KMST V367 ~ Ice Knight

Hey there! There has been a few patches released in the test server that I didn’t mention about such as the Lunar New Year events.
I think version 367 is worth telling you.

On January 15th, the Super Fight content was added to the official server. Since then there has been a lot PvP skill adjustments to make it fair for everyone. Recently I got a score of 1000 in Survival mode. There’s an event going where you have to achieve certain scores and if you achieved those scores, you will be awarded with Larson Challenger Event items. The event items expire, but if you have done all the score quests and eventually achieved 1000, you will be awarded with one permanent Larson Challenger item.

I got a pendant, but it’s useless for me because I already have a Horntail Pendant.
I rather have the shoulder pad since shoulder pads are really hard if you have lag in PvP. ㅠ

Anyway, the Ice Knight mode has been added to the test server. ^^

Ice Knight has been added to Super Fight (PvP) which means it’s available for everyone.
To start Ice Knight mode, there has to be 10 players available in the map. The match has a time limit of 7 minutes.

When all 10 people enter the map, there’s a countdown from 3 till 0 and then the match starts.
When the match starts, someone will be randomly chosen as Ice Knight.

As a challenger, you have kill the Ice Knight with the other nine people in the map. There’s a blue HP bar that indicates the amount of HP that the Ice Knight has left.
As an Ice Knight, you have to eliminate the challengers.

The Ice Knight has an ‘ice gauge’, the gauge fills up when the Ice Knight attacks players.
Special attacks from the Ice Knight requires ice energy which can be obtained from the ice gauge.

▲ Ice Chop [Command:  ↓ + attack key] : The Ice Knight swings his axe forward to hit and possibly stun many challengers.

Ice Smash [Command: ↑↑ + attack key] : The Ice Knight transforms his axe into a giant sword and can smash and freeze many challengers.

Ice Tempest [Command: ↓→ + attack key] : The Ice Knight can attack many challengers with a powerful force of ice, able to leave damage over time.

Ice Panic [Command: ↓↑ + attack key] : The Ice Knight can cast a strong curse that’s able to transform challengers into snails.

Furthermore, the Ice Knight can double jump like the Wild Hunter’s jaguar.

Challengers are able to eat HP and MP recovery potions while the Ice Knight can’t. In all the matches that I’ve played, I have never seen an Ice Knight win. That’s bad in my opinion. I think the Ice Knight should be difficult to defeat and not just a mode that can be finished in 2 or 3 minutes…

The current Ice Knight mode in version 367 is probably the easiest AND fastest way to gain EXP.
I obtained 901,274 EXP with a score of 532. The score is bad compared to other people, because I lag.

That’s basically it. I really hope they’re gonna make it a tad difficult because it’s too easy.
You’re supposed to have fun when you’re playing in Ice Knight mode.
I had fun when I first tried it, but the fun quickly disappeared when I noticed it was easy. It has to be a challenge!
I think Nexon can pull it off..

There’s a new pet in MapleStory – the Persian Cat!
A cute pet? The fish in the cat’s mouth is a pet accessory.

Unlike other pets, the Persian Cat can automatically buff a skill for you! There are three pets in KMS that have the auto buff ability: Skunk, Scuba Duck and Persian Cat.

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91 Responses to KMST V367 ~ Ice Knight

  1. PaCh says:

    That content is cool.
    I cant wait for that.

  2. Vandit says:

    That’s awesome Spadow I want that Cat Now

  3. James says:

    Can you please put up a video of the Ice Knight?

  4. PaCh says:

    Even though it may be easy, its fast exp! I really need that.
    Do you know when it will hit the KMS official server?

  5. [Hex] says:

    That Persian cat is epic!
    Also, that’s some really awesome exp.

  6. James says:

    Also, what’s that medal that like all of you have that looks like a monitor displaying that gateway background?

  7. RamboReplier says:

    Hey, I recognise that monitor in the medal! Makes me nostalgic :3

    Can’t wait for this to hit gms. But i have to D:

    Thanks Spadow!

