Treasure Monsters

Treasure Monsters started to appear in Maple World in the first Jump! update (Counterattack of the Blade).
It’s a special monster that can drop various valuable items and depending on the monster’s level, it can also drop an item at a 100% chance.

I was already ready for this since I hunted Treasure Monsters in the test server.
Treasure Monsters can spawn everywhere in the Maple World.
My character was already in the Leafre map, so I decided to hunt some Treasure Monsters after the public server opened.

A Treasure Monster has a green name tag under the name of the monster.
I was so lucky to find a lot of Treasure Monsters in Leafre.

A Treasure Monster can drop a lot of various items. ▼

Items such as Advanced Scrolls (Chaos 60% & Miraculous Chaos 60% scroll), Advanced Equipment Enhancement and Advanced Potential scroll. Other various 60% scrolls (accessory & armor scrolls).
Items that enhance your personality traits.

And as a bonus, depending on level of the Treasure Monster, it can drop an item at a 100% chance.
If you defeat a level 120 or below Treasure Monster, you can get a Zebra Printed Ticket or a Leopard Printed Ticket from it.
These tickets are mandatory to enter a dungeon of Spiegelman’s Monster Park.

If you defeat a level 120 or higher Treasure Monster, you get a Secret Mastery Book !

Fun Fact: The whole server will be notified when you pick up a Secret Mastery Book and from which Treasure Monster.
And yeah, the first day of the patch there was a massive blue wall of notices of people looting their Secret Mastery Books from the monsters.

Guess what happened? The next day, Nexon announced a minor patch and in that minor patch they removed the notices of the Treasure Monster drops and they nerfed the spawn.

Now I barely see any Treasure Monsters after the minor patch.
Thanks to Nexon I cannot get my Maple Warrior 30 book! >_<

In the public server there are only 2 gates available in Monster Park.
The first gate is available for players who are between level 13 and 70 and the second gate level 70 between 120.
The third gate is unavailable. When you try to enter the third gate, a message will appear.

”Opening in April!!”
”Please wait a little while for the opening.”

The second part of the Jump! update which will be titled as The Spell of Awakening, will most likely contain the restructuring of the Adventurer Magician and the 3rd gate opening in Monster Park and perhaps more.

When the third gate is available in the public server, I will make a video and explain in detail how it works. ^^

MapleStory turns 8 on April 29. I don’t know if any new anniversary events and content will be available in the next public patch.
Tomorrow the test server will wipe the database and the second term of 2011 will start.

Hopefully the next test server patch will come very soon!

About Spadow
It's not who I am underneath... but what I do... that defines me.

71 Responses to Treasure Monsters

  1. gaphary says:

    Too bad they lowered the drop rate. I was hoping for skill books to be easy to get in the future :(

  2. Nion says:

    Bah… I was looking froward to having lots of mastery books to sell because of this.

    • Alex says:

      But did you expect them to be worth anything? On topic: I am still happy about the treasure monsters existing..for anyone who is truly searching for a mastery book, it really shouldn’t be easy. At least these monsters make the new “special mastery book” idea more fair.

    • Naarwhol says:

      ..If everyone can easily get mastery books, how could you possibly sell them. S>Economy Lessons. Anyway, looks like MW30 will continue to be expensive and a source of revenue for hackers..

  3. s0meb0dy says:

    Nerfed the spawn for treasure monsters? dammit :( but the drops are really good!
    I wonder what the 3rd gate will offer… and specially what will be at korean maple story 8th birthday…
    By the way, it isn’t the 1st time they make really good thing and then nerf it, like, when chaos patch came at the first days, arans were great, but they nerfed it… and I think arans are not the only class like that… =.=

  4. Ghost says:

    Can you be more clear on how much their spawn was nerfed? Are they as rare as a pierrot(sp?) dropping from the desert bunnies in ariant? Or as rare as finding a purification totem in LHC? (which weren’t that rare) Or anything in between?

    And i’m guessing that the personality trait items have permanent effect? Meaning that it is possible for one character to max out all 6 traits?

    And also excluding the Monster Park tickets and Secret Mastery Book, is their an 100% chance to get at least one of the other drops mentioned? Or is it possible to only receive a Monster Park ticket or Secret Mastery Book? If it is the former, then it will be easy to say that the prices for such rare scrolls (especially the Miraculous Chaos 60% scrolls) will decease.

    • greennov1 says:

      peridots XD

    • Spadow says:

      The items that enhance your personality traits aren’t that useful since they don’t add that much. It would take you quite some time to max all the traits.

      As for the Treasure Monster spawn, I can’t compare it with the drop rate of peridots and lunar dews, but after the minor patch I didn’t see any. A few guild members have seen like 1 or 2 after the minor patch.

