Dear Diary (day 10)

Dear Diary,

It’s finally May! This will be my first blog entry of this month. Please look forward to more entries~

When Nexon first released the anniversary patch, the events were difficult to complete. A lot of players complained about it and Nexon addressed some of the issues and tweaked the requirements in a new patch.
Recently, Nexon released a minor patch which made the anniversary event a lot more fun and enjoyable.
What has changed?

  • The amount of feather scrolls you need to use has been reduced from 8 to 4
  • You now only need to kill 1 Palabird
  • The chance to get the Orange Mushroom riding from the Mini Maple Bonsai has been raised
  • Raising the Mini Maple Bonsai has been reduced from 8 to 4
  • Mini Maple Bonsai’s sleeping time has been reduced from 1 hour and 30 minutes to just 30 minutes
  • You can now get a Palabird’s Shiny Feather scroll as a reward from Mini Maple Bonsai
  • The amount of Maple Leaf that you get from completing the Rising Star quests has been raised to 20
  • You now need to train all exercises of your idol 8 times instead of 30 to receive a special time-limited balloon (cape) item
  • Drop rate from Palabird has significantly been changed
  • Drop rate of the 8th anniversary box has been raised
  • Monsters drop more Maple Leaves than before
  • Maple equipment can now be obtained from a Master Monster, Boss monster and Palabird
  • 8th anniversary box can now give the special 20% 8th anniversary scrolls
  • Rising Star quests can now be completed through a light bulb that will appear above your head instead of visiting the special Rising Star Hall map through the Mirror of Dimension

I completed all the missions of the event and I got an amazing reward.
Unfortunately the stats from my Attendance Check Ending medal expired which means I only have the medal to show it off.
But thanks to the reward from the anniversary, I have now the best medal that I possibly can have…

The 8th anniversary medal gives you +8 STR, DEX, INT and LUK. On top of that, it adds +80 MaxHP&MP, accuracy and avoidability and +2 PvP damage.
It was really hard in the beginning. A lot of people were hunting for the Palabirds and they spawned within a time limit, so coming from an overseas player, that was really annoying.
I also managed to get all the Maple Letinum equipment thanks to farming hours and hours on the Snowman boss. Snowman is easy to kill and it spawns every 25 minutes.

If I defeat Snowman in all the channels then I get around ~1100 Maple Leaves.
And in this anniversary, you can exchange 100 Maple Leaves for 1 Silver Coin.

[ Maple Letinum set effect ]

Wear all eight Maple Letinum equipment and you get special set effect.
I know, I know. I have a new haircut. I’ll tell you the juicy details if you keep reading.
So I had some cash on my account and I was saving for the Maple Royal Hair Coupon and the Unicorn pet. After waiting for a week, the Cash Shop items were finally released to the public server.

The Maple Royal Hair Coupon has a variety of new hairstyles for the male and female.
In my last diary entry, I didn’t post the female hairstyles. I’m sorry for that.
I present you the new hairstyles from the new coupon ▼

The hairstyle I wanted is the one in blue. Unfortunately, I didn’t get it. T_T
I will never buy Royal anymore! The Maple Royal Hair Coupon cost a whopping 4,500 NX! I bought five coupons and here are the results ▼

Thank you! The Mechanic hairstyle was my second choice! I’m so glad I got that on my last try.
I had to adjust to my new hairstyle in the beginning and now I’m really fond of it. Plus, it looks great with green doesn’t it?

I also bought the Unicorn pet. And yeah… It came ONLY in a package and the price was 19,800 NX…
The Persian Cat package wasn’t that expensive… But I think I know why the Unicorn pet cost so much.

These two items are added to the package as a bonus item.
This item is a stamp. What does it do?
Simply said, it adds an extra line to your potential stats ONLY if your item has 2 lines.
It does not reset all potential lines. It simply adds a third line.

The Golden Stamp has a success rate of 80% and the Silver Stamp a success rate of 50%.
I used the Golden Stamp on my Reverse Equinox and it worked. It added a third line. However, I had less luck with the Silver Stamp because that one failed. Nothing happens when a stamp fails.

