.
      Yes, they have a Rocket Jump copy.

      • Hanabira.Kage says:

        It’s not purely a copy of Rocket Jump though; it’s more like a nerfed version. All it does is boost you up like you have 400% Jump (basically, like those bouncy cloud/spring thingies you see around). If you manage to land on a platform, good for you. If you don’t, too bad?

        For Mechanics, it boosts you up to the next platform regardless of how high it is.

  31. Gunth says:

    Am I the only one that is kinda upset that Nexon just made this random class out of nowhere while spending all this time on the Archer Hero(ine)? Not complaining cause this class is really interesting and it’s nice that Maplestory is getting new weopons like the Dual Bow and Hand Cannon, now I just hope GMS doesn’t make us pay for their skills…

  32. Vapor-X says:

    confirming thief/pirate jump!
    1.2.384 Extractions Adding the level 10 Boxes for both!

    • Spadow says:

      Confirming that there will be no Thief/Pirate Jump!

      The Jump! update has concluded. The boxes that were added in the 384 data is for the Jump appreciation event.
      For the event, you have to raise the level of any Adventurer and once they reach 1st job, you get the three equipment boxes.
      They added the boxes because Thieves and Pirates didn’t have it yet.

      • A. Person says:

        Not a JUMP! ,spadow.
        But the JUMP! items have been added (ie, boxes, pirate ring).
        The pirate ring makes a fairly convincing case, IMO.

  33. Hey Spadow says:

    A little piece of my aran just died.

  34. iOakLeaf says:

    Well, nice info Spadow :D check out my blog right here.

    Also, I’m giving Spadow some credit, because I’m using alot of his Chaos posts. (GMS doesn’t provide 1/2 of the information you do.) So, thanks :D

  35. s0meb0dy says:

    Sooo, this class = Mechanic #2?
    Really, they basically copied every single skill of one of the pirates job and put it on this class and extra super-duper overpowered skills. Like: Mechanic’s “Rocket Booster” Gunslinger’s “Recoil Shot” (AND, it also attack multiply monster!) The 3-rocket attack (0:44, I have no idea how it’s called) is the mechanic’s 4th job skill that attack 6 monsters 3 times…
    By the way, I think this should be the Pirate Hero (Or it is?) to complete the “Heroes” (Aran, and Evan.)

  36. Ihavenoiderka says:

    Wow..such a ripoff of a mechanic. Nexon just wants you to buy more nx to use on your new character.

  37. PawlsBawls says:

    Where is the Dual Blade box in the character creation screen? O.O

  38. Lambo says:

    EH. i like it, it might be one of those games i make when im done with all my other games but, it could be better.

    • Lambo says:

      Oh and they just showed a small hint a a new pirate class last week, then 1 week later a class is already out? what sense does that make? where was the preperation, the events, THE GAGA!? And i wanna see some stuff on the archer hero cuz i luv archers and they’ve shown us nothing. Even that “Double Bow” thing you showed us…..kin of looked like someting someone drew in paint, im just sayin. I WANT MORE INFORMATION!!! T^T

      • PaCh says:

        Truthfully I think you should stop complaining.
        That DUAL BOW was only a sketchish thing.
        They’ve given you a new job, what more do you wish for?
        They’re working as fast as they can(I think)
        So just deal with it….
        ( I don’t want to be snobby or anything, but its my opinon)

  39. THeCompleteEnd says:

    All you haters…>>
    Couldn’t you just say that DB was a ripoff of all the thief adventurers too then?
    I personally like the cannon thing

  40. PaCh says:

    You are going to put up the skills, right?
    When the game is playable?

  41. dennyvuquach says:

    In my opinion, it seems to be another interesting class. Good thing it’s not another class that uses guns, unlike Mechanic. Instead, Cannon Shooters use Hand Cannon.

  42. Dustbuckets says:

    Shadower quitting sale in broa!!!!

    But seriously. This class looks amazing @___@

  43. Charles says:

    I cant wait for this to come out for gms

  44. Emmanuel says:

    This looks like the more “advanced” version of Gunslinger..can’t wait for see the others classed revealed.

