Making the Angelic Bless ring…

After almost a week I finally reached Lv. 4 Jewel Crafting.
When your skill mastery bar is full, that means you have to level up your skill. The only way to do that is to visit the profession master NPC in Meisterville and pay him or her fee to level up. That’s everything!

I leveled up my Jewel Crafting skill to 4 and Meltz gave me a free recipe. For Lv. 4 Mining, I received some ores.
Anyway, Meltz gave me a recipe to make the Angelic Bless ring!

Why a recipe? If you use a recipe, it will tell you which items you need to make the accessory. For the Angelic Bless ring, you need 25 bronze plates, 25 adamantium plates, 10 intermediate item crystals (Lv. 70~90) and 10 bottles that you can buy from a Meisterville NPC.
Plates are very easy to make now with this new system.

I can tell you already that monster crystals are useless when this update comes to your version. From now on, you need item crystals. People who learned the Alchemy profession can only disassemble equipment.
Unfortunately if you want to disassemble high-leveled equipment, you will need to raise the level of Alchemy…

One thing I like about this new system is that it tells you the current success rate and the success rate at the next level. It’s a shame that you cannot use any items that will enhance the item like Maker. Too bad Maker is gone, but I think this system is a good improvement of it.

Back on topic, I finally got my Angelic Bless ring!!

The Angelic Bless ring adds +1 to STR, DEX, INT and LUK and adds +30 accuracy and avoidability.
On top of that, when you equip the ring you will get +30 Charm EXP and it gives you a +5 weapon/magic attack buff! Isn’t that awesome?
The buff stacks with an attack potion and with Super Transform and Energy Charge.
I tried this buff with the Rage skill, and it stacks but.. when I have Rage and this buff on, it doesn’t stack with Energy Charge. But that’s alright. ^-^

Lovely effect?

There is a Lv. 70 Dark Angelic Bless ring which adds +6 to STR, DEX, INT and LUK and +100 maxHP and maxMP. But the Dark Angelic Bless ring gives you an even greater buff: +10 weapon/magic attack
But you will need Lv. 10 Jewel Crafting for it. So, it’s difficult. I’ll let you know when I have the Dark Angelic Bless ring~

You can trade both rings, but it bind on equip. If you equipped the Dark Angelic Bless ring and you want to trade it, you will need a Platinum Scissor of Karma. The Dark Angelic Bless is a one-of-a-kind item.

I created my ring and equipped it, but I cannot make another Angelic Bless ring because I will need a recipe.
If you used a recipe and created the equipment afterwards, you will need to use another recipe to make it again.

The personality system. I think it’s great. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, that’s okay. I’ll explain it again.
There are six personality traits that you can increase:

Charisma (can be increased by hunting bosses)
Increase in PvP damage
Increase in ignoring the monster’s defense
Decrease in EXP upon death

Sense (can be increased by collecting herbs)
Increase in MP
Increase in quest EXP

Insight (can be increased by mining and revealing the hidden potential of items)
Increase in accuracy
Increase in avoidability
The ability to show the hidden potential of an item using a free magnifying glass

Will (can be increased by completing party quests, by gaming time and by leveling up profession skills)
Increase in HP
Increase in physical defense
Increase in magic defense
Resistant to statuses

Craft (can be increased by creating equips/items)
Increase in the success rate of scrolls
Increase in the success rate of getting double the skill mastery you earn

Charm (Charm can be increased by equipping/using cash items and when your fame goes up)
Increase of a new equip slot (pocket slot)
Facial expression rewards

These are my current stats of my personality traits. My Will is Lv. 6 and I got an increase of +100 HP and +5 physical and magic defense. My Craft is Lv. 18 and gives me a 3% probability to earn double the skill mastery and the success rate of scrolls has been increased by 1.5%.

