KMST V376 ~ Warrior restructuring part 2 & New events!

I expected more classes to be rebalanced but apparently it’s only the Warrior for now.
On the 24th of March, a new test server patch has been released and it contains part 2 of the Warrior restructuring, minor bugfixes and some events that the old and new Warriors will definitely like!

To see part one of the recent restructuring of the Warrior class, please click here.
Please note that the following skill values are taken when the skill level is mastered.

Fighter, Crusader, Hero

The amount of damage Power Reflection can absorb has been increased from 20% to 30%.
– A cooldown time of 30 seconds has been added to Panic. Damage has been increased from 670% to 1000%. The amount of accuracy it can lower to an enemy has been decreased from -60% to -20% and the duration of the darkness effect has been increased from 9 to 30 seconds.

The darkness effect from Panic can now affect boss monsters. (also changed for the Soul Master class)
– The required combo count for Coma has been decreased from 3 to 1. (also changed for the Soul Master class)
– The attack speed error of Brave Slash has been fixed (930 ms to 840 ms). The amount of monsters Brave Slash can attack has been increased from 3 to 4.
Advanced Final Attack now gives a permanent +30 weapon attack and a 15% increase in accuracy (along with the success rate of 60% to deal 250% damage).
Chance Attack has been fixed so that it can now inflict damage to frozen enemies.


– Damage of Blast has been increased from 285% to 300%.

Dark Knight

– Damage of Dark Impale has been increased from 130% to 135%. Furthermore, the success rate from Final Attack has been fixed and the skill has been changed so that it can only be used by a spear and polearm.

Other classes

Damage and skill duration of Oz’s Flame Gear has been increased from 15 seconds and 15% damage to 40 seconds and 40% damage, respectively.
– The low damage of Eckhart’s Vampire has been fixed.
– The skill damage when the character attacks with Ninja Ambush has been fixed.
– Damage of Flash Bang has been increased from 165% to 250%. The reduction of accuracy has been decreased from 85% to 20% and the duration of the reduced accuracy has been increased from 20 to 50 seconds.

The cooldown time has been increased from 55 to 60 seconds.
Dragon Pulse and some other similar skills can now knockback monsters in party play.
┕ With ‘party play’, I think they mean party play zones such as Lion King’s Castle, Dark Ereb and other similar areas.

[ Detailed map of Lion King’s Castle ]

[ Detailed map of Gate of Future (Door of the Future) – This map includes Dark Ereb and Destroyed Henesys ]

New events! There are a bunch of new events being held in the test server and some events related to the warrior restructuring.
I will only explain the new events related to the restructuring in this entry and the other events when this patch hits the official server.

From March 31 until April 20, the Jump Spring event will progress.

The warrior who was born on the star of warriors

When a Swordman has reached level 10 and advanced to the first job advancement, the Maple Administrator will reward you with the Swordsman Ring and three different Warrior Equipment Boxes.

The Swordsman Ring gives +100 MaxHP, +50 MaxMP and +1 weapon attack and magic.
As a bonus, it will add 3% to your critical rate.
You are able to share this ring once in your account with other characters.

Unfortunately, you cannot wear this ring in conjunction with the Adventurer Rings, Lilin’s Ring and Resistance Ring.
It will come in handy for new characters.

Upon the first job advancement you will receive three boxes. The boxes are level limited and can only give you a pair of level 10, 20 and 25 equipment. Weapon not included.

Raise your rusty sword again

When a Warrior adventurer advances to the next job advancement (2nd, 3rd, 4th), the Maple Administrator will reward you with an EXP buff that increases your EXP by 1.5 for one hour and a special 60% scroll.

The special warrior scroll is either a one-handed or two-handed scroll that adds +3 weapon attack, +3 STR and +1 DEX. So, in total you can get three of these scrolls.

Dispute of the warrior’s favored privileges

This event is great! When a Warrior adventurer reaches level 70, you get a new quest from the Maple Administrator.
The Maple Administrator will give you the opportunity to get either a Secret Mastery Book or one of the Special Mastery Books in preparation for your 4th job advancement skills.

