Lv. 150 (+151) up!

Today the best event was held.  At 1 PM KST we got x2 EXP so I trained my Viper in the Temple of Time. The server was populated, people were disconnecting and others couldn’t find spots because everyone was anticipating for New Year’s present that Cassandra gives at 2:30 PM KST

This is what everyone got at 2:30 PM. It contains a SP reset scroll, an unidentified love letter and a capsule!!

A free level up… Expires on January 8th

The first level up! 150 up!

The second level up~ 151 up ^-^

I notices some new notices about people leveling up to 200. Lv. 200 players got their potential scroll which has a success rate of 100%. Not too shabby, I think?

I want to wish you a happy new year and I’m looking forward to an amazing 2011 with you. ^^

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35 Responses to Lv. 150 (+151) up!

  1. Ryan says:

    Happy New Year Spadow :D

    OT: Wow more reasons to level up xD

  2. Waitin says:


  3. Priestess of the Moon says:

    happy new year everyone

  4. HeyPros says:

    Happy New year… :)

  5. rauleli says:

    Happy New Year!!! XDXDXDXD

  6. Axxez says:

    Happy New Year everyone!! I hope yu guys will have a WONDERFUL year!!
    Oh and I just missed this event!! >:O I waz patching, but it said something and I couldn’t download the patch :( Well, anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

  7. blinxk1 says:

    happy new years everyone and double gratz spadow!

  8. Axxez says:

    Oh and thx Spadow for taking all these times to blog about Maplestory updates!

  9. Egyetlen says:

    Happy New Year to all Maplers!

  10. TheUglyDuckling says:

    Happy new years! A fresh new start in the year 2011 :)

  11. Volt says:

    새배 많이 바드세여~
    i got from 62 to 67 :P

  12. GRATZ! I was just coming to Word press to post about a level up
    Thats good for you

    Im off to go about my level woot happy day woohoo

  13. dennyvuquach says:

    Happy New Year Spadow! Double congratulations on leveling up!

  14. Megabine says:


  15. Nitsuga says:

    x2 Gratz and Happy new year!
    (Thanks for your support)

  16. SkullNinja says:

    1. Be at level 199
    2. Get Energy Capsule
    3. Level up
    4. Use Energy Capsule
    5. ???
    6. PROFIT!!!11!

  17. Liked maple says:

    happy new year spadow

  18. tyson says:

    i was training at lionheart’s castle during 2exp, and we were all worried that we might disconnect right before getting the gift from Cassandra LOL

  19. Questioneer says:

    Does the capsule only give exp required to level?

    For example….If I have 50% (level 150), would you be 50% level 151? or just 151 with 0%?


  20. greennov1 says:

    happy new year and gratz spadow!

  21. kelvin says:

    happy new year gratz spadow wooot

  22. heyy says:

    happy new year and i have a question.
    where can i get the recipe for the giant potion?

  23. TacoBeard says:

    Happy new year
    Only 49 more to go Spadow !
    hopefully you have some noob characters so that if you can’t do stuff in original we still get some info.. ok that was a joke. seriously though good job and hope you get to 200! Also Is Maron the guy that gives you maker skill still around or has the building been erased/ npc’s are now useless beyond beleif?
    Also is the giant potion quest repeatable or only once… id love to go stepping on everything like Mario

  24. BendyBread says:

    Generally I screenshot the “level up” part, because I love the text.

    But the whole “level-up-explosion” looks amazing in your second SS.

  25. Random Person says:

    Gratz Spadow on 1st lvl, half gratz on 2nd lvl for cheating on it O_O

  26. TacoBeard says:

    o yeah forgot to ask how much fame did you get? the love letter does give fame right…?

  27. Mikeivore says:

    I wish that the exp capsules in gms were the same as these, one free lvl per capsule but im guessing the ones we have are similar to the resistance ones we got recently,

    • TacoBeard says:

      probably. but if you use then instantly at level 30 they are near to lvl ups XD

      • BboyStyleZ says:

        Well the thing is…This is how i see it. I think their the same as the capsuels kms got because the pink ones are usable on any character on gms which just contradicts the fact it was meant for mechanic, which it isnt. Who knows if itll be the same? We’ll just have to wait and see…..

        • TacoBeard says:

          True but in the description it doesn’t clearly say it will level us up.
          Also since it is able to be used on anycharacter then they will most likely include mechanic, due to mechanic being.. well… a character. So we can assume the 18th or 19th iss when we will get mechanic.

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