KMS ver. 1.2.122 ~ Super Fight!

The third and last patch of the Chaos update has arrived in the official server on January 13, 2011!
Now I know why Nexon named this update ”Chaos”… It is literally chaos. The Super Fight patch got delayed by a lot of hours and when it finally opened, some servers (one of them was the server I play in) were still not open yet due maintenance and oh boy, that maintenance lasted a good amount of time. People were getting system errors and rollbacks. Good thing I went to bed.

Aside from the Windows Vista & 7 compatibility issue, which still is not fixed, new problems rises to the surface… All players living abroad are having a hard time patching the game. I can’t even patch the game because it’s so slow. Even my Tespia client isn’t updated yet because of this. -_-‘

I’m thankful that some people in Korea have uploaded patch files, so that players like me can patch much faster. I’m really dependent on those people now…

I want to forget these problems as soon as possible and I hope it’ll get solved for good so that I don’t have to bother with it anymore…
So… Player versus Player has finally arrived to MapleStory after almost 8 years of service and I’m not really excited about it.
The update is called Super Fight. I  translated it to ”The Huge War”, but there are many interpretations, so Nexon decided to call it Super Fight.

What is Super Fight (PvP) ?

Super Fight is a new update where players can fight against each other individually and in teams.
Players can enter in different ranks and modes and when entered in PvP, your skills and abilities are automatically adjusted to prevent unfair play. To avoid confusion, the adjusted skills and abilities are only applicable in Super Fight.

How can I start Super Fight?

When you want to participate in Super Fight, you first need to find the NPC Maximus in every major town in Maple World and he’ll let you pass to the entrance of Battle Square.
But before you enter Battle Square, you get a lightbulb above your head from an NPC that explains a brief summary of the Super Fight system.

I found the place for Super Fight, but how can I participate?

[Battle Square]

When you are in Battle Square, you can find different NPCs.

Characters Lv. 30 or higher can participate by talking to this NPC.  ↑
You will be prompted with a menu where you can choose which channel you’re going to fight in and which mode.

If you want to leave Battle Square, you can talk to Maximus to exit and return to the town where you entered Battle Square from.

[There are four channels and three modes you can choose from]

On the left side, you can see four channels. Depending on your level, you can enter all four channels, but you can also enter the proper channel for yourself:

  • Rookie
    • Lv. 30 or higher is required and you can only use skills up to 2nd job
    • Evan can use skills up to 5th mastery
  • Super Rookie
    • Lv. 70 or higher is required and you can only use skills up to 3rd job
    • Evan can use skills up to 8th mastery
  • Major
    • Lv. 120 or higher is required and you can use all skills
  • Legend
    • Lv. 180 or higher is required and you can use all skills
    • Potential items are not nullified in this channel!

After you chose your channel, you will have to choose a mode. There are currently only two modes available. The last mode ‘Ice Knight’ will be available in a future update.

  • Survival
    • Battle against other players freely and restrictions. The time limit for this mode is 10 minutes.

  • Team Match
    • Battle each other with teams in the battlefield. Players will be automatically divided in two teams, Team Red and Team Blue.
      The time limit for this mode is 10 minutes and the goal of this mode is to get the highest score as a team.

I tried Survival mode the most, but from what I have heard and seen is that Team Match is a good mode if you want to earn a lot of experience.
In Super Fight you can earn Battle Experience and Battle Points, more will be explained about this later.

[Wow~! I sure want to take these buffs!]

In Survival mode, you can fight against max. 8 players. If you want to start a match, you need to have at least four players in the battlefield.
No, you cannot choose your own private room or choose your own buddies to battle you because it’s completely random. You can also not choose your own map you want to fight in, because it’s random. There are about… maybe fifteen PvP maps I’d say.

In both Survival and Team Match you can pick up item buffs in the battlefield. Look in the image above and you’ll see an example.
The blue heart increases your MP by 30%. The shield buff increases your defense for a period of time.
The red box with a question mark on it is a surprise. You don’t know this, but there are actually some duplicates of this buff in the data and they all add something different.

It can transform you into a random monster which is bad because your speed will decrease and players might attack you. It can also add 10 points to your score, increase the amount of score gets doubled or one minute,  you can be invincible for a period of time and more random effects.

