KMST V382 ~ Archer restructuring part 2

Hey everyone. From reading the comments in my previous entry, I think Archers are quite happy about the Jump update.
Today part 2 of the restructuring has been released.

The NPC Mirror of Dimension has a new makeover!
Some new Party Quests are available and others are not. All PQ rewards are revamped, but since I don’t have a lot of time at this moment due to guests in my house, I will only address the changed skills from the Archer job.

Hopefully I’ll have the time to explain everything in a few days.
Read more after the jump!~

Ranger, Bowmaster

Concentration (3rd Job): The increase in weapon attack has been decreased from +25 to +20. The reduction of MP cost has been increased from 20% to 25%.

Spirit Link: Phoenix (4th Job): The increase in damage has been decreased from 20% to 15%. A 15% resistant to all statuses effect has been added to Spirit Link: Phoenix.
Illusion Step (4th Job): The increase of DEX has been decreased from 45 to 40. The 35% increase in avoidability has been replaced with a 30% success rate of avoiding an attack.
Advanced Final Attack (4th Job): The increase in weapon attack has been decreased from +30 to +20. Damage has been decreased from 250% to 210% and the success rate has been increased from 60% to 70%.

Sniper, Marksman

Concentration (3rd Job): The increase in weapon attack has been decreased from +25 to +20. The reduction of MP cost has been increased from 20% to 25%.

Spirit Link: Freezer (4th Job): The increase in damage has been decreased from 20% to 15%. A 15% resistant to all statuses effect has been added to Spirit Link: Freezer.
Illusion Step (4th Job): The increase of DEX has been decreased from 45 to 40. The 35% increase in avoidability has been replaced with a 30% success rate of avoiding an attack.
Piercing (4th Job): Can now attack twice. The amount of monsters it can attack has been decreased from 8 to 6. Piercing now inflicts 750% damage x 2 up to 6 monsters.

Wind Breaker

Concentration (3rd Job): The increase in weapon attack has been decreased from +25 to +20. The reduction of MP cost has been increased from 20% to 25%.

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102 Responses to KMST V382 ~ Archer restructuring part 2

  1. obvious man says:


  2. Cujo00 says:

    Lol.. new door.

  3. Battlehydrax says:

    Spadow! Could you upload a video of the new pqs pls :D im very curious about them lol

  4. HDex says:

    I hope the damage increase with each monster still applies to the new pierce. I’m not liking the immediate nerfs. Bowman were supposed to be a dps class. I guess they’re taking that away. Maple wants everyone to become a warrior it seems. Thanks for the updates as usual Spadow.

    • Alilatias says:


      The nerfs are almost meaningless. I see most of this as a buff, actually. I was expecting far more of a nerf, honestly.

      Illusion Step before was arguably too much, depending on how that avoid is supposed to work out. Notice how Evasion Boost was changed so that we have 100% critical hit rate for 1 second after each time we dodge an attack? Now factor in Illusion Step’s additional avoid. Two and two together.

      So was Spirit Link, but we traded 5% Attack for 15% resistance to elements (or is it status effects?) instead of just losing that attack outright. What’s even better is that since Spirit Link is a passive skill that is attached to our summons, and summons cannot be dispelled…

      Concentrate was utterly ridiculous for a 3rd job skill. We just traded 5 ATK for +5% MP cost reduction. Remember that it has no cooldown now too. At least we didn’t trade all of Concentrate’s ATK for something like +60 DEX like I was expecting, like what happened to Dragon Knight’s Dragon Blood.

      Piercing got ridiculously buffed (with Fiel of SouthPerry saying that its delay got reduced by quite a bit, to boot).

      Advanced Final Attack’s weapon attack boost was just silly before, and utterly unfair to Marksmen. The damage reduction is offset by the fact that it was just given a +10% activation rate. That is a buff in the long run.

      • ~dougall~ says:

        As a bowmaster I’m still quite happy with this. Like you said, all the changes were not complete nerfs like some other classes have received. I really like the status resistance of spirit link now too. All these changes are totally reasonable to me.

      • Chocolatey says:

        Your right it was gonna be nerf.But wow sweet piercing must be godly now since it hits twice.

  5. greennov1 says:

    more reasons to continue my WA that died at lvl 36…

    • Oxygenesis says:

      Wild Archers don’t get buffed in Jump!. Only adventurers.

