Windows Vista & 7 issues

No, this is not an invincibility feature from PvP, but an issue with my current operating system.
Since the update of the Technological Age, a lot of players, including me, are suffering from the incompatibility of Windows Vista and 7.

When I enter a channel full with people and I log out, the login menu is all messed up. Or sometimes I entered a crowded channel, then changed my channel and tried to enter storage, but instead of allowing me to transfer my items it would crash the game client.

Today, my friend suddenly wanted to go to Zakum with me for fun. I said okay and we both went to Zakum, we killed all the arms and then it was time to attack the body. I casted a couple of Dragon Strikes and I saw on my screen that something went wrong… It didn’t respond anymore and a few seconds later the client completely crashed.

Now this has happened before, but the amount of disconnections has increased since that patch. I can always fight against Papulatus alone, but if I fight it with other people, my game messes up with transparent windows showing up and some user interface missing.

Somehow for a very strange reason, the test server client is even worse than the KMS client…
But it could also be PvP, because I cannot complete a full match in PvP mode. Never.
After a few minutes of PvP, my game client crashes. And when this happens, my desktop wallpaper changes to a black color.
It’s really sad and it’s making me angry that Nexon does not acknowledge this.

Speaking of PvP, I really don’t know if it is gonna work in MapleStory. First it was the Striker, Wildhunter and Mechanic job who were really overpowered in PvP.

There was an update recently that added new PvP maps and changed the Battle Square entrance. So I just got off from a PvP  match with a majority of Night Lords playing and wow..
I entered the map and I get killed by a Night Lord throwing stars at me. After three seconds I resurrect and then I try to escape but no success because another Night Lord throws stars at me ”EXCELLENT!!”, ”EXCELLENT!!”, ”EXCELLENT!!”. This is really messed up… The PvP patch is just a few days away. -_-;;

I really hope Nexon makes MapleStory ”Chaos” compatible with Windows Vista/7 because this is just abnormal.
Fucking ridiculous.

대난투 D-DAY: 4

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126 Responses to Windows Vista & 7 issues

  1. greennov1 says:

    awww i feel sorry for you spadow
    i hope they fix it before it comes to gMs cuz i have win7 too. . . .

    • Likan says:

      Feel sorry for spadow too…. My window 7 also has a problem. When starting it up there is an error called error – 2147467259 (Unspecified error )

      • Nisrockk says:

        Same exact error on my desktop.

        Cant play MapleStory at all.

        • Frank2312 says:

          Did you try to uninstall and re-install MapleStory from scratch?

          • Likan says:


          • kokorosnowflake says:

            I had the same problem when Big Bang first came out. Re-installing MS does not work, I think.

            Likan, and to many others: by any chance do you guys have McAfee as your antivirus? if so, McAfee has blocked MS from working AT ALL. You need to unblock it at the ‘Outgoing Programs’ section or whatever it’s called.

      • Draega says:

        I don’t know if you resolved this but for anyone who comes upon this error…. I got the same exact error and I am using an HP with Windows 7. I tried re-downloading and re-installing several times and nothing worked UNTIL I updated my graphics card driver by going to my graphics cards website, NVIDIA. That error seems to be the issue because once I update then I could play. I still have some issue’s with the game client though. Sometimes my login page will be missing some things and other times the game just closes but at least I could play maple.

  2. Savi says:

    YOOOOO that sux man

  3. Demo says:

    I get the exact same issue on some of the bigger bosses in GMS. I figured out how to manipulate my character (an Aran) and make it happen less often, but I still get the same kind of issue–especially when it happens while I’m in fullscreen. Nexon needs to get their shit together. Seriously.

    • Demo says:

      And to boot, they haven’t done jack shit to my support tickets.

