What’s coming after Jump!?

Today the patch for the last part of Jump! has been released to the public server, the ”Arrow of Speed” update.
Don’t worry my friends! There are no nerfs since part 2. From what I’ve heard from friends, the new revamped Party Quests are nice. Fast experience gain.
I will soon make a new blog entry about this update.

So…. Jump! is coming to an end. What’s next? The data of this patch gave me the answer.
The patch note from this update said that Nautilus Port is in the middle of an upgrade.

NPC Valerie! Valerie is the student of Kyrin. Missiles? Construction site?
What is she planning? Hmm…  Valerie told me that she has something in store. Something about.. a secret weapon twice as strong. However, she told me it was a secret.

Hahahaha! You can’t hide secrets from me, Valerie! I know that there is going to be a new Pirate class!
There is a script attached to her in the data. The script is called ”cannon_forewarning”.
The forewarning is her current dialogue. Cannon has to be the new secret weapon that the new Pirate class will use.

New Pirate class?
Read after the jump!

I’ve got exciting news! Do you remember back in 2009 when I told you about new job IDs being added to the quest data?  It was the Evan class that, but at that time we had no idea of Evan.

Guess what? New job IDs were added to the quest data in this patch. Let me first start with the new Pirate class.
The new job IDs are in bold.

500 = Pirate (1st Job)
501 = ??? (1st Job)
510 = Infighter (2nd Job)
520 = Gunslinger (2nd Job)
530 = ??? (2nd Job)
511 = Buccaneer (3rd Job)
521 = Valkyrie (3rd Job)
531 = ??? (3rd Job)
512 = Viper (4th Job)
522 = Captain (4th Job)
532 = ??? (4th Job)

It has to be linked with the upgrade going on in Nautilus Port.
I’m not sure about the 501 job ID. 500 is the basic first job (Pirate)…

Also, I’m not sure if it will use a cannon as a primary weapon. There’s nothing in the data that tells me about that.

Then I see this… 

2100 = Aran (1st Job)
2110 = Aran (2nd Job)
2111 = Aran (3rd Job)
2112 = Aran (4th Job)
2200 = Evan (1st Growth)
2210 = Evan (2nd Growth)
2211 = Evan (3rd Growth)
2212 = Evan (4th Growth)
2213 = Evan (5th Growth)
2214 = Evan (6th Growth)
2215 = Evan (7th Growth)
2216 = Evan (8th Growth)
2217 = Evan (9th Growth)
2218 = Evan (10th Growth)
2300 = ??? (1st Job)
2310 = ??? (2nd Job)
2311 = ??? (3rd Job)
2312 = ??? (4th Job)

A new Hero class! The job ID 2000 is the Legend Beginner.
100 = Warrior
200 = Magician
300 = Archer

It’s a sign that we might see the Archer Hero soon.

[ The mysteriously new character that appeared in MapleStory’s 8th anniversary video ]

Could this character, or as most users call it, the Elf Archer, be the Archer Hero(ine)?
Another surprise in the data from this patch is this new type of weapon.


There are only a few frames of this new weapon, the others are frames of the beginner gun. They’re all placeholders.
At this moment, it is unknown what the name of this item is, however, this weapon type is depicted in the data as Dual Bow.

Is it safe to say that the Archer Hero will use Dual Bows?

And then there is this… 

3100 = ??? (1st Job)
3110 = ??? (2nd Job)
3111 = ??? (3rd Job)
3112 = ??? (4th Job)
3200 = Battle Mage (1st Job)
3210 = Battle Mage (2nd Job)
3211 = Battle Mage (3rd Job)
3212 = Battle Mage (4th Job)
3300 = Wild Hunter (1st Job)
3310 = Wild Hunter (2nd Job)
3311 = Wild Hunter (3rd Job)
3312 = Wild Hunter (4th Job)
3500 = Mechanic (1st Job)
3510 = Mechanic (2nd Job)
3511 = Mechanic (3rd Job)
3512 = Mechanic (4th Job)
2002 = ???
3001 = ???

Will the Resistance movement get an expansion in their headquarters? From what I can tell, it looks like there will be a Resistance Warrior.
I’m not sure but someone told me that in one of the Edelstein quests, the kindergarten teacher was a potential candidate to become a warrior of the Resistance. Though, I’m not sure about this one.

I have no idea about 2002 and 3001…
It looks like the Summer update will be big.

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220 Responses to What’s coming after Jump!?

  1. IM NOT TELLING says:


    • a says:

      So we’re going to get more classes until we have 5 heroes/legends and five resistance?
      We still need:
      Magician hero(Evan isn’t a hero, he just found the egg), thief hero, bowman hero, pirate hero
      Warrior resistance, thief resistance
      So we’d have a total of 6 adventurers/explorers(including beginner classes), 6 CKs, 6 heroes/legends, 6 resistance, Evan, and DB.
      26 classes.
      I wonder what’ll happen after Black Mage is defeated???????????

      • MetaSeraphim says:

        Evan is the magician legend. Or, rather, he is the successor since the first one died. So he does count as the legend.

        • JAJA says:

          To tell u the truth i wanna play KMS so badly because gms sux so hard. Plus i hope she got some 4 arms or something :p. because she gonna hold 2 bows at the same time :O. and tnx spadow, for keeping us informed bout KMS who really wanna play kms ;)

          • Love Like Woe says:

            maybe her Xbow is double one XD

            hope the pirate job is use bazuka

          • JAJA says:

            Oh i just realized that girl on the pic was on the 8th anniversary video, not kyrin. And right at 0:24 she was standing with the new archer girl which makes sense that they 2 are the new caracters wooohooo

          • Person says:

            Actually, the pirate girl isn’t a new character, the first time she appears in the game, but she existed for a long time. Before Cygnus was out. She was the “Pirate Spokesperson”. And nobody ever said she was Kyrin.

          • JAJA says:

            And no body said she was new or something like oh its not her … :P

        • Ghost says:

          Unless someone use resurrection on Freed (plot flaw lol)

      • Bob says:

        Evans are a legend class, Freud died, so Evan is the “Hero’s Successor”.

        • MapleSugar says:

          You can assume that Evans are a Hero class, especially when you go to the character creation page and see Arans and Evans in the same “Hero” category.

