KMS ver. 1.2.119 ~ The Technological Age

Finally!~ The second part of the Chaos update has been released.
The ‘Technological Age’ update is an exciting update because you can learn new profession skills.
High-leveled players are in for a treat, because the Door of the Future has been added in this patch.

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I promised earlier that I would explain the new profession skill system when it hits the official server. And it’s finally here!

What are profession skills?

Profession skills are special skills that any character over Lv. 30 can learn. There is a special map where you can learn the profession skills.
To enter the map, you will need to find the portal that looks like this. ↓

Every major town has a portal like this. In this update it is finally open for access.
When you go through the portal, you will discover the beautiful hometown called Meisterville.

Meisterville is the hometown where you can learn profession skills from different skill masters.
There are five profession skills in MapleStory.

When you are Lv. 30 or higher, you can learn two out of five profession skills from the following masters:

Master of Collecting (Herbalism): Stachel
Master of Alchemy: Karien
Master of Mining: Nobum
Master of Blacksmithing (Equipment production): Eisen
Master of Jewel Crafting (Accessory production): Meltz

When you arrive in Meisterville, you have to speak with Himmel, the head master.
Unfortunately, they force you to choose between something that you maybe might not like. At first, I wanted to learn Blacksmithing and Jewel Crafting, but that is not possible.
You can learn the following combinations:

Herbalism + Alchemy
Mining + Jewel Crafting
Mining + Blacksmithing

In the end I took Mining and Jewel Crafting and it’s really fun so far. If you choose for Mining, you will get a pickaxe from Nobum.
Mining is essential for Jewel Crafting because you need to make plates from ores. The only way you can get ores and crystals is through Mining.

Mining is really fun! Everywhere in Maple World you can find rocks and start mining.
There are many rocks that you can mine.

The bigger the rocks, the better ores and crystals you find. You see that big purple rock? If you mine that rock, a crystal will drop. It’s so easy~! ^^
The heart-shaped rock is something else.. If you mine the heart-shaped rock, it has a chance to drop ore fragments.
It can also drop a rock or a leaf that lives on equipment.

The only way to raise this rock is by feeding it equipment. When the rock grows and evolve, you’ll get a reward. I’m not raising a rock, because you will need to feed it with a lot of equipment.

With Mining you can obtain ores, but you can also make plates, jewels and crystals with it. For example, crafting an adamantium plate costs me 2 adamantium ores and a special ingredient that you can buy in Meisterville.
Sometimes when you are crafting a plate or something else, it might fail… But in return, you will receive some Magic Powder.

Nobum and the other masters gives you an event quest when you learned the Mining skill. If I can get my Mining to level 7, I will get Nobum’s golden pickaxe and an upgraded bag to store my ores and plates and other stuff in.

Look how many ores and crystals I got from mining! There’s more in that green bag.

The second profession skill that I learned is Jewel Crafting. This is one amazing skill. Why? With Jewel Crafting you can make these kind of equipment:

Yeah those are some very wanted equips. However, you need to use a recipe for equipment over Lv. 100 to reveal what kind of material you need.
Recipes can be bought in Meisterville but that is really limited. For really good equipment, you will need to find recipes from monsters and bosses.

I got this recipe for a Lv. 110 shoulderpad at Dual Pirates. I can use it and it will show what kind of ingredients I need to craft this shoulderpad.
This shoulderpad adds +8 INT, +4 weapon and magic attack and +36 physical and magic defense.

Top: Himmel is on the left. On the right side, you can buy ingredients from the NPC merchant.
Bottom: the NPC on the left sells Blacksmithing recipes and the NPC on the right sells Alchemy recipes.

I like this profession skill system, but after raising levels of my profession skills I discovered that I need item crystals. Speaking of crystals… The Maker skill has been removed in this update! I have Mining and Jewel Crafting, but those skills cannot make item crystals.

Alchemy can disassemble and fuse items. That means I have to make a mule character and pick Alchemy for that character…
With Alchemy, you can make different kind of potions. Potions that increase HP, MP, AP, attack, accuracy etc.
Alchemists can even make Giant Potions and potions that transform you into a monster.
When you use a Giant Potion, your size will increase and you will only be able to attack monsters by jumping up and down.

But yes… Alchemists can make item crystals. Do you know what’s even worse? You will need to raise your Alchemy skill if you want to disassemble higher leveled equipment.

Alchemy Lv. 1 : up to level 50 equipment
Alchemy Lv. 2 : up to level 70 equipment
Alchemy Lv. 3 : up to level 90 equipment
Alchemy Lv. 4 : up to level 110 equipment
Alchemy Lv. 5 : up to level 130 equipment
Alchemy Lv. 6 : all equipment

But there is something that Alchemists can make for other people like us who don’t have Alchemy or are lazy to raise the skill level of Alchemy so we can disassemble.

