MapleStory Chaos: Super Fight (대난투) update trailer

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I uploaded this video on YouTube yesterday and I like this video a lot. I didn’t expect an animation like this, did you?
One day left for me for the last Chaos update: Super Fight.
Enable Closed Caption (CC) to see the English subtitles.

Tomorrow it’s patch day and these days Nexon Korea isn’t doing very well. The Windows Vista & 7 compatibility issue and a lot of (Aran) hackers at the moment.
I’m not sure if I can record a video of PvP because of the compatibility issue.
I’ll let you know more by tomorrow and enjoy the epic Super Fight update trailer~ ^^

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119 Responses to MapleStory Chaos: Super Fight (대난투) update trailer

  1. MSEA-er says:

    great stuff, as usual db owns the rest of the jobs.

  2. xD says:

    Lol @ BaM vs. Aran…


  3. harel says:


  4. mac says:

    wawa~d animation damn cool~haha

  5. frank says:

    did u block me?

  6. DexlessNiteX says:

    Wow cool! :D

  7. Emilio says:

    Sweet trailer… needs more Crusaders :P

  8. TacoBeard says:

    with this kind of animation why not make an OVA series for maplestory? An OVA for each new update containing a area with a storyline, a revamp, or a new job/class. If they id that they would probably be more Popular.

  9. Jett... says:

    Spadow I hate how there are soooooo many hackers/botters in kms right now and with the compatibility issues this sucks
    But yah amazing trailer
    Too bad tomorrow I probably can’t finish a pvp match either

  10. greennov1 says:

    uhm why aran hackers?
    just curious
    cuz my main is an aran
    is it cuz arans gonna get pwned at pvp?

    • greennov1 says:

      D-Day:-6 for gMs mech :DD

    • Hanabira.Kage says:

      The hackers like to use Aran for some reason?

      Probably for farming purposes.

    • Ghost says:

      Arans have the body pressure skills, basically it’s a much stronger version the of the Power Guard hack that hit GMS 2-3 years ago

    • Velops says:

      Recent content is vulnerable to hacking.

      The “Return of the Hero” update made significant changes to Aran that opened up new possibilities for exploits. Whenever old skills are updated or new skills are introduced into the game, hackers look for ways to abuse them before they get patched.

  11. ninjablack99 says:

    DB is gonna own all class on pvp woot so fun X~X

  12. Zac says:

    Dude it’s like an actual anime…
    I like it better than that 3D crap they used to have…

  13. Axxez says:

    Awesoooome!! :D

  14. Ben says:

    The only reason their showing us this type of trailer is to disguise that it really is a abused and broken coded piece of work.

  15. Alexander says:

    nice, about time nexon made something worth watching…

  16. MassCreed says:

    HI spadow

    i got a question,

    does everyone get and SP and or AP reset scrolls in Chaos patch ? or just Dual blades, or none at all ?

    • Ghost says:

      I pretty much think that they get hot time events to get SP reset scrolls, although I’ve never heard about there being any AP scrolls

      • MassCreed says:

        k thanks, i just wanna make sure, do you know what skills were removed and added for DB ?
        i wanna save my sp.

        • abbness says:

          I got one when I logged in after the Chaos patch on every character.

          Yeah, KMS has been holding alot of hot time events so lots of chances to get SP reset scrolls.

  17. Mistah says:

    This is how the maplestory anime should have looked like. >.>;

  18. SpadowsShadow says:

    Wow, how did they know DBs own at PvP?

    • Ghost says:

      (Long distance + 2-4 weapon Speed + multiple attacks + high crit rate) * above average mapler’s uses (scrolling, potential skills etc.)

  19. Nisrockk says:

    It’s awesome. :D

  20. Hanabira.Kage says:

    It’s a fairly nice trailer, but it does look fairly dull. They could have afforded a little more visual effects, perhaps. The Dual Blade should have also been sped up a little to reflect his faster movement; a little more ninja-ish.

    This trailer didn’t really catch my attention as well as the original Chaos trailer did.

    • hakkido says:

      I find it hard to believe that the Chaos Trailer of Still moving images is more appealing to a well thought-out PvP Animation. if anything this is a step in a better direction.

      I’m glad they are not just relying on After Effects/Flash type commercials.

  21. Gean says:

    I always wanted a better anime for maplestory.
    too bad it’s only a trailer >.>

  22. SoundlessSky says:

    lol .. DB owning people in PVP .. even in the trailer.

  23. DAggers says:

    Nexon loves DB too much..
    Even Mecha also cant beat him..
    That DB keep jump to avoid..

  24. Some guy says:

    I would totally watch this of it was on TV x]

  25. Ghost says:

    Hmmm… if the hacking isn’t stopped in time, could it possible to hack the players in PvP?

  26. Maorix22 says:

    This was so awesome!!!
    But what is the storyline of this?
    Why did everyone start to fight each other?

  27. Dragonbeon says:

    Epiclog: Drop ur final attack mechanic!! (nuke) D:

  28. vX-2 says:

    omg… do they plan to come out with a maple Anime? They could do well I think…. love it

  29. Random Person says:

    Never thought that nexon would ever make another anime.

  30. iamflip says:

    Pro vid it is. I can’t wait to try out the PvP. xd

    And well, I’ll be broadcasting it live, so woo.

