Level 30 Insight

I’ve reached level 30 Insight today! ^^
The level of Insight can be raised by mining and identifying potentialed items. The latter gives more points.

Insight is a personality trait from the new personality system from the Chaos update. If you have Mining as a profession skill, then it will be no problem raising Insight because each time you mine something, you gain +5 Insight and mining only consumes 1 fatigue point.

The Insight personality trait doesn’t give you a nice buff, but it does give you an addition if you reach it to a certain level.
Insight gives you more accuracy and avoidability. However, if you reach level 30…


Yes! That’s a magnifying glass used for identifying potential items. Because I have reached my Insight to 30, I don’t have to buy the Basic Magnifying Glasses anymore because I can just click on this blue button and it will turn my cursor into a magnifying glass.

This is my current status of my profession skills and personality traits.
I have almost reached the max level for Mining. 11700 skill mastery is required. It takes some time, but I’ll get there.

My Jewel Crafting skill is at level 7. Jewel Crafting is really easy to level up if you saved a lot of ores and crystals or if you have a lot of money, so that you can buy it.
Event quests for the profession skills have ended three days ago. One of the event quests was that you had to reach your Jewel Crafting to level 5 to get a free drink that reduces you fatigue by 30 and a face accessory recipe.

If you reach level 4, you will get a recipe for the Angelic Bless Ring. Before the event quests ended, people who managed to reach level 10 got a free recipe to make the Dark Angelic Bless ring, but apparently you can’t get it anymore. This sucks, because I can really use the +10 weapon attack and +6 to all stats from it.

My Charisma is level 30, Sense level 1, Insight level 30, Will level 12, Craft level 38 and Charm is level 14.
If you look at the image above, you can see the small box. The small box says you get 85 accuracy and avoidability and the first phase of the magnifying glass.

The first phase means you can identify items up to level 30 with the Basic Magnifying Glass. I think that if you want to have the Premium Magnifying Glass, you need level 100 Insight. Not sure on this one though.
But if I ever reach level 100 Insight, I’ll get back to you. ;-)

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It's not who I am underneath... but what I do... that defines me.

89 Responses to Level 30 Insight

  1. Bandltcorp says:

    very INSIGHTFUL blog post [:

  2. glocker134 says:

    Everytime I read about Chaos, it’s like when I first read about Big Bang: I want it. Now. And knowing that you can have the magnifying glass skill? Even more!

  3. greennov1 says:

    this is even better than BB
    at least chaos didn’t switch maps
    i log on after i patch bb and i was in henesys and i was like HOLY **** WUT HAPPENED TO HENESYS
    almost literally
    also like bandltcorp said
    very INSIGHTFUL blog post [:

  4. Lamato says:

    I can’t wait for this to come to gMS…

  5. JackIsBack says:

    I noticed your pickaxe is highlighted, does that mean you don’t need to equip it but instead there is a hotkey to mine?

    Also, would you recommend I make my main a jeweler or blacksmith?

    Does my level effect what level items I can create, or do I just need the recipe? (So I can make my Cygnus a blacksmith/Jeweler :P)

    Thank you Spadow! Your posts are very helpful :)

  6. msupdate says:

    This is really interesting. I can’t wait to try all this out for myself.

  7. Erk McDerk says:

    cool! thanks so much spadow.
    On the inventory there are a bunch of grey buttons next to the magnifying glass. What are they for?

  8. Anonymouse says:

    Spadow what are you going to do when you reach max Mining level? What is the point of continuing to Mine if you don’t get any more points for it?

    • harel says:

      the main point of mining is getting ores and other ingredients for crafting

    • Spadow says:

      Continue with mining because I will need the refined jewelry to raise the level of Jewel Crafting.

      • Anonymouse says:

        Spadow since ores and crystals dont drop from monsters and can only be got through Mining have you seen an increase in their prices?

        • DAggers says:

          Oh my goat, is it really that ores and crystals do not drop from mobs anymore?
          I just noticed this:
          *Mining is essential for Jewel Crafting because you need to make plates from ores. The only way you can get ores and crystals is through Mining.*

  9. Takebacker says:

    >30 insight to get BASIC magnifying glass

    Alright, insight totally not worth getting at all then.

