KMST V378 ~ Magician class restructuring & 8th anniversary

What did I tell you? A new test server patch was finally released yesterday after a few extensions.
My predictions came true. This update contains the Magician class restructuring, Monster Park expansion for players above level 120 and the 8th anniversary events.

An interesting development in this update is that Nexon changed the party play zones into regular play zones with exception of Monster Park.
This means that Ellin Forest, Neo City, Lion King’s Castle and Knight’s Fortress no longer give the +50% additional EXP per party member.
Nexon adjusted the stats of the monsters because of this change.

I’m planning not to post the info about the 8th anniversary events until it’s in the public server.
I like to see everything finalized and I want to really experience it the fullest with my Viper.

Let me introduce you to…

The unicorn pet!!
Another pet makes it way into this patch and it’s another one of those pets that has the ability to auto buff your skill.

I promised to explain Monster Park in detail and I will. In this update,  Monster Park has been expanded and finalized for all players from level 13 until 200.

A new type of item called Badge can be acquired from exchanging Spiegelman’s Coins.
More information will come soon about this~

Read more to see the changed Magician skills.

Please note that the following skill values are taken when the skill level is mastered.


– Damage of Energy Bolt has been increased from 280% to 310%
– The amount of monsters Magic Claw can attack has been increased from 2 to 3.

Fire/Poison Wizard, Mage, Arch Mage

– New skill has been added:  High Wisdom– Increases your INT permanently.
At master level, High Wisdom permanently increases your INT by 40.
– Master level of Slow has been decreased from 20 to 10.
– Damage of Fire Arrow has been increased from 320% to 360%.
Poison Breath can now inflict 280% damage up to 6 monsters and its skill effect has been renewed.

Magic Composition has been removed.
Partial Resistance has been removed.

– New skill has been added:  Extreme Magic (Fire/Poison) – Increases the duration of damage over time and increases the damage when monsters are affected from damage over time.
At master level, Extreme Magic increases the duration of damage over time by 10 seconds and increases the damage by 20% when monsters are affected by damage over time.
Fire Demon is now a 3rd job skill.  The ability of turning monsters fire weak has been removed.
At master level, Fire Demon inflicts 540% up to 6 monsters.

– New skill has been added:  Arcane Aim – Ignores a certain % of the monster’s defense permanently and increases the damage when attacking a monster continuously.
At master level, Arcane Aim can ignore 20% of the monster’s defense. If you attack one monster more than 3 times, there is a 30% chance that your damage gets increased by 8%.
The increase in damage can stack up to 5 times.

– New skill has been added:  Mist Eruption – Create an eruption that causes In addition, it increases the damage over time damage from Poison Mist permanently.
At master level, Mist Eruption erupts with 900% damage 3 times while ignoring 50% of the monster’s defense. Explosion damage increases by 50% as DoT stacks. Up to six mists can be exploded. Cooldown: 10 seconds.
Passive effect: Permanently increases the DoT damage of Poison Mist by 240%.

* To see the Mist Eruption skill in a video, click here and here.

–  Big Bang can now attack up to 10 monsters  5 times and inflict 110% damage over time for 10 seconds.
In addition, the skill effect of Big Bang (Fire/Poison) is red.
– A stance effect has been added to Infinity. The increase in magic attack has been decreased from 10% to 5%.
– An elemental resistance increase of 40% has been added permanently to Ifrit.
Paralyze now attacks up to 8 monsters 3 times 257% damage and 1 second of 140% damage over time.
The skill effect has also been renewed.


Master Magic has been changed. To obtain the 50% increase in buff durations, you now need to press the skill to toggle it on or off.

 Ice/Lightning Wizard, Mage, Arch Mage

– New skill has been added:  High Wisdom– Increases your INT permanently.
At master level, High Wisdom permanently increases your INT by 40.
– Master level of Slow has been decreased from 20 to 10.
Cold Beam now attacks a monster 3 times 140% damage.
– Damage of Thunder Bolt has been increased from 90% to 105%.

– Magic Composition has been removed.
– Partial Resistance has been removed.

– New skill has been added:  Extreme Magic (Ice/Lightning) – Increase in damage when attacking stunned, frozen, in darkness monsters. There is also a probability to instantly kill a monster when the monster’s HP is below a certain amount of %.
At master level, Extreme Magic increases your damage by 20% when attacking stunned, frozen, in darkness monsters. When the monster’s HP is below 30%, there is a 15% chance to kill a monster instantly.
– Ice Demon is now a 3rd job skill. 10 seconds of 90% damage over time with a time interval of 1 second has been added. The ability of turning monsters ice weak has been removed.

– New skill has been added:  Arcane Aim – Ignores a certain % of the monster’s defense permanently and increases the damage when attacking a monster continuesly.
At master level, Arcane Aim can ignore 20% of the monster’s defense. If you attack one monster more than 3 times, there is a 30% chance that your damage gets increased by 8%.
The increase in damage can stack up to 5 times.

–  Big Bang can now attack up to 10 monsters  5 times and has a 90% chance of freezing monsters for 5 seconds.
In addition, the skill effect of Big Bang (Ice/Lightning) is blue.
– New skill has been added:  Glacial Chain – Use your cold chain to draw monsters towards you and freezing them.
At master level, Glacial Chain can attack up to 8 monsters with 570% damage and freeze monsters for 5 seconds long.  Glacial Chain also gives 10 seconds of 90% damage over time with a time interval of 1 second.

* To see the Glacial Chain skill in a video, click here.

– A stance effect has been added to Infinity. The increase in magic attack has been decreased from 10% to 5%.
– An elemental resistance increase of 40% has been added permanently to Elquines.
– Chain Lightning
 now attacks up to 5 monsters 4 times 214% damage. There is a 90% chance to stun for 4 seconds long. An increase of 20% critical rate has been added. And the damage penalty for multiple monsters has been removed.
– Master Magic has been changed. To get the 50% increase in buff durations, you now need to press the skill to toggle it on or off.
Mana Reflection has been removed.

Cleric, Priest, Bishop

– New skill has been added:  High Wisdom– Increases your INT permanently.
At master level, High Wisdom permanently increases your INT by 40.
– Master level of Heal has been decreased from 30 to 20. HP recovery has been increased from 200% to 300%. Damage to undead monsters has been increased from 250% to 350%.
Invincible now decreases physical and magic damage by 20%.
Damage of Holy Arrow has been increased from 380% to 390%. Holy Arrow can now attack up to 3 monsters.

Element Resistance has been removed.

– New skill has been added:  Holy Magic Shell – For a period of time, create a magic shield for your party member that absorbs damage.
At master level, Holy Magic Shell can create a magic shield for 20 seconds long which can absorb damage up to 10 times. Cooldown: 90 seconds.


Holy Focus affects all skills now.
Holy Symbol now gives the maximum effect when you’re alone. Skill duration has been increased from 120 to 180 seconds. MP cost has been increased from 80 to 300 MP.
Shining Ray now attacks up to 6 monsters 3 times 200% damage. The casting speed has increased and the skill effect has been renewed.

– Master level of Doom has been decreased from 20 to 10. It no longer requires a Magic Rock to use the skill.
The success rate has been increased from 30% to 90% and a monster now stays 15 seconds transformed instead of 10 seconds.
– Skill duration of Summon Dragon has been increased from 180 to 420 seconds.

– New skill has been added:  Arcane Aim – Ignores a certain % of the monster’s defense permanently and increases the damage when attacking a monster continuesly.
At master level, Arcane Aim can ignore 20% of the monster’s defense. If you attack one monster more than 3 times, there is a 30% chance that your damage gets increased by 8%.
The increase in damage can stack up to 5 times.

– New skill has been added:  Advanced Bless – For a period of time, bless your party members with attack, magic, physical defense, magic defense, accuracy, avoidability, HP and MP.
At master level, Advanced Bless gives +25 weapon attack and magic, +500 physical and magic defense, +320 accuracy and avoidability and +700 HP and MP for 240 seconds.


–  Big Bang can now attack up to 10 monsters  5 times and an increase of 15% critical rate has been added.
– An elemental resistance increase of 40% has been added permanently to Bahamut.
– A stance effect has been added to Infinity. The increase in magic attack has been decreased from 10% to 5%.
– Cooldown time of Resurrection has been decreased from 30 to 10 minutes.
Angel Ray can now attack up to 4 monsters at all levels.
– Master Magic has been changed. To get the 50% increase in buff durations, you now need to press the skill to toggle it on or off.
Holy Shield has been removed.
Mana Reflection has been removed.

Flame Wizard (Knights of Cygnus) 

– The amount of monsters Magic Claw can attack has been increased from 2 to 3.
– Damage of Fire Pillar has been increased from 325% to 350%.
– New skill has been added:  Magic Critical  – Increases the success rate of critical attack and critical rate permanently.
At master level, Magic Critical permanently increases minimum critical damage by 25% and chance of critical attack by 30%
– An elemental resistance increase of 30% has been added permanently to Ifrit.
Fire Strike now attacks up to 6 monsters 3 times 210% damage.
Element Resistance  has been removed.

Evan (Hero) 

– Damage of Magic Missile has been increased from 130% to 145%.
– Skill duration of Magic Shield has been increased from 20 to 60 seconds. Cooldown time has been increased from 40 to 90 seconds.
– Damage of Dragon Sparking has been increased from 150% to 200%
– The minimum required MP from Dragon Fury has been decreased from 50% to 30% MP and the extra magic attack buff has been increased from 20 to 25%.
– Bonus damage of Ghost Lettering has been increased from 15% to 25%.
Illusion now ignores 15% of the monster’s defense.
Blaze now ignores 20% of the monster’s defense.