      • Lionheart3655 says:

        I know. And I won the maplestory their edition review and they said I won a plushie. After a month of not getting it I filled a tucket. It still says “work in progress”. -_-

  4. dawn says:

    You’re not alone…. BB patch is not in Maplesea yet and the UI is already screwing up. Case in point: Talk to the panda npc in mu lung dojo entrance hall and only half the chat box comes up. Also, when I partied up with my friends in the dreamy ghost map, only the frame of the party window appears when I press the hotkey for it. The inside is a transparent blank. I’m using windows vista btw

  5. Diego says:

    oooh so this is why they called this patches “chaos”? XD total mess :D

  6. KhangHi says:

    Its happening in GMS too if you have Windows 7 it happened right after Resistance patch

    • Global MapleStory Issue says:

      Me 2 but in Vista

    • Ghost says:

      Not really, I have Win7 and it’s been working good ever since the compatibility patch they had in November

    • harel says:

      not to sound rude but im soooo glad i only use windows xp

    • greennov1 says:

      doesn’t happen to me, but my computer (not to brag or anything) has two cpu’s so that’s maybe why it works. . .
      it’s a dell inspiron e1505 with win7 basic
      maybe it’s because you guys have outlook and stuff?

    • GameUseful says:

      I Had This Problem but I fixed mine.

      I Had AVG Firewall and Anti Virus and when I Disabled it…

      It Works!!!!!:D

      So You Should Try Windows Defender and Disable it or Windows Firewall and Disabled it.

  7. KhangHi says:

    Its happening in GMS too if you have Windows 7 it happened right after Resistance patch >.>

  8. Emenia says:

    Gargh I’m experiencing the same problems too in GMS. I can’t even boss any more thanks to these glitches, bits off my character or the monster I’m fighting disappear and then maplestory stops working. They seriously need to address this, vista has been out for what, 3 or 4 years now? And they still haven’t made maplestory compatible? Really lazy programming.

    • ShynSey says:

      I’m getting the same thing on Vista, where bosses randomly starts flashing and

      “Maplestory has stopped working”

      It’s really sad

  9. CzImGreen says:

    For me, its happening long ago, since Dual Blade in GMS

  10. JackNJails says:

    its is always liddat de the nexon haven make maple suitable for vista and 7 yet

  11. heyy says:

    wow spadow same thing happening to me and i reinstalled the client
    no diff
    and wow
    you must really be mad
    after i read “fucking ridiculous” i was scared
    but yah exact same things happening to me
    exactly same

  12. Hey Spadow, im kinda curious about the day countdown on the last three posts, can you tell me wats with that?

  13. DarkLordKarkain says:

    It kind of figures that PvP would be a huge failure as far as fairness went. When PvP rolls around to GMS, I’m only going to PvP with guildies and friends. And I feel for you, bro. They always make people who use Windows Vista and 7 feel the pain of incompatibility. I can’t Zak on my Hero because of the abundance of problems. If Nexon would stop putting out new content and fixed every problem from old content, the game would be much better. I’ve been reduced to training a Wild Hunter because I can’t boss with my Battle Mage or Hero.

    Long range, blech…. x_x

    • Ghost says:

      that’s what the Big Bang part 1 was about lol, they’ve pretty much clean up all of their coding although it still left some errors and sort of made some new ones

  14. ShynSey says:

    I feel your pain, I can barely complete a Zrun because of the compatibility issues.
    After I kill the arms, zakum randomly flashes and my client just crashes after. I get this thing that says
    “Maplestory has stopped working” then my desktop background completely darkens. Hope Nexon will do somethign about it

  15. Random says:

    omg my frames get messed up too

  16. Luke says:

    That’s been happening to me on windows vista since v.7x in gms. Dual
    Booting windows xp is cool ^^.

  17. Jos says:

    It sounds just like a regular GMS patch /endsarcasm
    I hope it gets fixed soon Spadow, peace.

