KMST V375 ~ Monster Park & Warrior class restructuring

Hey everyone. It’s been a while. The past week was very quiet in the test server, but finally today an update has been released and it’s great!
Nexon finally acknowledged the poor skill effects of the Knight and Paladin class and revamped the effects in this update.

Furthermore, the Warrior classes, including Soul Master, have been restructured. Some classes have new skills and their skills refined.
What I noticed is that only the Warrior class has been restructured in this update. Does that mean there will be more coming up in the next updates?

A week ago, I published an entry about something that might be coming soon to the test server. Monster Park! It’s finally here~

Mr. Spiegelman decided to open a park where we can fight monsters with party members.
Want to know more?

I’ll start with the skill refinements of the Warrior classes. All three Warrior classes (Fighter, Page, Spearman) and the Soul Master class have been restructured.
Only these classes got three SP reset scrolls (in the official server, you get one) to get familiar with the new refinements.
Please note that the following skill values are taken when the skill level is mastered.


– Damage of Power Strike has been increased from 260% to 280%
– Damage of Slash Blast has been increased from 180% to 220%

Fighter, Crusader, Hero

– The Power Guard skill has been changed to  Power Reflection – For a period of time, you can reflect more than the damage taken back to the enemy.
At master level, Power Reflection can absorb 20% damage from the enemy and reflect 500% damage back to the enemy for 180 seconds.
– New skill has been added: Physical Training – Increases your strength and dexterity permanently.
At master level, Physical Training permanently increases your strength and dexterity by 30.
– New skill has been added:  Self Recovery – Recover your HP and MP during combat for four seconds long.
At master level, Self Recovery recovers 80 HP and 80 MP for four seconds.
– Damage of Ground Smash has been increased from 300% to 320% and the amount of enemies it can attack has been increased from 3 to 4.

– Damage of Panic has been increased from 480% to 670%.  2 combo counts is required to use Panic.
– Damage of Coma has been increased from 400% to 620%.  3 combo counts is required to use Coma.
– The amount of enemies Brandish can hit has been increased from 1 to 3 at level one. (bug fix)

– New skill has been added:  Advanced Final Attack – Enhances the success rate and damage of Final Attack.
At master level, Advanced Final Attack has a success rate of 60% and deals 250% damage.
– The Achilles skill has been removed. All SP used in this skill will be automatically transferred to Advanced Final Attack.
– Damage of Monster Magnet has been increased from 200% to 300% and the amount of enemies it can attract does now depend on the skill level.
– The horizontal range of Rush has been increased.
Hero’s Will is now able to cure almost every status effect. When a player has the skill lock status, the player cannot use the Hero’s Will skill anymore.
– The animation of Brave Slash does now show properly when you’re using a different weapon. For example, a sword or an axe.

Page, Knight, Paladin

– New skill has been added:  Physical Training – Increases your strength and dexterity permanently.
At master level, Physical Training permanently increases your strength and dexterity by 30.
– Power Guard can now absorb 50% damage from the enemy and reflect 100% damage back to the enemy for 180 seconds.
– Damage of Ground Smash has been increased from 300% to 320% and the amount of enemies it can attack has been increased from 3 to 4.

– HP recovery of Restoration has been decreased from 80% to 40% maxHP. Cooldown time has been decreased from 30 to 15 seconds.
– Skill effect of Fire Charge has been renewed.

– Skill effect of Ice Charge has been renewed.

– Skill effect of Lightning Charge has been renewed.

– Damage of Charge Blow has been increased from 360% to 500%  and can now attack  up to 4 enemies at all levels.
– Skill effect of Charge Blow has been renewed.

– Damage reduction from an enemy from the Achilles skill has been increased from 15% to 20%
– Hero’s Will is now able to cure almost every status effect. When a player has the skill lock status, the player cannot use the Hero’s Will skill anymore.
– The horizontal range of Rush has been increased.
– Damage of Advanced Charge has been increased from 510% to 700%
– Skill effect of Sanctuary has been renewed.

Spearman, Dragon Knight, Dark Knight

– New skill has been added:  Physical Training – Increases your strength and dexterity permanently.
At master level, Physical Training permanently increases your strength and dexterity by 30.
– Damage of Ground Smash has been increased from 300% to 320% and the amount of enemies it can attack has been increased from 3 to 4.

– Resistance to all statuses of Elemental Resistance have been increased from 40% to 50%.
– HP threshold of Dragon Roar has been decreased from 15% to 10%. Dragon Roar can be used when you have more than 20% HP.
– The Dragon Blood skill changed to Dragon Strength – For a period of time, your power gets increased.
At master level, Dragon Strength increases your strength by 60 for 200 seconds.
– The Dragon Blood skill has been removed. All SP used in this skill will be automatically transferred to Dragon Strength.
– The effect from Dragon Judgement applies to all skills now.
– HP usage of Sacrifice has been decreased from 11% to 5%.

– New skill has been added:  Dark Impale – Attack multiple enemies multiple times with fast speed. During the attack, you ignore a certain percentage of the enemies’ defense.

* To see the Dark Impale skill in a video, click here.