      No, there is no 100% chance for the scrolls or personality trait items. Only the Monster Park entrance tickets and the Secret Mastery Book, which depends on the level of the monster.

  5. greennov1 says:

    awwww darn
    at least there’s somethin else at a 100% drop rate….
    and the monster park tickets will be at least useful and not random crap

    • Ghost says:

      Yes, but that will only mean the prices for Mastery Books will deflate. For all we know there could be a very small chance of a treasure monster dropping anything else and thus their prices will be undisturbed. Also there’s a chance that treasurer monsters below lvl 120 may not drop anything useful (the Monster Park tickets really aren’t worth much, the better ticket is 30k?)

      • Random Person says:

        Some prices of Mastery Books in GMS are too high for how much people really need. Some skills like Dragon Strike 20, that Buccaneers use so much to lvl with and is a need to max but prices are so crazy. Mostly un-like TT30, that you dont need to max, just maxing to have better damage for better bossing but it drops in a popular lvling spots, you have got to be kidding me?

        • Reanna says:

          Did you seriously just say that NLs don’t need TT30? Please go make a NL and tell me how far that gets you.

  6. Xyhro says:

    Can’t wait for the Magician update. Go Bishops =D

  7. winter says:

    hopefully after mage and archers get their long awaited adjustments thieves will be on the top of the ajustment list :P

    • Random Person says:

      I think theifs are like this because they were so used to being so over powered and now 60% of them have rage quit since their nerf at Big Bang.

      • Smellycheese says:

        Bandits were over powered pre big bang? Somethings wrong with you.

        The only over powered thief class were DBs and DBs don’t represent all 3 of the classes at once.

      • winter says:

        elnido seems full of nl but mainly only funded ppl make thief now a days im having troubles mainly with lack of defensive buffs besides darkflare

        even with all my potted gear for def i seem to still be taking hella alot of dmg from popular mobs such as ghost pirates and lhc monsters

  8. Shadow_ says:

    Can’t wait for this to come to GMS!

  9. Random Person says:

    Drooling. Too bad you couldent get mw30 that book is gold and diamonds.

  10. mapledragon89 says:

    yes! cant wait to play tespia

  11. Tanner says:

    2nd term of KMST starts the 5th of this month right? Did you get in spadow?

    • mapledragon89 says:

      yes hes playing..

    • Random Person says:

      I think that Spadow is a permanent user of Tespia that Nexon will always welcome, since 70-80% of GMS reads this blog (not nessicarily posting) and find out whats happening in KMS, and makes people want to play more. I do not think that Nexon will ever kick Spadow from KMST.

      • Tanner says:

        Well i read on elinforest that he didnt get in last term, so i was just wondering

        • Ghost says:

          If my source is correct, then he uses a friend’s account if he doesn’t get accept, either way he’ll keep on posting.

          • 메이풀 서토리 says:

            What if that friend doesnt get
            What now sucker!!!

          • Ghost says:

            Then he doesn’t post about KMST, and you lose out on knowing about the future content of the game.

          • virgildiablo says:

            i’m pretty sure the odds of someone not getting into tespia over at EF that wouldn’t let spadow play on it are pretty slim

  12. Rocko says:

    Simply put it….this is awesome. ;)

  13. letsallpoo says:

    Comming soon…o_O

  14. Jarakuda says:

    Could you post the Hero’s mastery levels for the new skills.

  15. Blobman says:

    It’s good they nerfed it. It’s not good to be greedy.


  16. dirdor says:

    can someone explain me the miraclous chaos thing?
    there is such a thing GMS? because i never saw one..
    what its doing? like chaos scroll?

    • Random Person says:

      Basicly alot like the normal Chaos Scroll, but has 2x the affect

      Chaos Scroll – 60% chance of 5+ – 5- stats
      Miraclous Chaos Scroll – 60% chance of 10+ – 10- stats

      Both can be enhanced with vega’s spell.
      When they add them, ima go hog wild crazy on immortal pharroh belts.

      • dirdor says:

        oh, so its a chaos scroll with a bigger risk?

        lol its look fun to try those..
        when they will come to GMS? they was out in the chaos update?

  17. Dj-KaliSwisS says:

    dang its about time that maple is gonna hit hard in gms but i know the nerfing will never stop and that what makes the patches go on and on. Anyone agree with me $_$

  18. Karkain says:

    Knowing Nexon, the spawn rate of Treasure Monsters will be akin to the drop rate of Soul Lights since there’s a chance to nab an amazing book such as Maple Warrior 20 or 30. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the rate of spawn was even lower by the time GMS got it. Unfortunately, there are so many junk Mastery Books you can get from a Secret Mastery Book.

