Things that happened this week

This week I found the Angelic Bless recipe at Master Death Teddy’s. The recipe is required to make the Angelic Bless Ring.
I already have it, so I’m looking for the Dark Angelic Bless recipe which apparently drops from Zakum and rumors say it also drops from Guardian Captain of Memory. I have yet to see a screenshot with the recipe being dropped from the monster.

This week I started the quest for the Saint Exorcist medal. Before I could started on this quest, I had to complete the quests from The Remember NPC in Sleepywood. Quests such as the Spirit Diviner, Soul Conjurer and the Soul Guardian.

Before Big Bang, it was an accomplishment to receive the Saint Exorcist medal, because a lot of effort was required to get it. One guild member of EllinForest got the medal pre-Big Bang.
But post-Big Bang, it’s really easy. You need to defeat 444 of several monsters in each quest given by The Remember.

For the Spirit Diviner quest, you need to defeat 444 each of  Zombie Lupin, Platoon Chrono, Master Chrono, Mummy Dog and Wraith.
This was really easy, I completed this quest very fast.

The second quest required is to get the Soul Conjurer medal. This requires you to defeat 444 each of Skeleton Soldier, Officer Skeleton, Coolie Zombie, Miner Zombie and 44 of Zombie Mushmom.
Skeleton Soldier and Officer Skeleton was pretty easy, even though the spawn sucks. This quest is for Lv. 57 and higher and yet you need to kill Coolie and Miner Zombies who are higher than Lv. 132. C’mon Nexon, you could’ve changed this.

It took me 2 days to kill 44 Zombie Mushmoms. +_+;

Third on the list is the quest for the Soul Guardian. This was a piece of cake. Because you need to defeat 444 each of Soul Teddy, Master Soul Teddy, Dark Clock, Master Death Teddy and Site, the virgin scientist.

Four monsters are found in Ludibrium, thank you for this. It saved me a lot of travelling. The other monster is Site in Magatia.

If you completed all the prequisite quests, you will finally obtain the quest for the Saint Exorcist medal!
For the Saint Exorcist medal, you will need to defeat 444 each of Bone Fish, Phantom Watch, G. Phantom Watch, Skelegon and Skelosaurus.

Geez, Skelegon and Skelosaurus took a long time for me… I didn’t know that the spawn in the mini dungeon is better than the normal map. ~_~
After several hours, The Remember finally appeared with my precious Saint Exorcist medal~

[ Saint Exorcist Medal ]

The Saint Exorcist medal adds +3 to STR, DEX, INT and LUK. It also adds +99 to MaxMP and +25 to Physical and Magic Defense.
I was in the mood this week in defeating a lot of monsters, especially after I’ve experienced the quests just to get the Saint Exorcist medal.

I’m level 155 which means I’m eligible for the The One Who Walks Down the Road of Regrets 3, 4 and 5 quests.
I’ve completed the The One Who Walks Down the Road of Regrets 3 quest. Now I’m at 4 and I have to defeat 999 of the Guardian Captain of Regret.
The Guardian Captain of Regret is level 157 and I’m 155, so that’s going to take some time since I miss sometimes.

I cannot wait for the Oblivion part and when I’m level 160, I can finally enter the Door to the Future.

Some of you might have read my rant about the Windows Vista & 7 issues with MapleStory. I’m glad that this has been resolved so that players can finally enjoy boss battles and other things.
Now I can enter and finish Zakum everytime!

[ The first run this week! ]

Zakum is really easy to defeat. I’m a personality trait collector, and luckily Zakum gives you +275 Charisma.
The weirdest thing happened in the two runs that I’ve done with my guild members.

When we were attacking the body, Zakum did nothing! It only casted one 1/1 attack and another attack, but that’s it.
A guild member says that Zakum doesn’t do anything if you have very strong attackers.

[ Second run ]

In the first run, a friend wanted to get a Zakum Helmet and the Phantom Blow skillbook for Dual Blader. Everything went fine until we started with the body. He thought he could tank the body with his Bloody Storm skill and he died…

We defeated Zakum and it dropped the Phantom Blow skillbook and a Zakum Helmet.  He was like: ffffuuuu
In the second run, he finally survived throughout the whole run and got himself a crappy Zakum Helmet haha.