There are new events for the Magician Adventurer because of the revamp. They’re actually really similar like these Warrior events.
The only difference is that 1st job Magicians get a Magician’s Ring.

It adds +3 magic, +50 HP and +100 MP. 3% critical rate included.

Are you happy with these changes?

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294 Responses to KMST V378 ~ Magician class restructuring & 8th anniversary

  1. Ace says:

    Sweetcakes mages get buffed finally

  2. Hollogen says:

    Awesome Can’t wait for this :P

  3. Stylers says:

    Im so making a I/l Mage

  4. john says:

    Glacial Chain is just a carbon copy of dark chain from bams

  5. Killmeplsok says:

    Awesome, really wish that mages will really balance out compare with other jobs practically, not just having some cool-looking skills.

  6. Raul says:

    And genesis STILL isn’t un-rhaped. lol.

    • TehFrancis says:

      … Get lost. Ultimates are not supposed to be spammable.

      • Lillian Chen says:

        Bishops should have an exception, seeing how we still don’t get that much stronger with this jump patch.
        On the bright side, people won’t rhape me at LHC for accidentally blessing them while they’re on energizers. Now Advanced Bless is the same as the boost on energizers (I think).
        Yay for Angel Ray, it’s got gorgeous animation (: The Holy Magic Shield thing sounds really lame but it looks like it’ll be effective.
        Thank you for sharing (:

        • OrgasMech says:

          Are you KIDDING? This is the one thing that I dislike about Nexon, which Wizet had actually done a good job on. Bishops are a SUPPORTING CLASS, meaning you’re NOT supposed to be overpowered and that you’re SUPPOSED to look for parties and such. Play a freakin’ Battle Mage if that’s what you want. Hopefully, this, “Jump!” patch teaches new Maplers how to actually be a party. It sucks, I know, but like I said, there’s support/ DPS/ “DPM”/ and tanks..

  7. Tanner says:

    Bishops still have it rough it seems. I/L and F/P still wont be wanted in boss runs

  8. gunchaos says:

    good job spadow!!!!!!!!! do you think the pirates will get new skills also?

  9. Soulcrafty says:

    Very! I love the new skills given to us priests as well as the Shining Ray animation renewal.

    • VivaceAssai says:

      OMGOMG, yessss. I’ve wanted that shining ray new animation for ages!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Also, I’m a bishop so I can’t wait for all that new stuff!

  10. Sammya says:

    WOW YAY! fire strike hitting 6 monsters 3 times suprised me alot. but whatever

  11. HeroOfDraco says:

    They didn’t fix the MG system? They better get working on that…

  12. My-Kul says:

    Pretty cool shyt. now i can’t wait to see what they do with Archers in a month

  13. Silversmart says:

    Yes yes YES!!
    my f/p finally get a shining light
    too bad we won’t be an ultra-rare class though

    btw. is master magic = magic guard??

  14. user2946 says:

    They should add some other updates

  15. Michael says:

    Glacial Chain Is so like dark chain, but its better looking, and can freeze monsters!That is totally unfair for the Battle Mage, i want them to also be buffed or a new skill :(

    • Ghost says:

      Battle Mages (at least mine) can grab a monster and 1HKO the monster with death blow.

    • darklime says:

      No, just no. BtMs are already OPed. They don’t deserve more. In fact, they should raise the wand and staff formula and NERF BtMs.

      • jeff brown says:

        Bams arnt op at all its just the mages sucked so much that compared to other mages they were. compared to higher dpm classes they are no where near op. if any class needs a nerf its mechs.
        Also they need to fix mg issues and make bishops more… trainable as well is boost I/L so thay they are the better bossing class of adventurer mages. Also Blaze wizards need tele mastery :|

        • darklime says:

          BW’s got 30% crit….I’d rather thave 30% Crit than Tele mastery TBH, cuz we can freeze and stun well already. You’re right about Mechs…Either nerf mechs, DBs, WHs, wtc. or buff other classes significantly. -_-

    • whutnut? says:

      lol. BtM are already strong and have a much better capability than i/l and f/p atm. At least i use them more since dark auras are nice. Btm has it good so dont say silly things.

      and i agree with the guy above me. Jeezes hell man, mechs are damnnnnnnnn OP. i mean, instant stance at lvl 10 with a success rate of 100%. warriors should of been the class that gets stance with a 100% success rate since we ACTUALLY have to freaking level up the skill 30 damn times. not to mention, 30 damn times at a high level as well (speaking from pre-bb experience). then mech’s rush is as far as lvl warriors rush which does a pretty hefty damage as well.

      the only thing mechs lacks is in hp. but, with the current way bb monsters are hitting, you dont need as much hp as you use too, so it all counter balances in the end for mechs. *sigh* nexon just gives warriors 100% stance please. we so deserve it for actually taking the damn time to level it up and spending millions on stance 20 skill books.

  16. T-H-A-N-K-Y-O-U SPADOW!!!!
    This REALLY lighten up my day

    But now I feel stupid for leveling up Mana Reflection

    I cant wait for this

  17. Derp says:

    “- Master Magic has been changed. To get the 50% increase in buff durations, you now need to press the skill to toggle it on or off.”

    How pointless. I hope they change it back, because that is just stupid.

    • ChosenFruit says:

      It’s not that bad, all you have to do is turn it on once at the start and forget about it for the rest of forever.

      Being able to turn it off has to be useful for somebody on some situation…lol

    • Dante says:

      It’s less of a hassle HSing people when you have the same timer as them..

  18. MRMAGICAL says:

    Mhmm a stinky explosion that does damage now and over time bout time :)

  19. Zenzingten says:

    sweet baby I/L are beast now alot better then before with all these multi hit spells instead of hit max with just one hit not we can hit max with like 4 hits cant wait for this to come to GMS

    • Seph! says:

      No you can’t, it’s been reduced to 214% not 740% =(! Still it is 856% and with 20% critical should go really smooth, plus it stuns! along the 3rd job skill you will deal more damage!

  20. MapleDude says:

    I’m sooo making a Priest now! Awesome skillz there.

  21. 8Byt says:

    Awesome mage updates, F/Ps seem interesting and I/Ls will probably feel moreso like my BaM.

    Party play bonus removed????!??!?!! The whole deal of LHC is gonna be gone =( hope thats not a permanent fix, report it as a bug spadow! lol~

  22. Random Person says:

    I guess.. Mages are better now, f/p and i/l are pretty good now.

    Bishops still need a little bit more buffing, their training is still pretty hellish.

    All there is to wait for is pirate revamping, OHHH IMA NERDGASM THIS ONE.

  23. Gunth says:

    Huh… The F/P changes are intersting I’ll have to test then on my 9x one when it come out…
    Seems like nexon is still in favor of I/L over F/P bossing wise.
    Wonder how the DoT stacks do at bigger bosses like Zak….

  24. Xyhro says:

    Lol .. ” The amount of monsters Angel Ray can attack has been increased from 3 to 4 “. I thought it was already 4.. =x

  25. Yorckie says:

    Invincible has no new animation?

  26. Jason Wang says:

    Hopefully the archers/bowmen will be buffed alot…..I love bowmen.

  27. mune0106 says:

    Yay! Another update for Evans! <3

  28. john says:

    omfg shining ray and advanced bless looks so smexy :D

  29. mage79 says:

    hurray for the change to magic shield for evans! and dragon fury zomg
    and wow.. this might make me play with my priest and make it a bishop! <3333333333

  30. Tbhero says:

    Yes!! Mages aren’t a joke anymore :) I feel happy for them

  31. tonitocino says:

    finally… my mage is going to be POWAHFULL

  32. Ghost says:

    The changes seem good, but we really don’t know what it means until we try it.

    Changing the party zones back to the regular zones is a bad idea, now I think that they will go deserted(sp?) again. A good solution for balancing out all the deserted areas and PQs would be giving the area a time limited double exp and drops. For example, KFT would get double exp and drops for a undisclosed period of weeks. The numbers are not revealed to prevent players from creating a schedule of when what area gets the bonus and prevents players from abusing that schedule by just going to a place that already has high exp and drops w/o the bonus.

    I know that there are magician events to replace the warrior events, but where are the 8th Anniversary events? You didn’t even show the new equips and weapons (which all have a weird property to them).

    • Luxeraph says:

      I would say that the main thing that makes a map good or bad after BB is its layout, since I have seen for myself that maps with different types of mobs ended up dishing the same exp per hour but maybe I’m wrong and the layout was taken in mind when giving the exp:hp ratio to the mobs of different types of maps.

      Leaving the layout of the maps aside I would say what makes a map crowed or deserted nowadays is people thinking x map is better than y just because the mobs from x give higher exp even if they have more hp than the mobs from y.

      • Ghost says:

        If the maps are the case then I doubt the party bonus cities will be populated after the removal, Ellin Forest doesn’t have good platforming last I’ve checked.

        Spadow, I still wanna know about the 8th anniversary events, did they release it with the mage revamp?

        • Spadow says:

          Yes, they did but I will tell more about it later. I think the patch for the public server might come sooner than I thought. I think it might come on the 21st, since all current events end on the 20th and the new event UI in Tespia says the starting date for the 8th anniversary events is 4.21.