Alchemists can make this fish tank, or whatever it looks like. You can disassemble equipment with it.
Everyone can make use of it and disassemble their items to get item crystals.
Today someone created this fish tank in channel 1 free market and everyone could disassemble their items up till level 90.
Which means that this player had Alchemy level 3 when he created the tank.

If you choose to learn Alchemy then you must learn Herbalism too.
With Herbalism, you can collect different herbs in Maple World.

When you collect herbs, you can make herb oil which is required for Alchemy to make potions.

If your profession skill is Mining or Herbalism, you will obtain a special bag where you can store your herbs or ores. In the beginning, you will get a bag that has only four slots, but when you further raise your skill level you can expand the amount of slots.

The last profession skill that players can learn is Blacksmithing. I’m going to keep it short for this one. With Blacksmithing you can make your own armor and weapons. You must learn Mining first to learn Blacksmithing. Mining is also essential for Blacksmithing because you need refined jewels to make equipment as a Creator. A player who learns Blacksmithing is called a Creator.

If you no longer wish to continue keeping your current profession skill, then you can unlearn your skill. Keep in mind that once you’ve unlearned a skill, you will have to start from scratch…

There is a limit on how much you can mine, create or collect. Because there is a fatigue system for this profession skill system.
From my experience, my fatigue goes up fast if I have mined a lot rocks. Each rock you mine costs 1 fatigue.

The fatigue depends on the item you want to mine, create or collect. As a Jewelist, crafting a Lv. 50 ring costs me 20 fatigue.
Besides increasing your fatigue, you can also increase your skill mastery. The only way to raise the level of your profession skill is by increasing your skill mastery.

An NPC in Meisterville sells two different fatigue drinks.
The first fatigue drink decreases your fatigue by 10. However, you must pay 1,000,000 mesos.
The second fatigue drink decreases your fatigue by 5. However, you must pay 300,000 mesos.

You can only use 3 fatigue drinks each day. But if you don’t want to spend your meso on these drinks then you don’t have to worry because every hour your fatigue decreases by 5. In Korea your fatigue resets to 0 when it’s midnight.
The profession skill system is attached with another system. The personality system.

What is the personality system?

The personality system is a system where you can raise the levels of six different personality traits. Each personality trait gives you a buff.

You can see the chart of your personality status along with your profession skills.
I think I find this the most fun and interesting system of all, especially because of the buffs.
There are six personalities traits:

Charisma (can be increased by hunting bosses)
Increase in PvP damage
Increase in ignoring the monster’s defense
Decrease in EXP upon death

Sense (can be increased by collecting herbs)
Increase in MP
Increase in quest EXP

Insight (can be increased by mining and revealing the hidden potential of items)
Increase in accuracy
Increase in avoidability
The ability to show the hidden potential of an item using a free magnifying glass

Will (can be increased by completing party quests, by gaming time and by leveling up profession skills)
Increase in HP
Increase in physical defense
Increase in magic defense
Resistant to statuses

Craft (can be increased by creating equips/items)
Increase in the success rate of scrolls
Increase in the success rate of getting double the skill mastery you earn

Charm (Charm can be increased by equipping/using cash items and when your fame goes up)
Increase of a new equip slot (pocket slot)
Facial expression rewards

When I logged on after the patch went live, I already had Lv. 10 Charm! I have almost over 1100 fame. +_+
Everyday I hunt for bosses to increase my Charisma because a decrease in EXP when you die and an increase in ignoring the monster’s defense is really good.

There is a limit on how much Charisma, Sense, Insight, Will, Craft and Charm you can get. The daily limit is 500.
I always hunt for Dodo in the Temple of Time and Dodo gives 50 Charisma. Since there is a limit of 500 that means I can only kill 10 Dodos.
Look in the image above, you can see that I’m getting +50 Charisma and +42 Charisma. The red text says that I have reached my daily limit. ㅠ.ㅠ

So yeah.. that’s basically the profession skill system and the personality system. This is definitely fun and I recommend every other player in other versions to keep your ores, plates and jewels. You won’t regret it!

High-leveled players are going to have to some difficulties fun with this update. Players will be able to reach a new map designed for level +160 players through the Temple of Time. There players will discover that Henesys has been destroyed and that Ereb has descended to earth.

Long story short:

In the future, Empress Cygnus becomes interested in the World Tree, so eventually she went to search for this phenomenon.
The Empress and her knights succeeded in searching for the World Tree, but… they fell into a trap by the Black Magician. He took the soul of Empress Cygnus and her knights and made them into his puppets.

