KMS ver. 1.2.127 ~ New events and changes

Hey everyone. Yesterday the official server released a new patch which has an Attendance Check, Spring and Archaeologist event.
The Spring event was already available in the test server, but I didn’t explain it because you may know that overseas players have difficulty with patching their files.

You’ve already seen a preview of what we are getting this month. Technically, it’s in the official server now. There are new changes that I haven’t mentioned.

PvP in the Korean version has gotten a time limit now. In the test server, PvP opened at 3 PM until 8 PM.
This is changed to 5 PM until 10 PM Korean time in the official server.

The EXP for Survival and Team Match mode has been increased by 10% and 30% respectively.

Maps in certain areas (Ellinia, Sleepywood, Ludbrium, Korean Folk Town, Mu Lung, Aqua Road) have been restructured for comfortable hunting. The level restriction for the Sleepywood dungeon has been removed. Before, the level restriction was 50 or higher.

[Heavens of Chryse]

[Lion King’s Castle]

The world map for Chryse and Lion King’s Castle has been added. Unfortunately there is no love for Dark Ereb and Future Henesys. ~_~;

The taxi in Ludibrium can now bring you to more maps instead of the Path of Time.
In this update, you can now travel to the Path of Time, Omega Sector, Korean Folk Town and Ellin Forest.

A taxi NPC has been added to Sleepywood which can bring you to the Another Door map.

Do you remember the elevator in Helios Tower? That annoying elevator where you have to wait minutes before the door opens.
Fortunately, Nexon changed that in this update.

Yup~ The elevator is now a portal and when you enter it, you need to wait 10 seconds. This is definitely better than waiting for the elevator door to open. Great?

I always want to raise my Craft personality trait. It’s a good trait which adds more success rate in scrolls. Level 50 Craft gives you 5% extra success rate and level 100 10%. Everyday you can only get up to 500 points for each personality trait.

I normally get +50 Craft for each plate that I make. However, in this update Nexon has changed the amount from 50 to 10…
Now I have to mine more for ores and make plates out of it. I don’t like this change, but I’m glad that my Craft level is 52.

In this entry, I’ve explained how this Attendance Check event works.
You collect 30 Grapes each day and give them to Cassandra to get a check mark. If you attended the event for 30 days, you can get a very good time-limited medal.

The Attendance Check event starts on March 1st for us.
The second event that we have in this update is the Spring Frog event.

All monsters in Maple World drop Frog Rocks. They drop very often.
I found a disadvantage upon collecting these rocks: you can only have up to 10 rocks in your inventory.

Frog Rock is a consumable item. If you double-click the rock, there is a chance to get an Awoken Frog.
You need to collect 50 Awoken Frogs for Cassandra. However, double-clicking the Frog Rock, won’t always give you an Awoken Frog. Sometimes you get nothing, but that’s okay though. The droprate is pretty good.

The reward is a frog hat. The hat is only available for 30 days though.

You get it if you complete Cassandra’s quest 36 times. You are allowed to complete the quest 5 times each day.
The stats on the frog hat: +5 STR, DEX, INT and LUK, +3 Weapon Attack/Magic, +40 Physical Defense and +30 Magic Defense, +5 Speed and +4 Jump. It has 0 slots and cannot be traded nor time extended.

In addition, new created characters will receive a Newbie package with a medal and Cash Items in it. New characters who reach level 30 and 50 will also receive packages with other goodies such as a medal and other Cash Items.

The last event is the Archaeologist event or also known as the Ancient Artifact Hunt.
I think most versions of MapleStory have held this event before.

The Ancient Artifact Hunt runs from February 24th to March 20th.
All monsters in Maple World will drop artifacts. Each artifact will net you points. Sometimes you get 2, 6 or 80 points.
Accumulated points can earn you rewards.

When you pick up an artifact for the first time, Gaga will explain the event for you and give you a permit.
The permit is required, because if you don’t have it, you won’t get a lot of points. This is to prevent botters to get a high score.