The last buff in the image adds more speed. The other buffs not shown in the image are buffs that can add 30% HP or HP and MP and a buff that decreases your HP and MP.

After a three second countdown you can fight everyone in Survival. Too bad for me since it’s realtime. I live abroad and that means I will lag and I experienced it and it really sucks. Because with lag, I’m slow and I get hit more often thus I die more often…
If you die, you won’t lose anything and you will be resurrected in five seconds.

I made a recent video of me playing Super Fight, check it out:

[Alternative Link]

Some people say that I should’ve spammed Demolition, but that’s not possible because there’s a cooldown on Demolition in Super Fight. I’ll be better off using Dragon Strike because it can hit multiple players and it’s fast! It’s a shame that I lag, because if I didn’t, I would have gotten a higher score.

[What the hell?!…]

The next mode I tried was Team Match. It’s different than in Survival, because in this mode you will cooperate with each other to get a really high score so that you can get a lot of experience. With a lot of experience, I mean in the millions of EXP!

As you can see, I’m wearing a blue baret and it says 메이플 블루 under my name which means Maple Blue.
When players enter a battlefield in Team Match, they will be divided in two teams: Maple Blue and Maple Red.
In order to start Team Match, three players in Maple Blue and Red have to be in the battlefield.

When all players are divided in the teams, the match will start with a time limit of ten minutes. The team who kills the most players will obtain high scores and will have a higher chance to win.

[44 Battle Points – I wonder what I can do with it…]

Here is an example of a result after a Team Match. I have to say that there were a lot of high leveled players in this round and with the lag I couldn’t get a high score. T_T
With only a score of 446, I became fifth and I gained a total EXP of 653,691 and 44 Battle Points. ^^

If you don’t like the overpowered players in your battlefield, you can always choose for ”ROOM OUT” which exits you from the map.

What are Battle Points and what are they used for?

Battle Points are points you can earn in Super Fight. If you want a lot of Battle Points (which you will need, lol) then you have to aim for high scores.

Back in Battle Square, you can find the NPC Larson and a vending machine that exchanges Battle Points for a very useful item.

I can clearly tell that Nexon has raised the required BP for this item. It was first known as Proof of Ares, but now it’s called 투신의 증표. I don’t really know the precise translation for it because 투신 is based of Chinese letters, but it means the king of fighting…

The vending machine says the following:

  • I can trade you 1 of 투신의 증표 for 500 Battle Points
  • I can trade you 4 of 투신의 증표 for 1500 Battle Points
  • I can trade you 7 of 투신의 증표 for 2500 Battle Points

투신의 증표 is an item that you can use to buy equipment and items from the NPC Larson in Battle Square, but it also used to make +130 equipment like shoulder pads from the Jewel Crafting skill.
If you have a talk with Larson, you can see that he has some very nice equipment and items…

I’m sure you have no idea what those items are. Let me start from the top.

The Larson’s Challenger Belt adds +2 STR, DEX, INT and LUK, +200 maxHP, +1 weapon/magic attack, +20 physical and magic defense and +1 increase in Super Fight damage. Number of upgrades available is 3.

The Larson’s Challenger Epaulet adds+1 STR, DEX, INT and LUK, +1 weapon/magic attack, +20 physical and magic defense and +1 increase in Super Fight damage.

The Larson’s Challenger Ring adds +2 STR, DEX, INT and LUK, +100 maxHP and maxMP, +1 weapon/magic attack, +10 physical and magic defense and +1 increase in Super Fight damage.

The Larson’s Challenger Pendant adds +2 STR, DEX, INT and LUK, +1 weapon/magic attack, +30 physical and magic defense, +50 accuracy and avoidability, +15 jump and speed and +1 increase in Super Fight damage. Number of upgrades available is 2.

You will need to score some Battle Points because the bonus might be worth it for you.
Larson’s Challenger set:

2 set effect

  • +1 weapon/magic attack
  • +100 accuracy and avoidability
  • +1 increase in Super Fight damage

3 set effect

  • +200 MaxHP & MaxMP
  • +2 increase in Super Fight damage

4 set effect

  • +10 AllStat
  • +5 weapon/magic attack
  • +3 increase in Super Fight damage

If you think you have better equipment than Larson’s Challenger set, you can always buy something else from Larson.

