The oath & White Day 2011 event

The official server was updated on March 10th to version 1.2.128.
Nothing really interested was added in the test server, except for one thing. A glimpse of new content that we might see very soon.

The last patch contained minor changes and events. This one added another bunch of events.
You might think that playing for more than a month without new content is boring. It’s possible, but these events are fun and you get some great rewards from it.

This patch added a new wedding feature and event and the White Day event.

The new wedding event is all about the oath. The oath is now part of the wedding system in MapleStory.
Married players can swear an oath if their marriage lasted more than 30 and 100 days. If they want to do that, they’ll have to buy the Oath Ticket in Cash Shop which costs 2,000 won.
If you swore an oath, you will get an upgraded ring with some other items such as a Love Chair.

However, there’s a temporary wedding event going on where you can get around the 30 and 100 days requirement. The married players will have to hunt for a special item that drops from monsters.

White Day is what most people say, the Korean Valentine’s Day. This event lasts until April 20th. A long event, but the reward is great!

In Maple World, three types of monsters have fallen in love, trying to stalk and kiss the brave players of MapleStory.

Do you see what I’m talking about? Can you see the perverted eyes of the couple mushrooms?
They have to be defeated because of their perverted minds!

I defeated this bear who has fallen in love. Yeah, you don’t have the hearty eyes now, do ya, punk!
He was so afraid that he dropped a scroll…

You’re not gonna believe this but I was hunting at Skelegons and Skelosaurus in Leafre. I came across this perverted couple mushroom who celebrated their 100 days of love.

The couple wanted to have a threesome with my monkey. Are you out of your mind?! Nobody touches my Dirty Bit!
So I used Demolition and THEY RAN AWAY!! I stole a scroll from them.

You can find these White Day monsters in random hunting grounds in Maple World.
Lv. 10~30 players: Golem’s Temple
Lv. 30~50 players:  Mushroom Castle (Skyscraper maps)
Lv. 50~70 players: Korean Folk Town
Lv. 70~90 players: Mu Lung (Wild Bear Area maps)
Lv. 90~110 players: Leafre (Forest maps)
Lv. 110~130 players: Leafre (Kentaurus maps in Minar Forest)
Lv. 130~150 players:  Leafre (Canyon maps in Minar Forest)
Lv. 150 and higher player:  Leafre (Dragon Nest maps)

When you defeat one of the event monsters, it can drop a variety of scrolls and items. Unfortunately the scrolls are untradeable, though they’re good.
Armor and accessory scrolls 15% and 60%. 15% are the ones that can add weapon or magic attack. 60% are the scrolls that can add STR, DEX, INT or LUK.
Armor means it can be used on hats, top, pants, gloves, capes etc.
Accessory can be used on belts, pendants and face accessories.

The monsters can also drop Chaos scroll 60%, Clean Slate scroll 10% and a Golden Hammer 50%!
The latter item can give one extra slot once on an item, however it has a success rate of 50% and it can only fail.

If you pick up a 15%, Chaos, Clean Slate scroll or a Golden Hammer 50%, a notification will be released throughout the server saying that you got the item. Pretty cool, right?
I managed to get Armor for Weapon Attack 15%.

In like seven weeks, MapleStory Korea will celebrate its eighth anniversary. And no, I don’t think there will be a new job anytime soon. Maybe in the summer.

As you may have read on my blog. A major update will hit Dragon Nest KR very soon. So for the Dragon Nest lovers, here is a preview of the 2nd job skills. ▼

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56 Responses to The oath & White Day 2011 event

  1. Sebas says:

    Yay hope this comes to GMS i really would like to kill those pervert mushies lol

  2. Jason Wang says:

    Go PERVERTED MUSHROOMS! only saying that cuz i wanna kill them XD. Sorry mushrooms, for breaking your never-ending love! XD

  3. mune0106 says:

    wow..just wow…so that’s why there’s mushmoms….mushdads?
    And i want the hairband!
    Can’t wait for Dragon Nest to come in USA!

  4. Person says:

    White day isn’t just a Korean thing you know.

  5. Sybil says:

    LMFAOO. That mushroom couple is a new kind of Horny Mushroom, lolol. I wish this would come to GMS. xD

  6. Wow Spadow u are getting into Dragon Nest meybe it till professions come to GMS

  7. Reevolver says:

    Wow, these skill animations in Dragon Nest are neat! Hope it comes to SEA ASAP!

  8. frank says:

    Note to self – mushorooms grow extremely strong when they go perverted

  9. Danny says:

    Wow…. Wait so the only thing married people get is a chair and a cooler ring?

  10. Peter says:

    hey spad is the char u hav killing the bubble teas an F/P judging by the bomb? Oh, and did u want to name your monkey dirty bitch? Oh, and I don’t no if I should make a TB or a viper. I’m the kind of guy that goes for powerful classes I want a UA but I screwed my Lvl 96 NW BADLY. I’m TALKING FUCKING 10000 DAMAGE PER SHITTY AVENGER! I have knuckles from lvl 50 to 90 so I don’t really need to worry about gear… Reply plz

  11. GOGO says:

    i am lvl 119~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~with 20 %~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    80% to go~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~DAMMIT

  12. Ghost says:

    Wow, such odd and boring events.

