Revival of the Saint Saver

A new event has appeared in MapleStory. It runs from May 26 till June 15.

When you log on for the first time, you will notice a purple colored stone icon on the left side of your screen.
This stone is called the Saint Saver Stone. If you double-click on it, you can accept and complete the Saint Saver related quests.
You can also check out information which monster to hunt to charge your stone.

NPC Cassandra will then tell you a long main story about Saint Saver. I’ll tell you the story in a nutshell.

Read more after the jump!

Cassandra told me that there was once a Sharenian Kingdom in the south of Maple World.
King Sharen II became greedy as he got older. To protect his legendary jewel, the Rubian, he summoned the devil Ergoth.
Ergoth destroyed the kingdom of Sharenian and after the destruction he went underground.

The descendants from the kingdom of Sharenian decided to raise guardians instead of a king to protect them.
The guardians were known as the Saint Savers! The Saint Savers purified monsters by using their protection stone. In the end, they brought peace to Maple World.

After the guardians decided that Maple World no longer needed their protection, they sealed their power in a giant protection stone.
However, the stone broke apart and pieces flew away. Because of this, Ergoth has been resurrected from the underground and has returned to Maple World.

To protect Maple World, you are now a Saint Saver of this generation.

If you see my screenshots with a purple title above my head then that means I am a Saint Saver of this generation.
Let’s continue~!

Once you read the main story and accepted the quest, Cassandra will give you a Saint Saver Stone and an Attendance Book.
Now it is your task to purify the monsters. So what you have to do is defeat 500 monsters within your level range.

The Saint Saver Stone is only fully charged when you hit 500 monsters. After that a button ‘공격’ will appear.
You have to press the regular attack key to unleash its power to receive experience and the Blessing of Saint Saver.

Its blessing is so great that your weapon attack/magic increases by +40 and your speed and jump increases as well.
Since this power is too great for a Saint Saver, its effect will run out after 1 hour.

The Attendance Book. It’s part of the Saint Saver event. If you open it, a new window will appear. ▼

I like the new method that Nexon uses to present event data to their users.
You have to attend each day if you want a reward. To get the reward, you need to get a stamp in your book.
If you want a stamp then you need to fully charge your Saint Saver stone and unleash its power.
The rewards are really good.

The third day: 200 Power Elixirs
The fourth day: a Secret Recipe
The fifth day: a 50% Golden Hammer
The sixth day: a 10-days Nightmare riding coupon
The seventh day: 3 Advanced Equipment Enhancement scrolls
The eighth day: 3 Special Potential scrolls (100% success rate)
The ninth day: 3 50% Golden Hammers
The tenth day: a Saver Saint Earring

+3 to STR, DEX, INT and LUK
+200 MaxHP and MaxMP
+80 Magic Defense
+100 Accuracy and Avoidability
+10 Speed
+10 Jump
Number of upgrades available: 7
Can be made tradeable once through the ‘Share Name Tag’ cash item.

If you equip the earring, your Charisma, Insight, Will, Craft, Sense and Charm experience will increase by+40.
The Share Name Tag is a new Cash Shop item. It’s not out yet, but it makes untradeable items to tradeable.

Ergoth has been resurrected from the underground!

If you see Ergoth roaming around in Maple World, then defeat it with your power. You should only defeat Ergoth if he’s near your level.
Have you successfully defeated Ergoth then it will drop a special box.

In the test server Ergoth was the Black Magician. Later, the story changed with Ergoth as the villain.

You can’t blame them though. Ergoth and the Black Magician look alike

About Spadow
It's not who I am underneath... but what I do... that defines me.

98 Responses to Revival of the Saint Saver

  1. Arrol says:

    The return of Ergoth I see.

  2. Blabla says:

    Story of ergoth?

  3. jaycee says:

    i guess so?

  4. Fatal says:

    If this event comes to GMS, Nexon America will likely nerf the event a lot and make the rewards a lot more crappier

  5. Monica says:

    Hi Mr spadow, how come your character turns purple when attacking Ergoth?

  6. Hollogen says:

    Not sure what to say about this event.
    It’s ok I guess.