    • harel says:

      insight gives more than just potential revieling

      • Takebacker says:

        Accuracy and avoid. HOLY FUCKING SHIT THAT’S SO USEFUL.

        • Ghost says:

          Don’t expect the accuracy/avoid system to be stable yet… it could get worse than post-BB

          • Takebacker says:

            I can guarantee one thing though: I’ll have enough of it to hit whatever i need to. If anything my miss rate on grandpa will go down a ton, same for PB. Not that i ever PB or plan to.

          • Ghost says:

            Well it’s not the same for everyone else.

          • Takebacker says:

            Please tell me when i was in any way talking GENERALLY. I was talking about it being useless FOR ME. Assuming isn’t nice.

          • Ghost says:

            So you want us to assume that your first post was directed at yourself? Because I don’t see any “I”s or “me”s in it

    • dante9898 says:

      its not like you can avoid getting insight at all if you went for the mining profesion O.o

      • Takebacker says:

        You can avoid wasting time on leveling it and go for something more beneficial though.

        • Whavid says:

          if you avoid mining then you also avoid jewel crafting and blacksmithing….which isn’t smart since jewel crafting is the most useful occupation on there. You can’t just walk over to an NPC and pick up a decent ring or shoulder pad unless its for an event…in which case you have a limited amount of days so GG sir :]

          • Takebacker says:

            I never said i would NEVER mine/do activities that increase insight, i said i would avoid CONSTANTLY DOING THOSE THINGS for the SOLE REASON of getting more insight. I will get my dark angelic ring and then ditch the job for something else that would help me out.

            Stop trying to prove my own reasoning for my own fucking character wrong please. Good fucking game.

  10. killsymphony says:

    spad0w, plz stop makin posts! u suck

    • Hanabira.Kage says:

      So you’re better than he is, then? How about you make your own MS blog, and prove that you’re at least as good as Spadow is?

      • SquishyGMS says:


        p/s: IM CRAZY

      • Alilatias says:

        …You know, I’ve begun to notice that some of the Spadow bashers always spell his name with a 0 instead of an o.

        Recently, I met someone in-game who mentioned that there was someone in GMS named Spad0w, and from the sounds of it, it’s someone with a pretty bad rep. I think he’s from the world of Bera (for reference, I’m a Windian). I’m beginning to suspect that this impostor is somehow piggybacking off the popularity of the real Spadow’s blog.

        • Spadow says:

          Sigh -I hope people know that the impostor in GMS is not the real me. I really hate it and I get sad when people do like that…
          And killsymphony, I honestly don’t care what you think of me. Please don’t spam on my blog anymore.

          • Random Person says:

            I dunno why would some one would insult Spadow, he’s helped me so much from his big bang posts o_o, Jerk’s these days? Not to mension so much more info about chaos.

          • Uh says:

            Hey you know you could make and alternative account and go on to c if there is any impostors,(which is close to impossible though).

  11. rawvoltage says:

    Wow free magnifying glasses?
    I’m liking the Insight trait :O

  12. Patrick says:

    Wow lvl 120 insight= free pot reveal :D?

  13. dante9898 says:

    I spy with my little eye that… Personality traits gets capped at 120?

    I see that each Hexagon means lvl 20 in that certain trait me thinks. 6×20=120 :D.

  14. Jett... says:

    Kinda of topic but
    Where can I ding the recipe for the angelic ring

  15. Anna says:

    Wahh. I wanna know more about alchemy and herbalism D: It’d be nice to know whether it’s worth getting it on my Evan…

    Thanks spadow :’D

  16. Banshee says:

    What advantages give you Alchemy Spadow? All I know from it is that it turns you into a giant but what can you benefit of it??

    • Hanabira.Kage says:

      Giant Potions make the player do more damage and jumping will shake the screen, dealing damage to all grounded enemies. In addition, monsters you land on take damage as well.