    The oath sounds nice…. if you actually are interested in getting married, besides that it’s pretty useless.
    The white event sounds pretty weird, Unless everyone in Nexon is single and hates White Day, why would they want us to kill monsters that are in love? Sure the items drop make hunting them worth while (especially by scrolling a top and pants with atk and then use miracle chaos scrolls), but why would they choose to monsters that are in love? Also how often do these monsters spawn?

    Overall, the only good things in this patch are the white day event and the artifact event. Which is quite sad since there hasn’t been any real content since Chaos. Hopefully the anniversary will make up for it.

  13. tbhero says:

    15% armor for attack? Nice, those havta be worth a lot!!

    • alex says:

      They are untradable, but if they were tradable i’d imagine that they would be worth max mesos. But you can sell it if it succeeds. S>20atk sauna anyone?

  14. Dray says:

    LOL @ the mushrooms wanting to have a threesome with your Dirty Bit!! xDDD
    It’s been a while since I heard any news about Dragon Nest, I might play back this game. :D

  15. ImDRK says:

    plz plz plz!!!!! spadowww tell me something about the dexterity and warriors whats happeeeend?? cuzz the weapon of the cygnus emprees requier 170 dex T.T i have 70 ap saved Som1 say something i need heeelp i dont wanna wait to chaos patch (im from gms) to put my points T.T i love ur blog thank you very much!!! if u answer me PLZ ANSWER MEE

    • ProOscuro says:

      The weapon of the cygnus empress really sucks, well, atleast everything sides the spear, which is decent. THE MAIN THINNG OF TH

    • Alilatias says:

      Don’t plan your build for the Cygnus weapons, because chances are very high that nobody will obtain any for a long time.

      The main point of those equips is the set bonuses, which will likely cost you your soul to obtain.

      • ImDRK says:

        LOL it’s true well i wanna my soul xD.. now the only thing that worries me its the accuracy, i will do a lot of miss if i dont have dexterity? (like 30 with items) thanks guys someone of kms? >.< and if the warrior items will requiere dexterity :SS

  16. greennov1 says:

    i still dont really get the oath thing….
    in the picture, was the thing he was hunting for the bubble?

  17. Brandon says:

    Hey Spadow, you got a general idea when GMS is getting Chaos?

  18. peter says:

    Maybe July?

  19. Hey spadow im pretty curious, is dirty bit(your monkey), i mean his name, u got the idea from the Black Eyed Peas song(The Time)?

  20. wow this is an LOL and Aww moment at the same time

    but I like the lovely dovey monsters

  21. Jeffrey says:

    um any1 know where 2 get h the scroll 4 helmet defense 4 the wandering alchemist quest 4 the scrolling skill? (gms server) windia: character name: oMgJersy

  22. Pingback: Top Posts —

  23. User says:

    Perverted mushrooms!

  24. simon2664 says:

    rofl ur hilarious, new update looks sick

  25. Megabine says:

    Do the mushrooms even have penus’s? XD

  26. aniq says:

    hey spadow, this is regarding the website. well, like u hav a mobile site, could you make one for PSP? ty

  27. hugastick says:

    oi how do u make ur blog go on google?

  28. APImagine says:

    Would anyone know if they will ever add (in GMS) the specific Aran skin color that you see in every other version of the game?

    I see it in KMS and since I’m trying to have an Aran that is close to the original concept art, I want to be able to get that slightly tanned “Aran” color too.

  29. Koncept says:

    U spadow r a funny man

  30. Nitedbilly says:

    Hey spadow, whats that cs cover that your using in the bubble tea picutre? Like the one about getting around the oath?

  31. UnderSkys says:

    Hey ,

    I just read on the nexon america site that we are getting Dragon Nest some time soon. Not sure when but i think maybe mid to late April or early June i think you should check that out :SD <–( Swrilly mustash )

  32. Tacobeard says:

    Hey guys i dont rember hearring anything about GPQ opening up again so if it is still closed or did it open?

  33. 626ryu says:

    i knew the Guild points where Gone but GPQ is down tacobeard?

    • Tacobeard says:

      it was shut down when they announced the new Guild EXP system. It is supposed ot come back eventually but… never heard if it did

  34. Leroy says:

    I like your horny mind spadow.

  35. chocolatelovers says:

    this is very interresting whats coming from kms i just hope something good will happen in gms too

  36. Random Person says:

    Lol those perverted Mushrooms look really funny, that chair and ring are worth nerdgasms.

  37. GOGO says:

    spadw i was checking the extractions on southperry. and i noticed that monster park is out……in kmst
    it seems to me that this is like a lower version of van leon castle.
    pretty cool how warriors(all including palis) get new skill animations!!!!!!!
    please extract the stuff
    (your biggest follower)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Anonymous says:

    Well, I wonder if the DJ Got THEM Falling In Love again…lol

  39. Alb says:

    But we already have horny mushrooms…

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