      • Tanner says:

        Whether or not evan is an actual hero, he is classified as one and i doubt there will be another magician legend.

        and you cant consider beginner a class, so 5 for each i guess. Im more excited for the legends, the resistance were just kinda meh.

        I also think the cannon is kind of a dumb idea for pirates, We already have sairs and they have a ship which has cannons on it.

        It would be cooler if the pirates used swords and such.

      • lol says:

        Evans a hero dude :O

      • Hugo says:

        Spadow you did well!! hope i am know korea language T_T

      • evan says:

        On Character creation screen everyone can read on the evan frame (HERO/EVAN)… no need more words..

        btw very nice job spadow

      • Troy says:

        Actually Evan is a hero, he is the successor of Freed who also found a egg which was destined for him. :P

      • GRI says:

        Evan and Aran is the LEGEND(hero because banner orange)
        while resistance maybe will be (purple)

    • yohan says:

      if u think about it, only mage,pirate, bowmen and WARRIOR stuff drop from edelstien monsters

  2. Eric says:

    Oh hot damn. Double bows? I approve. I honestly expected the original Gunslingers or Crossbowmen to have dual weapons in their sprites, but…wait, then why the hell are pistols two-handed weapons?

    What the fark, Nexon.

    Thanks for the update, Spadow! Looks like things are going to get exciting.

    • Spadow says:

      Nexon tends to use existing sprites as a placeholder for new items.
      Yeah, things are going to get exciting indeed!

      • Eric says:

        Well, either way, they’re going to make a dual-wielding class. My supposition: Dual Blades are the first example of this, and Nexon pretty much loves them to death. What do you think they’ll do to this new Hero?

        Personally I like the Heroes (Evans least of all, but that’s because I play an F/P and enjoy it almost as much as my Aran), and at first glance this class looks like it might be a lot of fun. Hopefully they don’t turn it into a KS machine or make it faster than a speeding bullet (I should note that this is the reason that I hate Flying Assaulter more than any other skill in the game). I also hope they break the general trend of archers in that it should not have Sharp Eyes, but rather something else entirely.

        • A. Person says:

          It’s not 2 weapons. It’s one weapon that has been pimped out by attaching 2 weapons to each other. If you look, it’s essentially a pistol handle with 2 xbows on either side of it. I assume that, since it’s fairly hard to load 2 bows at the same time while keeping up a steady stream of arrows, it will be powered by MAGIC.
          Also, I fear that it will turn into a xbowman crossed with a mage crossed with epic failure.

          Spadow, just a notice from Southperry:
          The Warrior resistance will start in a different location than the rest of the resistance.
          2002 is Archer Legend beginner. (there is also data for:
          And the
          are for a new Pirate Adventurer, which also starts off in a different place than normal adventurers. I predict something with 2 guns (similar to DB’s). This could be fun.

          • A. Person says:

            EDIT: Or it could be a cannoneer. Possibly related to sairs and the boat.

          • Colin says:

            This reminds me of Lire in GrandChase’s 4th job weapon where it is a crossbow combined together with a bow into 1 bow…a Composite Bow…that’s what they call it in the game..

          • frank says:

            Does anyone know of Doraemon?
            he has an air cannon kinda thing
            im assuming the cannons will look like the cannon from doraemon

            Or maybe as someone said somewhere once before
            a brawler that only kicks!

      • Jason Wang says:

        Spadow, could 2002 possible be a one job hero or something? Because I’ve noticed all heroes have 2000 in them…

    • Millus says:

      guns are 2handed because IRL guns are 2 handed

      • HDex says:

        not pistols.. if you’re not hella weak you can fire a pistol using 1 hand.. if it were shotguns and rifles I understand. Which i think they should add..

        • Tjs109 says:

          Have you ever actually fired a real pistol? Airsoft, bb gun, and other small caliber pistols do not count. I would love to see you shoot something like a .44 Revolver 1 handed ^_^

          • Lol says:

            Haha, yeah. Only in the world of Nexon’s faulty physics would we see that happening.

          • Mearza says:

            Your point is invalid, because in the animation for almost all slinger skills the slinger has a hand to the side, which I think should be used for a second gun, but that’s just me. Ps. My dad goes to ranges and uses two pistols at once… But he also ways 250lbs so I guess you were right in saying you can’t be weak. Eh… /endrant

          • Yske Ladeb says:

            A .44 Revolver isn’t a pistol. Pistols can be fired with 1 hand, but when you move up to higher caliber guns like a Revolver, then you need to use both hands unless you want to break your shoulder.

  3. KousetsuTaz says:

    please make a note on party quests, Spadow! :O

  4. kghj says:

    YES…. Archer Hero at long last! :D

  5. Joe says:

    Well this is exciting haha.

  6. artofbladez says:

    Lolz im gonna make an archer right now >.> on KMS, i want the ring, i got the warrior one though.
    Hey Spadow how come my KMS account dont have any slot expansions? i mean i dont think i got extra slot expansions even though my account is pretty old o.o

  7. Volt says:

    kyo. in one of the edelstein quests it says that they couldn’t train warriors or thieves for a certain reason…
    but then again nexon might make some plot twist.

    • SlayerGhost says:

      The leader of Resistance said she was trained to be a thief job instructor, and Arec was trained to be a warrior job instructor, but since there are no warriors or thieves in the resistance they took the spots they have now instead.

      I just recently started a BaM, so I have that information pretty fresh in my mind.

      • Gakihenshin says:

        Yes, they say there aren’t, but they never said there couldn’t be. As soon as I saw that she was a thief job instructor and he was a warrior job instructor, I immediately knew they would do something like this.

      • yes man says:

        are you sure arec is the one you meant to say? cause arec is the thief job instructor for 3rd job adventurers.

  8. Anon says:

    Awesome!Can’t wait

  9. D0raemon says:

    LOL some of the things here is the same as my imagination

  10. nightcodex says:

    so spadow .. this is what you hinted me (thebanned0ne) on your youtube vid of the lv 200 marksman … Phew, now I can make my exams with a releaved heart .. I think we will get :
    1. Archer adventurer just like the Dual blade is an adventurer, i think all the 3rd branch adventurers will use DUAL WEPS. That means we still have a Dual wielding Warrior, Pirate and Mage (O_0) in store !
    1. Pirate hero
    1. Resistance Soldier

    I think the resistance will be expanded till all jobs are included, so we also have to get a Thief resistance (spy ?)

