Small preview of the next patch

A small preview of what the patch in May will bring.

PART 01. Speed of the Wind
The power of gale will cut through the battlefield!
A more powerful arrow aimed towards the enemy’s heart.

PART 02. Era of a great adventure
Party Quests will be completely renewed!
Let’s go on a new adventure with each other!!

Renewal of Party Quests. Sounds interesting. By the way, did you know that I and other players cannot enter Nett’s Pyramid anymore?
It’s true. Access has been disabled from the NPC Mirror of Dimension a long time ago. I think we will see Nett’s Pyramid back this month.

This is the patch preview and the test server patch has yet to come. Expect it next week~
In the meanwhile, which Party Quests do you think that needs a renewal?

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172 Responses to Small preview of the next patch

  1. tharRandomF/P says:

    wow sounds interesting. I think that the PQs that need renewal are probably…….. well netts for one, its just not that fun anymore and monster carnival 2 really needs improvement. Nobody even considers it as a training tool from 50-70

  2. Globalistic says:

    Personally, I think 대모험 시대 should be translated to ‘era of great adventures’.

  3. NovaNuvaMS says:

    Thts great and finallllyyyyyy!!!! TY Spadow for more info on the Speed update!

  4. Jayson says:

    Hmm….I think that CPQ 2 has to be changed. Personally, I love the CPQs, but I really don’t like CPQ 2 as it is right now in GMS. I hope they would change it….

    • Jayson says:

      I meant that I think CPQ 1 is a good alternate to grinding…however, CPQ 2 was a let-down. Hopefully they make it better so that CPQ 2 will be as good for level 51-70 just like CPQ 1 was with level 30-51’s.

    • Jayson says:



      Not that I think I’ll need it…..

      • darklime says:

        cpq 2 monsters need to give exp, that’s a first.

        • bob says:

          AGREEEEEEEEEEEED! ==’ god damn 1exp things. :|

        • s0meb0dy says:

          True, that’s why CPQ 1 is WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY… Better than CPQ 2, So now I understand why there’s ALMOST no people there, I got in once (Post-Big Bang) and our team lost, we got like 2~3K EXP (I think it was B rank, I might be wrong) anyway, it way HORRIBLE EXP, it was my first and last time doing this PQ… with the mobbing, when killing monsters, you are lucky if you can get 2K EXP… In CPQ 1 you can triple that easily, very easily, Pre-Big Bang CPQ 2 was better than this…

          • Love Like Woe says:

            in cpq1 if u max rombot 1 round u can get about 25~50k exp -.-

          • s0meb0dy says:

            @Love Like Woe: NO WAY!!! IT’S OVER 9000!!!
            So in total, I guess the EXP in CPQ 1 is about 3 times better the EXP you get in CPQ 2, EVEN if you win in A rank… They just HAVE to increase the EXP from winning/losing (Let’s say, maybe A win will be 35K EXP, and lose 10~15K EXP?) or make the monster give normal EXP, at least…

          • s0meb0dy says:

            @Love Like Woe: So, or they’ll increase the EXP from monsters (by a LOT!), or… remove CPQ 2 -sniff-, I mean, Level 30~50 PQ gives more EXP than 51~70 PQ does? 0_0

          • Love Like Woe says:

            if gm can set CPQ 2 gv more exp thats better n more fair

  5. Ecksplisit says:

    Ohhh can’t wait to see. I hope they reveal who the new elf-looking chick is. :]

  6. RandomGuy says:

    Woo : ) cant wait see more update

  7. greennov1 says:

    maybe the elf person is the new netts npc…

  8. IronMan says:

    cant wait for pirates’ upgrade

    • darklime says:

      Buccs need an upgrades, sairs, not so much.

      • Viper says:

        sure, seeing buccs have one of the fastest/strongest mob skills in the game…

        • darklime says:

          I’ve heard so many stories of Buccs complaining and I never heard a sair once complain…Sure, they’re fast, but weak too…like mages @__@ but they’re still a bit better pre-jump…

          • Alilatias says:

            I think most of the Buccs complaining aren’t exactly complaining about their damage, but how their playing style had changed from before Big Bang to after Big Bang. Or at least, that’s what I remember from all the discussions about changes to Bucc skills after Big Bang was released in KMS.

