Patiently waiting for the next patch

A new test server patch… It’s going to happen this week. Very soon.
The second update ”Spell of Awakening” will be released in April to the test server and public server.

I predict that the patch date for the public server is April 28. One day before MapleStory’s 8th anniversary.
My expectations for the upcoming test server patch are high.

The Magician restructuring, Monster Park expansion, new events and in particular the anniversary events along with the 8th year anniversary Maple equipment will all come together in the next test server patches.

I made an Arch Mage (Ice/Lightning) in preparation for the restructuring. ^o^
In other news, it seems that other MapleStory versions will receive the Chaos update sooner than I thought.
An associate producer from Nexon America confirmed in an interview that GMS will turn into Chaos in Summer.

However, CMS already made the first step by temporarily disabling the character creation of Aran, Evan, Dual Blade and Resistance.
The same thing happened to KMS and it was indicated that this was in preparation for the Chaos update.

The notice on the website says it will upgrade to V092 in late April which means CMS will get Chaos before May?
Interesting development. ^^

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144 Responses to Patiently waiting for the next patch

  1. greennov1 says:

    awww come on
    i hope the magician restructuring is good because after the ultimates got nerfed they kinda failed
    and i was hoping that gms would get chaos before the others….

  2. Hollogen says:

    Wow some many things at once?
    How are you going to handle that?

  3. Jason Wang says:

    Woot I’m 3rd post. Anyway, I hope this is gonna be an awesome patch cuz I totally love mages.

  4. mune0106 says:

    I wonder what kind of improvements magicians get. And be sure to keep us informed! :)

  5. Xen says:

    finally some justice for mages =P

  6. jaycee says:

    omg; really? i’m :O

  7. Arcness says:

    Spadow, In KMS are mages not treated fairly like they are in GMS? Ex. Are some not allowed in lhc parties or any bossing unless they have friends who let them? Just wondering if there is going to be a big effect this update will have.

  8. Hayoka says:

    I’m surprised CMS got chaos before GMS ):
    Anyways I’m waiting for news for the mage patch.. Gonna be good
    I wish they also limited the creation of those characters in gms too.

  9. Unknown89 says:

    I hope maplesea can faster the updates and chase up KMS patch as near as possible. we are really very outdated==”

  10. mage79 says:

    i get into parties at lhc all the time and i have an evan, not a bishop.

  11. brosefers says:

    Can’t wait for mage updates… I hope they give the Pirates one too…

    • Stylers says:

      Yes, definitely. I hate how people always hate on me because im a marauder. I get ksed all the time and its not that i dont do good dmg because i have about 36% str potential from items…but just by doing high damage doesnt change the fact they kill the mobs before me and get ahead of me when im training. I currently quit my marauder and am preparing my dark knight for the jump update. Hopefully nexon makes pirates(buccs)stronger so i can make that a bucc.

  12. Derp says:

    Honestly expecting nothing good from the Mage updates.
    I ain’t setting myself up to QQ about how the patch solved nothing. >>

  13. SharkyMikey says:

    We really need to get buffed and also get good Party Buffs because everyone at MP3 ( GMS ) kinda hate me because of this and I’M SO VERY VERY GLAD THAT NEXON IS FINALLY DOING SOMETHING ABOUT THIS ! XD Can’t wait for the Patch! Looking forward to it and Thanks a lot Spadow for giving us this Information.

  14. Tapatio says:

    Omfg finally at least make a skill for i/l equal to blizzard but lightning (w/o cooldown though) and get rid of that freakin cooldown for other ultimates… Or better yet give ifrit back to i/l

  15. Nisrockk says:

    Wow. I’m jealous of GMS and CMS. MSEA hasnt even launched Big Bang and we’re gonna be at least 6 – 9 months behind GMS at this rate when we used to be ahead of them back when the Pirate was launched.

    Asiasoft (AS) just loves to launch major patches during holidays and at this rate, we’ll onlly get Chaos next year. So much dislike towards the Asiasoft management but what MSEAers can do now is just wait. Wait wait wait. Constantly waiting.

    Anyway, keep up with the updates. :)

  16. John McCain says:

    Hopefully Flame Gear is buffed. I mean, look at it:
    Flame Gear: 30 SP, 100% DoT for 8 seconds, 40 seconds, cannot overlap
    Poison Mist: 20 SP, 160% DoT for 15 seconds, 40 seconds, can overlap

    The least they could do is bump it up to 200% DoT (CKs are supposed to be overpowered until 120) since it takes 10 more SP. Seal is quite useless as well, remove it and add in Teleport Mastery, plus some other 10 SP skill. MP Eater would be nice too, although after the Chaos nerf, it doesn’t seem very useful anymore.

