Dear Diary (day 5)

Dear Diary,

Since the anniversary event update arrived to the public server, I’ve kept myself busy with completing new quests.
It’s great, but I think last year’s was much more fun. Next week, MapleStory will give the players x2 experience and drop on certain dates.

I’m level 162. Almost reaching level 163. I’ve defeated bosses the past couple days to collect Maple Leaves and exchange it for silver coins.
On one day I collected over 7000 leaves! Took me a few hours though and I gained ~5% experience just from that!

Right now I’ve completed the missions that you have to complete every day 6 times. Two more days to go and I won’t have to worry about it anymore. Then I’ll have to worry about hunting Palabirds.
I have 2 Palabird’s Shiny Feather scrolls, but I need 5 more until I can use it on my Beryl equipment.

I’ve got the hat, cape, weapon (thanks to a friend!) and the belt. On the first day I managed to collect 40 silver coins and I bought a Beryl Shoulder Pad from Inkwell.
Another friend gave me a Shiny Feather scroll and I used it on my shoulder pad so it turned into a Letinum Shoulder Pad.

The only Beryl items left that I need is the overall and the shoes. That’s sixty coins. Not bad, I can do that in one or two days tops.

Today the test server client has been upgraded to version 1.2.380. The skill changes and items that were added in the Spell of Awakening update in KMS are now added in the test server.
Isn’t that funny? New changes gets added to the public server before the test server.
I think that the magicians are content with their revamp.

One of the missions from the Rising Star quest is raising a Mini Maple Bonsai. An item pot. You need to raise it 8 times, but it’s hard.
When you feed it with equipment or ETC items, its fullness will raise and when it reached the limit, it will sleep. The sleeping time of a Mini Maple Bonsai is 21 hours! And there are 4 levels…
Thankfully, Nexon reduced the sleeping time in the test server from 21 hours to 1 hour and 30 minutes. That will help a lot of people and their mission to receive the Orange Mushroom Riding. I still don’t have it ah!!

The update in the test server changes a few things about PvP. Anyone can now play PvP between 1 PM and 12 AM. New quests related to the 8th anniversary were added and the NPC Larson now sells recipes!
Larson sells level 130 ‘Bloody’, ‘Rising Sun’ and level 70 ‘Crescent Moon’ recipes. I really want the Rising Sun set because it’s a really powerful set.
Unfortunately I live overseas and I will experience difficulty with latency when I play PvP. Not to mention, the proofs item that can be acquired from exchanging Battle Points are hard to get and you need a lot to buy one level 130 recipe.

There are a few buttons that you cannot click on the homepage of MapleStory. It says the page will open at the 28th of April.
Today’s update in the test server makes me believe that there will be a patch on the 28th.

I’m looking forward to it. Really. Because on the 28th, MapleStory will release new cash items.
It will release the Unicorn pet in a package. I really hate it when Nexon sells every new pet in a package which is overpriced…
But… Since I love unicorns… Do I love unicorns? Yeah, I do! Since I love unicorns I have to make an exception and purchase the package.


On that day MapleStory’s Cash Shop will also mark the arrival of two stamps.
The Golden & Silver stamp of potential. It can affect the lines of the potential stats. What I mean with this is that it can change from 2 lines to 3 lines at a certain success rate.
Golden Stamp has a 80% success rate and the Silver Stamp has a 50% success rate. I think they will be in the Unicorn pet package which I’m not looking forward to because I’m not  a person obsessed with high damage.

I’m also looking forward for a new haircut. I need one and I know exactly which one I want!

[ Credit as tagged – Image courtesy of 느그미 / 인소야닷컴 ]

The haircut I want is the Power Dry Hair which is the 3rd one at the top. Maple Royal coupon will cost 4,500 cash so it’s pretty expensive…
Pray for me that I get the haircut on the first try.

Since we’re on the subject of cash items. Currently in the public server anyone who has cash can buy Cloto’s Reel of Magic.
There’s a 30-day and 60-day version and you can extend the time period of your riding skills.