At master level, Dark Impale deals 130% damage up to 6 enemies 5 times and ignores 20% of the enemies’ defense.
– Damage of Monster Magnet has been increased from 200% to 300% and the amount of enemies it can attract does now depend on the skill level.
– The increase in attack of Dragon Buster from Dark Force has been removed. Dark Force gives now a 60% increase in damage and +20 speed when your HP is higher than 20%
– Beholder’s Revenge can now recover a certain percentage of HP when being hit.
At master level, Beholder’s Revenge has a counter attack chance of 100%, 700% damage and 5% HP recovery.
– Hero’s Will can now cure the skill lock status.
– The horizontal range of Rush has been increased.
– The Achilles skill has been removed. All SP used in this skill will be automatically transferred to Dark Impale.

The Soul Master has similar changes. Therefore I’m not posting the changes of Soul Master.
Let’s continue with the next thing: Monster Park~

In each town you can come across this Monster Park Shuttle NPC.

The male NPC sells potions, items etc. The female NPC Mary gives you a couple of options for you to choose from.

She is in charge of the Monster Park tickets.

You can buy a Zebra Print ticket or a Leopard Print entrance ticket for 10,000 and 30,000 meso respectively.
There is also a possibility to get 10 ripped ticket pieces to make it into one ticket.

The Zebra Print ticket is for players who are below level 70 and the Leopard Print ticket for players from level 70 till 120.

What exactly is Monster Park?
Monster Park is a party play zone where you have to rush through stages by defeating monsters and bosses.

A ticket is required to enter a Monster Park dungeon. You can find three gates in the Monster Park area.
There are three gates where you can select a map to enter the dungeon.

1st gate: has 5 different maps and level limit is ranged from 20 to 70
2nd gate: has 3 different maps and level limit is ranged from 70 till 95
3rd gate: Coming Soon!

The 3rd gate will probably contain maps and monsters fit for players above level 95.
So I went on and tried the Lv. 85~95 map on my Lv. 162 Marksman.

You can enter a Monster Park dungeon alone or with a party up to 6 members. Each party member gives an additional 50% EXP.
The monsters in Monster Park have unusual high HP and high EXP so the best thing to do is to team up with people and rush through the few stages.

In the dungeon, monsters can drop a Monster Park coin, which is just like the Maple Coin used in Monster Carnival. The coins are used to redeem prizes from Spiegelman.
The prizes are ridiculous.

For 50 Monster Park coins, you can get a Spiegelman Mustache face accessory. The accessory is time limited and cannot be extended. The only good thing is that it adds +100 Charm and Charisma.
The second and last prize is available for 100 Monster Park coins. It’s a pocket item. The pocket item is also time limited and increases +30 Charm, Charisma, Insight, Will, Sense and Craft.

Maybe it’s better with party members, but at this moment it’s not exciting for me to play Monster Park. I was hoping for something better, but I’m still waiting what the 3rd gate will offer…
I will make a video about this when this hits the official server soon.

In this update, it is now possible to buy your own airplane riding skill and move to other continents with it!
You can find this instructor NPC in Victoria Island, Ereb, Orbis, Ludibrium, Ariant, Mu Lung, Edelstein and Leafre near the station.

[ He can instruct you how to ride an airplane~ ^^ ]

For a 1-day and 7-days Wooden Airplane, you pay 10,000 and 50,000 meso respectively.
For a 1-day and 7-days Red Airplane, you pay 30,000 and 150,000 meso respectively.

The Wooden Airplane consumes 10 MP and adds +10 magic defense, +110 speed and +120 jump.
The Red Airplane consumes 10 MP and adds +10 magic defense, +120 speed and +120 jump.

When you talk to a ticketing user NPC in the station, you have two options. You can ride with the boat or ship or you can just go on your own with your airplane! Though, they’ll charge you if you want to make use of your airplane.

Nexon added some good stuff in this patch.
The area Ellin Forest has been improved. The levels of monsters in Ellin Forest were changed.

Moss Snail: Lv. 76 -> 96
Tree Lord: Lv. 78 -> 98
Stone Bug: Lv. 80 -> 100
Moss Mushroom: Lv. 82 -> 102
Ancient Boar: Lv. 84 -> 104

A party bonus zone has been added to Ellin Forest. This means that when you are hunting in this area, you can gain an additional 50% EXP per party member.

The same goes for Neo City. The levels of monsters in Neo City were changed.

Red Slime: Lv. 105 -> 101
Silver Slime: Lv. 106 -> 102
Gold Slime: Lv. 107 -> 103
Overlord A: Lv. 108 -> 105
Overlord B: Lv. 110 -> Lv. 107
Robbie: Lv. 112 -> 110
Iruvata: Lv. 114 -> 112
Afterlord: Lv. 117 -> 113
Prototype Lord: Lv. 119 -> 114
Maverick Type A: Lv. 121 -> 115
Maverick Type S: Lv. 123 -> 116
Maverick Type D: Lv. 124 -> 117

A party bonus zone has been added to Neo City as well.
You can now enter any year regardless of which quest you completed.

The patch note mentioned something about Treasure Monsters. Apparently at deserted areas, you can find these ”Treasure Monsters”.
If you’re below level 120 and you defeat a Treasure Monster, it will drop Spiegelman’s Monster Park ticket at a 100% droprate.
If you’re above level 120, it will drop a Secret Masterybook at a 100% droprate.
Treasure Monsters can also drop advanced scroll, personality trait items and other valuable items.

