Dear Diary (day 18)

Dear Diary,

Lately I have nothing to do in MapleStory. I’ve already completed the missions for the 8th anniversary medal.
I’m desperately wanting for new content. So, bring it on Tespia~!

I’m expecting the test server patch to come really soon. It’s this or next week.
I bet all the archers in Maple World will go crazy when they hear about the upcoming changes.
Though, I’m curious what kind of changes the players are expecting. I don’t know a lot about archers, I do like the Marksman and Bowmaster. I played both classes and it was a really enjoyable experience.

So yeah… It’s boring for me. There’s nothing much to do, except for raising my personality traits.

Charisma LV 055
Sense LV 001
Insight LV 058
Will LV 019
Craft LV 080
Charm LV 021

Everyday I visit the secret mine in Meisterville and mine for 10 minutes long. You can enter the secret mine when you have a ticket. The ticket can be purchased for a cheap price from an NPC in Meisterville.
That’s why I have a high level of Insight. In February, I raised my Insight to level 30. I discovered that at level 30, the personality trait gives you a free magnifying glass (able to identify items up to level 30) that you can use everytime you want.
Just two more levels of Insight and I will know if I get the second upgrade of the magnifying glass. The second upgrade is the magnifying glass that can identify items up to level 70.

Craft is by far the most easiest trait to raise its level. There is a daily limit of how many points you can get from each personality trait. The daily limit is 500.
I need 1381 points to level up Craft to 81. 500 x 3 days = 1500 points.

I need 9 more levels of Charm to unlock the new ‘Pocket’ equipment slot. The fastest way to raise the level of Charm is to equip a lot of cash items or change your haircut a lot.

Today I participated in a dungeon run of Spiegelman’s Monster Park.
I think most of you readers now what this is. It’s the only party play zone left in this version. It has a lot of dungeons and the monsters have high HP, but also give high experience.

Each dungeon has a few stages. In each stage you have to defeat all the monsters to continue to the next stage.
In a recent patch, Nexon doubled the HP and EXP of level 120 and higher Monster Park monsters. The EXP is really good.
Sometimes when you or a party member defeats a monster in a stage it can drop various items.

Monsters drop special items that give points to your personality traits.
Monster Park coins is also an item that can be obtained from monsters. Everybody will get a Monster Park coin when you or your party member picks it up.
I think they should do this for Monster Carnival. It makes it a lot more easier to exchange prizes.

Today’s dungeon was Dragon’s Nest(Lv. 140~150). You might think ”hey, how come you can join a Lv. 140~150 dungeon while you are level 16x?”.
Well it is possible to join any advanced dungeon (level +120) as long as you are level 120 or higher.

If you are a level 120 player and you decide to try the Knight’s Fortress(Lv. 165~175), which is the highest-leveled dungeon, then chances are that you won’t make it. :’)

Ah~ The FINAL STAGE! Guess what you can expect from a final stage? Obviously a boss monster. In this case, it was Leviathan who is the boss monster for Dragon’s Nest.
My party team did a splendid job and I had fun and I gained 4.29% in about 14 minutes.
For a Lv. 140~150 dungeon, this is a lot for me. I mean… This wasn’t even an appropriate dungeon for me but I still earned that much!

If there is a x2 EXP event going on, you should definitely use your time on Monster Park. It’s the fastest way to raise your level.

[Alternative Link]

I recorded some footage of today’s run. I’m sorry for the quality. Normally you can expect real high quality from my own recorded videos, but this time I decided to record in the 1024×768 resolution. I still have to configure my encoding settings for this resolution mode.

Oh Nexon, please give us more enjoyable content in the May patch~

About Spadow
It's not who I am underneath... but what I do... that defines me.

113 Responses to Dear Diary (day 18)

  1. Person says:

    Congrats on the personality levels.