      Other than this (ultimately “just for fun”) potion, there are also potions that give like, +30 to STR/DEX/INT/LUK and the like.

      • MapleRocks says:

        That’s right.
        Also, there will be a lot of Alchemists, due the StatPots. Bet they’re gonna be on BIG sale?

        • Banshee says:

          Alright! thanks guys for letting me know! I still more curious about what other things can Blacksmith and Alchemist do.

  17. Hack says:

    These Chaos Update patch seems familar. Hmmm…A lot like WonderKing. Dual Blade was to some WK attacks. Nexon really are runnning out of ideas, but hey, nothing is original nowadays. I think the higher the Insight the better potentials you’ll get when cubing your equips. That’s just my hypothesis.

  18. Jesse says:

    Spadow, what are the best ores post chaos? I want to buy a ton of ores before chaos comes to GMS and I need to know which I should get. Thanks.

    • Spadow says:

      That’s difficult to tell. However, you will need A LOT of adamantium, topaz and golden plates to raise your Jewel Crafting skill.
      Lidium ores are important too for the Dark Angelic Bless ring.

      My advice is to get a lot of different ores and crystals and you’ll be all set when the profession skill system comes to GMS.

  19. UnderSkys says:

    Spadow can you equipe the Dark Angelic Ring with a lilin’s/Resistance’s ring?

  20. mune0106 says:

    I have a question for evan.
    Did they change anything about the Magic Shield?
    Thanks in advance.

  21. Zeasie says:

    Spadow, I want to ask you a question.
    Do you know what the word , Lionheart , means in Castle of Lionheart?
    Does it mean lion’s heart …..or someing else?


  22. Bawb says:

    Hey Spadow, i heard that the Android has random stats if this is true can you try posting some stats?
    I’m debating about whether or not to choose blacksmithing for the android or go for jewel crafting
    Thanks in advance.

  23. Gratz,
    Since I have alot of chars making things wont be so complex

    Ill have a BlackSmith/Miner for me, Jeweler for another, Herber for another and still have slots for other players but as long as I can send though storage I’ll take full advantage for this

    You make it look fun and I still love that effect

  24. JMRV says:

    Spadow, how difficult is the Dark Angelic Ring event? Can you estimate how many ores/plates I would need to get to level 10? My friends and I are preparing for this very early while ore prices are still down. Please answer, thanks in advance!

    • Spadow says:

      It wasn’t an event to begin with, but Nexon secretly took it out. I don’t know how many plates you need to get it to level 10, but you need a lot. I would say more than 100.

  25. GOGO says:

    any idea where i can find the rcipe for the dark/normal angelic ring

  26. HeyPros says:

    LionHeart map was for nothing.. no youtube vids about the fight only the same old battles :(

  27. greennov1 says:

    about the charisma
    does hunting bosses in mu lung dojo count too or do you have to find bosses in maps?

  28. NoPecsNoSex says:


    What is the effect behind you? The two empress kissing. What does it do and how do you get it?

  29. anonymous says:

    Hey Spadow, I was just wondering if you could tell me the boost you got with level 12 Will? That’d be great, thanks !

  30. alex says:

    nope i think ganna be a new job spadow its me MyMechXD

  31. Alilatias says:

    It’s been about two weeks since anything happened in KMST. I guess they’re taking a break, or they’re working on something major that we’ll hear about soon.

  32. ReadytoKill says:

    Spadow is there a potion you can make with alchemy that increases your hp? I have been hearing about that but there is no proof yet … so could you ask or find something about that?

  33. Ghost says:

    Spadow I know you told us some of these already but can you respond to which maker items will be still used/useless in Chaos?

    Monster Crystals
    Gems (leveled plates and jewels)
    Magic Powders
    Etc/Equipable maker items

  34. Xreniya says:

    what are those 2 girls floating up there?

  35. Uh says:

    not to be off topic but what is after a chaos patch. a new hero (bowman) possibly or something else?

  36. whatsupp says:

    probally, maybe they’ll be even more heros after chaos patch

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