            I think one complaint was the removal of invincibility frames when using Corkscrew Blow? And that Dragon Strike was made spammable, essentially turning Buccs into ‘every other class’ or something.

          • Takebacker says:

            The stupid buccaneer will complain about control/style

            The average buccaneer will complain about damage

            The smart buccaneer won’t care about either because they know their advantages

            We have too many advantages in GMS especially with the aggro glitch we have right now. Accidentally attack sed arm at czak or HT? Barrel. PB attacking too much? Barrage -> jump back -> CSB. (he barely attacks) Empress instructor summons mobs? CSB to corner -> Barrage -> backwards CSB to separate them for attackers to kill mobs and ranged to focus on instructor. Boss dealing too much damage for you to handle? Need to kill time for pot cooldown to finish? Barr->demo for 5 seconds of invincibility.

            The entire thing becomes extremely ridiculous if you have +2 seconds of invincibility when hit on your overall. Know what it’s like to get hit once every two demolitions? I’m sure you don’t.

            I’m not arguing that they shouldn’t be buffed, just that they don’t deserve the attention to be one of the first three classes focused on in jump. Warriors needed a ton of work because there wasn’t any distinction between the two pre-jump. Mages needed more work because they were weak as hell with no saving graces at all. Archers are probably the worst, because Nexon clearly has no idea how to design an archer aside from having it shoot 700 arrows in a minute. All of those classes either already have or will have (probably in jump) a legend counterpart, so it doesn’t make sense to jump thieves and pirates yet when they have no OP comparison.

          • Tablecake says:

            @Alilatias buccs are the most enjoyable class thats in maplestory, its somuch fun, it gots nothing to do with style. Its the damaga lack since most classes are growing to much atm.
            Still buccs aren’t weak the ones that say so never played a bucc that good.

          • Takebacker says:

            Buccaneers are weak COMPARATIVELY. They need a boost but otherwise it isn’t necessary. If they get buffs in other areas instead i won’t complain.

            Also you’re an idiot if you think the damage you do isn’t affected by how good you are at controlling your character. The majority of buccaneers are spammers. They have no knowledge what attack they need to use for the mob size in front of them nor what is most effective in a given situation, and that knowledge directly affects %/h.

  9. Karkain says:

    If its the Archer Hero, I’m going to be disgusted beyond belief. Nuff’ said.

    I want to see Pirate PQ renewed, mostly because the system now is pretty biased towards whoever can cover the map fastest. My 94 WA was blown away by a freaking 80 something Mech. While my 150 Hero outkilled a 170 something Ice/Lightning Arch Mage because I used Rush and Shout. I can’t think of any solutions off the top of my head, but the way it works currently needs improvement.

    “Let’s go on a new adventure”. Hmm, this intrigues me. What they mean by it could really be anything, but the first thing that came to my mind was the dungeons and raid system in WoW. Anyone else think of that, or am I the only one who is familiar with WoW?

    • darklime says:

      Can you explain about the dungeons and raid system? I have a friend who plays WoW and I’ve heard little from him about it, so IDK that much about the game. Please do inform!

      Also, I think the “Let’s go on a new adventure” part is probably referring to the PQ revamp possibly.

      • Karkain says:

        I never actually played WoW myself, but I watched my brother play, lol.

        At any rate, dungeons were just that, dungeons. You went in with a party formed of whoever, and went around inside, killing and collecting treasure, and ended by fighting a boss at the end. Usually parties were consisting of a tank to take the attention of monsters, a healer, long range damagers, and maybe another tank if there was room.

        As for raids, you and a brigade of players go into a town and kill everyone and everything to gain EXP, items, etc. However, this requires factions to be made; unfortunately, MapleStory has no factions at the moment. NPC’s also have levels in raids so a bunch of people can’t just ransack a town unopposed.

        Those two aspects would make Maple a very well-developed game and also very challenging.

  10. daniel says:

    irena as the archer image…. I smelling a important change for wind archers for some reason

    • spadowrox says:

      I think thats just cuz shes the most pretty/sexiest/attractive archer npc there is.
      Wind archers already have pretty awesome skills and damage.
      but u never know what nexon’s up to :D
      a wind archer change would be cool too :P

  11. anon says:

    The ghost ship PQ needs to accept any equal teams, 1v1 or 2v2 and not just 3v3. It’s so impossible to find a full squad of 6 players on a small server :(

  12. Hollogen says:

    Orbis PQ could use some work. But if the fix CPQ2 aswell then it will probably still be empty.