Because of this curse by the Black Magician, the island of Ereb lost its holy power and descended to Victoria Island. There, Empress Cygnus and her knights started attacking Maple World…

The ultimate boss who is much more harder to defeat than Pink Bean: Empress Cygnus
She was already impossible to defeat in the test server but guess what? Nexon gave her a huge buff in the official server.

HP: 1,000,000,000 → 2,100,000,000
Physical Attack: 17750 → 25500
Magic Attack: 22750 → 35500

Her evil ”Dark Knights” were given a huge boost as well. Empress Cygnus can summon two versions of these ”Dark Knights” minions. One version is stronger, has more HP and gives more EXP. The other version is weaker and gives little EXP.

Version 1

HP: 100,000,000 → 600,000,000

Version 2

HP: 150,000,000 → 1,650,000,000

The physical and magic attack of both versions are boosted as well.

Players who are Lv. 170 or higher who dare to challenge Empress Cygnus can start an expedition team of maximum 18 members and battle against her in channel 13 with a time limit of 1 hour.
But in this current situation this boss is just too hard. Empress Cygnus has a lot of abilities (I think even more than Pink Bean) and they’re very dangerous. She can cast Shinsoo, monsters from the future Ereb and her ”Dark Knights”.

She can cast Dark Genesis, Zombify, Damage reflection, she can forces to exit you from the map, she can cancel the potential effect of your item, she can cast this whirlwind, she can burn you with birds that she can call and there are more abilities. Also there is a cooldown on every consumable potion when you fight her. It’s unbelievable…

Empress Cygnus is the only boss who can drop level 140 equipment!

Hat | Overall | Shoe | Glove | Cape | One Handed Sword | Two Handed Sword | Spear | Polearm

Hat | Overall | Shoe | Glove |Cape | Wand | Staff

Hat | Overall | Shoe | Glove | Cape | Bow | Crossbow

Hat | Overall | Shoe | Glove | Cape | Dagger | Claw

Hat | Overall | Shoe | Glove | Cape | Knuckle | Gun

Each set requires you to have 170 in the secondary stat, but it comes with a tempting bonus:

2 set effect: +300 physical and magic defense, +200 accuracy and avoidability
3 set effect: +15% MaxHP and MaxMP
4 set effect: +15 weapon attack and a reduction in duration of all abnormal statuses
5 set effect: +15 allstat and all skill levels +2
6 set effect: +30 weapon attack and +30% damage against bosses

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    Nice post btw

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    Do you know anything about the fastest training map in the game right now, or any idea how fast training there is?

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    My god so godly on the boss. Impossible to beat her basically and when people sell those items it’ll be around 1 or 2bil >.>

    • TenD says:

      Are you kidding kid 1 to 2 bil is what you pay for funky VIP items. I estimate this set all together will be worth an upwards of 25bil.

    • popgunman says:

      You wish they would be 1-2bil X.X if emp. cyg is doubled in everything and she ALREADY WAS impossible to beat, those are gonna be worth >10bil

  6. Tim says:

    Wow. this is amazing; i wish it would come out sooner than summer to GMS. =/
    but then again, i guess it would be a good thing, so they can get everything (hopefully) working properly.

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    omg this is so awesome i want that skills but more jewelist but spadow do you have to kill monsters and gather etc to make crystal and happy new year

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        Calm down. Besides, do you not know how to read? He said that only Alchemists can make monster crystals, as Maker is no longer available. Monster Crystals are not available from mining.

      • Ninjakool says:

        i think maple meant was do you only get ore from mining or do they still drop from monster~
        and please no all caps on the answer…

  10. Lunar says:

    Too bad the 140 equips are from cygnus only..

  11. Mikeivore says:

    Ok, thatis just too much for a boss. They need to make it possible by allowing you to use potions.

    • Hanabira.Kage says:

      Or at least reduce the cooldown of 15~20 seconds to about 5 seconds. As it stands, it’s just ridiculous.

      And make her unable to re-summon her knight commanders and shinsoo dammit.

      I can see where they’re going with this. Zombify basically discouraged everyone from bringing Bishops into boss fights. By introducing a cooldown on potions, players will be forced to bring in Bishops…and pray the Bishops know exactly when to stop healing. In any case, the cooldown is a little too ridiculous.

      Oh yeah, they really need to separate the cooldowns too. Like, instead of making all potions share the same cooldown timer, make separate timers for HP potions, MP potions, HP+MP potions and status anomaly removal items. Well, status anomaly removal items can be bundled together with buffing items.