  45. NovaNuvaMS says:

    YES!!!!!!! ANOTHER EXPLORER LIKE DUALBLADE!!!! I’ve been w8ing for something like this! AND TY Spadow!!!

  46. heyy says:

    This is DA SHIT!!!!!!!

  47. Jack says:

    I’m feeling that the warrior resistance will be on a mount and will use axe or blunt weapons or maybe even a scythe(that would be sooo cool)

  48. es says:

    warrior resistance should be a soldier and use shotguns ,rifle, carbine

  49. jinjoohat says:

    One thing came to my mind when I first saw the Cannon Shooter’s knockback skill:

    “Do a BARREL ROLL!”

    • Karkain says:

      I know, right?!

      I was also reminded of the old Donkey Kong Game where you have to jump over super-intelligent barrels and climb treacherous ladders to save your 8-bit lover. Don’t underestimate a barrel…..EVER….

  50. Axxez says:

    Spadow, are you in Korea or in the U.S.??

  51. Deoman says:

    Wow, i am so being a cannon shooter, the skills are awesome, especially the nautilus one. Can’t wait for the archer hero and res. warrior

  52. Axxez says:

    I don’t know… Seems interesting, but to me, it looks too similar to other Pirates.
    The laser thing looks like the Mechanic’s 4th job laser.
    The cannon jump is like the rocket jump for Mechanic.
    The backshot(?) is similar to Gunslinger’s backstep shot.
    etc. etc.

  53. Keroberos says:

    what happened to the button for dual bladers,
    was it mixed into adventurers or something?
    or what why is it not in the pic you have at the top?

  54. HeyPros says:

    So how do you choose dual blade now?

  55. Knite says:

    first off, amazing skills, but 0 1on1 moves. It’s like a ranged battlemage with mechanic skill lag and unholy attack power. Seriously, I checked the extraction and it needs toning down. (permanent +1 speed, 50 free watk, 40 more from their party buff, permanent 40% damage increase, AND double dice? This is way more oped than mechs when they first came out)

    • A. Person says:

      Have you noticed that they cannot spam a SINGLE skill? Almost every skill has a little under a second cooldown. Slow and heavy. TTTTTTTTTTTTAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!

  56. A. Person says:

    Also, jeez.
    Can’t believe I forgot this.
    The items for the Thief and Pirate restructuring events have been entered into the data.
    The boxes for both, and the ring for Pirate.
    The reverse/timeless Cannons look soooooo cool.
    I’m seeing 3part update, with Cannoneers, then Pirate restructuring, and then Thief restructuring.
    Also, a watermelon event.
    New NPC’s named:
    Rating (wtf, google translate)
    Stoner (ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… looks like a ships worker. In charge of upgrading Nautilus, possibly job instructor)
    A monkey, who seems very hungry)
    And a unicorn.

  57. Karkain says:

    Freaking ridiculous, lol! Rolling barrels at enemies like Donkey Kong at Mario, firin’ their lazor like shoop-da-whoop, and they get a flying monkey to help them like the Wicked With of the West! Oh, all the joy! It will be interesting to see how this class will fit into parties. Like Sair and Mech (Mech is technically classified as a “Pirate”), I doubt this class will have any sort of party buff and will be more or less raw damage (yes, I realize Mech has support bots, but those are not a central purpose to Mechs in a party). Not saying it’s bad, just interested to see the imminent competition that will occur between Cannons and Sairs/Mechs.

    I can’t wait to see the Resistance (Warrior, hopefully)! I’m crossing my fingers and hoping they use either a sword or spear since I want to save on equips, lol. Maybe if my dreams come true, they’ll dual wield a sword AND spear! Nevertheless, as long as the upcoming Resistance can share Cash Shop inventories with other Resistance in the account (which I’m leaning towards “no”, unfortunately, judging by how Cannon Shooter was set up) I’ll be happy.

    • Hanabira.Kage says:

      Sword and Spear? Like Sieghart’s Warlord class in Grandchase?

