Patch for the public server is next week

The date for the anticipated last update of Jump! for the public server has been revealed!

After the web maintenance, Nexon uploaded a new header onto their homepage.

As you can see in the header of my blog, the date is revealed to be May 26th. That’s in… 7 days!
There is no test server patch yet, but I’m positive that it will happen today.

It seems Nexon is very confident about this update, huh?
Some users argue that this might be a date for the test server patch, but I think that’s not true. Why?
The anniversary events end on the 29th of May. This update is scheduled for May and Nexon always release a patch for an update on a Thursday.
Next week is the last Thursday of May and the header is shown on the main homepage.

The Jump! update is coming to an end. Time flies fast, doesn’t it? As usual, I’m curious what Nexon Korea is planning next for MapleStory.

Summer is soon!

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150 Responses to Patch for the public server is next week

  1. Kenny says:

    Can’t wait! :]

  2. Eric says:

    Oh my. Does this mean we get a peek at what happens to Bow/Crossbow users tomorrow or the day after?

  3. Whee says:

    woot :D

  4. Charles says:

    Do you know when the chaos update is for GMS?

    • Eric says:

      June 14/15.

    • JPanda says:

      right after jubilation man, cant wait

      • greennov1 says:

        thats exactly why on the jubilation event page it says “because after the party, there will be chaos…”
        thats a direct quote
        and the REASON people think chaos comes on june 14th at night (because sc’s are at night) is because the events end on june 14th so its kinda logical

  5. scottie says:

    Finally we’ll know what’s the future for the archers! I’m so excited, can’t wait to know whats happening also with the adventure thingy too

  6. Spadow says:

    You need to stop with the ”1st, 2nd, 3rd” comments. It’s annoying and it doesn’t contribute at all.
    If it doesn’t stop soon then I make sure it will stop.

  7. darklime says:

    Glad they made mages on par from the mage update, now let’s hope Nexon fixes the issues with WHs and Classic Archers. I can’t wait to see what you guys get. Hopefully you’ll be completely happy, not like me! xD (I’m still really impressed)

  8. Jeff says:

    I hope that BMs and MM won’t be overshadowed by WH after the Jump Patch!

    • Eric93 says:

      Right! I’m pretty sire they will make us better again so I can’t wait :)) I really wanna see what happens :(

  9. LynjanDakari says:

    And they used the regular Archer pic, so probably the updates concern Archers.

  10. Lambo says:


  11. SlayerGhost says:

    I’ve been looking for an update every day since Thursday two weeks ago. So to answer your question “Time flies fast, doesn’t it?’, NO! This has been an excruciatingly painful wait for me.

    And looking at Spielgleman’s monster Park just makes regular grinding seem so unappealing.

    • ~dougall~ says:

      lol ya, as an archer myself, the wait for this patch has been very painful.

    • JPanda says:

      lol its painful checking all the time, aint it, ive been checking just about every hour =) this update is going to give a well deserved buff to bowmen and it also means CLOSER TO NEW PIRATE STUFF :D
      Top 2 classes are Pirates & Bowmen ;P

      • Flying Tofu says:

        yeah it’s pretty painful but at least we got something right? Anyway, I’d love to see what new animations bowmen get

        • Richei says:

          Agreed, I personally think inferno could use tweaking. Ive been an archer all of ms and i just adore them :P I think hurricane has a good animation but i think it could be improved as well. Maybe they could prob let regular archers have more mobility while firing arrows like wh’s. SCREW U WILD HACKERS!

          • darklime says:

            I was checking for the mage update constantly when it was coming out, so I feel you guys. I think they should let BMs walk while using hurricane and Marksmen as well with ultimate strafe.

    • jay says:

      Well hate to burst your bubble buts it gonna be even more of a painful wait for the jump patch to hit GMS, which will probably be next year.