There is also something about a change in the party EXP distrution ratio. According to some users, it is changed to 6:4 now.
The last thing I want to tell you is the UI improvement.

A minor UI improvement, but now the riding skill cannot longer be found in your skill inventory.
Two new buttons were added in the skill inventory. One to open the guild skills and one to open the riding skills.

As you can see on the image above, I have two riding skills and there’s plenty of room for other riding skills~!

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  1. JackAndJill says:

    Sweet warriors need changes.

  2. Person says:

    2nd Comment, and cool update :D

  3. Mess says:

    Why does Dark Impale look and function so much like phantom blow…?

  4. Potato says:

    Good Stuff

  5. Tyler says:

    Awesome update. Thanks for the info. One question though. If you travel via airplane is the trip shorter?

    • Spadow says:

      The trip is around 7 minutes. The ship/boat ride is 10 minutes, I think?

      • Corsair says:

        7 minutes? O_o
        Ride Orbis-Erev is 8 minutes, Orbis-Ariant or Orbis-Leafre is 5 minutes – what reason is to use airplane??
        I rather can go some afk or browse internet while boat traveling is going on

        • Luxeraph says:

          Maybe its because although the boats take 5 minutes theres an additional 5 minutes of waiting for the ship to departure and if you get to the ship after the 1 minute for departure you have to wait the 5 minutes it takes to move plus the 5 minutes while you wait for it to departure and of top of that 5 more minutes of the actual ride.

          So if you ask me 7 minutes when ever you need it beats 5 minutes that have a scheadule.
          Something like car vs. train, while the train is faster its not there waiting for you to ride it.

  6. Pat says:

    Sweet update, thanks for the info Spadow! I’m looking forward to what Nexon is planning in the future :D

  7. Mobius says:

    So there is no riding pig anymore? But airplanes? Or we still have both?

  8. SausageMan says:

    I’m looking forward to a mage improvement update, if one ever comes.

  9. Ken says:

    Awesome update , i wonder when they are planning to have level cap and fifth job ? .

  10. rawvoltage says:

    “Furthermore, the patch note also mentioned about a change in the party EXP distrution ratio. According to some users, it is changed to 6:2 now.”

    I think you meant 6:4 :O

    • Spadow says:

      My bad, yes thank you for spotting that mistake. ^^
      Sometimes I can get confused when I’m writing a long post.

      • SoIostyle says:

        No, i think you have mistaken rawvoltage- he did state that the EXP distrution ratio is 6:4, he was right in the first place, and does that mean that leeching is coming back?

  11. Rorik says:

    why does it not have a skill change for holy charge? was there one or did only fire, ice, and lightning get changed?

  12. Mr. X says:


    That is all.

  13. Crisis says:

    How ironic. Dual Blades “copied” many skill animations and made it flashier. Now DRK’s new skill copies DB’s phantom blow.

    • Seklima says:

      Are you saying this because they have the same basic color scheme? They are called DARK knights are they not?

    • Yurifically says:

      Well, DRK’s were made before DB’s. Plus, DB’s has like 3-4 Bossing Skills. Of course Nexon would want to give Warriors a chance. Also, magicians doesn’t also have. Chain Lightning speed needs to increase while Angel Ray sucks. The damage is great but like It sucks. Big Bang you have to charge and ajkdahldkadj. It’s kinda annoying.

  14. Alex says:

    Do you control the airplanes like the dragons to leafre or are they automated?

  15. Very Nice! cant waot to come it to GMS (and it hasnt even hitted KMS, thought)
    Spadow, Do You know at what time Gms will get haos Update?

    • mune0106 says:

      Nexon already confirmed that it’s going to come out this summer.

      • Yurifically says:

        I’m pretty sure Nexon wouldn’t actually put everything in one big patch.

        • mune0106 says:

          What do you mean? If you mean by 3 different one in 1
          It’s separated into 3 different patches. Somewhere in summer.
          If I misunderstood you, i’m sorry, but please be more descriptive.

          • TheRickzyy says:

            Nexon said in Januari that they will be doing all patches in one big updat to save time. Those updates should be every three months… i guess they will be sticking to it, but that is just me guessing!

  16. Dwayner says:


    I think you forgot the holy charge animation
    You also didn’t post information in the Paladin skill “Blast”.

    sorry if someone posted already

  17. tori says:

    I am happy with the changes they made to the warrior class, and i am looking forward to the possability of the updated Mage skills, since mages really need a revamp. But i think KMS has forgotten there promise of releasing the rest of the Legends, I was hoping to see the Bowman Legend this update, but apparently not.
    I dono about everyone else but i really hope they dont release the rest of the Legends all at once, that would mess up the “lone heros coming together to save the world” thing they have going on. I dono i guess we will see, but yeah happy about the warrior stuff since i just made a UHero.

    • sammya says:

      cant w8 for the other legends especially pirate :D

    • Alilatias says:

      I’m also hoping they don’t release the rest of the Legends/Heroes at once too.

      It’d not only imply that Nexon spent less time on the remaining three Heroes in comparison to Aran and Evan, but it’d probably end up resulting in the Hero story getting screwed over in the long run as well.

