KMS ver. 1.2.125 ~ Ice Knight & Lunar New Year

Three days ago the Ice Knight patch was released in the official server. Much faster than I expected, but I don’t mind fast content.
In the test server, the Ice Knight was pretty easy to beat but it’s different now because the Ice Knight is stronger in the official server.

Not only Ice Knight was added, we got a bunch of Lunar New Year events which makes this patch a lot more better.

It’s the Year of the Rabbit, so that’s why you see giant bunny in the world selection screen along with characters wearing hanbok. (traditional Korean clothing).

Let’s start with Ice Knight! I’ve got the Ice Knight mode pretty much explained in this blog entry. But I’ll explain it again.
The new Ice Knight mode from PvP can be played when there are 10 people in the map. Sometimes players hate waiting for others, so they just leave the channel.

When the match starts, there is a time limit of 7 minutes. One player will be randomly transformed into the Ice Knight and the other players will be known as the Challengers.

The Ice Knight can win or the Challengers. In the test server, it was easy to defeat the Ice Knight but the tables have turned in the official server.
I’m an overseas player and since PvP is realtime, I do have trouble with some issues like lag. But playing as the Ice Knight was pretty fun, though  the people didn’t want to be killed and wanted the match to end as soon as possible.

The Ice Knight has a special ‘ice gauge’ where the player can earn ice energy by attacking the Challengers.
If the ice gauge gains ice energy, the Ice Knight can use special abilities.

▲ Ice Chop [Command:  ↓ + attack key]
The Ice Knight swings his axe forward to hit and possibly stun many challengers.
Requires 5 ice energy

Ice Smash [Command: ↑↑ + attack key]
The Ice Knight transforms his axe into a giant sword and can smash and freeze many challengers.
Requires 20 ice energy

Ice Tempest [Command: ↓→ + attack key]
The Ice Knight can attack many challengers with a powerful force of ice, leaving damage over time.
Requires 40 ice energy

Ice Panic [Command: ↓↑ + attack key]
The Ice Knight can cast a strong curse that’s able to transform challengers into snails.
Requires 60 ice energy

I’m having a hard time playing Ice Knight because PvP is not so popular in my world. But maybe that’s just me and my timezone though…
If the Ice Knight wins then player who was the Ice Knight will get a lot of Battle Points and EXP, but that also depends on how high the score is.

It’s the same with the Challenger. If you score high as a Challenger, you will receive a lot of Battle Points and EXP.
I don’t think I’m going to play Ice Knight a lot because of the lag issue.

There is an event going on where you can earn the Ice Knight medal.
The medal is not that hard to get, but the event ends soon in February.

Every day when the clock hits 2 PM Korean time, the Cursed Knight NPC appears in Henesys for an hour. The Cursed Knight has a quest available for you.

To complete the quest, you have to enter the Ice Knight mode and you have to transform as the Ice Knight. This can of course take a long time since it’s random. It took me 6 tries to be the Ice Knight…

I was doing pretty good as the Ice Knight, but people were getting angry that I kept attacking them. So for their sake I didn’t attack and stood still until they defeated me. When there was little left of my HP,  I used Ice Tempest to amuse myself hihihi.

I was finally done with the boring match and the NPC in Battle Square gave me the Ice Knight medal! ♥

[Ice Knight medal]

The Ice Knight medal adds +2 to all stats and it gives you +100 Charm EXP!
Here is a video of me playing in Ice Knight mode. Please note that I’m having difficulty due lag issues because I’m playing overseas.

[Alternative Link]

Since it’s almost Lunar New Year, there have to be events to celebrate~
There will be three days of x2 EXP from 1 PM till 4 PM on February 2nd till February 4th, but unfortunately I can’t attend this event.
However, I can attend the other events!!

From 10 AM till 10 PM, every 30 minutes you’ll receive an invitation to join a raid with other players to take out a giant rabbit. You can join the raid up to ten times each day.

The mission is really clear. Defeat the giant moon bunny with other players. This raid is so easy that it can be completed in seconds.
What makes this event good? The prizes!