This works on rare, epic and unique items. The potential effect from the third line is random.
Speaking of the stamps…

[ Golden Miracle Cube Package ]
(contains 10 Miracle Cubes in a set + Silver Stamp + Golden Stamp as a bonus for 9,900 cash)

[ Silver Miracle Cube Package ]
(contains 6 Miracle Cubes in a set + Silver Stamp as a bonus for 6,000 cash)

[ Golden Maple Miracle Cube Package ]
(contains 10 Maple Miracle Cubes in a set + Golden Stamp as a bonus for 15,000 cash)

[ Silver Maple Miracle Cube Package ]
(contains 6 Maple Miracle Cubes in a set + Silver Stamp as a bonus for 9,600 cash)

These items are up for sale for a limited time. So I think the Golden & Silver Stamp are not a permanent addition to the Cash Shop, but you’ll never know with Nexon.
About the Maple Miracle Cube. They’re new and can only be used on the new Maple Beryl & Letinum equipment if you want to reset the potential ability.

Every day I always mine and craft jewels to increase my Craft and Insight personality trait. Both are already at a high level.
Here’s a tip for you. If you learn the Jewel Crafting profession skill and raise it till level 4, you can start creating Half Earrings.

I usually need to create 13 items through Jewel Crafting to reach the daily limit of Craft. And I noticed when I create Half Earrings, I sometimes get them unidentified.
So a few days ago, I created a few Half Earrings and like 3 or 4 came out unidentified. I immediately went to an NPC and bought a magnifying glass.

Guess what…

Unique Item!!! What a shame that it only got 2 lines (+9% accuracy and +3% INT), but I’m still happy. In the past I got a few good Epic items (no pun intended).
I just wanted to share this with you~ ^^

There’s one last thing I want to say to you. It’s something really interesting.
Have you seen the 8th anniversary promotional video yet?

If you did, then you have to agree with me on one thing…

[ Who is this chick?! ]

[ What is this place?! ]

I have never seen this girl before in MapleStory, have you?
Nexon’s press release says it’s a new character that joins Cygnus, Lilin, Valerie and Aran with their dance.

Since this girl has pointy ears, people think it’s an elf thus an archer.
A lot of users seem to think that this might be the new Archer Hero. However, this is NOT confirmed. This is all speculation.

Some users think this is Helena (also known as Athena Pierce in other versions). I think that’s not true. Because if this was Helena then her name would have been mentioned in the press release. The press release specifically says ‘a new character’.

The ‘Arrow of Speed’ patch, which is the last update part of the Jump! expansion will come soon to the test server.
It will certainly contain a revamp of the Archer class, but will it also contain the arrival of a new Hero?

This video stuff reminds me of last year. A video for the 7th anniversary was made available to the public on the homepage in 2010.

[ The Mechanic class in development ]

The video showed some footage of employees from Nexon working on new content for MapleStory as you can see in the image above.
Back then, we didn’t know that this character in the background was the Mechanic class.

Later, I found out that Nexon removed the scene of the employee working on the Mechanic class, and a new revision of the video was re-uploaded on the homepage and the scene was removed.

About Spadow
It's not who I am underneath... but what I do... that defines me.

144 Responses to Dear Diary (day 10)

  1. Eric says:

    I thought the same about the new character. Not too sure what she’s for–probably Archer of course–but something tells me that there won’t be a new character in the Arrow of Speed patch. That’s just too much content for a patch limited to one month’s release interval.

  2. Mearza says:

    She’s super cute. (: I think it’d be nice if she was our hero (us archers need a hero) and I’m really excited for the patch!(:

  3. ShiKage08 says:

    Cool, Kyo!

    I’m jealous of your new hair style. That’s the style I’ve been dying for in JMS, but Nexon Japan hasn’t released it at all! ;~;

    If that’s the new Archer Legend class, let’s hope it actually brings something new to the game, instead of being just another boring archer class. :X

    • Matt says:

      I completely agree Kage. I mean I love my UA BM but I’d like something new since I plan to make a bowman hero if/when it comes out. Also, did anyone notice how resistance was suspiciously the only classes that weren’t hero already? Kinda worries me.

  4. Mistah says:

    Dude I said the same thing. I was like wth is that? xD

  5. Wumbo says:

    I don’t know, it just seems too coincidental. Nexon did say they were releasing all the heros before the end of 2011… It’s almost halfway through the year and we haven’t had a single hero yet. It seems to fit perfectly; Nexon is going about the reconstructions in the “traditional” order of the classes: Warrior, Mage, Archer, Thief, and then Pirate. The heros also seem to follow this pattern; Aran, the warrior, came first, followed by the Evan, the mage. Having released three classes, the resistance, in a relatively short time frame, I think this is the opportunity Nexon was waiting for in order to introduce three more classes in a similar time frame. Also, if a new class gets released along side the reconstructed originals, there will be a lot less complaining about the new class being overpowered and the like.

