The attendance check event comes to an end…

A new attendance check event was introduced in MapleStory four weeks ago.
Cassandra asks you everyday to collect 30 Grapes. In the beginning, the drop rate was terribly low. Much later, Nexon released a minor patch which increased the drop rate of the grapes.
Collect the grapes and give it to Cassandra and you’ll get a check (grape symbol) for the day you attended.

I collected the grapes from day 1.
You can get some nifty rewards from attending this event.

The biggest reward is when you attend the event for 30 days. This event started in March. March has 31 days, that means that you can miss one day to receive the biggest reward.

The biggest reward is the Attendance Check Ending medal ()

+200 MaxHP and MaxMP
+5 weapon attack/magic

This medal cannot be traded nor time extended. The funny thing is, that the medal expires on April 29th, which happens to be the date for MapleStory’s birthday!
When the medal expires, the stats will be removed but I still keep the medal~! ^^

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43 Responses to The attendance check event comes to an end…

  1. Eric says:

    Huh, that’s a nice medal. Better than the Chair King I once got before a rollback (epic FML moment). Cool, but temp items irritate me because…well, they’re temp items. I want to keep my junk.

    • tacobeard says:

      Amen to that.
      except game brakers. Those deserve to expire. Yet they never do
      I wonder what th events for this years anniversary are?
      all i really want to do this year is 3 simple things
      1. Get the van leon gear minus helmet
      2. reach 120
      3. get an epic anniversary event in both korea and N.A.

  2. mune0106 says:

    It sucks that it’s temporary but gratz on your hard work!

  3. Daikukuro says:

    Wish it coulda been time extended though.The medal seems very nifty & Gratz on your hardwork :)

  4. soiostyle kradia says:


  5. Hmmm the stats on that medal reminds me of the Evolving ring event they did in GMS
    nice job

    • Zelkova says:

      O god I hope not…There a god awful town lag that come with the ring effect. I hope this event won’t cause the same side effect.

      Worst part is that Nexon is too stupid to notice that the ring event/Gaga is causing the town lag and GMS had a 2nd one.

      • user2946 says:

        What lag? How is it “too stupid” to give others a (2nd) chance of getting a ring?

        • Gakihenshin says:

          During both of the GMS ring events, people flooded the town that had Gaga in them, which is virtually every single one. This causes the entire central area of the town to have massive lag, which is irritating to those of us who don’t necessarily have the best computers. I don’t think it’s stupid to have there be another ring event, but just the way it was programmed is stupid.

  6. xros says:

    i wonder what will happen to other jobs on the restructuring

  7. Danny says:

    I wish all time-limited items would stay, even with no stats…

  8. Jennaye says:

    Wow my birthday is on April 29th

  9. Random Person says:

    Nice medal Spadow, i would kill for that medal.

  10. dj-kailiswiss says:

    thats the best medal i ever seen in maple so far and the stats are great but the stats actually expire? strange though how you can still keep the medal after stat expiration? nexon sure put some wierd stuffs these days

  11. Wow! That medal is awesome! But, I wish it could come to GMS because I’m thinking of quitting until Chaos comes out in GMS! D: I like oranges.

    …I like apples.

  12. UnderSkys says:

    Hey i think you should post a video of your pirate cuz i wana see the knuckle anumations for the sentinal, etc weapons

  13. GOGO says:

    sorry spadow but i have a question
    i keep clicking the girl who sells the tickets in monster park…..
    and she keeps telling me i have to get 10 ripped to pieces
    she doesnt give me any other options……………………to buy
    waht should i do>??

  14. Axxez says:

    Ooohhh Sachiel Sword!! That suits you, Spadow :)
    Yellow…. Fits Viper.

    First, I was like WOAHHH AMAZING MEDALL!! I should’ve done that!! But it’s temporary…. -_-‘ I personally don’t think it was worth your hard work. And all of the others too like the grape necklace. I don’t like temporary items :1

  15. Wumbo says:

    That IS a nice medal… but I still prefer the Time Traveler one from the Visitors event… :D

  16. LynjanDakari says:

    Wut da heyul is Maplestory “Jump?” Am I seeing another big patch?

    • Spadow says:

      The recent warrior restructuring is part of the ‘Jump’ update. Nexon released a press release today.

      Other classes will have their skills refined. Don’t worry, for now it’s the Warrior. ^^
      I’ll post more information soon.

      • Ghost says:

        And after these series of skill refinements, Nexon will be going back to making new jobs!

        I have no proof for it, but in my opinion it feels like that will be their course of action. It’s like when we had the return of the adventurer update and afterwards the overpowered dual blade class last year.

        I assume “Jump” will be similar to other giant patches such as Big Bang and Chaos. Seeing that would be the only logical reason to give a patch a name. Also a press release is usually a good sign for a major event happening.

        Also Spadow, from your blog it mentions that the KMS anniversary is less than a month away. Do you think Nexon will also tell us the special content related to the anniversary in this press release?

        • Gakihenshin says:

          Actually, the consensus as of now is that after the restructuring they’ll be introducing something along lines of a “5th Job Advancement.” It makes sense if you think of the lowered exp needed to level, the skill changes, etc. Maybe they’ll come out with another class, but I’m not the only one who thinks that a new advancement will be coming out before, if not shortly after.

  17. RicePickah says:

    Spadow this is an old question but can you tell me if Ergoth still remains after the Guild PQ revamp or if it returned in KMS yet?

  18. User says:

    Spadow, why’s there a jump sign on the front page at the side?

    • rattown says:

      spadow says
      “The recent warrior restructuring is part of the ‘Jump’ update. Nexon released a press release today.

      Other classes will have their skills refined. Don’t worry, for now it’s the Warrior. ^^
      I’ll post more information soon.”

  19. Random Person says:

    Mmmm, drooling is another need of this, if theres going to be more enhancments to other jobs i cant wait to see what their gona do to pirate/infighter/buccaneer/viper, this is going to need a lot of drooling.

    • LuffyBrawler says:

      No god, please, leave Buccaneers alone. I will be furious if a Bucc-wagon starts up.

      I would welcome small changes, though, like Orb not getting weaker with each mob it hits.

  20. DJ-Kali-SwisS says:

    this is just awesome man nexon is sure making maplestory a better game instead of playing the old things and struggling with the same problems for years gosh finnally maplestory is great and fun to play again. Thanks to spadow i wouldn’t know what would come out in ms if i didn’t met his site i could have quit a year ago.GO! SPADOW!

  21. Canape says:

    Uhm, Spadow?
    What’s that new Jump banner thingy? A new update maybe? =o

  22. Axxez says:

    Hey Spadow, did you buy the Sachiel packet, then only equipping the sword? Or did you buy it from a market place?

  23. Hollogen says:

    Maplestory Jump?

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