  13. jaycee says:

    XD this is gonna take ages 2 reach gms- feel srry 4 maplesea and ems

  14. JPanda says:

    I seriously can’t wait to see the new archer class, whatever it is, i cant wait!

  15. Tanner says:

    Good a PQ update is coming :) Post-BB CPQ1 is only good for grinding on roms, and cpq 2 is awful. Not to mention the EXP rewards for the other PQs arent really worth it(With the exception of hob king and ghost ship)

  16. Random noob on sidewalk says:

    I agree with the pirate PQ rant about mechs being op. I think that CPQ2 needs ALLOT more exp raise.
    when I go on there’s literally NO ONE there. I waited like 30 mins and still nothing…

  17. bluebandandit says:

    I want to see a ludi PQ renewal…Maybe they could implement an one of those ever-changing PQ systems where the rooms are never the same :)

    I liked the idea of higher lvl players being able to enter lower PQs, but it ruined the magic to see them rhaping alishar and shrinking the depth of the PQ. I think they should not only have a level accommodation feature, but a level sync feature; were a character that’s higher lvl than the PQ requirements has it’s damage range lowered to that of an average level player for said PQ.

    These are all just MY ideas though…lets see if Nexon actually does anything interesting…

  18. RazorNion says:

    I think all the PQs need a renewal
    So far in gMS, the only ones alive are CWKPQ, HobPQ, CPQ1, DRPQ, and some others.
    It would be nice to make a comeback for the others.

    I don’t know how the kMS PQ life is so far but it’ll probably increase soon!

  19. KnifeSaid says:

    From what it seems like, the saying of the archer hero is coming soon

    PART 01. Speed of the Wind
    The power of gale will cut through the battlefield!
    A more powerful arrow aimed towards the enemy’s heart.


    • C510 says:

      PART 01. Speed of the Wind
      The power of gale will cut through the battlefield!
      A more powerful arrow aimed towards the enemy’s heart.

      i hope that those archers can fire their arrows faster than just the speed of wind.

      • Viper says:

        even hurricane winds? :P

        • SlayerGhost says:

          It’s gonna be interesting to see what the Archer hero is like. Going into Big Bang, the only idea for a 3rd bowman I could think of was an Archer who rode a mount. Surprisingly, though, it wasn’t the hero.

          • Alilatias says:

            Ditto. I had fan-made plans drawn up for a mounted archer hero before Wild Hunters came out.

            I like my current ranged/melee battle stance switching idea much better, though.

          • SlayerGhost says:

            What else is there? I mean, there’s really not much else that can be done with the class that isn;t a complete re-imagination of Bowmen in general.

          • Viper says:

            i bet no matter how stronger the original bowmens get, the archer hero will be stronger…

    • Daniel says:

      PART 01. Speed of the Wind
      Wind archers are getting something IMPORTANT this patch

      1.- see title
      2.- just look. you can see irena there

      I think theyre losing eagle eye(so they can add the archer hero because EE = another hero) or getting something new.

  20. Squeedly says:

    I know its about PQ’s, but Chryse reallly really needs fixing. Like seriously, you have to do about 15 quests collecting like 100 of each item from monsters that drop it in like a 1 in 8 chance. It needs a relaunch.

    • s0meb0dy says:

      I agree, and these quests barely give any EXP, I did the quests to get 50 of the goblin’s drops, it took some long time, the reward doesn’t worth the time, they need to make those quests shorter or make them give more EXP (Like, 30,000/quest, maybe?)

      • SlayerGhost says:

        I also agree… I got about halfway through Chryse and then realized that they were making my journey to 120 (Which literally takes less than a week now pre-bb) take several more days. It is definitely not worth it at all.

        • darklime says:

          Less than a week? How long would you be grinding each day. 10+ hours? Care to explain how fast you do it?