    • whutnut? says:

      Hmm. thats a well thought idea. But the problem about it being randomize is that since no player will know were to train, then in the end, no player will end up training in that spot especially when its in maps like KFT where only quest-lovers travels too. And then there is the time difference. Don’t forget that a lot of Europeans gets screwed over by these events all the time since its usually time for them to go to sleep when an event starts. By all means, I live in the states, but I do see it being unfair for Europeans to not be able to enjoy the events we enjoy, since they are loyal customers of nexon as well. they help nexon as much as we do.

      What nexon needs to do is make those map more better. like Luxeraph said, the layout is horrid for most of those un-use maps. IE, Omega Sector or even those “Park” maps in Orbis. they are famously useless and a waste of harddrive space really. Nexon needs to give us a reason to go to those spots. Other than that, the travel distant for most of those map are FAR. Granted back then, we use to travel pretty far for skeles, newties, and coolies, but those yield out a good chuck of exp and made it worth the walk.

      Those underpopulated maps are far and usually yields lower exp than the more accessible maps. Overall, if nexon want those maps to be used, fixed the darn layout, fixed the exp ratio, and fix the spawn to be comparable or better then the closer maps. in short: Make the maps trainable!

  33. yayy says:

    seriously glad that magicians might be accepted now, but sad about the (likely) upcoming bandwagoning –esp. since i’m only third job :| i’ve never been fast at leveling and i’ll seem like a bandwagoner too :<

    @spadow, assuming that the magician events are essentially the same as the warrior events, have you found out whether existing characters can participate in them as well and get the skill books, rings, etc.?

    • Mearza says:

      Yea I’m wondering the same thing too spadow. Thanks for all the info you provide for us by the way, it’s a huge help.(:

    • Spadow says:

      Old Magicians will get the quest to get a special masterybook.
      I picked Glacial Chain 30 when I logged on after this update.

      As for the ring, only new players can get it, but you’re able to share it once with your characters.

      • darklime says:

        Spadow, do you know if the ring is stackable with Adventurer’s, Lilin’s, or the Resistance Rings?

        • whutnut? says:

          nope. if you look at the warriors version of their rings, its unstackable with the ones you mention. basically, those rings are only good if you didnt get an adventure ring, or that you wanted another char to have a 3% crit ring.

          • darklime says:

            I know, I read after and posted a comment here. =x IDK why it didn’t go through. Thanks, though!

  34. Spellyness says:

    This means that Ellin Forest, Neo City, Lion King’s Castle and Knight’s Fortress no longer give the +50% additional EXP per party member.

    헐! Does this mean I have to go to Monster Park if I want to train now?

  35. Lee says:

    we’re not gonna be like 100930219x more powerful in any sense, but i think it’ll be a lot more FUN to play a mage, something we’re known for :p

  36. Person says:

    What did I told you

  37. baylif says:

    hmm i like the changes for bishop but i they should make angel ray 3 times 350 percent dmg. something similar to that would make my day

  38. BishopGrey says:

    Is Shining Ray casting speed (increasing) does that mean quicker or it takes longer to cast. thanks spadow :)

  39. Roxas says:

    Wtf??? Bishops are screwed again. Geez…
    A buff at fourth job… that is somewhat useless because no boss monster can kill you anyway.
    Give us an attack skill to compensate…besides an increase in angel ray and slow charge up of big bang.

    Wtf? Angel Ray originally hit four monsters. How is that an increase?

    • dennyvuquach says:

      If Bishops are powerful than Archmages, how is that fair?

      • Roxas says:

        Big bang will not be enough to compensate bishops compare to the new arch mage skills because it has a charge up time. Bishops can only attack up to four monsters compare to other arch mages without big bang. How is that fair?

        Compared to arch mages, bishops are sitting ducks with crappy exp at boss parties and solo/party training.

        I agree that the damage of bishops should not be stronger than arch mages but bishops should get at least one decent attack skill that can hit more monsters than angel ray with no charge time (slightly lower percentage than an arch mage mob attack skill) when training solo.

        • dennyvuquach says:

          Yeah, Bishops are weak now, but they’ll eventually buff Angel’s Ray sooner or later.

        • sweetseb1 says:

          I agree with Denny, Bishops should not be stronger than Archmage. If Bishops are the strongest class in MapleStory and has all party skills, why should MapleStory buff Bishops even more? A bishop is obviously a support class, not an attacking class. Even as an attacking class, Angel’s Ray looks good to me. =]

          I’ll admit, Bishops are actually the weakest class, but if you only care about damage, why not make a Dual Blade, Corsair, Wild Hunter, or any other class?

          In my opinion, Bishops are fine the way they are now.

          • Roxas says:

            Seriously, I’m not sure if you’re serious or you’re just an…
            I’m not even talking about damage here at all. If I was, I would be playing all of the other melee classes right about now. Damage is not relevant in this case. I’m talking about how bishops train with their current skill set.

            Bishops lack a good multi-hit mob move. Other arch mages can multi-hit and target up to eight or ten monsters with no charge up time at a long range while a bishop can only target four monsters with a short distance and a stupid charge up move. Big bang takes too long to charge. I want a skill that is similar to AR in speed and instantaneous with no charge time and can multi-hit or mob better than AR. AR seriously need some adjustments.

            Hence, bishops cannot train alone as efficiently as other mages. Bishops train slower alone because HS is not in effect and bishops cannot target more monsters than other mages. Buffs are only useful in a party setting. How is it fair that arch mages get to train more effectively than bishops?

            It’s also in evident in LKC (party training), when bishops have to leech horrible exp from other classes. Due to the horrible party exp ratio, bishops cannot contribute to the party at all due to what you would call bishops’ damage as “weak”. Bishops only receive about 10%/hr or less at LKC even with the 250% bonus exp and HS at higher levels. Bishops are rendered horrible at boss runs because bishops do not attack and therefore, bishops barely get any exp.


          • dennyvuquach says:

            Sweetseb made a really good point. Bishops are balanced now. =] If you don’t like to play as a Bishop, why not play Archmage or Dual Blader?

            I have my level 162 Bishop, and I trained fine with it. =]

          • dennyvuquach says:

            Also, Bishops can now train alone efficiently, because Holy Symbol is now effective without needing to party other people.

          • Lexy says:

            Guys, let’s just drop this argument. People should not force others of making either a Bishop, an Archmage, or any class they should make. It’s really stupid on how people whine about what class is better than the other.

            For people who are interested in Bishop, saying things like “OMG!!! AMs! suk! n0 prty sk!lls, bish0ps ru!e” is already a pointless argument, because an Archmage, whether it is Fire/Poison or Ice Lightning, is basically an adventurer mage with better damage than Bishop.

            For people who are interested in Archmage, saying things like “ur r3t@rded! b!sh0p d@m@ge suk!!!!! AMs r WAY betta!” isn’t really helpful either. Bishops aren’t supposed to be the strongest class in MapleStory, because they have lots of support skills and stuff, though Archmages have Meditation, which adds 20 magic attack, but it’s not as much compared to Advanced Bless, which adds 25 weapon and magic attack.

            Like Denny said, Bishops can now solo train, because Holy Symbol now gives the maximum effect when you’re alone. Again, I’m not forcing you to make a Bishop or an Archmage. Just play the class what is right for you.

          • KissiLove says:

            ^^Lexy speaks the truth!

            Off-Topic, but I love your avatar of the girl with the green hair!

          • Lexy says:

            <Thanks! That's C.C. from Code Geass.

        • enoesiw says:

          I thought priests got exp through healing… Did they remove that?

          • Lillian Chen says:

            Ahem, you usually get less than 200 exp from healing, and that’s almost nothing while in the high levels.
            I agree, I think bishops should have a mobbing skill. It doesn’t have to be super strong, but strong enough for bishops like myself to go around and kill a couple mobs. To one of the above posters, did you train fine to 162 at LHC when there was +50% party exp? When Jump Patch gets released LHC will be nerfed, just saying. It’s going to be a hell of time for bishops to kill monsters like bearwolves. Just saying. Unless you have an explanation, that’s what I’m thinking at the moment.

        • darklime says:

          It says Angel Ray hits 4 monsters at all levels now, not just level one. And I agree with you. Bishops should get one more good party buff and a good mobbing attack.

          They should also give AMs at least ONE good party buff. They should also let us spam our ultimates during infinity because infinity already has a cool-down. I think that would be nice.

          And as for big bang, they should keep the holding effect (circle charge), but they should remove the charge, or it will usually be obsolete. =/

          They should also deal with the MG issue….they still have lots to fix….

      • sweetseb1 says:

        It’s fair for people who HATES support skills!

        • dennyvuquach says:

          Exactly! I made my level 162 Bishop, because I love the support skills. I’m not a damage wh0re or anything, but I’m having fun partying with other people. =]

          Roxas should have made an Archmage, because he hates support skills. =]

          • darklime says:

            AMs FTW! :P Lol. jkjk (they are for the win, but I didn’t mean it like that). I sorta agree with him a little. Bishops AR should get a larger distance or something.

      • jeff brown says:

        i dont think he meant bishops should be more powerful just that they need something better to train with AR sucks even though they are a support class they should have to rely on other classes to get a decent exp per hour.

  40. JKALYJ says:

    Love the Bishop updates, they’ll be more wanted now, but because of HS working solo now more bishops are prbly gonna play solo, especially with advanced bless. Now they wont have to deal with complainers :D.