      • Karkain says:

        Exactly! That’s what I’m talking about, lol. Except it would have to look at least equally badass.

    • A. Person says:

      It’s got fantastic party buffs.
      I believe to the tune of 20 allstats, 10 speed, and 5 jump. AT SECOND JOB.
      Then that stacks with MW and other skills, as well as 40 all stats, 15 speed, and 10 jump at 4th job.
      Not raw damage, it ‘s a completely mobbing class. It’s like a mech and a sair adopted a bish.

      • Karkain says:

        Okay, thanks for the correction; I didn’t know what kind of skills Cannon had. And that seems awfully overpowered for 2nd Job; I’m thinking that there is a flaw somewhere in the class to call for that kind of buff, and that’s not even talking about whatever other party buffs they have.
        Again, thanks for the correction. All-mobbing classes truly aren’t that good, in my opinion. All they do is deal damage that is excellent for mobs, and when single combat is on the table, they quite aren’t up to par. But then again, you can’t have it all.
        But nonetheless, I’m interested in the class, to say that least.

        • A. Person says:

          And it’s really easy to hit damage cap. Only needs a 56k range, compared to 114k with a DrK, 62k with a sair, and 32k with a MM (but the MM and Sair hit only one attack). It will be really easy to OP this class, if you can get SI somehow.

  58. Gunth says:

    Nexon is really nice to the pirates arn’t they :P
    (And Archers and warrors get left in the dust -_-)

    • darklime says:

      Uhh, wtf are you talkign about? Look at JUMP! Mages get left behind the dust, and thieves and pirates.

    • HeyPros says:

      DUDE, probably all 5 jobs will have 3 types of advancements. Warrior already got 3. I bet you said that because you have an archer/warrior.

      • darklime says:

        I have a Mage. Nice fail. WTF do you mean by “enhancements”?

        • A. Person says:

          Also, I think he means that every class will have a “spinoff” with a different story line than the adventurers, like Canoneers and Dual Blades.

  59. 메이풀 서토리 says:

    Soooooo…. Any news on the next Job yet?
    Just kidding …
    No really, I wanna see the resistance warrior…
    But seriously…

  60. Tyler says:

    What are their main stats? STR or DEX? Can anyone help me out? =) please and thank you

  61. ~dougall~ says:

    Personally I don’t really like this class much. Seems too similar to the mech/sair IMO. But I dunno, cuz I have only seen the skills in this video. I’m not very impressed by any of the new classes though, except maybe battle mages… And arans but theyre not exactly new… So maybe I’m just biased.

  62. wintersouls says:

    aw man even more time until thief and pirates get their big overhual which mean more time before it transfers over to gms –_– its coming slowly but surely

    overal cannons are a interesting spin on pirates its that 1 class we were missing i suppose my prediction for when we’ll see a flood of cannon masters in gms is probally sometime fall 2013

    • 메이풀 서토리 says:

      What the f— are you
      Seriosly? Fall 2013…
      We’ll get cannon shooter january-febuary 2012….

      • winter says:

        look at all the things still not received from kms u have pvp, monster park, all the revamps, plus various map changes, etc my guess isn’t looking too bad when u take into affect the seasonal events that preoccupy gms’s actual content patches and the numerous problems and bug plaguing gms as we speak

        • kiIIerzone says:

          I really doubt it’s in 2013….it’s most likely 2012, January-March….

          • shadowkun says:

            My guess is about december cause Chaos KMS=winter patch Jump=Spring reorgonization patch GMS chaos =Summer patch Jump= RARE fall patch to winter patch,and canon shooter a week before christmas

        • Karkain says:

          I really doubt the kind of time you’re talking about here.

          As we speak, part (may be small, may be larger) of Nexon of America is working on a faster method of translating KMS updates into GMS updates. That in mind, I’m hopeful that these changes will come a little sooner than what we had to wait for Big Bang (which was 6-ish months, no?).