  2. imaDrk says:

    “I’m desperately wanting for new content.” LOLl my too! xD im not an archer but i wanna see!!! if a F/P its OP now i want too see the MM and BM :P

  3. Viper says:

    hmm…im a lvl 156 bowmaster and i get around 10% every run/which is like 10~13min
    Also/theres a high chance the updates are going to come on the 12th in Korea…i hope so :P

  4. Karkain says:

    Congratz on the EXP, Spadow.

    Looks like Monster Park won’t be as bad as I first thought. It took me a while to pick up on what was going around around the Dark Knight in the video since I was just watching the Dark Impale the entire time first time through, lol.

  5. sammya says:

    Hi spadow can you make me a KMS account please. when i get in ill give you a bunch of mesos i will earn :D
    BTW is that blood on the red wyvern

    • Random Person says:

      No one can MAKE you an account. First of all you need KSSN (Korean Social Security Number). Which in fact the only way to earn legit is to first of all move to South Korea then move back. Which is just too expensive just to play the korean version of maple.

      There is also another way that people get onto KMS. Which i have tried and is intensely difficult and ended up rage quitting. You can google KSSN’s. I will not say anymore, there is a guide on Ellin Forest forums, read that. Hope it helps because for sure it did not help me. But i guess other people have a better understanding than me.

  6. Nion says:

    What’s with the blood effects? o.o

  7. Megabine says:

    Really nice monsterpark music :O
    Spadow FTW!

  8. greennov1 says:

    nice :D
    looks like this place may be the next CPQ….
    at least if it’s as good in other versions of MS…

  9. Cobray says:

    Yeah…I’ve been slacking on my personality traits lately lol. I should get back to mining as soon as I can get back on Maple. As for the whole Monster Park thing, yeah its amazing. I went with Mia I think it was last week during that 2x event, I went from 149-150 in about 35 minutes I think? So yeah, anyone doubting its a good place, don’t. The only annoyance is getting the ticket pieces and a good party if you don’t have friends.

  10. NovaNuvaMS says:

    I totally agree with you Spadow…Is soloing Monster park harder or easier? and is there lots of rooms available in each channel?

  11. SuchANightwalker says:

    monster park totally looking forward to it. will definantly make that awkward gap between 50-70 go by faster and help signifigantly at lv 100-120 one thing i don’t remeber from ur earlier post on it was the price of each ticket to get in

  12. Alilatias says:

    “Though, I’m curious what kind of changes the players are expecting. I don’t know a lot about archers, I do like the Marksman and Bowmaster.”

    I don’t think we’ll get that much compared to Mages and Warriors. The only things that are really bad about us Archers is:
    – Our low HP, which is something every ranged class suffers from. I doubt this is going to be changed unless they do something that affects all ranged classes.
    – Low mobility. This is also something that I doubt that is going to be changed, because us Archers are pretty much good at everything else already. We’re the best mobbers out of all the ranged classes, we’re the only ranged class with a damage increasing party skill, and we still have very high DPS compared to most of the other classes in the game. (Barring Mechanics because they’re broken overall)
    – Vengeance/Hamstring/Blind. Probably the most useless skills in all of Maple. Vengeance in particular is so bad that it gets you killed more often than it actually helps you. Passive power guard on an archer does not make sense and is a recipe for disaster.

    So yeah, I don’t really know what to expect from Nexon in regards to changes for us Archers. Well, except Silver Hawk/Golden Eagle not requiring Summoning Rocks anymore, since the Wild Hunter’s Silver Hawk doesn’t require them already.

    • Viper says:

      seriously/ wtf? bowmens are like one of the weakest jobs in maplestory/well, at least BMs are

      we suck at mobbing(inferno is weak)
      hurricane sucks compared to other fast skills(triple throw,wild vulcan,etc.)
      and our main attacking skill(hurricane) is just a single monster attacking skill

      • Viper says:

        what Nexon should give us

        A 4th job mobbing skill thats AT LEAST 3x stronger then inferno
        A stronger,faster,more better looking hurricane lol

        and i want an ultimate…for the looks lol/ and a major power up thingie,
        like Viper’s super transform

        • Arrol says:

          Why do they need an ultimate? I don’t see any use that archers will have for it. And for the super transform thing, Wind Archers have their version of transformation, Eagle Eye.

