KMST V379 ~ Magician restructuring part 2

Part 2 and probably the last update before the patch goes live in the public server on the 21st.
I’m excited for this anniversary patch. A lot of players are disappointed that Nexon removed the popular party play zones and added it to Monster Park instead.

Well, that’s Nexon for ya!

There are new Maple equipment and new events, but I’ll cover that very soon.

This update fixed some bugs and tweaked some more skills of the Magician class.
Read more if you want to know the juicy details~

 Please note that the following skill values are taken when the skill level is mastered
To see part 1, click here.

Fire/Poison Wizard, Mage, Arch Mage

– You can now also get a 20% damage increase from Extreme Magic when you attack on stunned, frozen, in darkness or paralyzed monsters.

– The probability of getting a 8% damage increase from Arcane Aim has been increased from 30% to 50%.
– Damage of Mist Eruption has been decreased from 900% to 720% and the attack count has been increased from 3 to 4.
– The increase in magic attack of Infinity has been increased from 5% to 10% and the success rate of stance has been increased from 40% to 50%.
– The range of Paralyze has been fixed.

Ice/Lightning Wizard, Mage, Arch Mage

– The range of Thunder Bolt has been fixed.

– You can now also get a 20% damage increase from Extreme Magic when you attack on monsters who are affected by damage over time and monsters who are paralyzed.

– The probability of getting a 8% damage increase from Arcane Aim has been increased from 30% to 50%.
– The increase in magic attack of Infinity has been increased from 5% to 10% and the success rate of stance has been increased from 40% to 50%.
– Damage of Glacial Chain has been decreased from 570% to 450%. Glacial Chain can now attack 4 times, ignore 50% of the monster’s defense and attack up to 12 monsters. A cooldown time of 5 seconds has been added as well.  ▼

Priest, Bishop

Summon Dragon has been removed.
– A new skill has been added: Magic Booster – Use MP to increase your attacking speed for a period of time.
At master level, Magic Booster increases your attacking speed for 200 seconds.
– Critical rate from Holy Focus has been decreased from 50% to 40%. Magic mastery to 70% has been added.
Lv. 20 Spell Mastery is required for Holy Focus.
– A 100% HP recovery effect has been added to Holy Magic Shell. The skill duration has been increased from 20 to 30 seconds.

– The probability of getting a 8% damage increase from Arcane Aim has been increased from 30% to 50%.
– Damage of Big Bang has been decreased from 305% to 290%
– The increase in magic attack of Infinity has been increased from 5% to 10% and the success rate of stance has been increased from 40% to 50%.
Advanced Bless now reduces the MP cost by 25% for all party members.
Angel Ray is now a multi-targeting skill. Angel Ray now attacks up to 5 monsters 450% damage 2 times.
The skill effect has also been renewed.

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156 Responses to KMST V379 ~ Magician restructuring part 2

  1. EzraSavage says:

    Wow this is exciting.(:

    • VivaceAssai says:

      I just can’t wait, this update is mainly for bishops and I’m one! All the mages have new cool skills! Finally they balance mages a little bit more after big bang. I guess this kinda pays for the nerf on mages right?

  2. Matt says:

    They should renew ALL skill animations.

    • Stanley says:


      I can’t wait to see the other classes restructuring and new animation changes ^_^

      • Inferno says:

        The Bowman update is going to be sooooooooo great when it happens. I can’t wait. ^-^

        • Zuzique says:

          Lol, don’t talk on the bowman restructuring before the mage’s one has been ended ^^

          • Jayson says:

            The Mage’s one already has ended. According to Spadow, this is “probably the last update before the patch goes live in the public server on the 21st”.

  3. Jyu says:

    I am the first, great!

  4. Hollogen says:

    Bishops just keeps getting more and more sexy.

  5. SharkyMikey says:

    Woot , I’m 5th..Anyways , I’m kinda happy with Nexon now for BUFFING ILs . So the main question : When will Jump release in GMS ? I’ve seen on Basil ppl say after Chaos T_T…but just wanna make sure.


    • Lee says:

      Yep, after chaos.
      The Jump patch happened after Chaos in KMS, so we can easily assume that it would be after Chaos in GMS.

      My guess as to when this patch will occur is probably around late summer, early fall.

      • jeff brown says:

        much later then that probably late fall early winter

        • Karkain says:

          Well, it depends on how much the Nexon Team is putting effort into reducing time between KMS getting something and GMS getting something. I’ve noticed that it’s been working its way down over time. No one can really say, however.