  7. Person says:

    Hmm, earrings seem pretty nice. <3

    • 거북2Pop says:

      Currently the acc wa 20% scroll is all over users because of 8th anniversary event. So everyone have earrings with wa on them. So the earrings with only stats…… no one will use them i think.

  8. William Huang says:

    I feel bad, i registered to join to EF, but I had to do a lot of things that came up unexpected. Wait a couple of days, don’t throw away my guild request! :O

  9. Stranger says:

    does the new “sharing name tag” item apply to reverse equips?

  10. Alejandro says:

    Wait so Ergoth is the Black Mage now?

    • IcyKidd says:

      Last time i checked Ergoth’s name is Ergoth not the Black Mage.

    • JKALYJ says:

      what he’s saying is that initially ergoth was considered the black mage, which he was. thats why the maple anime depicts ergoth as the black mage. however nexon randomly decided to change the story and make ergoth just the random villain of maple history. which is basically why this event was born.

      so no, ergoth is not the black mage. just some random dead dude who looks like him with his cloak on.

  11. Zeto says:

    Ergoth is the guild pq boss of gms. Does kms have guild pq?

  12. HollowRender says:

    Spadow I like how u named ur pet: “Dirty Bit” Lol :)

  13. Zelkova says:

    I keep on seeing “Read more after the jump!” on your latest posts. You may end up writing a book by the end of this. =P

  14. iRemember says:

    I thought it was a revamp of the Guild party quest when you said the word “Ergoth”.

  15. mune0106 says:

    Interesting quests.
    I’m hoping to hear more stories.

  16. Ghost says:

    It’s sad that they’ve completely scraped the idea of the Sharenian Kingdom within Victoria Island. I hope that they do resurrect a Guild Quest in the future with new material.

    Spadow, about this Share Name Tag item, we can ANY untradable item tradable, or is it just another Karma Scissors?

    • Gettold says:

      He just said it isn’t out yet. He obviously can’t know the answer to that. Read please.

      • Ghost says:

        I’m sure he could find the answer to it just by looking at a random untradable equip/item….

        • 거북2Pop says:

          It came out in tespia.

          It is an item that you can only use it on untradable event item.

          Currently it only works on saint saber earrings. So basically it is a waste of money…

          At first you could use it on anywhere, even reverse items. now…

  17. Gilgamesh says:

    Can we get more info on the revamped PQs and their rewards?

  18. Cobray says:

    Ooh 60% pet equip attack scrolls. Hopefully I’ll be back in business with a new laptop before this event ends so I can stock up on those scrolls.

  19. dragonfalse says:

    it saddens me that they had no good plans for the black mage, i thought that was oughta be the biggest event in maplestory, or maybe a lvl 200 boss

  20. MapleStory Biggest Fan says:

    This is Similar to MapleStory DS but i think that it is alot fun than the MapleStory DS

    I LOVE U NEXON!!! (But I still hate u because u banned BannedStory a MapleStory Simulator)

    • 거북2Pop says:

      Didn’t you hear? it’s gonna come out again!

      Nexon officially called off making bannedstory close because not only gms users but almost all maplestory-naver blog users used bannedstory.

      Also they found out that bannedstory also had a talk with gms and they were through. So KMS is gonna let them go~

  21. 거북2Pop says:

    I… I thought it was Saint Saber…

    Anyway, I wished there would be atk on the earrings… but they are just for one use :p equip and unequip.

  22. Spadow has anyone ever offered to advertise on your blog? It seems like you have tons of visitors and I saw a really boring blog on the tv that the people made a living off of the ads

    • Stikkahs from DemethosGMS says:

      do this i woundlt mind @ all :)

    • JPanda says:

      I wouldn’t mind this, and itd be helpful to you, you should do it, you deserve some money for your work. =)
      BTW: thanks for the update spadow

  23. Gunth says:

    Interesting… wonder if they’ll do this to other randoms bosses that don’t have backstory, or if this means that KMS is coming out with another Guild PQ

  24. Lambo says:

    isn’t ergoth that monster that appears in el nath on your way to zakum?