      • Alilatias says:

        You have no sense of balance and damage calculations.

        – Yes, Inferno is weak, I’ll give you that… Which is EXACTLY why I argued with you in the previous article about why we needed an actual 4th job mobbing skill instead of the situational at best ultimate that you are advocating so hard for.
        – Hurricane sucks? It’s the fastest attacking skill (although admittedly, not the most damaging) in the game, and even moreso now that it works with Final Attack. It’s also just about the only non-Rush attacking skill capable of pinning a boss due to the way it’s designed.
        – Hurricane really only sucks in comparison to Wild Arrow Blast, in which that skill does the exact same thing that Hurricane does. The only reason it does more damage on average has more to do with the Crossbow ATK multiplier being higher than that of Bows. Either way, Wild Hunter’s mobbing is still worse than that of the Adventurer Archers, and their ultimate doesn’t help. AT ALL.
        – I just realized that we’re the only ranged class in the game with an actual ranged Rush skill (Dragon Pulse/Breath). After the Warrior Jump update, it gains the ability to push minibosses like LHC mobs away.

        On a side note…
        – I laugh at you mentioning Triple Throw. NLs have always been weaker than Bowmasters. The only reason so many people believe otherwise is due to the OMG HermitStory mentality that was carried over from when 4th job didn’t exist, much of the NL community consisting of people measuring each other’s e-peen by flaunting their equips and damage all the time.
        – People overlook the fact that NLs actually needed our Sharp Eyes in order to outdamage us in the first place. Without Sharp Eyes, they are mid-tier.
        – Their formerly unique Shadow Partner and Flash Jump skills has since been given over to Dual Blades and Shadowers as well.
        – They are even worse at mobbing than we are.
        – Not only that, but I hear that they get even more shafted after Chaos, due to the Claw ATK multiplier being reduced. I’d argue that Night Lords need a revamp far more desperately than us Archers at the moment.

        Really, your arguments sound more like greed rather than actual concerns about balance – in which Nexon would do far better by nerfing classes like Wild Hunters and Mechanics, since the real balancing problem lies in their own skill design rather than the strength of our skills.

        • Tablecake says:

          I need to correct you, siege mode is the fastest attacking skill.

          • Alilatias says:


            Still, that’s more reasons why Mechanics need to be nerfed further. They outclass every ranged class at just about everything. Nerfing Siege Mode isn’t enough, when they still have a type of mobility that no other class in the game will never come anywhere close to having, and the best mobbing of any ranged class on top of that.

          • Random Person says:

            I like where this is going, your only giving more reasons why mechanics should be nerfed. Only nerf they get is zero bandwagoners. Nothing else.

            The main thing they should take away is that annoying 100% stance that should not be there. It makes the game unfair to the other jobs who work to get their stance instead of earning it at lv 10.

            Night Lords indeed got shafted a bit too hard. Even the chaos update that empowers their TT still makes next to no diffrence. Even then if they were the #1 job in maple, i would not play them. I don’t see what is so fun about spamming 1 skill.

            Bowmasters need more empowering however, indeed they have one of the fastest attacking skills in the game, but above all is the slowest of the 4 i can currently think of (Hurricane, Wild Arrow Blast, Rapid Fire, and Seige). I just think that the delay of using it needs 2 be shortened and increasing of their damage with hurricane, and a 4th job mob skill is in order. Not much else.

          • Random Person says:

            I want to see hurricane as a mob skill… No wait too powerful, i could never imagine hurricane hitting 2-3 mobs at once with rapid intense damage.

          • Viper says:

            greed? pft, im just tired of being out-damaged by every single other class/thats all

          • Alilatias says:

            …Viper, what’s your level and what’s your damage range? Surely you realize by now that Maple is more funding-based than ever before, right?