If you take out the giant blue moon bunny, you get EXP and one of the following items:

– Moon Bunny shoulder pad (3 days)
– Random scroll
– Fairy’s Pendant (1 day)
– x50 Rice Cake Soup

If you take out the giant red moon bunny, you get EXP and one of the following items:

– Moon Bunny tail (3 days)
– Random scroll
– Fairy’s Pendant
– x50 Rice Cake Soup

So far I only got the Rice Cake soup. T_T

The second event is where Cassandra gives you a clover of four yellow leaves which can change in a clover of four green leaves when an hour has passed.
When an hour has passed, you have to go back to Cassandra and give her the clover to receive a New Year’s gift.

Not bad for the first try? I got the advanced android (female) recipe. Too bad I’m not a blacksmith, so I guess I’ll have to sell this.
The gift from Cassandra can give you:

– Blue & Red Moon Bunny transformation potion
– Fatigue recovery potion
– Rabbit Foot’s charm (7 days)
– Remote store Tommy
– Random 15% & 60% scrolls
– Mana Elixirs, Power Elixirs, Cheese, Rice Cake Soup
– Potential scroll
– Riding mount (10 days)
– Advanced android (male and female) recipe
– Almighty Ring recipe
– Giant Potion, Advanced Giant Potion recipe

The third event is really good. Whenever you kill a monster, mine or collect herbs, you can find these item pot bags.
The bags have a low drop rate. When you have the bag, you double-click it to raise it.

The bag has four levels and you have to raise the bag by feeding it equipment or ETC. This is a long process because item pot can sleep for many hours and you have to make sure you don’t starve the bag or else it’s dead.

The bag will change with every new level. When the bag is at its last stage, you can see a rabbit coming out of the bag. You can then click the bag and it will transfer to your inventory where you can click it again to receive a reward.

These are the prizes that you can get from raising the bag:

– Blue & Red Moon Bunny transformation potion
– Fatigue recovery potion
– Moon Bunny shoulder pad (6 days)
– Bunny Chair
– Remote store Tommy
– Riding mount (10 days)
– Moon Bunny Tail (6 days)
– Carrot Earrings
– Random 60% scroll
– Stachel’s herb bag, Nobum’s mining bag or a bag with 5 slots for herb collecting or mining
– Advanced potential scroll
– Advanced Equipment Enhancement scroll
– Chaos scroll 60%
– Clean Slate scroll 10%

The prizes are pretty good. But I will not raise this bag because it takes too much time and it takes away too much equipment from me, lol.
During this Lunar New Year event, there are new time limited cash items.

This cash item is the Protect Shield.

It’s a shield of magic that protects the item. It prevents an equip item from being destroyed when a scroll (that potentially can blow up) has been used.
However, the protection effect will disappear once a scroll has been successfully used or miserably failed, and with equip enhancement scrolls, it only works until the 8th star.

If you have a Protect Shield, you can drag it to the equip item you want to protect and the item will gain protection.
Let’s say that you’re going to use a scroll that can destroy your item upon failure. The scroll fails, but you don’t have to worry about it, because as long as your item has protection, it cannot be destroyed.
And if your scroll succeeds, then you don’t have to worry either. Though, the protection effect will disappear and you’ll have to use another Protect Shield if you want to upgrade.

The second new promising cash item is the Microwave Range. During the event, monsters will drop Ice Cubes (ETC).
If you have a Microwave Range, you can melt the ice cubes and receive a prize from it. But what kind of prize?

There’s a long list, but I’ll pick a few from it:

– I am a lucky guy ★ medal
– Black Tiger’s Toenail shoulder pad
– 12 slot bag for herbs
– 12 slot bag for minerals
– Chairs
– Fairy’s Pendant
– Evan (M)  & Goddess (F) hair coupon
– Lv. 120 and 130 recipes
– Barrier scroll (prevents an item from being destroyed)
– Lucky Day scroll (adds 10% success rate)
– Golden Hammer
– Many other scrolls
– All Dragon weapons
– All special Lv. 105 weapons (from Dragon Rider PQ)
– All Van Leon weapons
– and more…

I’ve seen the microwaves sell for 12,5m each in Free Market. All I got on the test server was a lot of potions…
Three weeks ago, I raged about the lack of compatibility of Windows Vista and 7. It’s all fixed now.

I’m not getting disconnected at boss runs anymore. I even had a duo run with a friend yesterday and the run was flawless~
The UI doesn’t mess up anymore, no more weird errors.

I’m relieved that Nexon has fixed this issue.