      • Luxeraph says:

        Why would it be next year? Big Bang was released in kms on summer gms got it on winter, chaos was released on winter gms gets it on summer and jump is being released on spring so its more likely that it will hit gms on autumn/fall at the worst it will be on winter.

    • ajerul says:

      agreed~ as an MSEA player to wait for this is very very very painful.

  12. spadowrox says:

    So… im confused..
    what date will YOU post about the new archer updates?
    thanks spadow! i love your website and all your work!

  13. JPanda says:

    TT_TT i want to see the new stuff so bad, the days are starting to move slow because of this and this only… time to watch more one piece, hsdk, and khr

    • JPanda says:

      forgot to say, thanks for the update spadow, we all love you, and as a fellow viper/bucc, i admire you <3 nohomo

      • Richei says:

        ha ha lol i love that comment nohomo my friend says that all the time whenever he says something unpure

  14. Chocolatey says:

    Your right Spadow time does fly quick

  15. xxGorillas says:

    Update 빨리 헤주세용~

  16. spadowrox says:

    아… 저도 시간이 너무 빨리가는거 같아요 ㅠㅠ
    나 벌써 고딩이야 ㅠㅠ
    대학 가기 싫어 ㅋㅋㅋ
    게임도 이제 그만 하고 공부즘 해야돼요 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
    인생 이 너무 빨리가 !!

  17. sammya says:

    im confused. is a archer legend coming or not?

  18. BrownKid says:

    Awesome! Thanks spadow! And do you think there’s going to be an archer hero released?? That would be amazing

  19. askmiller says:

    so wait. no updates for thieves or pirates? Is nexon trying to say buccs and sairs DONT need an update. they aren’t bad in 4th job, but 3rd job they are just so much harder than every other class.

    • Eric93 says:

      There so hard at 3rd BECAUSE there so good at 4th they had to even it out some where

      And pirates don’t need as much of an update, they get BSC and BST plus rapid fire which shoots the same amount of bullets as hurricane does arrows at only 5% DMG less maxed
      Idk bout buccs they seem pretty solid

  20. Robert says:

    Hopefully Nexon doesn’t forget about NLs and Buccs ;D. New update coming soon? Yes pelase! All jobs were adjusted in some way besides those two. (I think)

    • Zuzique says:

      LOL, Buccs are really FINE. NLs are only job right after this update who need some serious buffs…

      • eric93 says:

        u guys got the biggest dmg upgrade from big bang, and for those who complain about how shadowers ripped off NL’s and thats another reason for an update?

        Just look at Bowman and wild huters… we kinda got ripped harder

      • JPanda says:

        Buccs are fine, we just hope for a buff, we want to be OP for a change ;P

  21. whutnut? says:

    pretty cool. i hope they gave archers more mobility when attacking, or at least, the very lease, give archers a higher avoid, almost as good as thieves in the later level (i mean, come on, with such much dex, archers cant avoid much ya no?)

    i hope that bm and mm can actually be different from WH… because wh bascially over powers them in every way possible. I mean, lets face it, WH has both mobility and all of the good skills which extremely overshadows BM and MM. So i hope that nexon will improve BM and MM that it will actually make then different from WH (just how they made BaM completely different from other mages).

    anyways, looking forward to this update as it will motivate me to get my 98 ranger to 120!

    • Richei says:

      nicely done man I just want BM’s to get a full screen attack like wh’s do T.T

      • Random Person says:

        I havent seen a vid of it yet.

      • Random Person says:

        Sorry for the second post. But they do get a full screen attack :3.

      • darklime says:

        No, no, NO! Ugh, only people that should have a full screen attack is mages and DK’s dragon roar. I don’t like seeing all these stupid new classes that don’t need ultimate’s. Just like everyone is getting flash jump when only thieves should get it and everyone getting stance when only warriors should have it. Honestly, if Nexon is going to make a new class or add new skills, MAKE THEM NEW, not a f***ing copy. >.>

  22. Edwin says:

    So i read in the other post something like “The power of gale will cut through the battlefield!” so im assuming that gale is the archer hero? i rlly rlly hope so! i wanna see how it is xD and also wanna see the BM and MM changes :D

  23. Alilatias says:

    One week is clearly not enough to include an Archer Hero. Hell, one week is clearly not enough, period.