      • Kimihan says:

        It actually puts more of a challenge, instead of ‘ OMG NO I AM IN 1 HP POTPOTPOTPOT’. as of now, with this Pot Cooldown, it gives more of a challenge and understanding your role in a party (or in this case, expedition, but I would like to call this a RAID). Healers must heal, and DPS’ers must watch out.

        I really liked this concept. But yeah, might suck because we are so used to spamming pots ): Haha.

        • Mikeivore says:

          Ya. I think they still need to allow us to use pots but I get what you are saying. It just seems unfair that first they had zombify to prevent bishops from doing their work and now they have the pot cooldown so you need bishops along with zombify to prevent bishops from spam healing.

  12. Rice says:

    Whats the thing following you?

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    Whoa, it’s getting very interesting! Can’t wait for the profession skills! Are there going to be a new updates on the items again? Like the potential and enhancement scrolls which helped to kill the pb. Can’t wait for the Chaos update!

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    I personally dislike the personality system…it just doesn’t fit right with me.

  16. heyy says:

    is there any other way to decrease fatigue????
    and spadow how exactly do i deassemble equips
    ive been trying for like 3hours and no luck….

    • XLeena says:

      From what I know All you can do is drink the fatigue-reducing potion or stop mining for a while for the fatigue level to decrease, like what spadow has said.
      To deassemble equips you need an extractor, Which is that tank in the picture spadow posted. Double click the tank/extractor and put the weapon you wish to deassemble in the window that pops out and click ok. Some extractor requires money though.

  17. Hanabira.Kage says:

    @Spadow: For the Insight stat, do you gain the ability to identify equipment right from Lv1? How does it work? Do you have to use the Magnifying Glass on the item, but have a certain chance to retain the Magnifying Glass after use?

    Also, is the Android forged using Blacksmithing(?) or is it from a quest/event? After I saw that video you made about the Android, I noticed you summoned the Android after talking to this NPC at Meisterville so I was thinking maybe it was obtained from a quest. If it’s not, and is something forgeable via Blacksmithing(?), is it tradeable (before equipping, perhaps)?

    • Spadow says:

      No, not from Lv. 1. I don’t know at which level. I just translated what the website says, but I’m trying to raise my Insight every day. If I know more, I will tell you.
      Yes, you can get the android from the Blacksmithing skill. There is currently an event going on that gives an android but the android lasts for a very short time.

      The android in my video is made from the Blacksmithing skill.

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  19. Random Person says:

    Pink Bean must be sad, nexons going to have to make a 2nd big bang to make empress cygnus easy, just like Pink Bean… (my 30% boss damage is useless ]:)

    • Flying Tofu says:

      I think we’re really screwed when Empress Cygnus comes to GMS unless Nexon decides to balance it a HELL lot more. But the 2nd big bang…hmm…I’m not too sure about that. In the boss fight you not only need your extreme weapon attack, you need timing. One problem though. When players are fighting the hoards of knights and shinsoo WHILE having zombify at the same time. How does that sound? Pretty friendly -.-

  20. MellowYellow says:

    Nice post Spadow! I’m really looking forward to this.

  21. Alilatias says:

    The profession system looks amazing. Glad I always picked up ores on all of my characters.

    I guess this is my plan…

    Ranger: Mining -> Jewel Crafting
    Wild Hunter: Herbalism -> Alchemist
    Future Archer Legend: Mining -> Blacksmithing

    I’ve heard that Level 130 gear requires some Lidium to forge. In that case, I’m going to train my WH in Ariant even though the EXP isn’t as good as, say, the World Tour areas.

  22. Alilatias says:

    Oh wait, you said that Charm gives an ‘Increase in a new slot (pocket)’. Exactly what is this slot, and since you mentioned that you already had Level 10 charm, how much of an increase did you get?

    • Spadow says:

      This NPC in Henesys sells pocket items for 50,000 meso. I guess when your Charm reaches a certain level, it will give you a pocket slot. You can then equip the pocket item.
      This part is confusing me since I see a lot of slots when I hover on the Charm stat…

  23. nimpe says:

    Looks like my priest HAS to be in alchemy to get that mp bonus. I really wanted rings too. :( Are the rings tradable?

  24. HeyPros says:

    Black Magician got Cygnus, Zakum, Horntail and Van Leon :(
    Who else? Pink Bean>
    If we fight the Black Magician and he will fight along side Cygnus and etc? D:
    Then the max is 200 players XD

    • person says:

      Pink Bean was always working for the Black Mage.