      • Ghost says:

        Nope, you forgot to consider that GMS will start to release exclusive content Post-Chaos, in exchange the delay between KMS and GMS content will probably grow. I expect late fall or winter.

  6. My-Kul says:

    Angel ray is actually good now! lol

  7. Lucho says:

    Bishop’s BB got decreased :(

  8. BishopGrey says:

    so mage’s, will be able to hit 900% on 4 monsters :D

  9. Nion says:

    I heard there were weed gloves in the 8th anniversary. o.o

  10. XNS says:

    no BaM skills renewed?);

  11. dutchman says:

    Uhm, shouldn’t the effect of extreme magic be vice-versa or something? If not, please explain how f/p mages can freeze? And I don’t think i/l mages have much DoT attacks compared with f/p so I think it SHOULD be vice-versa?

    • marco says:

      for F/P paralize can paralize XD and for I/L glacial chain can do DoT

    • Tidbits says:

      yeah it’s strange.. should be vice-versa i guess.
      need someone clear the doubts here.

      • jeff brown says:

        i think they added this to both skills from the previous forms that were on the skill list before i doubt they would completely change them (that would be silly). Still need to fix mg or give mages a passive status resistance on one of their skills

    • Spadow says:

      No, it says so in the skill data and patch note. You do know that there are potentialed equipment out there with a chance to cast Freeze, right?

  12. s0meb0dy says:

    I saw the I/L skill “Glacian Chain” and I have to say, that’s scary, I mean;
    1800% damage for each monster, and able to be recasted EACH FIVE SECONDS!!! Which also freezes now it would be very easy to get monsters together, so now Big Bang will really help to kill the monsters and we don’t need to worry about hard to get monsters with that skill (If “Galacian Chain” didn’t killed the monster yet…).

    • Zuzique says:

      Well, as i have seen here, its even worse with F/P!
      3280% dmg skill, recast every 10 seconds!
      I think it’s way OPed… but i dun complain i have bith i/l and f/p :D
      and bish…. and almost every other job lvl 100+ XP

      • s0meb0dy says:

        Glacian Chain attack 12 monsters (!!!),
        And Bishop’s Angel Ray attack 6 monsters, 900% damage (450%X2), very quick, now combine it with Infinity, and now it’s 6 monsters and 1800% damage (450%X2X2(!)), PLUS, they have extra 40% critical chance from holy shield! And they meant to be a support class, and they have Advanced Bless and Holy Symbol to themselves.
        The Magician Restructuring made the mages WAY too overpowered.

        • Spadow says:

          Angel Ray hits 5, not 6 monsters. I should really proofread my blog posts lol.

          • s0meb0dy says:

            It’s okay, don’t worry, everyone makes mistakes sometimes. :D
            But this skill is still strong, 4500% total damage, 9000% with Infinity, and quick. And they also have +40% Critical from “Holy Shield”.
            And also they are a support class and they have Holy Symbol and Advanced Bless for themselves, which I guess they went with the buffs a little bit TOO far…
            Bottom line, Bishops=999,999…

          • s0meb0dy says:

            And another thing I was curious about, I see all the videos of Tespia checking classes buff/nerf and all your players are level 161, are you talking to cody to level you up to 160 (and 99.98%/99.99%)?

        • Manguysly says:

          infinity is only 2x damage for 4seconds relax.
          and if you look @ what mech’s and db’s do right now this will put mages on equal footing not make us Op’ed dont forget we attack alot slower then other classes, this is fine.

          OT:there will be patches for other classes too

  13. greennov1 says:

    no summon dragon?
    is there still bahumat?

  14. unknown says:

    isnt Mist Eruption is now 720% damage, 4 times, hit 10 monsters???

  15. Random Person says:

    Not bad, i like the new angel ray, i am now enjoying the mage revamp a lot, i guess now bishops wont give up so easily.

  16. Liff says:

    Only Bishops get Magic Booster?

    • Alilatias says:

      Bishops never had Magic Booster. Only I/Ls and F/Ps did. All Nexon did was finally give it to Bishops now.

      • Random Person says:

        I think it was a great inclusion though, bishops need a more faster training rate than what they have now.