    Oh, and for the pvp skill ajustments, are they outside-of-pvp too?

  8. Ghost says:

    Is it true that the exp for the main servers has been nerfed?

  9. Luxeraph says:

    Lol how they made the Ice Knight so big compared to the sprite they had before, but even if its too easy fighting the Ice Knight, being the Ice Knight might be fun even when you lose,

  10. nanogear1 says:

    Lol, one word: Aran. Especially ice tempest and ice chop.

  11. CynicBound says:

    Look at the mechanic in one of the pictures, its looks like hes doing all the work 0_o

  12. Axxez says:

    Woahh… Cool. At least it gives alot of exp! :p

  13. Nisrockk says:

    What an adorable cat.

  14. Takebacker says:

    What is supposed to happen if the ice knight wins?

  15. greennov1 says:

    aran copy XD
    you have to give it to nexon tho
    no one’ll wanna be the ice knight after that

  16. Anonymouse says:

    Spadow any changes to the Crafting Skill? Do you think they will make use of Stimulators again?

  17. Lindzlooloo says:

    omg that cat is so FLUFFEH I WANT ONE!!! ;D

  18. 겨울잠 says:

    (O-O)! 퍼갈게여

  19. LewBoo says:

    Oh my god.

    That pet is soooooooooo CUTE!

  20. shibii says:

    I’ll get the kittie pet as soon as it hits the official server ^^ I love using it on test servers :D

  21. tyson says:

    why is your job a bowman? i thought it was a viper

  22. Hanabira.Kage says:

    They should make Ice Knight a lot more like Chaser (S4 League). The Chaser gets a MASSIVE def and attack boost, to the point to being able to pretty much one hit kill anyone, as well as survive an onslaught of 10 other players attacking it simultaneously for like, 5 mins?

  23. bergamot says:



  24. Volt says:

    omg…i want ice knight to come out NOW. i need to get to 4th job

  25. Underline says:

    How I can get the Feather Earring and the PC Medal?

    • PaCh says:

      The Feather earing is a special cygnus event earing, and the PC medal is temporary, Its only allowed use while in the PC room or PC Cafe.

  26. emailbox says:

    Do want that new pet. =[

  27. Giraflare says:

    I’d say it’s fun being the ice knight.

  28. Turtlezpwn says:

    in the last 2 screens of the ice knight battle you can see the awesome-new-looking strafe arrows or am i wrong ?

  29. Megabine says:


  30. DarkLordKarkain says:

    Yeah, the ice Knight should be ridiculously hard since it’s 9 vs 1. But the system is still tweaking, so I’m sure that the Ice Knight will be made seriously challenging…eventually…

  31. wow that looks crazy and awww cute cat and animations
    So what became of those little Ice Knight sprites?

  32. Jarrett says:

    are the skunk, scuba duck, and persian cat the only pets that can auto buff. thats something useful gms needs autobuff pets. cool new mode for the knight its a true challenge but i agree if its too easy to kill they should at least give a few more moves of defensive advantages.

  33. Exploding Pineapple Ninja says:

    As far as I can see, there are two options for making the Ice Knight mode a little more interesting.

    Option one is, as has been stated, to give the Ice Knight a huge stat buff so that things are evened out between the two sides.

    Option two is to add a longer time limit, and make it so that the round doesn’t end when the Ice Knight is killed, but rather that whoever landed the last blow or did the most damage becomes the new Ice Knight, kind of like the Boss mode in the game Lost Saga. The scores at the end can be calculated per person based on amount of damage dealt to Ice Knights, amount of Ice Knight kills, amount of players killed as an Ice Knight, etc.

    • frank says:

      option 2 is a very good idea

      • RamboReplier says:

        It is, however imo it would be better with a diff system to figure out who the new ice knight is.