  18. Axxez says:

    aw thats too bad :(

  19. Axxez says:

    Woah, yu must be REALLY mad! never heard a curse from yu Spadow! haha nexon should rly fix this… i have vista :(

  20. Liked maple says:

    spadow i have the same problems in gms i play normal and then black image or player wihout body or eyes or crash. i only wish that NEXON AND WIZET make a job to fix the problems of vista and 7

  21. Global MapleStory Issue says:

    When I go into a town map I get frozen/stuck/lagged in the middle of it
    Nexon needs to fix this my computer is fine.(Vista)

  22. Cake says:

    have you tried to change the graphics?
    it used to work back in the v7x in gms, and it still works for me.
    @heyy lol not really.
    i heard that several people still suffer from this, im one of them.

  23. Jack says:

    Hahahha. Spadow I completely agree.
    Maplestory IS fucking ridiculous lately.

  24. before chaos patch u never face this problem???
    if yes that mean you lucky then me a lot

    me never finish any zakum run before , always will crash
    hope Nexon really will fix this fucking problem……………………..

  25. NuckMyFuts says:

    I’m in the same predicament as you Spadow, but i’ve had these problems since Evans. It’s very aggravating, and I don’t think you d/c because of certain things, but you d/c about every 30-45 minutes. It’s very agitating and I can’t do anything about it. I’ve pretty much given up on Maplestory because I have to relog every 30 minutes, and I can’t log out to change characters or my client crashes. Thanks Nexon, i’ve submitted four tickets that have been closed everytime with a reply saying they can’t help. Good job.

  26. D0raemon says:

    I using Window Vista… omg I don’t wish THIS comes to my version of MSEA.

    • LycanRage says:

      Already has dude. If you haven’t been experincing it then…well you’re lucky. Btw KPQ in MSEA has problems. Sometimes King Slime is not at home, the portal transports you to another map, so on and so forth. Possible to skip King Slime even. Ever happened in other Maples?

  27. Winter says:

    I love how it seems all versions have the same shit. In ems one of our more recent patches ment that even xp users stood a good chance of dc’ing at boss runs. Almost no point trying if your on W7 or vista.
    Damn nexon needs to sort their priorities -.-

  28. Cobray says:

    I can’t even get through a whole PvP match without the client booting me after like 2 minutes. Then there is the issue with the cash shop crashing the client as I exit. I’ve been getting the disappearing UI for a long time now as well as the black background. Oh and there seems to be a HUUUGE memory leak when I’m in towns….or maybe its just cause my laptop is shit. I dunno =/

  29. Nisrockk says:


    Hope Nexon fixes it coz almost all players have now dumped Windows XP for Vista/7.
    If they dont, there goes their revenue.

  30. Koffie says:

    lol they will never fix it.
    I’m getting sick of not being able to boss (zakum, balrog pq,etc.).
    On EMS they made things even worse with the Evan patch, can’t even Papulatus now, and I dc much more often at Zakum.
    We recently had a DC & Lag Elimination Campaign (, which won’t make any difference.
    They are just trying to reassure Maplers, like they tried to reassure us in the past saying they are aware of the incompatibility issues. But in reality they don’t do anything about it.

    MapleStory is an MMO, MMOs are supposed to last for years.
    In these years new operating systems will come on the market.
    They know this, thus it’s their job to be aware of possible incompatibility issues like this beforehand ,and if they occur it is their job to do a thorough research of the problems and fix them as soon as possible.
    Otherwise they will lose players.

    Too bad MapleStory is still able to survive in the MMO market with issues like this, that’s probably why they don’t give a shit.