A few days ago I got a Low Rider riding skill as a reward from my Mini Maple Bonsai and the skill lasted for 3 days. If I had Cloto’s Reel of Magic, I was able to extend it by 30 or 60 days. But a true Pirate would rely on his Silver Mane mount!

Oh I almost forgot to tell you. I’ve played Monster Park but I’m not impressed. Anyways, I found an envelope from a monster when playing Monster Park and it showed me this picture…

It’s Mr. Spiegelman posing with Van Leon, the Lion King~!

– Spadow

About Spadow
It's not who I am underneath... but what I do... that defines me.

76 Responses to Dear Diary (day 5)

  1. Roxas says:

    Wow, i love the 1st and 3rd hairstyles <3

  2. Yell0wFIash says:

    hahahahaha hihi how are you spadow btw this looks awesome I CANT WAIT FOR THE POTENTIAL LINE RESET THING-A-MAJIG!!!!

  3. RiceRic says:

    Spiegelman and Van leon o.o ?!?!

  4. oka says:

    the hairstyles all remind me of Bigbang’s GDragon.
    whatchu all think?

  5. Takebacker says:

    Can you elaborate on your qualms with the monster park system? The preparation for my buccaneer will be greatly influenced by your answer. :0

    • Spadow says:

      It’s fun the first time you do it, but eventually it becomes boring in my opinion. I don’t think you can compare Monster Park with the former party play zones though, because exp wise it sucks.
      Before, only the party leader was required to have an entrance ticket, but now anyone in the party needs a ticket and if you don’t have one, you can buy one for 700k.

      What I like about Monster Park is that there are prizes that increase personality traits that are hard to raise for me.

      • Takebacker says:

        Exp sucks huh? Can you report on your % gain per run? Are the areas you enter in the 120+ zone chosen by you, at random, or by some other method? Does the area you enter in the 120+ zone even matter exp wise? For example, does the future ereve area give more exp than the ToT area? Or are all the 120+ zones linked as one whole raid?

        The more information you could provide is very appreciated. There isn’t a lot of talk on 120+ monster park and a lot of us are concerned that our exp gain will be nerfed so if that is the case it would mean we would have to train faster while it lasts. If we don’t get the answers we need asap then that will leave us to find out on our own when it’s released. D:

        • Spadow says:

          Nexon released a new patch today and they doubled the EXP for +120 Monster Park dungeons and did other changed to Monster Park.
          A guild member says it’s actually good now. I have yet to see this new change by myself, but I’ll give it another shot soon.

  6. Shadowkun says:

    Awesome stuff i wish we could have it in GMS D8 oh and one more thing cani draw your char witht the new maple items on it i wanna see if i can beat Kynim but i suck at coloring and i dont have photoshop or a scanner so i cant color it tha way either But ill put it on basil and deviantart when its done if you alow me to draw it

  7. Mistah says:

    I kinda like the 7th hairstyle, it’s the one i use in Gms xD

  8. Leppis says:

    So I guess that Von Leon ran away from Spiegelman’s Zoo?

  9. Axxez says:

    Hope you get to 200 soon :)

    Phoenix Wright! :D Anyone?

  10. Ghost says:

    If that’s Van Leon before getting corrupted, (a.k.a 500 years ago? ), then how old is Mr. Spiegelman….

    • Tacobeard says:

      Um i wouldn’t think so. it SEEMS( highly likely) like he was in the monster carnival business forever sinc ehe only just now opened the park but then again who knows how long maples been in testing…

  11. Justin says:

    You guys just got the Matinee Idol hair? It’s the 7th one going down. GMS got something before KMS? No way :O

  12. RandomGuy says:

    Hey Spadow, someone told me that nx items drop from monsters in kms but really rarely. Is it true?
    Answer Plox
    Thx :D

  13. Edaton says:

    This is some hot stuff. The first hairstyle looks like Mechanic hair (sorta). Too bad it didn’t come out before, I would’ve gotten that for my Mechanic. :( The second hairstyle (3rd row from top) is the one I absolutely want to get! Tood bad it won’t be in GMS soon enough.

    Grats on almost 163 Spadow!