          • SlayerGhost says:

            10-20 at Blue Ribbon Pigs, 20-30 at Rotting Skeletons (In NLC), 30-50 Rom grinding in CPQ, 50-64 at Undead Scarecrows, 64-90 at Twisted Jesters (It’s easiest if you have a second account with a 4th job char or a DW on it to protect your map), 90-105 at MP3, 105-110 at Pirates in Herb Town, and 110-120 at LHC. I also have an HS mule and make sure I have plenty of rep from my juniors. It’s about 5-6 hours every day, and I do a LOT of early morning (3AM-5AM) grinding to get training spots while they’re not taken.

  21. s0meb0dy says:

    “Party Quests will be completely renewed!”
    WILL IT GIVE BETTER EXP? I mean, after Big Bang, I guess this is not PQ time anymore… (Expect CPQ 1.) Does it means some will be removed or added? (I HOPE they won’t remove CPQ 1.)
    and actually, I don’t really care about Nett Pyramid, since it’s not really give great EXP, and it’s kind of potion waste.

  22. mr.FLIP says:

    is the archer boost going to affect WIND ARCHERS??

  23. IM NOT TELLING says:

    im assuming it has something to do wif princess cygnus or wat ever and how she is possed by the black mage….. maybe the wind archer is the first one to see that the black mage is puppeting the princess then again this is just a guess :3

  24. Alilatias says:

    “In the meanwhile, which Party Quests do you think that needs a renewal?”


    Anyways, while I still doubt that the Archer Hero is going to be released in this patch, Nexon using the artwork of Irina instead of the Adventurer archers is interesting. It could be a hint towards the theme of the Archer Hero. For a long while, I’ve speculated that the Archer Hero would have some relation to the Eagle Eye/Albatross figure in the Wind Archer skillset.

  25. SlayerGhost says:

    Which party quest needs a renewal? Every single one. All of them but cpq1 and Hob King are as dead as tupac right now, and when Monster Park comes out the only one out of those two that will survive is cpq1, and even then the number of people there will diminish greatly.

  26. LynjanDakari says:

    Spadow, people, like myself, are just happy you posted SOMETHING. So thanks.

  27. ilemon says:

    So wait……
    Is the archer patch a new hero or a re-balance?

  28. tori says:

    “In the meanwhile, which Party Quests do you think that needs a renewal?”

    In all honesty, i think each oh them can use a good tweeking, for example, Dragon Rider PQ is a fun and rather simple pq, but the exp is rather horid and the chance of getting a good item is low, so i think they should definitly raise the exp gained from this boss to make it worth the time in effort for thoughs of us who dont care about the untradable duribility weapons, also like u said above with brining back netts, i think netts is acctualy a good, simple, worth while pq, with good rewards and not that long of a pq, but i do think they should make it so you get exp for killing the monsters, even its its 1 exp for solo, and 50% more per party memeber, i think that would make it alot more fun.

  29. Love Like Woe says:

    i wanted to now the patch thing !!!!!!

  30. Axxez says:

    Hey Spadow, do you have a Twitter? Or is that an imposter?

  31. heyy says:

    why did they of all things choose a cygnus knight to represent this patch?…..
    im curious now….

  32. 93john1 says:

    I hope Gale is the name of the Archer hero. Looking at this preview, I have to say I’m a bit upset, seeing how nowhere in it is there a hint of Thieves or pirates being updated. /tear

    • SlayerGhost says:

      Night Lords, Shadowers, and Dual Blades all have a ridiculously high DPS already, especially the two of those that use daggers. And Corsairs REALLY don’t need an update. Evenwith all these OP classes coming out, they’re still in the top 3-5 in terms of DPS of every class. I’m not sure about Buccs, because in all honesty I think they suck, but I haven’t heard any complaints from them in terms of their power, so I’d say they are doing pretty good, too.

      • CzImGreen says:

        You serious?
        The only thief with ok damage are dual blades but they pay A LOT of nx for that, and shadowers are just competitive. But Night Lords… a lvl 135 Night Lord just starts to get a similar damage to a 120 Battle Mage; dont even talk about mechanics.(Of course, lets say they all have the same funding).
        I dont know about Pirates though.
        Anyway, the restructuration isnt just about damage. The animations and variations of skills are just as important. Night Lords use 3 SKILLS TO ATTACK, from 10 to 200. Lucky Seven, Avenger and Triple Throw. The most of the skills are useless right now(Shadow Meso, Shadow Web, Ninja Storm, Ninja Ambush, and even Venomous Star!). Even with the 10% HP boost from shadow resistance, NLs cant boss peacefully without tons of extra HP or HB.
        Plus, all of Shadowers and NLs skills are stupidly ugly; everyone can see the 5 years old animations.

