Something Big is Coming

Not MapleStory related this time. It’s been a while since I’ve played Dragon Nest. I quit and removed the game from my computer in 2010 because it was too boring for me. My character is currently at level 40 which is the cap for now.

The developers didn’t update the game with exciting new stages, other than Nests (raids) and systems like fishing and farming and of course skill balancing.

Back in 2010, the developers had a big update in mind which involved a whole new Lv. 50 area Lotus Marsh with new stages along with a new job advancement that starts at Lv. 45, which means new skills!! However, it has been postponed to March 2011.

If you visit the website of Dragon Nest, you will be able to see the teaser for the upcoming big update.
In three days, there’s going to be an update preview. I’ll make sure to upload any interesting videos on my YouTube channel.
On March 17th, the update will be released into the test server and finally the update will be ready in the official server on March 24th!

Dragon Nest is already available in Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan and soon to be in North America, South East Asia and Thailand.
The game has a fatigue system, but don’t let that change your decision. It’s a fantastic game with beautiful graphics and it has an interesting storyline.

I’ve finished my Dragon Nest download today and immediately installed it and now I’m waiting for this update to come~

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34 Responses to Something Big is Coming

  1. kh26 says:

    Cool! But any1 know when dragon’s nest will be out in North America?
    And I kinda expected a KMS skill balance :P

  2. Nimpe says:

    Really cool.

  3. crapsode says:

    spadow i have a kms account…
    can i sign up for this?
    i dont remember my nexon account….

  4. greennov1 says:

    i’ll check it out when it comes to NA

  5. greennov1 says:

    confirmed:NA is getting dragon nest soon!
    i just got an email saying dragon nest is coming soon!
    the teaser site is even
    of course, its awesome for u too spadow :)
    see if i have enough room to download that and chaos…

    • darklaser says:

      omg but why nexon have to release this D:
      i hope they dont eff it so much like they do with GMS ~_~

  6. rauleli says:

    Is the machine-looking guy a boss?

  7. Hollogen says:

    Hope you continue with the updates for dragon nest
    since it is coming to NA soon.

  8. iRemember says:

    I’m hoping Dragon Nest beta is out soon. D:

  9. Osmega says:

    How do you sign up for KMS or Dragon nest if I live in Asia? Cos i wanna play it so bad :(

  10. Koffie says:

    Still waiting/hoping they get some European publisher soon.
    Until then I must bypass Nexon America’s IP block cause this game looks too awesome to not be played.

  11. Lunar says:


  12. BuddyAran says:

    Thanks, Spadow for the info in AS forum.

  13. Hi Spadow, I want to ask you for your permission in BasilMarket, of course i will say that all rights are reserved for you ( dont know if i said that last part right, im mexican thought) and also will put a link for people to visit your page.
    Ill be waiting for your answer.

  14. Cool!
    I cant wait to play this game when it hits US Nexon

  15. GOGO says:

    off topic but
    spadow i did the grape quest from casandra 3 times
    and i didnt get a 2x exp coupon
    do i have to log in on saturday and then talk to her to get it?

  16. mune0106 says:

    Can’t wait for this to come out in USA.
    But still, I’ll be playing on my Evan.
    I hope it’ll be a fun game!

  17. peter says:

    Awesome , I’ll finally have a reason besides MS and Elsword ( Nexon finally made a version for U,S,A!ㅅ-ㅅ
    ) I need more than 1 game to ks people in…

  18. mapledragon89 says:

    if only something big was coming to KMS, like a new lvl cap…

    • Jett... says:

      Don’t worry
      New heroes will be here soon
      And kms will probably but sonething big in-between updates

      Now if only I could get an sp reset scroll to fix my screwed up BaM sklls

  19. Geko says:

    you guys the closed beta starts soon here you can get keys

    for NA dragonnest of course

  20. ImaDRK says:

    SPADOW PLZ!!! TELL ME WERE U GET UR FACE of the brawler lvl 152!! or som1 tell wot face are that and were i cant get it F4

  21. Axxez says:

    Cool! :) Curious…. What will it be?

  22. Ghost says:

    When I first saw the pic, I was shocked and excited. Then I read it wasn’t for MapleStory.

    Good job disappointing me Spadow…

  23. Otaia says:

    That’s good that they’re finally adding more content. One of DN’s biggest problems is how quickly the content runs out – it has less content in a year of updates than DNF did at launch. The fatigue system is there to FORCE you to play for more than the short amount of time it takes to blaze through everything.

  24. md1atlas22 says:

    :D epic.

    and i’m glad maplestory is getting so much better :O
    i sorta started an amateur blog to host contests and stuff for free equips and news and such.
    giving to the community of maplestory x)

    but yeah. i’m satyin posted spadow ;P

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