            I’m a Level 128 BM with 12% DEX, a 120 ATK bow, and the Time Traveler’s medal with a range of around 5200 ~ 7200. Even with those somewhat average equips, I still outdamage almost everyone I run into within my level range. The only people I can’t outdamage are typically Wild Hunters, Corsairs, NLs with SE, and Mechanics, of which many of those tend to be super funded to boot. That’s four classes out of what, 17?

          • Viper says:

            12% dex as in all your potential dex% added?

          • Viper says:

            yeah whatever….im a lvl 156 Bm with an atk 122 bow + potetential 6 atk..
            i have the 7th anniversary medal from last year….
            atk range is around 8200~9600
            and im really underpowered compared to everybody else i meet

          • Alilatias says:

            Ah, there’s your problem, I guess. Again, this game is more of a funding game than ever before. I assume you have Hurricane, SE, Marksmanship, and Bow Expertise maxed?

          • Random Person says:

            I can see that Alilatias plays global, what world do you play on?

            I’m jellin, i didn’t know that the Alien event gave away such a great medal, so i didn’t get the time traveler medal. =.=

          • Alilatias says:

            I play in Windia. Akusaria. Don’t bother looking for me, though. I don’t play that much these days. I just do Ani runs. >_>

          • Random Person says:

            Oh what a fail. I play in Bera.. BahamuitZer0..

  13. Retroreaper says:

    Hey Spadow, it would be great if you could add the Stat bonuses from your personality traits at their current lvl, (Like how much HP Will gives you at lv19, etc.) Thanks!

  14. GoldPenguin says:

    What happens if you die in there? Do you lose exp?

  15. Ghost says:

    You talk about Monster Park once more but you never get around to its badges…..

    • Spadow says:

      A badge is just an equipment item that comes out from a treasure box that you have to purchase with your Monster Park coins.
      The stats are completely random and badges are time-limited.

      • Ghost says:

        How long do they last?
        What types of stats can you get? (Atk, Def, Crit rate, etc.)
        What are the maximum stats you can get on them? I doubt they would add anything over 20 (unless for Def)
        Any slots on them?
        How many stats can you get on one badge?
        Can they be time-extended?
        How many slots are there for the badges?

  16. Edatron says:

    Awesome stuff Spadow. Hope Tespia gets the Archer revamp this week. I wanna know what awesome new stuff they get @_@.

  17. uberwow15 says:

    Hi spadow rmb me from my New artwork with ur mech hair? :D
    Awesome way u control ViPER IN THAT YOUTUBE MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I just like vipers they are cool
    Anyway gratz on ur lvl!

    • Random Person says:

      This is why i play one, the way their skills work makes them unique, most of all you don’t boringly spam just 1 skill. Combinations of barrage and demo makes you invulerable, and yet intense damage at the same time. Vipers <3.

  18. Megabine says:

    Can you do Monster Park alone?
    If so I bet you won’t gain has much exp has having a party.

    • Random Person says:

      You prolly wont since the exp thing works the same way as it did in LHC, or at least thats what i belive how it works.

      Either way its faster and better to have a party.

    • SquishyGMS says:

      You can do it alone, but you won’t get the EXP bonus and you’ll have to be very strong.
      I Tried the lvl 30-40 in lvl 88 and it’s pretty hard, and the exp in OK~~~

  19. Xion says:

    hey spadow. i wanted to ask u about that dark angelic ring. does the buff have a cooldown or can u use it whenever u want?

    • Random Person says:

      The buff appears when you equip it and dissapears when you un-equip it. Cannot be dispelled.

  20. DJ-Kali-SwisS says:

    O so the archer update is coming next ? i didn’t expect that to come early well thanks for the info i look forward to seeing a good revamp for the archers alright maple! thats the way!

  21. Narwhol says:

    4% in 14 minutes I’m sorry to say sounds pretty bad for the level..I’m around there but at 18x at LHC in GMS

    • Ghost says:

      And that’s why the party bonus will be removed in LHC,
      expect your 4% to be .67% when Monster Park arrives.