        • Aszeroth says:

          agreed, they need to do something where the star you use effects both the animation and the effect, not just the dammage, I.E. steelys would make a longer shuriken and go further but have less damage in avenger, where as like ilb would have high damage but lesser range, or something like that. they could use some more attacks… then again you could only throw a star so many ways… if anything give them ninjitsu, thye are more or less ninjas so they should have ninja skills, that are worth it.

  33. nyanyaaan says:

    Archer hero is wind archer’s fren in fairy land, lol.

  34. Anthony Australia says:

    Looks like it might be a wind archer update?

  35. anonymous dude says:

    Personally I’m wishing some things for Archer restructuring:

    Archers in general:
    -Add some more perks to Thrust, I wish our mobility were as good as some of the other classes
    even if its only situational (much like Rush, Corkscrew Blow, Assaulter, etc)
    -Increase to maybe 25 to 30% Ignore Defense for Marksmanship
    -Maybe increase the usefulness of Dragon’s Breath, since Big Bang already made this skill worth less

    Marksman need bigger (and cooler) animations for Pierce and Snipe.
    -the charging Animation is fine but when it shoots I only get my midget arrow animation. D:
    -the Snipe animation is also too small for such an epic one shot killing move.
    -removal or restructuring of Blind spell, its almost useless since it does not affect bosses

    -Perhaps a better mobbing skill?

  36. 메이풀 서토리 says:

    All in all, I think almost all pqs need reconstructuring.
    Cpq2 is horrid<cpq1
    Hob pq is allright….
    Ghost ship pq is fine as well
    Dragon rider needs serious exp boost and items need to be better……
    Mulung is fine
    Ludi pq sucks….
    Almost everything need some thing new…..
    Maybe more exp or better items or something…..

  37. well I cant wait to see what the new pq’s are about and I kind of still like Netts Pyramid

  38. WhatRubbish says:

    It’s Archer restructuring (KOC, Wild Hunter, Adventurers), period. I don’t see why the Cygnus archer picture need to hint anything. There’s no such thing as new Hero.

    • SlayerGhost says:

      Chances are it’s a restructuring AND a new Hero. That last sentence made me laugh. I sure hope you’re trolling and not actually a complete idiot.

      • WhatRubbish says:

        I’m not talking about chances with you. I’m talking about what’s absolute. Continue crying, insignificant gruesome kid. Few days later you’ll rest in peace, like all the others ^^

        • 메이풀 서토리 says:

          May you not not crush our hopes?
          I do believe you are a troll

          • SlayerGhost says:

            It is no absolute that there won’t be a Hero class released in KMST next/this week. KMS has even confirmed that there are more Heroes on the way in 2011, so you saying there’s no such thing is just stupid. Also, if you knew who I was, you’d know I never rest in peace.

          • GOGO says:

            dw,i know who you are,
            we hada fight…

          • SlayerGhost says:

            I don’t remember every single person I meet on the internet.

          • InsignificantFools says:

            Crush your hopes huh? Learn to be realistic instead of expecting what you yourselves want. Such naive children, as usual. Yeah I’m a troll, who specialises in trolling nincompoops who are so self-righteous when they know COMPLETELY NOTHING. Have fun with your Archer Hero then ^^

    • Yurifically says:

      Uhh..Resistance didn’t get any updates. When It was the Magician Update, Battle Mages didn’t get anything. So there’s no doubt Wild Hunters won’t get anything.

  39. Elad says:

    UGH X_X

  40. Scott says:

    When I saw party quests I thought of the way everyone used to level up 50-70.
    It was so great, having us have to kill the tauros then leaving, and getting lots of potions to npc for money. They now turned the mobs into these stupid bear things with 10k health. They heal about every 10 seconds to maximum health, and instead of dropping 50 tickets like tauros, they only drop 1, and even if you did all the rooms you wouldn’t get nearly the same amount of exp before. This is probably one of my favorite pqs, but after CPQ 2 it became so bad that literally no person ever does it anymore. It is the best pq ever. Period.