In this update I created a new character in this update and I made a Dark Knight.
I was able to get a Secret Mastery Book or a Special Mastery Book (Dark Impale 30, Dark Force 30, Rush 30, Monster Magnet 30 and Stance 30).
This is only for the Dark Knight class, there are other Special Mastery Books available for the Paladin and Hero class.

I picked the [Special Mastery Book] Dark Impale 30 option and the Maple Administrator gave me the book.
Why is book so special? It can unlock the skill level from 10 to 30 at a 100% success rate! No Mastery Book needed to unlock the skill level up to 20!

I’m not sure if this event can be done by existing +70 Warriors.
The next KMS patch will appear in a few days, so until then there’s not much I can tell.

Towards the star of warriors…

When you are level 120 and advanced to the last job advancement, you can meet up with the Maple Administrator.
The Maple Administrator tells you shortly what’s everything about, which is if you level up five times from your current level, the Maple Administrator will reward you with an EXP buff and a special scroll (same rewards from the ‘Raise your rusty sword again’ quest).

About Spadow
It's not who I am underneath... but what I do... that defines me.

124 Responses to KMST V376 ~ Warrior restructuring part 2 & New events!

  1. JayShee says:

    go warriors.. now just need new blast animation..

  2. AKEN says:

    thanks for the info !

  3. BboyStyleZ says:

    Hmmm i should seriously start my drk again.

  4. frank says:

    thx spadow! should i start working on my spearman ?its only lvl 30
    or should i work on my Battle mage lvl 50

  5. hmmm interesting…..
    Hey Spadow, does Dragon Nest is available in Nexon America?

  6. Mewmewuxie says:

    Man, I love when Nexon makes new World Maps, because it helps you get to places faster without guessing where it is ~Cough~ Ulu City ~Cough~. >.>

    • Kwasimoto says:

      Nexon only makes world maps for regions that were produced in the Korean studio. Since none of the world tour areas were made by the Korean studio, it’s up to the corresponding developers to create world maps for those regions.

      Not to mention KMS no longer has world tour areas, so they have no reason to make world maps for those places.

      • TehFrancis says:

        Considering there are existing World Maps for Ninja Castle, Zipangu/Showa, Neo Tokyo, Masteria, Taipei (now better known as Kerning Square), hell, even freaking Formosa, your point is kinda moot. =/

        • Kwasimoto says:

          And note how those areas were made outside of the Korean studio. My point stands, you just need to read more closely.

          • TehFrancis says:

            Those maps and the classic ones were made by the same people. Content is usually made and tested in KMS before making it into other versions… our own branch of GMS claimed that in some interviews.

            So yeah…

    • Ghost says:

      We may see the maps of these areas come post-Chaos when GMS will start to diverge from KMS.

  7. asdkl;jsl;jkf says:

    Wait i thought oz’s flame gear was already 40 seconds 100% DoT

  8. Nanu says:

    Nice job on the quick update spadow :3
    a tip of my hat to you sir :P

  9. Lucas says:

    It was bugged.

  10. MassCreed says:

    HOLY mother of christ, flash bang gets nerfed hard ! :(

  11. PaCh says:

    that is so cool

  12. Edatron says:

    Awesome stuff for warriors. :) Thanks Spadow!

  13. DrkNightDrk says:

    nice. now heroes will can’t complain. i think the buff is rather awesome for heroes. slight delay with panic because of the 30 sec cool down, but jeezes, 1000%? thats insane amount of damage. My beholder can reflect up to 700% THATS of damage. But at 1k % is insane for a small cool down.

    AFA sounds pretty epic as well. MORE wep attk for them, means they are getting much stronger (sooner or later).

    So it as i thought it would be.

    Heroes = attackers
    Pally = Tanker
    Drk = Support

    Althought pally is still pretty strong, i think in due time nexon will get to fixing it. OR, maybe its already fixed with all the patch that heroes is getting.

    Alas, loving the changes. cant wait for it to hit gms.

    • 메이풀 서토리 says:

      BaM have dark shock which does 1000% and the cooldown is only like 5 secs at max lvl

      • TehFrancis says:

        Except BaMs don’t have a bunch of extremely powerful buffs (namely, Combo Attack) to make that move even stronger. :O

        • Karkain says:

          The difference is that you need to take into consideration the massive bonus from Combo. With Advanced maxed, your damage is basically doubled. And if they keep how it supposedly works now, then Panic will be the most powerful attack in the game. Right now, it works as “480% damage per orb”. Replace that teeny 480% with 1000% and then put it through the Combo. 1000% x 10 = 10000% damage. I’m certainly not going to complain about that.