  41. Riyuzuki says:

    We gotta give it time to see if they make any additional changes like they did with the Warrior revamp

    • darklime says:

      I agree, I’m waiting for a few more changes like:
      A GOOD party buff for AMs.
      A little bit more % increase in CL.
      Undispellable MG or a skill that makes our buffs non-dispellable fo ra short duration.
      20 second cooldown on ultimates.

      We’ll have to wait and see by the end of April.

  42. dennyvuquach says:

    Best update so far! This make me not ashamed of myself having my level 162 Bishop anymore! =D

    And wow at Arcane Aim! Mages finally have ignore monster defense skill now!

  43. darklime says:

    I am glad, but not yet satisfied. Before you flame me, consider the following:
    I was expecting the 40 int bonus and multi-hit skills,
    but I was not expecting Glacial Chain. It just looks like w stupid ripoff of Battle Mages, and I DESPISE them. I was expecting a skill like “Cold Front” to mob instead, something like that, not a chain…

    I think the added critical damage is nice and 20% ignore is wonderful, but the video I saw earlier made it seem hopeless.
    CL now hits 4 monsters with a total % of 856? It was already 850%…I was expecting AT LEAST 900.
    I hope that video I saw was because that mage had VERY crappy equips…otherwise I’m gunna be pissed. =/
    So we get 6% increase in damage, don’t have to worry about the damage cap hindering us, 5% extra critical to CL, and 20% Ignore…+ CL hits 5 monsters without the penalty. I guess it’s promising.

    The issues that they need to fix are:
    Make MG non-dispellable, or a skill that will make out buffs non-dispellable for a short period of time.
    Lower Ultimate’s cooldown to 20 seconds instead of 30 (I was expecting a CD reduction…)
    I was also expecting “critical magic” or just some critical magic added in mastery and the + 30 luk with high wisdom.

    I can’t complain except for the fact that they are removing composition arrow, which I loved. I’ll just wait and see videos to see if mages are really worthy now.

    • Snade says:

      Meh, since glacial chains seems to have such a wide range i actually dont mind having it added to my list.

      Doesnt bother me at all, not to forget , it freezes or stuns (?)

      pulling monster therefor would be like a 20% damage increase haha

      • darklime says:

        But CL got it’s range and speed and basically everything revamped for the better. A chain isn’t necessary.

        @ Seph! : My range is around 14k top and I’m around 10 levels lower (if you are talking about th elv 161)

        @ Derp : Changes weren’t disappointing, they just need to add more % and party buffs.

        • Seph! says:

          my lv 161 has 17k top range, and hits 50k’s with ice demon at 215% but then again, CL stuns now, and it can do extra dmg to stunned enemies, and critical rate is higher, it is a beast!

    • Seph! says:

      Spadow had a 7xxx top range when he filmed this.

    • Derp says:

      I agree with this. Changes to I/L AMs and Bishops are disappointing.

  44. tori says:

    Sweet finaly a reason to remake my I/L so i make one without STR, and now i might just make a F/P for paralyze, cant wait to see the new bowman revamp/ possible new bowman Legend.

  45. ProfessionalBenji says:

    Hey nice to meet u!

    I mostly play a magician, so thx for the info on the changes =D

    btw do u know y the bonus exp in Lion King Castle is being removed?

    • Alilatias says:

      From what I hear of the situation in KMS, after Chaos, the accuracy penalty was reduced to something like 2-3% per level. Later, Elin Forest and Neo City were changed into party play zones.

      Then after the first Jump update, the Party EXP distribution was changed from 6:2 to 6:4 (which means that the amount of Party EXP was increased).

      As a result… Massive leeching. And KMS is adamant about killing leeching, or at least reducing it enough that it will hopefully not be faster than regular training.

    • Spadow says:

      No, I don’t know why, but it might be because Nexon has changed back the party distribution ratio from 8:2 to 6:4.

      • ProfessionalBenji says:

        o ok
        btw do you know if the Battle Mage stuff is getting changed? cuz im mostly on my battle mage character these days…

  46. Dudemandude says:

    Can you seperare that skills for i/l and f/p by advancment?

    Glacial Chain might be a 3rd job skill for all I know.

    • DAggers says:

      2nd job: High wisdom
      3rd job: Extreme magic
      4th job: Arcane Aim , poison eruption, glacial chain

      3rd job: Holy Magic Shell
      4th job : Advanced Bless
      for bishop~

  47. LynjanDakari says:

    Spadow. Haha.
    ‘What did I told you?’ Maybe you should fix that.

  48. John McCain says:

    No Flame Gear buff as I expected. Rather, Poison mist becomes even more godly with 400% DoT vs 100% for Blaze Wizards still. Oh well, critical and flame strike buff is nice.

  49. UnpleasedFP says:

    Who wants damage over time when you can kill monsters with one or two skills…? ::sigh:: well I guess that’s the point of “Poison and Burn Mage”

    I was just wishing they gave magical hurricane like skills to mages.

  50. JustAnExample says:

    Hey all, i will try to set off an example of how the damage would look like, with maxed chain lightning under certain circumstances, i hope my calculation is correct (this is for those who are skeptical about the damage an I/L can deal)

    i will show the examples with someone with a range of ‘xxxx – 10000′ on a monster like pap:

    damage on pap(20% pdr taken into consideration) : 30495 x 4 (max damage output with a range of 10000, critical hit not considered) = 121989 total

    now taking into consideratioin that you can get up to 40% more damage with certain skills
    =42693 x 4 = 170772 total

    i doubt papulatus can be stunned or frozen, however, i will still present the bonus that would normally be applied if papulatus were stunnable or freezable

    +20% = 51231 x 5 = 204926 total damage… with critical : around 307389

    before this update with a range of 10000 it would have been around :

    without critical 83250
    with critical: 158175

    dont forget to take into consideration guys that the skill infinity has not even been taken into consideration and elemental wand damage has not been added either

    im quite positive that all the calculation is not correct 100%, it is just for people to be able to position themselves pre and after big bang,. It is very possible i have made a mistake, however, i do believe im not too far (or at least i hope im not too far from the correct damage output)

    all in all ive got to say do far im happy with the decision Korea has taken, i would have also hoped for a bit more power added to chain lightning. Like 100% more or 150%. Who knows, maybe they will get that added or maybe we are strong enough already. Wish i could test it and be the judge myself, till then i have got to be patient.

    It does seem like a lot of people are now more interested in creating an Arch mage, That must mean something i guess?

    Also, im finally motivated to continue training my arch mage, its time to rise even higher on the rankings. Just to make sure i do indeed get the chance to max out most skills when they are out haha :D

    peace , and thanks for keeping us updated spadow

  51. DAggers says:

    so, the advanced blass got pre-requisite of maxing 2nd job bless?

  52. PaCh says:

    I know you’re busy and all, but could you please tell us about the 8th anniversary?
    I know it may change, but I’d like even a little bit of info.

  53. Anthony Australia says:

    Is that all for mages? or it just a start?

  54. Nyzam says:

    Hm I’m a kradian i/L (currently) playing Drk since I got my i/l to 200. Which is post Bigbang/Chaos and all this stuff. Tbh I dont think those changes are that great for us. I mean yey Chain looks finaly like a strong 4th job skill now but DPS wise we didnt get much more. Instead of 1×820% we deal 4×214% which is 876% damage + We can exceed now 999k damage. Not sure if it highers our DPS ranking that much but I belive we got higher DPS than warriors now (Lolheros totaly useless class with no partybuff). What I expected to see is some nice party buff for i/l and f/p to give them a roll at bossings. What about a Stance effect for the howl pt? Could be something like freezing the ground hence your feets are solid frozen = Stance

    Best regards

    Nyzam ~ EMS Kradia

    • darklime says:

      CL is 740% post-BB, 850% post-chaos, and 214 x 4 kmst-jump (214 x 4 = 856, not 876) You made a typo. I think it’s nice, but we do need more from what I’m seeing (So far). Like 225 or 230 x 4. A party buff is definitely needed.

  55. DestinyThief says:

    hey spadow,

    thnx for the new post!
    but i have a question about the restructuring. I saw that Evan and Flame wizard but does Battle Mage get new skills too?

    • DAggers says:

      This is Adventurer Update, No resistance update..

      u can expect Battle mage new skills if Nexon want to.

  56. brosefers says:

    You made a mistake in your skill updates;
    There is also a probability to instant kill a monster when your HP is below a certain amount of %.
    I’m pretty sure it activates when the monster is below 30% HP, not your HP;
    >Insoya translation is “to monsters below 30% HP”, “HP가 30% 마민인 몬스터를…”

  57. LovesCake says:

    hmmm so do the mages have the mastery book event too O:?

  58. greennov1 says:

    now my cleric is worth continuing

  59. Marlon says:

    U know if these updates ‘ll continue? like Warrior>Mage>Archer>Thief>Pirate.

    ’cause thief and pirates need some updates too =X

  60. iddemon says:

    Well all i gotta say after watching this is that… I’m definetely dissapointed………. I’m going to speak mostly for Mages.

    Mages still don’t get the things they needed the most… “increased casting speed” and the rid of the dependance of magic guard (for god’s sake thats a first job skill and our very lives within the game depend on its activation). Thats why we always pale in comparison to ALL of the other classes except maybe blaze wizards. A marginal increase in DPS will be noted but it’s still not good enough (refer to the warriors update, now thats a revamp). Additionally, the stance effect for infinity is useless due to it’s cooldown and the reduction of damage definetely doesn’t help…. High wisdom feels like a waste of sp, 40 int? thats it?
    Big Bang was another skill i was hoping for it’s elimination it’s utterly useless due to its charging requirement… and master magic is now toggleable? why?