Score of 5000: 2011 Ancient Artifact Medal
Score of 30,000: 2011 Archaeologist Hat (available for 5 days)
Score of 40,000: 2011 Archaeologist Face Accessory (available for 5 days)
Score of 50,000: 2011 Archaeologist Glasses (available for 5 days)
Score of 100,000:  2011 Archaeologist Hat, Face Accessory, Glasses (permanent) – You can only choose one

Archaeologist Hat: +7 STR, DEX, INT and LUK, +30 Physical and Magic Defense, +50 MaxHP and MaxMP and +100 Charm EXP. Number of upgrades available: 10

Archaeologist Glasses: +2 STR, DEX, INT and LUK, +20 Physical and Magic Defense and +100 Charm EXP. Number of upgrades available: 3

Archaeologist Face Accessory: +3 STR, DEX, INT and LUK, +10 Physical and Magic Defense, +30 Accuracy and Avoidability and +100 Charm EXP.

There is a set bonus for when you wear all three 2011 Archaeologist equips:
2 set effect: +2 AllStat and +10 Speed and Jump
3 set effect: +3 AllStat and+100 MaxHP, maxMP

Each 10,000 score will give you a 2011 gift box. The gift box can give you rewards, such as, Secret Mastery Book, mounts, elixirs, items that increase your personality traits.

This is a medal that you can earn if you have a lot of artifact scores. The top 10 players with the highest score between 5 PM and 6 PM on Sunday will receive this permanent medal.

The 2011 Ancient Artifact Hunt Top 10 medal gives you the following:

+5 STR, DEX, INT and LUK
+100 MaxHP and MaxMP
+3 Weapon Attack and Magic
+150 Physical and Magic Defense
+15 Speed and Jump
+200 Charm EXP

When picking up an artifact, there is a small chance to get a free level up. (remaining EXP till next level)
Isn’t that awesome? I’m now level 155. I can’t wait to get another free level. ^^

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It's not who I am underneath... but what I do... that defines me.

66 Responses to KMS ver. 1.2.127 ~ New events and changes

  1. PunchOuth says:

    This is a great patch Spadow!!

  2. Blue says:

    Awesome! I wish gms were ahead of kms, but i guess that gives us the chance to get kinks worked out. I really want some of these events!

  3. ninjablack99 says:

    so with +200 Charm EXP how many days will u reach lvl 160?

  4. Sai says:

    Wow! I hope the artifacts give lvs in GMS… *drooool*

  5. Alilatias says:

    A free level-up? o_O

    Sheesh, the chance of that happening must be like 0.001% or something.

  6. sammya says:

    THANKS SPADOW!!! free lvl ups :D

  7. Danny says:

    Wow… I wanna free lvl up too… must be too rare

  8. rawvoltage says:

    Finally, they remove the waiting time on elevator. Those darn ships should be next. >.>

  9. NovaNuvaMS says:

    I like how they made traveling from place to place in Ludas lake easier

  10. TigerMan says:

    Dear Spadow,
    Remember you mentioned the World Tree and it being an important character in the anime? Well, i read the Korean maplestory comic books and the world tree is a large tree that rests in Sleepywood. It gathered space dust as a seed and the dust formed an island. Everybody hates the world tree because one day, spirits invaded the island and turned into monsters. She didn’t do anything to save the humans she loved (in the comic, the world tree unleashes a
    Secret Weapon and yes, the world tree is a woman). But the World tree is only important until book 10. Just to prove I’m Korean, I will say “World tree” in Korean. 세계수. I’m gonna include random facts from the comic (코믹 메이플스토리) that doesn’t appear in the game, and yes, the comic is actually sold in korean stores and it is the REAL COMIC of maplestory. Facts:
    Kyrin the pirate job instructor is a main character.
    You know the thief with the brown skull cap with goggles and an eyepatch and is one of the random characters on the website of Maplestory? He is Aruru (아루루), the pince of the Aquarium, and behind is eyepatch he has an eye with a cross in it.
    The toys from Ludibrium are actually GOOD guys.
    Dunas appears in a mechanic suit.
    Zakum gets pwned by a gigantic robot.
    Sorry if this is long… I’m a huge fan of maple… I’d appreciate it if you read this. Thnx!