  6. Toshio says:

    The lat patch…? No update for theif or pirates? ;(

  7. Tian says:

    Lol, that hair looks like a backwards dreamcatcher.

  8. Loupest says:

    I dunno Spadow, Nexon usually say at the press conference at the beginning of the 3 patch trilogy about what big things are to come, to build up the hype. They never mentioned an new legend so it makes me doubtfull that one is coming so soon. I would put my money on a 3 part patch this Summer with a new legend each patch and finish off the 5, since Summer and Winter are the two windows for big patches every year.

    But who am I to prophesize :P? I only hope (Although it looks doubtfull from the two screenshots of the video) that the starting tutorial area for some of the other Legends is Rien too :/ It’s a really great place, my faveourite in all of maple.

    When do you predict the next KMST patch (The Arrow of Speed) to come out?

    Thank for covering everything as usual ^_^ Hehe.

  9. Jason Wang says:

    Cool, and I agree with Spadow, when I first saw the vid. I was like, WHO THE HECK IS THAT GIRL?

    Hopefully she IS the new archer hero or the “NPC” of the archer hero (much like Lillin was to Aran).

  10. sumgai says:

    Archer hero? I’ll pass. Too squishy, too ammo based and probably won’t be much good. Maybe if it fired LAZOR arrows like Mechanics have LAZOR bullets. But I’m not getting my hopes up. If I wanted a glass cannon that required funding to keep it alive and ass kicking, I’d go Dual Blade.

  11. KPRobin says:

    Archer hero?? Ian?? KMS will release soon?? Ochan and Utan also?
    this picture:

  12. Axxez says:


  13. Roxas says:

    Love the mechanic hair. i want to get in on ym battlemage and show off to the mechanics
    (not hating them or the players)

  14. greennov1 says:

    i bet the arrow of speed update will have that person in it and that person is the archer legend!
    it’s perfect if you ask me…

    will someone remind me who valerie is?

    • Alilatias says:

      Valerie is the pirate girl. Her artwork has been used to represent female adventurer pirates in the past, but it seems that ever since this Maple anniversary, she was turned into an actual NPC and given that name.

    • JKALYJ says:

      more specifically she was the representation of the gunslingers, she was in the first promotion video for pirates as a gun user which is why her name is Valerie most likely

      Valerie>Valkyrie ( think i spelled that right)

  15. Alilatias says:

    What in the world happened to the blog layout here?

    Anyways, I like your hair. Like I said in your other blog entry, that is one of the only shades of green in all of Maple that isn’t vomit-inducing.

    Heh, did you try to use that second stamp on your Unique earrings?

    As for that girl… If she is the Archer Legend, I now believe that she won’t be released during the Arrow of Speed patch. It’d make more sense for Nexon to save her for the big Summer patch, probably in June.

    • Alilatias says:

      On that note, what in the world is up with Nexon not making the stamps have a 100% chance of working? If people are going to spend that much NX to get them, they shouldn’t fail. I swear, Nexon seems so backwards sometimes.

    • kimicatdemon says:

      considering KMS loves to make large patch updates when GMS gets one, June would make sense.

  16. twj says:

    The new girl , may hint us some new maps , like Neo City etc. Usually maps like those come with a ‘Lead NPC’ , maybe the girl is the one :D

  17. Panther876 says:

    and.. Osama bin laden is DEAD!!!

  18. Killmeplsok says:

    Excited but……what happened to the blog?

  19. lib689 says:

    Well this all makes sense… The warrior and magician patch came first and the thief and pirate patch are not here yet. The bowman, thief and pirate classes don’t have heroes yet so probably the pink haired girl depicts the npc that would help the archer legend since the 3rd patch is for bowman. So the thief and pirate patch in the coming months would release the last two heroes.

  20. straighthook says:

    I think the girl is Ayan in the perion who originally live in Henesys at first………….

  21. Josh says:

    anyone that knows, do the Protect Shield from cash shop that prevents items from being destroyed from Equipment enchantment scrolls? Do they also work for regular scroll since a lot of people are saying it does?
    thanks in advanced.

  22. Ghost says:

    Still no word about the Monster Park Badges……….

  23. Anonymouse says:

    How about anyone that plays KMS then…I really need to know.