    • nightcodex says:

      meant archer hero and Ultimate Explorer Pirate (forget the part about the dual weps, i got confused in thinking archer would be the ultimate adventurer like DB)

    • A. Person says:

      You do realize that every class except for Pirates and Bowmen has 3 branches, right? You ignore the Quest ID’s, which dictate the Superclass (pirate, Thief, warrior, mage, or archer) and the branch (resistance, legend, Cygnus, or adventurer). Those have never been violated. Therefore, we will get a pirate adventurer, a resistance warrior, and a archer hero in the near future.

  11. jaycee says:

    :O nexon what next?

  12. Mistertoast says:

    I am waiting for this to get nerfed. :3

  13. Bob says:


    I have a resistance box that is only usable AFTER December 16th 2011!
    Maybe the resistance soldier will be coming on the Xmas update?

    • nightcodex says:

      and whats the logic in that, why would they put data for a job in, on wich they are currently done working with, since Nexon already stated that they already have 2 classes for us in store 1 year ago..
      1 job was the resistance and the other on are the rest of the heroes. Nexon stated it was just a matter of launching them in the game.
      Clearly Nexon noticed we liked new jobs so they made a few more (expansion resistance and Ultimate Adventurers like DualBlades). Why would they put the data for the new job in there 6 months before the launch of the job. makes no sense. I’m sure that we will see the next jobs in either the next patch or the one after that

    • Lol says:

      No you don’t. You are either lying, or stupid.

  14. hellowAtheist says:

    Nexon is doing good but why would he ban banned story ^.^ like really people make animations and know how to make there characters in the future.

    • joshua says:

      I <3 bannedstory. When I saw that it was banned, I was like "What the fugly crap porksword?" Haizzz…

  15. Rai says:

    What about the thief reconstruction? D:

  16. Dustbuckets says:

    This is a crazy update Spadow!!

    With those other job ids. Think it could be something to do with a possible Black wings related class?

  17. SHUT UP says:

    GMS is kinda slow. We didnt even get Chaos and KMS is done with chaos and getting Jump while KMST is planning for 2 new classes!

    • nightcodex says:

      shut up man, Gms was created 2 years after KMS, they need some time to translate everything and make it work propperly for the server. GMS is 6 months behind KMS right now. THat pretty darn fast if you ask me

    • MetaSeraphim says:

      I hope you don’t mean that seriously since GMS is actually getting content faster than any other version besides KMS for obvious reasons.

    • Julio says:

      Dont complaint, dude!
      You dont know what its like to be late.
      Im brazilian and the current version of BMS has just brought us 4th JOBS.
      Thats still before Pirate class came out and Nexon said there are no plans for updates in a short time
      I just cant stand playing that.
      Thank You God for Nexon didnt IP Block me in GMS.

  18. My-Kul says:

    No thief restructure? lolol poor thieves =[

  19. nightcodex says:

    spadow this is probly what the story will be like explaining why there are 3 jobs coming all at once :

    At the time of the Super Fight (PvP) the heroes,Adventurers and Resistance realised they weren’t strong enough to beat the others. So the Resistance decided to ssecretly train a group of Soldiers that could change the tie in PvP. This group of warriors would be strong enough to take on 10 hero’s at a time.
    In the mean time the Adventurers are having a meeting on what they should do because they are to weak to win from the Heroes or the Resistance. Then suddenly Kyrin’s students storms in to tell that Kyrin needs to come to the Nautilus fast because there are some troubles with the Prototype. All the job instructors follow Kyrin. On the way to the Nautilus Kyrin explains that she and her crew have been working on a new type of pirate to give the Adventurers the some new powers. Before they enter the Nautilus Kyrin explains that everything will be alright and that she will handle this. She tells the other instructors and the Dual Blade not to enter the Nautilus since it’s Pirate territory only. She then block the entrance and walks with Valerie to the new prototype…. this will surely help the adventurers to win their glory back and fight off those Heroes and Resistance punks, to finaly claim the title of Ulitmate defender of the Maple World.

    In the mean time Evan and Aran both realise that they aren’t strong enough and that they need their former allies. They are looking everywhere to find some clue’s on where Aran’s friends might be. Then they stumble upon a Secret village not to far from Elinia. There is an Elf girl that says that legend tells that in the forest close to the village there should be someone they might need. So Aran and Evan go to the forest and come to the suprise that Aran’s former ally is living in the forest, the DualBow job. This new allie needs some training because he has lived in harmony for years now, forgotten all about the fight with the black mage since his memorry got wiped. With this new Ally the heroes have a greater chance of beating the Black mage and claiming the title of Ultimate Protector of the Maple World.

    • wldhntr says:

      waaaa u srsly excited about this until u made this eh o.o

    • Inferno says:

      I remember that in the starting intro for Arans that it shows all the heroes getting frozen in ice, just as Aran did. The only reason why the older dragon didn’t was because the original mage hero (I forgot his name) sent him away before he got sealed. So my guess is that those penguins have been tunneling deeper and deeper into that ice cave where Aran was found and find the other heroes that were sealed by the Black Mage.

      • kimicatdemon says:

        except the place where the mystery girl is found looks nothing like Rien. I’m guessing she managed to wander some where else in her suspended state.

        • TehFrancis says:

          Actually, it was Afrien (the Onyx Dragon King) who chose to take the curse in his master’s place. Freud died of old age while taking care of Mir’s egg, which was eventually found by Evan. :)

          • kimicatdemon says:

            no, I’m just saying that the other heroes might have not been kept on Rien while they were frozen. Rien is an island which should naturally have tides, so it would be possible for the water to catch on of the frozen heroes and have them drift off else where.

    • Patrick says:

      Awesome story could be true…

    • Ghost says:

      It would be odd for them to make the plot still revolving around characters fighting each other. Chaos has been completed a long time ago and the Jump Patch seems too bright for it to be the prelude for more fighting against each other. Don’t forget that they have a true enemy, the black magician.

      By the way Spadow, what is the storyline for Jump? What has happened after the fierce competition in Chaos?