    Two changes are welcomed though, 20% defense ignored was needed but it’s still unfair as to why other classes get a better bonus in this area. (heroes 40% defense ignore). And multi hit ability for main skills (paralyze, chain lightning)

    And thats about it… really… think about it. F/P mages are still extremely slow and that new skill called mist eruption, feels like a better ultimate than meteor but still with a cooldown and just as slow. Damage over time was not the solution for the f/p class, it doesn’t make us desirable for higher boss parties and it takes time for building it up, last almost nothing, and frankly it’s pathetic. Yeah sure from what i read extreme magic will help DOT but the increase is too low likewise the duration and arcane aim only has 30% chance of increasing damage by 8%?? after 3 hits??? not really a dependable skill for training, maybe for bossing but still doesn’t feel good enough. The new animation for paralyze also feels slower….

    As for I/L mages, glacial chain??? wtf??? why would a teleporting freezing class needs a skills to draw monster towards them?? I can understand warriors, they’re really slow without haste or speed equips but a mage with teleport and ranged instant freeze skills???? another waste of sp if you ask me.

    My two cents… I’m seriously hoping they change this for the better…. though I doubt it….

    • ChosenFruit says:

      Booster was changed from -2 to -3, so there’s the increase in casting speed.

      • iddemon says:

        I was referring more to the animations of the skills and their corresponding speed.

        Still it’s nice to know they upgraded that if it is true, but it’s still a skill and is dispellable… so no… that doesn’t solve anything sorry.

    • jeff brown says:

      i agree sort of wisdom should have +20luk in it as well warriors got 60 total free stats with their skill why do mages only get 40? mg should be like telemastery
      I think f/ps are fine DoT is what this class was built on. i have no idea why you would make magic mastery toggleable that like making second job mastery toggleable utterly pointless. that arcane skill is completely unfair to bishops 30% chance and they dont even have a decent spamable attack (would have to use SR if they were to keep it up). it need to be 50% and ativeate after 2 hits and make AR hit 3 time (dealing he same damage) or just make bb spamable and nerf it abit ._.

  61. hana says:

    i dun care if magic guard us toggleable or not
    just make it undispellable T.T
    plz plz plz

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  63. Shadeh says:

    mmm.. the more i lookinto this the satisfied I am.specifically the arch mage seems to be lacking imo.

    The 20 percent bonus can’t even be applied to boss monsters. That is utter bullshit. A damn joke

    As for infinity being nerfed there is no point to that either.

    There is still a lot of room for improvement. This is their chance and I hope they do not ruin it.

    Spadow, any chance to test il mage on boss monsters and check whether twenty percent bonus can be applied in any way?

  64. SAmuel says:

    Omg bishop still suck-.-
    i hope part 2 will be much better

    • Random Person says:

      Well, not so much on the bossing part, the new holy shield loks handy for empress runs, once u think about it, 30 second potion cooldown, no damage for 20 seconds, 90 second cooldown, this would be sooo dam usefull for this.

      Unless you mean for training, then their crap on that side.

  65. Tommy says:

    Spadow I need to know what you meant when you said “Nexon changed the party play zones into regular play zones with exception of Monster Park.” Are you trying to say that lion king castle etc etc will no longer be a great place to train? >_< Will ppl be training at all in those places anymore? Will you no longer need a party of 6? Please awnser thnx also If its not to much to ask post a video of the new exp/ratio at lion king

  66. Dj-KaliSwisS says:

    Finally 0_0!!! i can start using my i/l mage(2nd) even my main is a DRK and third main is a WA . Time to be mage what they should be. Does anyone have a guess what they might put for the ua bowman restructuring. I wonder if bowmaster get wings to glide that would be awesome 0_0 hermits have flashjump, ua bowmans have thrust pirates have a speed skill in first job magicians have teleport, warriors have nimble feet -_-. wild hunters have a riding mob >_< now for UA bowmans they need a catch up on their speed at least give them wings that boost them what would look cool with hurricane.

    • Alilatias says:

      …Bowmen have Nimble Feet too. At least compared to Warriors, we already have Thrust, which cancels out the need for Nimble Feet as well.

      Us Bowmen have quite a number of skills that are considered worthless or underpowered, not to mention Wild Hunters being able to do everything we can do, but better. It’ll be interesting to see what they do with us.

  67. Dj-KaliSwisS says:

    i find that curiously yup but one thing is wild hunters ride mobs and train so fast compare to the bowman thats why they are too flexible. Just saying that a bm and mm may become a awkard choice to choose when it comes with speed compare to wh. Im still not too satisfied about warriors because they lack a lot of speed on walking. I prefer nexon to add a speed skill like thrust to warriors would be good enough to help on their training.I am a dark knight i been training since pre bigbang and i know how hard and unflexible to train with a warrior. -_-

    • Alilatias says:

      Yeah, I expected that Physical Training skill to increase your Speed and Jump when we only knew about the name, but it turned out to increase your STR and DEX instead. :/

  68. Julian Karanikas says:

    Does anyone know if the Pink bean pet gets an auto buff thing?

  69. Karkain says:

    Mages with Stance? This is complete bull. Only people that should get Stance are Warriors and maybe Buccs. It seems like Nexon is giving Stance to everyone and their brother. Yeah, Mages are underpowered right now, but giving them stance is further taking away something Warriors have over others.

    Anywho, it’s good to see Mages get thrown a bone. I feel sorry for the Mages I see, assuming I see any that day. Why Holy Shield was removed, I’ll never understand since that skill is freaking amazing (I seriously hope that I’m not the only person here who loved blocking negative statuses). The new Mage skills and adjustments look great and are overdue (except the Stance part).

    I might actually work on my Ice/Lightning Mage when this rolls around to us GMS people.

    • Ice Lighter says:

      Erm, if you think about this LOGICALLY, only MAGES should have stance.
      Who should have the power to not get knocked back by a MAGICAL attack?
      Mages of course! with magical shields!
      Warriors however should be able to as well, given their big strength. That’s why they get it.
      But the FIRST logical thought that comes to mind is a magical shield.
      MS is completely warped when it comes to mages, compared to pretty much oh.. every other game and movie in existence? =D

      • Karkain says:

        The thing about Stance is that it’s using fortitude to resist being knocked back. If, for example, Red Nirg rammed into a Mage, it would only make sense that they be knocked back. A Warrior, on the other hand, should have the strength to resist it. Battle Mages can be understood to have Stance, since they are basically Warriors, and in every single book involving one I’ve read, are armed with spells for resisting that since they are up close and personal.

        So what you’re saying is that if Pink Bean jumped the defensive line of Warriors and sacked a Mage (no matter how cool it would be, that can’t happen), it would make sense for the Mage to not be knocked back by a creature at least a handful of times more magically and physically powerful than him/her?

        The “first logical thought” is something that apparently crossed only your mind. When the Stance idea comes to mind for most, if not all, people I know, they think things that follow the lines of immense strength, not magic.

        At any rate, MS had things right when it came to Mages, except maybe being overpowered by machinery (seriously, who in their correct mind thinks that machines could beat magic?). And judging by the current effects of Infinity and the lack of changes in times, Mages will still be only imitating Warriors for 40 seconds and then waiting another 140 seconds to do so again. As far as movies and books go, I wasn’t seeing Gandalf nor Saurman stand in the same place as they duked it out. I also have yet to see a situation where a Mage stood still after taking a lightning bolt/falcon pawnch/anything else to the face.

        Face it, Mages without Stance is how it should be. Give them an extra boost, just keep them out of attributes that are Warrior territory. >.>

  70. ThatR@ndomF/p says:

    i like the skill changes to fp, poison mist itself seems godly with that passive effect and 2700% mist erupt damage is gr8 even with that CD, i just think they should increase paralyze speed a little XD and my only complaint for F/P is wtf about para DoT 1 second????? i guess if extreme magic applies its not that bad

  71. Shadeh says:

    guys what is this stance skill? i dunno it .. what does it do?

    • iddemon says:

      I seriously doubt they’re going to leave it like that. If i’m reading correctly you can use the skill 6 times, now is that before the cooldown?? because that would mean 6 shots 3 times each? that’s 16200%!!!! for only 10 seconds??

      that would make it the most overpowered skill of the game, and even if it ins’t like that then meteor just became an even more useless skill, 1700% 30 sec cooldown agains’t 2700% 10 sec cooldown??

      I smell a really big nerf coming for mist eruption.

      • iddemon says:

        oops sorry i meant to reply to ThatR@ndomF/p.

        Stance is a skill that for a certain success rate won’t let you get kb after a mob/boss hit. Extremely useful for warriors since they have to get up close and personal with the mobs.

  72. Random preson says:

    Great, Now mages are more stronger. :3

  73. Sophia Wang says:

    I LOVE THIS <3 :D

  74. CandyIsland says:

    didnt they change the chain lightning animation?

  75. CarbonWaffle says:

    Might be the only one here, but I’m happy that Evans got buffed a little more… Chaos didn’t do jack shyt to us.

  76. Snowboy8 says:

    Question about F/P UAs, does flame gear stack with other skills?