    Can you still make Shoe Spike and Cape Cold Protection scrolls with the new Profession system?

  24. Seatoina2 says:

    dunno why but when i see an elf, bring to mind the legend class for archers to mimic Links abilitys, with is a jack of all trades class which would be a fun class to play.

    • Seatoina2 says:

      Which would be using bombs, bows, minimal spells combined with arrows and sword fighting up close when needed.

  25. Demixe says:

    hope someday they make a revamp for pirates :D

  26. Sammya says:

    looks like zipangu. and they are having a new place and you have to save her or something like that :D

  27. Dynames says:

    The chick is a elf o.0
    In most games the elf is great with magic and arrows.
    But will they create the legend a basic male female char 0.o

  28. Struru says:

    I thought it was just a Orbis chick.

  29. Spadow<3er says:

    Hey spadow. Do you know if you have a copy of the video before nexon edited it? and also. i am currently playing GMS. there is are 2 attendance check medal’s which you get after 7 and 14 days. would you happen to know if they are permanent.

  30. Jonah says:

    In KMS, how long was the interval between the disabled hero-creation and Chaos update? TwMS had hero creation stopped last Wednesday and I can’t seem to find any information relating the time needed.

  31. christophe brumfield says:

    I think the new chick may be the next hero, and i think we can all probally trust the aran preview of the 5 heros. Got any advice on how to help me fix my UE/UA Rauder i put his dex up to 100 =/

  32. 메이풀 서토리 says:

    That probably is the bowman legend
    For one- the remaining heroes are to be released this year
    #2-in the picture with the five heroes, the bowman is a girl
    #3- jut because she’s an elf

  33. Boone says:

    But both Athena and this new NPC have pointy ears… there is atleast something that is similar between a class and the legend class. I think it’s the archer legend, no doubt

  34. wow thats a lot of stuff to happen and cool mech hair style,
    oh and I looked at the NPC pictures of Athena and her kid self and they both have green hair so that girl up there cant be Athena

    also I never knew the Valerie had a name and never saw her but on pics and promo videos like the Aran girl but thats cool

    are you soloing Zakum?

    Those stamps will be a killer in GMS since everyone is going crazy with PoT items and 3 and 2 lines
    so this will be a real money maker

    last thing,
    I like how the maple admin looks in the red 8th look

  35. Megabine says:

    Nexon also said that there WILL BE a hero class that represents each class, Aran – Warrior, Mage – Evan, This new one(Maibe) – Archer, ??? – Thief, ??? – Pirate.
    They take about 1 year to make each hero, it has been a year since the Evan class came out so I think I WILL BE the new so long waited hero.

  36. Random Person says:

    Gawd im just jellin over your luck! First of all your hair is the exact one i want and second earring unique in 1 shot? Yeah worth it man now i must do all of the following..

    -Jizz my pants
    -Glare at the earrings
    -Jelousness over your epic luck
    -Jizz in my pants again for the hair
    -(so on so on never ending)

  37. Cyrus says:

    I was askin mysalef the same cause i havent seen her never in KMS KMST or GMS GMST i think it would never be GMST or GMST but anyways she can be the archer hero i would do 1 cause i love efls <333333333

  38. josh says:

    so any one know if protection scrolls work for others scrolls, not just ee scrolls. Since a lot of people say they do?

  39. Pingback: Top Posts —

  40. SomeRandomFP says:

    PvP question :D)

    Do the status-inflicting skills work in PvP??

    Such as:

    Seal, Slow, Paralyze, Mist, Demon [Ice or Fire(before JUMP!)], and Poison Breath.

  41. AlmightyHero says:

    lol an archer hero! Another OP ¬¬

  42. SoulDB says:

    Well, we have a medal event in GMS, similar to the attendance event. At least the good part is that you only have to check in with a GM 14 days to get a 4 all stat medal!

  43. CapslockAbuser says:


  44. Ghost says:

    What’s the use of having Maple Miracle Cubes rather than the original ones? Are they cheaper? Do they give better potential stats? Please don’t tell me that the original cubes cannot work the the Maple Sets…..

    • Spadow says:

      Miracle Cube does not work on the new Maple equipment. Maple Miracle Cube does.

      • josh says:

        spadow do you know know if protection scrolls work for others scrolls, not just enhancements scrolls. Since a lot of people say they do? thanks in advanced.