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74 Responses to KMS ver. 1.2.125 ~ Ice Knight & Lunar New Year

  1. WildHunterz says:

    Spadow do u do private server?, b/c on ur persian cat the other post, u could do that one bowman skill.

  2. peter says:

    Hey spad i luv you’re blog

  3. Dillon Lin says:

    omg, protect scrolls :O how much would that be equivalent to US NX

  4. suhun4 says:

    Yay spadow when the x2 event?

  5. spiritofmir says:

    Hmm… I wonder what you got for your ice Cube :)

  6. Jarrett says:

    thats awesome news spadow hopefully all this will carry over to gms in future possible end of the year maybe. i so tired of maplestory crashing on big bosses and the fm in some cases

    also the ice knight mode seems like alot of fun from the boss’s point of view

  7. Demo says:

    Oh, thank GOD they fixed it. Sounds to me like they’ll be taking the fix to us in GMS within the year.

  8. Alilatias says:

    Windows 7 fix sounds really promising.

    What’s that Goddess (F) hair coupon, anyways? There’s a Goddess hair? What does it look like?

    Man, those sound like really fun events. All that’s happening in GMS now is the red envelope event. At least we got 30-day Hanbok clothes for free. The female hanbok clothes look great, IMO. Although considering that the bunny thing is a new year event, it’s likely us GMSers won’t see it until a year from now at the earliest.

    I do wonder what the KMS team will work on next…

  9. frank says:

    im born in the year of rabbits !

    i would like to know what the attributes are for that medal in the blue/red rabbit picture is

  10. DoomCarnage says:

    Why would they get mad at you when you are suppose to defeat them…

    • Alilatias says:

      Trying to finish it as fast as possible for EXP, I guess. They’re trying to turn it into some kind of CPQ, what with the trade wins and all. :/

  11. anoimus says:


  12. Malorvir says:

    hey i was just wandering (and yea i know its the wrong post to ask this but its the most recent) after the technology age patch are magic powders useless or not? i didn’t see spadow mentioning them anywhere (im from GMS if it seems a noobish question)

  13. Koffie says:

    Did they make any official statement about the compatibility issues with Vista/7 being fixed?
    I can’t believe they will ever fix my boss dc problems.

  14. Wisdom says:

    What’s that medal under the Red/Blue Moon Bunny prizes?

  15. rawvoltage says:

    Sweet prizes from the Microwave:}

  16. sushicushi says:

    If you take out the giant red moon bunny, you get EXP and one of the following items:

    – Moon Bunny tail (3 days)
    – Random scroll
    – Fairy’s Pendant
    – x50 Rice Cake Soup

    you forgot to mention that the fairy’s pendent will only last for one day. (:

  17. toodles says:

    omg thats great now i can scroll all my equips 8 stars from potentials when this patch comes

  18. Ghost says:

    What’s that gold medal that’s on the top left corner of each PvP type?

  19. waveblitz says:

    Took the time to read it all, Great job!

  20. greennov1 says:

    omg awesome
    we get a lame red envelope drop thing T_T (gms) for lunar new year

    • FatPugs says:

      Yeah, what’re those even for? XD

    • s0meb0dy says:

      It’s a thing that you give to Mr. Moneybags and each envelope you are getting 1K/10K/100K/1M and you can even get 10M! but it’s exactly the same chance that you’ll throw 2 pencils on a piano and it’s gonna play “FUR ELISE” without and mistakes and in the right beats…

  21. tyson says:

    i am PISSED cuz i cant play kms right now

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  23. GOGO says:

    spadow any update on the remaining heroes???
    thx if you know
    and people dont tell me “if he knew, he’d tell you….”
    just wondering maybe the approx time?
    i was thinking spring…
    cause bowman-henesys-spring
    get it?

  24. Exuilance says:

    Nexon is gonna make us feel how bosses are…

  25. Araste says:

    Can someone plz tell me where Spadow posted the lvl 130 items???
    Please, not the the 140 equips.

  26. dante9898 says:

    If im ever gonna be the ice knight im gonna murder everyone in my freaking way.

  27. emmanuel says:

    sian sia our’s still need to w8 so long haiz….

  28. man you have it good with the year of the rabbit,
    In GMS its not really that big we did get 30 Day overalls

    That looks fun

    Wow for the 1st time I see a player getting doomed instead of a monster I am getting too geddy about that

    Nice post

  29. mmosea says:

    it’s great , I’m wanna become a knight player ,it’s awesome~!