    • Lorickx says:

      lol sorry i did’nt notice you post XD, if it is all right i posted a link to your pvp vid in here for others to see it

      P.S. what is with all of the random things happening like the screen going dark except for right near you? or everyone skills getting sealed? are these pickups?

  31. DarkLordKarkain says:

    As far as animations go, I prefer oldies like the 1980’s Transformers, but this isn’t that bad.

    My money’s on the Resistance, they can go “a firin’ their lazors”! Dark Genesis and Giant Robot FTW lol.

  32. Random Person says:

    Get windows XP, w7 and vista just aren’t compatible enough with ms to use quite yet XD.

  33. LeonGoldMage says:

    That animation was beyond epic. Now, if only the Anime was that cool.

  34. Tev402 says:

    Wow, Mech drills r blocked by 4 inch knives, realism=100% success.

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  36. heyy says:

    well spadow
    the patching in the official server has proved to everything but work….
    the max i can get is 52 kbs….

  37. Likan says:

    I am the strongest in the Maple World.

  38. gambitflash says:

    Why did all of them had blood red eyes? o.o
    Looks like they are possessed or something

  39. MapleRocks says:

    Maple Anime = Should be that.

  40. MassCreed says:

    spadow, do the new DB skills have prerequisites ?

  41. KolakCC says:

    How come I still can’t patch?!

  42. GOGO says:

    KMS is doing something about the vista/ isuue!!!!!!!!!!!
    so vista and 7 users are the only ones who cant patch it seems!!!!!!
    but there resolving !!!!!

    • GOGO says:

      nvm this lik stuff isnt working lemme just copy paste….
      안녕하세요. 메이플스토리입니다.

      1월 13일(목) 대난투 패치 이후 일부 사용자에게서 발생하는
      클라이언트 비정상 종료현상에 대해 안내 드립니다.

      대난투 패치 이후 특정 사양의 컴퓨터를 이용하는 경우
      게임 이용 중 클라이언트가 비정상 종료되는 현상이 발생하고 있습니다.

      이와 관련된 클라이언트 종료 시 팝업되는 오류 메시지는 다음과 같습니다.

      이러한 에러코드가 확인된 문제의 경우 현재 수정작업이 진행되고 있으며,
      그 밖에, 대난투와 관련된 전반적인 오류의 수정 작업에 박차를 가하고 있습니다.

      추가로, 최근 윈도우 비스타, 윈도우 7 이용자들에게서 나타나는
      클라이어트 비정상 종료 현상도 이와 함께 개선 작업이 진행 중에 있으며,
      빠른 시일 내에 윈도우 비스타, 윈도우 7 운영체제 이용하시는
      메이플 가족 여러분들도 원활하게 게임을 즐기실 수 있도록 하겠습니다.

      게임 이용에 불편을 드린 점 고개 숙여 사과 드리며,
      메이플 가족 여러분들의 너그러운 양해 부탁 드립니다.

      안정적이고 즐거운 게임 환경을 제공하기 위해
      최선을 다하는 메이플스토리가 되겠습니다.

  43. Oooooooooooooooooh SNAP!
    That was WAY better then the MapleStory Anime

  44. GOGO says:

    spadow are you able to patch yet?
    i still cant………………….
    danm stupid nexon

  45. I Dunno U Tell Me says:

    i like the vid i just dun like the fact that they make bm look soo weak they are better than dat.
    The should make an anime of maplestory it would be awesome well… they already have but its sooo crap

  46. jason says:

    i love how the resistance thinks they can take aran and dual blade down

  47. GOGO says:

    spadow i think that nexon figured pvp out pretty good!
    they dalyed eveyones skills well for it to be fair…(DBS!!!!!!)
    it amazing
    and i lvled pretty fast!

  48. Lorickx says: XD im not sure whether or not i am allowed to post links in here, but here is a vid of a full length PVP match.

    P.S. i did NOT think that fighters/saders would be that good, if you match the names to characters as they appear on screen the winner of the match against Mech’s and DB’s is a fighter with the level 60 2H sword o.0, its cool for me as thats my class but i thought they would be too slow to fight effectively at that level.

  49. Peter says:

    Thanks for the trailer, by the way where should a level 82 db with NO funding train??? thanks in advance

  50. D0raemon says:

    LOL I think MapleStory should make videos like this and sell…..

  51. SouteiKusari says:

    wasn’t there something before about everyone getting all their skills in a job advancement after making the job advancement or was that just in my head or an unconfermed rumor?

  52. kimchibi says:

    haha evan and wild hunter didnt make it. they wouldve made pretty good enemies with both of them having mounts

  53. Ricky says:

    Since when could DBs punch?! >:[

  54. FuryKnight says:

    IF the Evan did appear…
    *Four gravestones fall from the sky*

    By the way, you know who should be in this video?
    DB, BM, Mech and Aran: (!)
    Black Wizard: BIG BANG! (the explosion that changed Maple World)
    And that is how Chaos occurred.

  55. LOLWTF says:

    They were fighting at the Secret Garden… No wonder DB was pissed.

  56. eric says:

    This remind me of Naruto because of the sound of Aran and dual blade and also the build it look so much like Naruto. and battle mage are so chubby >.<

  57. Kevin says:

    Wow. This is actually pretty good.

  58. jew says:

    DB pwned BM and mechs

  59. kelvin says:

    why is it that aran n db is fighting against mech n BaM??

  60. Zhen says:

    why is mech so small?

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