      Wild Archers suck anyway, use a crossbow like they’re supposed to be used. MM PRIDE~

  6. NovaNuvaMS says:

    Again TY Spadow for more info on the Jump update and other updates (: I find your blog very organized and neat!! I appreciate how you’ve come a long a way and still kept up your hard work.

  7. ipokesnails says:

    That 70% final attack is pretty significant, I like it.

    • Chocolatey says:

      70% wow thats better than i thought ,but asking yourself how many chances does it for you take to destroy your armor with a 70% dark scroll. If you know then thats how many chnces you get to hit a free shot.

  8. Ragoss says:

    I didn’t even read the post yet, but the surprise of it being here was such a great thing to come home to after work that you just rock even more!

    • Ragoss says:

      And sadly after reading I see the reduced dps for bowman some, but that’s understandable because those buffs were insane.

      • Viper says:

        ummm…advanced final atk went from 60% to 70%
        that means a faster hurricane if your’e a bowmaster :P

        • Chocolatey says:

          I just hope warriors get that 70% as well then.

          • Alilatias says:

            Doubt it.

            Heroes get +30 Weapon Attack, 250% damage, and 60% activation.
            Bowmasters get +20 Weapon Attack, 210% damage, and +70% activation.

            I think it’s a fair trade, considering Heroes do not attack as fast as Bowmasters. I’d think Heroes would benefit more from the extra passive weapon attack and higher damage, as they need more power behind their slower attacks. Bowmasters’ Hurricane has an insane attacking speed, in which they would benefit more from the higher activation rate.

  9. Axxez says:

    Hmm small changes here and there. Thanks for the update~ ^^

  10. Omar says:

    This still doesn’t mean that the buffs of archers aren’t significant. This is a great update for archers regardless of the small nerfs on the new changes.

  11. Ricky says:

    Sheesh, that new Piercing is like a SUPER boomerang step o.O

  12. JPanda says:

    ty spadow

  13. Julesx says:

    I still think that is ok that BM have a better 1vs1 skill than MM. But i dont think BM should have extra 20 Watt cos of Advanced Final Attack. LF> 20 att buff for MM, now they are slow and weaker.

    Now in GMS are better pots for att (25 watt) than concentration so it will only be used to train or in places with pot cooldown.

  14. Boring says:

    I want see movies and gameplay about that restructuring. Can u post 4 us, please? I love u spadow, im a huge brazilian fan since u started with this blog.

    sorry 4 my bad english or if i saind something annoying. cya :)

  15. 冰雷魔导师 says:

    Now I have calculated carefully about DPS of warrior,magician and archer after jump!,but disappointedly found that single DPS of BM higher than hero about 30%,and higher than magician over 60!But multitude DPS of BM is not low,in fact it higher than Paladin…
    Now archer has 50% rate of MISS,because Illusion Step now increase 30% rate of MISS instead of EVA..

    I think the 3rd of jump! has no balance to say!

    • Alilatias says:

      Tell us the calculations and formulas you used for this, before people come in from SouthPerry and probably rip you a new one if there’s any kind of flaw in your calculations.

  16. 冰雷魔导师 says:

    Hope the factor of bow can be decreased from 1.3 to 1.1.

    In fact now archer will never troubled by the HP…

    Although Pink been has 24000 magic attack,but fighting pink been is a group work,when Paladin threat it,the magic attack just be 16800.Then Elite Puppet has decrease 20% of damage,so the damage now just be 13440.Also,it is not diffcult for archers to have 1600 defense,so 1600 give you 20% decrease of damage,the damage now is just 10752!
    But a level 200 archer’s natural HP is about 5000,when one of personal ability level 50 gives you 1000HP,advanced bless gives you 700 HP,and equipment gives you 300 HP,and Spirit Link: Phoenix and Hyper Body double your HP,a level 200 archer now has 14000HP! Can you speak a archer are troubled by his/her low HP?

  17. DracoRukario says:

    Thanks Spadow for all the uber quick updates. :D

    I can’t wait for all these awesome changes to hit GMS!

  18. SomeRandomFP says:

    Arent I so smart? I deleted my hunter like a month ago TT^TT

  19. THEKEVIN says:

    hm 2 bowmasters for me?

