Happy 8th Anniversary!

April 29, 2011
Happy 8th Anniversary MapleStory~!

Have you seen the new promotional video to commemorate the 8th anniversary?

[Alternative Link]

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94 Responses to Happy 8th Anniversary!

  1. Eric says:

    How adorable. Well, as adorable as it can get considering what the video is, anyway.

  2. Nion says:

    kMS can make a anime series that’s better than jMS’s if they keep this up.

  3. kiIIerzone says:

    cute promotion video. xD

  4. Dusekkar says:

    Loved the promotion video.

  5. DeuxFatale says:

    Maybe a Tad bit too cute?

    I almost barfed halfway though…. then i remembered that mostly kids play maple story in Korea…

  6. ElfGirl says:

    Spadow, who is that elf girl in the video at 56 seconds? and what town is that cause I don’t recognize it. Also at 1:27 of the audience, theres a girl near the middle bottom, I don’t recognize her either. Is this a hint of something new to come? Archer Legend and Archer Legend Instructor?

    • Winter says:

      The girl in the middle at 1:27 is the KoC archer instructor iirc

      • ElfGirl says:

        oh LOL. She is so young didn’t know that was her. Thanks for info, but still I wonder who the elf girl is and what that town is.

    • JKALYJ says:

      els girls is the only random person but she had wings at the beginning so i’d guess she’s some random fairy.

    • Spadow says:

      The elf girl is a new character. Her name is unknown.

      • panda says:

        the elf girl is athena pierce

        • Spadow says:

          How do you know for sure? It might be Helena. (Athena Pierce)
          But the articles I read didn’t mention her name.

          • Lunar says:

            If you look in the background at 0:27, you see the ellin forest icon. There’s been many speculations about the whole maple past idea, and I think people came to the conclusion that athena has lived since aran’s time, and used to live in ellin forest as a little girl, therefore it’s probable that she is either athena, or has to do something with archers and/or the archer legend.

          • Daikukuro says:

            See Kyo even he thinks that.
            I told you so =)
            P.S I think its Helena during the time she was with ‘Aran’

          • TehFrancis says:

            Actually, if any of you guys played Aran’s storyline it is revealed that Athena was indeed alive at his time and was better known as Helena, a young fairy from the continent of Ossyria. She also led the ark that brought many citizens of Ossyria to Victoria Island during the final battle against the Black Magician. Eventually those refugees settled there and created the modern Victoria Island we all know today. Athena Pierce is merely an alias that Helena acquired after gaining fame as Henesys’ most powerful bowman. That technically makes Aran an old acquaintance of Helena…

            And that’d make Athena as old, if not older than Grendel. XD

          • Alilatias says:

            I still don’t think she is young Helena, as the hair and armor is completely off.

            I’m willing to take a bet that Nexon Korea originally planned to release the Archer Legend/hero (assuming she is the Archer Legend) before the Jump updates, but their schedule got screwed up and they saw no point in redoing the video, so they left her in the video for us to speculate over.

          • Ghost says:

            Why would they consider adding that Archer Legend so early? KMS has unofficially been creating trimonthly patches now. And with Chaos being a part of the winter, the Jump patches are within spring, there’s no way that they would of released

            Assuming that they do release the Archer legend in Jump part 3, I expect there the thief legend to arrive during the summer and the pirate legend during the fall. Most likely at the end of the season.

          • Random Person says:

            This may very well be a hint of a new job, no clue though, im pretty sure it could be Athena.

          • Alilatias says:

            “Why would they consider adding that Archer Legend so early?”

            The same reason why KMS released Dual Blade at the end of Feburary last year. They do whatever the heck they want. >_>

          • Ghost says:

            That was before the Big Bang, now every 3 to 6 months there’s a big patch happens. They just had Chaos so I doubt they would want to bring the Archer Legend so soon.

          • Alilatias says:

            The problem with that is the Resistance was released shortly after Big Bang. Come to think of it, we knew about the Resistance before we knew about Big Bang as well.

            Again, they do whatever the heck they want. <_<

          • NovaNuvaMS says:

            LOL yeah tht girl with the pink hair could be connected to another game update. Yup, this girl with the pointed ear could be related to Eagle Eye-original bowman legend.

          • Ghost says:

            Technically the resistance was part of the big bang, they were parts 2 and 3 of it.

          • heyy says:

            yah but nexon confirmed that ALL remaining heroes would be relased this year…………
            i dont think that they are gonna release them all at the same time

          • Chibi says:

            ever think that this MAY be the new archer class, incorporating the “FLY” skill from dragon rider? just imaging little flyers all over maple’s 2-D screen…..flying advertisers…..flying KS-ers…..OH GOD

    • Zuzique says:

      Yes, I thought about the girl at 00:56 too, and i think its an archer legend also.