          • dracox5234 says:

            isn’t how the discription says 460% per orb a typo cuz i dont feel like im hitting 3680% per orb right now

          • Karkain says:

            Check your sources for Panic’s damage. My Panic skill in game says 480%, Hidden-Street says 480%, and even BasilMarket says 480%. And if I read your response right, you only have 8 Combo Orbs because 3680/460 = 8.

  14. Scott says:

    I am making an ultimate adventurer warrior, should it be a palidan or should it be a hero?
    Also spadow do YOU think there will be any new job classes any time soon?

    • 메이풀 서토리 says:

      Well nexon kr promised the rest of the heroes would come out this year…….
      I’m betting on summer…

      • spadow FTW ㅅ-ㅅ says:

        Me too and hopefully they’ll crazy buff every class like this. Oh,and I think you made a typo on your name. Translate it and it says mapulsutori. LOL I know cuz I’m korean.

  15. Zero564 says:

    Warriors is the best class for me, since back in 2009 with my failed fighter. I hated being a mage because they just stood in the corner and died alot. Aran or an Explorer, This gives warriors in general a better edge.

  16. My-Kul says:

    Paladins should be able to defend their allies =0

    • Theshinji says:

      I keep saying EXACTLY this. it’s entirely useless being able to be called a ‘tank’ in MS because it benefits absolutely NOBODY else but the paladin in question. They are not, and can never be REAL tanks until it’s possible to redirect damage and focus onto ourselves.

      • Arturia says:

        Thats the point. Why would we want to benefit others with our over 9000 def?
        Never dying is the point of being a paladin

  17. ProOscuro says:

    Well, Dark Knight Bandwagon is ahead. 135% x5 x.6 is 1080%, combine that with IS speed, and high crit, and high ass mastery, ANDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD 1124% Damage Reflect, Roar, Sacrifice, and other kickass things, WE ARE DA BOMB BITCHES>

  18. s0meb0dy says:

    Hey Spadow,

    I guess fighters/crusaders/heros now will be between the highest Damage Per Minute in this game:

    – Advanced Final Attack now gives a permanent +30 weapon attack and a 15% increase in accuracy.
    – Damage has been increased from 670% to 1000%.
    The damage of Panic (1000%) is 1000% for EACH ORB? if not then, 1000% and -20% ACC (to the enemy)for 30 seconds is still nice… and, affects boss monsters, cool!

    Dark Impale: 135%X5X6=… (135%X5=675% (wow, even better than Phantom blow for ONE monster)) (675%X6=… 600%X6=3600% 75%X6=450%) (3600%+450%=4050% damage) 4050% damage!!! and the speed is very fast, now, add berserk, (160% total damage (!)) 4050%X0.5=2025%+4050%X0.1=405% and 2025%+405%=2430%, and, that’s only the plus damage! 4050%+2430%=6480% damage! sound too good to be true, AND, +20 speed, WOW!

    • s0meb0dy says:

      Mistake, I meant (4050%X0.5=2025%)+(4050%X0.1=405%), sorry.
      And the map looks really nice (door of the future).

    • Spadow says:

      Per two combo counts.

      • s0meb0dy says:

        Thanks, and with 10 orbs it’s -20% accuracyX5=-100% ACC? or it’s only the damage that multiply? LOL, it’s like the coma does -100% to bosses, boss:DAMMIT I NEED TO KILL THIS HERO! -Misses- -Misses- -Misses- -Misses- -Misses- RRRAAAGGGEEE!@#$%^&*()… LOL XD
        When you have 10 combos (combo+advanced combo) so it’s 5000% damage, that’s FIFTY times your range, that’s crazy, if your range is 20,000+ YOU CAN HIT CAP DAMAGE, I think the 30 seconds cooldown is fair enough…

  19. imaDRK says:


  20. PaladinLux says:

    well seems like heroes have by far the best DPM among warriors

  21. xros says:

    just play your own class morons, all class will be updated just a little bit late. getting sick always see people bandwagoning.