  17. Killmeplsok says:

    Patches come and go and yet here we are, enjoying the pre-big bang stage MSEA when every other senior servers is preparing for their chaos patch already.

  18. PinoyKid_Of_GMS says:

    no bandwagoners this time :D

  19. Ghost says:

    In your last blog, you said it would come out the day after you posted it….

  20. Ummm... says:

    Ahmmmmm… is it jst me or does the warrior and mage look like twins……


  21. DAggers says:

    Spadow, i’m glad to see you that u are i/l mage supporter. lol ^o^

    i personally an i/l mage too

  22. Celine Chee says:

    So lucky. Can’t wait to see the mages’ restructuring. And MSEA hasn’t even gotten Big Bang yet ==

  23. Oh boy I cant wait
    *Cross fingers for new bishop skills and faster killing mvoes and new animations”

  24. Random Person says:

    Oh come on Nexon, i am just dying to see what they do to Mages! After all, they need the most editing and buffing than any other jobs!!! Of course excluding perma beginners but that kinda ruins the whole fun of them.

  25. koop says:

    So you can’t make classes other than explorers after this? What? Somebody clear this up for me.

    • Random Person says:

      I think its because of the nerf they need to get so everyone isn’t making just dual blades because of their redonkulous DPS, the game would be boring if you would only see dual blades running around. I think this is a great nerf, but somthing needs to be done with their damage still.

    • PaCh says:

      Its the first step of chaos. They did the same with KMS. They’re going to adjust the skills and such.
      Don’t worry. Also, thats for CMS.

  26. Zenzingten says:

    Spadow im grateful to see ur a I/L mage we need more supporters i personally think there the better of the mage classes excluding Battle mages. I really cant wait till this mage update comes out to GMS and cant wait to see what there gonna do

    • Random Person says:

      It’s going to put battle mages to shame hopefully, at this point mages excluding battle mages evans and bishops have no use in boss runs, i want to see this change!!! I think in my opinion that mages have been waiting for an empowerment longer than any other job in maple.

      Lets hope for the best.

      • Zenzingten says:

        i kno right ice mage was my first maple character since beta and i loved them since then and i really want them to be a good bossing class cuz lets face it they suck at bossing right now there not bad PvE but just bad at bossing and i cant wait man

  27. Dj-KaliSwisS says:

    sweet another news but chaos for summer still seems slow to me. O well i’ll just have some fun using the other class that recently came out

  28. Hey Spadow, I have a doubt:
    If I already have a Dual Blader when 1st chaos patch comes, will i get the free mastery books? Or i have to create one after patch?

  29. Concerned says:

    Yeah, I have a question. When Chaos came did Dual Blades and Evans get the pay2skill thing removed? Not like it’s a big deal but I heard Thorns is a pretty good skill even after Chaos so i’d like to have it without buying it.

    • Alilatias says:

      For the record, Evans are completely free in KMS. GMS is the only version that took some of Evan’s skills and made it required for you to buy skillbooks in the Cash Shop to unlock them.

      As for Dual Blades… No idea.

    • jay says:

      um r da bd skills gonna be 100%?

  30. DancingBears says:

    I hope very much that mages are boosted a lot by this update.
    I personally have no interest in making a mage, largely because a) up until now they were not worth it and b) I have never had Int equips at my disposal.
    After this update I still won’t make one but what I hope is that if they are boosted a lot then more people will flock to them and relieve the demand for other w.atk classes and their respective equips. Hopefully this will create a more balanced game.
    There are 4 primary stats and two attack states (dex, str, luk, int, m.atk, w.atk) yet for vast majority is str, dex, luk & w.atk. There is a full scroll set for magic attack (e.g. gloves for m.atk etc.) yet they are under used and under priced compared to w.atk.
    Hopefully this rectifies the situation and the economy benefits from it too.

    I’m excited for this!

    • Alilatias says:

      The reason why INT/M.ATK gear costs less than STR/DEX/LUK/W.ATK gear has nothing to do with the way that the equips and scrolls work themselves. It has everything to do with supply and demand.

      As in, about 75% of the game’s classes use W.ATK. Only mages use INT/M.ATK. Most mage classes are unpopular right now. Get it?

    • Alilatias says:

      Point being, no matter what kind of buffs Mages get, INT/M.ATK equips will never match the economical value of W.ATK equips due to the sheer imbalance of classes using W.ATK in comparison to M.ATK.