  30. Anonymouse says:

    Spadow any changes to the Crafting Skill? Do you think they will make use of Stimulators again?

    • Spadow says:

      There are no changes to the crafting skill. As for stimulators.. I can’t tell. Maybe Nexon will add an update soon where stimulators may come in handy.

  31. farmerfaz says:

    Interesting update… But, im just wondering exactly what calculates the exp you get from PvP, i know that points is a obvious reason, but is there anything else?

  32. vynx says:

    Spadow, it’s great to hear that the vista & win7 issues have been resolved. i hv been following your blog for quite sometimes and appreciated your effort of updating the development of MapleStory. Hope that the BB patch will come to Maplesea soon. Cheers!

  33. john says:

    omfg i cant wait till we get the ice knight

  34. D0raemon says:

    What a good Rabbit year…hehe. But our MapleSEA didnt have that, we have moon and the Dong Dong Chiang, but I prefer the KMS’s one.

  35. JustSomeone says:

    Ice knight should totally have been a 4th job Arans transformation skill o_o
    But instead of an axe a pole-arm.

    Hasnt anyone else thought of this?
    The skill animations look great ;D

  36. Volt says:

    omg kyo can i have that android recipe? ;D

  37. Toni says:

    Does the protection scroll work with clean slat scrolls?

  38. Jake says:

    so whered u get that eye for your brawler on the pic up top??? and which type is it
    I rlly want those eyes too lolz

  39. Anonymous says:

    Spadow, do the Protect Scrolls work on all scrolls? Or just enhancements. Your wording is kinda ambiguous.

  40. Maj0ra says:

    Spadow, there’s a shit load of controversy on Maple atm if the Protect works with the 20% scrolls. I think it’d be cool if you could clear the air and give a positive answer! Thanks man

    • Spadow says:

      The Protect Shield item works with all scrolls that can potentially blow up. It also works with equip enhancement scrolls, but only till the 8th star.
      I apologize for the wording I used in this post, it wasn’t very clear.

      I’ve changed it and hopefully everything is clear to you now.

      • Maj0ra says:

        Ahh thanks! You’re a savior. I’m the only one who decided to really get an answer and now that we have it, you pretty much just helped the whole of GMS. Thanks a lot! I’m going to be making an item perfect with those scrolls, and it won’t be cheap by any means. T_T

        ahaha xD

      • Maj0ra says:

        I still find it clear, the new wording but now there’s debate if it works with Pam’s Songs and WS! I think this debate exist because Pam’s don’t work with the Vagas Scrolls, so I heard. Can you make any confirmation on this to end discussion?

      • ShinkuDragon says:

        thank you very much for clearing it up spadow, people have been going nuts regarding these scrolls, good luck mapling bro!

  41. MySkills says:

    How much are Regular Cubes in KMS?

    • Random says:

      1200 nx–saw it in a ss at the top

      • MySkills says:

        Yeah but how do you know that isn’t a bundle of them? Since in the ss, the bundle below the Protect Shields is 6 of them with a hidden price.
        1200 nx for a cube sounds like so much, usually GMS has the most expensive of the stuff, doesn’t seem right to have KMS have the same cube price as us.

  42. Questionare says:

    Hey Spadow. I was wondering if the Protection Shield works with 20% pink scrolls you get from the anniversary. Thanks. :)

  43. Mhmmm says:

    Spadow, does the protection shield work with white scrolls/Pam’s songs? Thanks ;)

  44. Maj0ra says:

    Yeah Spadow, a response would be highly appreciated!

  45. SONlCBOOM says:

    Hello Spadow
    Quick/Simple Question: Is the Protect Shield here to stay? Or is it an event item which evetually will be gone like Pam’s Song and Vega’s Spell.

  46. NomNom says:

    in European MS, you can download the game for Vista & Windows 7 version. I just don’t understand why the hell in GMS they can’t do the same thing.

    The wielding scroll (protect scroll ) to protect the items being destroyed is hell expensive. And the most ridiculous thing is the ice cube is untradeable and the micro is hell expensive. I thought you can use the micro many times for 90 days…and dang! you can only use 1 time per ice..and I got like 20 ice cubes now = 30K nx! It’s really rip off nexon! A free game? Free game your 4ss! how kids can provide nx cash with their money. Really for 100 USD i will buy a PS 3 game instead.

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