I still hope that someday Zakum will drop the Dark Angelic Bless recipe. ㅠ.ㅠ
We completed both runs in around ~15 minutes.

Everytime you collect 10,000 artifact points, you get a special gift box. Yesterday I got one from the Ancient Artifact Hunt event and surprisingly it gave me a Secret Masterybook. A Secret Masterybook can randomly give you a mastery book. Unfortunately I got Blessing of the Onyx 20 which is crap, so I threw it away…

Monsters in KMS no longer drop the masterybooks you want. Instead, they drop Secret Masterybooks. This was first introduced in the Return of the Hero patch where it applied to boss monsters. But after that patch, it changed to boss monsters and regular monsters.

I’ve seen screenshots of people getting Maple Warrior 30 and Sharp Eyes 20 from it and they cost a lot in my server.
Be prepared because this change will most likely happen in your version sooner or later.

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It's not who I am underneath... but what I do... that defines me.

97 Responses to Things that happened this week

  1. Eric says:

    I’m not sure if I like or despise the new mastery book drop system.

    • sammya says:

      i like it :D

      • TacoBeard says:

        I personally would like it better if the secret book was changed in soem future patch to be multpile books. For instance : ” Secret Mage Mastery book” so now battle mage,evan,blze wiz(if they have mastery books?) and normal mages can rest assured they wont be getting something from warriors, while laso still being able to give stuffz like maple warrior.

    • MapleRocks says:

      Well, I like it.
      It brings a double-critical feeling.
      Getting one.
      And the one wich is in it. :D

  2. nicky says:

    im sure its a good thing because you can just kill the monster with the greatest drop rate

    • joeyjoey says:

      yah its cool till you get abunch of crap books that have nothing to do with you class and the the class that would use them maxes it last ._.

  3. Sherlock says:

    Congrats on beating zakum!!! I really like the new mastery book system >w<

  4. greennov1 says:

    lol @ the guildmate
    zak drops EXACTLY what he wants…
    and he died XD
    looks like you had a good week…
    nice job with the second angelic bless ring recipe, you could probably sell that for a lot ^\o/^

    • Spadow says:

      I sold the recipe for 30mil. Though, the actual ring can cost 40~45mil.
      But I don’t want to waste my adamantium plates since I’m raising my level of Jewel Crafting with it.

  5. Gunth says:

    Sounds like a fun week Spadow. Thanks for that post, now I’m in the mood to play again after a 1 month hiatus.

  6. xBoy says:

    Thx Spadow ily soooo much.

  7. JayShee says:

    Wow you wrote about Volt tanking Zakum lol.
    I see myself at Zakum

  8. darklaser says:

    u got nice books from 2nd zakum :D
    but its not supposed that zakum should drop you mistery book and not the specific ones? o-o

  9. Scifro says:

    lol, ur friend dying at first run. I could imagine the look on his face…… :)

  10. TacoBeard says:

    Hey spadow in the second run picture i see a weird mechanical item next to the right most ZHELM.
    what would that be?

  11. Alessandro says:

    … so how is a lvl 57 supposed to defeat a 132? i wont even be able to get a hit

  12. BloodJedi says:

    The same thing with your DB guildy happened to me… 3 times!

    Glad i’m not the only one haha!

    Keep it up spadow!

  13. BloodJedi says:

    Oh, does this mean Zakum is being “KB’d” or “knocked back”, meaning he is unable to attack?

  14. Cobray says:

    Lol those runs were pretty fun xD. It looks like that SS of the first run was taken like seconds after I took that one. I also see myself. We need more runs like this, I love not having to use too many pots at a boss

  15. Ghost says:

    Spadow, what do you think is the average time between content (specially a town) being released on KMST and the main servers? There’s been a lot of talk about a third session of GMST but no one really knows what it would be about and when will it arrive.

    • Alilatias says:

      Going off the past two and a half years… It varies. It really, REALLY varies. The Aran testing period took what, two months? And yet the Evan and Dual Blade testing period took like two weeks to a month. Phase 1 of Big Bang was about a month too, with the other two phases being even shorter.