        • Zuzique says:

          Yap, I’ve been puting same equipment on my priest and F/P when they both we’re lvl 100 with pretty much same (best i could to match with these two jobs) and what have i found out? the f/p does double dmg xD
          The Amplication and the explosion power against the SR was very critical….
          Now, SR, IS, and explosion has same dmg… or atleast dmg %.
          now bish has magic booster which is great but still not Amplication, but i think its fair now for bishes, AR is now best main 4th job skill… WHICH MEANS ITS UNFAIR! bishes should be a SUPPORT class! not attackers! and they are getting kinda close to it now, AM’s are still stronger but not in that much…

          • Alilatias says:

            Oh, you’re ridiculous. AR does nowhere near the damage that Mist Explosion and Glacial Chain + Chain Lightning can put out. That’s not even mentioning Extreme Magic…

            Calculations done at SouthPerry so far indicate that in theory, F/Ps are going to become top-tier DPS with Mist Explosion… In fact, we all were expecting it to get nerfed in this KMST patch, not buffed even more.

  17. Mark says:

    Well, at least they addressed some of the issues to I/L’s Extreme Magic and Glacial Chains but there’s a lot more that needs to be fixed but the patch is out on the 21st?…

    – Glacial Chain’s damage is lackluster compared to the 1.5x damage Mist Eruption gets for each previous DoT skill.
    – They increased the mob count to 12 when 8 was already questionable.
    – 50% chance for stance on a skill that has a cooldown and can be dispelled?

    I hope there’s another update or else F/P clearly wins in the Jump update while mages still have issues with magic guard/dispell.

    It’s better than no revamp but it hardly interests me enough to go back to my I/L Archmage.

    • jeff brown says:

      its not 1.5x damage its +50% their is a really big difference plus GC deal more damage then Eruption could in 10 sec
      GC 450%x4 with 5 sec cd and max is 1800% per cast x2 for 10 seconds 3600% plus the Dot (5 sec of it between casts) is 3950% damage in 10 seconds
      Eruption 720%+ (50%x 5 [max number of Dots f/ps have]) x 4 = 3880% in ten seconds unless i missed a Dot skill ._. how does Eruption win out?

      • Mark says:

        …It’s damage gets increased by 1.5x for every previous DoT skill used.

        It explains how nearly every vid of F/P’s Mist Eruptions nearly hits the damage cap per hit compared to their Paralyze %.

        Mist Eruption>>>>>>>>>>Glacial Chains

  18. Alilatias says:

    Glacial Chain attacks up to 12 monsters? Is that really necessary? If I were Nexon, I’d reduce the mob count to something like 8 (because you’d be hard-pressed to attack more than 8 monsters with the range the skill has, let alone 12) and up the damage by like 10%.

    Not really complaining though, Glacial Chain still looks pretty good as is.

  19. winter says:

    hey spadow as a player that has only enjoyed thief classes if i was to make a mage what do u recomend ?

    • Spadow says:

      I think playing a Fire/Poison Magician would be fun, especially with the current buffs and Mist Eruption.

      • Random Person says:

        I would agree, although there is a major lack in bishops, with the new angel ray, and now that bishops get spell booster, i dont think theres gona be a boss run you can’t get in to.

        It’s really your choice though, f/p’s r still pretty cool.

      • winter says:

        hmm sounds good my main concern is if i start off fresh no funds at all which one will be the least costly to maintain

  20. Random Person says:

    Bishops are looking pretty good right now, i don’t think they will need any more enhancing for a little while now.

    Now its time to see the mouth watering Pirate updates -drools- update my Bucc/Viper plz.

  21. jeff brown says:

    i was saying yesterday AR needs to be 6 mobs 450% tso times an acracane needs tp be 50% activation rate dreams do come true

  22. McNugget says:

    Hopefully Nexon can squeeze in a quick Flame Gear update tomorrow for Blaze Wizards and UA Mages to make it more useful. 100% DoT for 8 seconds pales in comparison to 180% for 15 seconds Poison Mist in 3rd job, and 420% in 4th.

    • Random Person says:

      This was the last update as spadow said above, the next one will be its arrival at the Offical server.

      Unless they decide that they did something really dumb like LHC exp reduction.

  23. Cach2008 says:

    WOA! now bishops got a nice revamp huh? my bro is gonna love it, even the AR looks more like the wind breaker/archer Wind Piercing skill (well, at least looks similar, nothing else)
    unfortunately here in GMS we have to wait for Chaos to be released yet, well it’s a matter of time
    but what i really want to know is about the thieves revamps, i hope nexon will release something about that in the future.

    • Random Person says:

      Jump is a rather long update, there are still 3 other jobs to revamp, i hope pirates are next.

      • Karkain says:

        Pirates are not even on the radar, pal. Go back and read the initial Jump section, and you’ll see that “Arrow of Speed” is next. Bowman revamp is the most likely content of such.