          While it is true that some of our time is occupied by seasonal events/GMS exclusive content (which have yet to see any of this year [outside that wretched and colossal waste of time called “Cake vs Pie”]), the process of KMS content being translated is being slowly hastened. That in mind, we’re probably looking at about January for the addition of Cannon Shooter to GMS. However, Nexon likes to give us a blood-rushing update for Christmas: Aran, then Big Bang/Resistance, and perhaps Cannon Shooter for this upcoming December. But I may just be optimistic about it all.

          • wintersouls says:

            whos to say just yet really i was just predicting like the rest of gms… my assumption may be off by alot but as of all other classes transported from kms were looking at most likely a 6-8 month wait. thats good that nexon is working vigerously to speed up the translation process from kms to gms

            im surprised i receive negative feedback from a prediction >.< none the less its been made clear by the peers that it will land some date in 2012 my next question is whene the other two adventurer classes will get there revamp any predictions from the people?

          • Karkain says:

            That’s all well and fine. However, we’re looking at more likely of a 6 month wait, give or take up to 2 months depending on how much effort is being put in additionally or taken out of the KMS -> GMS content process. No one can know at this point, but it IS true that KMS content is slowly getting to GMS faster.

            Well, you DID initially predict a wait of over 2 years. You have to admit that kind of wait is now completely absurd, it was practically calling for negative feedback, no offense.

  63. Rio says:

    Can you make UA/UE of this?

  64. Strike says:

    Wow sounds interesting too bad I have to wait for at least 3 years … Can someone give me the link or kms download and a translator

  65. Random says:

    Wait. So there’s no more dual blade?!

  66. Chocolatey says:

    man im gonna be pwning monsters when this to comes gms

  67. Kay says:

    I would really like for resistance warrior to be like a shapeshifter with like 3, 4 forms for like attack(bear,leopard,ox, …), tanking(turtle,rhino), speed(wolf,fox,monkey), … stuff like that. They would use scythe or rod and have skills for each form so we could choose to master all or 1 only. Wish i could put this up to nexon *sigh*. Cannoneer looks awesome though, wish they use it to beat up mob rather than shooting cuz face it, nbdy goes around carrying cannonballs in their bag. For me the shooting ability should only be in skill so the cannoneer would be like a bucc/sair hybrid and be a little more unique. Favorite skill: nautilus battleship.

    • HeyPros says:


      • Karkain says:

        Well, a shapeshifter (using Werewolf/Werebear from Diablo II for example) could be classified as a Warrior because of the in-the-fray style. But that’s just me.

      • Kay says:

        Well, the gorilla comment up there gave me an idea. What if the kindergarten teacher would like transform into a gorilla wearing an armor and holding a weapon, besides weapon skills and basic warrior skills, he would have animal skills like the famous monster skill “Earthquake” (like punch into the ground and stuff) or like Banana Fling from Lupins or maybe Gorilla Dance could be like a buff or sth. Then I work out the idea of other animals and came up with the idea of a shapeshifter. But you’re right, it’s not so warrior-like but that would definitely be something kinda unique if you would throw that into Maple right now. Just saying, think of all the possibilities… Or maybe a BeastMaster…hmmm….

  68. IronMan says:

    hi Spadow, regarding the “share name tag” cash item which makes the untradeable items become tradeable, can it be used on reverse or timeless equipments?

  69. Jeffster says:

    Well can U Make it as UA So It has Shark Wave ?

  70. HeyPros says:

    I wonder what new jobs will there be after all the jobs are released. (ALL the EXPLORERS, ALL the LEGENDARY HEROES, ALL THE RESISTANCE)

  71. Ronit says:

    For once a class doesn’t look OP. I think Nexon got the balancing right here. I cover the weapons and skills of this class on my blog, spadow u can use em on ur blog if u want.

  72. Classic says:

    Seriously getting tired of gun themed ranged classes =.=

    They honestly need to update the old classes more in terms of playing style and mobility >_>

    Or is that just because my Main is a Paladin o.o

    • Dougall says:

      I agree about changing the playstyle of classes, theyre all too similar right now. Most of the classes released since the adventurers are just variations and combinations of already existing classes. But i think the mobility issue is just you, seeing as basically the only classes without mobility skills now are warriors lol.