    • Jason Wang says:

      What he said about the hero story is definitely a possibility because if said Elf girl is in a forest in the 8th anniversary promotional video, then that means either she is the hero, or she is the mentor. Therefore, it must be true that the new hero has been alive for some time and has completely forgotten about the battle with the Black Mage.

    • Troy says:

      Resistance Warrior –>Demon Slayer Was the right hand man of the black mage until the black mage killed his brother, then he turned on the mage and fought back and almost died in the process awaking in edelstein, he then learns of the resistance and joins it
      New Pirate dude -> Cannon Shooter was on his boat just kinda sailing along and then a balrog comes and destroys his ship and he gets stranded on an island where he finds his monkey counterpart then he builds a cannon like ship to launch him to victoria with the help of the captain of the ship
      New Hero –> Mercedes was fighting the black mage and when he cast his curse she ran back to Eurel (Her home town just north of Ellinia) and when she got home it was already frozen and shortly after she became frozen, Then however long later she Thaws out in her town and travels to Ellinia looking for help and she continues traveling around victoria when she hears word from i believe it is her gaurdian or the guardian of Eurel so she rushes back and blah blah black wings attack her blah blah puppet master attacks her as well blah blah She Weilds Dual BowGuns and is like archer Db super pro times 10 o-o”

  20. N473R says:

    It is called a soul archer I believe, and his name will be Ian.

    • nightcodex says:

      i had a theory once wich was complicated but had to do with the numbers inthe alphabet that the names of the 5 heroes would be has followed : Aran, Evan, Iyan, Oban, Ucan

      • SlayerGhost says:

        Those are the same names that have been confirmed fake with slightly different spellings.

        • SlayerGhost says:

          And on another note, it’s impossible to form a pattern with only two samples. Hell, even just three isn’t enough.

          • N473R says:

            somewhere i found a picture and saved it on my ipod.. it has a guy that has what looks like a fully auto crossbow or something :D haha. and it says aran..evan..ian.. and then something in korean and soul archer.. 0.o

          • N473R says:

            And it said oct ’11

      • Xion says:

        it also could be,
        Ian or Ivan,
        Odin, or Odan, or Oran, or Owan,
        Ukan, or Ulan

  21. Ragoss says:

    Crazy changes are coming to maple. Just a matter of time. Hoping for more high level content too. Thank for your amazing work as always spadow.

    On another note, once they have leveling balanced and a lot of high level content would anyone want to see a 5th job with the level cap raised or maplestory 2? Before I get flamed, I know this is years away but I want to know what everyone would like to see happen.

    • GrSniper says:

      Yes for 5th and the level cap moving to 300, I thought that’s why they introduced lower exp curve in BB… But no maplestory 2.

    • Karkain says:

      I know I would like to see a 5th job, although it would be very difficult to conjure up the skills for said class, what else can you do with Hero? What can you do with Paladin and avoid making them the cheapest class in the game? Though I would love to see what they would do with Warriors, specifically Dark Knight and Hero. Also if they released a 5th job, the level cap would HAVE to be raised in order to complete essential skills from 4th job. Hero, for example, takes about 44 levels to max core skills (at level 164, a Hero [for example within said example] would have completed Adv. Combo, Brave Slash, Combat Mastery, Power Stance, Achilles [Advanced Final Attack], and Enrage, with the last 1 point in Rush), and that’s assuming 5th job has few skills and are at low level maxed; this I find very unlikely as they would not want to make such dreamed-of content fall flat, crash, and burn. My theory is that if they released the fabled 5th Job Advancement, the level cap would be raised, as well as a new EXP curve introduced. Taking level 190 for example (following the model of 3rd and 2nd job skill sets, 1 skill being left unmaxed), there would be 30+(however many SP are given for the advancement, which I would think to be 3 or 5) total SP to allot in skills. I know it’s much easier to level at all levels now, but currently in the 150’s range, my Hero takes as much time now to level as I used to take at level 90 before Big Bang.

      But this is all just speculating and theorizing, nothing that would be set in stone.

  22. Peura says:

    My option is that Aran = Legend Warrior
    Evan = Legend Mage
    DB = Legend Thief

    just one of theories

  23. Anyone else here smelling jump shooting like pirates or is that just me…Because if my bowmaster could jump shot (besides hurricane) It would make movement so epic

    • Outlawed says:

      you’ve got to remember that gunsligners have recoil shot, witch can be used as a jump shot and a movement skill

  24. FarmerFaz says:

    I think i know what the pirate legend class deals with. Ballistas and Cannons :)
    If so, then maplestory is gonna get a addon for their weaponry…

    • Jason Wang says:

      True, because not many other MMORPGs and RPGs in this “time period” have ballistas and cannons, so these weapons will most likely be exclusive to Maplestory.

      Correct me if I’m wrong.

  25. Loupest says:

    Wow this is a great idea, they’re really thinking outside the box releasing 3 different classes not on the same branch or in any way connected… this way I feel you don’t only chose 1 to play out of a selection as they’ll all differ in gameplay and storyline.

    I just HOPE to God they don’t call the new Archer (legend or not) “Dual Bow” It’s such a lame and unimaginitave name x_X

    I hope you do a good guide on the new party quests Spadow, you’re the only reliable source who is able to explain the fundementals of it.

    Thanks for this awesome find and as always thank you for keeping us up to speed. :D

  26. NEXON says:


    • ChuanJun says:

      Translation (for Spadow):

      Is it possible to provide more of the Nautilus Port town pictures?
      Please! Thank You~!
      Thanks for the information provided, it is really helpful to me, I am very excited about the New Legend and the appearance of the New Resistance!
      As well as the Pirate Character.

      My reply :
      So far we can only extract all these from the new patches, we have to wait for NEXON to post more tespia patches to see what are they hiding in that bag.

  27. Karkain says:

    Excellent content! Thanks for posting this, I really appreciate it.

    3 new classes, eh? This would be great for the downtime on my Hero and Dark Knight (however, with Jump being right before this, there wouldn’t be much of that). One from each sub-faction for the “good guys” is a much better idea than, say, releasing 2 or 3 of the same sub-faction. Maps would be less crowded, and an overall better experience, at least that’s my thoughts.