  22. Karkain says:

    It’s about time us Heroes got something to really look forward to (It’s no Guardian nor Shield Mastery, but I definitely approve)! Panic will be freaking amazing. 10,000% damage? I’ll take that, no questions nor complaints. And thank God that Brave Slash’s delay is lowered, as well as attacking more monsters!

    I’m not really surprised that they reduced Coma’s Orb intake to 1, that way they could still use all the current animations for Coma.I’m guessing that Panic will take all 10 Orbs, however. It would make sense to have 10,000% damage eat all 10 Orbs, mostly because 10 Orbs is easy enough to get now, adding in the extra 20% chance of FA will make it a bit faster. But if not, then I won’t complain there either, lol.

    If they work Achilles -> Advanced Final Attack the way Spadow said in the initial Warrior Restructure update (The Achilles skill has been removed. All SP used in this skill will be automatically transferred to Advanced Final Attack.), then that will be straight up amazing! Be right back, maxing Achilles~

  23. Alilatias says:

    “Dragon Pulse and some other similar skills can now knockback monsters in party play”

    Holy crap, Archers can basically ranged Rush bosses (or just minibosses such as LHC mobs) now?

    • That Guy says:

      Sounds like it only works on minibosses, but hell, we’ll take it! Now if only they would do something about vengeance and hamstring…

  24. JKnight says:

    question… Is power guard and power reflection reducing only touch damage, or ANY damage?

  25. Megabine says:

    I made a good choice in makes a Crusader after all :D

  26. HeroicAnt says:

    IMO, They should just fuse Panic and Coma together.
    Call it Final Combo or something like that.
    Would make more use out of it.
    Damage of Panic, Mobbing of Coma.

    • Sorry to break it to you bud, but Panic actually hits 6 mobs, which makes it a former single target skill.

    • Karkain says:

      If they did that, then they’d have 20 free SP in the Crusader skill book, and I DON’T want them to throw in another skill that will be useless for about 6 months until they actually make it not suck. Perfect example is Chance Attack. Right now in GMS, it’s nothing but a waste of SP. With this, Heroes will be trampling bosses just to work up an appetite for breakfast.

      Also, an attack that has super high damage, practically no cost, stuns, blinds, and indirectly boosts your damage sounds a bit overpowered altogether, don’t you think?

      • dracox5234 says:

        if your training on boss monsters chance attack is basically useless. any other monsters its an automatic 25% attack boost every time you mm a monster closer. if you have a pot on your weapon that is something like “5% chance to inflict level xStun” thats the same thing as 5% chance of extra 25% on your next attack. Chance attack is great if you wanna spam shout. idk about this but if your at LHC do the monsters there get frozen or something like that from other players skills? because if they do thats 25% dmg on that monster for a set time. so imo chance att is pretty usefull

        • Karkain says:

          Well, I don’t have Monster Magnet. And the stun would only be working for 1 second until level 7. Not everyone has potential on their weapon that would give stun/blind/ice, I’m quite content with my current potential sword. Damage and strength are more useful than 5% chance to freeze/etc. If Shout has a practical use in training, I have yet to find it. And Castle Lionheart monsters can’t be frozen or stunned, I have yet to see anyone blind one. With all that in mind, Chance attack is a severe waste of SP. It’s just there to take up the space Shield Mastery used.

    • HeroicAnt says:

      So what use is Coma now? Is it the new spam skill for mobs of 5+?
      If not, why don’t they just add the stun chance to Panic and just use that?
      Why not get rid of Coma (so theres like 20 SP?)
      Then move ADV FA to 3rd job and make it max level 20 so that it fits the SP requirement for the job
      (Just make it so the stats start so that level 1 is stats of lv 11)
      Then make a skill that upgrades Panic so that it stuns and does more damage (it wouldn’t do 1000% in 3rd job) in 4th job

  27. 메이풀 서토리 says:

    Dammit mages are the ones who need buffing !
    Who’s with me!!!!!!!

  28. Axxez says:

    Cool. But why only Warriors? Aw….