  31. Megabine says:

    Spadow, you could just install windows XP if you have space in your disk.
    I have XP because I can’t find the right updates for 7.
    I heard that 7 is faster then XP just for a little bit.
    I really fell sorry for you :(
    Love your posts and hope you can play again :)

  32. jtizim123 says:

    I’ve got Vista and I’ve been having a similar problem, But I’m only at Big Bang. Now I know im not the only one Rofls

  33. Android18x says:

    I guess with ”Chaos” they RLLY meant a CHAOS Update

  34. PhotostickXD says:

    Tuff Luck… GMS Players have to have a shitty game play as well with W7 and Vista… ITS FUCKING ANNOYING

  35. NovaNuvaMS says:

    First time seeing Spadow that angry lol….oh nuu i have windows 7 too..i hope i wont experience the same thing in GMS when chaos updaye comes. btw nice post Spadow

  36. plavious says:

    i have vista for 3 years and in GMS its like that all the time (to be exact it stated after hack-shield introduced)
    it not as bad as you write, but i tired 30 times at least to finish zak and i always DC
    hope the fix will come from KMS…

  37. Tyan says:

    I know how you feel Spadow, Been happening to me and a lot of players. GMS has had this problem far to long to let it slide. And as a player of MapleStory along with you and countless others. Please send a ticket to KMS asking to look into the problems in GMS. I myself and countless others would greatly appreciate it. I’m sure many GMS players here would greatly appreciate the effort of getting help. :/

  38. SlayerSnack says:

    This just puts the “Chaos” into the MapleStory Chaos Patch. I feel like they were somewhat expecting all this…

  39. Gunth says:

    I had a problem with Vista when Big Bang came out in GMS. Whenever I entered a town the game would lag horrably. But now that I have windows 7 it doesn’t anymore and it runs like the good old days and the game is actually fun to play. I’m sorry to hear that you are having problems and I’m sure Nexon will do something about it realatively soon.

  40. tbhero says:

    yea nexon sometimes really pisses me off -.-

  41. Frank says:

    i knew pvp would be messed up

  42. ColaRain says:

    Nexon europe also has this LAME bugs when I change to window mode, my full maple crashes now (since evan patch.) Also papulatus is now bugged with a horrible lagg & dc. Zakum is already bugged since it came out for vista and since W7 came it is even worse. Those lazy ásses got to do something because I can’t play a game like this anymore. I’m glad I can see how many people agree that nexon must do something :)

  43. Darkness says:

    I have windows 7 but i just put it in windows xp service compatability pack 2 and its never had a problem infact windows xp had more than windows 7 for me but you know what can you do i suggest you try that spaddow and if it works Yay i helped spadow if it doesnt then srry and global already has windows 7 in there compatability thing there shoud be no problems it might just be your computer

  44. Mecruious says:

    After a few minutes of PvP, my game client crashes. And when this happens, my desktop wallpaper changes to a black color.

    I actually have the same problem when I go bossing somethimes in gMS. So maybe that glitch/bug always existed but the new patch made it worse.

  45. TacoBeard says:

    o yeah anything new with… um was it dragonn age? i can’t rember its been so long since you said anything about it. The one with cleric warrior mage and something else?

  46. Someone says:

    This happened to me also. But i play on GMS, so it may be something that Nexon in General hasn’t fixed. Nexon should seriously look through all this.

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  48. BendyBread says:

    I knew it. PvP just doesnt work in a 2d game like maple.

    And when the hell will Nexon fix this? Jesus, incompatibility issues have been around for so long and yet they blatantly ignore it to implement broken NX-hoeing systems like potential or new NX clothes.

  49. Ninjakc says:

    I get the same issues in GMS. When I play or login randomly, I get messed up login screen and the world selection screen disappears. And when I d/c from Maple I get that Black screen background thing to. Going into window mode and widescreen helps the black screen thing, but I’m not sure about the messed up login and transparent menus. That happens to me alot.

    • blazingrunaway says:

      I have the exact same problem too! I thought it was because of iTunes that started this. Not only that, I’ve been getting random crashes and dcing.

      I agree that they should fix this though, Windows XP isn’t going to be around forever..

  50. Wumbo says:

    Spadow, have you ever played on GMS? These types of problems run rampant. And we don’t even have Chaos yet.