      The blond is Kyrin… XD

    • Matrix says:

      Pause at about 1:13. From left to right, it’s Kyrin, the girl they use to represent Aran, Cygnus (evidenced by 0:49 and 1:26 when she’s shown with the Knight Instructors), Lillin, and Mercedes (the new archer Legend girl — the background in her shots (0:21, 0:56) is the Mercedes home).

  7. nice post I had to fav the video,
    I agree with the posters on the top and said it in the youtube comment,
    Korea should make a Korean Maple anime,

    Look at Nipon Ichi and their games before they just made an anime off of that desegia game

    if they do or dont and make more of these I will enjoy them

    and happy 8th for you

  8. Sammya says:

    Thank you spawdow,and i have a question. how many coins have you got
    and did you get ur mushie mount yet(i did :D) u jelly?

  9. Boone says:

    I’m a little skeptical of that elf girl as well.. Archer Revamp and supposed Archer Legend is suppose to be next… I’ve never seen any NPC like her. Maybe the Archer Legend can fly with those wings she was wearing at the beginning.. I guess we’ll just have to wait about 2 weeks to find out

  10. Guan says:

    My vote goes to the female Aran.

  11. ShiroKishi says:

    Hmm, could it be that the pirate character is the Pirate Legend and the elf girl is the Archer Legend?

  12. Ghost says:

    WAaaaaaaay too freaking corny. It’s almost as bad as American Idol.

    That elf girl has something to do with the next development of MS, probably party of the final Jump Patch.

    Spadow you still never mentioned anything about the badges from Monster Park and you said that you will the patch came to the main servers :(

  13. Vapor-X says:

    Elf Girl
    archer jump update/new legend?

  14. DAggers says:

    Cygnus is..just GOD-LIKE PRETTY!!!
    Aran is sexy, looks she got cleavage!
    Lirin is mature..and cool
    Valerie is childish pretty?
    Elf is beautiful..jz that

  15. Arrol says:

    Maybe because FemAran is the oldest of the group?

  16. NwaDeKoko says:

    Waaaaaaah <3 I think they should re-make the anime :D IT WOULD PWNS <3
    The actual anime sucks o.o :P

  17. roro says:

    omg… that looks almost like one of those anime p*** moovies. i think they went a bit too far with some of the poses… did they forgot that most kids that play this are like 7-12?

  18. pin yang says:

    can u post de 8th aniversary music?but not de bgm?

  19. mushi says:

    ZOMG Q_Q

  20. Bergamot says:

    S.I.D-Sound ‘Smile’ 보컬:banami / 작곡:ampstyle, 편곡:ampstyle / 작사 : 률

    Smile love you
    널 생각하면 자꾸 웃음이 나와
    언제나 둘이 만들어 갈 이야기
    The Story is Maple~

    있잖아 난 말야
    너만 보면 자꾸만 가슴이 콩닥
    눈 부신 아침햇살처럼 넌 Smile~
    너와 함께라면 I’m so happy

    새로운 아침 설레이는 모험도
    우리 같이 있어 행복한 걸
    즐거운 인사 기쁘게 만든 추억
    I need you and with you
    늘 지금 처럼 함께 하자

    Smile love you
    널 생각하면 매일 웃음이 나와
    설레이는 기분 꼭 오늘은 잘 될 것만 같아
    고맙고 행복했던 날들 나와 함께 해줄래?
    언제나 우리 둘이서 Miracle day~
    너 뿐이야 Maple~
    (The Story is Maple~)

  21. Anonymouse says:

    Spadooooowwwww, I really need to know.

    Can you still make Shoe Spike and Cape Cold Protection scrolls with the new Profession system?

    • joey says:

      i completely forgot about these ._.. and im now wondering this also cause if not im going to farm them (along with ivruta equips)

  22. DJ-KaliSwisS says:

    Yea just like i thought bowmans have wings because they drink red bull lol

  23. anon says:

    what. the. fuck,

  24. Zenzingten says:

    my god why can GMS be this cool with there stuff,
    i love this

    • Random Person says:

      I’m pretty sure when the 7th anniversary (I could guess this because the opening page of GMS’s log in screen looked the same as KMS’s 7th anniversary), maybe GMS will get these WITH ENGLISH DUBBS!!

      No way to tell, its a good guess.

  25. Shadowkun says:

    Has no one ever thought that she looks like a fairy fairy =ellina the elf = just an extra char?

    • Alilatias says:

      Some of us did take that into consideration, but then there’s the obvious standpoint of why Nexon would bother creating completely new character art (and especially building art in the background as well) just for this video.

      Especially when they could have easily used female Evan instead, or used another already existing female Adventurer representative like that mage from the Spell of Awakening. (Or god forbid, a henehoe from Henesys to troll us all.)

  26. frank says:

    the video was adorable!
    but who was the pink haired elf?