    • Scott says:

      And it MUST be chaned back to it’s former glory!

      • SlayerGhost says:

        I remember LMPQ. Played it around 2009-2010ish and decided I’d never do it again. Slow exp, boring, ect. Basically, it’s exactly like the rest of those PQs. CPQ2 was REALLY fun, but BB messed it up, and when you stack that on top of the fact that you don’t get exp from the monsters, it means that you’d lvl faster if you found a way to hack into cpq1 than doing cpq2.

      • Aszeroth says:

        agreed, thats how I hit 70 with most of my charitcters, and made my first couple millions =3 I miss its glory =O

        HATERS >=0 vvvv

  41. Keroberos says:

    Don’t you guys think your getting ahead of your selves?
    … theres speculation that this might be the archer hero, but that is uncertain not that theres anything wrong with that, but still, if that elf girl is not the archer hero you guys are gonna get reallly disappointed.
    althought theres a high chance that she is, its wrong to assume that she is
    ………………… it would be really sad if she isn’t, and seeing so many of you so sure that she is

    • SlayerGhost says:

      I don’t care what it is. All I want is for them to release the patch so I can know if I should go ahead and make a BM now while I’m ahead.

      • pro says:

        wow bandwagoners T_T

        • SlayerGhost says:

          Considering six other classes recently got buffed to the heavens, I find it really annoying that you’d call me a bandwagoner when all I’m doing is hoping the class I want to play gets stronger. If I was really a bandwagoner I’d make a Bishop, a F/P, or a Drk.

  42. Lalala says:

    I think they should make it so that PQs can be done by one person as well because there is usually no one that you can party with in less crowded servers for less popular PQs. It might defeat the purpose of a PQ, but what’s the point in having it if you can’t go in just because there aren’t other people? You can be a lone hero :] but idk what you’d do for the parts where you need a different job to complete… Also, I think that all of them need to be renewed since they could be made to be a bit more fun. Since anyone can do the pq, they should make the monsters a lot more difficult if the party is all over 120, or make the monsters weaker if the players are all only lvl 50 for some of the easier pqs. The rewards should be a little more worth it too.

  43. Randumb Person says:

    Oh cool, i really think that cpq2 must be renewed. Its a pile of trash and has been for a while.

  44. bobby says:

    doesnt really tell us anything. I guess it at least confirms that the new character is an archer.

  45. Kreeft says:

    I hope Magatia PQ will be revamped

  46. 93john1 says:

    Am I the only person wanting Ariant pq back? It was one of the few things about Maple that made me die of laughter. Setting bombs on people and stealing their points is just too funny. /laughs

    • Aszeroth says:

      LoL I loved and hated that one, mostly cause if you had all the crap you were a mine sweeper =P then if you didn’t you just kept the bombs and blew everyone up (till they patched that >.>) yeah it was fun =3

      • tbhero says:

        I was the MASTER at that pq. I swear, nobody could beat me. I went from lvl20-30 on about 5 different characters doing ONLY that. I must’ve had about 10 palm beach chairs in total.

  47. Beans4Farts says:

    CPQ2 has always sucked since its release from day 1 in GMS. I’m not sure what could be changed in a lot of PQ’s, other than a unique form of problem-solving with the other party members that changes every time you come into the stage, even when you get to that same stage after like the 20th time or so doing the PQ again. I guess you could say kinda like the number box/barrel stages in LPQ and KPQ, but something different than that would be welcomed too. Also, PQ’s should also be reformed to become somewhat of a different alternative to training by having the exp and item rewards be actually rewarding.

    I also thought about something a while ago, because of the huge and major lack of interest in PQ’s nowadays, if the above can’t be implemented and actually make the PQ’s more popular with people looking for parties all the time, then maybe, if possible at all, make some sort of server which people can connect to no matter what world they play in, and form and start PQ’s together. People could also have their world logos appear next to their name, and obviously they wouldn’t be able to drop stuff or buddy/trade/guild/fam/etc invite players from other worlds. Just an idea of sorts I had.