This very mysteriously scroll gives me a strange feeling.. I don’t know why, maybe it’s strange because it gives you a random scroll.
Note that this does not give ALL scrolls.

Hull! Another item that gives me a strange feeling. It’s not a scroll, but a recipe! It can give you a random recipe.
It gave me a Lv. 130 archer glove recipe in the test server.

The first textbook adds +3 STR, DEX, INT and LUK, +3 weapon/magic atack and +2 increase in Super Fight damage.
The second textbook adds +5 STR, DEX, INT and LUK, +5 weapon/magic attack and +3 increase in Super Fight damage.

Textbooks are pocket items. Pocket item is a new item that goes into your pocket slot.
A pocket slot can be unlocked when you have Lv. 30 Charm.
Charm is a new personality stat.

The last valuable item is the Super Fight Pouch.
This pouch can offer you some items, equipment, potions, meso and 투신의 증표.
It has a rare chance to give you the Chaos weapons which are stronger than their original counterpart (Lv, 30, 60 and 90 version) and they always come unidentified!

This week has been chaotic because of this patch. Like I have said earlier, I don’t find Super Fight too excited. I was just expecting something else and it didn’t meet my expectations. Also, if Nexon wants to take care of his customers then they should solve this compatibility problem with Window Vista and 7 ASAP.

Super Fight is fun, but it’s not perfect.

About Spadow
It's not who I am underneath... but what I do... that defines me.

121 Responses to KMS ver. 1.2.122 ~ Super Fight!

  1. shibii says:

    huge O.O! good job ;) anti-first ;D

    • HeyPros says:

      First to reply the first
      Can people attack the Ice Knight? if you dont have the info it does not matter ^^

      • person says:

        There is no way of knowing just yet, but my guess is that the Ice Knight is immortal, and as soon as you are defeated by an ice knight your out.

        • dirdor says:

          you saying that players will just run away from the ice knight?
          its not fun if your not the ice knight..

          i think the ice knight will be stronger than other but no immortal,just hard to kill.
          the player who killed the ice knight will become the ice knight.
          at the end the player that was most time of ice knight will win.

          yea you can say thing like “if a player dealt 99 damage and the ice knight have 100 hp and then another player will damage 1 damage and kill it it will be unfair”
          but there are way to fix it

          its only my guess no more than it :P

          • Spadow says:

            The Ice Knight can be killed since it has a death animation, but I don’t know if it’s harder to kill than other players.

          • Sparta7896 says:

            Most likely it will be a boss like transformation and will take a long time to kill alone. Maybe try working with some friends…

  2. Becete says:

    Wow, super excited about this ;D cant wait for it to reach GMS ^_^

  3. DarkLordKarkain says:

    This looks like it turned out pretty nice, but I’m sure it’ll get “tweaked” for GMS. Is it me, or is Nexon creating alternatives to good old grinding? Don’t get me wrong, this is awesome, but I like grinding too lol.

  4. BboyStyleZ says:

    I understand where your coming from spadow…I d/c when im at Zakum Horntail and cwkpq so much….All because i have Windows 7 >_> My Crap XP computer thats from 2003 is better to boss with if i dont want to d/c….

  5. 6564545 says:


  6. tyson says:

    spadow, can you tell me how exactly did YOU patch it?

  7. Axxez says:

    thx for the update on the info! :) haha 666 score :p and cooldowns? that suks. but i guess that’s how it makes it balanced …. kind of.

  8. MapleSEA player (fan of spadow) says:

    spadow.. is ellinforest your own guild.
    iff so can i create a guild in maplesea call ellinforest..

  9. Dejjy says:

    So is PvP faster leveling or no? than grinding

    • Cobray says:

      I’m not sure if its faster or not, but I can tell you that it is a lot more entertaining than grinding.