  77. Bcpwd says:

    Omg Clerics are awesome now they are way faster then before to get to 3rd job i might make one

  78. Rocko says:

    This makes mages 500000% for awesome. Ive never made a mage (besides evan), but now im DEFINITELY going to make an ice mage when this patch comes…

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  80. Anonymous says:

    Spadow, Spell Booster was also changed.

    It gives 3 speed instead of 2 now.

  81. Ramdom says:

    can advanced bless stack with regular bless?

  82. s0meb0dy says:

    Hey Spadow!

    Thank you for posting it. :D Your blog is awsome!
    I think they increased their powers a little too much so it’s not balanced again… for example:
    Chain Lighting:
    -214% damage, 5 enemies, 4 times, 90% stun, +20 critical%
    Brave Slash:
    -210% damage, 4 enemies, 3 times, no stun, no +critical%
    Is THIS balanced? I don’t think so, I think mages will be the strongest now. :O
    is monster park goes all the way to 200? WOW this is very good, when the “party play” zones are removed.

    • Arrol says:

      Does it matter? Most 4th jobber attacks are stronger than Brave Slash or Chain Lightning.

      • s0meb0dy says:

        I know there’s some hero’s skills, like “Panic” and “Coma”, which are stronger than Brave Slash or Chain Lighting, but it’s kind of unfair, and some I/L mage’s skills are stronger than Brave Slash or Chain Lighting, like Blizzard, right?

        • Anonymous says:

          Heroes now have Advanced Final Attack. Plus they have a skill that permanently ignores monster def. by 40%.

          210% x3, 4 mobs, 40% def. ignored, 60% to hit 250% extra.
          Also, don’t forget that Heroes have Orbs. 45% extra damage.

          Someone correct me if I’m wrong with any of this.

          • s0meb0dy says:

            Well, I know they have a lot of buffs, but hey,
            “Physical Training”= +30 STR. “High Wisdom”= +40 INT.
            So it’s already plus +10 main-stat for the magicians.
            AND, most important, remember infinity DOUBLES the damage so they are not that weak
            And I’m not so sure about it but I think the ignore defence is the defence by precents, that they got from big bang, the PD/MD defence (correct me if I’m wrong), so on regular monsters, it’s 5% less damage, so it ignores it, and it makes 20/19 damage of the average, which is a little more than +5% damage, I think, not a big deal… so I think the mages are stronger, I guess they will nerf them soon…

          • Karkain says:

            Correction about Adv. Combo Orbs: +100% damage. There are 10 Orbs, each giving +10% damage. Not sure where you got 45%, though.

        • jeff brown says:

          warriors have a higher weapon multiplier that 10 int isnt going to do crap compared to that plus warriors get 60 (+30 str and +30 dex) free stats making it cheaper to use weapon that need alot of dex plus even if you dont add dex you can still use all of your equips mages dont have that option. crit is usless, and stun doesnt work on bosses or boss taged mobs (LHC/ party zone) so unless they training at ToT or Somewhere that has worse exp it wont even matter. infinity has a 3minute CD unlike any hero damage bossing skills and it was nerfed. Slash hits 3 times you are nearly garunteed to activate Adv final attack. + orbs = +100% damage. ignore %Pdr isn’t like the ones from potential it gets rid of the %pdr directly and all mobs have at least 10% pdr lhc mobs have like 20%, bosses like HT,Zak have 50% and pb has 70%. On PB – 40% pdr means that pb only has 30% pdr and thus you are only loseing 30% of your damage.

    • Snade says:

      sorry, i just cant hold back but call you a damn idiot. Although im not 100% sure, you are aware that first of all mages and what the hell ever class you named have different multipliers, right?

      Second of all, if we were to base off balance by your fucking trimmed logic that would mean:

      a. All classes have skills with different EFFECTS but exact SAME damage output, is that your excuse for balance?

      Get a grip , punk!

      Mages will not be the STRONGEST. Jeez, call me bad tempered, at least i can use my freakin brain cells

      • s0meb0dy says:

        The hidden item thingy really don’t help to know which class is the strongest, so I don’t have an answer, but remember, the mages are one of the only classes that able to attack the whole screen (Blizzard, Meteor, and Genesis), and ABLE to drop the enemy’s HP below 1 (which means, kill them, and Heaven Hammer isn’t able to do that) also, it has damage over time (not sure if Genesis do the same thing), I know shadowers can do milions of damage to one monster, and marksmen has a skill that is able to pass the max damage (even 2 milion is possible) which attack more than 1 monster.
        Mages might not be the strongest for now, but there are some classes that are weaker, that’s what I’m saying.

    • darklime says:

      You forgot to take into consideration that the wand and staff multiplier formulas are lower than swords and axes and what Anonymous said. I’m sure 30 str is still either better or equal to 40 int.

      Mages STILL need a buff. The reason why their % on attacks are bett reis cuz their weapon multiplier sucks ass. -_-

      • s0meb0dy says:

        It might be true, but big bang is 290% damageX5 times=1450% damage for each monster, now multiply it by 10 monsters, 14,500% damage it’s 3 seconds to load the bar, 1 seconds for animation, so 14,500% damage each 4 seconds is too overpowered, even thought the multiplier for the mages’ weapons is lower, it’s still very strong, and they also have their ultimates that attacks 15 monster with a lot of damage, so they are overpowered right now, don’t you think?

        • Alilatias says:

          That’s just theorycrafting. I’ve seen how pitiful Big Bang’s range is, to the point where mages would be lucky to hit more than three or four mobs. And that’s not even considering the fact that the charge is wasted if they get hit and sent into the air right when they’re about to release it.

          • s0meb0dy says:

            Well, that’s true, but you can always use the trick to hit monters to agro them with strong skills (that hit low number of monsters) and then use a mob skill (in this case, it’s Big Bang)and that’s how they hit a lot of monsters (which I guess is the basic of Power Strike and Slash Blast), also, I think Big Bang is not the only skill that have a pitiful range… I/L mages with Glacian Chain and Big bang have a very good control. F/P mages’ big bang have 110% DoT for 10 seconds so it’s extra 1100% damage. Bishops have +15% critical rate with Big Bang. So it sometimes might be hard control, but the skill is very strong.

          • darklime says:

            They made it where you can release BB in the air, so you wouldn’t have that problem. Also, the problem with the charge up time is that by the time it’s ready in three seconds, CL has already killed the enemy. They need to lower the charge time to one second or remove it. From the videos I’ve seen, mages are still not strong. I see CL 40k x 4 while a DK is doing 33k x 5 W/O crits, and he crits very often. They need to raise angel ray’s distance and % and paralyze’s and CL’s %. They shouldn’t have even nerfed Infinity. -_-

          • s0meb0dy says:

            @darklime:Don’t you able to load Big Bang in a rope? and if they will lower the time charge, it will be 14,500% EACH SECOND, which sounds too much for me, other thing is, about the videos you saw, the pontential don’t help us to know if the classes are balanced, unless it’s a tespia, I guess the equips in tespia sucks so they will have around the same Attack/Magic Attack, and then they can know better which classes are balanced and if they are not balanced which class they need to nerf/buff. And that’s true that they new too increase Angel Ray’s distance, but I see no point of buffing them more.

        • Killmeplsok says:

          Except their ultimate can’t be spam anymore, no? Big Bang huh? If you can even hit more than 3 mobs with it at one time you’re considered lucky enough already. Another thing is, you can’t start a Big Bang charging on a rope if I’m not mistaken, although you sustain the charge when u start to climb in the middle of charging. Not to mention that i get my Big Bang charging wasted always when i got KB-ed just when i releasing the key. For me, all your statement just failed, mages do have a ultimate which do a lot of damage but since the cd is added…who still call that overpowered? Big bang is a joke, increasing the mob counts without increasing the range really does no big difference. I actually think that mages need to be more beefy considering how pitiful my mage damage(around half the dps a hero can get) is compare to my hero which both have the same level right now and almost the same equip.

          • s0meb0dy says:

            I know that their ultimates have 30 seconds cooldown, but this skill still exist, and 30 seconds isn’t so much… and if you are talking about how is hard to get mobs together, think that is also affects the other classes, and true, you are not able to start loading Big Bang on a rope, but you are able to continue to load the big bang on a rope, here’s a proof: at the start~middle of the video 0:33~0:34 he is loading the Big Bang skill on a rope, and I think I saw him getting hitten before he relased the Big Bang, I don’t know if they changed it. Also, let’s say there’s a lot of monsters together in a group down at the lower platform, and you don’t want to get Knock Back when you are about to release, don’t you? So you can get hitten when you are at the upper platform, so you get a small amount of time of invisibility allows you to release it before you get hitten, and then you can get all of them, and so this skill works I guess, and I didn’t they they don’t supposed to increase the range, and it will be good if they will do it, I just said I see no point of increasing the damage… And about your mage and hero, are you sure you have all your buffs, and the equips are about the same Attack/Magic Attack, and maybe the hero have a lot of extra pontential damage? this might get you confused…

          • darklime says:

            @ Killmeplosok: They raised BB’s horizontal range in BB and in jump they made BB releasable IN AIR, so the KB won’t be a problem anymore.

            @ S0meb0dy: That Bishop in the video started charging BEFORE he got on the rope. You can do that…You CAN’T charge when you’re FIRST on the rope.

  83. XNS says:

    Spadow are ther gonna be any BaM restructing goin on?

