KMST V369 ~ Minor changes

A small patch was released in the test server. There’s no sign of new content yet.  A couple of PvP skills were adjusted for balancing reasons.
These changes in this patch were already implemented in the ver. 1.2.125 patch in January.
Changes like the reduction of the ice energy for the Ice Knight’s skills and updated skill icons.

New cash items in the Cash Shop ▼

MapleStory Korea will celebrate its 8th anniversary in 11 weeks.
I’ve got a feeling that this anniversary is gonna be big.

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46 Responses to KMST V369 ~ Minor changes

  1. Wadalite says:

    Yeah, not many new things but the new skill icons look pretty cool :P

  2. Jizz in ma pants says:

    Yeah the new icons look secksy as hell.

  3. Peter says:

    Man this blog is useful… The Hyper Body icon looks sexy Oh, and btw can you meet Neinheart in Future Ereve? I wonder what he’d look like if he was even OLDER. LOL

  4. Elmi says:

    yay for new strafes :D

  5. Axxez says:

    NICE!!! The bad thing is, that I can’t play KMS right now…. Something comes up while downloading the patch…. Maybe I have to reinstall?

  6. Jarrett says:

    the new icons look cool ;)
    but.. can anyone tell me what the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and last icon skills are i haven’t really played bowman or pirate lol
    i think the 3rd might be from the i/l mage skills

    • Ulin207 says:

      I don’t mean to come across as rude, but not one of those skills are bowman skills. The second one is F/P Mage’s Element Composition, third is Thunder Spear I/L Mage skill, you’re right about that, while the 4th is I/L Mage’s Element Composition. XD

      Last skill is Flamethrower, an outlaw skill.

  7. Ghost says:

    Spadow I know you told us some of these already but can you respond to which maker items will be still used/useless in Chaos? (I put this in your last blog but i’m you don’t backtrack that far)

    Monster Crystals
    Gems (leveled plates and jewels)
    Magic Powders
    Etc/Equipable maker items

    Also it seems too soon for KMST to release content for the 8th anniversary, 11 weeks is almost 3 months. I expect as least once patch with content before then.

    • Alilatias says:

      Monster Crystals – Useless. New types of monster crystals are used.
      Gems and Plates – Seems to be very useful. Hold onto the ores, and do not refine them. It appears that you need less ores to refine after Chaos patch, meaning that you’ll have a lot more gems and plates when refining after the Chaos patch, as opposed to refining them now.
      Strengthened Gems – Useless.
      Magic Powders – Still used.
      Stimulators – No idea.
      Etc/Equippable Maker items – No idea.

      On the subject of the anniversary… Sheesh. It’s almost been a year already?

      It actually feels like we’re slightly overdue for a new job, considering all that has happened since Big Bang. Guild revamp and Ultimate Adventurers, Lionheart Castle and party EXP bonus, Chryse, Chaos/Balancing, Chaos/Professions, Chaos/Time Temple Expansion, Chaos/PvP…

      I mean, what else can they do now, besides working on the next Hero/Legend? (Maybe a Level 80+ theme dungeon?)

      • GOGO says:

        peut-etre un hero?!!!
        maybe a god damned HERO ALLREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • guy says:

        well GMS has this event where players can write down a quest line or pq and if some thing is extra it might get implemented, i get the feeling this is not GMS exclusive

  8. Patl says:

    OMG, that new Cash Shop Item looks like the hairpiece Kim Tae Hee (Famous Korean actress) wore in the drama “My Princess”!!

    Anyways, thanks for your update again, Spadow! I look forward to each post and the new skill images look quite spiffy!

  9. Nostalgia xD says:

    Heh, I know this is gonna make me sound like some creepy nostalgia nerd, but I’m really going to miss the old skill icons. They’ve been with us since the beginning, and as someone who came back to MS after a longgg hiatus, they were my only connections to the past.

    Bye old icons :) Gonna miss you.

  10. Alilatias says:

    Hey Spadow, a new KMST patch just came out like 15 minutes ago, assuming SouthPerry’s Notify function isn’t glitching up again or Nexon didn’t bork anything. What’s up this time?

  11. xBoy says:

    I love you sooo much spadow. How old are you? Maybe we can get together some time ;)

  12. escy says:

    HEy spadow Just wondering. I love Vipers just like you do. But in KMS do Vipers still have i-frame and invincibility. Such as dragon dacing. Sorry if this comment is off topic. It would be irritating if it is gone.

    • Random Person says:

      On GMS, DS never had i-frames. But how ever demolition and barrage still had i-frames, i belive the only skill they removed i-frames for was corkscrew.

      • Lian says:

        Thats sad…. The most important i -frame skill was CSB T.T

        • Random Person says:

          Indeed, but they made it so it hits 6 mobs, a very good improvment, but also i didn’t really care about i-frames removed from CSB, because they put i-frames on backspin and put such a low cooldown on it so that when u spam it you can almost never be hit and stun mastery takes action ever time as long as u don’t miss.

  13. rawvoltage says:

    8th Anniversary sweet!! :D

  14. suhun says:

    Yay time for anniversiry

  15. greennov1 says:

    i like the new animations
    the way i usually remember the gMs anniversary is cuz my bday is like RIGHT before or at the beginning of it XD

  16. Random Person says:

    The icons aren’t looking too bad, accually they look pretty cool. But not much changed =\.

  17. kh26 says:

    Yay, cool new strafe and PvP got balanced, can’t wait for it to come to GMS.

    • Random Person says:

      Me either, my brother is bitching at me cause im playing a game w/ no PvP. I’m kinda erritated from it but when summer comes, ill be read ;]

  18. xros says:

    Spadow n other kms players, in your opinions what is the best choice for alchemist skills since we only allow to have 2? thanks

    • crapsode says:

      u HAVE to pick herbalism…..
      it forces ypou….. for alchemist


      • xros says:

        ops, sorry i think my question got abit blur, I shouldn’t say alchemist skills, what I mean is what is the best pick of two skills (technological age skills) for main character? thanks

        • heyy says:

          alchemy-potion(int,dex,str…potion)-(giant potions)-(def potions)-matk,watk potions)
          jewlist-rings, belts,earing, shoulder pads….
          blacksmith-lvl 30(ithink)to 130 equips…

  19. Vic` says:

    What a nice blog!
    Imma visitor from Malaysia =P

  20. I like the icons and Holy Arrow and bless looks cool too
    I cant wait to see what KMS is doing for their 8th

    GMS is soon to have the 6th if I heard correctly.

    Err Spadow? I dont wanna sound like a spammer or so

    but can you take a look at my blog?
    I would like some pointers and tips and critical views?

    Also I like that Peacock tail

  21. Firemage says:

    Hmm…I’m not too sure about the icon for Elemental Comp. There’s barely any contrast between the red and pink. They should’ve kept the second color green, or made it purple (since that’s the other color for poison in MS). Oh well, I only use Comp for the glitched (or has it been fixed?) DoT stacking anyway. :P

    I don’t see many mages (I/L and F/P) in your videos or in any other videos from KMS. Are mages rare in KMS or is it just a coincidence? I used to see a lot of I/L Archmages in GMS but they’re pretty rare these days…however, I have seen more F/P Wizards and Mages, so it’s nice knowing I’m not the only F/P in the game. :3 Maybe we’ll get a useful multi-hit spell so we aren’t crippled by the damage cap in later levels…

  22. Somedude says:

    The hyperbody reminds me of ifrit :P

  23. Guy says:

    r any of the skill changes pirate or theif category?

  24. Solatoral says:

    What have they done to the strafe icon. :c

  25. TYQ says:

    hey where did you get that hair?

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