      Either way, I am certain that if Nexon intends to revamp all of the classes (because this one was basically a Warrior exclusive overhaul), we’d see Mages -> Archers -> Thieves -> Pirates in the next few KMST updates.

  18. someone says:

    finally DrK get 4th job attack skill. And it actually wil replace both crusher & fury. 1 button spam now.

  19. mune0106 says:

    So can you use the airplane in any station?
    And when i first heard of Monster Park = Jurassic Park

  20. MonarchVV says:

    If Warriors received an update, then hopefully Mages will be next in line!

    Thanks for the awesome review as always!

    I have a question though: what’s the difference between the wooden and red airplanes? o__o

  21. Chuanjun says:

    오 마이! Nexon fails at spelling “coming soon”

  22. Derp says:

    God I hope NexonK buffs up Adventurer Mages soon. They need it the most of any class IMO. ><

  23. gaphary says:

    What was the previous party EXP ratio?

  24. tbhero says:

    Will there be a cool name for this update? :)
    (and spiegleman looks funny in that safari outfit thing)

  25. sammya says:

    Hey spadow i have a question about. The airplanes. can you ride the airplanes outside of the thing.and if you can ride them can you go up. like fly like the wings in dragonoir PQ

  26. Hanabira.Kage says:

    You know, the whole plane thing would be more interesting if they added some kind of aerial battle sequence. Maybe as a mini-game or something…

  27. Jeffrey says:


  28. Ph0tat0 says:

    Spadow, do you know the amount of monsters pulled by a level 1 Monster Magnet?

  29. My-Kul says:

    I still think paladins should have a skill that let’s them take damage for their team mates

  30. Blissful says:

    For a 1-day and 7-days Wooden Airplane, you pay 10,000 and 50,000 meso respectively.
    For a 1-day and 7-days Red Airplane, you pay 30,000 and 1,500,000 meso respectively.

    Is the price of the 7-days Red Airplane a typo?

  31. ninjablack99 says:

    wow that crazy

  32. Sam says:


    • Luxeraph says:

      I don’t think it would have the impact it had since anyone can level pretty fast till 4th and there are no spammable ultimates anymore, people might still use it because their lazy but I don’t think its gonna be like before where a leecher would be like 10 times faster than the average player.

  33. letGoOfmyLegoDude says:

    OMG. DRKS!!!! GO DRKS!!! loving the changes~! even tho they nerfed dragons roar in an early patch, im still excited. Dark impale was something they needed to add so long ago! god dam im excited for my drk now. however, I am kinda sadden over achillies. yea, i only had lvl 3 on it, every sort of defense would be nice since drk kinda suck at tanking damage, even with HB. HOWEVER! lets not sob over small things like that, im just so god dam excited for drks and all warriors! woot!

  34. Spadow's biggest fan ever says:


    Is the BGM of Monster Park updated?

  35. austin thao says:

    will you ever get to fight monsters WHILE youre on your plane???

  36. mapledragon89 says:

    they need updates for bowmen

  37. IRISEAGAINST says:

    That’s all Heros get?… A 80% HP and MP heal like Paladins, ADV Final att (grateful for the dpm) a generic 30 str and dex skill with a buffed Powerguard?…
    I mean, im glad they noticed how dull our skill effects were but…

    that means Hero’s are going to have to give up ground smash and other skills for physical training or self recovery…

    At least they could have made our Brave Slash look as good as other skills… maybe change the color after 150…. :(
    Looks like I’m going to have to move to my pally…

    • D says:

      Self Recovery is replacing MP recovery, and I think Physical Training is supposed to replace enhanced basics.

    • joey says:

      Brave slash also get slow down so… i kinda heros got nerfed abit but that is just my opinion…

    • HEROMS123 says:

      I like how you ignored the upgrade of Coma/Panic.

    • IRISEAGAINST says:


      o well, at least i can spam panic/coma over.. and over again. Hmm coma seems over powered if you factor full combo…. (ADV combo = basically 2x base any %) > >
      Oh and “D” Thx for telling me that part, kind of relieved me :D

  38. Spadowluver says:

    Sweet update,
    Do these skill changes effect UA paladins, heros, and drks as well???

  39. soul monster says:

    spadow, can u please please put the skill changes for soul master? i have been dieing to see something new for soul master

  40. Mattastic says:

    That doesn’t make sense why does the red airplane cost 30k for a day ,but it cost 1.5m for 7days might as well just by the 1day plane 7times.

  41. WildHunterz says:

    dont get 2 excited ppl they r probably gonna nerf all of these :P (totally nexon)

  42. Winter says:

    – Skill effect of Sanctuary has been renewed.

    Can anyone shed some light on this?

    Also, if Charged blow increaced to 500% does that mean that with ACB it would hit at 600%?

  43. Bergamot says:

    레알 카오스….. = (Real Chaos….)

  44. ChuanJun says:

    If you’re above level 120, it will drop a Secret Masterybook at a 100% drop rate instead of a Spiegelman’s Monster Park Ticket.

    So we could actually predict that Monster Park 3rd Gate would be from 95-120.

    And those above level 120 won’t be able to get in Monster Park, therefore a ticket would be useless to them.