      People who aren’t associated with Black Mage: The Boss, Balrog (I think), Alishar, Papa Pixie, Lord Pirate, Hob King, Twisted Masters, Snowman, Eliza, Timer, Manon, Griffey, Leviathan, Tae Roon, King Sage Cat, Feudal Lord/Big Toad, Aufheben (Neo Tokyo), Spirit of Rock, Evil Spirit Giant, Krexel, Captain Latanica, Pianus, Ergoth, Papulatus, Noo Noo, Snowman, and Cross.

      People who are associated with the Black Mage: Cygnus (Future), Zakum, Horntail, Van Leon, Pink Bean, Aufheben (Neo City, not Neo Tokyo), Poison Golem, Frankenroid, Dodo, Raika, Lilino, Francis the Doll Master, Black Witch, and Master Transformation (Name?).

  25. JGamer says:

    *mouth drops three times* (once for the removal of maker, once for the personality system, and once for the Emperess Cygnus buff)

    Well, looks more people are going to be buying fame, but how much charm is equiping a cash shop item worth. As for my profesion plan:

    Dual Blade: Mining and Jewel Crafting (I’ll hopefully get my end game equips before the Chaos update, so no need for Blacksmithing)
    Battle Mage: Collecting and Alchemy

    Also, looks like I’m hording monster crystals for the days before this update. Now as for Cygnus, was it really necessary to make the impossible, extremely impossible. I mean, it’s enough that it can do everything pink bean does plus more, but did they have to put a cooldown on potions.

    • not Joey says:

      but monster cystals are useless after the update they dont become item crystals o.o ima turn all of mine in to equips so i can dissemble them later

  26. Axxez says:

    Cool! That’s so cool! Thx for the updates! I was curious about this update.

  27. PhotostickXD says:

    Does that also mean she can Summon Neinheart? (Ninehart)

  28. Megabine says:

    I knew that the day would come :D
    My main is a ore collector and I have a MASSIVE ammount of ores, plantes, powders and more so I guess i’l be rich! YAY FOR ME ^O^

  29. BuddyAran says:

    Pink Bean run has a total of 7.65bil HP.

    If Empress Cygnus is to release both version once only throughout this run, then the total HP is 13.35bil HP!! That’s freaking insane!! How is it possible to kill this boss with HP being almost double the total HP for PB run for 1 hour?!

  30. Soadow says:

    Oh gawd nexon. Why are you making an undefeatable boss?
    At least remove the pot cooldown! Who cares about hiccups!

  31. Elmi says:

    Can you raise all of the Personality things(I really hope so)?

  32. Zelkova says:


    Herbalism + Alchemy
    Mining + Jewel Crafting
    Mining + Blacksmithing

    Need herbalism as it is an importation resource skill. Also mining being stuck with the two helpful skills…At the very least you will require three characters to be able to make everything unless the requirement of herb oil been removed from the two helpful skills.

    Well if I going to be forced with alchemy I guess I should make the potions useful…My new plan:

    CK = Alchemy
    UA brawler = Blacksmithing
    Mech = Jewel Crafting

    I may change the CK choice with my UA but I want to know something…

    …The maker skill forced you to make stuff that is the same level and class as you, can Spadow or some other kind KMS player tell me if these skills will behave the same way or you can make lv150 Pirate gear while only being a lv120 Dawn Warrior?

  33. Donut says:

    Wow nice update ~ ! ~ ! ~ ! ~ ! ~ !
    Hi I have a few question on the Personality System.
    What is the Max Level for the Personality Level?
    Can you get Max Level for all 6 Personalities?
    Is Charm increased when someone fames you or your total amount of fame?
    I hope someone can answer my questions. :D

    • Spadow says:

      I don’t know what the maximum level for the personalities are.
      If you, like me, chose for Mining + Blacksmithing, then you cannot get Sense. Sense is obtained by collecting herbs.

      Your Charm increases when someone fames you or when you obtain fame from a quest. Also, your total amount of fame apparently counts.
      I had +1000 fame before the patch and after the patch I already had Lv. 10 Charm.

      • Kio says:

        Well you can still cancel your professions to learn one of the other combinations… so if you REALLY wanted to, couldn’t you just do enough of either sense or insight so that you’re happy, then switch to what you really want?

        Like do enough jewel-crafting to get yourself some items to keep and trade between your characters, then once your insight is so high, switch to alchemy… you can then raise your sense, and keep making the potions as you need them

      • anonymous says:

        But that mean that you can never max all the personalities?

  34. Anonymouse says:

    Spadow, what rewards can you get from the hungry rock? Also what is the maximum level for Charm, Sense, will, etc?

    I’m also sad Maker got removed.