  45. DarkEnergy says:

    Hey Spadow, can you answer a question? Do the Protect Shield items work on Dark Scrolls too? Because the description wasn’t the best and some people think it’s only EE scrolls. Thanks

    • Spadow says:

      I know the description wasn’t the best and I corrected it in the original post.
      To answer your question; yes, it works on scrolls that potentially can blow up your item. And it works with equip enhancement scrolls as well.

  46. Mobius says:

    LOL I said the exact same thing!!! WHO IS THIS CHICK?! WHAT IS THIS PLACE?!

    I swear I’m not kidding!

  47. tonton says:

    that unkown chick looked like arwen from elenia when i first sw her o.0
    anyone agree?

  48. Ahmy says:

    I want that female hair D: the last one q.q i wish it comes to GMS

  49. keroberos says:

    does anyone else think a dancer class would be awsome? it may just be me, but i think that a dancer class with a combo system would be epic,……. it might even fit seeing as there’s a dance event going on. but an archer hero would be epic aswell.

  50. Gakihenshin says:

    Maybe the Archer hero will be like the archer class in WonderKing, where it can use nature based magic to defent itself as well as bows & arrows.

    Wouldn’t that be fun?

  51. DJ-Kali-SwisS says:

    Ahh someone beat you to it, the archer will have wings as i said in my old comments wells thats why red bull gives you wings ^ ^

  52. s0meb0dy says:

    Who is this chick? uh… random girl, I guess?
    What is this place? THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE!!!
    I really like the changes with the maple’s birthday’s quests, but it would take a long time until GMS gets it… (By the way, GMS’s birthday (6th) is on may the 11th, and we have the cake/pie, and cards, I don’t really happy to say it, but KMS is far better than GMS…)

  53. Viper says:

    Hey guys…for the ones who want the bowman upgrades…(note that these might not be the final results)

    The attack boost thing disappears
    Bowman Begins?:raises dex permanently
    Power Knockback:damage + attack range increased
    Arrow Bomb:Amount of monsters able to attack and damge increased

    Thrust:raises traveling speed (max +40)
    Puppet:HP increased
    Fire Shot: Skill effect renewed + damage increased and poison time? increased
    Arrow Rain:……Damage increase + something else
    Silver Hawk:Doesnt require summoning rock
    Mortal Blow: KO probability increased

    Sharp Eyes: Skill effects are increased
    Bow Expert:Master Level decreased to 20
    Advanced Soul Arrow: :P i bet you can guess what it does
    Dragon Pulse:Master level decreased to 10(!)
    Extreme Shot: An ultimate for bowmen..
    Hamstring:Skill disappears
    Red Eye: Raises attack and something else..

    I SUCK at translating…so.. yeah not sure if somebody already posted this

    • heyy says:

      where exactly did you getthis info?!!!!!!!!

    • Alilatias says:

      SouthPerry has nothing on there having been a KMST patch for this. Did you grab this from one of those fan-made skill lists over at Insoya?

    • Alilatias says:

      Actually, now that I look at it more closely, this HAS to be fan-made. It was believeable until I got to the Bowmaster part.

      1) There won’t be any 4th job skills with a mastery level of 20. It’s either going to be 10 (not requiring any mastery books) or 30 (requiring mastery books).
      2) No reason to make an Advanced Soul Arrow skill purely to make attack arrows stack. It’d have to do something else as well to justify putting 10/30 SP into it.
      3) There’s also no way they’ll ever give an ultimate to Adventurer Archers. That’s something typically reserved for mages/heroes/resistance.

    • GoldPenguin says:

      Lol Advanced soul arrow: Equivalent to shadow partner but with same damage instead of half. :D
      Also… That couldn’t be Athena. It would have to be a new job since the background is more like a kingdom such as Rien, Edelstein, and the Dual Blade hideout then an instructor building such as the ones that the adventurers have.

      • Viper says:

        meh, yeah, its fan made, but there are rumors of an ultimate for bowmens…i hope its true XD

        • Viper says:

          we’ll just have to wait about a week or so to find out ~_~

        • Alilatias says:

          I hope that’s not true. Ultimates are overrated. I’d much rather have an actual 4th job spammable mob skill, instead of something flashy that lags the hell out of everyone while having a 30 second cooldown on top of that.

          • Viper says:

            just cuz we get might get an ultimate doesnt mean we wont get a mob skill too..