  45. frank says:


  46. iSTEIN says:

    Thanks for the information .

  47. Pherix says:

    @Spadow,I think you have an additional 0 for the Red Airplane price…
    1.5m for 7 days while 30k for 1day,I would rather buy the 1day continuously…

  48. Joe says:

    Thanks for the updates. I’m still wondering if this patch will really fix warriors though. It seems like all they did was just add a few more damage + new skills/effects + 1 or 2 more monsters. They still lack the mobility, speed, and mobbing skills that other classes outclass them at.

    • Canceled says:

      Well, think about all that heavy armor and equipment…High movement speed would seem alittle unrealistic.

  49. FF_Cloud says:

    “For a 1-day and 7-days Red Airplane, you pay 30,000 and 1,500,000 meso respectively.”

    I think you meant 150,000. Otherwise, wouldn’t it be more worth to buy the 1-day Red Airplane for 7days consecutively then?

  50. ned says:

    heroes getting the last nail in the coffin. lol 60% final attack. gg nexon gg.

  51. Ken says:

    Power Reflection vs Powerguard…

    Does Power Reflection mean it deals 500% of the 80% of damage you didn’t absorb? Or 500% of the total damage?
    If so, either of this means the return of the HP WARRIOR!

    And I’m hoping its not 500% of the 20% damage absorbed, because that would mean that it deals the same damage as powerguard but absorbs only 20% compared to 50% from Paladins.

  52. ChosenFruit says:

    wait, 30k for 1 day but 1.5mil for 7 days? o.o

    I’d rather just buy the 1 day, each and every day lol

    At least the wooden plane gave a bit of a discount for taking the 7-day version lol

  53. alon says:

    warriors need a WALKING SPEED BUFF! their walking speed is redicolously low, these days no class in the entire game exepct warriors walk in the normal 100% speed! every class exept warriors has SOME KIND of a speed buff! jeez how much time will take them to undeadstand this…

  54. LynjanDakari says:

    Maybe if they made it purple-y or something…other wise, yeah it looks too much like Phantom Blow / doesn’t fit with other DRK skills.

    • DrkNightDrk says:

      no, i hate how all the skills that drk has are purple and blue. I love the theme red and black more. much favorable. makes the skill look more aggressive then pink-tipped, purple dragon head buster.

      a new color scheme is greatly!!! appreciated and accepted!

      • LynjanDakari says:

        Okay, well, while it looks pretty sweet, it just sticks out like a sore thumb. There’s no other skill that makes it fit in, besides the name being ‘dark.’ But I have to agree, the red and black theme is good, but then they should’ve at least made crusher go from blue to purple to red, rather than blue to red THEN purple. Or if they make it purple and red @_@. I don’t know…I’m a Bowmaster, not a Dark Knight. I don’t know why I’m arguing.

        • DrkNightDrk says:

          I didnt mean to start an argument nor do i think it is one since what your saying is true. I know what you mean. The color scheme is totally off from where Drks are at. However, Red and Black is so much better, and if the color can be re-changed, Im sure that a black buster with red tips would be flipping cool (same for furry).

          But i think they chose purple because Beholder’s glow is purple. I do see why they did some of the color scheme as they did, but in the end, I believe it was still poor design.

          Lets just move away from drk and look at the other designs for other classes. At max lvl, Magic claw is pink. Girls love it, a lot of guys hates it. Other skills from first job is also pink. And dont get me wrong, Im not bashing or hating anyone type of person, but why pink? Im sure there would of been a better design color scheme for it to appeal to the general population. Instead, nexon designers neglect it, and say “oh yea, lets make it pink because it will be cool” or something similar to that line.

          In my opinion, that was a poor decision. Some may argue with me saying “omfg, its just color”. Well, a design is much more than a color. Like i said above, a design, whether color or the look, should appeal to the general population, not have the general population hate it. After all, a lot of us pick the class we play today because of their skill designs, how they function, and how “cool” they are, which equals to good design yes?

          We can even take this to a whole new level and say mp3 player. One can opt to buy a cheap 70$ mp3 player with poor design, no LCD lights, and a few buttons for play and stop. Or, one can opt to buy an extremely well design, touch screen Ipod with so much more function for more money.

          in the end, the way the designer design things determines how well people reacts to it. for example, a majority of people are talking about making a drk now that drks gets new flashy skill. why? because the the new skill design was effective and appeals to the general public.

          Overall, such small design changes makes a difference to the general audience. More people are more interested in drks now just because of ONE skill. Crazy right? thats the power of a well design concept ^.^. So while you are NOT wrong and is right in every sense, I think that a new design is needed to appeal to old and new drk players.

  55. Wisdom says:

    Did anyone else notice that the tiger pass looks more like a cheetah or leopard?

  56. Flashblade619 says:

    ahh sweet a warrior revamp, finally the warrior classes gets balance with the other classes. All these times i had hard time putting interrest in my warrior i always keep seeing other classes showing off on me or even ks as they show there skills. Now we need to show some good animation and make the warrior class look fun again. Anyong agree with me ^_^

  57. Haruhi says:

    Cool. Zerk adds 20spd now<3

  58. Awesomeness says:

    Hopefully Bowmans are next.

    • Alilatias says:

      Mark my words, mages are up next.