      • Zuzique says:

        Its not true, when monster park arrives, the lvl 18x spot will be the future Ereve, which gives MUCH more exp than LHC, your 4% gonna become 5%+, dw XD

  22. HAOSFHA says:

    Do you guys think that maybe they wouldn’t actually focus on archer revamp but actually focus on a new hero possibly.

  23. nice stuff,
    new stats to build…wow after lv200 its really never going to end but that looks fun

    Also I love the video,
    What is that joystick buff the boss put on you all?

    • heyy says:

      takes away hp…

    • Alilatias says:

      Basically if you stand too still for too long, you take continuous damage. Craptons of people died during last year’s Cake VS Pie event in GMS because the massive lag stopped us from moving.

      • Random Person says:

        I didn’t like that event. I remember last year when i was making a Corsair, i tried getting the proof of victory during a 2x event i surely got it after i died a couple of times.

  24. Godly says:

    Wow, this PQ is gonna go by really fast when it comes to GMS. Majority of the people look so weak compared to the damage seen in GMS. I’m excited.

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  26. Skardsend says:

    Wow Maplestory is more dungeon based like Diablo 2 or Phantasy Star Online now for grinding. Pretty cool.

  27. Viper says:

    arrgg…high chance the bowman updates are coming tomorrow tespia
    cant wait

    • Alilatias says:

      Don’t get your hopes too high, or else they might come crashing down. (On the other side, if your hopes are low and the updates come tomorrow anyways, it just makes them that much better.)

      I hope the updates are going to come tomorrow too, but there’s still a good chance that Nexon may push them to next week instead. T_T

      • 메이풀 서토리 says:

        If they include the bowman hero
        Next week would be to muchof a small time frame to test things…

        • Random Person says:

          Don’t get your hopes up! I’m pretty sure that the bowman hero was just a rumor.

        • Alilatias says:

          Even if the Bowman Hero exists, I believe she won’t be released during the Jump update. Next month’s Summer update at the very earliest.

          • Ghost says:

            If they decide to release the remaining legends in their own patches, the bowman legend is coming, since they won’t have that many patches left this year.
            If they decide to release them per part in a patch, then there’s a chance we’ll see all of them in a patch this summer or fall.

            But what doesn’t make sense is if it is per part in a patch, why bother updating the bowmen in this coming part. Since it would be best for them to update the adventurer and release its respective legend at the same time. when part 1 of the legends patch comes out, it will only include the bowman legend while the other two will most likely have their respective adventurer updated with it.

            Plus, having 3 legends arrive in one patch seems like overkill, the first two legends will get shoved aside quickly for the last one to outshine them all.

          • Alilatias says:

            This is why I now believe that Nexon no longer plans to release the remaining three Legends this year, actually. I’d say we’re going to see one this Summer, and that’s probably it until next year.

            Because yeah, Archer, Thief, and Pirate fans would be really ticked if their Legend representatives didn’t have as much thought put into them as Aran and Evan did.

  28. Name says:

    Dear Spadow

    Can you answer me this question please
    If the recipe you get from the “get jewelry profession to lvl 5\10 and get angelic ring\dark angelic ring recipe”

    Is Untradeable\Time limit

    because i thinking about just grind to the recipe ASAP and when i get him i will take the time and get the items to make the dark ring
    but if it time limit i would need to rush and buy all the items over priced just to make the dead line

    • Spadow says:

      I really can’t remember that anymore, but I don’t think the recipe was untradeable and there was no time limit on the recipe.

  29. Roxas says:

    im really glad no-one bandwagons battlemages ^_^
    there like the MOST balanced class in the game, not too OP or Weak.
    and whenever i look for a party, i get in immediately.

  30. Viper says:

    guess the updates not today T_T then what day?