  31. guy says:

    how are all your characters named spadow

  32. D0raemon says:

    Is MSEA “sleeping”? Disappointment of Asiasoft.

  33. JPanda says:

    ugh, i really want the pirate reconstruction to come soon! i know they are most likely last, but cmn nexon korea, WORK FASTER… please… i really want buccs to get stronger >=D

    • Random Person says:

      I AGREE, i want to see a bucc with the new construction in action, hopefully they will do somthing about this.

  34. Nexyy says:

    Jeee, i can’t wait to see the danged changes :-(((

    I’m so, so excited ,since my mage is my main character :P

  35. Gakihenshin says:

    Yeah… On the GMS main page there was a recent survey asking what people wanted the “big summer update” to be called… Similar to what they did for Big Bang, and most people vote for Chaos, same as Big Bang. So… The fact that GMS will get Chaos this summer is no surprise at all.

    • Random Person says:

      Exactly, the facts are stright forward its happening some time this summer, only 2 months to go.

  36. DJ-KaliSwisS says:

    however gms still has 2 or 3 months to go for chaos and yes its still slow compare to kms. Since chaos is like 2 months away from gms the other patches are gonna take months before we get the patch oww(jump) for gms bms ems and msea we are down but if it would take that long you can notice that us maple (gms bms ems and msea ) may not even have many players do to the lack of time waiting so i say most of us may not wanna go on until the fun starts 0_0 (there was barely not even as many of players in maplestory before big bang)like i said we waited only.There you see the channels as the time comes pre-bb ch1 lllllllllll bb ch 1 llllllllllllllllllllll
    wow how surprising! -_^

  37. DJ-KaliSwisS says:

    dam since i can’t stop posting on this site i guess i really can’t keep myself patient for this updates i guess i better just keep my mind on ps3 , 360, and wii up coming titles. SO FAR LOVING THE CONSOLE UP COMING TITLES! ^_^ I cya you in 2 MONTHS MAPLE -UNACTIVE- PLAYING CONSOLES

  38. Axxez says:

    YES! :D Can’t wait for the update~ :)

    Hey Spadow, what do you think about Ice/Lightening mage, now that you’ve played it??

  39. Alilatias says:

    Inching close to mid-month now. If Nexon Korea really intends on getting this update out by the end of the month… Any time, now, unless they’re going to rush this update by putting it in KMST only a week before the official release.

    • Spadow says:

      I really want a patch tomorrow. If there’s no patch then I’m afraid it will be next week.
      Based on the new content (restructuring, MP expansion, eventual other permanent content and not events), I thought it would happen this week…

      • Ghost says:

        Perhaps Jump part 2 is small with only the magician revamps. So there’s no need to release for a long period of time. Also there’s a chance that anniversary events will skip past KMST and head over to the main servers directly.

        In any case, it’s surely annoying to hear “Patch this week!” and yet nothing happens.

  40. Blobman says:

    Cant wait to see mage updates. Maybe we’ll finally compete with MMs/BM’s and such.

  41. PaCh says:

    Sorry for the dumb question, but is your real name Spadow? Just wondering….
    Can’t wait for the mages, by the way

  42. User says:

    What’s the point in temporarily disabling the creation of those classes?
    And can you still create DBs in KMS?

  43. jay says:

    lol i can’t wait

    • jay says:

      e_e i want more people 2 post vids of killing mobs in dark erve- if its possible spadow can u do so plz and ty ><

  44. mapledragon89 says:

    the KMS page, when you log on, changed from the warrior patch to the magicians patch. that mean hopefully the update will come soon

  45. Jonah says:


    TwMS had an announcement saying that ‘Evan, DB, Aran character creation will be disabled after April 27th maintenance”. However, it doesn’t mention that resistance will be disabled. Do you think it’s in preparation for chaos too? TwMS received Big Bang on Dec. 22. There is no announcement of new version of TwMS either. (It’s currently 1.30.1)


    For future changes to the game, The creation of Aran/Evan/DB will be temporarily disabled after the 2011/4/27 server maintenance. Players please pay attention!!
    Additionally, Character cards (lv 30 and 70) will also be moved off shelves after the mentioned maintenance date. Players please buy it as soon as possible!

    Do you think this is the hint for Chaos update of TwMS?

    • Random Person says:

      This can very well be a hint of Chaos comming to TwMS, how ever the resistance not being disabled is very odd, maybe its a typo?

      I belive it could happen in a week or three.

