KMST V371 ~ New events & New changes

Hey folks!

Nexon released a new test server patch on the 17th. New events & new changes. Nothing drool worthy.
Well.. There is something to drool about… But I will tell you that later~

In this update, they’re preparing for two new events. One event is already in progress and the other event will start later. The latter event is known as the Archaeologist event.
This event is known to me and this is probably the 4th or 5th time that I’ve joined this event.

Furthermore, there are new world maps available, PvP changes and something to drool about…

Let’s start with the new Cash Shop items. There are 8 new cash items, which two of them are effects where you have to choose a hotkey to turn the effect ON or OFF.

▲ The first effect item is the Shining Star and the second Winter Wonderland. I like the Winter Wonderland effect!

The first event is the Attendance Check event. This sort of event has already been held in MapleStory, but this time, you need to do something else with a new item.

Cassandra asks you to collect 30 Grapes from monsters.

[I collect all the Grapes!]

When you have all 30 Grapes, head back to Cassandra to mark your attendance for the day you completed the quest.
I completed the quest on the 18th on Friday, that’s why you see a grape next to the 17 and 19.

After that, Cassandra will give you a box with something in it. I opened this box and I got 20 melting cheese…
The rewards from this box are crap, but I expect to see different rewards when this hits the official server.

… There’s more!

You will get another award when you attended the event for:

3 days, 12 days and 21 days Grapes Belt (7 days): REQ LV: 13, +2 Weapon Attack/Magic, +50 Physical and Magic Defense, +300 HP and MP + Grape Aura + a scroll that lets you move between continents

6 days, 15 days and 24 days Grapes Pendant (7 days): REQ LV: 13, +5 STR, DEX, INT, LUK, +50 Physical and Magic Defense + Grape Aura + Fatigue Drink

9 days, 18 days and 27 days: Grapes Earring (7 days): REQ LV: 13, +3 Weapon Attack/Magic + Grape Aura + Scroll

30 days: Attendance Check Ending Medal (30 days): REQ LV: 13, +7 STR, DEX, INT, LUK, +5 Weapon Attack/Magic, +200 HP and MP

The Grape Aura is a +20 attack buff that lasts for 30 minutes.
Pretty nice rewards, right? Unfortunately they are all time limited and cannot be extended.

The next is the 2011 Archeologist event. You probably know this event where you have to collect ancient artifacts and try to get in the top 10 to get prizes.
This event hasn’t started in Tespia yet, but I can already share the available prizes.

There are three new Archeologist items. A hat, a face accessory and glasses.

2011 Archaeologist Hat: REQ LV: 13, +5 STR, DEX, INT, LUK, +30 Physical and Magic Defense, +50 HP and MP and 100 Charm EXP
2011 Archaeologist Glasses: REQ LV: 13, +3 STR, DEX, INT, LUK, +1 Weapon Attack/Magic, +20 Physical and Magic Defense and 100 Charm EXP
2011 Archaeologist Face Accessory: REQ LV: 110, +3 STR, DEX, INT, LUK, +10 Physical and Magic Defense, +30 Accuracy and Avoidability and 100 Charm EXP

[2011 Archaeologist Set]

When all 3 items are equipped, you receive a set bonus.
2 set effect: +3 AllStat and +10 Speed and Jump
3 set effect: +5 AllStat, +100 MaxHP, maxMP and +5 Weapon Attack/Magic

That seems to be a promising set. I want it for my Charm personality trait. That’s 300 Charm right there!
The weapon attack bonus is also very nice. But the real question remains: will it be hard to get these items?

I found something in this update that really annoyed me. ▼

This is the NPC that lets you enter any mode of PvP. Today in the test server, he says that Super Fight is closed. It will open at 3 PM until 8 PM Korean time.
It annoys me because Nexon decides to put a time limit on this kind of content, but at the same time I don’t really care since PvP sucks for me anyway because I’m playing overseas.

Ice Knight Mode now requires 4 players instead of 10. That is a great improvement. When I’m trying to play Ice Knight, a lot of patience is required because currently 10 players as a requirement is no good.

The world maps have changed.

[Heavens of Chryse]

[Lion King’s Castle / Lionheart Castle]

I appreciate more world maps, because I think MapleStory definitely needs more. But why the hell isn’t there a world map of Ellin Forest and more importantly Dark Ereb and Destroyed Future Henesys? I really hope they add the world map for the latter maps.

In the beginning of this post, I said that there might be something to drool about. Here it is ▼

This is the 8th Anniversary Maple Staff! However, there is no level requirement, no stats and no slots.
Nexon is preparing for MapleStory’s 8th anniversary in April. So this equipment is not final yet.

