Finally, I have level 10 Jewel Crafting!

Finally after months I have maxed out Jewel Crafting. Too late for the free Dark Angelic Bless ring recipe, but I can craft other accessories.

Level 9 to 10 requires 11700 skill mastery. I’ve been mining the past weeks for adamantium ores, because that’s how I level up my Jewel Crafting, with adamantium plates. In the image above, you see that I can craft a Ring of Magic II and that ring can give you +82 skill mastery.

Look careful in the second image. Behind you can see a blue window, right? It says that I have to visit the job profession NPC to level up my profession skill.

A level up to 10 cost you 235,000 meso and you get +1280 Craft which is a guaranteed level up of that personality trait.
I have level 10 Jewel Crafting. What’s next? You can now craft level 130 accessories at a 100% success rate. At level 9, that is 77%.

I crafted these two beauties. The first is the Ring of Agility VII, it only adds +8 DEX. The item binds when you equip it. Only tradeable if you use a Platinum Scissor of Karma.

The other accessory is a Shiny Red Pirate Symbol. +3 to STR and DEX and weapon attack. +26 physical and magic defense and +31 accuracy and +30 avoidability.
This item also binds when you equip it and is only tradeable through Platinum Scissor of Karma.

It’s a shame that I cannot get my hands on a Dark Angelic Bless ring recipe without paying a lot of money.

Yesterday I leveled up my Viper to level 156. So close to Dark Ereb & Future Henesys.
I’m already +56% thanks to the x2 EXP buff that Cassandra gave me.

Currently there is an Attendance Check event going on in KMS where you have to log on everyday and collect 30 grapes for Cassandra.

There’s a bonus if you join this event.  If you participate in this event 3 times a week…

You will obtain a Dream High!! (x2 EXP coupon) on Saturday and Sunday. The x2 EXP buff will last for an hour.

[Dream High!! Aim High!!]

A new test server patch was released a couple of days ago. Nothing new, just events. A White Day event, a Tourist event and a Wedding event. The latter can give you new couple ring upgrades. I will explain this later when it hits the official server.

Meanwhile in GMS…

Wow! It seems that GMS will be getting Lion King’s Castle, Ultimate Adventurer, Reorganized and Revitalized Guilds and Chryse + World Map update.
In Korea, the ‘AfterShock’ update didn’t exist. We got a separate patch for the Lion King’s Castle + Ultimate Adventurer, Reorganized and Revitalized Guilds and Chryse. GMS is sure catching up with Korea…

[ Lion King Van Leon Trailer ]

[ Tour of Chryse ]

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78 Responses to Finally, I have level 10 Jewel Crafting!

  1. Wadalite says:

    Nice! I’m really looking forward to Von Leon and my post-chaos Aran! x3

    • RandomaplerxD says:

      Same! I’m rushing to level my Dawn Warrior to 100 before the Chaos patch, since Soul Drive will be switched with Brandish. I left my aran at level 111 with 95% so I’ll golden temple on the last day. Ravana’s not worth it anymore. %Helms own.

  2. tbhero says:

    Yay :) cant wait to make my UE

  3. joey says:

    what do u mean by binding the equip. like you cant take it off or untradeable after equiping it?

  4. Donut says:

    Grats on Lv10 Jewel Crafting
    May I know if you can potential the Shiny Red Pirate Symbol.

  5. rizened says:

    Dont worry spadow youll get that ring you want eventually

  6. suhun says:

    im finnaly loging in mkms after 2 months

  7. darklaser says:

    gratz on lv10 jewel crafting :D
    and i have a question about lionheart castle, the monster there are just the lv118-130 from your video or there are lvl 130+ lv monsters?

  8. Gratz on lv10 and hey I too did a GMST blog and videos about “The After Shock”
    I also like the talking NPC’s in Castle Lionheart

  9. Hack says:

    Can someone help me think of a good IGN for my Archer-Bowmaster job? I want something unique like Spadow.

    • Alilatias says:

      First, what gender?

      Second… Just mix and match stuff together. It’s not that hard to get a unique name that you like after a little bit of thinking. My Ranger is Akusaria, my Aran is Glacianda, my (since deleted) Evan was Evanza, my (since deleted) Dual Blade was Kirashani, and I just got Serendis on my Cleric about two weeks ago.

  10. Pat says:

    Yep, I’m fully convinced now that the Korean Maplestory Nexon Team are working their hardest to incorporate Korean Entertainment (Kpop + Kdramas) into KMS. (I mean, c’mon, “Dream High”? (Popular Korean Idol TV Show) Don’t even get me started about the Hot Times Event and the 2PM Event…)

    Anyways thanks for the update again Spadow! GMS is surely catching up quickly o_o. The new jewel crafting system will come soon, and thanks to your updates I’ll be more comfortable with them. ^_^

    • Spadow says:

      Any Korean game will have an item or event that has to do with the culture. There’s a lot of Cash Shop items that are named after songs, people, TV shows etc.
      Though, most people don’t know that here.