    • Zuzique says:

      Assassins are now the worst job on maple… im pretty sure they will release a thieve revamp soon…

  24. Andough says:

    Is there still a charge time on Big Bang? :/

    • Spadow says:

      Yeah, it still has a charging time.

      • Random Person says:

        I’m not sure about the charge time on big bang if it matters if its there or not, CL AR and paralyze all sound pretty stiff and good w/o it at this point, unless your attacking a large group of mobs thats more than 6.

        • darklime says:

          That’s where Mist and Glacial Chain comes handy, so BB is still sorta useless with the charge time.

        • Zuzique says:

          i think a good way to use it when ur an I/L is use GC and then, when the mons are frozen, use big bang!
          From my exp in maple, i think it would be great, but i think it’s way useless for F/p and bish that way D;

  25. tonton says:

    wow spadow how come ur graphics are so clean and high res? o.0 so jealous of ur high res pics >.<

    • FW says:

      Because he uses PNGs. PNG images are far better than the crap that is JPEG. The entire internet needs to stop using JPEG and use PNG.

      I can’t say anything about GIFs though.

  26. Karkain says:

    These changes are still looking great. Though I’m still seething about Mages getting Stance, I’ not really impressed that its max probability is now 50%. That’s almost laughable. The edits to Chain aren’t too bad; I have to say that 12 monsters a lot to be attacking. Overall, good to see Mages actually become worth something.

  27. Yorckie says:

    Still no Invincible new animation. What’s the point on changing its icon when the skill animation will remain the same?

    • TYPE-Mercury says:

      It seems to me that Nexon is updating all of the skill effects, it’s just that the order that they get renewed in and the timing is very sporadic and random, sort of on a ‘when we can get to it’ basis. Invincible will get an update, but it’s time just hasn’t come yet.

      • Yorckie says:

        I totally get your point. But, don’t you think they could have just leave the icon as it is and replace it once they change the animation?

  28. Anonymous says:

    It seems that Mist Eruption is misunderstood
    by most of the Mage community. It is extremely
    OP for F/P Mages. Why? Because, as one
    person mentioned, it hits 2880% BASE in 4
    hits. Every DoT skill used before exploding will
    multiply its damage by 150%. Fire Demon, Poison Breath, Paralyze, Poison Mist…there’s
    probably a few more. Thats 5.0625x that 2880
    base with 4 DoT skills. That’s 14580% in 4 hits
    (3645% each). Of course, damage cap would
    be useful in limiting the OP-ness of this skill,
    which is kinda messed up, as a skill that is only limited by the 999,999 cap is very
    unbalanced. Every 5 seconds it would be
    7290% base, compared to I/L’s measly 1800%
    in 4 hits. I/L’s GC has DoT, but that is easily
    overwhelmed by all of the F/P’s DoT skills,
    which is why GC DoT is not mentioned. Mist Eruption has to be nerfed. F/P’s have loads of
    DoT skills, so instead of multiplying damage
    by 1.5/DoT skill used, it should just simply be a
    50% skill percent increase to damage/DoT
    skill. So, 720 200=920*4=3680%/10 seconds
    (no DoT involved). Don’t worry F/P’s…your Mist Eruption is 1840%/5 seconds…which is
    STILL better than GC on 1v1. AND you guys
    have loads of DoT and Paralyze>CL.

    Yes, Mist Eruption 1.5x’s its damage per DoT skill. With Breath, Meteor, Paralyze, Big Bang, Mist, and Demon, that’s SIX DoT skills. 11.39x that 2880 isn’t OP? 32085%/4 hits/10 seconds isn’t OP? 16402.5%/5 seconds versus 1800% base of GC (no DoT is included in both calculations). What is that 9x damage?

    • Zuzique says:

      I’m very sure nexon gonna remove the 1.5x dmg for DoT on the next update.

      and without this effect, GC is total like 50% dmg better than Eruption xD

  29. Spellyness says:

    Is that hairstyle influenced by GDragon? XD

  30. brosefers says:

    Angel ray is sexy~

  31. whutnut? says:

    Spadow, any chance you can clarify what this means? “- A 100% HP recovery effect has been added to Holy Magic Shell. The skill duration has been increased from 20 to 30 seconds.” does that mean it fully heals a bishops hp? if so, isnt it kinda pointless considering they have heal already?

    anyways, thanks in advance spadow!