      In terms of GMST though, it seems to be about two weeks to a month.

  16. Travis says:

    Good new spadow. Now if only nexon of america would fix vista issues so I can actually fight bosses now.

    • Random Person says:

      Thats why windows XP was invented. Go to piratebay and torrent windows XP and install it on ur copmuter. The bossing issue will be no more with XP beive me on that one.

  17. artofbladez says:

    Hey Spadow i need help. I play KMS as well but for some reason when KMS has a patch (which it always does) and when the bar is full *thinking patch is done* and it says there was a problem and the mushroom house turns into like a folder that looks like the maplestory setup thing and i dont want to redownload everything everytime KMS has a patch……. and it used to work when i turned my computer memory to the last date it worked till today……. (BTW i dont live in korea) how can i fix this? im desperate to get my slasher to 100 PLZ HELP!

    • artofbladez says:

      another thing is when i try to download the setup it says it failed to do so…. T.T is there no way i can play? unless i go to korea? cause i wont go to korea untill like Maple 8th anniversary or something

  18. Chessfan says:

    What is the drop rate for the new mysterious mastery books?

  19. Koffie says:

    Can you also finish Balrog PQ without any DC & graphic glitches now?

  20. Cyrus says:

    whats up with the police image?

    • MizuMelody says:

      lol, consider it a photographic representation of the T_T; emoticon. It’s there to poke fun at the fact that the DB died moments before obtaining the items he was there to get in the first place XD

  21. confused says:

    Hi Spadow.

    I thought that you can wear and equip more than 1 Angelic Bless Rings? If you were to wear 3 of those rings: total buff of +3 to all stats , +90 charms EXP, 90 avoid and accuracy, as well as a mad 15 MA and WA buff! O_o why did you sell it? After wearing those 3 rings, you just have to pray hard and hunt the Dark Angelic Bless ring for the remaining 1 slot to gain that +6 to all, and 10 WA /MA! (since only 1 dark angelic bless ring can be worn anyway). no?

    And based from the Time temple completed quest up there, it did not add your Sense trait.. so does it mean only select quests give Sense boost? Did anyone discover other ways to increase Sense other than by herbalism? ><

    • Spadow says:

      You cannot wear more than one Angelic Bless ring nor equip it in conjuction with the Dark Angelic Bless ring.
      I think only certain quests can give you Sense points. The main way to increase Sense is through herbalism.

      • NotATree says:

        Do quests ever give personality points other than Sense? If you remove the Angelic Bless ring, do you lose the 30 charm?

  22. Question? says:

    I’ve killed over 4000 mushmoms looking for the ZMM card. Haven’t found it.

  23. Brandon says:

    Dear Spadow,

    Can you make a post describing the roles of a dark knight post chaos?
    I’m lacking motivation and want to know if we’re still heavily used for bossing.

    • NotATree says:

      I think it would be more helpful if he makes a post describing the roles of several different classes after Chaos. (Specifically different Adventurer roles.) Not that many people on Maplestory are DKs.

    • Ghost says:

      He posted the skill changes a long time ago, the skills are also located on southperry if you can’t find it here.

      There’s really not much difference with the classes except for the legends and DB. Don’t expect any significant change to come with the Chaos patch (especially the first one, which is only a bunch of skill changes…)

  24. MizuMelody says:

    lmao @ the irony of the DB XD. And do Secret Mastery books only become a skillbook usable by the class who reveals it, or can it become any one of the many, many skillbooks in the game? I’m hoping it’s class-exclusive; that would make it much easier to obtain necessary skill books rather than strenuously grinding on one particular mob for possibly several hours…

    Oh, and one more question. Sorry to draw attention to a concept you probably already covered, but I think you said the medals from LHC only drop from the boss? If so, then would you know how many medals Leon drops per run?

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  26. GOGO says:

    wait what???
    all mastery books are random now???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. s0meb0dy says:

    Hey Spadow,

    I hope you had fun on that week, too bad the skill book are random… and gratz on the 30M for the recipe.