    Personally, I hope the Resistance is Warrior, as I am on a quest to master all things close combat. But if it wasn’t the Warrior and it was Thief instead, then I would probably not care too much because I figure that the next Thief class will use a Claw if a new weapon is not introduced.

    Dual Bow? I’m sorry, but it’s going to be difficult to follow up Diablo III’s Demon Hunter as far as dualing bows goes. Still interesting, however.

    As for the Legend? Who knows, I don’t have much else to say, lol.

  28. Dusk says:


  29. EvaRia says:

    Awesome. New classes.

    Totally unrelated, but I think Maplestory would become beyond awesome if nexon came up with a good multiclassing system.

    There isn’t really a lot of room right now for unique SP builds…

    • aszeroth says:

      Yeah, I was thinking the same, but that would follow the path of FFXI and if THAT were the case everyone would go from 10 characters to like 2… Or maybe they would go like 2-4 jobs total, then there are combo’s that can be done nicely, I would personally love a DrK + Bish + COR, cause then you would have all adventurer classes, maxed hp, mp, healing/raise, a boat and a eye, not to mention high damage =P

  30. Will says:

    How do you even find this stuff out?

  31. CoolioMan says:

    Maybe there’s gonna be the rest of the jump update for thives and pirates and the secret weapon for pirates could be another skill for pirates…..

  32. Jason Wang says:

    Amazing….so many potential new classes coming out, with the new hero, resistance, and pirate class…..

    I’m going to have a hard time keeping up XD.

  33. joey says:

    they are killing me i cant wait i cant wait XD

  34. Chuck says:

    What hair is that?

  35. Bl@Bl@ says:

    not sure why but i cant see the first image in this post

  36. Wow says:

    To me the “double bow” looks like a bow and a gun stacked on top of each other. Since they added new job IDs to pirates and you think the legend is archer, I wonder if they might be doing an archer/pirate crossover. That would be pretty sick o.o

  37. Wadalite says:

    YES! YES! *SOBS*

  38. kghj says:

    Vipers use knuckles and Captains use guns/cannons.

    So the third Pirate job shoots knuckles? =P

    Anyway a Cannon pirate would be really interesting :D But doesn’t captains and mechs use cannons already?

    • Mike says:

      Captains only use cannons while they’re using the battleship transform skill. Up until 4th job, they rely solely on their gun. Mechanics are a bit different too, and the only way to best describe the difference is the in game script from 1st job mechanic advancement “mechanics use lazors” (lol?). Conventionally, a Mechanic’s mech suit can be considered as the main weapon

      I think what Spadow means is that this new class would have cannons as their main weapons, not as a skill function.

    • anon says:

      A Rocket Punch class would be the best thing ever.

  39. IcyKidd says:

    I got a feeling this Dual Bow class isn’t actually using two bows that would be to impractical. I think this class will be able to use two different weapons. For range and close up. It can equip both a bow and a dagger or something. I mean just picture you’re character holding to bows that just wouldn’t look right.

    • Will says:

      From what I can tell, that weapon shown is a bow gun. (mini xbow)
      Basically, think dual gun slinger that starts as an archer and fires arrows.

  40. Philjo says:

    in movies pirates always use sword, so maybe the new pirate uses pirate sword or something? =P

    • Will says:

      In real life, pirates would prefer guns, wouldn’t you?
      Gun: point arm, bend finger (2 seconds)
      Sword: run hard, swing repeatedly, block, mock your opponent. (5 minutes)
      FYI none of blackbeard’s crew could even use a sword. They were to poor for lessons.

  41. aszeroth says:

    hmmmm I would say boomerangs, I mean Pirates are British by decent, so are Australians so it IS possible? ummm dual x-bow? sweet, I can see how that would be, BUT how does that look on that npc? I mean can anyone see that Hero use 2 cross bows? Most elf’s use some kind of magic, so it might be a mixed mage bow man class? kinda like a Light Battle mage? idk

    Resistance, well it COULD be a stealth att class, more focused on attacks from dark side, who knows? I look at the 2002 3001 and wonder, Super beginner? OR Ultimate Resistance? I mean there is only one slot, and if there is 200 lvls for one advancement, then there would be SOME kind of ultimate in there.

    What about throwing star classes? I mean that’s the only one not “tweaked” by Nexon right now, so that might be coming up?

    what do you all think? Spadow?

    • hello says:

      well i think the 2002 and 3001 were just a typo because they don’t fit with anything.

    • Gakihenshin says:

      I kind of agree, and I wouldn’t mind seeing something like in WonderKing where the bowman uses all types of nature-based magic.

  42. ShadoLegend says:

    Looks like Nexon are doing their job pretty well :D For the past year there has been numerous summer and winter updates. I can’t wait for this…

  43. Omer says:

    I just noticed something good:
    To everybody that add a resistance character, have you noticed the dragon\man hybrid in the capsules in the cave of Vita. Do you think that they will be the new warrior resistance class, I mean like Vita was a test subject of the Black Wings they are too, so why don’t them fight against those who made them such abomination(spelling?)

  44. tori says:

    From what i was red above it almost looks like they will finally add the new Pirate class (none legend) that they where talking about so long ago, i hope that this new pirate isnt going to be another Legend because if they add 2 legends at once…. thats just a bad idea, they are trying to get the most amount of new players in one patch and adding 2 new chars from the same class tree wont do that, but if they make a Pirate adventurer, bowman Legend, and Warrior Resistance and do it in 3 parts like they did with bb, chaos, and now jump!, then i think they will have people making thr new chars every week and that will bring in alot of new people making chars. Also i can conferm that the baby sitter in the Resistance Hide Out is the Warrior Resistance *in the works* in one of the quests for the top instructor she says that he is sapposed to be the new warrior legend and that the other head instructor is sapposed to be the Thief Resistance *in the works* so yeah but i guess none of this is trualy proven till we finaly see this new patch, i can honestly say i havnt been this excited for a maple patch since we first got Zakum.

  45. hee4ever says:

    And not just buff buccs -.-

  46. Thep4nda says:

    2001 might be Super Legendary Begginner and 3002 a Super Citzen! (Resistance beginner). Thats the only thing I can think of with those IDs xD, since the 2 in the beggining means legend and the 3 resistance :O

  47. JKALYJ says:

    alot of people still confused on the idea od dualbows…

    of course since theres no 100% way to tell since it cant be seen in game.