    • Marlon says:

      I don’t think so, BaM is still a good class, they r just bringing the explorers “to the game” again, ’cause they were nothing when compared to heros / resistance..
      i think we need the thief / pirate updates the most, ’cause they r useless atm ‘-‘

  84. JPanda says:

    -puts off making i/l till jump and magician ring, and because of laziness-

  85. FanJingEvan says:

    It seems that Magician are overpowered now. o.O

  86. BlueBandandit says:

    Wow. Once you’ve taken the time to get all 5 damage boosts from arcane aim, you have a whopping 40% attack boost…tell me that wasn’t intended for bossing.

  87. FaithNL says:

    guys , for the people with disappointments in this patch, i’m pretty sure they are gonna even improvise it again again. it is what they did to the warriors patch and ya the revamp is better but not 100% finished yet… hold on till another next patch to see complete revamp =]

  88. FapManica says:

    Hey Spadow what did Tommy mean by this when he said

    “Spadow I need to know what you meant when you said “Nexon changed the party play zones into regular play zones with exception of Monster Park.” Are you trying to say that lion king castle etc etc will no longer be a great place to train? >_< Will ppl be training at all in those places anymore? Will you no longer need a party of 6? Please awnser thnx also If its not to much to ask post a video of the new exp/ratio at lion king"

    • Zenzingten says:

      what he means i his question was if there will be a 50% bonus exp for have party members in these places. like in GMS when u have 6 people in a party at Lion heart castle its a 250% bonus exp for every monster killed so what KMS did is that there taking out the 50% bonus for every party member and it will be just a reg training area if im not mistaken

    • Spadow says:

      Lion King’s Castle will now be just a regular hunting ground for +120 players. Players can always solo or get into parties, but the 50% EXP per additional party member does not apply anymore.

      • FapManica says:

        Ohhh Thank You so much for clearing this up Spadow and ty Zen. So.. Shoot lol does this mean theres going to be no place to train anymore? D; or is Monster park going to be better? ^^

  89. iRemember says:

    Nothing for battlemages?

  90. BuddyAran says:

    Hey, Spadow.

    What happen to the new updates in Dragon Nest Korea?
    I wanna hear some good stuff from there too~~~

  91. 22antho says:

    That really marks the end of the old maplestory

  92. Lalala says:

    Angel ray already hit 4 monsters before lol, which means there isn’t a difference. I kind of wish they made angel ray hit more monsters since it’s already slower without booster and weaker than paralyze and cl because of amp and the crit/DoT they get with those skills. I also think flame gear deserves a buff because of how nice poison mist is getting. However, I am really happy that shining ray looks different now and the new party skills for bishops seem nice.

  93. bruno says:

    thank God there stirred the mage battle, if only to shake and if it is to decrease

  94. Axxez says:


    I personally think Thunder Bolt should get a new skill animation.
    So when does this patch apply to the official server??

    • GOGO says:

      Yah same…
      I was hoping for that cause I can’t stand the atrocious animation for that
      hopefully gets changed…

      • darklime says:

        Thunderbolt looks fine. IDK what you guys are talking about. They need to change magic claw back to the old one.

        • 메이풀 서토리 says:

          I’m tAlking about the 2nd job lightning Attack
          But yah they should male magic clay back to the way it was
          Kick ass first job skill…..

          • darklime says:

            I am talking about the 2nd job lightning as well. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the animation; I like it. They just need to return blue magic claw, maybe make it bigger, but that’s it.

  95. 메이풀 서토리 says:

    Yah same…
    I was hoping for that cause I can’t stand the atrocious animation for that

  96. shay says:


  97. iamflip says:

    Whoever said that the Bishop changes are balanced now because of these changes are crazy and blind. Granted, many of these changes are good, we can all agree.

    But if you look at how good the Bishop changes are in comparison to the rest of the magician class and to the overall game… fact is that we still suck. It’s just getting less and less worth it to be any role if no matter what happens, you’ll find that everyone else still gets more EXP than you. Partying or soloing, training is still hellish for Bishops.

    I hope the next few KMST patches addresses that Bishops need more incentive to train in general. Solo-wise, we need to dish out damage against stuff we can handle (aka good holy-weak mobs). Party-wise, we could use a boost to gaining EXP and a boost in damage to be in the same level as other attackers for the times when we’re not healing or buffing.

    • Kenny says:

      I agree. I don’t mind damage but the exp balance for attackers vs. supporters suck..Hate how attackers get 15% per hour in LHC at level 17x while being a level 17x getting only 4% per hour…sheesh.

      Yeah yeah, you guys might think everything’s okay but it’s not. How can we bishops keep up with high level attackers and be a better support class for those higher level attackers when we can’t even get decent exp gain.

      • Alilatias says:

        Possible solutions:

        – Really ramp up the heal EXP formula somehow. Maybe something like 5x of whatever it is now.
        – Priests could get a new passive 10 SP third job skill that grants +5% Party EXP bonuses (exclusive to the Priest) based on how many party skill buffs are currently active on the Priest, up to a maximum of 5 party skills (+25% Party EXP).

  98. Anonymous says:

    Can’t wait for Thieves to get a change!

  99. Aninymous says:

    So disapointing… Wth we get a chain?! What is that going to do, we’re supposed to be a ranged class! Nexon laid a baby and ohen it hatched it was a BaM/I/L Abomination.

  100. Anonymous says:

    This is promising but also kinda biased toward F/P. 900%*3 + 6 hits? WTF? Add DoT into the equation and that’s way OP (mainly because of a mere 10 second cooldown). Also, why is it that Extreme Magic for F/P works on bosses (cause bosses can get DoT damage) but I/Ls’ Extreme Magic can’t o.o (bosses can’t be stunned, frozen, or in darkness). Overall though, it’s quite interesting but it could be improved (I dislike the Infinity nerf from 10 to 5%–how is that necessary for balancing? and a undispellable MG is REQUIRED for Chaos bosses.)

  101. No Name says:

    CL needs to be upped, the weapon multiplier for AMs and Bishops ONLY needs to be upped. Glacial Chain needs to be a rushing skill, not a grappling skill. Infinity needs to be fixed back to 10%. MG needs to be immune to dispel! Spadow, please inform Nexon of these problems plaguing the I/L.

    • Anonymous says:

      Add the fact that Extreme Magic needs to work for BOTH I/L and F/P not just F/P for bosses (why would Nexon make one require DoT and the other status effects that are impossible to be inflicted on bosses?)

    • JKALYJ says:

      And they need to do something with Angel Ray other than a max mob count from lvl 1…isnt really a help :l

      the other mages got their spam attacks skills properly bufffed, The LEAST they could do is increase the range on AR, or give it a stun effect or something, all the crit rates they give is nice but, a little main skill support please :(

  102. SharkyMikey says:


  103. Stonespoon says:

    Hey, Spadow. This is off topic for this post, but I’ve been dying to ask this, and I can’t email you my question.

    Once you make an android, can you get rid of it and make a new one, if you don’t like how it looks, or are you stuck with it? Thanks!

  104. Marlon says:

    hey spadow, u’ve a viper right? can u tell me if they r usefull against bosses? they’ve high / fast DPS?
    I play GMS, and i am leveling my Dawn Warrior to 12x, i’m planning on creating an UA Viper, but i like classes that r good bossing, that’s why i’m not sure if i create an UA Viper or an UA DrK. And one more thing, do u think that the Thief and Pirate class ‘ll get an update too? because i think they really deserve it xD
    Thanks and sorry for all the questions haha ;D

    • Nyzam says:

      VIper = Lose when it’s about bossing

      Lmao if you want to be a melee fighter and want to be good/Useful at bossing i’d Suggest you a Drk or if you can afford the wash aran

      • Marlon says:

        sorry but what u mean with “wash aran”, i’m from brazil, that r some things that i don’t get yet xD

  105. Nyzam says:

    God are you guys retarded? I just realized we LOST A LOT OF POWER LOLOL (i/l’s atleast) infinity lowered from 10%-5%? CHain got improved by +6% damage lmao what’s that for búllcráp we got NERFED instead of buffed

    am I the only one seeing that?

    Best regards

    Nyzam ~ Ems Kradia

    • darklime says:

      We didn’t get nerfed, we got buffed. Just not enough. >.> You are forgetting the 20% ignore, faster CL, multi hits, more crit, no penalty for attacking multiple monsters, stronger CL. Infinity has a cool-down anyways. Infinity got nerfed a little, but their dumbasses might change it back.

    • Dertras says:

      Chain lost it’s penalty for multiple monsters, got 20% crit increase, plus we get 20% ignore defense monster with arcane aim, we got 20% more damage since the monster is probably gonna be stunned(90% chance), and we still have a 40 int bonus from high wisdom.

      How is that a nerf?

    • Axxez says:

      Well I’m a I/L mage. I’m happy if we were buffed, but not if we were nerfed.

  106. darklime says:

    Spadow, when you said “An increase of 20% critical rate has been added. [to CL]” was that like 15% crit + 20% crit = 35% crit? or was it just an increase from 15% to 20%?

  107. Axxez says:


    I’m not sure if I’m supposed to be happy with these changes…..
    Plus, the chain is too similar to the Battle Mage’s Dark Chain.

  108. heinousdude says:

    Hey Spadow, I saw on this video ( that there are some “evil” versions of the Reverse/Timeless weapons and after further research I’ve found that there are “evil” versions, per say, of every Reverse/Timeless weapon in the game.

    Can you go over these in a future post?