    And why did you dropped the “Bless of the Onyx 20”? you could make milions of that…

    Also, I find somthing wierd, why in the first pic. he got +275 charm EXP and in the second pic. he didn’t?

  28. Peter says:

    Hey spadow what do you think would be a good level for a db to solo zak? Oh also I don’t use windows vista 7 but I can’t patch! It started doing this after super fight patch. WTH. Oh and what do you think about
    this godly bishop i found? This guy does
    godly damage! I mean seriously 1.5 MIL DAMAGE WITH BIGBANG and funds? I’m continuing my…… waait….. funds? I am so not continuing my cleric.

    • Random Person says:

      Is the exp at LHC accually worth it? It seems that u need a very high range to be able 2 kil the mobs in there fast enough. 56k exp per kil???

      • peter says:

        I hav no idea… Someone tell me if advanced knight is worth it.

        • Random Person says:

          UA becoming your main is not worth it, mainly jsut the amazing blessing it gives.

          Baiscly just make a UA then turn into a UA pally then get him 2 lvl 120 then ragequit and go to your main and start lvling with an even more nicer Blessing lvl.

          • Peter says:

            No I’m talking about training at advanced knights in door of the future. I’m wondering if the exp is better then lionheart.

  29. sammyaa says:

    Spadow umm what wordpress theme do you use im doing my own blog for maple beginner :D

  30. Patrick says:

    Nice masterybook system :)
    and the medal thing does indeed suck….
    lvl 57 killing lvl 132 monsters right…

    • Random Person says:

      The new mastery book system seems a little over powered. You could find the rarest mastery book (Maple Warrior 30) without going through the hard process of killing Pink Bean or Horntail.

  31. Michael says:

    Hey Spadow, have you heard that a team “beated” the Empire Cygnus?Well, their was a glitch since they pinned her down and didn’t let her summon her knights.You know anything about this?

  32. GOGO says:

    sweet i finbally know where to get that angelic ring!!!!
    anything new on the remaaining heroes
    im dying to know…!!!!!!

  33. Legend says:

    Hi Spadow, can u gv me ur skill build?i’m starting a pirate bt stil confusing about which skill to add

  34. rawvoltage says:

    With that Random Mastery Book thing, people will hog Zakum even more now. >:O

  35. Jett... says:

    Spadow or anyone actually….
    Can you guys please give me some advice on how to make money in kms…(BaM lvl 114)
    And where can I find lvl 100 Mage hat(black one)
    Thx if anyone knows

  36. Random Person says:

    I think that KMS has gone though 4 massive epic patches as GMS has gone through meerly just one patch. Another month for another patch :S.

  37. sammyaa says:

    Spadow i cant find anyway to contact you. i need your expertise on wordpress

  38. Peter says:

    Hey Spad do you think vipers should be buffed or nerfed? I’m not sure if I want to make one. I see lots of videos like this: but this guy looks insanely funded and I only hav about like 500k if I save up… ToT I don’t know what to do since I already got bored over a mech, Wildhunter , battle mage, and I tried every other adventurer besides the warriors… Any suggestions?

  39. wow you had a wild day,
    Im still in the mitz of killing 44 Zombie mushmoms ugh

    but that sounds fun making that ring

    hmmm if those books do that then I hope I get my maplewarrior 30 I cant wait to see more

  40. xlr8gambit says:

    I have a question regarding the mining profession skill.
    If a person chooses mining,can he or she refine ores and by himself or herself.Or do we still have to visit the refiners located in towns?

  41. SpadowSucksMe says:

    Spadow, you’re playing KMS illegally you don’t live in Korea so you bought a KMS ID to play. I’m so reporting you

  42. Crimson says:

    Hi may I ask you a few questions regarding blacksmithing ( I know you dont take blacksmithing but I hope you will be able to answer them )
    Can Blacksmith skill make items that is not your class? Like if I’m a thief can I make Warrior / Mage / Bowman / Pirate Equips?
    How many pieces of time is required for Reverse Weapon after Chaos Patch, Or is it the same?

  43. Brendon says:

    How do you make it drop phantom blow skill book??? i really want it

  44. Brendon says:

    because i kill zak 4-5 times it wont drop phantom blow skill book

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