  32. Steven says:

    Wow. Angel Ray. I want to see that in a vid ^.^ Whenever the restructuring comes, I want a Bishop for that Angel Ray. Looks. So. Angelic.

  33. Samuel says:

    Z0mg look at bishop, we’are much better now :D but i think glacial chain is kinda OP

  34. LynjanDakari says:

    Wow, Angel Ray. ^^

  35. the dark says:

    Nexon needs to put a 5~10 second cooldown on Magican ultimates

    • darklime says:

      I’d say 10 seconds the least-least and 15 seconds would be ideal. Ultimates are basically useless now cuz of Mist and Glacial Chain. Not to mention BB..

      • Zuzique says:

        Yea, i think nexon should REALY extremely buff the ultimates, not changing CD.
        If blizz/mete/gene will b like…. 4000%+DoT/extra crit it would b nice :)
        and not rlly OP considering its an ultimate o-o

        • darklime says:

          I agree, 4000% would be too much. Maybe like 2000, so it would be sorta raised. We won’t even be using it that much anyway.

  36. PaCh says:

    If this is going to be the last update… please tell us about the anniversary update!!! PLZ

  37. No Name says:

    I like Glacial Chain now. I still think Chin Lightning needs a bit of a boost. I think it should hit five times instead of just four, and strike six monsters instead of five.

    Something has to be done about Mist Eruption, as a previous poster said. As well, cut back on Paralyze’s damage. In the past, F/P’s were made for DoT, let’s try and keep it that way.

    Someone should really tel them to buff Chain Lightning and Glacial Chain, while nerfing Mist Eruption and Paralyze, they’re just too strong.

    • iddemon says:

      hahahahahaha so by that logic I can easily say that something needs to be done about chain lightning and glacial chain, let’s cut back on their damage because In the past, I/L’s were made for freezing stuff, let’s try and keep it that way and while we’re at it, Bishops were made for healing, let’s try and keep it that way.

      hahahaha you’re a piece of work, really…. hahaha

    • darklime says:

      Paralyze doesn’t even look Oped unless all three hits are crits. They don’t need to “nerf” FP’s, they need to “buff” IL’s. ^_^ Have respect for mages, FP is the twin for IL.

      • Zuzique says:

        Actually, Cl is even stronger than paralyze o-o
        it has more %dmg and 20% crit which is pretty much like paralyze’s DoT.
        I’m rlly ok with the paralyze-CL. but I’m rlly not with the Eruption, i have F/P and i think it would b very boring if i get to the cap dmg everytime, rlly too OP. they should just delete the 1.5x effect for every DoT skill effected on a monster (which is 6 skills (( !!!!!!)) ) and increase the ultimate’s power extremely and its gonna b best update ever :)

  38. Axxez says:

    -I think…. Mist Eruption is too strong compared to Glacial Chain. I want more buffs for I/L mages :(

    -Range of Thunder Bolt fixed? What’s that mean?

    -Why was Summon Dragon removed for Priests?

  39. John says:

    How many characters do you have?

  40. GOGO says:

    Angel ray looking better than evEr!!!!!!!!

  41. Jason Wang says:

    Angel Ray looked SO bad before… it looks like total pwnage.


    hey spadow….what medal is that?

    • Spadow says:

      Premium PC cafe room medal. You’re only supposed to get it when you’re logged in from a PC room (internet cafe). But everyone can get it in the test server regardless you’re in the PC room or not.

  43. HeroOfDraco says:

    EVANS NEED MORE BOOSTS! They could at least give us a multi-hit mobbing move

    • darklime says:

      Evans did get a boost…They got 15% ignore on Illusion and 20% Ignore on Blaze. Not to mention that magic shield of theirs got longer or w/e it’s called. Evans are sick. I’ma stick with my I/L and Evan <3

      • Zuzique says:

        LOL not only the def igrone, all their skills got decreased by like 50%~100% BUT they are 1.5x faster! like fastest job in maple ATM coz their booster is still 3 att speed! they are WAY better :D

  44. Hibari says:

    what no dragon?….i liked him though

  45. darklime says:

    Spadow, thanks for the info. I know you can’t do anything, but I’d really like CL to hit one more time with a six monster count, like the other posted said or perhaps raise the % to 250% damage. Either that, or change the goddamn wand and staff multiplier for classic mages.

    You said these are the final updates, and I hope you’re wrong (not cuz I don’t like you, cuz I’m not 100% content).

