KMST V374 ~ Monster Park coming soon?

This patch doesn’t add something new except for minor changes. Though, there are a few things that are worth mentioning.


I think it was the previous test server patch that added the Sachiel, Veamoth and Janus package in Cash Shop. Why would they add it in the test server? Probably, because Nexon is going to add the three sets for a limited time in the official server soon.

In this patch, Nexon finally added Pirate skill frames to the Sachiel and Veamoth Sword cash item weapon covers. Strangely, no new frames to the Janus Sword, but I’m sure they’re working on it.

I always liked the Sachiel set. I always wanted it when it was available in Cash Shop, especially for the wings and weapon. But I remember reading the description of the gun where it says that it only can be equipped by all weapons except for gun and knuckle.
But that’s changed to all weapons now. FINALLY! What took them so long? …


A new map mark has been added to the data files. It’s named ”MonsterPark”.
I think that this is another competing party quest similar to Monster Carnival (hence Spiegelman in the mark).

I also think that the Spiegelman image is just a placeholder.
There are no maps related to Monster Park at the moment. It’s only the map mark for now.

Excited? Maybe.

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60 Responses to KMST V374 ~ Monster Park coming soon?

  1. Eric says:

    Interesting. Maybe this will be a higher-level version of Monster Carnival? I certainly hope so.

    Yeah, it took wayyyy too long for them to add gun/knuckle compatibility. Those are cool covers :3

  2. Megabine says:

    I hope its a lvl 80+ or a lvl 50+ because in those levels its really hard to level up.
    But Maple Story after Big Bang is starting to get great with all of the new contente.
    Spadow, I hope you can reach lvl 200 with your Viper one day.
    Good luck! :D

    • Gunth says:

      There already is a new monster Carnival for player level 51-70 at least in GMS. As for a new monster carnival…. not looking forward to it as there are just gonna be more people trading wins and leveling up unfairly vs the people who train. And after Big Bang it is very easy to level up to 100 all you need is patience (or 2x exp)

      • hello says:

        with horrible exp

        • Ghost says:

          Most PQs in MapleStory have horrible exp or are too inconvenient. This is why I hope there will be a party quest revamp to balance them out with the popular ones… Hopefully they’ll also add the random team organizer (like the one in PvP) to the other competitive PQs.

    • saltorious says:

      …. I really really hope your kidding you can easily get to 105 in a week of mild playing… you just have to grind… seriously i wanna see what you would think before all these updates like before EXPlosion when it took a week or two to get to 30

  3. GMS-Acebladesss says:

    Hmm the covers?

    I used to remember those in GMS -clicks buy-

    “You do not have enough NX.” (Off by about 20 nx) *Last day as well* -RAGEEEEEEE-

    Monster Park…. seems l ike a park with monsters… Monster Carnival… 3!

  4. suhun says:

    Spadow what lvl requirement is monster park
    your lucky cause you got in tespia
    then again whats the requirement for monster park

  5. greennov1 says:

    monster PARK…
    zoo w/minidungeons?
    then u dont haz to go to nlc to go to jesters say…
    we’ll see…

    • David says:

      It would be really awesome if monster park was like a pet area. You took your pets in there, and were able to customize their colors, or stuff like that. I doubt it’s like that though.

      • Person says:

        First of all, there are already two pet areas. (One in Victoria Island and one in Ludimbrium.) Second of all, pets are not monsters. According to the NPC Cloy, he created all pets by pouring the Water of Life on dolls. (The pets being in the same form as the dolls. Like, a doll of a Yeti becomes a Yeti pet and not a Golden Tiger pet.) Third of all, by changing color, do you mean like how in Mabinogi you can choose your horse’s fur color? If so, I doubt they will ever do that, but it is possible.

  6. Fan says:

    Monster Park? I think that’s where Wild Hunters take their captured slaves and do things with them. ;)

  7. SpadowFan says:

    Just a question. How long will it take for one to get to level 120, when you play 1-2 hours weekdays, and 2-4 hours in weekends, and is sorta…Unfunded.

    Thank you very much :)

    • suhun says:

      hmm i wanna answer that question if your a fast lvler it will prolly take 2 weeks and if ur slow i think 1 month based on my experence

      • SpadowFan says:

        Oh, my. I haven’t played maple since pirates came out, and I never knew big bang affected the exp curve this big, haha.
        One month sounds super fast still, for me :/
        Thanks for the info! Gonna start in a week, once I get my laptop back :)

        • Magicblo says:

          i play an hour or less a day, got to 70+ in a week, but it took a mouth to get to lv 116, training after lv 110 is much harder. you dont need funding, im unfunded, funding will help you kill in maby on or 2 attacks less, it doesnt change training time too much, unless you boss a lot.

    • Ghost says:

      With this being their first real content ever since PvP, it sounds disappointing, especially since we’re getting closer to the anniversary coming up.

      By the way, when is the exact date of the KMS Anniversary and has KMS has switched to the bi/tri-monthly patches like what GMS did?

      • Spellyness says:

        I don’t think they explicitly said: “we will patch every 3 months”. We did get a patch in the end of February but it was only events. I think it is normal to have an event patch or two as a buffer between big patches.

        • Ghost says:

          Maybe ever since Chaos, but in between BB and Chaos there was LHC, Greece, guild reformation, and ultimate adventurers. And none of them really came out at the same time.