  35. greennov1 says:

    if you got the maker skill you don’t get anything from that eh?
    darn waste of time TT^TT
    i want to learn all of them. . .
    mule making time XD

  36. SGS says:

    If you unlearn a profession, you keep the personality levels you got from it right? So you could get maxed craft and insight from blacksmithing and mining, and then switch to herbalism for the Sense buff, right?

  37. FlaminWeeWee says:

    is the lvl 140 equips trade-able?

  38. bob says:

    can you translate the stats on that ring for me?

  39. John says:

    Hey Spadow I was wondering if you could give me an example of what a level 130 piece of armor would require to make? More specifically, thief stuff? Any piece of armor is fine, just so I have an idea…

  40. Question says:

    Okay, I have a question for you. Are you a English player playing in KMS or are you actually Korean? And if you can, can you make a video of you and your friends trying to destroy that EPIC boss? That would be totally EPIC! And when do you think the sign-ups for this year on KMST are gonna happen?

  41. Anon says:

    Spadow, is the Android customizable? If yes, does it need cash shop to customize?

  42. Turtlezpwn says:

    i find it kinda funny how some names are german words. for example the npc names, Stachel = stinger and Eisen = iron. Edelstein is translated into jewel.

    • JamesM says:

      This is because Edelstien was based on Munich, a german city where hitler started his regime in world war 2. The Resistance battle against a new diety, much like how hilter’s story proceeded. Hitler took over Munich, and there were some germans who resisted, and started a sort of revolution group, much like the Resistance in maplestory.

  43. Clerical says:

    Spadow,does the personality points reset everyday?

  44. thechazz says:

    i can already see, S> alchemy machine service, 5B

  45. kipex says:

    So if maker is deleted then how aran’s do their 3rd job advancement?

    • Spadow says:

      Good question haha.

    • threepea says:

      No need for any crystal when you do the 3rd job advancement.

      • Arrol says:

        He means the Red Jade. We Arans needed the maker system to create a Red Jade, which is required for our 3rd job advancement.

        • MapleRocks says:

          I am guessing that they will make a special aran quest where you can get the “Red Jade” Item.
          Or else they HAVE to choose Herbalism + Alchemy.
          And some people (like newbies) might not know that Alchemy is then NEEDED for Arans.
          Thereforce there must be a special quest.

  46. Araste says:

    Hey Spadow did Nexon come out with a lvl 140 katara? If so, wat does it give?

  47. RawVoltage says:

    New equipment is boss mode !!
    100 atk clean gun, 8 slots, level 140

    I’m gonna train hard till 200, mmhmm!:}

  48. Emilio says:

    I don’t think that Cygnus is that bad, sure its gonna’ be hard, but thats the point of getting to level 170+
    If they nerfed all Bosses there would be no fun, or challenge of fighting them. But idk i’m only lv100 so i dont know what bosses are even like >.>

  49. Ted says:

    ….Brb, changing pants

  50. bobbis says:

    can mu lung dojo increase charisma? or does it have to be in their natural spawn place?

  51. Kevin! says:

    HOLY thats frickiiiiiing amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzzzzziiingg holyyy btw is the mining adn stuff like Leggit! andd empress looks craazzy sick

  52. Kevin! says:

    HOLY thats frickiiiiiing amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzzzzziiingg holyyy btw is the mining adn stuff like Leggit! andd empress looks craazzy sick and is van leon out with that patch and when this coems out for gms

  53. gambitflash says:

    Can lower leveled players make equipment and accessories higher than their level?

  54. mac says:

    omo omo omo~i love those new update things~its make maple more playful and interesting

  55. Steve says:

    Does anyone know if the lvl 130 equipments can level up like reverse and timeless equipments can?
    And does anyone know if you can still use those advance diamonds or advance crystals in the creation of equipment to add additonal stats?

    If you cannot level these equips up and you cannot use advance crystals then the lvl 130 equipment isin’t that much better than reverse equipment out right now…

  56. Pingback: Top Posts —

  57. Ghost says:

    I thought Future Henesys/Ereb was suppose to be in part 3, so tthe next part is only going to have PvP? That’s pretty dull…

  58. Ghost says:

    Also if I un-learn my professional skill, do i also lose the personality trait that i got from it?

    If not, then I may of just found an exploit for perfect personality.

    And what’s the use for having different shovels/pickaxes?

    • Spadow says:

      I don’t know precisely, but when you unlearn a skill, you won’t lose anything except for the skill level and efficiency.
      There is only one shovel and pickaxe. Although, you can earn a golden shovel and pickaxe but they have durability on them and cannot be repaired.

  59. PaCh says:

    Does the personality thing refresh daily?
    Because you said for charisma there is a daily limit.
    Or is it that you can only raise your daily limit to reach a specific total limit?