      • MapleSEA player (fan of spadow) says:

        if you get high score and like spadow..said millions of exp then i think is would be faster

        • Ghost says:

          I’m pretty sure this is probably close to Lion Heart Castle exp, and due noticed that he played on the major level. I bet the lower levels will have a dramatic decrease in exp

          • Volt says:

            no it isnt. actually PvP used to give more exp but nexon nerfed it like 3 times. it dosent give millions of exp now

          • Ghost says:

            Three times in two days? You would think they would add a solution compatibility in one of those patches.

  10. frank says:

    man this is awsome i hope they fix the issues

  11. frank says:

    which is better pvp or carnival?

  12. Access says:

    This brings good new, at least ludi pq will b uncrowded for a while. I’m 100% sure that this map will d/c becuz of overload of players… Ch 1 Bera- 2,000,000 players. You wont even be able to see the npcs

  13. greennov1 says:

    this is wierd. . . .
    wait if you want to do the 30+ mode or the 70+ mode can you if you’re like 80?

  14. Alexx says:

    What are you stuck on?
    Its probably because you’re not in Korea, so its much slower patching.
    Try one of the patchers on the ellinforest website.

  15. Luxeraph says:

    Spadow about how hard is to get those BP? Do you have to grind it and be good at the same time or otherwise it would take too much time or just some of grinding would do?

    Something like using the dojo as an example, getting those items that need 10 투신의 증표, how hard to get would you rate them in terms of the color belts at dojo?

    • shibii says:

      faster than belts for sure. 100 scores in a game = 10BP when your done. Look at the final scores :) i do about 700-1000scores each match i play means 70-100BP per match ^^ do the maths :)

      • Luxeraph says:

        Well yeah I see that the best one from the red vs. blue got 120 BP and spadow even with the lag got 44 BP but those equips that ask for 투신의 증표 need at least 4000 BP and from what I have seen almost all the 130 equips need around 30 투신의 증표 that would be at least 11000 BP so thats why I’m asking.

        And also from what you tell me you need at least 1hour to get 1 투신의 증표 (100 BP per match, each match lasting 10 minutes = 50 minutes to get 500 BP that = 1 투신의 증표).

        • shibii says:

          yeah an no…. depends who you play with… on test server i managed to play a game up to 2500scores and got 250BP. But it’s not meant to play pvp 1hour and your uber powerful.

  16. e says:

    what are the chaos weapons and what lvl are they?

  17. Tacobeard says:

    ” The update is called super first.”
    I’m guessing it is supposed to be fight? It’s iffy before you say you translated it as the huge war. Hope his helps

  18. Ricky says:

    The Super Fight system reminds me of Jump Ultimate Stars.

  19. Bladevarkz says:

    Hey, how do you gain stats from the textbooks? Is there an equipment slot for them or what?

    • Bnissley says:

      that is my question too. What are the textbooks? are they weapons?

      • person says:

        The more fame you have, the more pocket slots you have. If you have no fame, you have no pocket slots. If you lose fame, you lose slots. One slot requires a lot of fame. I think, at maximum fame, you can equip 8 pocket items. They may not be scrolled and are tradable.

      • Spadow says:

        I knew something was missing…
        Textbooks are pocket items. You need Lv. 30 Charm to unlock the pocket slot.

        • SquishyGMS says:

          Spadow, post things on gms that were in kms. i don’t understand half of the things they say,
          plz check it up.
          BTW, i read your posts like every day 3 times xD

  20. YanG says:

    Erm,wanna ask a question
    Does dual blade still need nx cash after bigbang patch on the mastery skill book?

  21. risedragon13 says:

    Anyone know when the PvP will arrive in GMS?

    For example: February, March

  22. Nisrockk says:

    It looks rather neat. =) Something to do other than training. Haha.

    Kudos to you, dude.

  23. Zangash says:

    Looks pretty boring IMO. While PvP CAN work for 2D games, Maple is just too fast paced for it to work.

    • shibii says:

      Well Spadow is not impressed by it, but when I don’t lag I have alot of fun :)

      • Zangash says:

        Honestly, if you want decent 2D MMO fighting you should try out WK… or you could forget about it being an MMO and play Street Fighter or Smash Bros… Maple requires no skill, and never will, hence why PvP fails.

        • Ghost says:

          Maple does require mastery (not the skill names) for some of the faster attacking players (BtM, DB, etc.). In PvP it will be fairly noticeable to tell that a player has been on that character for a long time or not.