  11. Knite says:

    Man I want that medal! hope it’s not too hard if it comes to gms

  12. Wow says:

    Wow, free level ups.
    It sounds like hunting artifacts will get you tons of levels AND items.
    Thanks for the update Spadow!

  13. Aralos says:

    For the free level up, it isn’t true, in the official server it gives 8% exp, and they are pretty rare.

  14. Mistah says:

    I just gotta say, you looked like a epic badass when you were on the elevator with your transformation and the ring effect.

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  16. Ghost says:

    The EXP increase in Super Fight makes up for it’s downtime (unless you play outside the U.S. time zone). But I don’t think that this time limit will hit GMS. KMS is more specialized to Korea while GMS deals with North
    America.Or at least the time-limit will be expanded by 2 or 3 hours.

    In changed maps, do you mean the number of maps in the area? The monsters in the maps? The structure of the maps? And/or the spawn rate of the maps? I really hope the spawn rate has increase, that’s pretty much the only reason I can think of off of my head why so many players in GMS head off to MP3 (and besides the boss).

    Maybe there is no map for Future Henesys/Ereve because there’s really no place to put it? A map reveals a space from one point in time, not from two points. Although they should be able to have it visible when you in the door to the future (the same goes for Altair Forest).

    The new taxi will be helpful for maplers to train in long distance and usually unpopulated places. But I don’t think that will be enough without some modifications towards the HP:EXP ratio and spawn rate.

    Do you know that max level to the Craft personality? That ability to increase scroll success is really helpful. At level 100 Craft you could always have success on a 60% vega’d scroll. Craft would also decrease the chance of blowing up an equip with a dark scroll (with level 100 Craft, a 30% scroll would have a 30% chance of blowing up instead of 35% and a 70% scroll would have a 10% chance of blowing up instead of 15%).

    Attendance Check and Spring Frog event seem worthless in my opinion. Why bother going though all that trouble for items that have no possibility to be permanent? It’s not worth the trouble unless it has long-term benefits.

    The Ancient Artifact Hunt is another story though, even though it is a long shot to get 300,000 points from it within the event period. The chance of getting a permanent item is worth the try. Also if you manage to get those 300,000 point within one week, you would have a chance to get the second medal. Is the first medal permanent and what are the stats on that medal? The free level-ups also make this a must-participate event.

    Overall, this patch isn’t bad if for something really big to come after it. I’m still excepting a very nice anniversary to come this year. Did you find out the level or anything else about the maple weapons or the anniversary? (even though you probably didn’t because you didn’t post it, it doesn’t hurt to ask before everyone does)

    • Spadow says:

      The maps have been restructured, meaning the map itself changed for better training.
      I would like to have a world map for Dark Ereb and Future Henesys, because Neo City is also in the future and there is a world map of Neo City.

      The max level for all personality traits is 100.

      The blue-ish medal is a medal you earn when you collect 5000 points. It has +1 to all permanently.
      And no, nothing new from the new Maple equipment came out in this patch.

  17. Christian says:

    sigh, KMS are getting all the fun. We’re stuck with boring old events like Red Envelopes, Valentines Day Boxes, and Golden Temple :(
    I can’t wait until the event comes on GMS

    • s0meb0dy says:

      So true :( and too bad it’s the same event every year, which makes the event little less exciting, I mean, after a couple of years someone will have a list of all the events that GMS repeats every year, and KMS get new event with better things, and we go out with a piece of trash…

  18. Christian says:

    sigh, KMS are getting all the fun. I’m stuck with boring old events from GMS.

  19. jeffrey says:

    ikr; and gms really needs 2 ban all these wh hackers

  20. mune0106 says:

    Are there any new info on the new jobs yet?