    But if you look at it carefully you can see that the weapon is actually a bow mixed with a crossbow so basically it the 1st frame is the side view and it looks like a bow with a guns handle. the 3rd frame is a top view it seems and it looks like an xbow, you can kinda see the mix of the two in the first frame. so basically it would look like a crossbow where the arrow is fired from in between a CROSSHAIR style xbow. with the lathe of an xbow and the riser or limbs of a bow. so id assume it’s one weapon instead of equipping two xbows. if anyones found this out, grats o.o <(that is mah flame shield)

    (excuse me if i screwed up the terminology i dont know much about xbows and bows)

  48. Ghost says:

    I see that you’re very excited to see what next Spadow, but don’t forget, you need tell more about what going on. Especially what’s been going on with the new PQs.

    501 is a pretty odd job ID, perhaps the job will have to be predetermined in character creation like the Dual Blade.
    Nexon has never released a new weapon for a non-adventurer class. So I would exactly say Archer Hero = Dual Bows
    In the resistance basement hideout, you can see three very large garages right of the elevator. One of them is already open for the Medic NPC there. The other two may be used for the thief expansion.
    I’m pretty sure that 2002 stands for the Archer Hero’s beginner levels (1-10), since the Aran and Evan both have their own beginning paths, the archer hero would get one too. The same goes for the warrior resistance’s 3001 job.

    The one thing I don’t understand is, why are they releasing all this information at once. A new adventurer, Legend, and resistance? All released in a period of 3 months?

    • Alilatias says:

      Yeah, this is all very strange. Whatever is happening this Summer has to be pretty freaking major in order to justify the release of three new classes in such a short period of time, all three from seperate factions at that. How can all three of them possibly be linked?

      Fiel theorizes that the Resistance Warrior is going to start out differently from the rest of the Resistance classes as well, since the new ‘Resistance Beginner’ ID suggests so. Very intriguing stuff.

      • GrSniper says:

        :/ I hate when some jobs start on different locations and/or have to be predetermined on the character creation screen. I was kinda hoping they would “fix” dual blades creation in that way, but adding more is a step in the opposite direction…

    • frank says:

      Maybe dual-bow = able to use both bow and x-bow
      that kinda makes it dual

  49. Minion says:

    So the new pirate is gonna be like DBs, seperate from adventurer but still classified as an adventurer.
    I agree with Ghost, the 2002 is the new beginning for Archer. My confusion is whether 3001 will be the warrior and a seperate character creation like DBs or if is just easier to program with 3001 job ID.

    I would assume new pirate class to be a new character creation selection but 3001 could be a new quest line for resistance.

    For all we know all three of these classes coming out could be a part of one faction like cygnus or resistance.

    • Alilatias says:

      If they were all part of the same faction, everyone would have noticed by now. Rule of thumb:

      0xxx = Adventurer faction
      1xxx = Cygnus
      2xxx = Legend/Hero
      3xxx = Resistance

      A new faction would be 4xxx, which currently doesn’t exist.

      Now, as for the later three numbers…

      1xx = Warrior
      2xx = Magician
      3xx = Archer
      4xx = Thief
      5xx = Pirate

      You probably already know this second part, but I’m just explaining it for onlookers who don’t yet understand how Nexon seems to organize this in the data.

  50. Alessandro says:

    Wait….. a pirate that uses a cannon?…. sound like a mechanic to anyone else??

    • Ghost says:

      Every artillery weapon has some mechanical attribute to it. But a cannon really doesn’t have much to be used for a mechanic.

  51. James says:

    Uhmmm i wonder…. no it nonesence well it seems there will be an archer hero resistance and pirate? that seems very interestin and what we all ppl of GMS are wonderin : Will there be a new patch after Jump in next 3 months? cause distance we hd from the finish of BB to Chaos (soon to be (June 14th GMS)) was 3-4 months… well ima see all i can and try to imagine whats next also i got choosed for GMS tester and i always wanted to be an Elf on MS.

  52. whoevercares says:

    you:”What comes afther jump?”
    me:”we land down on our feet”
    Cuz i win

  53. Majutsukai says:

    Yes, you’re right, Elex is the Resistance’s Warrior job instructor, and Claudine is the Thief job instructor, but they’re serving in a different capacity right now because the Resistance does not (currently) have warriors or thieves. That’s what their dialogue said.

  54. NovaNuvaMS says:

    I’ve always thought of a dual bow (Bow+Cross bow) but I just couldn’t quite understand how it wud be used properly….AND LOL I SO WANT A CLASS THT USES CANNONS…..Tht dual bow looks like a gun or cross bow and bow combined…Could the next up comming class be another explorer like Dual Blade or a hero?……and yah I HOPE for a Resistance warrior and thief…..

  55. techboy says:

    dam thats fricken epic resistance warrior, new adventurer pirate(dont get why ppl are thinking it uses a cannon; enlighten me on that please spadow), and an archer hero that use a new weapon. what i have to say about the archer is that the new weapon has a handle and u really cant hold that and hold any other bow other then another bow with a handle like that at this same time. what i am saying is that i believe they will equip 2 dualbow weapons(2 of the new weapon not dualbow+bow or dualbow+crossbow). it could kind of be possible to have something like that and a bow or crossbow, but it would be really hard to do that and even harder to shoot both of them at high speeds(also it would make more sense if its a crossbow over a bow since it would be easier to shoot with just one hand or one hand and part of the second)

  56. Pingback: Top Posts — WordPress.com

  57. Zhen says:

    the doctor is the thief of the resistance and the teacher is the warrior, they tell you right before you choose a job as a resistance member

  58. Mobius says:

    I have a good feeling that Claudine is the next instructor to Resistance

  59. Chocolatey says:

    something’s telling me there is a dual shooter class?