Charm is still Lv. 13 but I know that you can get a new pocket slot when your Charm level is 30.
You get the facial expression rewards at Lv. 35, 40 and 45. But I cannot afford to buy a lot of cash items so I rather have no pocket slot…

I raise my Charisma every day by hunting bosses. It’s currently at Lv. 18 and so far I can ignore 1,5% of the monster’s defense. My PvP damage has been increased by 3 and whenever I die which is rarely, I will lose only 9,3% instead of 10%. ^^
Sense is a useless personality trait for me because I don’t have Herbalism on my Viper.
The last personality trait is Insight, it’s Lv. 17 and so far it only gives me an increase of +25 accuracy and avoidability.

One last thing… The patch version of KMS is currently at 1.2.121 and I think Nexon realized that the Empress Cygnus boss is a little bit too hard. So they reduced the physical attack from 25500 to 20400 and her magic attack from 35500 to 28400.

It’s a good start…

대난투 D-DAY: 8

About Spadow
It's not who I am underneath... but what I do... that defines me.

104 Responses to Making the Angelic Bless ring…

  1. Liked maple says:

    yahooo good news for you spadow

  2. Alex says:

    Increase in scroll success? Does this work for all scrolls?

  3. Jordan says:

    Would our fame determine our charm, or is it only additional fame we get after the patch?

  4. Mewmewuxie says:

    By “Fee,” do you mean mesos?

    If so, just curious, but how much mesos did it cost for Lvl 4 Jewel Crafting skill?

    If not, what do you mean by “Fee”?

    And does the monster crystals turn automatically to Item Crystals or they will just stay as Monster crystals?

    • Spadow says:

      Yes, with fee I mean mesos. The amount is very low. It’s not expensive at all!
      No, monster crystals will not turn into item crystals. :|

      • person says:

        What are and how do you get Item Crystals?

        • Volt says:

          the same thing as monster crystals except with a different name. make an alchemist and disassemble items

          • threepea says:

            Hey, Spadow, I have a question about the item crystals.
            I make an alchemist and find that I need some item crystals to make a disassembler machine which is used for making item crystals you mentioned before.
            So what are the first item crystals from before anyone can make a disassembler machine?

          • harel says:

            for the guy below me: you don’t need a disassembler machine to diasassemble, you just need alchemy

  5. Luxeraph says:

    Spadow whats the max level of the personality system?
    Also aside from sense which people who chose mining can’t level you can max it all, right?

    • Spadow says:

      I have Mining + Jewel Crafting and I cannot max Sense because that involves collecting. Though, Sense is useless for me. It’s not like the stats are great…

      I’m sorry, I do not know the current max level of the personality system.

  6. BendyBread says:

    You tried to make another ring after making one already? You already stated its one-of-a-kind, what would be the point.

    Also, I’m guessing the dark and regular rings stack.

  7. Dwayner says:

    Hey Spadow,

    Sorry to be a little of topic.

    Has it been confirmed that the cygnus boss drops the lvl 140 items?

    thanks for any and all answers

  8. Some dude says:

    … I see that to craft a plate you only need 2 ores?
    So BASICALLY if I stock up on, oh lets say, 500 addy, steel, and bronze ores and wait for this patch
    I could craft 250 plates of each instead of 50 plates if I crafted before this patch??

    If so… Then OKAY I have like 4 ore mules

  9. Kio says:

    hey wait a sec… you mentioned d-day at the end there… google translate only says “daenantu”?
    what’s the d-day for? its not your birthday again already…

  10. sean says:

    These skills – mining, jewel crafting etc, which can we learn? Or how many of them can we learn? What influences that (if you have a post explaining this already a link there will suffice. thanks!)

    • person says:

      He already said that… You can have two out of three. You can learn Herbalism or Mining. If you choose Herbalism, you have to get have Alchemy. If you choose mining, you have an option between Blacksmithing and Jewel Crafting. You can choose as soon as you get to level 30. You can choose at the new town, which appears in a portal in many towns the same way the Free Market does.

  11. Tikey says:

    Interesting. What do you mean by “double the skill efficiency?” Does it mean it affects chance rates, like Yellow Aura’s dodge rate (20% > 40%)?