  20. ajerul says:

    i wonder why ppl keep saying nerfed that nerfed this…

    we should try first before we say it was really nerfed >.< eventhough the dmg might be seems smaller but considering all buff and skills all are actually better than before.

    just like before big bang, everyone is in panic when someone said DB are nerfed and what so ever bcuz fatal blow dmg reduced and bla bla… but as i can see now, yes the value seems lower like only 3k compare last time i could do 4k but with mirror image getting better the total damage is pretty good.

    same goes with mechanic. i think the reason they were called op was because no one ever saw a valkyrie plays.

    pls dont jump to any conclusion like 'omg nerfed!'

    in my point of view, before this the avoid thingy, if you successfully avoid, the next attack will be critical right? but now it was change to 1 sec duration of 100% critical. yes it might seems pretty short for just 1 sec but imagine how many arrows can they shoot in 1 sec?

    • DracoRukario says:

      Agreed. I was a little afraid of BB but now I hit better than ever. We’ll all just have to find out when the patch actually releases if this is all good or not, eh?

  21. SwordStaker says:

    Wonder what the thief and pirate will look like.

  22. Viper says:

    ah… heck by the time this patch comes out my BM will be lvl….
    that means 114 sp points
    -30 for Bow Expert
    -30 for Sharp Eyes
    -30 for Advanced Final Attack
    -1 for Hurricane

    And distribute the remaining 23sp points into illusion step,spirit link,ultimate inferno, and maple warrior

    thats what im going to do

  23. ReZoOM says:

    Hi Spadow, I’m not sure if you know what Bannedstory is but recently Nexon shut it down due to copy infringement. The website used MapleStory sprites in order to help players create MMVS, drawings, checking out NX and creating signatures for forums. Nexon also promoted the website a while back with a MMV contest for some band. The website has done nothing but attract players to MapleStory… and in no way have they earned any type of profit from the website. With the removal of BannedStory the MapleStory YouTube community will also take a severe hit and possibly end due to how much more difficult it would be to create MMVS. Some Maplers on BasilMarket have started a petition in attempt to have Nexon recall their “Cease and Desist” letter. We are well aware that the petition may do little to nothing, and Nexon probably won’t even bother to look at the petition, but we need to try something. So the BannedStory community and myself would be very grateful if you would be willing to help us promote our petition, which can be found via the following link:
    If you don’t advertise the petition we will understand, and we would still like to thank you for taking the time to read my post.

  24. Metal Titan says:

    Awesome!!!! i am so waiting that the spellk of aweking will come to gms cuz im evan and spadow in the 26th GMS will get the Heroes\Dual blade no creation wich means chaos comes to GMS!!!!!

    • frank says:

      (you wouldn’t do this if it was reality)

      • Jet says:

        chaos wont be coming to GMS until the end of June. (29th june) and then most likely september for this Jump update to come to GMS.

        • darklime says:

          September? That’s only one month. First of all, Nexon said they’re waiting 3 month gaps for their updates. Second, we are approximately four to six months behind KMS. GMS won’t be getting Chaos until the end of June and won’t get JUMP! until December-Jan., Nov. if we’re lucky.

  25. ChuanJun says:


  26. breadstory says:

    can i ask sumthing? UA archer’s get this double jump or not? what about the rest of the bonus does it apply to UA archer

  27. s0meb0dy says:

    If they will renew the old PQ’s I have 1 thing to say: MAKE THE EXP IN CPQ 2 BETTER!!!
    Wa, wa, wait, *Looks at Piercing* WHAT THE *Faints*,
    Honstely, 1500% (750%*2) damage to 6 enemies with increased damage over monster?
    With +20 ATK and +15% ATK and another +40 DEX??? Okay, now I think Nexon likes Archers a little bit too much, for now…

    • Oxygenesis says:

      The damage reduction from monsters makes some of the damage from pierce go down, almost to its previous damage. But then again, the damage increase one gets per monster will rise exponentially now due to the 1.2 dmg increase per monster is doubled (assuming it’s still retained)

      [750+750] = 1500% [[750*1.2]+[750*1.2]] = 1800% [[900*1.2]+[900*1.2]] = 2160% [1080*1.2]+[1080*1.2]] = 2592% [[1296*1.2]+[1296*1.2]] = 3110.4% [[1555.2*1.2]+[1555.2*1.2] = 3732.48% (That’s six monsters, two hits each)

      1500% + 1800% + 2160% + 2592% +3110.4% +3732.48% = 14894.88%

      Keeping in mind Piercings ability to pass damage capacity, this can deal some serious damage. Also, Marksmanship and various other DEF ignore skills/potentials could help retain damage.