I really hope the 8th anniversary will be a blast with huge events and huge content.
I’m already drooling as we speak.

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It's not who I am underneath... but what I do... that defines me.

49 Responses to KMST V371 ~ New events & New changes

  1. XgrantwallX says:

    That staff is indeed drool worthy, shame it won’t be in GMS anytime soon.

  2. Eric says:

    Oh boy, another attendance event. Exciting, except for the time-limited rewards BS.

    That staff would interest me more, but I’m growing ever more exasperated by Maple weapons in GMS these days.

  3. Pac says:

    is there any way to make the grape equips permanent?

  4. Kim Jong Il says:

    Why does Cassandra look different in KMS?

  5. Daikukuro says:

    The equips are time limited.
    But isn’t the medal permanent?
    Its somewhat like the evolving ring that came to.gms during big bang.

  6. Oderius says:

    I wonder about the 8th Anniversary Maple Staff, haha.

  7. glocker134 says:

    So basically, most of us will still consider the time traveler badge to be the best one out there… In fact, that medal looks like a limited lv 17 big bang ring, ignoring the lack of some stats.

    And let’s hope for lv 120+ maple weapons?

  8. Random Person says:

    Enough drooling for a while, lets get on with the updates in GMS, but we’ll just drool more. Honesty i don’t think theres any end to drooling for some people in this game.

  9. must…get…that…staff…

  10. Escy says:

    Im drooling hoping their will be knucklers , pole arm or even Claws!! 030……………..

  11. Elmi says:

    The staff isn’t really that ‘good’ looking ….

    Does anyone know if the Archealogist Equips are Permanent?

  12. Jett... says:

    Must have that staff…….
    Any news on hero?
    Thx spadow

  13. Zakumthe2nd says:

    I’m just waiting for nexon to annnounce the next hero, I’m tired of all these minor patches T.T

  14. Ghost says:

    So PvP will only be open during peak hours? That’s gonna lead to high congestion in the main servers. Although it’s sorta reasonable since it give more exp than anything else. Perhaps they could just decrease the exp and BP gained during non-peak hours instead.
    The grape event any other event is useless if you can’t obtain permanent equips.
    Maple Equips with no level requirement, no stats and no slots? Either the coding is incomplete or the future maple weapons will be upgraded differently than the traditional method, also the staff looks terrible imo.

  15. Bergamot says:

    (음… 영어가 좀 짧아서 말이죠;;)

    스태프는 떡밥일수도ㅋ

    and, Level.200 beginner… (Runsd’s Blog)

  16. snowpaum says:

    항상 잘 보고 갑니다^^ 이걸 보니 갑자기 한국메이플이 하고싶어 지는군요 ㅠㅠ

  17. john says:

    omfg that staff looks so amazing i want it i hope we also get it in gms for the anniversary

  18. Giraflare says:

    What’s “Grape Aura” Spadow? o.O

  19. Michael says:

    XD The Grapes look really cute! Anyone else agrees? ^^

  20. crapsode says:

    just how exactly do you get a maple wep???
    more so the new staff?…
    must have that staff!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Roxas says:

      Hey spadow. can i ask you something?
      did yu ever play gms like in 05,or 06?

      becuz i have yu as a friend on my dit from those years.
      and well you never logged in after a few days so i just wanted to know if that was you or not.
      thanks :3

  21. mazimo says:

    Did the orbis tower become lower?

  22. Alias says:

    I can’t see anything changed on the map.

  23. Wowie!
    Pink winged shoes?

    also I was wondering how Orbis and ElNath will look after Cheryse and Castle Lionheart came to be

    thank you

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  25. Person says:


  26. Person says:

    Guises, Spadow isn’t korean.

  27. ND92 says:

    That set of arch equips.. Those are great! Is the event the same as before? :/ You have to no life the game to secure a set. They should do it differently..

  28. Byakumaru says:

    Something tells me that in the future, job masters will be replaced by Barrow, Gallus, Nina and Anji. Just a matter of time i guess

  29. Ghost says:

    This is pretty disappointing considering we haven’t seen anything good from KMST in over a month…..

  30. MapleRocks says:


  31. Jake says:

    whered u get the eye for ur brawler????

  32. Jason Wang says:

    Spadow, you’re awesome and I really thank you for all your info and stuff. BTW, i love your equips from the other post ;D. I play GMS, and I would like to ask, can I name one of my characters SpadowKMST in tribute to you? I’ve already created him, but I would like to ask your highness’s opinion (XD) before I continue on him.
    So can I use him?

  33. sjaak says:

    wajoo there is a lv 200 Beginner

  34. Hen says:

    Anyone else think those stave look like guitars? Just saying.

  35. Annoymous says:

    Can you pick multiple professions or no

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