  60. Cedric says:

    to me a cannon class for pirates doesnt seem like nexon would do something like that…….
    I think they should be able to do something like summon crew members that can do different things Such as summon your crews doctor to heal you, or summon your cook to give you an att buff from food, or call your lackeys to do dmg….. But i also like the idea of boomerangs. About the archer hero class, dual bows….what? I have no ideas about the archer hero. Warrior resistance seems exciting but how would warriors fit into the edelstein thing, they have mechs b/c
    they are used to operating mining bots, have Whs and BaMs b/c they hunted the monsters out of edelstein keeping the people safe. I don’ t see how warrior type people could fit in there.Whaever, Nexon is good at surprising me i wonder what they’ll do next.

  61. haro777 says:

    which arm do they use to shoot arrows if it is dual bows O.o

  62. Russell Cortez says:

    Spadow don’t you think the Brawlers-Buccaneers should’ve gotten some sort of improvement?

  63. frank says:

    Oh My ghodz!

  64. Gakihenshin says:

    Okay, my personal prediction for the new jobs:

    -Pirate – Will use cannons or mortars, highly explosive attacks, high damage, but slow attack speed

    -Bowman Hero – Could use double crossbows, or a combination of a bow and crossbow, may also use nature based magic or attacks because she’s in the forest

    -Warrior resistance – God only knows.

    • Zhen says:

      aren’t all legend classes slow so far?
      and nexon will probabily copy the cannon from some anime like doraemon, for example: doraemon’s air cannon
      and for the warrior, it will probabily get some kind of transportation skill or a mount
      oh and for the archer a combination of gun and crossbow would be nice

  65. ChinchuLancha says:

    i’ve got the feeling that resistance thieves are going to be like indiana jones, using WHIPS and that…

  66. eded says:

    i want pirate using gun and sword

  67. I’m glad I only use a bishop and am not big on having more then one job class but I will say this
    Its amazing how much the game is still growing, I like the growth

    and wow Valerie

    I guess that list of hero classes you posted a while ago is still on the works

    Nice post

  68. Justin says:

    you know that Resistance job COULD be like a black mage apprentice, i mean he is really powerful and with all these classes against him, even he needs backup. and besides any evil villain would wanna have an apprentice to teach all your dark skills to .

    • Arrol says:

      If he was a member of the Black Mage, why would he join a group that’s fighting against him?

      • GOGO says:

        so he could fight the resistance from the inside out
        i dont think this is true tho

        • Karkain says:

          Exactly. However, isn’t it odd that Battle Mages attack using darkness; Dark Aura, Dark Chain, Dark Shock, Dark Genesis? Just sayin’ is all.

          • TehFrancis says:

            Guess I have to point you to this. :P

          • Karkain says:

            @TehFrancis: Having done at least a minimal time in philosophy on the matter before, darkness was never necessarily evil. Powers of darkness are empowered by negativity. To say darkness lending one its power does not evil, but only they would be found worthy.

            So it would be quite possible to fight darkness with darkness and still be the good guys.

  69. GOGO says:

    so if the kmst patch says that nataulisis is getting upgraded, could this mean we will se the pirate ojb as soon as next patch or the patch after this?
    im exited!!!!!!!!!!!
    the new wariiror resistance is gonna be op AND EPIC!!!!!-i can feel it
    sooo exited about archer hero!

  70. SomeRandomFP says:

    Well… For the Archer legend, they could balance on there elbows, using their feet to hold the bow and their hands to hold the string, and since she appears as an elf, fairies could help her put new arrows, and insted of “Bow Booster” they could have “Fairy’s Rage,” adding 2 things to the archer class! :D

  71. Donut says:

    I hope the Resistance Warrior uses an Axe or a Hammer or a new catergory of item :D
    Dual Bow is badass

  72. Pingback: Summer of 2011 « Welcome to Maple Square

  73. 거북2Pop says:


    Your work has been translated here. Sorry for translating with no permission, but I think the news should be sent to the Korean users quickly…

    Also it will be in my blog too.

  74. GOGO says:

    spadow, do you know when the next kmst patch will be?
    sorry im just really curious

    • NEXON says:

      Pirates of the new jobs should be, right?
      No change since whales are the most obvious and earliest, if pursue mystery why the whale numbers to modify it so early?

  75. Failure T-t says:

    Damn we are so left behind >:l KMS Has gotten Part 1, 2 , 3 of Jump in such a short amount of time.. and GMS is still on big bang with these dumb events .___. Cake vs Pie is old GET RID OF IT We want chaos…. just when are we ganna catch up?… it would be nice to get a big update a week later after KMS got it e.e hell even a month

    • heyy says:

      well, we have chaos planned for july, im willing to say we will start the jump update in august.
      and maybe winter update for gms will be thse new jobs?
      luckily i play kms so i can pre-play these classes so i know which one i will play once they hit gms.

    • omg hi says:

      omg you kidding GMS is so fast at getting updates.

  76. tonyroxhehe says:

    we didnt have new classes since bb.
    its time we get some!!!

    BUt i REALLY wish that we dont need to spend nx for the new jobs.
    like wtf on evans and dbs…
    and its super expensive too.

    they should make all the classes free. or make it SUPER cheap (like 500 or 1k nx for a mastery book)
    anyways thanks spadow for the updates!!

    really looking forward to the new jobs!

  77. IM NOT TELLING says:


  78. IQ200 says:

    im guessing the ID3100-3103 will be a warrior resistance class?

  79. Kiva says:

    Hey spadow, I remember a while back when you said Maplestory was gonna have 2 black mage related jobs. It might be wild hunter and battle mage. But if not, it might be 3001 and 2002. Though there’s no guarantee. Another guess is that they’re like super adventurers. There might be a new class like (warrior/magician/bowman/thief/pirate/?????) exclusive to resistance/heros. Though everything i said has background knowledge. what so ever.

  80. Kiva says:

    It would be cool if the archer hero was an amazon class. Using the jungle as their weapon. Like that Taru Spirit in NLC. But Wild Hunter SORTA has that thing going on with riding a panther. But it would be cool if it was. A hero protected themselves from the curse by turning themselves into a plant. Weathering away the ice and escaping death. After they escaped, they made a tribe. The black wings found them a pain and annihilated them all, but they left one alive. A decendant in the present is the new hero. But the elf archer has been decided. Though it would be awesome if it was true. VINE ARROW!

  81. David says:

    It’s not sure that the new pirate class will use a cannon.
    But I guess it will be something about guns or bullets like a cannon.
    It means that the pirate hero will be an infigther and will use knuckels.