  73. Saai says:

    Hi there.i saw this post and i got an could be a new job under resistance like a warrior.instead of using swords,they use whips(like red whip or glowing whip).even tough 2 of thier weopens alr came out,they can say thay whips can only be equiped by that perticular class.i am thinking that the job name should be cowboy(cowgal if its a female),master(mistress if its a female) of whips.the mounts can be horses.and the armour could be the same as warriors.However,not only does a cowboy(cowgal if its a female) weild a whip.he must also weild a sheild,as some attacks also involves using the conbination of whips and sheilds(like a dagger and kata for Dual Blade) Tats All folks.

    • Saai says:

      Hey if it isnt the sheild Meavy it could be and axe on one hand and a whip on the other.or meavy a scimtar(if they release that as a new type of weopen) and an axe.who knows?

    • HeyPros says:

      LOL, in my opinion I don’t think that will fit into any of the types of jobs.(Explorers, KOC, Heroes.. Etc) Maybe it will happen after all the jobs are released. Then they will make a new job :P.

    • Karkain says:

      Sorry, pal. But I’m gonna have to shoot you out of the sky on this. Don’t count on (or even expect) for KMS to incorporate The American West into their game, lol.

    • Dougall says:

      Ok not so sure about a cowboy/gal class, but i do like the idea of a whip. Like the other guy said, main hand axe/sword and secondary weapon could be a whip. They could make some coool, creative skills, like using the whip to draw in monsters and then an attack with the main weapon right after. Whips can also be used defensively, so who knows what nexon could do with a class like that. I’m excited about this now. =O

  74. m4w11 says:

    Looks like the worst class ever. Just horrible. D;
    Why would you create something like that nexon? -err money T.T

  75. Night says:

    Wow keep releaseing new job. I hope that I will be a Korean next life….. xD

  76. nightcodex says:

    All I wanna know is : What’s the story ?

  77. Ronit says:

    Spadow, and other people, if you want to see the exact %s, effects and a full list (with pictures) of every weapon. Visit my blog by clicking my name or copying

    Spadow if you want, you can put the skills and stuff onto your post.

  78. John says:

    Spadow is there a video of all the skill of cannon shooter?

  79. Viper says:

    i have just got back from playing the canon job on tespia..and i gotta say
    its OP
    or its just cuz the monsters im hunting are low lvled

  80. IronMan says:

    hi Spadow, regarding the “share name tag” cash item which makes the untradeable items become tradeable, can it be used on reverse or timeless equipments?

  81. OG Alex says:

    Why not… I can always use another mule if it doesn’t work out. All classes have good potential if played properly. I actually enjoy playing my F/P because it’s fun, sort of the point to playing. No? If it’s not fun, I say it’s time to move on.

  82. Light says:

    This looks horrible…

    1. IT’S SLOW.

    I’m not happy with this….oh well guess I’ll wat for the Archer Hero. More time to level up my UA.

    • shadowkun says:

      How is it a mechanic ripoff?,because it has lazer blast,its way more mobile then a mechanic and if you dont like it dont make it, no one is forcing you to.

      • Light says:

        I’m not going to. But I tought the point of new classes is to bring back more people to the game, bring something new and exciting. This is an exact copy of mechanics.

  83. iOakLeaf says:

    Why does everyone want the Archer and Warrior heroes? (Aren’t Arans the warriors?) I mean before they do anymore Heroes they should buff the Thiefs, and Pirates. I mean basically Thieves suck to the 10th power. (Assasins) See ya :D

    • Karkain says:

      You mean the “Warrior Resistance”, seeing as how nobody has it yet. Night Lords are not that bad; you chose a class built for 1v1, so don’t complain about mobbing and from what I see playing, Night Lords are still an excellent class.