      Old Pierce:

      1150*1.2 = 1380 1380*1.2 = 1656 1656*1.2 = 1987.2 1987.2*1.2 = 2384.64 2384.64*1.2 = 2861.568 2861.568*1.2 = 3433.8816

      1150 + 1380 + 1656 + 1987.2 + 2384.64 + 2861.568 + 3433.8816 = 14853.2896%

      14894.88% > 14853.2896% …barely. In fact, the new Pierce is WEAKER if not equal to the old one (DEF reasons)… That’s something to be considered.

  28. Tokentaker says:

    I was hoping for the Bowman/Crossbowman Legend to be released.

  29. Xtremelarpus says:

    Thanks for your work here Spadow :)! I want this to hit GMS… I have to wait for some months until this hits GMS. Since I’m an archer, I want to know, Nexon removed Bow Expert? And If the skill is still there, it gives the same +30 att boost? Thanks in advance Spadow :P

    • Alilatias says:

      If Spadow doesn’t mention anything about a skill being changed or removed, then nothing happened to it. Hurricane and Bow Expert have not recieved any changes as of yet, and it’s unlikely that they’ll recieve any changes by the time this is over.

  30. Cesar says:

    Anything in the files that indicate a hint towards the new Bowman Legend? :D

    • Arrol says:

      There is nothing that hints towards another legend.

    • Alilatias says:

      There’s nothing about another Legend thus far, but today’s KMST patch has something interesting.

      Valerie (the pirate girl) is an NPC in Nautilus now, and from the looks of it, she says something about an upgrade to the submarine, and Kyrin (the Pirate job instructor) is in some sort of danger.

      Nautilus PQ? Or foreshadowing of something even bigger down the road?

  31. Viper says:

    can you get hurricane as a 100% 30 mastery book?

    • Viper says:

      also how do you get those 100% mastery books? i forgot

    • DracoRukario says:

      100% mastery books?! I’ve never heard of these. >__>

      • Alilatias says:

        Special Mastery books.

        They’re part of the Jump events, in which if you have a Level 70+ (I think) Warrior, Mage, or Bowman, you can recieve a Special Mastery Book of your choice (minus Maple Warrior and a few others for obvious reasons) with a 100% success rate. It can skip from 10 -> 30 as well.

  32. stylinggel says:

    Hey Spadow thanks for your work here :D I wonder if the pirates and thiefs get a upgrade to in jump patch?

  33. Pingback: Top Posts —

  34. Alilatias says:

    That said, something even more definite showed up in today’s official KMS server patch.

    A new Archer class is definitely coming. It still looks a ways away since it’s just one script hinting at the existence of a new ‘dualBow’ weapon type, but it’s enough to tell everyone that it exists.

    • Ghost says:

      Nexon may be breaking it’s pattern. The Aran and Evan use a polearm and wand/staff. Never has a non-adventurer has gotten a new weapon first.

      Although if Nexon does continue it’s pattern, we may see a third branch of the archer job instead.

      • Luxeraph says:

        Didn’t they also say that no more new classes till the legends are done?

        Also I can’t wait to see the rest of the legends they always come with something new.

    • Spadow says:

      I’ve seen it too. I found some interesting stuff in this patch. VERY interesting. I’ll post it soon. ;-)

  35. BuccaneerFTW says:

    Buccaneer FTW Buccaneer FTW Buccaneer FTW Buccaneer FTW

  36. msea player says:

    haizzzzzzzzz this patch so NOOB all skill dmg have been decrease!!!! zzzz!!!!
    be a noob JOB !!!! and cnt sit on rex mount of hog of gargoyle to attk!!!zzzz!!!
    noob patch part 2 got!!!

  37. msea player says:

    if not dont gv 1st part 1 add so much dmg let us F2
    now decrease all the WA and dmg make us F4 zzzz!!!!

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