        With that system, any fast-shot (hurricane, wild blow, rapid fire, etc) would easily be the next ice knight.
        Unless damage matters. Does it? o-o

        • Hanabira.Kage says:

          Or they could shorten the time limit and choose a “random” new Ice Knight every round, with everyone getting a turn to be the Ice Knight. In other words, a match would last 10 rounds (probably around 2 minutes per round maximum). The round ends when the time runs out, all normal players are frozen or the Ice Knight dies (so it might last less than 2 minutes per round).

          Of course, the Ice Knight need not be buffed so much if they take this approach.

  34. frank says:

    cat is sooooo cute

    is there a level requirement for ice knight?
    thanks for answering

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  36. spiritofmir says:

    Nice! Thats Awesome. Cannot Wait till it that comes to GMS :)

  37. TRA says:

    the ice knight mode looks fun, but it’s way too short, considering how it’s like tag of some sort, but “it” doesn’t have a lot of chance of winning since everyone is wailing on him.

    Instead of potting endlessly, there should be a limit on how many you can drink. Like give ranged characters fewer potions to rely on, so they would need to be careful and not run into ice knight recklessly, and give melee characters more potions than ranged (as they would need to take brunt force of the attack)

    Or just pump up Ice knight to ridiculous levels and create an aura where characters can miss and lower attack and move speed?

    Just a suggestion :)

  38. GOGO says:

    apdow i live in canada and i dont lag….
    why is it laghing for you???…..
    thats weird
    like in vp i have never lagged or dced yet and im with w7

  39. Some guy says:

    I always hadthis question:

    Is NX free in KMST?!

    • Ghost says:

      Last SS I saw spadow posted an SS of the CS, I saw ‘0’ next to Korean Letters where the price is in GMS.

      • 거북2Pop says:

        It’s only free in KMST. Also, it’s not all free, but only the new cash items. The normal KMST users can’t even buy miracle cubes. they are 1 cash. T^T and we get only 1 cash…

        In KMS it is the same.

  40. ChuanJun says:

    Wasn’t the Ice Knight made so that Challengers run away from it? It seemed that the Ice Knight got gang banged badly by 9 person :/ Now its the challengers running after the Ice Knight.

  41. Aran Rocks says:

    cool btw i think there will be a monster called black magician it is a lvl 200 monster hope it will be real.
    when will ochan comming to msea ? spadow…
    PLS REPLY !!! pls pls pls

  42. Hmm I was Re-Reading the info,
    You can doom the Ice Knight…Then that must mean Doom can work on your foes

    I really hope so this can really turn the battle around and with Dispel hmmm I can really topple things and mana Reflection

  43. john says:

    can some one tell mehow heal was changed for pvp b/c i still dont kno and i want to find out b4 its hits GMS

  44. ninjablack99 says:

    Aww the pet is way too cute ;D

  45. snowpaum says:

    좋은정보 감사합니다^^~

  46. MapleRocks says:

    I am guessing the SMALL Iceknight Transforms are for Level 30+ and something and these Big ones are 120+, so there will be mediums too???

  47. Verdeiwsp says:

    I was just wondering are some professions limited by job? Like if I’m a thief with level 10 blacksmithing, am I only allowed to make thief gear? or all jobs? Same goes for the other professions. Ty for helping if you reply back to me ^^

  48. heyy says:

    are you still dissconnecting??? cause of windows vista/7
    i just bossed yesterday and i didnt get dced……………..
    just wondering if it works for u now…

  49. dutchmaple says:

    verry nice blog!
    I have also a blog about maplestory(europe) but than I have it in dutch.
    Do you like to be linkpartners with me? I can place you in my blogroll.
    this is my (dutch) blog (i just started 5 days ago).

    Greets, illusions4u

  50. Kate Ketzel says:

    i was unsure if i wanted to get nx or not, but seeing this cat, i am definitely getting the persion cat package, permanent cat ftw!

  51. Alice Star says:

    Is there a Level requirement?

  52. Buster says:

    Its sad in GMS because most of the time Ice knight always wins
    the only way they lose is by lagging or letting them win

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  54. luke pleas says:

    ice knight is a sh**

  55. ice knight says:

    i am ice knight

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