    • SlayerGhost says:

      CPQ most certainly did not suck on release. I wouldn’t have made it to 3rd job my 1st, 2nd, or even 3rd times without it. It used to be really godly as far as exp went, but at some point it just… died. It used to be THE SPOT for late 2nd jobbers to lvl…

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  49. CapslockAbuser says:

    Such cliffhangers, QQ.
    Btw Spady, more pictures of your unicorn please. <3 What's it's name!?

  50. NonAcidic says:

    Have we all forgotten about GPQ? or is it back, because I just started reading this blog. GPQ was removed at Big bang and I have seen no where that it came back in any of the Maplestory’s around the world. So if it isnt back, I hope its one of the PQs that come back.

    • EvaRia says:

      If I remember correctly, the confirmed 5 hero names are:

      Aran, Evan, Ian, Ochan, Utan.

      The archer hero would be Ian.

      • Aszeroth says:

        =O are they still doing that? if so then there are like 3 more classes coming out (?)

        Ochan sounds like a ninja =O

        Utan? looks like utah f3

      • Hwarang says:

        sorry if this post sounds rude in any way ><; but this is what spadow had posted two posts back.

        Spadow says:
        May 2, 2011 at 10:56 AM

        The names were made up and are fake.
        Nexon was surprised about the pattern that ends with ‘an’.

  51. Aszeroth says:

    well from what I have seen there is no one talking about the EPQ, it was ridiculously hard when it came out and its rather complex for most players, considering there are still people who couldn’t finish it… and no one does it anymore from when I played… (that may have changed?) but I would love to see it improve, its one of my favorites.

    the CPQ’s, well yeah, 2 is a joke, rog pq could use a bit of an upgrade, the equips drop not nearly enough, I personally have never seen the really good ones… if they could add more that would rock!!

    well the moon bunny one could be made alittle harder/worth it, I did it when I was bored… granted its like 15+ but still =P

    that one comment, make DMG ranges to fit the PQ, well what about a LVL statis, I.E. your level goes to the average of your party (so like if your 70 and the requirement is like 35~50 your partys is ave 48 your now 48) and you have stats and such according (but your armor\wep stays so you don’t need new crap their just weeker) so in short, HP, MP, ATP ect, are at what they were at 48, so its like goign back in time for your char untill your done =O If I remember correctly FFXI did that? not sure though.

    LoL raids in MS, could you imagine how that would work, I would SO like to kill the gerbal things in Leafry =P

  52. DJ-Kali-SwisS says:

    Ok that sounds funny who the h? made those name up lan ochan utan? what a joke though that aran and evan how the last two words are A and N lol but guessing if it might be a archer hero may sound very suspicous but at this time we have like 4 kinds of bowman archers like Bowmaster, Marksman, Wind archer and wild hunter. And so far same lol we got a lot of kind of magicians too. So i am wondering how creative nexon is coming up to for making new classes but if they are bringing a archer hero i wonder whats the new thing about them that makes them differrent compare to other type of bowmans we have now 0_0?

    • Zuzique says:

      I think the new legend gonna be EXTREMELY DIFFRENT than any bowman we knew so far.
      BTW, we got 6 mages, 5 warriors, 4 thieves and pirates and now 5 bowmen :)
      wow lol thats 24 jobs o-o

      • Chocolatey says:

        gosh finally got my gravatar ready well yup thats alot of classes for sure ^_$

      • Chocolatey says:

        Im not sure mechs are count as pirates even they’re equip inventory are pirates equipments but judging by the name of mechanic may not be known as a pirate so this one is quite interesting. But there is one sorry thing about mechanics they don’t have there own equipment armors but only parts though it would look better if mechs wear a armor suit or something. Im sure no one never thought about that mechs don’t have their own fashion. 0_-” ??

  53. Billy K says:

    Omggggg I really really really hope they re-open guild pq! I dont even care if they remake it, I just want it to be open again! Definitely my favorite PQ.

  54. Chocolatey says:

    This sounds intertesting though i use to do gpq with my guild often but since its gone in gms mm it may come back in jump update which i don’t know.