    • Anonymous says:

      Don’t you think they’ve been planning the release of Archer hero as well as the others since January? It’s not like they’re just starting from scratch this exact day you know.

      • SlayerGhost says:

        …But they haven’t started testing it. All kind of things could go wrong when they only have a week to test it.

  24. Nick says:

    … ._. What about Pirates and Thieves?

  25. wongweilian says:

    maplesea had big bang on may 18th,and having the resistance on the 25th!

    • Zuzique says:

      and mech on june 1st.
      msea are just far away from gms, although they got aran and cyg way b4 us…. now theyre far far away. atleast they get bb updates fast o-o

  26. Ghost says:

    I wonder how Nexon will organized a thief and pirate revamp along with the remaining three heroes in this year.

  27. RandomDude says:

    Wow… I’m so curious… even though I don’t even have an archer class.
    Can’t wait till more info about this =)

  28. limitLess says:

    … … … Patch for KMST? Still not out yet. Sad.

  29. Spellyness says:

    Seven days to test? I don’t have too good a feeling about that.

  30. James says:

    great Jump for KMS Chaos for GMS they have already opened GMST and cant w8 to enter 2day just got invited =D

  31. Cora says:

    Nexon, why must you tease us?

  32. Charles A says:

    Sharp Eyes for 3rd job please! If combat orders and holy symbol can be 3rd job why not Sharp eyes?

  33. Inferno says:

    I’ve noticed that it took the warrior revamp 3 patches to get it right and 2 for the mages. Maybe they think that their improvements will make bowmen just right the first time.

  34. 메이풀 서토리 says:

    Do you think if not not, archer hero will be realeases in summer time(web gms gets chaos)
    And then the thief hero-autumn
    Pirate hero-winter
    They are all schedualed for this year right?
    What do you think spadow?

  35. Viper says:

    in 25 min the upgrades are going to be released! get ready to type spadow….
    or its 1 hr 25 min.

  36. Viper says:

    its out! at insoya

  37. Monblank says:

    I think archer legend is comming because if they are not releasing it to tespia is because they are giving us a surprise :D
    And the archer restructuring wouldn’t be that needed as the warrior and mage restructuring because warrior were underpowered and mages dmg just sucked. I’m not saying they don’t need it but I’ve seen lot of archers with normal dmg and buccs and nl have pretty low dmg.

    So it would be both archer legend and restructuring and maybe nexon release the pirate and thief legend with its class restructuring patch so all the jobs would be balanced :P

  38. Viper says:

    who wants a spoiler….

  39. Viper says:

    okay guys~ not to spoil it all
    heres just a small preview

    -Double jump (2nd Job) : Allows you to jump 2 times
    -Physical Training (2nd Job) : Raises STR and DEX permanently
    -Drain Arrow ( 3rd Job) : Fires a arrow that drains HP
    -Spirit Link : Phoneix (4th Job) : While summoning Phoenix raises damage,HP,MP,magical Defense and physical defense a lot

  40. Alilatias says:

    Give Spadow some time, sheesh. He was never the fastest person out of all the fansites – because he organizes the info himself, and he’s among the very few people in the English community that can even test all of this out himself in the first place.

    Google translated patch notes… What’s with the ‘Resurrection of Saint Sabres’ event?

    • Viper says:

      1st of all, yeah your right give spadow some time; im just very impatient for other people to know about the update :P
      2nd, actually i can test all this new content too
      3rd of all: spadow will tell you what resurrection of saint sabres is…

  41. Ragoss says:

    Please spoil us!