    • person says:

      This a guess based on other things he said. At the beginning he referred to the profession level as skill efficiency. So my guess is it allows you to have (hypothetically) 112%. That being said when you go to the NPC to level it, you get a lvl up and go down to 12% in the next level.

    • IceArcher says:

      probably means that when you mine or collect, u might receive double exp for that specific time of mining or collecting

      • Kio says:

        it did say “success rate of getting double the skill efficiency you EARN”… so if you have like a 2% chance from that, then instead of getting like 3 “exp” gained towards mining, you have a 1/50 chance of getting 6, but for each individual thing you try to mine or collect, etc

  12. PaCh says:

    Making the Angelic Bless ring isn’t an event right?
    I’m currently trying to level my dual blade to lv 80,
    but i also want the ring.
    I don’t know which to do first, ㅠㅠ

  13. Corsair says:

    Please tell, what minimum time/days you need to get jevel crafting to level 10 from 0 ?

  14. Robert says:

    @ Spadow.

    Let’s say you have a bunch of monsters crystals, do those get converted into item crystals or they get lost when this patch arrives?

    thanks in advance.

    • Volt says:

      someone already asked this. the monster crystals become useless after the patch. item crystals have the exct same sprites as monster ones but different names. they dont get lost but they become useless

  15. Volt says:

    Hmm, kyo how long did it take to get all those plates? i still need a ton more fuuuuuuuuuuuuu. for increaing will does dojo count as a pq?

  16. Jessly says:

    erm idk whether this has been ask before, but if maker skill is gone, then how do we get our reverse equips other than pinkbean?

    • Luxeraph says:

      This is now the maker skill, not sure if you’ll need almost the same items but those items can come from here, though I think you need the blacksmith profession.

  17. John says:

    Spadow or anyone that knows this,

    What the android gives and what is it for / helps for?

    And can you use potential scroll on the new shoulders and rings?

    And can craft be upgraded if I choose herbalism?

    Is it really hard to make lvl 100,110,120,130 equips now or recipes fall from mobs and bosses too often?

    thx :D

    • MrCatlol says:

      It’s like a pet.


      Yes, because Alchemy increases craft.

      Level 100 items are not dropped as recipes, and those weapons can still drop from monsters (Level 130 items cannot be crafted, only bought at LKC)

  18. Derek says:

    is it possible to get +10% scroll success so we get “100%” advanced potential scrolls etc.
    or is the chance of success multiplied by 1.10 or in spadow’s case 1.015? resulting in a 99% chance on a advanced potential scroll?

  19. Alex says:

    You said rage, energy charge, and the ring don’t stack altogether, but isn’t that because rage and energy charge don’t normally stack already?

    Also what does it mean to have an increase in skill efficiency? Less MP cost?

  20. Tev402 says:

    I wonder if a noob can get escorted by a high lvl and go to the high lvl rocks or herbs, if so then noobs can make wicked profit out of this, i don’t see the recipes being untradable. Even if they are couldn’t u just get the high lvl to kill the high lvl monsters and when the recipe drops the noob loots it?

    • MeritsAlone says:

      Im guessing the recipes have a very low chance of droppping, Spadow was probably lucky when he got that recipe from vikings…
      But yhea, that could be possible with a small hinder.
      lvl 30 vs viking… noooot exactly a good thing there when it comes to trying to “Transport” a noob from one place to a lvl 90 place

  21. gaphary says:

    Personality points are a great addition to the game. These new updates are great and I hope Nexon continues them before the storyline and game conclusion.

  22. gentleflow says:

    Have you made the ring yet? I made mine a few days ago :D

    • TacoBeard says:

      if you mean the normal one im guessing he did sinse he has a picture of it….
      if you mean dark obviusly not or he would haave posted it.
      if you mean someone other then spadow press 1 and say name.

  23. zcoinz says:

    Spadow can you please do a blacksmith post about it? I’m wondering on either choosing jewel crafting or blacksmithing.

  24. Cujo00 says:

    Very nice ring! And Huzzah it stacks with Rage!