          • Person says:

            Except, for GMS, all of those came in the aftershock patch, which is a LOT like Maplestory version of Mabinogi’s “Pioneers of Iria” patch. (Although it isn’t in any of the news updates, when Tespia was open, it was possible to go to Chryse and that is the official Global rendition of the name.)

  8. Random Person says:

    It had better get the lvl 120+ cpq.

  9. Kent Kaowpainpanich says:

    Free for all Monster carnival for high levels maybe? rather then teams/parties… AKA NEW ARIANT PQ

  10. Person says:

    Sounds like a Maplestory version of Jurassic Park to me.

  11. Josh says:

    there is a rumor nightlord % goes up to 345% afther chaos since the Dmg formula changed for them any know of this?

    • SpadowFan says:

      It’s in master spadow’s blog. This is the link, in case you can’t find it:

      See parts 1-3. It goes up to 345, then lowers by a few percent. It does get a boost still, but not that big of one…

      And the only one getting a damage formula changed is the dual blades, I believe. Instead of the Katara as a separate weapon, it acts as an attack booster for the dagger(like a bandit’s dragon Khanjar)

      Hope this helps :)

  12. Escy says:

    Finally my marauder wil look awsome !!!

  13. Lelouch Vi Britannia says:

    lol at the female veamoth hair xD
    It’s used for the white lady thingy

  14. Sounds fun
    Also I wish those was perm,
    I’ll get the janus one but I cant wait to see this monster park

    (`o`) I wonder if its a higher level Monster Carnival or who knows what else ooooh boy my mind is running up ideals

  15. Gerald says:

    it sounds pretty cool.
    Let’s see what it is :D

  16. ImDRK says:

    pls!!!! some1 tell me what its the face of spadow in the buccaner i want this faceee!! f4 and the sets look pretty good and expensive too f7

  17. darklaser says:

    i hope this is something very good for training lvl 100-120 ‘cuz these lvls are hell :S

  18. OMFG didnt knew how mean r people from BasilMarket(well, most of them), srry spadow but most of people says that ur the posts suck and needs more info(of course i dont htink that) :/ just like 3 persons apreciated the info.

    • Person says:

      How rude of them! He could have chosen to not give anyone any information instead. They are lucky to hear his posts.

    • Alilatias says:

      It’s Basil.

      What the hell did you expect? People that actually understand that it’s impossible for anyone to magically know how everything works the exact moment the KMST patch is available?

      I mean, [censored], we could have been running blind to the activities of KMS like 4-5 years ago, when the flow of KMS information and concrete data was MUCH slower before Fiel showed up.

    • Magicblo says:

      No, most of the ppl i see use Spadows blog and link his useful info. i havent seen too many bad posts about spadow. Most ppl like Spadows blog because we can preveiw upcoming patchs, area and other thing.

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  20. NovaNuvaMS says:

    Monster Park….maybe its a park with a cluster of maps and u have to kill monsters in every map to move on….hope this monster park we’ll be funn…with lots of exp

  21. Axxez says:

    So Spadow, are you planning to buy the Sachiel set when it releases officially?

  22. Ghost says:

    Monster Park kinda sounds like the Monster Book and Pokemon to me.

    Gotta catch them all!

  23. Gunth says:

    If PvP is out than why do we need another CPQ? Wasn’t the job of the Carnaval to act like a PvP service? Weird

  24. mapledragon89 says:

    i r going mad

  25. Danny says:

    Man…. I want those Nx covers… That middle one looks intense…. Monster Park hmmm….. My first reaction was something of a party mass mobbing and killing spree PQ…. Like CPQ but diff…. Instead of hunting for points, you aim for kills, something along the lines of Nett’s Pyramid except with 2 parties in the same map, battling for kills. And when you accumulate enough kills, you can do special moves that stuns opps and stuff, know what I’m gettin at?… And why did i get the background of Gallo’s as the first reaction?

  26. HeyPros says:

    Why not monster’s PVP?
    Becoming a monster and fighting other player’s monsters :D

    • s0meb0dy says:

      Maybe the monsters are just fighting themselves and the monster dies we get the EXP? XD
      That way we can level up to 200 almost without even do anything, but it won’t be fun…
      I am really wondering what is this place… the first set looks really cool… :3

  27. xlr8gambit says:

    not looking forward to it.
    I really wanna see the heroes getting completed.

  28. md1atlas22 says:

    agreed with above ^^
    heroes are making me curious :3

  29. GOGO says:

    i dont know why but i think this might have something to do with thw bowman hero………..
    maybe the bowman hero is like a zoo keeper or something who works at monster park.
    i dunno but thats just what i think…

    • Alilatias says:

      Feels like they’ve been holding off on the Archer hero for so long. I expected the Archer hero to come out last year, but instead, we got Big Bang, which isn’t particularly bad.

      I have a feeling that this is a new PQ. Ever since Big Bang, the updates have been like this:
      – Guild revamp
      – Cygnus update/Ultimate Adventurers
      – 66+/120+ Theme Dungeons
      – Chaos – PvP, Professions, and 160+ area

      The only things that I would now consider being long overdue are a new -regular- PQ and (never thought I’d actually be saying this) a new class, especially the Archer hero.

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