KMST V362 ~ PvP & other changes

A new update has been released in the test server yesterday. There are a lot of changes that I want to tell you about.
The name of the PvP map has been renamed to ”Battle Square”.  You can enter Battle Square through the Victoria Island cab.

Currently the Battle Square map is poorly designed with existing NPCs in place. They’re placeholders. The update made it possible that players can earn BP (Battle Points) and redeem the points for prices.

The first four equip items are temporary equips. They only last for 3 days and it’s not worth it in my opinion.
However, the other rewards are interesting. You can see a scroll, a recipe, two books, another book in the form of a mastery book and a pouch.

The scroll is a Scroll of Mystery. You need x1 ”Proof of Ares” to get it.
When it’s in your inventory, you double-click it to see what kind of scroll you get. I got an accessory for mana scroll 65% from it.

The next item is the Recipe of Mystery scroll. For this item, x1 Proof of Ares is needed.
The Recipe of Mystery gives you a random recipe that you can use. In my case I got a Lv. 130 archer glove recipe for Blacksmithing.

The two textbooks are pocket items. A pocket equip slot can be unlocked when you have Lv. 30 Charm.
The green textbook adds +3 to STR, DEX, INT and LUK, +3 weapon/magic attack and increases your PvP damage by 2.
The blue textbook adds +5 to STR, DEX, INT and LUK, +5 weapon/magic attack and increases your PvP damage by 3.
Pretty good for a pocket item. The green textbook needs x2 Proof of Ares and the blue textbook x8 Proof of Ares.

This item is [Mastery Book] Mastery Book of Mystery. It gives you a random mastery book. You need x1 Proof of Ares.

The last item is the Daenantu Pouch. It’s available for x1 Proof of Ares. The pouch gave me x50 sunset dews. But it can give you a variety of items such as meso, potions, Proof of Ares, items that increase personality stats, Chaos weapons and more~
So you are probably wondering what this Proof of Ares thing is, am I right?

When the Technological Age update was released last week, I noticed that for Jewel Crafting you need the Proof of Ares item to make shoulder pads and other Blacksmithing equipment.I was wondering how to get this item, but now I know. It’s from PvP.

Proof of Ares. In this current situation you can earn it from Cassandra. (placeholder NPC)
Cassandra gives me  three options:

x1 Proof of Ares for 10 Battle Points
x4 Proof of Ares for 30 Battle Points
x7 Proof of Ares for 50 Battle Points

BP is pretty easy to get if you’re a master in PvP haha. The amount of BP depends on your score in PvP.
Remember that this is in the test server, everything might subject to change in the official server.

I will not be posting the skill changes for PvP, because I just know that will take me a long time and I’m sure Nexon will update the skills often until it’s balanced for everyone.
The test server client AND the official server client is currently shitty and incompatible because I’m disconnecting a lot.
I really hope Nexon can fix this because it’s pissing me off. I can’t even log on my main character… -_-;;

Unfortunately, the Ice Knight mode is not available yet in the test server, but the new morphs has been added.

One person gets chosen to be an Ice Knight in this mode. The Ice Knight has the ability to freeze players. Other players have to avoid getting freezed by the Ice Knight. If the Ice Knight freezes all the players, he or she is the winner.

In this post, I explained how disassembling equipment works. Alchemist is the only profession that can disassemble equipment, but there is a restriction on disassembling certain level equipment.
I’m glad to announce that in this update it has been changed.

Alchemy Lv. 1 : up to level 50 equipment
Alchemy Lv. 2 : up to level 70 equipment
Alchemy Lv. 3 : up to level 90 equipment
Alchemy Lv. 4 : up to level 110 equipment
Alchemy Lv. 5 : up to level 130 equipment
Alchemy Lv. 6 : all equipment

This is really an improvement.

Oh yeah haha, they added new transformation potions for Alchemy.
They added these new transformation potions:

Blue Mushroom

Ghost Stump

Zombie Mushroom

Wild Boar

Two new special transformation potions were added:

Lion King – Believe it or not, but they actually added a potion where you can turn into the Lion King monster!

Papulatus – Another cool transformation is this one hahaha! No, there is no second form of Papulatus where you can transform into.

Alchemy is a pretty good skill, but I prefer Mining and Jewel Crafting. :<
Today I found out in KMS that you can gain Sense even if you cannot collect herbs.

I completed this Temple of Time quest on my Viper and it says 감성 +40, which means I gained +40 Sense. I haven’t completed quests in a while and this is my first. So maybe you can get Sense through quests?…

Thanks to the + 메이플스토리 + Daum cafe, here is a recent video about the Empress Cygnus boss monster.

[Alternative Link]

대난투 D-DAY: 7

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107 Responses to KMST V362 ~ PvP & other changes

  1. greennov1 says:

    yey first comment :D
    niiiiice i wanna turn into van leon >:]
    but i would prefer to have alchemy not on my main. . .