    • luciferbb says:

      lol yeah. I noticed that too. When I saw “Dream High” I was like, “wth? what’s next? Some event that has Star King or Hello Baby in it?” Maybe next time Cash Shop items will resemble SHINee or SNSD or WG. I hope that happens and come to MapleSEA.

  11. Takebacker says:

    What is the fastest way to level jewel crafting?

  12. GOGO says:

    why is it that all of the other profession skills other that alchemy have much much easier and better things to make.
    any good potio in alchemy requires a recipe
    and then with the recipe you can only make ONE stinking potion………..
    o yah
    and another thing…..
    im dont understand…
    lets say i have a lvl 120 jewel crafting recipe…..
    does that mean i have to be lvl 120 to make the item
    thx if anyone knows!!!!!!!
    (LVL 117 battle mage)—-ALMOST THERE MOUAHAHAHAHHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. GOGO says:


    also spadow where should i train at lvl 117(battle mage)
    or if anyone else know….

  14. JayShee says:

    Kyo, I am gonna get dark angelic ring recipe before you… (somehow)

  15. frank says:

    Congrats on lvl 10!
    i hope GMS isnt trying to overtake KMS

  16. i just cant wait till chaos update hits gms
    ima definetly make a db :D

  17. Dave says:

    Hi Spadow,first of all grats on lvl 10 jewel crafting

    Since LHC is coming in GMS soon, i have a few questions about that.

    How good is the exp rate at Van Leon castle?

    I’ve been hearing that the LHC exp was nerfed in KMS, is this true?


    • Spadow says:

      The EXP rate is good. If you don’t have very good equips, you’ll get fast EXP nonetheless. Players with very good equips will of course achieve faster EXP.

      Yeah, LHC was nerfed a couple of times in KMS. The EXP was SO godly when it first came out, I understand the nerf.

  18. Patrick says:

    Spadow where do you see the part of chyryse going to gms (how ever the greek city is called) cause i dont see it :O

    • Spadow says:

      Other people extracted the information from the GMST client and discovered translated and ready-to-go Chryse content. Also, I believe that when you log in at GMST, you can see two world select images. One of Van Leon and one with Xerxes from Chryse.

    • Alilatias says:

      Unfortunately, there are screenshots of GMST floating around that you can’t enter Chryse if you’re Level 75 or above.

      Man, Nexon… You get rid of the level caps for the past theme dungeons, and now you reinstate it for one of the newest ones?

  19. Cyrus says:

    1st grats on lvl10 jewel crafting i suppose chaos will come out on summer near june but im not sure and with blacksmith u can make mask for db?

  20. s0meb0dy says:

    Hey Spadow,

    Gratz on 10 Jewel Craft, I think it’s a little bit a ripoff to pay 235k to level up you Jewel Craft to 10.
    And at GMS we are now at 0.95V going to 0.96V (close to the 100th patch, which is 1.01, it started on 0.02),
    I guess KMS got that at patch 1.2.33X…
    Gratz on level 156, and is door of the future give MORE EXP than Lion Heart Castle does?\
    Also, I’m so lucky that the price will go down to 100k to create a guild because I just went below 1.5M…

  21. Nafets says:

    Hey Spadow, congrats on lvl 10 jewelcrafting! I was wondering, if I choose blacksmithing as my profession, can I still add gems while making items to increase their stats like I could pre-chaos?

  22. greennov1 says:

    2) they called van leon von leon…. 0.0 but woot for guild revamp :DDD

  23. seiishizo says:

    hi i was wondering something(could be a very old question)

    i was looking into this jewel crafting and it said i almost need Advanced Item Crystals (130+) for loads of things and those are new to the ones we have in gms

    how can i get those?
    and are they expensive?

    thankyou :)

  24. [Hex] says:

    Can’t wait for professions!

    Also, what’s up with this teaser on kDN’s homepage.
    Perhaps the NA release?

    • Spadow says:

      Why would the Korean server put up a teaser for NA when it’s not on the NA website? It’s just a big update coming in March for the Korean version.

  25. Nisrockk says:

    *jaw drops* ….and MapleSEA has STILL not launched Big Bang.

    Grats on leveling btw and your jewel crafting. It looks so sweet.