          • Alilatias says:

            The thing is, if we get new skills, some old skills have to go, purely because we barely have enough SP to max most of the skills by level 200 as it currently is. That’s the way it has always been.

            Now, look at the skills we currently have:
            – Hurricane/Snipe (30)
            – Vengeance/Ultimate Strafe (10)
            – Hamstring/Blind (30)
            – Sharp Eyes (30)
            – Marksmanship (10)
            – Bow Expertise/Crossbow Expertise (30)
            – Phoenix/Frostprey (30)

            Maple Warrior and Hero’s Will aren’t mentioned as all classes have both skills.

            If we were to get a new Ultimate, which skill would said Ultimate replace? Most likely Hamstring/Blind. But then where does that new mob skill go? I’d prefer not to lose any of the other skills.

          • Alilatias says:

            Well, except for Vengeance, but it seems quite unfair to make a 4th job mob skill require only 10 SP to max.

            (Then again, Ultimate Strafe only requires 10 SP to max as well.)

          • Viper says:

            if i would have it my way, id get rid of vengeance/hamstring/lower phoneix master lvl to 20….

  54. Kim says:

    Is this KMS? or KMST with the golden and silver stamps?
    from what i know prenium miracle cubes are out from may 4th !
    GET IT NOW !
    but yeah kms or kmst? plz reply ):

  55. The Guy says:

    isn’t it obvious!? this is totally a Dancer class =P It will follow the archer class tree but use different weapons probably.


  56. DJoker says:

    Ellinforest got hacked ?

  57. Alex says:

    when the patch “Arrow Of Speed” come to kmst???

  58. DJ-Kali-SwisS says:

    So much for the la-la-la-la in the videos its like it would be a dancer class or something, thats jiggypuff for you, come to deviant art for pokemon gijinka new things to see while you wait for the bowman update.

  59. Mike says:

    GMS is getting a bit boring with it only being in the big bang patch i mean the chaos patch does not do much except the pvp, since gms is behind kms i’m going to have to wait a lot more months to be able to play the new caracter. i think it’s some sort of archer class that’s coming out because: 1. the patch is called arrow of speed 2. her pointy ears
    i also really wish that the third and final patch would come out earlier so we could see the new caracter.
    (i wanna see the begining (lv1-30) )

  60. Meh says:

    Didn’t nexon say they wanted to make a third branch for archers and pirates like they did with dual blades for thieves? What if this girl is the third branch for archers? I think that would be interesting. She’s clearly an elf or something so maybe a new weapon and a mix of spells would be cool. I dunno.

  61. TheWiseOne says:

    aran = pole arm warrior / evan = Summon Magician / archer= whip/lude archer / thief= Sealing Thief / pirate = double gun pirate.

    • Alilatias says:

      Double Gun pirate isn’t going to happen simply because Mechanics already exist and they already use guns. Chances are much higher that the Pirate hero is going to use knucklers instead.

    • Ghost says:

      Note that the only new weapons are introduced when there is a new adventure job coming out. The legends nor resistance got new weapons.

  62. GoldPenguin says:

    Yeah… That would have to be a new job. When they lined all of the jobs up it was Cygnus, which was a new set of jobs, pirates, which were a new job, Arans, which were a new job, dual bladers, which are a new job and then there’s the bowman, which would have to be a new job.
    Btw.. Do you need a recipe to make half moon/other earrings? If so… Whats the best way to get them?

  63. Nathan says:

    Id find it really funny if it turns out its just some random they added in cause they felt like it xD

  64. Hanabira.Kage says:

    Spadow. Looks like someone hacked Ellinforest. You might want to get on it ASAP.

    • Spadow says:

      Nothing was actually damaged, but I can’t get it back up. My friend, the other administrator, can get it back up. However, he doesn’t check EF often anymore so I don’t know when the forums will be back up.

      • Hanabira.Kage says:

        How about asking Fiel for help? He might be willing to help you out if he’s free (he should be, since he’s no longer helming SP).

  65. John McCain says:

    At least half those “new” hair styles have been in GMs for a while now, and some of them aren’t even royal.

    The Arrow of Speed won’t be a very large update since bowman are pretty balanced already, so Nexon might release the archer hero at the same time to compensate.

  66. Gerald says:

    You know what I think,
    in The Arrow of Speed it is just rebalancing of the Archers.
    Then, in the summer, again a big patch just like Big Bang, Chaos and Jump!
    with in the first part rebalancing thief, second part rebalancing of the pirate and then in the third patch a new legend, probably the Archer Legend.