  27. Loupest says:

    Haha, That’s a really great poster ^_^ Happy Anniversary Spadow and thank you for your continued hard work to keep us updated!

  28. Franiel says:

    anyone else notice how hot the aran is? nice rack and a

  29. Axxez says:

    WOO HOO!! :D Happy 8th Anniversary MapleStory~!

  30. TacoBeard says:

    Anyone know who the pirate is? im pretty sure it isnt some random pirate because i recognise the design… and have heard people refer to her with a name i can’t remember.

    • Alilatias says:

      Valerie. Before this, her artwork was used to represent female adventurer pirates. I don’t think it was until this anniversary that she was turned into an actual NPC and given a name.

      • TacoBeard says:

        AH thank you. I just remebered she was in the GMS prometional video for pirates, but i can’t really speak for others since i only play GMS. another question, The builing behind the new pink haired girl reminds me of something…i know its in maplestory somewhere. whether alone or part of a city.
        Somoene know if im just confusing it with other maple arcitecture or if im right?

        • Alilatias says:

          I’ve come to the conclusion that the architecture is new, although parts of it bears some similarities to Orbis and maybe Ereve buildings. But Ereve doesn’t really have any buildings, just lots of overhanging roofs and such, and the Orbis buildings don’t have doors like that.

  31. Karkain says:

    That video was almost as disturbing as the picture of Van Leon and Spiegelman.

    Zakum had the perfect opportunity to kill some relatively important (?) people at the end! All he had to do was clap the platform shut like a book and they’d all be flatter than soda with added table sugar! Why didn’t he take it?!

  32. josh says:

    Spadow or anyone that knows, do the Protect Shield from cs that prevents items from being destroyed form Equipment enchantment scrolls? Do they also work for regular scroll since a lot of people are saying it does.

  33. Kimchibi says:

    GMS would be ruined if they did this kind of stuff considering all the pervs in america -____-; plus most of them wouldnt get some of the stuff like quiz star k. i wished i could play KMS

  34. RockinNight says:

    Oh the tragedy. Empress’s happy and dancing now but in the future her mind gets assaulted by the Black Mage.

    • Eric says:

      I couldn’t help but think of that when I watched it the first time. I mean, really, it’s a pretty shocking event process.

      I do wonder, though, exactly how far in the future the Dark Empress transformation happens. Knowing the way this art works, she could be anywhere from 16 to 30. =/

  35. D0raemon says:

    Feeling that a new class is coming up…

  36. Cora says:

    Ya know, at first I thought “That elf girl looks a lot like Corrine from NLC.”
    Then I remembered “Oh wait…. 0_o”

  37. Jack says:

    I think the girl elf can be found as the legend that LILIN asleep or herself to be a legend.
    I rule out the possibility that she be Helen because they are completely different helena’s hair is brown and the elf is red.
    Ler foneticamente
    Dicionáriosubstantivo0.ego0.United Statesabreviação0.U.S.pronome0.self

  38. Jack says:

    sorry for the mistakes above as “listening, reading and other phonetically” I am Brazilian and was using google translator

  39. widescreen o_O.

    Does this foreshadow widescreen support in the near future?

  40. 路人甲 says:





  41. hmmm this is a bit off but I wonder why they did not use the Dual Blade girl Lady sia or something?

  42. Straighthook says:

    sooooo cute!!!!

  43. ajerul says:

    jaw drop F5 yeah!! goddess style >.< Thumbs up for the maple goddess!!

  44. Anonymouse says:

    How about anyone that plays KMS then…I really need to know.

    Can you still make Shoe Spike and Cape Cold Protection scrolls with the new Profession system?

  45. Sergio says:

    Wtf @ :40.
    Kiddy pron?

  46. Sodaku says:

    The Aran chick reminds me of Yuroichi in Bleach, The pirate and empress remind me of Rangiku, and Lilin remind me of momo

  47. Hanabira.Kage says:

    Lilin looks bored. :/

  48. Luis says:

    What puzzles me is that Lilin (at about 0:53) is wearing a sweater and shorts while on an island covered with ice and snow…

  49. Oh_Speed_Poppin says:

    Aran and Lilin lookin right yo. I’d be up on dat ;)

  50. bobby says:

    helena aint no fairy, she jus’ drank too much RED BULL. thas’ also why she be the strongest archer

  51. Maj0ra says:

    Spadow, I’m begging for an answer to my final question, I’ll love you forever! Can WS/Pam’s be used in conjunction with with Protect Shields?

  52. Squeedly says:

    I have a feeling that the elf girl isnt gonna be an archer, but some sort of new mage, as she is wearing a mage glove. A flying mage? Dear Spadow save us.

  53. LikeMaple says:

    wat this song name???can give download link~plz

  54. DracoRukario says:

    Heh, lolis ftw….?

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