  60. Walter says:

    And what’s whit the lvl 140 axes and bws?

  61. ILoveSlack says:

    @spadow: does the boss only temp cancel,or permanent cancel your potential abilities?

  62. Gunth says:

    Well I suppose that I’m gonna have to pick Alchamy and Herbalism… for I am a Mage and I really want that MP increase. I guess I’m in luck because I love to quest and I can get more EXP from that. Good for me :D

  63. Fox says:

    ”Will: Increase in HP, Increase in physical and magic defense and resistant to statuses (Will can be increased by completing party quests and by gaming time” this could be very useful for bossing early/later on for non washers any idea how much hp you gain per will level aprox?

  64. plavious says:

    whats x2 skill efficiency?

  65. Napkiins says:

    What about arans? Don’t they still need to make that one jewel for 3rd job advance?
    I haven’t made an aran in a long time, so I don’t know if that has changed or not…

  66. PaCh says:

    Where do you get the angelic bless ring?
    I really want it, but i don’t know how….ㅠㅠ

  67. Zac says:

    Good god they need to nerf those monsters lol
    It’s like 2hit KO for anyone who isn’t high-hp.

    • Flying Tofu says:

      I think the HP limit was 30,000. Considering how everyone is QQing about Cygnus I think most of her attacks will do 30,000 damage. Not to mention if everyone is in the state of Zombify (no healing bishops then T.T)

  68. Nico says:

    Hey, I was wondering, since they have a butt load of new equips, such as the belts, shoulder pads, and rings, do they have any new armor? ie: level 70 thief sets, or new warrior overalls.

    • Ghost says:

      On SouthPerry there’s been extractions of lvl 30, 60, and 90 weapons, and maybe armor. Although they look very identical or are even exactly the same look as the Taru weapons.

      There’s also been a brand new lvl 70 set released, although I have no clue how to get it.

  69. frank says:

    do you have to feed the rock awsome stuff(e.g dragon staff, fairfrozen) or just any crap(e.g wooden staff,single earring,wooden club,red bandana)?

  70. Arrol says:

    Spadow, I seen on the Maple Girl video of weapons similar to the 140 items made in the maker system. Are those the lvl 130 items and if they are, can they be made?

    • Ghost says:

      all regular equips up to 130 can be made with two of the semi-jobs.
      lvl 140 equips are from the dark knights

  71. Cujo00 says:

    What are these new red timeless/reverse weapons?
    (Not the ones you posted above.)

    They look exactly like the lv120 weapons but they are red and I’m sure they probably give better stats.

  72. Robert says:

    @ Spadow

    is there any class that benefits more than other for certain proffesions? you know, like having high hands or other stat.

    Also, can creators make stuff for every class or they are kinda stuck with their own class gear?

  73. anonymous says:

    I dont know what you think, but i think theyre overloading maplestory, i mean, they dont know what to add, in my opinion, i think personalities system isnt a good idea, but idk, its done

  74. Anonymouse says:

    Spadow – Are equipment Recipes dropped by specific monsters or can any Recipe for any level of items be dropped from any monster?

    • Nico says:

      I’m just taking a guess, but like most drops from monsters, only drops close to the level of the monster would drop….. Like the level 110 recipe Spadow got from the Vikings level 100+(ish) IE: Level 30 Recipe from the Block Golems…..(I’m not sure…..But just a educated guess…)

  75. Veni says:

    Spadow, you don’t explain how you level up Alchemy skill? Does it require SP? Or does it gain EXP?

  76. Andy says:

    Hey Spawdow,
    Could you tell me which Jewels and plates are the most popular ones?

  77. Bawb says:

    “If you no longer wish to continue keeping your current profession skill, then you can unlearn your skill. Keep in mind that once you’ve unlearned a skill, you will have to start from scratch…”
    As you said here Spadow, are we allowed to choose different Profession Skills if we unlearn our skill?
    ex. i have alchemy + herbalism and I want mining + blacksmithing, can i unlearn alchemy and try for blacksmithing?

  78. solkitsu22 says:

    the boss talks what does she say?

  79. TLK says:

    If the maker skill is being removed…does that mean we can no longer make android equips with iruvata boosters?

    If so, i need to hurry up and make the rest of my set.

  80. TKK17 says:

    Hello Spadow,
    Im playing on global Maplestory right now and was wondering which Jewels and plates are the most expensive ones right now? I am planning ahead and trying to earn some mesos :)
    Thanks in advance for your help!

  81. hernando says:

    Are monster crystals still useful?

