KMST V377 ~ Warrior restructuring part 3

A quick update on the situation in the test server. A new patch was released yesterday, I think these small changes are the finishing touch to the restructuring of the Warrior class. The patch for the official patch will most likely occur tomorrow.

To see part 1 of the recent restructuring of the Warrior class, please click here.
To see part 2 of the recent restructuring of the Warrior class, please click here.


– Blessing Armor can now successfully guard all attacks, the guard effect upon activation is 1.5 seconds of invincibility.
– Damage of Blast has been decreased from 300% to 290%.


– The increase in accuracy from Advanced Final Attack has been decreased from 15% to 10%.

Dragon Knight

– Damage of Dragon Buster has been increased from 170% to 185%

Ellin Forest has been added to the world map. Not what I expected, but it’s a good thing. ▼

The other thing in this patch is that the equipment items dropped from monsters in Monster Park have their drop rate increased.

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29 Responses to KMST V377 ~ Warrior restructuring part 3

  1. CynicBound says:

    Wow if only gms was as up to date with kms, that would be pretty swesome. gms is in chaos right now (not the patch) with all the hacks glitches. nice job :)

  2. greennov1 says:


    ….wait what? ellin forest is the green patch on the right hand top corner?

  3. sumyungguy says:


  4. Kwasimoto says:

    That map of Ellin Forest is lame.

    I was kinda hoping there would be more animation updates for warrior skills. T_T

    • NujabesIsAlive says:

      What else is there to update? Most of the sprites that are mainly used were updated.

      I’m really happy that Pallies got updated.

      The charges were really outdated.

  5. kgdude says:

    Aww blast didn’t need to be weakened D;

  6. tbhero says:

    Lol, I expected there to be a little more than this >.>

  7. ChosenFruit says:

    Would’ve been better for them to make a full map for ellin forest ><
    Also would've been nice to start playing w/ ellin and possibly add quests to it or make some more use of all of the npcs there Dx

    But, oh well. At least I'll be able to press the W key to open the world map while I'm inside ellin forest now.

  8. HuHu says:

    omg :O luckyyyy *cries mage restructuring NAO! *cross fingers*

  9. Rocko says:

    I WANT DARK IMPALE SOO BAD!! This is going to complete my Dark Knight…when i become a Dark Knight…lol. Well it will also make my Dragon Knight much better so thats also a + !

  10. Maplerrer says:

    I think they should do a NL “balance” patch, they really need one its boring throwing stars, and stars all the time. But I am about 95% sure that all the sprites for the warrior images has been changed completely, well besides a few drk, and hero skills. But I am not sure about pally.

  11. soiostyle kradia says:

    Wtf why did our advance combo go down, that’s a disappointment, :/

  12. mapledragon89 says:

    i want a friggin bowman update, i mean c’mon, warriors are like better then bowmans already, and they get the update, oh and an upgrade for magicians too

  13. Karkain says:

    Not a whole lot of updates here, but I’m actually kind of glad the accuracy bonus got cut down. Seeing as how I’ve been playing for years and have a Dex-for-accuracy build, I’m not really hurt. The Dex is also sort of a preparation for the level 140 equips, although that is still miles away for me.

  14. Johnny says:

    hey, Spadow. May you please make a video showing how Paladins look in action please?

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  16. dozza says:

    I’m really looking forward to when they restructure the pirates, mainly buccaneer :D

  17. michael says:

    i really hope already-made lv 70+ warriors get those masterybooks cuz i have a UA DRK and im gona cry if i have to start ALL over for dark impale masterybook.

  18. jimmyhendrix says:

    Soooooo…. Pally, Hero, or Drk….which should i make? o.o
    I’m so confused on what to choose now Y.Y

    Someone tell me which UA I should make

  19. marlon says:

    The Warrior skill Physical Strenght ‘ll be a Spearman, DK or DrK skill? i have an lv 122 Dark Knight on GMs, if this skill is of the 2nd or 3rd job i won’t have it? what it ‘ll replace? Sorry for all these questions

    • Spadow says:

      It’s a 2nd job skill.

      • marlon says:

        so, if it’s a new skill, that means that i won’t have it now that i’m alrdy at 4th, or a 2nd job skill was removed and this one replaced it?

        And, another question, someone told me that after chaos the warriors ‘ll need DEX again ’cause the ACC system ‘ll change again, is that true?


        Your Blog Rocks ! xD

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