      And this is coming from a Bowmaster that wants to see the useless (and even disadvantegous to put any points into – whoever thought it was a good idea to give us a -passive- power guard needs to get shot) Vengeance replaced by an actual 4th job mobbing skill.

      • LynjanDakari says:

        Maybe not a mobbing skill. That’s what made Marksmen unique. Unless you want like a atomic bomb arrow, like pierce is an iron arrow on steroids. I was thinking more along the lines of this:
        Advanced Puppet (Master Level 10) – the little bird has grown up and now whenever you cast Puppet, not only will monsters be attracted to the puppet, the raven that had been previously sitting on the puppet no goes around and pecks stuff, attracting more enemies to your puppet. :)

  59. Teto says:

    I can’t wait for Summer! School’s almost over, and so looking forward to all these new updates.
    Thanks Spadow! (:

  60. peter says:

    Hey spad about the pre chaos insanely overpowered skill soul driver… What happened to it?

  61. DarkLordKarkain says:

    It’s great that they’re trying to give Warriors an edge, but they’re not really helping Heroes at all. Self Recovery’s HP effect is better than nothing, but 80 HP every 4 seconds isn’t going to make more than the slightest difference in battle. Adv. Final Attack is kind of a waste, why can’t we get something useful? And Nexon is very efficiently removing all forms of defensive methods Hero has, very easily bringing complete ruin to the class, in my opinion. I’m starting to wonder, are they TRYING to screw up Heroes? We draw the short straw every time. *headdesk* I’m going to be even more of a relic of a character when GMS gets this. Our class will suck, and I’ll still be using my Gellerhead Shield. (Heroes of the olden days unite!)

    Pallies are just getting buffed and are starting to get overpowered. It’s rather unfair that their skills are getting buffed and they’re getting more damage reduction. I’m really disappointed that Pallies are “balanced” *rolls eyes*. It’s starting to turn into a “Pamper the Paladins” fest, and that’s just disappointing. Pallies deserve a damage nerfing if anything. You want to be super-defensive? You should have extremely low attack to balance that out.

    Good to see Dark Knights getting a new attacking skill. Buster on its own is so boring now. Color changing it didn’t do anything for me. And Dark Knights get a very nice additional effect with Beholder’s Revenge. Definitely going to get my own Dragon Knight rolling so when this rolls around, I’ll be ready in several months lol.

    • DrkNightDrk says:

      Hmm… I think your a bit too harsh on the heroes update. Lets not forget that brandish was remove into the 3rd job, giving saders a much easier time to lvl up. Than, they received brave slash (intrepid slash if you wanna call it gms way). Which brave slash is much stronger i believe, or at least more heroes use it more than brandish now.

      I do agree that 80 hp per 4 sec is crap! my drk heals 400 and its still crap! i dont no what is up with nexon. do they not notice how much hp we warriors have? ridiculous!

      that aside, i think they are taking the defensive skills away from heroes is because they wanted heroes to be more of a dpm, high hitting warrior. this also gives each warriors different and distinct roles.

      so, it looks something like this…

      Drk = supportive/medium damage/no def
      pally = high damage on the right element/medium damage on non-elemental monster/higher def
      hero= high damage all around/faster dpm then other warrior classes/ medium def

      At least, it seems to be the direction nexons has been taking since bb update.

      I don’t no how strong brave slash is currently, but from personal experience, their much stronger than drk, and i assumed, stronger than pallies when pally are not hitting a elemental weakness monster.

      besides that, heroes coma and panic are upgrade as well, along with a better and higher chance fa. And i think people still haven’t given FA enough credit yet, even after BB. FA, for my drk at least, does a wondrous job in my opinion. Its able to finish off monsters that would of otherwise force me to pull in another buster, which is a waste of time.

      Aside from that, the new power guard seems to be good. If it words exactly like how beholders revenge words for drk, than 500% damage reflected back to the monster is HUGE! True that drk is at 700% reflection of damage, but we dont absorb any damage when we get hit.

      so again, dont look down on heroes or think that nexon is nerfing heroes.

      I think nexon is just trying to find hard to give each warriors a distinct role. One may be a medium damage but have a nice support skill, another may dish out damage under the right condition and can tank in damage, while the other one is the mighty force that will destroy anything in its way at the sacrifice of a lower def.

      I think this patch really is great, it really defines how unique each warrior will be. No longer will the 3 class compete in damage, as each one plays an important and pivotal role to all kinds of boss run or training parties.

      • SonOfAGun says:

        Although i agree with you that it is fair how each warrior has its own unique abilties, i still find pallys OP mainly because while they are only stronger on elemental weak monsters, nearly every monster in maple is weak to something. Also, i think it is more fitting for them to get not the entire spectrum of elements that exists in the game but a set number, say 2 of the 4, which is used in many online games

      • DarkLordKarkain says:

        I get where you’re coming from, I really do. But I’m not looking down on Heroes, seeing as how I’m one of them. I’m just horribly disappointed in the way Heroes are going. They’re slowly stripping every means of defense from Hero. Just watch, they’ll reduce the damage reduction from Power Reflection and strip away the useless 80 HP per 4 seconds from Self Recovery. Next thing you know, Rage will get back it’s defense-killing side-effect.