    • harel says:

      i have 2 mains so co mains anyway im useing alchmy on my mage and jewlecrafting for my db

    • harel says:

      Hello people and thanks green for letting me use this spot :D anyway i have a letter to spadow that i have no idea how to post so here it is
      Hello there I am writing to you like this because it’s the only way i could make sure you’d see it. I have info about the new equips and some old equips that I wanted you to know. Firstly, about the new lvl 140 equips with the update. After scouring info from the blacksmithing job, I found that they are made from a high level blacksmith useing many materials including marks of ares from pvp. Also, I found that the new way to create timless equips is also by blacksmithing useing either “piece of time” or “time fragment” or something like that. Thank you for your time reading this i will also try to post this on your blog to make sure you see it.

  2. The_Noobz111 says:

    Really looking forward to the PvP system. I can finally get skillbooks without bossing, which I can’t really do…

    I am trying to imagine people transform into Van Leon boss and walk around towns… scary….

  3. Zhix says:

    Empress cygnus isn’t as exciting as I expected her to be. The music needs to be more creepy.

    • BboyStyleZ says:

      Honestly it sounds just fine and perfectly suited. She became corrupted by the black mage not turn into some Freddy Cougar freak tryna kill everyone. The music sounds sad since everything in the future is screwed up which perfectly fits as the background music. There should be nothing creepy at all imho (in my honest opinion)

  4. bob says:

    personally, i was planning on doing jewel on my wild hunter, blacksmithing on my bishop… but now i want alchemy for that van leon… so i guess my cpq mule will have another purpose, haha, or my lvl 70 night walker

  5. Volt says:

    quests from sense. omg. i have 720+ quests done from pre proffesion. shit.

    • Luxeraph says:

      Dam and just when I was about to redo all the quests that big bang took, I guess I’ll just grind till summer. :(

      They should really make sense as charm, I mean you don’t have to do 800 quests (or whatever is now) from the point you accept the quest medal challenge, why would sense be different and screw the questers by giving nothing for their previous work.

    • ChuanJun says:

      Ohai volt, what happen to

  6. Axxez says:

    Wow. Now I don’t know what I wanna pick anymore :p

  7. Axxez says:

    The transformations look so awesome! But the ring and the jewel crafting is amazing too! Wait, what’s the other one? There’s another one, right?

  8. Born2kill says:

    i like it cant wait till it out btw does the mastery book of mystery give us core skillbook??

  9. PaCh says:

    Sorry for not knowing, but what is a pocket slot?
    How easy is it to get battle points?
    and what do you do with the transformation potions?
    can you attack?

  10. PaCh says:

    what level do you have to be to get the lion king transformation potions?

  11. Ghost says:

    Is there any chance to obtain GM Scrolls from the Scroll of Mystery?
    And the third frame from the Ice Knight, is the Flash Jump?
    Also since monster crystals are useless when this patch comes, what does disassembling equipment give?

  12. hmm
    Sounds cool so far,

    yay for morph items and what was that the Time guy gave you,
    That gear looking thing?

  13. KoottaHigure says:

    Do the transformation come with any kick or are they simply normal transformations, like the one given during Christmas Events and Halloween?

  14. JMRV says:

    Ugh, I wanna get the android, and yet I want to get the broken jewelcrafting stuff. It seems like jewelcraft is just so much better than the other stuff because nothing seems to drop or sell what they have to offer.

  15. Tazfelis says:

    Is there any list from where you can get recipe for lvl 130 PA? I need to know if it’s worth to raise my dex cap on aran already. (I’m 16x lvl)

  16. MeritsAlone says:

    The transformation potions look interesting…
    Imagine going into FM ch 1 with the Van Leon potion XD

    Anyway… do you mind giving us a complete recipe list for the Jewelist? I have been trying to find it with no sucess.

  17. MSEAF says:

    points to exchange stuff?
    there will sure be leechers…
    1 person on 2 comps, 2 chars
    to battle and earn the points…

  18. shibii says:

    “I really hope Nexon can fix this because it’s pissing me off. I can’t even log on my main character… -_-;;”

    So do I ….

    I’ll try to get us more mesos by the mean time ;)

  19. Anonymouse says:

    Spadow is there any use for upgraded jewels like advanced diamonds or STR/DEX Crystals when making items now?

  20. Random Person says:

    Lol don’t count on ever killing empress cygnus any time soon…

  21. Axxez says:

    Hey Spadow, how long does the transformation last? An hour? And is there anything special about turning into one of those monsters? Like, do yu get more HP or something? Or is it just for coolness 8)

  22. Jett... says:

    How can I get the recipe for the morph potions
    Have been looking for awhile and nothing

  23. BootyDriller says:

    Hey Spadow, just curios, before the Chaos patch, was your mechanic able to Make your robot equipment with the Maker Skill?

  24. Anonymous says:

    Do monster crystals turn into the new item crystals?

  25. HeyPros says:

    U r my idol

  26. millus says:

    lol at pervert stump and emo boar

  27. Spadow, can you get more info about how does a crator(blacksmithing) works? Im also pretty enterested on that profession, ill be waiting for your answer.