    • Random Person says:

      I agree, i think they should add this now since some mastery books such as dragon strike 20 or boomerang step 20, were not at first sapposed to be expensive, but nexon just randumbly mad it so they only drop by crap mobs and now they are, i want my dragon strike 20 book without paying such a high price >. post bb.

  19. Anonymouse says:

    Does the Secret Mastery Book replace all Skill Mastery Book drops from Bosses and regular monsters or can you get regular 20/30 Mastery Skillbooks from monsters still?

  20. Grawp77 says:

    LOL we dont even have chaos and u guys are thinking on going hunt treasure monster… that just makes me laughth…….. n_n

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  22. wow thats going to make hunting monsters fun
    also that text thing would have gotten old pretty fast

    I cant wait to see what they do to explorer mages

    Maybe a on and off effect to turn ultimates into a spam as much but lose MP by 10% on lv30
    or morphs to power up basic moves

    I cant wait

  23. Fuck spadow haters says:

    I agree with NJT about the spammable ultimates. At the start of bigbang they could have nerfed the ultimates instead of totally murdering them. Bishops deserve spammable ultimates that pierce the damage cap and have 100 percent stability. Imagine this guy with that…

    • Arrol says:

      All spammable ultimates done was cause major KSing and disruptive lag.

      Secondly, Ultimates are meant for a last resort, mass mob attack, which so many Mages abused for a long time. Even if they were spammable, it would do nothing for Lionheart Castle, seeing they have a higher HP. If adding a cooldown to ultimates made mages this pathetically weak, then there is something wrong with the class in general.

      That said, a better increase in skills and damage is more wise, instead of giving back the tools Mages have took for granted since birth.

  24. PaCh says:

    i cant wait to see what surprises will come for the anniversary…

  25. DJ-Kali-SwisS says:

    man its still april and time is feeling slow as i am willing to take a 2 month break on maple lol. I wish i played kms or jms because i can’t handle waiting for months for these updates. For now maple is boring in gms i’ll just savour my taste for chaos and jump. -_-

  26. MapleSEA player :( says:

    Did you know that maple sea is only getting big bang in a months time(May)? yupp, so everytime i read spadow’s blog is like a spoiler/so-awesome-i-can’t-wait-to-get-this-patch(which takes up to a year) . :( wish i was korean

  27. Blobman says:

    I bet they’re going to make adventurer mages better than Evans. I mean, more so than the already fucking weaker version of Evans post-chaos.

    • Derp says:

      Evans don’t even get weaker. The speed increases they get make up for the slightly lower damage per hit.

  28. My-Kul says:

    This is now the only way to get mastery books???

    • Blobman says:

      I think the mystery books also drop from regular monsters, but I’m unsure. But yes, regular monster books cant be found via drops if I’ve researched properly.

  29. Jon says:

    That means GMS is behind a lot. I dislike how maple is going to get more complicated with all the insight and that crap. It will just make the game play harder. Then you will have to pay attention to that and waste more money and time. But I guess that’s what game companies want you to do. I’m up for the next legends. Post that if u ever figure it out and contact me.

    • PaCh says:

      Insight and “all that” doesn’t really matter, if you don’t care about it. It doesn’t really affect the game (much). Its just and option for those who are tired of just killing monsters.

  30. gambitflash says:

    I really don’t get it why they keep on doing big-bang like updates.Big bang was great,it changed everything.
    But then chaos,which is basically a big bang for arans,dbs and evans.They could have done it in big bang.
    And now this…an adventurer big bang…wow
    I feel they are just stalling the release of legends.

    • Shadeh says:

      The patches may seem unnecessary but from my perspective (mage),a patch sorting out skill balances is a must.

  31. marlon says:

    sry, got no answer on the other post so i ‘ll put it here again..

    The Warrior skill Physical Strenght ‘ll be a Spearman, DK or DrK skill? i have an lv 122 Dark Knight on GMs, if this skill is of the 2nd or 3rd job i won’t have it? what it ‘ll replace? Sorry for all these questions

    Spadow says:
    April 5, 2011 at 9:48 PM
    It’s a 2nd job skill.

    marlon says:
    April 6, 2011 at 3:26 AM
    so, if it’s a new skill, that means that i won’t have it now that i’m alrdy at 4th, or a 2nd job skill was removed and this one replaced it?

    And, another question, someone told me that after chaos the warriors ‘ll need DEX again ’cause the ACC system ‘ll change again, is that true?

  32. BuddyAran says:

    Hey, Spadow.

    What happen to the new updates in Dragon Nest Korea?
    I wanna hear some good stuff from there too~~~

  33. Roxas says:

    is it good that i put 5 sp into MW. and left ADA at 20 for now. until chaos so i can change it

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