        Pallies are simply overpowered in general. If it came down to a choice between a Pally and Hero for your party, you’ll tell the Hero to take a hike because Hero doesn’t bring anything to a party table. Hero doesn’t have any desirable party buffs (Hyper Body, Combat Orders), and is now getting mobbing and damage taken away by Paladins. Brave Slash hitting 3 is a pathetic excuse against Adv. Charged Blow hitting 6. I’m okay with flying solo, but not when it’s because the supposed “defense” class has higher damage at bossing than me. If Nexon wants to really put all 3 on equal grounds, they need to start nerfing Pally damage. I’m sorry, but what part of “spammable 700%+ damage” sounds like a great idea for a “defense class” when the “attacking class” can’t even deal that much? If I’m missing a serious factor here, please correct me.

        Here’s the irony of it all, and feel free to laugh about it. I made my main character a Hero and not Paladin/Dark Knight because I wanted defense (there goes Dark Knight), but I didn’t want to be tied down by elemental resistances (there goes Paladin). It’s funny how I made a shielded Hero for Shield Mastery and Guardian, only to have them taken away from me because they were “useless skills” *rolls eyes*. It’s funny about that because while Nexon deemed Shield Mastery and Guardian “useless skills” for Hero, they were deemed “useful” for Paladins, when I have yet to see even a Paladin right now use them. All I see are 2hander sword and mace users. Some utilization of “useful skills”, eh?

        I love this patch for what it does for my Dragon Knight. But since Big Bang, I’ve had the burning hateful passion of a thousand suns towards every “upgrade” Heroes get. Hero has become such a one-track-mind class. Paladins can at least still go 2hander for straight damage, but Heroes can’t go shielded for defense, what’s up with that?

        • Dante16 says:

          I greatly agree with this guy. So many hero’s are jumping onto the paladin bandwagon. The reason is very clear for this. I honestly don’t care if Nexon nerfs the paladins but rather they greatly buff the offense of the hero. This patch is in test stages still so alot could change. Dark Knights needed this change and I am glad for them.

          • DrkNightDrk says:

            what DarkLordKarkain says is true. for those who invest into such defensive skills to only get it taken away sucks.

            However, this is all in the testing phases atm, and maple is always constantly changing. I think, like DarkLordKarkain mentioned, pally will get a nerf at some point to compensate for the awesome party skill and high def.

            Heroes, since not having a party skill, do deserve at least in a damage boost to compensate for medium def.

            However, Im sure nexon is still looking at this and still is approaching this at least with good intention, from my view point, even tho they buffed pally a lot this last test patch. but like it is called, it is a test patch after all. so a lot can be change by the time it hits the offical server, and hopefully will change some aspects of the pally upgrades (not that im against pallies or anything).

            lets all hope the best for all warrior class tho. Because even drk are being shafted when they take away achillies. and as we all know, drk has the lowest type of def compare to other warriors.

  62. This is great!
    also thats good for warriors

    But making your own airplane is something I would love to do!


    Also I like the exp changes

    the monster park makes me think of a low to high level Castle LionHeart case and point the party to kill high HP mobs with good exp

    I cant wait to see video footage

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  64. sgdsdgs says:

    nice update

  65. GFJ says:

    Very nice. One question about Power Reflection. Does it reflect all damage or only touch damage?

  66. DotDot says:

    Funny how they put Coming Soon in ENGLISH

  67. Peter says:

    Hey spad R U korean? stupid thing to ask but 나한국인이야… btw are u GM? Nexon Japan already use you’re translated bigbang comic so I’m just wondering… Can’t wait 2 pwn shit in monster park though.

  68. TRA says:

    oh god… spiegelman’s going… savanah..?

  69. Pure STR PlKa says:

    I recommend flowing aura after using charges make it look cooler XD

  70. Ph0tat0 says:

    Did Brave Slash become slower? It looks like theres extra animation in the beginning of it now…the sword being charged up before it slashes? I don’t believe that was part of the original Brave Slash.

    • Ryu says:

      I heard that the delay was increased. I believed i saw it on southperry or a korean fourm. Can anyone confirm?

      • Ryu says:

        Nevermind. I was wrong. Dam, I hate my freaking life. I am always wrong. Oh that is ******* it, time to go cut myself until I drown in my own blood

  71. Lukavi says:

    I conquered, I cried & I came … BUCKETS

    This article is so much win!

  72. xros says:

    nice update,,,i hope others job got new skills too, i.e. NL, corsair/captain, mages since they dont have new skills when bigbang

  73. SeiryuSaber says:

    wah, dark knight finally gain a 4th job attack skill?

  74. Juicy?TomatoSkin says:

    Aww this is saddest. No, new Bowman improvements. . . . :( I’d play MapleStory again, if Bowman revamped.

  75. Anoynymous says:

    guys , theres one thing for those warriors in gms and every class in maplesea , never add points to your skills that need skillbooks or ure goanna waste em :O

  76. AnzShuichi says:

    Can you tell me why did they only give 3 sp reset scrolls for warrior instead of full reset???

  77. Sherlock says:

    Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank god i chose a dark knight and not a hero ! ^^v

  78. 메이풀 서토리 says:

    All good for warriors
    But magicians are the ones who acctually need to be buffed
    Nexon rammed poison down magic claw’s throut
    It went from being the highest hitting 1 job attack to the ass sucking skill it is now
    I could go on but you all know what I am talking about….