  26. harel says:

    hey spadow i did some research and if u make the best eye accesories for every class, they can be combined into the shining sun thing and the same goes for belts rings pendants and possibly shoulder pads

  27. Anonymouse says:

    Spadow, has KMS fixed the Ultimate Adventurers low HP and missing slots yet?

    They can hardly be called “Ultimate Adventurers” if they are worse off.

  28. simon2664 says:


  29. MassCreed says:

    hey spadow, did you get a SP reset scroll when chaos came??

    please respond

  30. DestinyThief says:

    Dear Spadow,

    i have a question, my nightwalker isnt lvl 120 yet it is 110 now, can i create a Ultimate Adventurer always? maybe i am lvl 120 1 month after the release, is there a time limit to make a UA?

    i hope u will answer
    btw gratz on juweling lvl 10

  31. dragonfalse says:

    BTW Nexon America announced that from now on they will provide combined and more distant updates for less downtime and more convenience, also they announced that the patch after “AfterShock” will be Chaos update which will be this summer and will also include PVP and crafting

  32. LuffyBrawler says:

    Did Guild PQ ever come back to KMS?

  33. SquishyGMS says:

    I’ll make a jewel crafter for sure!
    I got all jobs in my acc and i wanted to know:
    Are some accessories are unable to trade for some jobs or “movement only possible between the account”
    or etc.

    Should i create 1 char for each possessional job.

  34. anon says:

    Hey Spadow, regarding the compatibility fix you mentioned in the previous update:

    Is this just bossing, or has it affected the whole game? I’m still on GMS with Windows 7, and as of the latest patch I’ve been disconnecting and lagging A LOT…

  35. Lolers says:

    The GMS Tespia patch was really bugged to the max. You couldn’t test Ultimate Explorer/Adventurer because you couldn’t complete a quest, and Chryse, regardless of your level, you could not enter.

  36. Gunth says:

    I’m surprised GMS is making this move especialy how they failed with Big Bang as windows xp lagged and it had a 7 hour delay, can’t wait for them to delay this patch too. I will admit out of all this all I will benefit off of this is the new guild system as my current main is about level 90. I’m just waiting for Chaos so that the legends are actually playable again :P

    • Gunth says:

      I know this is a useless question as people have different taste in gameplay, but which legend should I play after Chaos. I enjoy fighting games and the concept of Aran ( I actually have one in the 60’s but he’s a pain to train) but I like Evan constantly getting new skills. Personally leaning toward Aran as he doesn’t get his leveling bogged down with quests every 2 or 3 levels like Evan (not counting the first job)

      • Gunth says:

        Huh, now that I think of it in GMS you have to pay nx for skillbooks for Evans. Sigh… one of my favorate classes ruined by money, if they change the number of quests and get rid of cash shop skillbooks I might play Evan. As for Aran I would play the one I have as he’s about 6 levels from 3rd job, I have permanant NX, the combo king medal and a mount, he’s broke and in Scania… great one of my favorate characters in an annoying and crowded server.

  37. mapledragon89 says:

    spadow, can you put items that say 장착시 교환 불가 into the storage ? plz answer

  38. Julian says:

    Hi spadow, I remember you mentioning that monster crystal refined from monster etc drop will become useless after this professional patch. I would like to know are processed gems and crystals (eg. Advanced Power Crystal, Advanced Diamond) relegated to the same fate?

  39. FuryKnight says:

    And MapleSEA hasn’t even recieved Big Bang yet.

  40. JMRV says:

    Spadow, is it true crafting costs have changed? eg. only 3-6 ores to make plates or jewels? And, how much is Lion King’s Castle getting nerfed?


    • Spadow says:

      Yes, that is true. Lion King’s Castle is good now. GMS has the same version as KMS.

      • JMRV says:

        Thanks! I’m currently trying to farm ores (I have a lot in general, just farming more Adamantium and Lidiums) for Chaos. Thought it would be a nice thing to know. Although, Adamantium ores are hard to find. @_@

        Thanks again.

  41. Geoffrey says:

    Do the crafted rings not have slots or did I miss that.
    I remember the extractions said they had 1 slot each.

  42. Johnhugh says:

    Hey can you give me a list of available rings and there stats? Thanks. Btw grats on 156 and proffession lvl 10

  43. Minimum123 says:

    you said that you need adamantium plates to level your jewel crafting skill up. Why is that so? and does the actual crafting of items give you skill mastery or does wearing the item give you skill mastery or both?

    • Spadow says:

      Not necessarily adamantium plates, it can also be any other plate. The item I crafted required 1 adamantium plate.
      If you craft items, it gives you skill mastery yes. Equipping? No.

  44. minimum123 says:

    also, can you disassemble level 40 equipment (that you can buy from npc’s) for the lowest grade item crystal? should I just hoard level 70+ equips?

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