  28. rawvoltage says:

    Wow, you can turn into Lionheart boss, sweet! :D

  29. GOGO says:

    Spadow do you hate me or something?
    you never respond to anything i ask….
    srry but i just think your ignoring me or something…

    • harel says:

      nah spadows not on often he only goes on to post and maybe twice after a post to check the first few comments

      • Spadow says:

        Speak for yourself, please.
        I check daily the comments. Sometimes I have free time to answer some comments real quick.
        I cannot possibly reply on all comments, if I haven’t replied on yours yet that doesn’t mean I ignore you or hate you.

        • GOGO says:

          yah but my comment was like really high up in alot of the times andyou always seem to awnser the newr ones…
          but yah i guess when you just skim hru em, it doesnt catch your eye
          k thx spadow!
          PS:your the best!

          • GOGO says:

            but anyways, this was my question(3rd time…) do you know where i can find the recipe for the giant potion?

          • Hanabira.Kage says:

            Wow. I didn’t know Spadow was an Alchemist.

            He’s a Jewel Crafter. Why would he have any idea what the recipe for the Giant Potion is? From what I’ve seen thus far, there isn’t much incentive for anyone to be an Alchemist because Jewel Crafting is so much better. I wouldn’t be surprised that there’s hardly any information on Alchemy at this juncture.

          • harel says:

            he made a mule alchemist

  30. Tinder says:

    Spadow, can you give some more insight on the Empress battle.

    Do you have to fight all of the instructors before you can fight her? What are those things the players are fighting? Brainwashed knights?

    That sin was taking around 5-6K damage, then the damage jumped to 10K. What happened? Any other info you know would be appreciated.

    • Ghost says:

      Looks like it, every time an instructor shows up, Cygnus can’t be touched. Although due the info posted on southperry, I would say after defeating all of the instructors, they can be summoned in another form during the fight w/ Cygnus (why else are there two forms of the instructors?) And ‘those things’ are similar to the Corrupted guilds in CWK.

      The sin was probably hit by a knight and then hit by the instructor.

  31. MapleSEA player (fan of spadow) says:

    i want to know what class is the best. explorer koc dualblade resistance?
    pls reply…

    • ChuanJun says:

      They are equally good after Big Bang, PS. I am also from MapleSEA but I play kMS

      Most people is skeptic over that sentence but it’s really true, most are stereotyped that the best class will make you an advantage over the others but no…

      I’m really sick of these what class is the best type of question, do some research and decide them yourself.

    • WingsThatWork says:

      There is really no point in asking Spadow this -__- It really all depends on you and how funded you are.
      And they aren’t called classes -.- and if you were a true fan of Spadow as your account name applies, then you should know about the patches Big Bang and Chaos the first patch of both happens to be BIG balance patches, so to make all the classes equal.
      And what do you mean by best? lol best against?!? what every single monster in maplestory? well thats gonna take months to calculate lol

      • MapleSEA player (fan of spadow) says:

        ya i know..that y im asking from comment from other people too…first they make mechanic which a job that can down zak in 3min 10 sec…..thy make dualblade to screw bandit… next what a begineer that do 1million damage?…but anyway thx for the comment…when through all the skill== now i duno what to job to pick

  32. WingsThatWork says:

    How many proffesions have you tried out so far?
    What does herbalism make? only potions?

  33. SlayerSnack says:

    Spadow, when you use the blacksmithing skill, can you make equips for all jobs on that single character? Or do you have to make even more characters to do that? Thanks if you reply!

    • Hanabira.Kage says:

      Well, I’m not Spadow. But I’ve heard that Creators can forge equipment for any class. It seems though, judging from what Spadow said in an earlier comment, that the success rate varies depending on your level. Logically speaking, this would mean the closer your level is to the equipment’s level (assuming its level is above yours), the higher the success rate.

  34. Luigi says:

    Mining and Jewel-Crafting? It’s starting to feel like an animated runescape…

  35. Alex says:

    I was going to say, “I wish they’d turn down the SFX so we could hear the BGM at the boss room”..but then she

  36. BBD says:

    Global MapleStory already has that book where you can put in any mastery skill.

    Seen it twice in Free Market. Affordable too.

  37. Likan says:

    I feel so sad when hearing that song T.T but I absolutly love it.

  38. s0meb0dy says:

    Hey Spadow, the pot cooldown is the map effect or the empress cygnus skill?’s only may be 1 party on a channel, right? much HP the “dark knights” have and how much EXP they bring?’s in the “door of the future-dark ereb/ereve”?

    thanks for answering.

    • Ghost says:

      1. i do remember him saying it’s a Cygnus Skill
      2. at max 18 people (3 parties) can go in
      3. 600,000,000 in v1 and 1,650,000,000 in v2, the higher the hp, the higher the exp (although the rates are different)
      4. pretty much

      • s0meb0dy says:

        3.what is “v1 and “v2”, v2 is the knight and v1 is the “mini knights” that the knight summon?
        or up-side-down? or the knight has two forms? and you know how much EXP they bring?

  39. Tinder says:

    What does the Empress say during the battle?

    The actual text and it seems she actually has a voice file.

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