  67. SquishyGMS says:

    Listen, I need a favour:

    Tell this dude>
    to keep making videos!
    PLz I’m Begging YOU.

  68. Soul says:

    ahh dang it…i play maple eu and we just got dual bladers if korea will realese another new job im gona go crzy waiting… ;(((((
    i just want big bang btw :((

  69. brosefers says:

    Why is EF still down >___>

  70. DJ-Kali-SwisS says:

    Good news summer is coming almost a month there now lets see if we can find something fun while we wait TIME TICKS…….

  71. ryandutchman says:

    thanks for the info, especially those wonderful stamps ^^

  72. Lol says:

    I think she is Anthena pierce

  73. JPanda says:

    First, she isnt an elf, she’s a fairy, look at her colorful wings
    2nd if shes the archer legend, ill actually make a girl character just cause she looks awesome
    3rd spadow, stats on equinox? mines at 132 att and 3%str =) BUCC PRIDE >=D

    • Wisdom says:

      Elves can’t have colorful wings?

    • Alilatias says:

      I’m pretty sure those wings are either a cape or part of her armor. They’re nowhere to be found in the second picture, and I don’t think she’d just fold them into that flimsy shirt there.

    • Alilatias says:

      Also, unless Spadow got a new Equinox, it appears that the one listed on his Equipment page is 97 ATK (with no potential listed, although if he mentions it here, he’s obviously potentialed it to 3-lined since then).

      Might be low/average to us GMSers, but one must note that us GMSers are very blessed compared to every other version when it comes to equips – KMS has no White Scrolls/Pam’s Songs, and they certainly didn’t run into a situation where tons of people abused an exploit to get those freaking 50% 2-handed Weapon scrolls.

      • sumgai says:

        GMS players aren’t blessed, at least not the ones who don’t pour money into the game. Any of the good stuff that KMS would consider us blessed for costs OVER NINE BILLIOOOOOOON mesos. If Koreans don’t feel blessed by us having troops there watching their back so they can blow all their money on games, we should just pull out and let them pay for their own damn military. Us? Blessed? Hardly.

        • 메이풀 서토리 says:

          Oh please
          The us military has done nothing for the better
          All the troops are just mindless puppets that are controlled by the gouvernement
          By doing so
          They will always succeed and portray that they are the better people we should all praise em
          And I am willing to bet my life that Osama bin laden and alquada are just working for the us gouvernement.
          Just so that they can make everyone think the middle east is a war zone
          Even though the real war is just within

      • Random Person says:

        If they do not have white scrolls.. Then i think GMS is blessed.. Id still play KMS but id use all my fundings on GMS. If there is no pam’s song or ws then scrolling is just plaining too hard IN BIG BOLD LETTERS!

  74. AresconX says:

    Lol maybe it’s a class based on Pit from SSBB

  75. Alex says:

    GMS noobs

  76. BuddyAran says:

    Spadow, any idea what happen to Ellin Forest Forum?
    Was it really hacked by Team Animus?

  77. heyy says:

    BOWMAN HERO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. Random says:

    Are you wondering why Ellin Forest was hacked? Read this!

    Many vBulletin accounts (Ellin Forest is through vBulletin) were recently hacked. Not just Ellin Forest.

    So, it was not a direct attack on Ellin Forest. There must have been a breach in security.

    • heyy says:

      i see

    • Hanabira.Kage says:

      From what I’ve heard (unconfirmed), “Team Animus” hacks stuff for the hell of it.

      That would explain the new EF “homepage”.

    • Random Person says:

      Yeah i was gona kill some time by talking and helping some people on ellin forest but.. It looks like some dumbasses ave stopped me >_>.

  79. Un-Known says:

    I hope its a archer class! Archers FTW!!!

  80. Brad says:

    Do the Protect Shields work like white scrolls and are used every time or do they work like pams song and only used when the item would have exploded.

  81. Coolbeans says:

    Thnx spadow your awesome!!!  On a side note you know when the bowman revamp is? Thnx for everything bro keep it up!

  82. Charles says:

    It seems as though that place is really old with no electricity. Saying that, how the heck does she have a radio??? Anyways, I’m a HUGE Fan of archers and I wish that it would come out soon. I live in the U.S. and Korean and i have up to no or very little information on the Korean way of speech, so i cant play KMS; only GMS

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