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  85. cannondork says:

    Reminds me of a character called Chung in a game called Elsword… He uses a giant cannon and now I get to use the nickname I gave him. Just look at my name…

  86. Tanner says:

    Looks kind of lame honestly /: The ultimate looks like dark fog just got the nautilus pasted over it. It doesnt look as overpowered as i thought it would be though

  87. Greaser says:

    Cannon shooters look interesting to play. I enjoy playing with Corsairs and Buccaneers. Although, I thought it would be cooler if they made the new pirate class dual wielding pistols. xD

  88. frank says:

    Is it just me or does that lazor have a KB effect to the player

  89. DarkQuill says:

    They’ve got a second job skill similar to the restructured Warriors/Mages/Archers that adds additional Str/Dex, +30 to each at max level 10.
    I’d wager a guess that Thief/Pirate updates aren’t too far off.

  90. Luciferx says:

    Hey spadow what do you mean by a limited class?? And in KMS you can’t create dual bladers anymore??

    • Karkain says:

      In KMS, Dual Blades were available for a limited-time only. Hence, “limited class”. So to answer your question, KMS cannot create anymore Dual Blades; unless they are brought back for some reason, though that is dubious.

  91. As I watch this more and more,
    This looks like if you take a mechanic and take away the mech and the punching and drilling and robot summons and leave the heavy gun and boost jumps and some side tricks you get this

    I guess this is the Corsair killer
    WildHunter is the Xbow Killer
    And soon Dual Bow will be the Bowmaster killer

    this is getting weird and cool as time goes on

    Im going to just stay a bishop

    Nice post I hope that delay lag ends for you spadow

    • Karkain says:

      Cannon is a mobbing-based class. Corsair outclasses Cannon Shooter by miles in 1v1 because of the difference in their purposes. Sair is straight excellent damage to a single target (generally) while Cannon Shooter is damage that is excellent towards mobs, but isn’t up to par with 1v1 classes. It’s the same analogy as Arans and Heroes. Hero destroys Aran in 1v1, however Aran makes up for it in the massive mobbing capabilities.

      Trust me, more Marksmen are out there than Wild Hunters; there is not a chance in all the world that Wild Hunter is better than Marksman in every way. Wild Hunter doesn’t have a whole lot against Snipe. In fact, they can’t compete with it.

      We don’t even know what kind of class Dual Bow will be. It could very easily be supportive, or just as easily mobbing-based. Don’t look down on Bowmasters yet since we don’t know how Dual Bow will be structured. It’s like saying that the Resistance Warrior will be the Adventurer Warrior killer (no matter how impossible and ludicrous that would be).

  92. Forad says:

    Hi~Spadow~~How to get this named “포춘 어택(Fortune Attack) “skill?

  93. bob says:

    do we get more character slots for cannoneer?

  94. Venoshik says:

    you know the problem with associating one class to another is that if you have to TRY to think of why two classes are the same, they probably aren’t.

  95. kikinblade12 says:

    and the dual blades?

  96. kikinblade12 says:

    the cannon shotter is cool!! his powers be powerfull!!
    a question, is he more powerfull than the mechanics??

  97. commderben says:

    spadow what those stats for when you mkae a chacter like dicc flex rate of growth and the other one

  98. A Pro Mapler says:

    Spadow, Could you please create a video explaining skills of a cannon shooter when u can? (all jobs)

  99. thomas says:

    nexon seems to be combining the too pirate classes to satisfy the masses. thing is people complained about mechs cause the KS’ing, those ks’ers will join again as this class. s0o0o0o the big circle of kill stealing begins over and over again. cool class though i love the mobility top off since they seemed slow since the jump off of the video.

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  101. Unknown says:

    When will this be released in KMS?

  102. Not Known says:

    Lol the cannon shooter has a combo( look on top on the screen where the buffs are)

  103. Lucifer says:

    Thank you for sharing to us.

    Well written, hope to have more articles

    Come on, hard.

  104. Bunneh says:

    sorry for posting late, just saw this. can some please tell me if these share the same cash shop with explorers or will it be separate like dual blades? thanks~ :]

  105. an0nym0us says:

    cannon spike (3rd job) skill looks a LOT like the mechs drill rush imo

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