    How much mesos should you have when you’re level 98?
    I’m a lightening/ice mage, and this is my highest character….
    I play in KMS & Mardia server (if that matters)
    So… How much is normal?
    I have about…………..
    3,000,000 mesos
    I don’t think that’s alot.

  29. ninjablack99 says:

    Lol this should be good

  30. Cujo00 says:


    It’s about time Hero’s get something good. I can’t wait to hear about this event exclusively for warriors.

  31. Pingback: Top Posts —

  32. Kimchibi says:

    they should make another one of these for dual blades. that would be epic. hitting 10k at level 30…
    but i think they should make one for archers.

  33. sjdahd says:

    anyone else see the spear the guy was holding in the title pic?

  34. Sigh says:

    I guess it’s good that warriors are being reconstructed, but I still hope that all the other classes will get reconstructed as well (especially arch mages and buccaneers).

    • LynjanDakari says:

      Spadow, does that 50-year pause after each Demolition still exist? Cause if so, it needs to be fixed to make is a better bossing skill.

  35. Tal says:

    “Advanced Final Attack now gives a permanent +30 weapon attack and a 15% increase in accuracy (along with the success rate of 60% to deal 250% damage).”

    15% accuracy increase…?

  36. Laopaopow says:

    For the Special mastery Book which skills are available? Can you get advanced combo attack 30?

  37. Ghost says:

    Do these skill changes are also added in PvP?

  38. TiredLeeroy says:

    Wow. Heroes own….

  39. 메이풀 서토리 says:

    The HELL!!!!!!!!!!¡¡¡
    when are mages going to get something nice………..………
    Really….. Nexon
    Nexon better rebalance all other adventurer classes or else!!!!!!!
    And make the damned events accessible by all classes….

  40. ImaDRK says:

    spadow in the warrior event if you reach lvl 70 you get the mastery book true? but all mastery are in option? i mean, including lvl 20 mastery books? like buff of the beholder? or beholder heal and if i want i can get berserk30 too? or only dark impale, AND IS THE MASTERY BOOK TRADEABLE? X__X

    THX. for your time and effort

    • Spadow says:

      You can only choose one Special Mastery Book or a Secret Mastery Book. The quest doesn’t reward you with any level 20 Mastery Books. These Special Mastery Books can raise your skill level straight to 30 from 10.
      And no, they are not tradeable.

      • Ghost says:

        This is new, how do the Special Mastery Books work? Are they generally for mastery books like the secret mastery book or are they more specific like the original ones?

        • Spadow says:

          How do they work? You just double-click the book and the skill level is unlocked till 30.
          The Secret Mastery Book gives you a random Mastery Book, it isn’t that great.

          • Ghost says:

            I don’t think you understand what I meant, let me rephrase it.
            So there are special mastery books for each individual skill? Or does it work like a secret mastery book where you have to double click them to get an actual mastery book that goes for a certain skill?

          • imaDRK says:

            OMG nooooo they no are tradeableeee i really hope that the event can be maked for lvl 120+ warriors =__= but i know that is too much good for be real -.-

          • s0meb0dy says:

            Oh, it is 100% success rate, missed that sorry, that’s awsome! before big bang it was like people hunting for hours for skill books… and if it fails… more time for that…

      • Alilatias says:

        Man, I do hope they at least make them account tradeable in the future. God knows us Bowmen need something like that now, what with Nexon inflating our mastery book prices by throwing Crossbow Expert/Marksman Boost and Sharp Eyes into Wild Hunter’s 4th job skillset and calling it a day.

        Sheesh, Nexon, you didn’t do this to Battlemages and Mechanics, so why us?

  41. wow cool a new ring,
    And I love the new maps

  42. Derp says:

    “- Damage and skill duration of Oz’s Flame Gear has been increased from 15 seconds and 15% damage to 40 seconds and 40% damage, respectively.”

    • Alilatias says:

      Flame Gear is kind of like Poison Mist, I think. I think it’s saying that it lingers for 40 seconds, and monsters caught inside take 40% of the caster’s damage range each second.

      • Derp says:

        That’s what doesn’t make sense.
        IIRC the DoT was 100% after Chaos and 50% pre-Chaos.