  79. Anonymouse says:

    I realllllyyy hope Nexon add a Medal tab to the UI. God knows we need one to hold the 23542416 medals one can get.

  80. inchbytes says:

    I’m glad i quit my hero. they suck

    • Ghost says:

      Heroes may seem more difficult than the average job, but that also makes them prestigious. Heroes will never have to worry a about bandwagon because only the best can be a Hero. Unlike the Dark Knights after this patch…

  81. Akumadragon says:

    If achilles sp transfering to impale, would it be a good idea to max achilles so it would transfer 30sp to impale?
    to not have to worry about getting impale mastery book, or is this not possible?

    • 메이풀 서토리 says:

      I’m pretty sure nexon isn’t stupid…

    • Ehhhhhhhhhhh. says:

      Im guessing If you need a masterybook for impale, the best bet would be that only 10 sp of the 30 in achilles would be transferred to the skill and the other 20 would stay in your free sp slot.

  82. imaDRK says:

    wow im a drk so this is awesome *w* umm.. 1 question the horizontal range of rush has been increased only for hero and paladin? thanks spadow no so fast but MUCH better than southperry >.>

  83. RicePickah says:

    can anyone tell me if the guild pq ever returned? cause i need a drop from ergoth

  84. fruitpunch39 says:

    Hey spadow, I was wondering if we can use UA’s (lvl 50 from the start) for the incoming explorer ring event
    in the incoming Chaos Patch for GMS? Instead of using a normal explorer, reply back asap. Thanks.

  85. Zef says:

    Poor heroes. NOT.
    Obviously some hero players forgot to add 2 to 2. Advanced final attack anyone? Why you think it’s there?
    Answer: that is because it racks up combo count like crazy for instant finisher use. Oh hello? what’s this? those finishers got beefed up dmg.
    How did that happen?

    And 80 hp in recovery is a joke, but 80 mp is quite useful. I would like to see some mp recovery skill on paladins:/

    • Karkain says:

      Obviously someone forgot that AFA is only 20% more likely to kick in than FA. You over exaggerate AFA. You don’t seem to understand how Heroes play, which I won’t hold against you, but it’ll hardly be an “instant finisher” since only a complete fool would use a finisher without 10 Orbs.

      Paladins are the most overpowered of the 3 Warriors. There wouldn’t be any Heroes if Paladins had an MP recover skill, as anything a Hero has, the Paladin would have also, but without the barely-existent defense. Would you play a class that shared a ton of useful things with another class, but this first class was so much easier to die on?

      Try playing a Hero with our current skill set, then feel free to bash us.

  86. Eclipser says:

    God damn it I’m so happy Warriors got buffed :D
    Training will be alot easyer there.

  87. MapleRocks says:

    The funny thing is:
    They put a sword in the DK’s skill.

  88. marken says:

    does this mean that both final attack and advanced final attack can kick in with each att?

  89. Venom says:

    Why are they buffing warriors… Mages are the ones who really need it.

  90. Thatsmybread says:

    for the panic and coma updates it says it takes 2/3 orbs to use it does that mean that u have to have at least that much to use it and u still consume all orbs or can u have 10 orbs and use only 2/3 ea time u use panic/coma?

  91. Axxez says:

    WOAHHH AMAZING UPDATE!! :D But I don’t have any Warriors though. Just one Aran. I’m excited for the airplane, though! :)

  92. mooseydecoy says:

    How about the UA warriors and Soul Master??

    • dennyvuquach says:

      UA Warriors are about the same as Adventurer Warriors except that they have the UA Soul Driver, so UA Warriors and Soul Masters have similar updated skills as Adventurer Warriors. For example, an UA Dark Knight can also have Dark Impale like regular Dark Knight.

  93. Bobby says:

    I played KMST last term (during the chaos update). Can I still play on the same KMST account? I was wondering this because the guild name is still the same.

  94. GOGO says:

    magicians shall be bestowed apon next

  95. Alex says:

    Now if only mages would be revamped…we are so useless D:

    • GOGO says:

      well apart from battle mages and bishops, yah we are pretty useless……….. WE SHALL BE BESTOWED APON NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. CandyIsland says:

    y is there 2 brave slash animations?

  97. s0meb0dy says:

    Hey Spadow,

    Thanks for posting it, can’t wait until it gets GMS…
    Poor pig, trying to get out and he just stuck there. :(

    The monster park for me sounds like Lion Heart Castle for lower level (just from thinking about the 50% EXP additional for each party member…), I guess the third gate will be 95~120…

    The warrior changes are great, and what’s the level max for “Physical Training”?
    I think Dark Impale will switch both of Dragon Buster and Dragon Fury (is the name right?)…

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  99. Armonite says:

    Oi @Spadow:
    wich one is the right one? because when you talked about paladins and stuff you said:

    – Hero’s Will is now able to cure almost every status effect. When a player has the skill lock status, the player cannot use the Hero’s Will skill anymore.

    and then when you mentioned dark knights you said:
    Hero’s Will can now cure the skill lock status.

  100. truth says:

    soul driver is dead horray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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