    • Spadow says:

      Yeah, I think Chaos will come soon for the Taiwanese service as well.
      The only three classes that got a major buff in Chaos are Aran, Evan and Dual Blade.

  46. Panther876 says:

    Ok so Before Chaos what Character should I make Aran, Evan, and DB since they seem to have a major Buff?

    • 메이풀 서토리 says:

      Arans- more easier to play
      Evan -faster x10
      Dual blade-new skills and nerfs(balanced)

      • Alilatias says:

        lol at Dual Blades being balanced after Chaos. Nexon will never ‘balance’ them, just because they’re a premium class.

        • Random Person says:

          Agree with this post, the only nerf they get is only being able to make them during special spacific events. Personally its a good nerf because you dont want to see only DB’s running round, much how like it was before Big Bang or before Dual Blades were released.

          It’s true they should nerf them a little bit more, but for now the only nerf they get that makes a difference is locking up the ability to make them.

  47. Karkain says:

    Hm, I wonder which Mage is going to be the bandwagon class. Any guesses?

    • Alilatias says:

      I’m putting my bets on F/Ps.

      • Ko says:

        I also agree with F/Ps.

        I bet they’re going to over do it and make them overpowered.

        But thats my guess.

        • Random Person says:

          Exellent guess, f/p have been the weakest and most un-popular job out of all of the mages since maple was released, this would be my guess too.

          It is also kinda un-predictable, mages need the most revamping out of all jobs in MapleStory, who knows what Nexon will do to mages.

  48. LynjanDakari says:

    What’s this concept of ‘bandwagoning?’

  49. Omgah says:

    Spadow yahoo says this website is dangerous or somethin. Just saying

  50. Jason Wang says:

    That’s wierd…when I clicked on the new update page sent to my email, it says that the page doesn’t exist

  51. DJ-KaliSwisS says:

    hey spadow i know so far the mage restructuring are coming on kmst but how about the bowman restructuring?. have you got any information i was just wondering when will that bowman update willl appear because i have just made a wind archer maybe it probably be after the mage patch (spadow will reply this)

    • Random Person says:

      This person can be Trolling, there is no way to tell.

      We all know Spadow is not a troller, and the patch would not have came out this early.

      I won’t belive this because i know Spadow is not a troller, ill jsut wait for Spadow to post something else on his blog.

      • Arrol says:

        Check Southperry and Ellinforest too. It’s there. If it’s on Southperry especially, it’s pretty much legit.

      • Ghost says:

        Early? If anything the patch is pretty late. The KMS anniversary is on the 29th and the patch needs to be out in the main servers a few days before that. Meaning now they have less than two weeks to test the released content for glitches and adjustments.

    • Alilatias says:

      That person actually took it from ElinForest and modified it without giving any credit. A few pages later, someone called her out on it, in which her reasoning for not crediting Spadow and the others at ElinForest was something along the lines of ‘lol ElinForest has google translate gibberish’.

      She didn’t beat Spadow to anything. Spadow must take his time to write up a detailed blog post about everything that has happened, because as it is now, almost everyone is just theorycrafting due to not being able to actually test out and witness the changes themselves.

  52. MonarchVV says:

    Spadow you need to type faster! I’m waiting to read your thoughts on the KMST Mage update! XP

    • EzraSavage says:

      YES!! what this person said… ): WE NEED YOU SPADOW!

      • Random Person says:



  53. Axxez says:

    Hey Spadow,
    Is the new skill 3rd job or 4th? :D

  54. Viper says:

    the new upgrades for magicians have been released in KMST, hope you post the new content soon spadow

    • Random Person says:

      Hmm, i don’t know if hes online, he posted that vid of his i/l mage on youtube about 5-6 hours ago, and when hes not online ellin forest forums, hes prolly not posting on his blog, so far he is not on ellin forest.

  55. Random Person says:

    I’m just dying to find out more about all this stuff, im just kinda raging from the 50% exp per person in your party bonus, its starting to make me ragequit.

  56. EzraSavage says:

    I’m pretty sure when spadow does actually post in his blog about the recent patch it will be in depth and accurately translated with screen shots and skill animations. sooo… patience in a virtue?

  57. Witherland says:

    CMS will update to V092 in April. But this version may last for more than one month.

    SNDA prefers to open chaos in June, not in May. Because June is the start of summer vacation and July is the anniversary of CMS. Chaos version can be long-lasting.

  58. NoName says:

    hey dude i like your website and stuff :), just a qeustion your I/L mage, mechanic and bucc they all have the same name Spadow… ? how is that possible?

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