  82. Hey Spadow, What will u get if u raised the rock big enough?

  83. Rod says:


  84. ninjablack99 says:

    Hahaha love ur blog keep the great work :D

  85. ThetaByrd says:

    Starting to look like World Of Warcraft, shoulder pads, super strong bosses(Mining and Blacksmithing SAME IN WoW too bad its going to get SUPER ADDICTING NOW

  86. ANOYNIMOUS says:

    SO HARD HOW KILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. hello says:

    the mage shoes are going to cost so much because of the magic atk

  88. Engel says:

    Since it will be more difficult and it actually may not be as adventurest as this one ore big bang i was looking fordward too the simple action gamply and skills and upgradeslike the trailer and skills, said it would be like Now im really disapointed but have something to look fordward to and wwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyy cygnus wwwwwwwhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyy thats it

  89. petter says:

    very nice post, but im have one question..
    the Dragon Equipament still avaliable ? its possible make a Reverse Myr equip ?

  90. NightReaper says:

    Can the alchemy profession be used to increase your craft trait too or can only jewcrafting and blacksmithing do that?

  91. kelvin says:

    for craft is crafting doing maker skill stuff or making stuff with blacksmith and jewel maker thingy

  92. SquishyGMS says:

    i want jewel crafting to!

  93. Crystal says:

    Hey still possible use the Advanced Crystals +5 at moment of forge item ? pls spadow answerss!!

    • Spadow says:

      I don’t know, but they’re not important anymore.

      • Crystal says:

        do you think that ? OO im think so important, in maker skill you can put the crystal and give +5 , +3 or +2 at forge ! im think is a good boost stats =/ .. you can check it still avaliable ! pleasee its for all urs fans!!!! not only me have this doubt ! ty so much attention <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  94. The EVans says:

    Spadow about the Evans.. its a rumor the Myr have new equips? bcz if is im not wanna wastle time to make reverse set for my Myr ! ^^ ty for attention and all maplers are happy for you bring the news ever first of all ! still doing that ! <3 i will make a Spadow guild MUAAA MUAAA MUAHAHAHAHAHA

  95. TheNorriX says:





    sorry for the caps I went balistic seeing the good news about the patch

  96. Korendil says:

    I imply enjoy the irony that the Knights of Cygnus characters can’t participate in their own boss. ;D

  97. Ten Letters says:

    So let’s say I picked Mining and Jewel Crafting. How do I get Item Crystals other than finding a Fish Tank?

  98. Nobody says:

    Question: are item crystals the same as GMS monster crystals? or are monster crystals replaced by item crystals and become useless after chaos patch?

  99. Xehio says:

    can you have morethern personality skills?
    like will and everything? or do u gotta focus on one ?

  100. james says:


  101. SoulDB says:

    I want this now in GMS D:
    Already figured out my profession layout.
    Priest – Jewelcrafting
    Dual Blade – Blacksmithing
    Mech – Alchemy Mule!

  102. anthony says:

    W8 wat bout that 10atk ring ppl keep takin bout and whos dat chick next to spadow in his pics

  103. Mattie says:

    soooo can you still make reverse/timeless weapons?, is it harder to make after chaos? or easier?

  104. Cyrus says:

    i will have a rock or leave when it comes to GMS cause i have a lot of eqp i dont need but dint worth anythin

  105. juancarlos says:

    hola me gusta esta Actualizacion pero cunado sera esta Actualizacion lo espero con ansias

  106. Shane He says:

    They need a fifth job advancement for the Empress :D

  107. Gusicles says:

    Spadow, do you think shoulder pads will be able to be crafted in GMS too?
    Thank you, oh wise and majestic lord of wisdom.

  108. Brandon says:

    Who thinks that it would take a horde of mechs just to get her hp down to half?!\

  109. Momo says:

    How do you make a talking android? can any profession make it?

  110. LycheeJuice says:

    Hey Spadow, and fellow Spadow Blog Readers,

    I was just wondering if anyone knew the amount of medals (Proof of Ares) you needed to craft shoulder equips. I tried looking everywhere, and i just thought this would be the best place to ask.

    Thanks in advance folks, and keep up the awesome work Spadow.

  111. Juststoppingby says:

    Question to Spadow/anyone with knowledge about the profession system,
    Is it rare to have an item crystal turn into a higher one? Or is it about the same rate as the current maker system?
    Do you have to be a certain profession level to mine something like lidium? Or are all the ores just random?
    Thank you.

  112. samer says:

    puppets pffft i can beat a puppet

  113. LG Hunter says:

    How do you raise the level of jewel crafting? Like i mean what do you do? I’m so lost on it.

  114. ojay says:

    ah so cool but to bad for me maple sea chaos comes on nov 17 2011 so unfair but chaos is so cool

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