  14. greennov1 says:

    the bonsai looks so kewl :D
    i never knew you liked unicorns o.o…

    gMS is getting its anneversary tonight so yay :D
    looking at the list of monsters graciously provided by nexon that the maple weapons drop from…
    i’m thinking several things:
    1) only high levels will be able to get these items (hence inflation, but probably not too badly because BB made it so easy to level compared to before)
    2) 500 leaves for a single coin?!?!?!? maple leaf inflation…
    3) if you don’t have a high level, farming the sixth anneversary balloons is gonna be the new maple pasttime…

  15. Arrol says:

    Is it me or Nexon released the Mechanic hair now?

  16. ninjablack99 says:

    So…. wait When was Van leon friend with Mr. Spiegelman o.o?

    • Alilatias says:

      I wonder if this is going to turn into some crazy plot about Spiegelman being a former agent of the Black Wings that defected from the organization. Or was related to the Black Magician somehow, but is seeking any means possible to distance himself from the Black Wings.

      • Xion says:

        or it could be that von leon and spiegelmann are good friends cuz in the pic von leons smiling and hes holding bunny ears over spiegelmann XD

        • Alilatias says:

          I actually said all of that because I’m guessing the picture was taken a long time ago, like before Van Leon joined the Black Magician’s forces. I cannot imagine the current Van Leon being friends with him.

  17. Duggo dugo says:

    I love the first hairstyle.

  18. Alilatias says:

    That first hair has an awesome shade of green. One of the only greens I’ve seen in MS hair that isn’t vomit-inducing.

    Really starting to dislike how almost all new hair comes from Royal coupons nowadays.

  19. yuki2xx says:

    gl~ with yur hair! :]

  20. nathan says:

    hmmm… the 1st hairstyle looks almost like “Dreamcatcher (Male)” in reverse….

  21. Scott says:

    I knew it Speigalman is an evil person! He keeps pet rombots, Vikings, and even Teddy bears! That demon must be stopped! Spadow will you help me defeat the evil Speigalman and SAVE THE WORLD!?

  22. ace5008 says:

    first and third are the best :) (i like first better)

  23. Sammya says:

    Thank you spadow. :D

    btw for the stamps. what happens if it fails. does it get destoryed.(probably thats nexon for you)

    • Spadow says:

      Do you really think a cash item, that you purchased with your own money, should destroy an item?

      • s0meb0dy says:

        Well, what about mircale cubes? (Not sure if KMS have it or not) it has 70% and 90% success rate, and people waste a LOT of money to get good equips, (and I’m talking about HUNDREDS of dollars!) and there’s 30% and 10% chance that your item will be destroyed, so… yep, sucks.

        • Spadow says:

          We have Miracle Cubes, we had them first.
          A Miracle Cube does not destroy an item, it only resets the potential.

          What you are talking about is the potential scroll which is not a cash item. It can be obtained without spending a single dime.

          • roro says:

            “We have Miracle Cubes, we had them first.”

            like almost everything that is in GMS…(well, except the visitor event and i think also magatia…)

  24. Ghost says:

    Spadow, you haven’t told us what the badges from Monster Park yet and you said you would mention it when the patch came to the official server.

  25. sakura4li says:

    New plot to be revealed?

  26. Hollogen says:

    Hey have you ever thought about making a fan page on facebook
    just for little updates like level ups or something you saw.
    that would be cool.

    • Alilatias says:

      Spadow has a Twitter, actually. It doesn’t look like he uses it all that much, though. Although I have noticed increased activity as of late.

  27. LoveSpadow says:

    I have a question about new potential cash shop item that makes items 2 lined to 3 lines.
    When you use this, do you keep your first 2 lines and it just adds an extra line?
    or does it automatically resets all the new 3 lines?

  28. FurryWalls says:

    damn, Im loving the 메카닉 hair.

  29. Anonymouse says:

    Spadow, Can you make Shoe Spike and Cape Cold Protection scrolls with the new Profession system?