  55. Random noob on sidewalk says:

    Me: Hey Nexon! I got a list of complaints about PQs!
    Nexon: Sure give em to me
    Me: Gives them a 500 page rant about nett’s pyramid

  56. perfectionz says:

    i actually kinda like the old form of PQing, where each and every PQ is kinda different
    but looking at the current format, it gets pretty repetitive…..

    i actually enjoy the OLD ludi PQ, where EVERY SINGLE PARTY i get into there seems to be some guy that enjoys jumping down to those things that do 8k dmg/hit and dying XD

  57. JPanda says:

    HADIYGWDUYGAUDGOUASHDP its eating at me, waiting to see the new archer stuff, im a dedicated bucc, but pirates and archers have been my favorite characters since forever (of course pirate became my favorite immediately after their release, but archers were my favorite before that) -chews arm off-

  58. 메이풀 서토리 says:

    Maybe gale is the new heroe’s name……non?

  59. Chocolatey says:

    Has anyone notice a bug/glitch in lord pirate pq i think the lvl 90 hat stats needs to be higher and the bug issue needs to be fix but has anyone know any other bugs on other pq’s because those pq’s with issue needs to be revamp for a reason.

  60. Seatoina2 says:

    I was thinking for the Archer hero, it would ultilize using pets as their main attacks similar to Hunters in WoW, who captured monsters and have skills focused on training them and using for attacks while also being able to use a bow

    • Pittsy says:

      so its gonna be kinda like evan then but as an archer then? not such a bad idea if i say so myself :D

  61. Reverse says:

    All party quests should give more XP, and better rewards. The new rewards system sucks, especially if the boss’ spawns are still alive, you can’t drop a god damn item because your pet picked everything up then you miss out on the item!

    Most of all, I just want to see more PQ’s for higher levels. DRPQ isn’t enough. I’d like to see a skelegon/newtie/wyvern PQ ending with a giant skelesauraus. Anyone think that’d be cool? ^^

  62. GOGO says:

    still nothing new…………
    im starting to doubt this will never come. ARGH
    Nexon better not dissapoint
    if they are taking this long, i am expecting something big

  63. Cowee says:

    They need to re-do dragon riders. boss is a pain.

  64. Eric93 says:

    I’m gonna b pissed if there’s a new archer class, I just made a UA bowmen to 113 so 120 113 in less then a month -.- we dnt need another class we need a bowman update — ill b most pissed if wind archers r the only update, there should never be a big update for just cyg. Knights. — pointless they only get 120

    • Berundal says:

      Obviously they aren’t going to just update the cygnus archers. For the warrior and mage one dawn warriors and blaze wizards got a little boost too. Why would you be pissed if they made a new archer class because you made a bowman. That doesn’t make sense. I mean it’s not like you’re required to make it if they do.

      • Eric93 says:

        The work it took to get a good bowmen that makes perfect sence and to have some new class come in and easily out DMG them cuz there OPed why neglect the old class and make a new op’ed new one — like the WH it happened once no need to happen again

        And I was referring to another comment about cyg’s lol

  65. thatguy says:

    waiting on thieef update lol

  66. thatguy says:

    i’d like to see what they could do with LPQ re-newed.

  67. EzraSavage says:

    Isn’t the patch today?

    • Random Person says:

      Yeah, maybe KMS isn’t done their maitenence. I dont really know how to compare their time zones or how many hours they are apart to PST.

  68. Luxeraph says:

    Is that date up there in the banner when the patch will hit tespia or official?

    If it is tespia I guess the patch will come on the 31st.

    If it is the official server, only a week to test (assuming they release the tespia patch on the 19th)!? I would say that kills the legend in the archer patch theory, also it too little time for such big updates, has Nexon Korea ever made tespia test content for a so short period of time?

    • Luxeraph says:

      Ok, thought that the mage patch had more time in tespia and just checked it was less than a week.

  69. Julesx says:

    im just guessing: Gale is a good name for an archer hero that looks like an elf. Gale~~~Wind~~~~~Irena. Coincidence?

  70. Eric93 says:

    lol i dont think gale is a person,
    “The power of gale will cut through the battlefield!”

    1. A very strong wind.

    sorry people :P besides new patch notes previews are already up, no legend so far.. we dont need one any way they need to fix the bowmen them selves 1st

  71. pittje says:

    if they would come up with a new archer legend i would be surpised what its gonna be.
    thunder maybe?
    since we got fire ice and wind already so far

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