  31. tonton says:

    awwwwwww i as realy hoping this post wouuld have something about the new character T.T
    anyways gz on personality traits Spadow…i guess

    • Alilatias says:

      I noticed that you had a post earlier complaining about that picture to the right when you post. I guess Spadow deleted it, or I got the wrong person.

      Either way, if you want to change that picture, sign up at Gravatar. It’s a site that manages commentor pictures across all WordPress blogs, dependant on the email that you use to comment here. It might take a few hours for it to come into effect, though.

  32. Viper says:

    lol everybody’s talking about the bowman update over at insoya
    they say the update is coming out soon?
    like tomorrow

    • Alilatias says:

      Hahaha, yeah. My classes tomorrow are canceled, so it looks like I get to spend tomorrow combing over the Bowman update, if there is one. Lucky me!

      Keep an eye on SouthPerry’s Nexon Announcements section, especially now that ElinForest is down (at least last time I checked). They have a system set up that detects patches as soon as they are available. I’d wager that if the Bowman update is indeed coming out tomorrow, it’s going to be within the next 9 hours.

      • Viper says:

        people at insoya are saying that cuz the warrior/magician updates were on a thursday, at night(in korea) so will the bowman update…so that most likely means next week

        but other people are saying it doesnt matter

  33. BOWMANUPDATE says:

    First, GRATZ spadow on your traits!
    Second, WHENS BOWMAN UPDATE COMING OUT!!!!????????????
    i’ve been checking spadow website like crazy for the bowman update!
    im so excited about the hero!! (if there is one)!!!
    i think its gona be awesome!!!!
    I just hope it comes out pretty soon cuz im getting impatient!!
    but thanks spadow for all the good work!!!!! i love your website and all the info!!

  34. Person says:

    Spadow you always seem to be hungry for more content, are you never satisfied with what you’re provided with?

    • Spadow says:

      The 8th anniversary quests were good, but they last for a short time. Not to mention, they sucked in the first week.
      I am satisfied, but there’s lately nothing to do for a high-leveled player like me. A Pirate revamp update gets me very excited, but I don’t know when that will happen.

      For now the Arrow of Speed patch will contain skill changes to Archers and party quests will be completely renewed.
      Let’s hope that the renewal of party quests such as Dragon Rider, Nett’s Pyramid (currently unavailable) and other PQs will have a satisfying result.

      • Alilatias says:

        Party Quests are being renewed? That’s new.

      • Ghost says:

        I knew this would happen, I even stated it on part 3 of the Chaos blog. The PQ revamp in the BB wasn’t enough, and when PvP came out, it completely took over they need to do some fixes for the PQs so that they won’t be deserted anymore, especially higher level PQs.

        Nett’s Pyramid is unavailable? Since when?

  35. Viper says:

    Guys~! the bowman update is 99% happening on the 18th

    • heyy says:

      how do YOU know this?!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Viper says:

        well….2 reasons
        the warrior and magician update was both on a thursday, so the bowman one should be too
        also, the warrior and magician updates were around the 18th…

  36. Viper says:

    Or its happening like tomorrow

    • Alilatias says:


      Insoya is pretty hilarious. Some of the KMS archers are already cracking jokes about why they haven’t patched yet.

  37. Alexander says:

    Spadow you should see this ->
    It is a screenshot posted by MaplestorySEA.
    It does look like the place in the promotional video with the unknown girl.
    Please clarify this !!
    Thanks ~

  38. TheHolyMan says:

    I know this is kinda off topic, but i just GOTTA ask, i’ve been hearing rumors that the mage ultimate move’s cooldown is being taken away, just need to know, IS THIS TRUE?!?!?
    i’m uber surprised here

  39. frank says:

    I really like the music!
    it was very Donkey Kong-ish

  40. John says:

    Hey Spadow should i make a UA bucc or UA corsair ? i like the range of corsairs but bucc has SI

  41. Yushaun says:

    im from sea and we havent even get our bigbang yet but im already getting hyper waiting for the archer update =D~

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