    I don’t give a shit about any class in this game but Buccaneers.
    Go spadow :D

  82. xAlwayzHI8o8x says:

    wow spadow your hairs sick i wish they came out with cooler looking hair in gms…

  83. TRA says:

    the bow hero reminds me of diablo 3’s demon hunter o_e

  84. 93john1 says:

    I could picture Resistance Warriors using flails.

    • Alilatias says:

      I’m putting all bets on a berserker wielding axes right now.

    • Karkain says:

      Flails…..flashing back to DIablo II on my Hammerdin qith Call To Arms….

      Okay, I’m back. If they were to use a non-sword (only because sword is just so popular) weapon, I’d have my money on mace. Not sure why, just feeling “mace” for Resistance Warrior.

  85. Rob says:

    Judging from the fact that an ID appeared for a archer hero, and a new beginner class – i guess the Archer hero uses a different beginner class (in trend of the elf stuff, instead of the generic Legend).

  86. nyanyaaan says:

    Hey the pirate should be a sword wielding pirate like in the olden days you know, the original pirates.

    • Newol says:

      Define “original”
      If you’re talking about original as in the Greco-Roman days, yes they used swords
      But if you’re talking about the Golden Age of Piracy, then they mostly used guns

  87. nyanyaaan says:

    Since the pirate’s first job are different, maybe it’s like dual blade and the other thieves. Dual blade and the other thieves have 2 different starting/storyline,
    maybe that’s why there are 2 pirate 1st job.

  88. IcyKidd says:

    I thought that character in the picture was Albatross, the wind archers transformation.

  89. D0raemon says:

    Since the Bowman hero may be using the Dual Bows, Dual Blade probably will be the new hero of thieves, and I bet Nexon is gonna to revamp it and then release it again.

  90. stu says:


  91. darklyo says:

    i agree with stu

  92. Raymond says:

    Wow… Why dont have a Beginner Hero~ That should be fun..

    And the new pirate class should like db having sword and gun together. That should be fun having melee and range atts..

  93. Donut says:

    I think the new Dual Bow weap are like arrow-gun and they have like permanent soul arrow or something so they dont have to refill their arrows ( how do we even refill another arrow when your holding 2 weaps ) o.o

  94. CheeseKao says:

    I call Van Helsing

  95. jimi says:

    2002 would be the mount for the archer hero and 3001 a mount for the resistance warrior

  96. Zenon says:

    Why Don’t Them Make a Sword with Gun on top of it, u know, like the final fantasy one…. That Will Be Cool

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  98. Esern says:

    Is there any chance that later on their might be a person trianed by the black mage, then later on turning to the resistance after he sees how truely obsessed the black mage is and what his plans result in?

    None of the information im about to say is acctually based on anything but it would be awesome if this happened.

    New world witch the black mage has completely conquered. resulting in new classes with the black mages 5 head assitants being the instructers.

    This world could be a complete PvP world, where the Explorers CK’s Heroes and Resitance have come to after the black mage has been repeled from edelstein, victoria and orbis.

    Black mage recruits new people to fight the intruders and that would be the Evil classes in MS :D

    if this was ever going to happen though, they’d have to finish creating at least 10 new job threads, each to match the opposing forces. what would best be done for the classes is if each evil class was the oppsite of one of the “good” classes creating a sort of ballanced PvP world, as lng as nothing gets nerfed

    how awesome would al this be? anyone else got any ideas of how they could expand on this? :D

    • Pie says:

      I think the resistance warrior’s storyline should be like, training with the black wings as a spy, and then he/she would double-cross the black wings and… :) That makes the game more interesting.

  99. noob says:

    To a, you are wrong. Despite evan is not the one who fought with the black mage , he is the dragon master = one of the hero. Aran is also one of them . Making them 2 out of 5 already. If the hero archer comes out it will be 3 leaving thief and pirate behind. I think thief will come next as there is already cannon master or whatsoever but anyway it is the pirate job .
    To spadow , it is true that one of the edelstein quest. The instructor mentioned he could be a warrior but there is no warrior in resistance which makes no sense. I mean why cannot have warrior in resistance? makes no sense. And if there is warrior in resistance , there might also be a thief resistance.

  100. David says:

    I have some ideas :) For the Warrior Resistance Character, he should wield 2 Power Axes and swings them in a special way. Or, he could be a warrior that carriers a great and mighty super hammer. He attacks super slow, but extremely high. Then for the Thief resistance, they should be able to travel even faster using “Resistance Technology” and they have the abibility to use less stars earlier. For the legends, the Archer should fire faster, and the arrows are magic arrows from faeries or pixies or something magical instead of normal ones, and instead of weapon attack, they need magic attack. that would really be unique. For the Cannon Shooters, they should be able to either shoot faster, or shoot stronger. I like the monkey though. Finally, the Thief legend should really be a NInja. I know it sounds corny, but Ninjas are from ancient times, and everyone loves ninjas. but instead of throwing stars all the time or continuous stabbing, they are the game’s top spammers, and spams with fighting moves (Brawler) and a combined Thief group (throw stars without stars, and stab with a “Chakra” dagger?) If only if only.

    • Jason Wang says:

      Heh, for the THief Resistance it should be a Spy/Agent, since technically they would fit into the resistance events. The Resistance needs spies so it can combat the Black Wings effectively….blah blah blah.

  101. XenoHunter says:

    Resistance Warrior…Hmm…Interesting…What Will It Be?A Modern Generation Samurai?

  102. MrForeign says:

    That mysteriously new character from the 8th maple anniversery looks like a fairy, yet you wouldn’t see a fairy in a place that looks like henesys, nexon i wonder whats up your sleeve.

  103. Oliver says:

    Hey spadow I think your right about the archer hero cuz if you read the story on the website Cygnus falls it says they needed a hero and the 3001 that you don’t know about is a thief for the resistance cuz tht girl who is the doctor and gives you all the quest was suppose to be a thief

  104. Oliver says:

    Spadow spadow spadow. You were right about the cannon shooter and the dual bow archer there is a trailer called legend and there is also another job i don’t think it was a resistance member but it looked really cool so go on YouTube and check it out plz

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