        • Lalala says:

          yeah, that’s weird. It’s hopefully a typo or something because it sucked back when it was at 50% for only 15 seconds and it’s been at 40 seconds already with the 100% DoT damage from one of the patches after von leon.


  43. Laopaopow says:

    so spadow, if i got to lvl 70 i can choose any skill for the special mastery book? This would really end my ever lasting hunt for advanced combo 30 …

  44. Mobius says:

    Panic and Coma now affect bosses? We are going to see more blood

  45. Laohei says:

    wait 1 orb per coma? 10×620=6200% to 6 monsters 0.0…?

  46. Axxez says:

    I see many people complaining with balance on MAGES…. Which ones, specifically?

    I, myself have a lightening/ice mage, and a little buff would be nice :)

  47. Hollogen says:

    Guess their getting the explorers ready for the OP hero classes that are coming out soon XD

  48. drone says:

    remember when 4th job first came to gms? seems like heroes are gonna get bandwagoned again.
    gg pally bandwagon we hardly knew ya

  49. DJ-Kali-SwisS says:

    i agree when 4th job came out warriors didn’t look interesting at all one thing that got people shocked of what came out were bishops and other classes rather than warriors -_-

  50. winter says:

    warriors have came along way with alterations and buff but what about thieves. hermits only real defensive move other than high luk and dex is dark flare and frankly the touch damage is killer at times. IMO shadow meso should be taken out and some sort of defensive buff should take its place wounder when nexon will adress thief flaws but more or less hermit flaws.

  51. TiredFighter says:

    Wow. Heros are the top tier warriors after this extraction. Here comes the Hero wagon..again.

  52. Kimicatdemon says:

    Does any one know what is going on with the weird lookin ruins and the cage on the future map?

    • LynjanDakari says:

      Yeah, it’s dark Empress Cygnus. Search ‘door of future’ at top.

    • Alilatias says:

      Weird looking ruins: You’re probably referring to the gate in the Time Temple that leads to the Gate of the Future.

      Cage: That’s where Nineheart is being held. Maybe he’s immune to the corruption?

      • Kimicatdemon says:

        Ah, thanks!
        I cannot wait for this to show up at GMS.

        …also, I cannot stop laughing at Neinheart in a cage…. I SHOULD NOT BE LAUGHING THIS MUCH.

        • Karkain says:

          Sure you should be laughing that much. He’s a 100% jerk and totally deserves it. Why he wasn’t just killed is beyond me.

          • Kimicatdemon says:

            hey dude, I actually like the guy. :c;; I understand people hate him but whoa, you got some hate.

  53. Sergio says:

    You know whats funny?

    Buffing up jobs.

    Over the past year, all they’ve done is buff one, then buff the other, then another, until most are on par.
    Its pretty much like destroying the value of currency, except currency = damage in Maple Story.

    If they didn’t introduce classes that were super buffed compared to other classes none of these stupid balancing issues would have happened.

    Hitting 100ks is a joke now. =)

  54. DawgWuzUp says:

    Hey guys, about the Special Warrior Mastery Books that you can get by doing a quest for level 70 on a warrior, do any of you guys know if I could still get the books if I already have a Warrior past level 70? If not would it still work if I made an Ultimate Adventurer during the event (that starts at level 50) then got to level 70?

  55. ilovespadow says:

    were those awards like special mastery book for a specific skill with 100% chance of getting it to 30
    only for test server?
    or is there an event like that even in the real server?

  56. Aud says:

    Hey Spadow, if I overlevel and i advance to first job, do i still get a ring? Or only level 10 swordsmen? I know it sounds dumb, but just asking.

  57. Anonymous says:

    What about those whom are already at fourth job? Do they get anything?

  58. euf says:

    um….do UAs also count?

  59. anonymous says:

    So after this, ACB will be better than blast? so is everyone going to start using ACB tna blast?

  60. anonymous says:

    for paladins, is ACB going to be better than Blast? im really confused guys.

  61. lilfrazzy says:

    im happy about everything but the panic cooldown…i mean yeah its only 30 seconds but warriors are slow enough and crusaders already dont have that many good attack skills even fourth job we have more buffs than attacks! i actually USE panic more than the average hero…

  62. Brandon says:

    Does the new advance combo attack stack with rage?

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