    They still have to squeeze in:
    Fix MG dispell or a skill that makes mages impervious to dispells for a short period of time (with a cool down)
    Lowering the ultimate cooldown time to 15 seconds (or at least 20)
    Raising CL and para damage like 30-50% more.
    Take the charge time off BB or make it stronger (Idk why they nerfed it for bishops, that’s just mean.)

    If they squeezed in those 4, then it would be ideal.

    However, I am, for the most part, content with these updates (glad they fixed infinity back) and would like to thank you for posting them!

  46. darklime says:

    P.S. Spadow, I ask of you one last request: Can you tell us your level and damage range as an I/L, please?

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  48. Eric says:

    wow this is messed up while the two archmages gets new better attacks and bishop is lefted out wth bishop deserveds a new attack skill

  49. wow I like what I see kind of
    I am going to miss my blue dragon, It helped me out with immune to holy mobs but I like Magic booster too so thats a win

    Hmm Multi targeting skill?
    How does that work in maple?

    Also are there some video resources on youtube showing bishops like the archmage ones?
    I would love to see this in action

    Also I like the new banner

  50. Gabriel says:

    This is my first time posting on Spadow’s blog. I follow it every week to day to check on news or even little updates on KMS and Spadow (:

    Anyways, I can wait for Jump. I just want Chaos. I want to have a profession and be able to PvP

  51. Shirlene says:

    I’m looking forward to the new maple equipment post ~ :D
    thanks for sharing the information :)

  52. 메이풀 서토리 says:

    Whats a multi targeting skill?

  53. Jayson says:

    I found out some stuff about KMST’s 8th anniversary….sorry Spadow…

    Marijuana gloves, YAY! LOL just kidding guys.

  54. Unknown Soldier says:

    Wow i really liked the idea of adding Magic Booster to bishops, but does magic booster speed up the charging of big bang?

  55. tsuta13 says:

    LF>PIRATE UPDATE buccs need love too

  56. Wisdom says:

    Angel Ray looks amazing. O:

  57. Axxez says:

    Mist Eruption MUST be nerfed. Wayy too OP.

  58. Someone says:

    Someone should let KMS know the following:

    Make Magic Guard immune to dispel
    Nerf Mist Eruption (Way too overpowered)

  59. Geoff says:

    Hmm bishops are getting magic booster and not spell booster right?

  60. xxGorillas says:

    Hey Spadow, or anyone in general. Is Mist Eruption a poison- or fire- based attack? I really am curious. :P

    • Hanabira.Kage says:

      Should be poison-based, since what it does is cause the clouds created by Poison Mist to explode.

  61. Jacob says:

    lol i like all the changes, but angel ray kinda looks like a ripoff of hurricane?

    • Alilatias says:

      This can only mean that Hurricane’s animation might be changed to sprout EVEN BIGGER spiral-shaped wings with a gigantic vortex in the center that looks like the monster’s staring into the eye of a hurricane.


  62. JMRV says:

    Spadow, how many people are complaining about the LHC huuge nerf and removal of party play? Enough for Nexon to listen, or should I not get my hopes up? ><

  63. Hey Spadow GMS is now doing Tespia but sadly its about Maple 6th but they are doing some good events like a dual raid event

    I see from above the info on Multi targeting is kind of making sense

    Oh and I found some video footage of the new Shining ray skill being used at LHC

    I gotta look more into Advance bless

  64. PaCh says:

    HEY! the anniversary is out!

    • not yet its in tespia right now but its coming in May 11…Or was it the 14…
      The date slipped my mind but its in may

      I did myself a blog and video about it,
      I think the dual raid balloon hunt will be fun

  65. kevin says:

    you said you’d cover the anniversary events and monster park badges very soon, yet nothing’s been posted on them yet… i can understand the anniversary part but the post where you said you’d cover the monster park badges was posted almost a week ago… no offense, just a suggestion, just saying i’d like to see more stuff that i hadn’t already seen from extractions

    • Spadow says:

      Yes, I said soon. No specific date was given.
      You have to understand that I have to manage my own life as well and that I don’t have free time all the time.

    • Random Person says:

      He also said in the previous post that he will post the 8th anniversary stuff when the patch comes to the offical server also to Spadow’s view as he said in quite a few posts ago (too lazy to find) School and life first, then maple, honestly who would want to live in a basement for 20 years after graduation.

  66. Justin says:

    Thanks for all of the info =D

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  68. Dj-KaliSwisS says:

    holy sweet thats mage for you 0_0

  69. Rocko says:

    oh snap. magicians commin back around to whoop ur ass ;)

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