  21. Killmeplsok says:

    *Look at the login screen*, Aren’t those toads from Thailand maps?

  22. greennov1 says:

    there was a level requirement for the sleepywood dungeon?

  23. MapleRocks says:

    Free level ups?

  24. Anonymouse says:

    Spadow what are ore/plate prices like now after Chaos? Are plates/ores more expensive or less expensive now?

    I’m wandering if I should sell mine before we get Chaos in GMS.

    • Alilatias says:

      Considering that ores no longer drop from monsters after Big Bang, and crafting/jewel making appears to use a large variety of jewels and plates… I would think that they’re more expensive. Like a lot more expensive.

      I recall Spadow mentioning in a previous entry that Gold ores especially have become quite valuable. Something about needing hundreds of plates (might not all be Gold) in order to max your mining/crafting skill, I think. Plus, there’s the Craft personality trait…

    • Ghost says:

      From what Alilatias said, buy now, sell later.

  25. Eclipser says:

    OMFG free level up?!?!?!
    That’s the best thing ever!
    But its probably something like 0.20% chance.
    Which is not very bad.
    That means that you have a big chance of leveling up on every 500 artifacts.

    • Ghost says:

      .2% seems too high, imagine if someone tries to get all permanent items in one week because they also want to get the top artifact medal. They would need to collect 300,000 artifact points in a week. And if the player gets a level up from every 500 he picks up, then he would get 6000 level ups.

      However I vaguely remember that you can get multiple points from one artifact. But if I remember right (I’m not entirely sure) the max points you can get from 1 artifact is 100 points. So if the player gets a level up from every 500 artifacts while getting max points per artifact, the player would receive 60 levels by the time he can afford to get all 3 permanent equips. And that is too many levels for Nexon to give out so easily.

      • Eclipser says:

        I said there is a chance in very 500 artifacts.
        Not that you can 100% lvl up from 500 artifacts

        • Ghost says:

          At the same time you can say that someone will get 2 or more level ups from 500 artifacts. At average it’s 1 level up 500 with .2% chance.

          • anthony says:

            im pretty sure the probabilty is not cumulative, each time you pick it up it is a new event. .2%(if thats the probabilty) chance each time picking it up. it won’t get easier as you keep going.

      • Wisdom says:

        600 level ups*


  26. Wow thats an eye full
    and thank you for the updates,

    I was about to ask about future ereve and Henesys
    How much exp they give there?

    Basic amounts or Castle LionHeart amounts?

    Also when it comes to item making I was wondering?

    Can you trade over the android and potions and if so are some only though accounts?

    And they are STILL doing the artifacts hunt event?

    I can’t wait to see more about these changes

  27. Axxez says:

    Congrats, Spadow! :) And thanks for the update!

  28. Peter says:

    Man i love your blog. You could write a book on this game Also is dark cygnus knight exp hp ratio high?
    I saw a godly drk there and he got INSANE exp. He got exp like my lvl 82 db!

  29. GOGO says:

    just wondering
    whenever i reach 300 artifacts
    it stops letting me pick up more… i pick um up but nothing gets added to the /1000……
    slow beggining to the year it certainly has been……………………………………….
    IAN IS COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  31. Fan says:

    Would be pretty annoying if you were at 99.99%, picked up an artifact that gave a free level.

  32. OMFG TOO MUCH INFORMATION… anyways thnx on keeping up with the posts
    and i wish you luck to get another free lvl as soon as possible
    (srry if i had grammar errors, im mexican :P)

  33. Scott says:

    This would be much better if I wasn’t hacked and all my characters were deleted yesterday

  34. s0meb0dy says:

    Y-O-U S-A-I-D F-R-E-E L-E-V-E-L U-P???
    WHAT THE FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF-Censored- but I’m sure that chance is around the 0.01%, (if not, less)
    With the big bang, it made 4th job leveling WWW-AAA-YYY slower than before, and now if you are really in the last levels and very bad you might get only 5%~10% per hour which sucks, and it’s 10~20 hours to level and let’s say you 150 and get 10% per hour it’s 10 hours to level * 50 level left it’s 10*50… which equals… 500 hours to 200 0_0 it’s like… 20 days and 20 hours without stopping for washroom (LOL, or I’ll add about hour for that… and SO tired which is plus… 10 days?)