  30. s0meb0dy says:

    1.How can you make over 7000 leaves in 1 day? I bet it takes at least 10~15 minutes just to lot them… Which bosses did you hunt?
    2.Eating ETC items sounds great for me, there’s so much quests that when I have to start/finish them it tells me my ETC tab is full, and I have no idea what to do with these, so I just drop them… And if you feed the plant too much, can it die?

  31. Avishay says:

    Nexon fails, some of the haircuts with hats are the same O/O

  32. roro says:

    I belive that the picture is a sign of the new patch. as i see it, maybe nexon want’s to make up a new plot in the tale, but isnt sure what to do, so they make people blog about it and talk about it in the forums, so maybe someone will give an awsome consept.
    about that, let me hel them a bit; i think, that spiegelman is secretly an agent of the black mage, AND secretly a normal citisen. in a way, just a guy stuck between two guessing he is gonna be in a whole heap of trouble with the other NPC’s.
    another option is that he is helping von leon get rid of his curse and get on our side(a new job maybe???)
    anyway, if anyone has an idea, he should write it here. it just might be it :]

  33. DJ-KaliSwisS says:

    I look forward to being a maple star someday funny how one of those hair styles look similar to my own hair 0_0 so spadow how many maple leafs do you think you will get in a day?

  34. Mr. Spiegelman posing with Van Leon, the Lion King!?!
    Wow I am lost way more then I am now

    cool info though and wow those are some weird hair styles

  35. Karkain says:

    Van Leon + happy (Oh, why not go ahead and add Spiegelman in too?) = WHAT IN THE WIDE WIDE WORLD OF SPORTS IS GOING ON HERE?!?!?!?!?!?!

    At any rate, those Rising Star quests ought to be loads of fun if/when GMS gets them.

  36. ShinkuDragon says:

    nice picture of von leon o.q, and good luck getting that haircut spadow!

    by the way, i am wondering if you could help me with information on an old blog of yours regarding how the NX shield item works, is it only for enhances, or it prevents all scrolls from blowing up your item? your help would be greatly apprecciated >.<

    and it's always great to read your blog, keep at it man!

  37. Jason Wang says:

    Love the 1st hairstyle~

  38. Pingback: Top Posts —

  39. Anthony Australia says:

    Do the Hairstyles come to GMS?

  40. kimicatdemon says:

    I with everyone on the Von leon thing. What the heck?

    Although I pretty sure it’s just a pointless gimmick… unless they WANT to make a plot point out of it. Then we may have something here….

  41. Rawand says:

    Omg ! Why is Korean maplestory getting so many updates and so fast !!
    EMS is so slow with updates and we are soooooooo behind !! :(

  42. Mobius says:

    Are there any new female hairstyles?

  43. Hollie says:

    Is there any new female hairstyles? Can you post them please? :)

  44. Alilatias says:

    lawl Spiegelman… I went into the ElinForest forums and noticed that there were two more pictures of him.


    • Anonymouse says:

      Spiegelman has the same deranged look in his eves like Targa…or is it the other way around! lol

      And it looks like Spiegelman built Zakum.

  45. darklime says:

    So….if they put things from the public server to the test server, does that mean the mage patch isn’t finished?…

    • Alilatias says:

      It means it is finished. They made last minute changes for the public servers, and in order for future testing to be as accurate as possible, they needed to bring those changes to the test servers.

  46. Solatoral says:

    Most of the maple items are ugly/useless, kinda dissapointing.

  47. josh says:

    Spadow or anyone that knows, do the Protect Shield from cs that prevents items from being destroyed form Equipment enchantment scrolls? Do they also work for regular scroll since a lot of people are saying it does.

  48. Ayon says:

    the 3rd hair reminds me of that guy from the GMS alien event, who has sexier, longer, flipped hair instead.

    also, that van leon x spiegelmann pic is JUST AWESOME.

  49. Slidgee says:

    Aha, the 3rd hairstyle looks like Elly Jackson’s hair. <3

  50. raijiu says:

    hey just wondering is the first hairstyle ever going to come to gms??? becuz i still havent seen it and i really want it o.o

  51. derderp says:

    We just got Justin Bieber hair. Are you a Belieber?

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