    • Alilatias says:

      Fiel doesn’t have the exact data up yet, but in the meantime, you can look at the horribly Google Translated patch notes. Because the translations are so terrible, we still have hardly any idea on how the new skills work.

      • Viper says:

        i can translate it too you know -_-

        • Alilatias says:

          Oh, so you’re a KMS player? That explains your damage range in one of the previous articles.

          Anyways, I just put up that link so people can look at the exact data after Fiel puts it up. As it is now, it only contains the patch notes.

          • Ragoss says:

            I read that a bit ago. Very funny to read. I’d like to know what elite puppet is. Maybe agro enemies on its own or something like that. Nice small spoiler Viper. So many moves deleted.

          • Viper says:

            i am a KMS/KMST player and:
            insoya has just released every skills icon/what they do at what lvl

          • Viper says:

            Elite Puppet is a skill that upgrdaes puppet so that it attackes and absorbs damage that you take

        • Random Person says:

          I don’t get what people find so great about google translate. Its horrible from translating large sentences from Korean to English, it just doesn’t work. No wonder why one of my German projects failed.

          • Alilatias says:

            It’s kind of a joke. We use it partly because it’s a translation tool that is quickly available, and we also use it because it’s so bad at it to the point where it can produce hilarious results.

  42. spedw says:

    the only thing i want to know is that there is a hero or not

  43. Edwin says:

    I want a archer hero!! D:

  44. xxxSnipe says:

    Viper, can you link us to insoya’s Releases?

  45. xxxSnipe says:

    No problem then. I guess Ill just wait for Spadow to have translated/blogged.

  46. IronMan says:

    cant wait for spadow to upgrade, imma buy popcorn and wait

  47. xxxSnipe says:

    Im refreshing every 30 mins already lol.
    Archers Mobility from the face of things actually decreases which Im not happy with.
    140% Passive speed is lovely right now and doesnt seem a fitting sacrifice for some extra Jump Height, unless the Jump also pushes you forward. LF> Spadows Update xD

    • Ragoss says:

      Look at Archer mastery now in 1st job. You get evade, speed and range from it now. We may be the next bandwagon soon with this update.

      • xxxSnipe says:

        I havent seen a Translated Version yet. =/ Just some basic obvious changes.

        • SlayerGhost says:

          Their mobility has done the exact opposite of decrease. They now have a mini fj and can break the speed cap without using a mount.

  48. Andy says:

    Awwwn, no drain arrow for Marksmans? Oh well, 50% Ignore Snipe and higher mobility got to me already.

  49. Sam says:!!
    ^Translated correctly, assuming my Korean is still up to par and I can still understand that crap google calls English.

    • Espeo says:

      WOW archers are really overpowered now -_- what the hell

      • xxxSnipe says:

        Dont be stupid please.
        Theres no need to start this Snowball before Spadow has even completed his Blog.

        • Random Person says:

          We need to wait for Spadow to post. Every1 else doesn’t know how to review as well as Spadow does.

        • eric93 says:

          *like* and either way its about dam time seriously… OPed ? go bitch to all the mechs out there etc… hop off archers -.-

    • JPanda says:

      I am sooo freaking happy i made a ua mm a few days ago, these changes make it SOOO WORTH IT!!! this is so epic, ms maxed at 160 now, double jump, no need for mount, a +25att buff, elite puppet, i love archers even more now!

  50. Spadow says:

    I just came home. :)
    I’m going to use my magic now.

  51. Karkain says:

    Excellent! Allow me to be melodramatic here; Jump is going to be a beacon of hope to us few Heroes that are resisting the Paladin bandwagon.

    The KMS summer updates will no doubt be interesting. However, due to GMS planning on its own exclusive content (Hopefully development on Masteria, I’m still waiting to see how things unfold with Crimsonwood Keep. We could use some new quests for those who have done CWKPQ, and I want to know who Slymm bargained with to raise Masteria! Or am I the only plot-minded person here?), that will delay updates from being translated from KMS to GMS, assuming that they’re not just “Summer content”.