    Every once in a while, GMS comes out with a “compatability” update that does absolutely nothing. =_=

    I guess that’s why they call it Chaos, right? I’d imagine not knowing when your Maple client will crash is pretty chaotic.

    As for PvP not being balanced… it doesn’t surprise me. From the sound of it, I think Nexon should scrap the idea for now. Try it again later when they actually know what they’re doing…

  51. FGYJustin says:

    Never seen Spadow this frustrated.

  52. poIePower says:

    Woah chillax. There problems are also rather common in MSEA too. Especially when the servers are getting crowded.

  53. Ghost says:

    Nexon should really make sure there content is functional before they give a specific dates for their patches…

  54. Wumbo says:

    I read in a recent interview with KMS developers talking about how this past year, GMS has gotten content faster than MSEA. The explanation they gave was that GMS players weren’t as happy with the content they had as opposed to MSEA players. This just shows how out of touch the makers of MapleStory are.

    GMS players aren’t NOT happy with the content they have. They just get angry faster (and louder) when we can’t play it, due to all the technical issues. But of course, the shouting is quelled when they release the next big thing in GMS…

    • Ghost says:

      It’s funny how MSEA is getting technical issues too although the rate of released content is the same/will stay the same.

  55. Trololofaic says:

    F_cking crazy.
    In GMS, After I play a character, I click: “Quit game” and then the entire menu is missing.
    This also happens when I start MapleStory, I DO NOT skip the Big Bang intro thingy, and boom, invisible menu to select world and channel.
    I have Windows Vista.
    It seems Nexon is hating Windows Vista and 7.

  56. Alex says:

    i got this problem

  57. ninjablack99 says:

    Oh im sorry that happen to u good luck :o

  58. Wadalite says:

    Oh no!
    Hide yo kids!
    And hide yo wife!
    Cuz Spadow said the F word!

    OT: Does anyone know if getting a better processor would help random lag periods?

  59. iknowthefix says:

    dude… disable your soundcard (bios and drivers) and your graphic probs are solved

    we ems players fighting with this problems since ages ago…

  60. shado says:

    We got this bug a lot of times on EMS, and should help shout down sound card in device manager

  61. tian says:

    Maybe nexon will file a code for mac computers to play too? how about every type of operating system?
    They dont realize that they will earn more money if they took a bit more time and catter to another group of consumers.
    funny how microsoft dosnt even sell windows XP. mac users have to buy either $199 for windows vista or $299 for windows 7. if nexon recoded the game, that $199 goes to them instead of microsoft.
    god dammit nexon.

    • Takebacker says:

      Assuming everyone who has a mac who is willing to buy and dual boot a microsoft OS specifically to play MS, if they didn’t have to buy that OS to play MS and EVERY PENNY that would have been spent on that OS would instead be used on NX, the money earned from that group of people would not be enough to exceed the costs of developing and maintaining a completely new client of this game. This issue has already been brought up and shut down by korean developers. Maplestory uses directX and other software that does not exist on the OSX interface. MAPLESTORY WILL NEVER BE NATIVE ON OSX.

  62. Bob FLani says:

    Dont swear D:<

  63. NOTSpadow says:

    Thats the first time i saw you swear…
    ANYWAYS, is nexon korea as bad as nexon america? Sounds like it. I can see problems, as i’m assuming that their systems run on XP since 2003, and hasnt upgraded since. I’m just ASSUMING, so i could be wrong.

    • Spadow says:

      In my opinion, Nexon America is definitely worse than Korea from what I’ve seen. Nexon Korea handles everything better with service than America.
      I just think that Korea needs to solve this Windows Vista and 7 compatibility issue, since it’s a serious matter and it affects a lot of players.

      • Wumbo says:

        I wonder which version of MS grosses more income for Nexon, KMS or GMS? I’m willing to bet GMS, just simply based on the larger target market that GMS has. But why can’t some of that money Nexon makes go towards hiring programmers that KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING?