  25. Axxez says:

    Wow. That’s so awesome! I want one.

  26. Verdeiwsp says:

    I recently heard that when Maple Chaos come, the old potential system(1st tier: 1,2,3%)(2nd tier: 2,4,6%)
    (3rd tier: 3,6,9%)(4th tier: 4,8,12%) will be erased and replaced by a new potential system where all level 71+ equipments have the same potential. Is that true?

  27. Geoffrey says:

    Hey Spadow,
    I’m assuming the angelic and dark angelic rings will be stackable because they seem to be separate items? Also, are angelic rings one of a king equips as well, do they stack with previous rings like Adventurer or Lilin Rings, and do these have slots like the other rings in the extractions?

  28. Sumboodee says:

    How are we going to make reverse weapons now

  29. tbhero says:

    this is great XP

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  31. person says:

    Would it be wise to try and use all monster crystals now that we (Global) have the chance to?

  32. JMRV says:

    Can you tell me what materials it takes to make a Dark Angelic Ring?

  33. person says:

    After this update, is the maker building/maker NPCs removed? Also, can you still get the quest to make the scrolls for Capes and Shoes in El Nath?

  34. Wow…so complex yet understanding…
    I want a ring like that

    even after lv200 this game is going to keep me busy…

    Nice post I like that effect, I wanna see it animated

  35. mushbob says:

    hey whats better, the jewel crafting, alchemy, or the other one? do you get 2 pick only one of these jobs? or can you get all three?

    • person says:

      There is actually five. Let me quote myself: “You can have two out of three. You can learn Herbalism or Mining. If you choose Herbalism, you have to get have Alchemy [as your second]. If you choose mining, you have an option between Blacksmithing and Jewel Crafting [as your second]. [You can’t have alchemy with Mining or Blacksmithing and Jewel Crafting with Herbalism.] You can choose as soon as you get to level 30. You can choose at the new town, which appears in a portal in many towns the same way the Free Market does.” You can learn a combination on each of your characters and if you quit, you’ll have to restart if you choose to return to another profession. What is better of the three main professions all depend on your opinion.

  36. MTG0000 says:

    Oooh, plates and jewels are easier to get with the Proffesion system? How are they obtained now? :D

  37. xZammy says:

    erm sorry if this has been asked but if maker is removed and u cant use advanced wisdom crystals etc on equip now…. should we make alot of reverse and timeless before the patch and stack these soon to be useless items into them lmao :P?

  38. TYPEMercury says:

    Is it still possible to make the Android Set gear with the new system?

  39. Brandon says:

    Are the amount of ores needed to create a plate changed after this update?

  40. Chippies says:

    I have been wondering, do you need a recipe for each item or does it work like skill books? As in, once you use the recipe, can you make infinite amount of items with it, or do you need a new recipe for each item?

  41. buccer says:

    when you reach lvl 4 jewel crafting do you always receive angelic blessing ring ?

  42. chris says:

    Ok all of your information regarding names is completely wrong……… U got all the names wrong guess what its not meistertown its minerstown

  43. Drago22222 says:

    So it works the same for gms?

  44. Drago22222 says:

    is the recipies he give out random?

  45. ShreadingTears says:

    i dont know i hope not cause i really want this ring ive been searching for a few hours now

  46. MapleSyrup says:

    What equips do I disassemble for advanced item crystal?

  47. Mapledude says:

    Well I got to Lv.4 in Jewel Crafting but i never got the recipe is there something wrong? and what are other ways i can get it?

  48. Andrea says:

    Do you happen to know which level does insight have to be in order to view the hidden potential of items without a magnifying glass? :o Thank you, in advance, for your reply! :)

  49. xxarchxx says:

    Lucky in GMS the event dosnt give us the angelic blessing ring recipe -.-

  50. Jenn says:

    OMg; i saw this post and i raised my level to 4 but he didnt gimme anything! help! im so confused

    • DonKijote says:

      Ha, my bro was just looking for this recipe too. See the post of xxarchxx
      It looks like we’ll have to keep searching for it…

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