          • Tev402 says:

            It does require mastery, u cant just got spammin a skill. U’ll get pwned, I’m sure ppl r gunna develop techniques for jobs soon.

  24. gaphary says:

    Free for all is a massacre, but I can see 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3s getting very fun.

  25. plavious says:

    if every hit count as 1 score, warriors and magician will have hard time to get decent score
    is there any compensation? (like 1 hit of paladin count as 3…)

    • shibii says:

      no but the skills are modified dont forget… and I saw few warriors doing better than my bowman xD!

      dont forget area skill = amount of ppls you hit = score you get. And getting someone KO = more scores in bonus.

  26. Tev402 says:

    Yo spadow, can u spam Barrage? I saw buccs getting over 1600points with drgn strike, so don’t give up man, I hope u cn pwn their butts xD

  27. Liked maple says:

    man in gms this patch going to be very buggy much people, lag , window vista and 7 bad. Well i know why this 3 patches are for chaos xD

  28. GOGO says:

    i dont have anymore problems with w7 in kms anymore…..
    maybe im just lucky or something but i just thought id let you know(dont know why)

  29. Gage says:

    Ladies and gentlemen i present to you the first step of many that will change this game into the world of maplecraft…I LUV it :D

  30. Cujo00 says:

    Coke Town PvP map?

  31. Pingback: Top Posts —

  32. Access says:

    That proof of ares thing is now 투신의 증표, proof of investments, Wow, thats of the mark

  33. Alilatias says:

    Very interesting, although it still seems quite clear that this still heavily favors multi-hit skills.

    Somewhat of a personal question… Spadow, what do you hope Nexon Korea does next? Besides implementing Ice Knight, of course. I’m certain that we’re likely to see a new class very soon. They want to finish up the Heroes/Legends this year, don’t they? Maybe a Monster Book revamp, while we’re at it.

    • Spadow says:

      I have no idea what Nexon KR has in store for MapleStory this year. However, from the user conference in 2009, there was a presentation sheet with a few words on it such as PvP, Black Magician, new boss monster etc.
      We finally have PvP, new boss monsters and more information about the Black Magician.

      Other words that have been mentioned on the presentation sheet, but not released are ”Max level dungeon”, ”Legend item” and ”Guild Faction War”.

      • Zangash says:

        A max level dungeon? Beast. Not that any of us will ever play it…

      • Ghost says:

        NexonKR has also confirmed during the Chaos Conference the release of ALL of the remaining heroes this year. If brought out separately, I would expect to see one in march/april.

        I also expect a revamp of party quests to come sometime, even I can see it in GMS that the party quests hasn’t necessarily been fully balanced by the Big Bang. And with the addition of PvP, it will make even further ‘chaos’ among the balanced of PQs. Although I have no proof of this actually happening.

        Guild Faction War is a pretty interesting term. The word ‘Faction’ hints that it maybe Alliance vs. Alliance. Also is GPQ is closed? Last I checked you said that it was closed ever since the guild reformation during September/October.

      • MapleRocks says:

        Max level dungeon? I guess what’s some monsters wich are > Dark Empress. Actually around level 190 monsters.

        Legend items = For Legends (Aran, Evan, etc.) or legendery Items. Dunno about that.

        Guild Faction War? I’d think of a GvG or something.

  34. JMRV says:

    How’s the balance of the PVP, now?

  35. Yay super smash maple lol
    I love how it looks now

    This is going to be fun

  36. freeman says:

    a bit off topic but what kind of accessories can you make w/ the new system? I mean I know that you can make LV130/140 gears, this include helm, overall, 1&2H weapon, glove, shoe but no top/bottom&shield. But what about accessories, ie:shoulder pad, pendant, cape, belt & etc? And I’m specifically refer to the Jewel Crafting skill.


    • harel says:

      i didn’t really understand the question but i think the answer is the blacksmiths make te 130/140 gear and the jewle crafters make acsesories but there are no acsesories in the 130/140 set

  37. -Pd- says:

    may i ask a question?
    im a gunner and im wondered if i use the fake shot and ice/fire capsule will the player be stunned/freezed/burnt? it will be awesome if u have the answer


  38. HeyPros says:


  39. Emilio says:

    Oh god… I’m a crusader >< is it really that bad for haste-less/ slow moving classes?