  25. Hollie says:

    Can we get more info on the revamped PQs and their rewards please?
    Or a link to where someone has has info on them (in English) would be great :)

  26. zRoflcoptorz says:

    Pretty cool, can’t wait for the special scroll! GMS is getting Chaos in about a month, and now it just seems everytime we get another cool update, KMS will get something big too! Awesome site, but new PQ’s please! :D

    Vote for Cosmo for the new GMS server!

  27. joey says:

    i was wondering do u still lose exp at the dragon rider pq after the revamp

  28. wow I always wanted to fight Ergoth but did not like doing the GPQ
    This will be perfect if it hits GMS

    cool stuff

  29. ninjablack99 says:

    Is Ergoth is the brother of Black Magician o.o?

  30. Karkain says:

    Sweet! I’m gonna get to kill Ergoth randomly now!

  31. Random Person says:

    OP rewards. Adv enhance scrolls? Those are like 400mil in GMS, you can get like 10-20 on one account.. Prepare for a mega deflation.

  32. Axxez says:

    OHhh Maplestory DS has a story about Rubian and Ergoth.

  33. Inyious says:

    Spadow, whenever Ergoth comes out,does his theme play or it’s just simply the BGM of the map you’re in?

    Anyway, such a cool event~ But I would be so surprised to see a giant Grim Reaper floating about in the world.

  34. Battlehydrax says:

    Guys adv ee scroll price will lower so much because of this eve3nt :l

    • Alilatias says:

      I would imagine that advance equip enhancement scroll prices would begin lowering way before this event. Remember Treasure Monsters from a few months back?

  35. darklime says:

    Spadow, will the Share Name Tag make your items tradeable permanent or for three months or does it work like a Scissor of Karma?

  36. Pingback: Top Posts —

  37. Peter Ji says:

    theres accessories for attack now?!?!! woa

  38. Edatron says:

    I’m definitely gonna enjoy this event when it comes to GMS. :)

  39. brosefers says:

    >pet equip for attack
    >accessory for attack

    wtf kms.

  40. PaCh says:

    I’m sorry for asking a strange question, but is there any new info on the new jobs? (warrior resistance, hero archer, new pirate job)
    I’m really looking forward to the new jobs… so yeah.
    If their is any new info, please post, as i know you will. :D

  41. Will says:

    wait till E3. You will get the information you want ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ …!..

  42. Daniel says:

    WTF is the point of making untradeable items tradeable?

  43. GOGO says:

    are you kidding me…

  44. john says:

    Wildcatjuni – GMS (windia) JOIN WILDPLANET :D i cant wait to hear the info on this month june!

  45. john says:

    i cant wait till we get more info from spadow :D

  46. Ko says:

    Soo are you going to make a post about the revamped pqs?
    I really wanna see what the changes are :D

  47. Loupest says:

    Spadow! Do you think Nexon will partake in E3 this year :D? I’m really looking forward to it!

  48. yweezy says:

    Hmmm, wondering if there will ever be revamp on thieves and pirates

    • Random Person says:

      Good question. Do they? Cannon Shooter’s look like their holding a massive bazooka. I was kinda hoping for a close range one. One similar to a Viper.

  49. Mike says:

    Spadow any info on the Cannon class, i heard they were released on KMST and saw this vid

  50. Gerald says:

    Thats true. The new class called Cannon Shooter is out @ KMST. Watch this vid: . It looks so strong and when it ever comes out in gms i will make one immediately :D

  51. DrBob says:

    It look so easy to get so many awesome scrolls… In my opinion there’s gonna be a nerf, or a huge deflation… 500 Monsters is not very difficult, even at a high level.

  52. Random Person says:

    Spadow, you should get your magic posting skills down and ready. It seems like theres a KMST patch. Very intresting one at that.

  53. Random Person says:

    It’s an incomplete video. I think we should wait until Spadow does a post. I’m sure he’ll post a full view of 4th job skills. Knowing a pirate fan he should do an excellent job of it.

  54. Zenon says:

    Those Cannons are too….. EPIC, But i love it

  55. jeric says:


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