    • Sam says:

      Somehow I really doubt that the “exclusive content” we’re getting is going to be good. Even if it is, it’ll either be hacked beyond all recognition and/or be so glitchy as to make the game unplayable until the inevitable emergency patch.

      Call me a cynic but this is based on the 6 years that Maplestory’s been out in North America. I would much rather have the tested and much-less-likely-to-be-screwed-up patches that kMS is churning out to be implemented in gMS.

    • Random Person says:

      Can’t hardly wait. All nexon has to do is fix that fucking bug that lets mechanics activate the sigils with atomic hammer. This always gets my kicked out of my friends CWK’s. ._. Buccs will stand on top!!!!

    • Alilatias says:

      There are a lot of plot-minded people here, it’s just that none of us talk about Masteria because some of the most important people behind the Masteria project left about two years ago, which is why we haven’t seen a major Masteria expansion in a while.

  52. Ariyushi says:

    Well you would think that if an archer hero DOES come out you would think that its only fair to have a pirate hero as well; but i think mechanic already covers this, yet to be honest I really dont count mechanics as a hero class because I dont like to consider them as pirates >.>

  53. hello says:

    you know soon…they’ll just keep buffing each class individually but they’ll never get it right. soon the damage will be really high…

    • Random Person says:

      I’m kinda thinking this too. if they do it all as a group. Obviously when they did chaos or big bang they didnt look at all the job’s clean damage b4 posting all the skill damage %.

    • Monblank says:

      Yea, nexon should nerf overpowered classes like mechs shadowers and corsairs b4 they overpower the underpowered classes and make new skills with normal dmg cuz since bb with nice potentials ppl can solo zak horned and all those bosses that are supposed to be killed in party >_>
      i think theres going to be a patch where the are going to change zakum and all those bosses to make them almost impossible to solo

      • Random Person says:

        All you do in HT as a mechanic is sit in 1 spot and spam lazor blast hitting 80% of the body parts inside. Get rid of the stance and ill be happy.

      • eric93 says:

        shadowers are fine…. go look at a DPS chart thats why they’re so strong is cuz there at the bottom

        • Monblank says:

          I dont have problem with b-step or any other skill.
          But I think meso explotion is too overpowered
          Also, i think they have one of the best dpm o.o

      • SwordStaker says:

        Zakum became obsolete when 4th job came out. More bosses will be added and the new boss will top the prior boss. There’s nothing wrong with this and it’s just how it works. It’s like life. You have this greedy bastard of a corporation and as you move through you see theres an even more greedy bastard who’s higher than that bastard.

  54. Random Person says:

    Spadow, i was just finishing watching your video of you Viper in the monster park, and the bug where you use dragon strike in transform the speed is normal, when i was playing on my Bucc on GMS the speed is bugged so that is goes slow, so slow that super xform during training just isn’t worth using.

    • askmiller says:

      mine is also slower, but it’s not too bad. it’s at about the speed as it would be without speed infusion on regular mapler, not transformed.

      basically the 40 atk is compensation for the slower atk. Idk why it’s like that, it makes no sense, i just hope they fix it.

  55. ninjablack99 says:

    Did they mention anything about Iran?

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  57. Ragoss says:

    Can’t wait for spadow to have the details up on this patch. Everything already up sounds amazing, but now I want quality for seeing everything added in the patch.

  58. techboy says:

    woo thats epic archers are now the class with best mobility(i think this makes them potentially the same as wh except theyre not on a cat right?) if they have +30 speed from elsewhere

  59. Vapor-X says:

    im confused
    No thief,pirate updates?

  60. SHUT UP says:

    I hope there is a pirate update. cuz there r way too few brawlers and little cosairs.

    and thief, mage, warrior, archer got their update except pirates. I bet the pirate update will be EPIC

  61. Sky says:

    Woot i must change to korean locale to play maple again (had work on translkating using hex and hex only likes english)

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