    • Bladevarkz says:

      If you got max Roar, it should be good
      Shout: 10 targets, stun, massive range
      That plus chance attack will deal a lot of dmg

  40. tsuta13 says:

    Cooldown on demo is the most retarded thing i ever heard, so they give us a move but then when it comes to pvp they say its too powerful??? i swear ima b pissed if we get a cooldown in gms, St gets a cooldown already so y would our attk ned a cooldown, it only hits one monster, other than that im excited.. ill prob just pvp with my BaM in that case though, should b 4th job by chaos gms

  41. tyson says:

    if i somehow manage to get on KMS, ima get so many mystery recipes to get lvl.130 archer recipes

  42. Meekels says:

    hey spadow i think that you forgot some skill changes.
    i just saw a video on youtube that showed that for instance dual bladers now require to have darksight on to preform phantom blow, as like they didnt need before.

  43. JMS player says:

    I’m just surprised you don’t live in South Korea :/ No (effective) IP blocks in KMS(T)?

  44. orz says:

    About the occupations
    do they still use stimulators?

  45. Luigi says:

    I don’t mind change but Maplestory is becoming a bit too complex. If Nexon has another Big Bang like event, expect a minimum of a 50 hour patch xD

    ~Btw, sick profile picture Spadow!

  46. buddy890 says:

    Hey I was just wondering because on all the angry rants there hasnt been one person that said mech was unfair but with mech having the heavy machine gun skill wouldnt they be super annoying :). Keep posting spadow.

  47. snowpaum says:

    Wow…you posted a lot of KMS info….I dont even go to I only visit your blog :D yours is more organized :D 한국사람이에요~ㅎㅎ 잘봤습니다 ^^ 그런데 한국 메이플 서버는 참 많네요…ㄷㄷㄷ;; 저는 한국 메이플 놀때 서버가 스티어스였는데 ㅎㅎ 가장 사람많은 서버는 스카니아나 크로아 인가요?

  48. MlRZA says:

    I’m excited for this to come to gms… Even though being a slinger might be a horrible disadvantage o.o

  49. Jon says:

    Hey Spadow do you know any download links for KMST 1.2.366? Nuisance nexon.

  50. Ghost says:

    There’s has been a patch in KMS that has changed some parts of PvP?

  51. s0meb0dy says:

    Hey Spadow,

    First to all, I actually enjoyed reading your post, and I have some questions.
    1.You know when the Ice Knight mode will be available?
    2.What’s the difference between “nice” “hit” “excellent” “critical” “great” “cool”?
    3.Is the “nice” “excellent” “hit”… it’s changes from damage or just luck?

    P.S.653691 EXP in 10 minutes? NOBODY will CPQ…
    And someone knows when it’s will be available in GMS?

  52. MlRZA says:

    @Spadow how bad is it that demo has a cool down? I was just wondering because I have a brawler that I made as soon pirates came to gms. And I was gonna start playing it again, but demo is such a crucial skill imo. I couldn’t deal with the cool down.

  53. APImagine says:

    Hey Spadow, hey everyone. I JUST stumbled across this place only recently, and first off want to say great job at giving us all the sneak peeks into Chaos.

    I have a small question regarding Arans that I know will sound trivial compared to all the awesome additions and changes that’ll eventually come.

    When the Resistance was first released for GMS, they let you purchase Cash Shop clothes that make you look like the original designs of the characters (like the Battle Mage’s goggles and staff). I’m wondering if KMS has (or will have) the same kind of thing for Arans, clothes that make you look like the concept art, that might eventually make its way to GMS. And for that matter, the Aran’s specific skin color which seems to be present in KMS but not GMS, too.

    Will we be seeing any of this on GMS, if it even exists?

  54. AdianGuns says:

    heyy spadow i was just wondering if the wizard skill Slow and the mage skill Seal worked in pvp

  55. Cyrus says:

    when do you think this is goin to come to GMS (im especting April (Anniversary) May June or July)

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