    Also, gratz on 155 spadow, only 45 more levels to go (or 450 hours… which is 18 days and 18 hours 0_0)

    And, what is that mean “The EXP for Survival and Team Match mode has been increased by 10% and 30% respectively.”? it means in survival you get now +10% and in team match +30%

    The frog hats looks very cute :3 too bas it has no slots and available only for 30 days…

  35. TigerMan says:

    Has anyone noticed Sulhee (Dual blade) and her assistant cheerleading in the background of the Battle Square/ PvP place? And the alien and the bear arm wrestling? And that guy with the guitar (I remember him, not his name, though.) smacking the Remember in the face? And the mad scientist who half activated a block golem? And Gaga watching everything? And how in the Pink Bean map for PvP Pink Bean is chillin’? Are all the monsters and NPCs on a break or something? Watching players kill each other like gladiators? I dunno, but the way Sulhee cheerleads is REAL enthusiastic. (sarcasm)

  36. D0raemon says:

    Hahaha the annoying elevator, MSEA players have been complaining about it too.

  37. Jett... says:

    Why is it that whenever I pick up 300/1000
    I can’t pick up anymore…….. Like I can pick them up bit they don’t get added to my /1000 list..,..

  38. GOGO says:

    well the spawn in sleepywood has been slaughtered
    remember how you would go to the place with the lvl 52 drakes……
    well the map is 10 times smaller and with 1/9 of the spawn

  39. Peter says:

    I think the reason they slaughtered it is because maybe nexon wanted godly funded lvl 44 mechs to slaughter the drakes so people would try to miracle cube guns 100 times to make a mech?

  40. s0meb0dy says:

    Hey spadow,

    Thanks for posting this, too bad KMS getting fun event with better thing and GMS go out with a little piece of trash… and event that repeat them selves every year :(

    And what is that mean “The EXP for Survival and Team Match mode has been increased by 10% and 30% respectively.”? you mean from now on survival gives +10% and team match gives +30%?

    Also, I think it’s useless that they removed the minimum level at dungeon, because the levels below 50 don’t have anything to do there anyway… maybe expect killing the drakes, but they will miss more than levels 50+ does…

    • Rashid says:

      If you think GMS is bad, then wait till you try the other versions. ._. /Ex-SEA player

      • s0meb0dy says:

        Just to tell you, I just HATE servers that don’t have dojo, it’s the best PQ (or solo PQ) EVER! it’s the only place that I can have fun all the way to 200 I just LOVE it <3
        If a server don't have dojo, I would never try it, and I don't know how to sign in so… and just from what you saying, it's sounds really boring.
        ONE THING that everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) knows it's that KMS gets all the fun. other version are just ****ed…

        I wish I was korean and I had a korean number, understand korean, and be able to sign up to KMS, the ONLY version that getting the REAL fun.

  41. Random Person says:

    Isnt 1 isntant lvl a little too powerful? Some one can reach like lvl 170-200 easly within that patch o_o.

    I think you forgot 2 add all the drooling in this post, it really needs it.

  42. reader says:

    Free level up? 0.o Even 8% would be very large for high lvl players (190+)

    • s0meb0dy says:

      I think sometimes to get 8% takes a HOUR to get, so 100% is 12.5 times this… so it’s 12.5 hours? so… it’s AWSOME, JUST AWSOME

  43. AdianGuns says:


  44. Karma says:

    Take Out It’s Raining Mines Skill For WH There Problem solved :P

  45. Shiki says:

    The first thing that came to my mind when I saw the frogs and the hat is… GEKOTAN!

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