      • NameTaken says:

        Nexon Korea is better than Nexon America, but Nexon Korea is falling back in services as well. There’s a ton of botters and hacker in KMS, and Nexon K. isn’t doing much about them since they want to increase their concurrent users amount.
        Nearly all the high level arans in the Titan (the new world that came out) hacked, and since they’re not getting banned, some of them selling leach at lionheart castle.
        Also, in Titan and Windia, Empress Cygnus was defeated using a no delay body pressure hack.

  64. zcoinz says:

    You know it’s bad when spadow does his first swear on his blog nexon.

  65. Araste says:

    Hey Spadow wat mask r u wearing? It looks like a Dual Blade mask.

  66. kobomb says:

    get used to it its been like this on GMS before big bang was even released

  67. Reanna says:

    You all need to chill out.
    He said the f word. Big deal. Who cares?
    Don’t make a big deal about it, don’t make him feel bad about it.
    ilu Spadow.

  68. Baru says:

    Spadow, I don’t like you saying that kind of word.

  69. weird….
    Man PVP sounds weird,
    I wonder how Ill do as a bishop

    I await to see what the PVP patch holds

  70. abbness says:

    I tried to Zak on my Windows 7 today. What fail. The arms disapperaed and I crashed. I am not too worried since usually Korean players complain in large numbers and Nexon Korea takes action to correct mistakes. The question is how long it will take till all these issues are resolved.

  71. Alex says:

    Lots of people have been having these kinds of issues in GMS too. Luckily, for me, my problems seemed to magically disappear with the Big Bang patch, but I’m well aware the problems persisted for others, and that people who never before experienced problems suddenly started to.

  72. Happyhappy says:


  73. MassCreed says:

    HI spadow

    i got a question,

    does everyone get and SP and or AP reset scrolls in Chaos patch ? or just Dual blades, or none at all ?

  74. JMS player says:

    The exact same thing happens on XP systems as well (JMS 1.83). We at JMS have found that by disabling your sound driver through Device Manager, the problem is completely resolved. No one knows why, but it works. Spread the word if it works for KMS(T) :)

  75. NEXON ROCKS ( o0o ) says:


  76. KreeftEMS says:

    about three weeks Nexon Europe said they found the problem with windows 7/vista. They said it was the SoundCard. You had to do something with your sound card options etc. Many people said it worked. Let’s hope this fix works for KMS, topic:

    • DeadlyComboz says:

      This fixes the looping sound bug that was also apparent in jMS as well as gMS which caused massive memory leaks. The rest of the problem has been existent for several years now, and there’s no stopping/preventing the issue. You see in-game screens disappearing, bosses flickering on & off like a light bulb. It will occur on Windows 8 as well unless the MS developers bring about a new client to fix the compatibility issues.

  77. Hudson21Nguyen says:

    too bad i have windows 7 too but good thing i have a windows xp one too.

  78. ND92 says:

    Are these issues truly new to KMS(t)?

    They’ve plagued me since I started playing GMS. Bosses only really :/

  79. Draz says:

    Don’t expect MS to become Vista/7 compliant any time soon. I posted a ticket explaining my problems and ask not to send the form letter about updating drivers etc etc etc, because all my drivers were up to date. I needed solutions. I got the form letter back telling me to update my drivers etc etc etc. The closed the ticket, forcing me to post another. I referenced the closed tickets and explained to them they couldn’t grease their finger to stick in their arse. They deleted that ticket.

    Now the good part. With GMS right now, they have fixed many of the issues.

    Now the bad part. You’re telling me Chaos Patch is going to bring the issues right back.

    Sorry Sparrow, i’m feeling your pain.

  80. xDdXdd says:

    Mine is sorta the same but somewhat different , i run on windows vista and i can log in and move around , but whenever i click someone or attack i like crash and i can never get back on unless i reboot my computer :/

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