  109. Binky says:

    Just get me my genesis back…
    I’d even take it with a 10sec cool down
    just make it reasonable! >_:D

  110. Anonymous says:

    F/P Mages are extremely OP compared to I/L’s.

    So, we’ll assume that a F/P can hit ~900k non-crit per hit of Mist Eruption on say, Papulatus. We’ll assume that each Mist takes 3 seconds to cast (repeatedly) because Mages have Stance with Infinity (its damage effects are not calculated), so a F/P mage would need 18 seconds to cast 6 Mists in a row, which is greater than that 10 second cooldown on Mist Eruption. As Mist Eruption is 900% damage, one would need a “range” of 100k. Pap has a 25% PDR rate, but F/P’s have a 20% reduction immediately with Arcane Aim, lowering that to 20% PDR. Mist Eruption takes 50% of that 20% PDR away, leaving Pap with only 10% PDR. Multiply 100k by 1.1 (to cancel out PDR effect) and one would receive 110k “range” needed. That seems high. However, Amplification is 150% Magic Attack (150% damage buff essentially). So 1.5(unknown)=110k. Since F/P’s always have DoT, they always have Extreme Magic. So it’s 1.5*1.2(unknown)=110k. We will also assume that Arcane Aim gives a 40% damage boost (as 8% stacked five times). So, 1.5*1.2*1.4*(unknown)=110k. Maple Warrior will be assumed to have a 15% overall damage buff, so it’s 1.5*1.2*1.4*1.15*(unknown)=110k. So, total, it’s 2.898x = 110k. Using simple division, one would only need ~ a 38k unbuffed top range to hit this 900k/hit of Mist Eruption. That is feasible with around I assume 100-150% INT and a decent end-game weapon. So it’s not TOO out of reach. Mist post-Chaos has 180% DoT; with Mist Eruption’s passive effect that is upped to 180+240=420%. An equivalent of 110k “buffed” range means that DoT is around 420k/second. We will assume that for every Mist casted, its DoT will only start five seconds later. So, the first Mist will have 13 seconds of DoT, second 8, third 3, and the rest 0 seconds of DoT when Mist Eruption is used. That’s 24 seconds of DoT, or 420,000*24=10,080,000 damage output in those 24 seconds from DoT ALONE. Now Mist Eruption needs to be calculated. Mist Eruption (calculating from a 3x 900% damage/Mist as the 50%/Eruption is a bit unclear). 900,000*3*6 = 16,200,000 damage. That added to the 10,080,000 damage from DoT is 26,280,000 damage in EIGHTEEN SECONDS or 1,460,000 DPS with ONLY 100-150% of a main stat. Ifrit is not included in this number.

    • Anonymous says:

      The 110k range above would have a 100k range on Pap, so that’s why the DoT and Mist Eruption numbers are based off of a 100k range.

    • Derp says:

      Have to agree. It really seems like Nexon has forgotten I/Ls and Bishops when you compare how they balanced F/Ps….

    • Ghost says:

      I’m not familiar with mages, and I haven’t read most of what you said, but don’t I/Ls get freezing skills and clerics get supportive skills to compensate?

      Also, don’t forget that this is still in testing, there’s still time for adjustments.

    • Eric says:

      You can’t use the damage of six explosions at once. One use of the skill = 6 clouds detonated, but only the effect of a single detonation occurs. Laying extra clouds will only extend the range of the blast. Watch the video for proof.

      Also, you can’t stack the DoT from a single skill multiple times unless several different characters use that skill, e.g. 4 F/Ps all using Mist.

  111. Anonymous says:

    Freezing? I/L for FREEZING? Nexon needs to get out of their mindset that F/P is for DoT and I/L is for FREEZING when they design skills. Who needs to freeze mobs when you 2-3 hit every trainable mob in the game? If I/L’s got “frostbite” damage sure…oh wait that’s DoT aka F/P territory. Nexon needs to make a similar skill to Mist Eruption for I/L’s, make Extreme Magic work for I/L’s on bosses, replace Glacial Chain with that alternative Mist Eruption-like skill for I/L. For all mages, undispellable MG is a must and Infinity like it used to be (with Stance) would be needed. Bishops need a huge buff in AR (like 5 hits of 300% damage and hits 5 mobs) to compensate for the damage buffs they don’t have, Advanced Bless upped to 30/30 (stacking with other Buffs), reducing the CD of that Holy Shell skill and increasing its duration.

  112. Zef says:

    Oh boy…why nobody here sees that the glacial chain is made for big bang attack? they both fit like a glove. Chain pulls mobs up closes and freezes for that big bang to charge.

    Anyway you guys are right. Mages should have power stance. And flash jump. And perma magic guard, after all they’re made to stand in front line to protect the weaker classes, such as warriors.
    And ultimates should be definetly back in their spammable form, who heard of a mage that cannot tank better then warrior, boss better then ranged and train better then..well everything. Exactly, pure rubbish.

    MonsterZed – ems Paladin;]

    • Random Person says:

      I dont think any job besides Warriors should get stance (Bucc’s get it but its very very crappy) because that is what makes them unique, and unless they make a skill that takes a big majority of damage from other people and put it onto you (basicly tanking) that would be meaningless, since the attack will go all to every1 else not just the mage.

  113. EzraSavage says:

    … i’m tired of people from ems comenting on this updated content… do they even have big bang yet??? f3

  114. junior says:

    and the bishop? hmm it be , defect, is junk,, hs weak T_T

  115. Kyle says:

    Do you have any ideas as to what the archer update will have? I’m curious as to what you think.

  116. Masu says:

    hey spadow, i was just wondering if you found out any more information on the lvl 140 equips. like if they are recipes for blacksmithing or if they are rare drops from bosses.

  117. Kevin says:

    When is this?

  118. Richard says:

    Which of the new skills are third job and which are fourth job? Can someone categorise them for me please.

  119. DracoRukario says:

    Wow, that unicorn pet is so cute! :3

  120. BobbyJOEYIies says:

    So.. do we like get a sp reset?

  121. deathnose says:

    How can we ( Taiwan people ) to play KMS ?

  122. Leonbird says:

    About the whole I/L thing, I’ve always marveled at the element thunder. It is pure energy and is one of the most devastating elements created in a planet. And just watching the instant a bolt of lightning strike the ground is just amazing. It wouldve been cool if MS came up with a tiny thunder cloud that could be casted similar to poison mist (but elevated similar to a cloud floating in the sky) that would shoot a line of thunder and do DoT with a high % to stun normal monsters and a low but fair % to actually stun a boss for lets say 1 sec. Once we (I/L arch mages) get to 4th job, we use chain lightning as our most used active spell. So as for an I/L “burst,” (though for this case it would probably be more passive) the chain lightning would hit the monster and would go back to the thundercloud and circle around giving that chain lightning a tiny % of damage increase as it comes back for a second round. It would make up for some lost damage as well as “keep up” with other classes that attack faster than a mage can cast. If it becomes too OP then you can do things such as lower % of damage increase, lower the amount of chains the recycled chain lightning would dish out, put a % on chain lightning being able to recycle back to the thundercloud, idk, I’m not a mathematician, you guys can do the crunch work if you like. But something like that would give reasons for I/L mages to come along boss runs and actually be helpful besides mob control (which is still usually taken care of by someone else). Idk, growing up, I’ve always seen mages either have 1 super powerful attack that “ends it all” or a bombardment of spells that overwhelm the opponent. I love mages and the element but I guess thats just wishful thinking haha.

  123. Leonbird says:

    oh and of course, so one doesn’t surpass f/p mages, limit the amount of thunderclouds that can be casted (namely 5?) as well as chain lightning only recycling to 1 thundercloud to reduce OPness.

  124. xloshadow says:

    whens the brawlers going to get their spotlight f4

  125. FireWitch786 says:

    Do F/P mages keep mana reflection? or was that just a typo?
    Thank you in advance!

  126. ayemeng says:


  127. WhyWolf says:

    Will you need new mastery books for these new skills?

  128. Magerzzzz says:

    i hope so much that bishops get more attack skills, for all you haters out there , i understand that they are USUALLY used for partying but cmon people , it’s timed to step priest/bishops up a notch and take them to the next level. I LOVE clerics/priests/bishops skills but there only for taking care of other people. What if you want to hit high and heal yourself at the same time? Please someone take my side on this one because I HOPE that Nexon with step Bishops up a notch and put more attack skills on. Me personally, I like to go to jesters and take over 2 levels of the room. Like wind archers, when they attack , they attack 2 levels of mobs at jesters. I want to control a room at a lower job adv besides using GENESIS at 4th job. Please cut these lower levels some slack and give us some skills that take out parts of the map. Because some of us find it hard to level, PLEASE CUT US SOME SLACK AND TAKE BISHOPS UP A NOTCH.

  129. Zhyphrus says:

    Why the fuck would they give bishops arcan aim when their attacks are just typically 1 hit by 1 hit?
    Ohmygosh, nexon/asiasoft are really doing stuffs that pisses us bishops off.
    (i’ve read up the whole blog and i know the later changes)

    But i just wanted to point out such stupidity coming from what’s within their minds.

    Bishops seriously needs to have a brighter future.
    Their still using Angel Ray and Big bang from the era of the 4th job release… have you guys ever thought of that?
    And now they still went on a created new mobbing/DoT skills for fp/iL Mages *facepalm*

  130. Pingback: KMST 1.2.378 ~ New F/P Arch Mage skill: Mist Eruption & other skills refined | Net 2018

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